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i IT
Clothing Is Burned From Body
While Father Rolls Child
in Blanket
A in L CeuerqUist the twoand
om iiuLii yaroid fcoa of Mr anu Airs
Vu ivJi L aerqui8t oi ujj boutii Third
Ka DiiLei waf so horribly burned iii
ttit mum ui Ills iatmr lust oaturcuj
L1L iuuuii at OJU o cluck mat he ciicu
at i c L L a 1 hOhpnul at 1130 ocloca
uiuay iiiyiu in spite 01 the strtnu
vub Liioi mat wiie inauo to save his
Iru child in company with his
broil 10 I > ictor agcu n and his sister
ELLi abel 6 yeui was playing iii
a fciauii loom on the upper floor ot tht
lioiii Hie other two children hau
goiii iuo UK noij when the baby pui
a piece oj newspaper into the stove
the ilatnes oi vhkh caught his dress
In an instant he was enveloped in
flai < < 1 lie father who was in UK
basumut at the time heard the chil
dren Breaming upstairs but at first
thought uuy wiit still playing
Firjui the brother of the burned iii
fam came running into the basement
shouting The baby is burning up
Air CVderiiuist dashed upstairs anu
fouiil Uic chila iii flames from heau
to iiut He quickly Mirew blankets
about the burning infant and rolled
him m the bed but it was at least ten
miniitiri after the child caught fire
befon he succeeded in extinguishing
the lames Neighbors came to Mr
Ced < i uists assistance and several
call iUr a physician were sent in Halt
an JiUf later Dr Lloyd Woodruff ar
riVE1 l on the scene and after giving
sonru temporary aistance found it
nee c > My to inject morphine to alle
viat > the suffering
Thi ambulance was called and the
infut I was taken to the L D S hos
pital I where it died about six hours
later Kvt rything possible was don
to i asr the pain and save his life but
to no avail The parents are prostrated
wIth gi lei Mrs Ceierquist had gone
holoillg and Aid not return until
nearly half an hour after the accident
to in i baby
Mr < > < kniuist said yesterday that
the ini ant had been so horribly burned
that hardly an inch of skin was left
on ts body The father received sev
eral vr4 barns on his fingers and
lian < c u 1il id attempting to extinguish
the lanii d
Tli t initial 1 was held yesterday from
the i mi1y homo at 2 oclock and the
jurla AM in th > City cemetery
snips ON
Railway Trainman Has Strange
Experience While Recov
ering From Spree
D J 1 Kennedy a member of the Broth
trhoiI of Railway Trainmen in good
san < i ng has demonstrated to medical
autli rities that a bullet passing through
th Lit of his right leg and grazing his
1 < ft leg 1 cannot wake him up when
> sIlo
K aedy had been drinking yesterday
ftt oon and bf fell asleep in a chair
just r nd the bar in the Binsham Buf
rvt < ivavmercial c street of which Pat
< > S I > is proprietor While Kenndy
was > irnj away at a rate that made
iysin rs envious Jim Kenuedy bav I
uu in the saloon droppd a revolver I
Tl a i nn vas accidentally di >
ha c d l Tue bartend I aped in the
nil ad two ot the liar railbirds dashed
nit if H saloon with their wits fright
in eii iIut they returned when tor
loin i lL I t it had been an accident Ken
n < dv luuvor had not been disturbed
in t i I tst lit snorf 1 on peacefully
1el > is in the saloon attempted to
find jj I the bullt which WPS acci
dentally l dsohargd from the revolver had
gOIJl it I InI coursed In thr direction of
Keni dy 1 iiy knew but te latter was
> l i uvfiilly on and so they
walivd 11 ind him and came back and
revOMd I t hlr t they hud found no bullet
Discovers Injury
N > iv ui hour lifter the accidental
disct of the revolver Kennedy
tic h d his arms and walked out of the
stloi II 1 I hobbiad along directly to his
roon I just on the other side of Com
rrer I strt and vas preparing to go
to t
Kt y came into police headquarters
at E clock last nisiht and said that
ther vas crtainly sum thing wrong He
ask l I I t tive Earl Ripley who Is a
fern r j t iIIway trainman to examine his
1f s 1111 > Ill > his trousi rs he displayed
c btiit wound throuirh the calf of his
right IK and a deep gash in his Teft
It ilosnt hurt very much be said
hut ir looks bad
Hi tiKinRs and shoes were soak J
with i > od and shortly artr his wounds
lad i eimlned at police headqunr
IdS L vas assisted by friends back to
his vvh > > re a urgion was sum
lt1 I
Doi iv Hipley wt s immediately as
sign I I irake an investigation of the
shoo At the Bingnam Buffet he
lean l i tin 1 Bartender Kenny had ac
cidei ti Jiihargpd a revolver and that
the > t had gone in the direction of
Kent > h i
Wh i t had recovered from his sprr >
K > nn h re nd that h > had < undergone
II i pect1 ir i ttatitn i whil1 he was asleep
in the eefl which made him change
urse of dreams from revelry in a
I r > ight yard to dodging Indians who were
hooting at him intent on getting his
You Can Make No Better
Present to Your WifcI I
or Children
Thai one or more of our MORT
issued in sums of 100 and mul
tiples thereof are doubly secured
cy First Mortgage on Slt lake
Real Estate and our Capital and 1
SU115 and being nontaxable
yiel I G per cent net interest which I
will H said monthly quarterly or
semiannually as desired
Salt Lk
Security Trust
52 Up Main Straat
Capital 30000000 I
Surplus 510000000
o 0 to t 0 0
i 7 y
i L
> >
0 < <
1j 1 i
j 1j
t 1i 1
1J J
This line surpasses in variety and
quantity any previous years pur
chases The titles authors styles and
prices are so numerous that we cant
describe the line
S Main Street
are read In the homes of Salt Lake City
than any other paper
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tit t
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DONT imagine Dear Peo
ple that your coal dealer is
a heartless wretch who
doesnt care whether you
freeze or not
X yr coal dealer la nu
Uy a law hMlMK respect
able charitable eltiBvn Some
of us have Wives and children
ef cur awn Same of us go to
eta rrii aad eaa repeat moet of
tile ten eMBMiadiaenta So
wbem we tell yen that we
et set yjmr coal to you
please Peeher
resaem r that we
e We w1 piy you
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It III we have te do the beat
we tea Be natleat
Western Fuel Co
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Christmas Rush Will Be Great
ly Relieved During the Last
Buying Days
That the early Christmas shopping cru
sade Inaugurated by The HeraldRepub
bean three weeks ago ia bearing fruit
ta reflected in the general statements of
the managers of Salt Lakes big depart
ment stores the centers of the hereto
fore two or tree days rush and crush
Just before Christmas
The usual Christmas trade In the ma
jority of stores Is advanced from one to
two weeks and although the trade ot
Saturday and yesterday showed a steady
increase the merchants are satisfied
that with the opening of the stores on
Wednesday Thursday and Friday even
ings they will be fully able to take
care of the belated shoppers This is i
in marked contrast to former years when
the shops were forced to keep open every
+ vemng for at least the full week be
fore Christmas
Not only has the buying period been
advanced but each store reports a grati
tying increase In the volume of business
for the month so far over the same month
of former years The increase In sale
varies from 20 to Jo per cent up to as
high as 40 per cent
The store managers are enthusiastic
hath over the increased business and
the results of the early shopping cru
There has been a noticeable tendency
said M H Walker general manager of
KeithOBrien company on the part of
choppers this season to purchaao early
I believe this Is the direct result of hav
mg the matter brought to their attention
The HeraldRepublican Is entitled to a
great deal of credit for its part In this
movement The Christmas shopping trade
not only began a week earlJer compared
to former years but the buyers are com
ms earlier In the day If people could
only be made to understand that It is to
their advantage to shop early you would
find few late hours in the stores It Is
to the purchasers advantage to do his or
her shopping early When every one
waits until the afternoon hours of the
last few days it puts a burden on the
clerks the service necessarily suffers
the buyer is not given ample time either
to inspect or to make a suitable choice
and bf ire the sale Is completed there
is a lot of ruffling of temper All that
i is to be avoided through early snoo
Sales Are Increased
There has been a noticeable increase
in our sales and we are doing a busi
ness far in excess of recent years at
this time Money seems to be free as is
shown in the proportion of our cash sales
to charge sales and it Is also to be seen
in this months collections Usually De
cember is a hard month for collections
owing to the holidays but this season is
an exception
Our Christmas rush Is easily ten or
twelve days ahead of the usual time
said J H Beifuss manager of the Wal
ker Brothers Dry Goods company We
are in the middle of It now you might
say and the heavy congestion of the
two or three days preceding Christmas
which has marked former seasons will
be materially relieved this year Here
tofore we have been forced usually to
keep our store open every evening for a
week before Christmas With the edu
cation of the people of the advisability
of shopping early we will cut that over
time In half this year The HeraldRe
publican has done good work In Impress
ing upon the people the early shopping
movement and by another year we I
should be able dispense with the open
store at nlgnt altogether
The people are not only buying earlier
this season but there is a marked in
crease in the trade as shown by our
Fairs Every one seems to have enjoyed
a year of prosperity and has money to
Although our sales at this time show
a marked advance over those of the same
Period last year indicating both an in
crease in business and earlier buying
yet there has not been the extent ol
arly shopping we would like to see The
People do not seem to have grasped thor
oughly the advantages of early shopping
yet said T G Webber superintendent
of the Z C M I stores
Forenoon Time to Buy
Take in the forenoons for instance
while they are not altogether quiet yet
there is no great rush The afternoons
however see our stores packed and
jammed Now if that trade and pur
chasing was distributed a little more over
the early hours every one both pur
chasers and ourselves would be much
better pleased The papers are doing
a splendid thing however in the early
shopping crusade and the results to be
obtained to the purchaser and merchant
alike have already been demonstrated I
H J Wallace manager of F Auer
bach Brother said
There has been a steady Increase in
our business this season and It is now
away ahead of former years We have
not however noticed any appreciable
earlier shopping although doubtedly
there has been some We would wish for
a great deal more of it
We are doing the biggest business of
years past this season said L E Lip
mai manager of the L A Cohn
stores As to early shopping however
I am afraid there has not been much
more of it than formerly People seem
still to hold back until the last week
and the next few days are likely to be
a constant rush Still though there has
been an Improvement
Although The HeraldRepublican has
done admirable work In the effort to
convince people that they ought to shop
early at Christmas time especially the
buyers seem to require a little more
prodding said W O Carbis manager
of the Paris Millinery company There
has been some earlier buying but the
effect of this is offset by the increased
volume of trade this season and the
present week is likely to be a repetition
of former years when just the few days
before Christmas every one is hurried
S g >
Miss Irene Haycock eldest daughter of
Mr and Mrs B N Maycock who for
the past four months has been suffering
first from appendicitis and complications
and then from typhoid fever died at
the home of her parents 163 East Sev
enth South street on Monday from
tynpoid fever aged 21 years
Miss Maycock had been in the hospital
for more than thirteen weeks and about
three months ago underwent an operation
for appendicitis The operation was
highly successful and she was thought
10 be recovering rapidly Four weeks
ago she was taken to her home and
several days ago was taken ill with
typhoid which caused her death on Mon
day last She was the oldest child of a
family of two girls and five boys all
If whom with her mother and father
ire still living
The funeral will be held today at 1
dOCK from the Third ward chapel and
friends and relatives are Invited to at
lend The burial will be In the City
Fixroom brick bungalow with bath
> a northeast bench Two car lines
Furnace hot water cement basement
md laundry with stationary tubs gas
electric lights All modern Cheap rent
to right parties Address H 6 Herald
Dancing School
Lessons c Private lessons by ap
oIntment at Conservatory hall 88 p
> place every day and evening Pub
ic can secure hail for all occasions So
ials Monday Thursday Saturday
Professor Woodward instructor
w C
Thomas D Pitt former chief of po
lice died at his home 143 South Tenth
East yesterday morning about 1030
oclock Acute diabetes was the cause
of death
Mr Pitt first felt the symptoms of
diabetes about four months ago at
which time he went to Omaha for
treatment and seemed to derive a
great deal of benefit from the trip On
his way home he stopped at Rock
Springs Wyo where he took a long
automobile trip into the country and
was exposed to intense cold which is
believed to have been the direct cause
of the relapse which caused his death
yesterday Only four days ago he was
on the street attending to business and
assuring his solicitlous friends that he
was feeling in the best of health but
Saturday he again became His con
dition however was not considered se
rious until yesterday morning when
his two sisters Mrs B B Heywood of
the ICenyon hotel and Mrs John Tag
gert were summoned His sisters and
physicians hurried to his bedside and
everything possible was done to save
his life but without success
Thomas Denton Pitt was born in a
wagon on a road near Bannock county
Montana in 1854 His father was at
that time a freighter He lived in that
vicinity until he was 1 year of age
when his father moved to Salt Lake
where Thomas lived until the age of 17
He received his education here and af
ter graduating from the Salt Lake
academy went to California where he
engaged in the sheep business which
he followed for 12 years running sheep
through Wyoming Idaho and Utah
After this he moved to Corinne and or
ganized the Corinne Mill Land and
Stock company through which com
pany as general manager he was in
strumental in bringing a great number
of settlers into the state
He was elected county commissioner
of Box Elder county where he served
until 1896 when he moved to Salt Lake
after selling his interests in the Bear
River valley He served one term as
mayor and one as alderman in Cor
rinne He then engaged in the commis
sion business in Salt Lake until shortly
after Mayor Bransford came into office
in 1907 when he was appointed chief of
police Three years ago when the
American party had its first county
ticket in the field Mr Pitt was a candidate
didate for county sheriff He was at
il the head of the committee appointed
to raise funds for the victims of the San
Francisco disaster and his labors at
this work were untiring He is sur
vived by a wife five children two sis
ters and his aged mother The chil
dren are Carmelite aged 18 Frances
aged 16 Thomas D Jr aged 12 Vir
ginia aged 10 and Thornley aged 7
all of whom live at the family home
Mr Pitt was a prominent member of
the local lodge of Elks who have charge
of the funeral which will be on
Wednesday at 3 oclock from the Elks
club house The Rev P A Slmpkin
will officiate
Boosting for a greater Salt Lake has
become second nature to Charles H Carl
quist of the real estate firm of Burt Ie
Carlquist While one of the younger j
set of Salt Lake boosters he has made
a record of which many people years j
older than he might well be proud
As a member of the Salt Lake Real j
Estate association Mr Carlquist has
acted on various important committees
and fulfilled the duties incident to the
positions with fidelity and unvarying suc
The magnitude of some of the real
estate and building deals pulled off in I
this city during the past year has as
tounded not only residents of the city i
but the investing interests throughout j I
the entire country said Mr Carlquist
yesterday The year Just coming to so
successful a close has been a momentous
one in the history of Salt Lake All the
varied business and manufacturing en
terprises seem to have enjoyed unprece
dented prosperity
In our line of business we have don
more building of homes on the Suit the
Tenant plan than ever before People
generally have come to the conclusion
that they want to own their homes with
the result that there has been a great
demand for homes on the easy payment
plan We have been successful in plac
ing scores of families and have at the
present time a number of houses in pro
cess of building >
Everything points to the fact that
1910 will be a big year in the real estate
business With plenty of outside money
coming in for investment and local cap
ital in a wideawake condition business
men generally are feeling most optimis j I
tic over the prospects for the new year i
Board of Public Works Fails to
Obey Instructions of the
On the eve of the report of the board
of arbitration of the celebrated Moran
claim of 130000 for patching the inter
cepting sewer it has been discovered that
he board of public works failed to obey
instructions from the city couacll and
i excavate over the outlet to ascertain the
i thickness of the cement which Pat Mo
ans forces laid The Inspector of the
board of public works Says the concrete
Is not over nine inches thick and Frank
Gawn superintendent for Mr Moran
says it is twice that thick Both have
so testified at the hearings held by the
The whole claim of Moran rests upon
he amount of concrete that be put into
the work and the determination of its
thickness will have much to do with the
findings of the arbiters Yet the cat was
let out of the bag yesterday tar Frank
R Christdnsen clerk of the Board of
public works when he told Councilman
Murdoch that no excavations had been
made by the board
The arbiters will report to the council
Thursday night but they will not pre
sent any information regarding the thick
ness of the concrete except what they
have gleaned from the conflicting testi
mony of the inpnector of the board of
public works and the superintendent for
Moran Councilman Hall arose at the
last minute of the council session last
night and suggested that the board of
public works be ordered to go ahead with
the excavations so that the board of ar
bitration could Include the evidence in
its report i
City Attorney TUninny observed that the
arbiters wouldnt look at the excavations
anyway and there was no use of repeat
Ing an order to the board He said I
he had talked with L L Dagron
one of the board and Mr Dagron had
told him an examination of the concrete
bout the outlet was unnecessary
Jam in Jordan River Is Re i
moved Only After Dynamite I
Is Brought Into Use
A score of families driven from the
shelter of their homes many of them
forced to brave the perils of resulting
sickness in their escape a monetary losa
reaching into hundreds of dollars in the
damage to property and livestock and the
loss of provisions chickens and other
fowls followed the inundation of an area
of two square miles when an ice floe Jam
ming and piling against the Ninth North
street bridge raised a dam ten feet high
and crowded the Jordan river out of Its
banks early Sunday morning
The overflow occurred some time dur
ing Saturday night when the floating ice
began to pack beneath the bridge and
the freezing weather began piling layer
upon layer of ice upon the solid founda
tion It was the early risers in the neigh
borhood who first discovered what was
for a time a catastrophe when leaving
their beds in the darkness of the dawn
they stepped into the icy waters which
flooded the lower floors of the homes
Street Supervisor Jake T Raleigh was
early notified and with a gang of men
hurriedly called together was soon at
work at the scene of the dam and over
flow With the assistance of neighbors
the occupants of the flooded houses were
removed to places of safety and comfort
and livestock taken from the barns Then
the work of breaking up the ice floe with
dynamite was began and to assist the
carrying away of the water from the
flooded district a canal 300 feet long was
dug draining the water into the river at
a point below Ninth North street The
middle section of the bridge was blown
out but it was not until late last night
that Jhe rivers passageway was totally
The inundated district Monday pre
sented the spectacle of a frozen lake The
lower floors of homes were flooded to a
depth of from two inches to three or four
feet In the barns horses and cows were
found standing In three feet of water with
the ice covering encrusted about their
legs In a number of the yards poultry
was found frozen to death Another seri
ous loss to the unfortunate families was
in the destruction of provisions stored In
the basements and cellars
Homes Are Flooded
The worst damage done was to the home
of John Sehy living at No 945 North
Thirteenth West street which is about
one and onehalf blocks from the Jordan
When Mrs Sehy awoke Sunday morning
it was to find that her home was flooded
with about one foot of water
Before the city forces arrived H Whit
ekar G Kettle and A Davis had gone
to the Langton Lime Cement company
quarry where they secured 108 sticks of
dynamite When Raleigh and his men
arrived two charges were placed in the
river In front of the Ice jam The explo
sion blew out the center section of the
bridge and allowed the jam to pass As
soon as the obstruction had been removed
tho ann un I
n u U uu v un
river and late Monday afternoon the
greater part of the water had drained
from under the ice around the houses
Those whose homes were damaged the
most were A N Earnshaw No 913 Colo
rado avenue Theodore Nelson No 912
North Twelfth West street W Thomas
No 940 Colorado avenue John Betty No
945 North Thirteenth West streets J A
Wheeler No 950 North Twelfth West
street Ignatius Trlnko on the Jordan
river between Fourth and Fifth North
J E Wheeler who Is 83 years old was
the first to discover the flood Sunday
morning He was awakened by the cold
and when he stepped out of bed it was
to place his feet In six inches of icy
A M Earnshaw who makes a business
of raising fancy chickens from lack of
boots was compelled to make a pair of
wooden stilts in order to reach his hen
house There he found that many of his
best chickens had bten frozen
Late Monday afternoon the bridge
which had been torn partly away by the
charge of dynamite had been replaced
by a gang of men under the direction of
Raleigh The pils of that part of the
bridge which had not been blown away
were still caked with ice but as the water
had a free passage through the part
which had ben torn away and as all of
the dbris had been removed it Is not
likely that another flood will occur
As a direct result of the flood Street
Supervisor J T Raleigh asked the city
council last night to take steps to build
e 1 tel bridge over the Jordan at Ninth
North street and the request was granted
without dbate The city engineer will
prepare an estimate of expense and plans
and specifications at once and as soon
us possible the work will go ahead
The council also reimbursed the street
supervisor for the expense he had ln
curred in buying provisions for the
Isle in the flooded district
Important Session of Order Held
Six Applications Received
At the regular meeting of the Utah
castle < No 333 Order of Royal Highland
TS in Federation of Labor hall last
night six applications for membership
were received and two new members
were initiated into the order as follows
Miss Jennie Watson and Nathan Hub
bard jr the son of Past Illustrious Pro
tector Nathan Hubbard sr who is now
captain of the guards
Preparations for the installation of of
ficers for the ensuing six months were
completed last night and an elaborate
program of vocal and instrumental music
was arranged This event will be held
on the second Monday of January at
Federation of Labor hall
An invitation to the affair has been
sent to Governor William Spry and his
staff J F Watson is the illustrious
protectorelect and he with the other
officers will be installed on January 10
Police Will Endeavor to Have
Burglar Suspects Giv
en the Limit
To insure safe keeping where there will
be little possibility of escape charges
will at once be entered against John
Phillips and Frank Willard who were
arrested Saturday and Sunday respective
ly under suspicion of having been impli
cated in the robbery of the Model Knit
aing Works safe and for having burglars
tools in their possession The maximum
sentence for this offense Is six months
It will be the effort of the police to see
that the limit is given
Meanwhile Chief of Detectives George
Sheets will begin to get evidence against
them He discovered yesterday that Wil
lard though but 17 years of age has a l
penitentiary record and is known to
have committed burglaries Outside of
knowing that Phillips is a man of crimi
nal Instincts and doubtless a clever me
chanic about the door of a safe his pre
vious career is as yet dark It is posi
tively known that Willard and Phillips
are pals
Phillips and Willard had occupied a
room in the Washington hotel which is
on one of the upper floors and at the
end of a corridor which is seldom fre
quented by guests or hotel attendants
At the request of PhIllips and Willard
their room had been left alone They
had made up their own bed under repre
sentation that they worked nights and
desired to sleep in the daytime
It was in this room that the detectives
arrested Phillips as he was rearranging
a net of burglar tools and making certain
corrections in the crank of a safe drill
which had but recently fallen out of re
pair Willard Is recognized by clerks of
the hotel as Phillips mate
Finds Piece of Fuse
In the investigation into the burglary of
the safe at the Model Knitting Works
Chief of Detectives Sheets found a short
piece of fuse It was pink in color and
different from any fuse used by burglars
that had previously attracted his atten
tion An entire roll of this pink fuse
was found In the possession of the Phil
lipsWillard due
Chief of Detectives Sheets stated yes
terday that thus far evidence against
Phillips and Willard was insufficient to
connect them with the Model Knitting i
Works safe robbery However the sus
picion hangs strong and there Is also
strong suspicion that there have been I
others in the room at the Washington
hotel besides Phillips and Willard who i
have contributed to the burglary outfit j
It Is by no means a oneman affair but
such as a gang of burglars are in the
habit of employing during their workings
of a town I
Numerous jimmies in the outfit and
numerous drills and braces almost bring 1
forth evidence that the little room in the I
hotel has served as sort of supply station
for crooks S i
While Enjoying Pleasure Trip
Runs Across Man Wanted
for Forgery
While enjoying a pleasure trip in Sat
Lake yesterday Deputy Sheriff Ott
Whitbeck of Eureka stumbled upo
Ernest Jens a young sheep herder wanted t
ed in his city for forgery committed du >
lag the latter part of April Whitbec
says that the authorities of Eureka ha
been searching high and low for Jen
and that he little expected to find hii i
in Bait Lake lie was locked up in i Ii
county jail and will be taken to Eureka
Jens had been a foreman for the Wil
lard Chipman sheep outfit at America
Fork when be became dissatisfied and
went to Silver City He made the sa
loons his headquarters Finding himself
out of funds he is alleged to have forged
the name of Willard Chipman to a not
of 150 and shortly afterward to a not
of 10 They were cashed by Will Gun
dry one of the Silver City saloon keep
ers Because Jens was known to be a
foreman in the Chipman outfit no ques
tlcns were asked
The sheep nerder stated yesterday when
arrested that ho was under the influ
ent of liquor at the time of the forger
and that he scarcely realized what I
had done until the money obtained from
the forged notes had been spent

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