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Indiscriminate Use Leads to
Heart Trouble and Many
Other Ills
A warning against the ind1 crimi
nate use of headache powders was
sounded yesterday by the Cooper
stomach man who has been meet
Ing the people at Smiths Busy Cor
ner drug store Main and Second
South streets Such drugs give only
temporary relief and are apt to lead
to many other serious Ills he said
Instead of steadying the nerves they
Increase the nervous trouble and often
result In nervous prostration accord
Ing to his theory He said
Women and men too who troubled
with headache dizziness and nervous
ness have got into the habit of dosing
themselves with headache powders are
In a rapid way to make their condition
ten times worse Drugs put on the
market to cure headaches are nothing
but poisons in their resultant action
and a person who becomes addicted to
their use takes his life into his hands
All kinds of dangers lurk in them
Acetanllld the most commonly used
drug for headache cures acts di
rectly on the heart For a time it
checks the flow of blood to the head
but when the effects wear Taff the con
dition of the blood vessels is congested
and the heart has been weakened
Just as man has always tried to
find the fountain of perpetual youth
and never succeeded so is it impossi
ble for him to abuse nature and not
have to pay the consequences Head
aches are caused from a bad condition
of the stomach in 99 cases out of a
thousand They cant be cured in 10
minutes by any known process Youve
got to go to the root of the trouble
and treat the causethe stomach dis
order Overeating too much indulg
ence in sweets lack of exercise too
little sleep are the causes of head
aches and diMlness
The remedy which I have been In
troducing in Salt Lake depends
in nature for its greatest success It
Is a treatment that acts directly on
the stomach and through It tones up
the whole system With a stomach
In healthy condition mighty few per
sons can be sick with headaches dlsst
ress disappears and nervousness be
comes a thing of the past
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New York Dec 2OThat was a poker
game in which Major Gonter got all I
had now he comes back to me and wants
all I have left said Samuel L Clemens I
Mark Twain today when told of the
invitation of Major Gonter of St LouIs
to play off at his home on Christmas an
euchre game that began in 18K and lasted
for four years
Now Major Gonter is mistaken in his
dates he added reflectively It seems
to me I was in Jail about the time he
has reference to j
Matthias Dougherty the third surviving
member of the St Louis Euchre club
has been invited to Join In the euchre i
game Mr Clemens did not indicate j
whether he would accept Major Centers
Speaking III a serious vein of the suf
fragltit movement Mr Clemens said
I have been an advocate of the cause
of womans suffrage for fifty years
Saltair Line in Consideration
Must Build Aqueduct for City
Creek Overflow
Concessions were made on both sides
yesterday and finally the council com
mittees on municipal laws and streets
came to an understanding with the Salt
Lake Los Angeles Railroad company
commonly known as the Saltair Beach
line whereby that road is to be given
a fiftyyear franchise through Salt Lake j
In consideration of the grant the com I
pany is to build an aqueduct for the City I
creek overflow from Main and North I
Temple streets west to Third West street
to connect with the aqueduct already I I
built The company will also pay the
following license for the operation of I
cars For the first ten years 10 per
car per year for the second ten years I
US for the third ten years f 10 for the
fourth ten years J16 for the fifth and j
last tenyear period 130 This money i I
is to be paid in advance by the first of
each year I
The cost of constructing the aqueduct
will be about 30600 and the work must
be done under the supervision of the city
engineer and according to city specifi
cations and completed before the cars
are to be operated The franchise gives
double and single track rights over tha
following route From Fifth West and
South > > Temple north to North Temple
east to Main south to South Temple
west to First West north to North Tem
ple and thence west again to Tenth
West thence south to South Temple and
west again to the city limits
By request of Councilmen Holley and
Cowburn of the Third ward the fran I
chise was laid over a week to permit
their constituents to make protest I
1 4
Neighborhood Quarrel Results in
Arrest of Returning
A neighborhood quarrel in the old
adobe house at 43 East Seventh South
street last night resulted in a riot call
at police headquarters iti which the
Information was given that an unknown
man had killed an unknown woman
Patrolmen and detectives were rushed
to the house and had surrounded it
when they discovered William Hobbs
who occupies one of the upper tene
ments of the house had merely come
home from a rabbit hunt and Intended
no harm when he carried a shotgun
and a game bag full or shells
The informant who said that there
had been a murder gave her name as
Mrs Annie Davis also occupying a
tenement in the adobe house Accord
ing to Hobbs Mrs Davis has been
leader of recent quarrels and talked
about his family to the extent that she
had reason to fear him when she saw
him with a shotgun in hand Hobbs
was placed under arrest for Investiga
Abbeville La Dec 20A thrilling
man hunt terminated yesterday after
noon near here when Roy OHaro a ne
gro desperado killed himself after a
chase lasting since Tuesday when the
negro shot Officers Holly and Thomas
At the entrance to the Chotawhatchie
swamp a cordon of 100 men surrounded
the negro Wounded barefooted and
tired he saw that escape was impossi
ble and placing the barrel of Ills shot
gun to his breast he pushed the trig
ger with his big toe His body was
tied to a buggy and dragged to Abbe
ville and placed in the courthouse
where It lay for several hours
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understood that Estrada himself has am
bitions to fill the presidential chair The
hope is cherished however that Dr
Madrlz in his new executive capacity
will be able to smooth out many of the
rough places and bring about such an
amicable condition among the people
themselves that he will not be compelled
to withdraw from office
What Zelaya and his supporters most
feared was a rising In the departments
around Managua for In the last two
weeks the widespread denunciation of
the president and his administration was
verging on revolution
The morning sitting of congress was
given over to dissensions and angry ex
changes between deputies A motion that
cf ogress sit In permanent session was
vigorously opposed and was characterized
r v recriminations on all aides The mo
i n eventually was defeated
Will Have to Show Knox
Washington Dec Secretary of State
Knox let it be known today that the at
Mude of this government toward Nica
ragua would not be changed by the elec
tion of Madrlz to the presidency as the
su pssor of Zelaya resigned
Madrlz will have to show that he Is
arable of directing a responsible govern
ment which r prepared to make repara
tion for the wrongs which It is claimed
have been done to American citizens In
the little Central American republic
It was announced at the state depart
ment that the attitude of the United
States toward Madriz would be Just as
outlined In the note that Secretary
Knox directed to Mr Rodriguez then
Nicaraguan charge in this city severing
diplomatic relations with Nicaragua
This country still maintains that until
a responsible government Is set up so
that definite negotiations can be held diplomatic
lomatic relations cannot be resumed
We are not trying to coerce Nicara I
gua said a high state department offi
cial this afternoon after a call at the
White House We want her to settle her
own affairs and we are not dictating
what shall be done in Nicaragua or who
shall be named as president All we want
U a responsible government that we can
do business with
Would Recognize Estrada
Washington Dec 20 Abhorrent con
ditions under the despotic administration
of Zelaya in Nicaragua have shocked the
moral sense and been a disgrace to civl
iMtlon declares Representative Adair
of Indiana in a Joint resolution Intro
duced today directing the United States
to recognize Estrada aa president of the
republic of Nicaragua
It is the duty of the United States
runs the resolution and the United
States does hereby demand the arrest
and punishment of ZeUya by an impar
tial tribunal in Nicaragua for wilful mur
der of citizens of the United States an
ample apology from Nicaragua and such
damages and reparation in the premises
as may be just
The resolution follows In the footsteps
of a Nicaragua measure recently intro
duced by Representative Sulzer of New
York Both measures will be considered
by the foreign affairs committee of the
Torture Applied by Zelaya
Los Angeles Dec Hypodermic injec
tions of salt water or of chili sauce or
In extreme cases a mixture of both was a
form of torture attributed to President
Zelaya of Nicaragua by Marshall P
ONeill civil engineer and soldier of for
tune who is now in this city
ONeill went to Nicaragua in 1900 to
take charge of the construction work for
a syndicate which had obtained a rail
road concession With other Americans
be engaged in a plot for the invasion of
Nicaragua from Honduras The conspir
ators were arrested and sentenced to be
shot but were saved fram death by the
activity of a British consul
Eight men and women were arrested
later In connection with a fresh conspir
acy When they refused to confess hy
podermic injections of salt water and
then of chili sauce were administered
according to ONeill They remained ob
durate and under Zelayas personal direc
tion ONeill charged mixtures of the
salt water and chill sauce were adminis
tered until the eighteen admitted guilt
and were put to death
ONeill asserts that Nicaraguans esti
mate Zelayas fortune at from 20000000
to 50000000 He describes Estrada leader
of the insurgents as superior intellectu
ally to Zelaya and a man of progressive
ideas which he imbibed as a youth when
he visited this country Estrada he says
has been wounded twenty times and is
scarred and crippled as the result of his
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who has recently left the government ser
vice who has himself been an investiga
tor of the department of justice and who
is an expert on land laws urging just
such an ultimatum as Mr Ballinger car
ried to the White house today He im
pressed upon the secretary the convic
tion that the time had come when he
must either demand an acquittal or re
tire to private life
Pour important aspects of the situation
are taken into consideration by party
First The effect upon the future of the
Republican party and of the Taft ad
ministration if attacks upon the integrity
of a member of the Presidents official
family may be made with Impunity and
allowed to pass unanswered even unchal
SecondThe possibility of the contro
versy between adherents and opponents
of Mr Ballinger becoming so bitter as
to endanger party legislation
ThirdThe practical standstill of the
whole policy of conservation of natural
resources In the present conflict among
those in whose hands lies the adminis
tration of that policy
FourthThe desireto do justice toward
the cabinet officers whose personal and
official integrity has been assailed
Details Not Settled
Bo the decision has been reached to
sift the entire matter to the bottom It
remains only to settle on the details of
the program All parties understand that
the investigation must be of such char
acter to leave in the public mind not the
slightest doubt of its thoroughness and
Mr Ballinger is impatient of delay and
is said to have urged that a resolution
providing for a congressional Investiga
tion be presented in the senate tomor
row It is understood that he has been
overruled on that point and that the ex
ceedingly complex task of determining
the form of inquiry will be threshed out
between now and the reconvening of con
gress on January 4
This whole subject gives promise of
heated discussion among members of both
houses of congress and it Is not unlikely
that the investigation will at length be
put in the hands of a joint special com
mittee representing both Ordinarily an
investigation of this character would fall
to the committee on public lands in one
house or the other These committees
are made up however largely of men
from western states who have in one
way and another taken sides in the con
troversy and whose Interests might be
regarded as possibly interfering with an
used judgment
One thing appears certainthe investi
gation whoever makes It must be relentless
lentless and everybody seems agreed that
it must be absolutely public It is ad
mitted that anything in the nature of
star chamber proceedings would sat
isfy no one
The entire department of the Interior
so far as It concerns public lands and
mineral and water sear hllis agreed
must be bared to the searchlight from
the time when Mr Ballinger was commis
sioner general of the land office until
the Roosevelt administration down to
the present moment
The position of Mr Ballinger and his
friends goes beyond any question of per
sonal controversy and ofthey and those
who voice the attitude of the administra
tion disavow any desire to convict some
body else as a means of vindicating the
secretary of the interior
For Instance it is positively declared
that the interests of the department of
agriculture and Its forest service of
which Gifford PInchot is chief nwill be
recognized as having an important stake
in ths business since much of this un
happy controversy has concerned matters
In which till forest service was more or
I less directly involved
Senator Smoot Distributes Fifty
Tiokets for the launching I
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Washington Dee 10 Senator Smoot has
received fifty tickets for the launching
of the battleship Utah at the shipyards
in Camden N J on December 23 at 10
a m and he is distributing them among
Vtahna in Washington Baltimore and
Philadelphia Among those who will at
tend from here are Senator and Mrs
Smoot and daughter Senator and Mrs
Sutherland and Miss Sutherland Repre
sentative and Mrs Howell and daughter
George Hansen and Charles W Morris
ExState Senator Simon Bamberger of
Salt Lake and a number of Utah stu
dents in Baltimore and Philadelphia will
also attend After the launching the
prominent guests will be entertained at
luncheon on board the ship
In aid of proposed legislation affecting
the use and disposal of phosphate depos
its on the public domain Secretary of the
Interior Ballinger has temporarily with
drawn from all forms of disposition 1530
acres of land in Utah He has restored
to the public domain approximately 5780
acres of land in Wyoming previously with
drawn found on field examination not to
contain phosphate The effect of these
changes Is to reduce the total area cov
ered by withdrawals in aid of proposed
legislation affecting the use and disposal
of such deposits to approximately 2547199
Wilmington N C Dec 30 Major
Charles P Bolles a confederate veteran
and the engineer who built the first bat
tery and laid but the plan of the Consti
tution which stood the terrific bombard
ment from the federal fleet during the
civil war is dead here aged 86 He was
the last surviving member of the staff of
General W H C Whiting C S A and
until a few years ago was actively en
gaged as a draughtsman in the navy de
partment at Washington
Eat your noon and evening meals at
the new Cafeteria Its growing popu
larity has necessitated the enlargement
of the dining room Its new its con
venient Service excellent Food the
best and properly cooked Its fine
The Annex 17 West South Temple
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Grant Smith the new secretary who will
arrive here tomorrow
Did Not Marry Couple
San Francisco Dec 20 Father Egglof I
stein S J for twenty years prior to
1807 foreign chaplain at the watering
place of San Remo where the religious
marriage ceremony between the late King
Leopold and Baroness Vaughan is said
to have been performed is now a resi
dent of this city When seen today by
an Associated Press representative
Father Egglofstein denied that he had
performed the marriage but he admitted
the possibility of such a ceremony hav
ing taken place there It was a part of
Father Egglofstelns duties to marry for
eign visitors and he did perform many
such ceremonies He does not believe
that King Leopold could have been
among them as he knew both the king
and the baroness well
Father Egglofstein admits however
that if the bishop of San Remo had per
formed the ceremony the marriage would
have been registered in his private books
to which the public has no access
Baroness In Paris
Paris Dee 20 Baroness Vaughan ar
rived in Paris this evening from Brus
sels A crowd of reporters was gathered
at the railroad station to meet her but
she declined to be interviewed The bar
oness is on her way to Balincourt where
her children are
Leopolds Fortune
Paris Dec 3OA French financier who
is familiar with the Congo and other
business operations of the late King Leo
pold of Belgium estimates the monarchs
private fortune In excess of CMXNMM
bequeathed to the princesses at 50000
000 Lawyers here anticipate much liti
gation over the property
Married by Religious Rites
Paris Dec 20 In an interview this
affernoon M Picard legal adviser of
Baroness Vaughan when asked if the
marriage of King Leopold and Baroness
Vaughan was effective replied
The baroness has really been marries
by religious rites that I can attest
Then have the children of the union
rights to the throne
Anything may happen and believe me
the affair is only beginning
And the royal family
Is preparing to use every chicanery to
obtain the revocation of the gifts to the
indirect heirs through the courts I can
tell you that the fight will last a long
time for the baroness will fight It n
her duty to do so Baroness Vaughan is r
a remarkably intelligent woman far
above the average She possesses an < <
tpnishtng gift of apprehension and assim
WM Not Expelled
M Picard added that he knew on the t
best authority that the Belgian govern
ment never had any intention of insulin
an expulsion order against the barony
Baroness Vaughan is I described by i > n J
who accompanied her from Brussels oj t
young and beautiful and dignified in spii
of her origin According to the same a >
tnority the baroness took nothing wr >
her from her villa but her personal < i
feeis She was most distressed by ti t i
glare of the sudden publicity to whi < h
she has been exposed while awaiting m
an automobile outside a bank before 1 < i v
ing for Paris
A man employed on Leopolds Cape jjYr 1
ret estate related to the Matins Ni i <
correspondent that he accompanied Kir
Leopold and Baroness Vaughan In an ai
tomobile to the Franciscan chap 1 r
Bordig here in February 1908 where i
asserts a marriage was celebrated Ti >
superior of the Franciscans when s n
by the correspondent refused either I i
confirm or deny this statement

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