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i ii
I l Mines and Mining Stocks
Valuation of Property in Merg j
er Offer 9000000 More
Than Utah Copper
Tilt only material advantage to be
1 uiu < i friLl taking Nevada Consolidated
iiito the t Vtah CopperBoston Consolidated
merger to l > conceived by the layman Is
t haL it might be more convenient in the
limning ut iie proposed big copper mer
ger to handle the several properties as
h unit than 1 to deal with them as sep
aral organizations On account of the
iliicince by which the Utah and Nevada
jtoimrtie arc separated tu maintaining
of sepai u organizations Insofar as
practical operation is concerned would
be Imperative The situation as to Utah
Copper and Bostoi Consolidated in this
regard is of course quite different dis
tinct advantage lb I to be gained by work
ing the two adjoining properties as a
The Gug < nhims who control about
700000 shiKs of Nevada Consolidateds
iOuOOOO bliares of capital stock and are
large minority shareholdtrs of Utah Cop
per favor eYada Consolidated entering
the merg upon the exchange basis of 2V4
bharcs of N vada Consolidated stock for
one share of the new Issue of Utah Cop
per stock A largo element of Nevada
Consolidated stockholders contends how
ever that the fair basis of exchange
would not txceod two shares for one
With 214 to one as the basis Nevada
Consolftiatid stockholders would receive
for their holdings approximately 150000
shares more of Utah Copper stock than
are now outstanding That would be plac
ing the valuation of Nevada Consolidated
property at a figure of SVOOOO greater
than the aluatlon placed upon Utah Cop
HrS property The tonnage of proven
ore In Utah Crpper is at least twice as I
great as is that in Nevada Consolidated
The average grade of Nevada Consoli
dated ore is a trifle higher than is that I
of Utah Copper and the Nevada company
has something the advantage in owning a
railroad and a smelter
Offer Appears Liberal
The JJOOOOuO excess valuation given Ne
vada Consolidated appears to Utah peo
ple to be ample to cover all advantages
that can l > 3 urged Nevada Consolidated
holders r e chesty over the showing
of low cOst production that has been made
Trv that rompany but Utah Copper has
Vppn giving it a close race reducing Its
Cost continuously even when for a con
siderable period working in ore of so low
grade that It had never In the companys
calculations boen counted upon as an as
set That the cost of producing copper from
tlin 1 Utah properties will be further re
fiird with the proposed enlargement of
their mills to a total capacity of 17000 I
fin of nie a day goes without saying
And meeting a further objection of Ne
xuU Consolidated holders to the ex
< hang It is announced that beginning
v th the next quarter the Utah Copper
oiipany will Increase its dividend rate
end that Nevada Consolidated stockhold
eis J in thf event of their entering the
n > r er v CHild be given certain rignts to
t oJ b cribe tor the stock of the Utah Cop
Ir com aiv which rights with the in
creased tlmdond of the Utah company
would fully equalize the dividends that
Nevada Consolidated stockholders are now
increasing the capital stock of Utah
tiller Mom 750000 shares to 2500000
iiiires and takng over Boston Consoli
dittd on the basis of SVi for one and
N < > tida Consolidated at 2Vi for one would
Jay 1 o about 1XfOOO shares of stock remaln
g unistud which would be ample no
CM i iibt for proposed mill improvements
lJd i for acquiring the Garfield smelter
t < J 1 the Baltimore refinery
San FrancKco Mining Stocks
San Francisco Dec nThe official
tiMng quotations for mining stocks
ttdzty were as follows
Aha 0 12 Ken Con 10
pha Con 10 L lV Con 14
AildeJ 21 Mexican 17i
Helcher 105 Occid Con 1 In
H B 78 Ophlr 1
HuHin 10 Potosi 41
aledonia 62 Savage 1e
ihaL Call 33 Scorpion 11
Chollar 29 Sag B u
Iontldence 130 Sterra Nov 10
C C dk Ya 1 42i Standard 8S
Con Imp 08 Union Con 10
Crown Pt 1026 Utah Con 10
Exchequer 32 New York 05
n C 36 1St Louis 05
H N 0 1K Nevada 06
Julia 14 JNo G Ie C 25
Justice 16
New York Mining Stocks
Alice 150 Lead Con 05
Bruns Con 06 Little Chief 01
g C T Stock 30 Mexican 176
C T Bonds 21 Ontario 215
C C dk Ya 10 Opblr 187
Horn Sller 70 Standard 6
Iron Silver 165 YeL Jacket 125
boston MIning Stocks
Adventure 600 Nevada 2175
A110ues 100 Old Dom 6450
Arnal 8860 oceol8o 16300
Ariz Com 4760 Parrot 2800
Atlantic 1200 Quincy 8800
B CoaL 2900 Shannon 1810
Cal Hec66500 Tamarack IS
CentennIal 3860 ITrlnlty 975
C Range 8360 S Mining 54lI
Daly Wed 875 U 8 Oil 3175
hanklln 1700 Utah 45110
G Can 1l87rVlctorla 525
Ille Royale ZS641 WInna 1041
Mass MIa 700 Wolverine 1470
Michigan 7826 No Butte 5350
Mohawk no
The Buffalo Consolidated Mining com
pany operating in Ophlr district has
completed connections for air between old
workings and its inclined wing from
the tunnel A station is now being cut
In the bottom of the wince and when
that is complete everything will be In
readiness tn commence taking out ore
In driving over from the old workings
to the winze for air connections a new
body of five feet of shipping ore was
jMpfpd through that being a resource ad
ditional to the ore encountered in the tun
j j 1 cnd further opened in the wIns
It iL Sil
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some that will Interest the
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ff 5ui B C
60 West Second South
Jewel Ranges and Heaters 136 down
I SU6 week Utah Implement Vehl II I I
Ely Centennial Copper Co
Has placed a limited amount of treasury stock on the Salt Lake market
through all the leading brokers
The allotment of 08080 shares made recently at DIy was overMib eribed by thoroughly posted mining men The
property Joins the McDonald Sly and Bly Calumet and consist of M acres with option on adjoining ground
Five distinct ledges have been traced near the surface en thte property coming across the McDonald Ely on the
east through the Ely Centennial and traversing on tanmgi the Bly Cabamet OB thy west A large number of blowouts
are found on this ground whteh are highly mineralised aiSf a great deal of prospecting done in yeara gone by baa
shown the presence of commercial ore of an excellent grade
velna showing on the surface carrying silver
Eighteen men are working on a tunnel to develop ate dtottMt parallel
Open pita aunk on the surfaoa Row good values
ver gold lead and copper < < with copper assays as high as 99 per cent
ues In gold silver lead and copper One vein in particular of 1 feet flvea aseays of 36 per cent copper 480 gold and
2 ounces silver The tunnel HOW la 180 feet will be driven 4i1 feet further cuttta the six parallel veins at a depth
of 200 to 600 feet A compressor will be Installed at the mouth of the tunnel using electric power enabling the rapid
development of the property
Stock will be listed after January 1st on the Salt Lake Stoek Exchange aUld traded in on the New York and Bos
ton curb Utah and Nevada
representative miming men of
The officers and directors of the company are
Officers and Directors
of Nevada Con WINDSOR V RICK Bait Lake
Salt Lake
Vice President CHAS H GRIFFIN
G F BOREMAN Secretary and Treasurer i E G CARPENTER Ely
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300 Metcalf Coal l e
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1000 Consolidated Fuel 4g e
85 Karns Tunneling 1 as
3 Acres U Max Rubber tissue
3 Share U Hex Capital 8fk SStO1O
alt Lake StMK and taI r BUIIIuIIt
Dow CeosoHdatefl Stock Exehaon
RawhMe MibtOK Sleek aUtca < ui
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Head Bank and Investment Stock
New York CMcaca San jr p uMlse
Rawhtfe Toaepuh GohUteM AM MI
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r Ji < r
> j I
Metal Situation Causes Buy
ers to Anticipate Gains
After Holidays
The mining stock market has surprise
the talent by developing strength when It
would naturally be expected to reach the
lowest ebb of weakneaB just before the
Christmas holidays It would appear that
a buying movement has been started In
anticipation of the advance which mue t
set In early in the new year In
view of Improved metal market con
i ditlona and the fact that prices of
most of the local stocks havE
I been forced considerably below their
known value While slight recession
might be expected in the week between
Christmas and New Years as the situa
tion looks a dosen or more Issues might
be selected from the list all of which will
show a material edvance before the first
of March
Among the stocks which yesterday el the
made gains or were very strong were
Colorado at 70c to 75c Uncle Sam at 4ii
to 48o Iron Blossom at lOc to Tic Baa
Tintic Development at 7c to 8c Prove
at 8c to Ie closing at Sc Sioux Conaoll
dated at 33c to 32lhc Lower Mammoth
at 55c to 54c Prince at 91c to Me Victo
ria at 165
Columbus Consolidated had a relativelY
weak day having sold from 145 to 135
Silver King Coalition was lower at 38
to 882 > 6 New York Bonanza wan stead
at HVic to The King William met aev
demand at 12c Mason Valley held at 2
The gains mad by Provo and East Tin
tic Development which have been sellinj
accounted for by s i
around 3 to 5 was accounte a
strike in Provo ground but no news w
out to account for the strength of the
others Total number of shares sold S
049 value 2 > 78563 Closing quotation
and the days sales
I Forenoon I Afternoon
I Bid lAke BId tAke
Addle 01 I 01
AJax 34 I IS 3 1
Albion 2
Alice 1 30 1
B Tunnel 15 1 15
Big Hill I I 01 0
BIng Ama 10 ¼ l 1 I 1 13
Blk Jack O 010 O
Bon Brie 1 01
Bos Con n5 120 I II O I
Brook Con 0
Bulick Ol OU Ol 02
Bulck 1
Camp 01 01
Carisa Bi 5 50 I 61
CedTals Car 0J0 oIO
Cent Mom i1 0 01 1 0
Century 13 I 1
Cob Min 74 7 74 t 7i
Colum Con 13 14n 11 I 14
Con Mercu 1 1
Cwn Point 0 0 t 1 4
DalyJudge 50 500
DeckfrCan I 0
Dragon Iron 16 1
Drn Hmp 10
EBB00 8 II 1
Eagles Nest 10 i
E Tin Con OI 01
E Crn Pt 0 I 0y
E Tin Dev 0 06 j 4
E T G Kf 0
Emerald 10
Galna 1
FReet 1
GCCrn 1
Gold DssyI 10
Gd Cent2tS 3 20 J3Y
Gray Rock O
Grutli 02 06 02 65
Grt 0 10
Eureka 10
It P O 102 ½ US j I
Hx Gold O < 31 0
Ingot 012 01 00i4 0
Ind Qun O 2 03 II 00
Ingot i 01 I 0 1
lnyo Gold0 I 0 0S 0
Iron Bios 6 I 70 71 7
Iron Hat O
Iron King 1 16 II 11 1
Joe Bowers 01 I 01111 01k
Keystone 0 I 15 I 10 1
King David 021 2
K 18 14 II 1i
Ld King 11 0
Lehl Tin 0 M
Little Boll 1574 150 160
Litte Bl 1 51 1 1571 10 19 1e
Lion Hill 1 07 II
Low Mam 54 56 0 M
Maj Mimes 8 I 11 1
Maj Evans
Mason Val 2M 1 0Ij I Io 10
May Day 18 19 I i9 20
Miller 0 p 01
Mineral F 0 01 f 81y
Mt Lake 0 < O I 0
Mt Lk Ex 01 I 0
Moscow 3 I 1
McKInley 0
Nov Brt 3 5 i 35 1 9
Nev Falnw 0
Nev Hllal6 j r f I 71
Newhou 1 40 50 250
New York 1 15 1 1
Nor Clf I O
Ohio Cop 59 1 i1 10
Ophongo JI 2
Pohe M 1 0 0
Plutue 04 I0 M 0
Prince con 92 9 1 9
Provo 1 06 093k 0 0
Dad War445 46 440 41
RAna 05 10 10
O 1
Sacrato R Aa 010 10
Sot Chief 0
Schwab 0 I
S Troughs 00 1 06 U
BIL Tough Kng 31 18 SS 165
Sil Shield m 0
Sioux Con 33 32 32
3 3 1
South Co 10 10 10 10
S Iron Bios 00 9 00
B Pacific 0
S Swansea O
waneea Con O 0 0 0
Swa E
rayDog 10
T Hump 1 0 I 0
Fin Central 06 J 0134 06 02
Im Combln 1
T Empire 0 Ii
T Silver 0 I 1
Tn 81 e 0
Jintali Pla Ol 11
Uncle Sara 46 47 45 I 47
Uulte Ncr 1 0
u St AO j
Jtah Con06 0 65 00
Vctor Ut Con 0 0 M 0431
Victor 16
Vabaab 1
est Ny n 3 2 i
I WhIte Cloud m
West Ut I 21
Tan Con s
Yer Cop M 0 0 1
Yer Nat 1 10 I
Znol 1 1 I
Forenoon Sales
Ajax 1008 at S5c
Colorado 1110 at 70c JOO at Tic 300 at
72c 600 at 74c buyer I day 1 at Tic
S at 74
Columbus 400 at 145 600 at L43K 8
at L40 1 at 4J seller 3 days 100
at U4SV4 1 1 at 140 seller e days
Crown Point GOO at 4c
East Tintic Development 1000 at Tc
Iron Blossom a at SOc 3 at fflc MO
at l 800 at jOe 500 at TOc buyer 1 days
King William 500 at 12c
Little Bell 200 at 156
Lower Mammoth 10 at Oc MO at N
800 at Mo
May Day 1000 at W4c 100 at iSo
New York 1300 at 14ftc 1080 at l
buyer 6 days
Plutus 1000 at 43c
Ko Prince Con 3 at 92c 10 at 91d 300 at
Pro iiOO at fcsc
Sacrtuuemo 1000 at 2c
Sioux Con MM at SSc
South Columbus Con 500 at t
TJntlc Central 1500 at i
Uncle S 390 at 44c 600 at 4Bc 400 at
46c 8000 at 47c
Victoria 100 at 165
Shares Fold 27350
Valu Ji57950
Open Board
Colorado 100 at TSc GOO at 74o
East Tintic Development 1000 at 7c
Iron ilusson 1200 at lOc
Driven 25 Feet in Low Grade
Ore After Fissure Crosscutting
Were further proof needed that the
blanket deposit of porphyry ore In the
BUy district extends under the limestone
overflow It would b provided by recent
developments In Ely Consolidated The
west crosscut on the 463foot level of the
Zack workings In that companys prop
erty according to word received yester
day by Manager S JI Levy has been
driven twentyfive feet In lowgrade oxi
dized ore the identical leached porphyry
which overlies the Nevada Consolidated
companys sulphide ores and the cross
material cut is being continued in I that kind of
The objective pint of the west cross
cut from the Zack shaft was a north and
south fissure The fissure was encount
ered a expected and I was upon cut
ting through it that the leached porphyry
was found I was considered good enough
of itself to warrant exploratory work and
the crosscut has been continued In I
twentyfive feet and will be driven yet
The porphyry Is regarded In fact the
most important strike yet made In Ely
Conlldate The management had con
templated drilling for the porphyry from
the bottom of the Zack shaft but the
new discovery obviates that expense
That the sulphides will b found at water
level 1 now a foregone conclusion and
the obtaining of that knowledge I all
that could have been achieved by drill
ing coud next move will be to sink the
shaft deeper it being possible that an
additional depth of 100 feet will take I
to the sulphide sons
Good Ore In Fissure
Aside from this Important development
the fissure which was cut when the por
phyry was reached 1 showing something
well worth following I contains several
streaks of firstclass ore one a foot wide
picked samples from which show values
of 28 per cent copper Drifts a being
run both north coppr south on the fissure
rn bth
sure and the ore 1 holding strong both
Work in th American shaft I like
wise bringing excellent result The west
drift on the 230foot level has been ex
tended eighty feet from th shaft I
was aimed to Intercept a cronefissure
which has not yet been reached But the
whh re
drift has passed through one shoot of
drtf passe throug
ore about forty feet long and at eighty
feet or from the shaft has just entered the
second ore shoot The first shoot is
heavy galena ore eighteen inches of it
which pena 6 per cent lead 42 ounces in
silver and better than 6 in gld No
assay has yet been taken of the ore from
the eec ond shoot but I 1 th same kind
of ore as that In the first shoot
or east drift on the same level is I in
Te formation but nothing I expected
in that direction inside of another 100
feet Conditlors In the Brilliant work
ings are virtually unchanged Ore Is b
ing ar vIrualy
ing taken as usual from the west drift
and from the winze
Cuts on 300 Level Extension of
East Tintic Development
Ore Body
Laser who are operating the mine of
the Provo Mining company according to
advices received from camp yesterday
have encountered the ore body for which
they have been driving from th bottom
of the 300foot shaft The ore body where
I b been crosscut I seven feet thik
it 1 said and averages 3 par cent lead
That is not so high as the average of te
e ore body where it ha been opened
in the adjoining property a th Seat T
tic Development company but I 1 a
go shipping product and will n doubt
soon place the operations upon an earn
ing basis
The level upon which the ore has been
encountered in the Provo is at virtually
the same depth as is the lowest level
upon which it has been opened in Last
Tintic Development Its distance from the
Provo shaft about ISO feet shows that
the o body Is dipping toward the east
at a more acute angle than had been an
ticipated which fully accounts for its I
having not yet been reached on the 503 I
level of East Tintic Development I
Advices from Dr H A Whitney who
backed by a BaIt Lake syndicate went to
Oaceola Nev a few weeks ago to open
00I opn
his gold property are that he is making
good progress with the work He h
o at work driving the tunnel for the
highgrade vein opened In surface work
tugs and has completed winter quarters
which will enable him to increase th
force of miners employed He Is enthusi
paying astic over mine the prospect of soon having a
pl mne
Directors of the United States Smelting
Refining Mining company are sche
duled to meet next Monday to declare
the regular quarterly dividends of S7Vic 1
t the companys preferred stock and SOc
a share on the common stock The com 1
pany has outstanding 486952 shares of
preferred and 350982 shares of common
prefere a 39 I i 1
King William 10 at 1c
Mason Valley 70 at 32
Sioux C Gtt at 32c 1 at SZfcc seller
1 days
Shares sold 3760
Selling value J408LM
Afternoon Sales I
Beck Tunnel 100 at ISfcc 500 at lIe
Carisa 5 at SOc
Colorado 400 at TSc 4 at 4c seller e
East Tintte Development 1000 at 7e
1600 at I
Imo Blossom 10 at Tic 500 a 70 seller
10 days
Lower Mammoth 1000 at Me
May Day 200 at We 1000 at ISfcc seller
60 days GOO at 19c
Nevada Hills 1 at TOc
New York 2100 at 14c 3000 at 16c
0 at I5c seller e days
put LOW at Be
Prince 100 a Me
Provo TflOB at SHc 4600 at 3c buyer 0
days 1500 at 8c O at 8e
Silver King 200 at tSSS 300 at S332H
Sioux Con 1600 at 33c 500 at SSHc seller
e days
Tintic Central 2000 at 6
Uncle Sam 500 at 40c buyer 6 days
Shares sold 32600
Selling value 7fl165
Open Board
Colorado 600 at T4o GOO at 74c seller W
days 1100 at 7
Columbus 10 at 135
Iron Blossom 600 at Tic
Iron King 449 at 12c I
Provo 2000 at HC buyer 0 days 2t0
at c
Seven Troughs 3 at lOc
Shares sold 12349
Sdlri value 63s3S8
Miners Report Marked Gain of
Values in Coalition
Marked improvement of conditions In the
L Roy tunnel of the Silver Island Coali
tion company is reported by miners who
arrived yesterday from camp for the ho
Ways Their estimate IE In tact that
100 cent over
the Improvement is fully 1 per cnt
the conditions which prevailed until three
o four days ago The atopa from th
tunnel level la In from one to two feet of
ore they say which averages not less
than 120 a ton in silver an lead Gratifying
fying conditions are also reported in the
winze which is being sunk t prove the
ore In the No 2 Bmanlolpator tunnel
there being fully 18 inches Of firstclass
ore in th wIns
Another surprise was given the man
agement of the company yesterday when
they received assay returns from a sample
ple of hitherto unclassified vein material
concerning which there had been doubts
of Its being worth saving I fs a soft
yellowish material which appears in the
nature of a gangue The assay showed
values of 10 ounces In sliver 218 per
cent lead and 8 cents in gold
The order has been given to rush the
orer ore to the railroad with ths
view of having another large carloa of
highgrade product on the market by the
first of the year
James A Pollock Co hankers and
broken I Wt Second South street fur
nish the following received over theIr
private wire
Boston Copper Range
Boston Con Sles0p W4 2 Z
B Can 11 15 1 32 t 2
C Aria 310 104 104 160 100
Con Mereur 10 1 10 Hi
Cop Cum Range Ely 24 1 84 a 1
Daly West 9
Davis Daly 112 43 4 0 4
E Butte 1588 1 U 13 l
Ely Con 81
GroU Can 28 U 1 lI 1
Granby Con 107
Greene Can 114 l l 1 I
Nov Con 19O 26 Z 12 11
Xcv nah 15 1 I 1 1
Nlp5sng 4 10 10 10 34
No Butte 641 51 65 I A
Trinity 73 10 1 10 10
U 8 S corn Z 5 I 5I 1
P S 8 pfd 3 52 61 6 i
UtahCon 2 4 16 46 46
Sup Ie Bee 6 1 17 1 m 17
Ray Cent 76 3 1 3 131
La Rose 18 4 I 4 4
Boston Copper Close
I Bid lAshed
Aimeek ft2OOO f 12
Gas 1 4
Black Mount 5 60
Cobalt Central 2 2
Oak 175 15
m 12
Ely Central 31 32 1
South Lake 100 101
Majestic 10 106
Raven 7 7
Seneca C
Queen 10 t
Yukon 0 50
Chino 11 11
Inspiration 81 1
Cactus 537 60
Alouu 50 0
As Commercial 410 477
Butt Colton 20 1
C H 0 mo
La Sle 15 177
Mexico Con 450 417
Mohawk 6500 0
Old Dominion M1 0
i Parrot I 20
Santa Fe j50 11
Superior SU5 51
I Tee Copper 11 2900
Victoria 12 37
Wolverine 14700 180
Zinc 1170 35
Corbin 2 s 5
Helveta 0
Lake 7 719
Newhous 45 41
A t M 1 1
Bgole 150 17
Boston Ely 47 60
Chemung 10 10
Ely Central 1U 235
First National 51 60
Goldfeld Con 10 11
Florence 2
26 2r
Indiana 775 8
National 5 lo
National 50 AO
Ohio Copper 58 0
Ray Consolidated S2 25
Leaf 1 1
Tonopah 737 7
Yuma 15 1
Gila 18
Chief Con izz 250
I 1
Adventure S 70
Atlantic 1260 11M
Centennial 1 1
Franklin 171 17R
Massachusetts 0 750
Michigan 742 78
Osola 10 10
Quincy 39 0
Shannon 1 l liii
Tack 0 6
Utah Copper 01 r50
Winoa iom iioo
Wyn0t t5 10
Hancock 1 0 12
Royal 20 27
Kew 1 75 I 78
Arn 75 77
North Lake 1 33734 I 87
New York Listed Stocks
SaIf > sOn ° nHlirhLowClns >
Utah Tenn Copper Cop 4300 6 6 e e
New York Curb Range
Boston Con 5000 22 D 22 32
Cobalt Cent 3000 25 26 2 K
Ely Con 12000 S 83 7 s
let Nat Cop 6 6 69 59331
Giroux Con 2500 1 U 1 11
map Copper 1500 s 8 P 8
K Edw 400 68 1P 884 8
Miami Cop 2500 2 2 22H 21
M Shoshone 1
Nev Con 3600 2634 J 28 f
Nev Utah 1
Ray Cot 22500 1 11 818 3
I Ray Con 2800 5 K4 25 5
I Tintic Mining 24
Yukon Gold 400 44 493 4 493
I Cum Ely 1
Gila Copper 3000 8 M 9 9
I Chino Cop 7000 1134 1134 9Y 1
Ohio Cop 1600 6 6 19 693K
L R 1500 4 4 431 1
Of Con 3000 8 81 80 808
Newhouse 11000 41445f5 4 80
New York Copper Close
I t Bid IAe
Cumberland Ely 800 ioW
Nlpilng 10
Davis Daly 41 11 47
Ely Central 22 23134
Furnace Creek 0 0
Furnace Creek 0 0
G G S common 0 Q
Mitchell j 1334
Montgomery iho bone 100 1 11
Nevada Smelting 10 11234
Silver Leaf 1 14
King Edward 6 1
Foster Cobalt 34 1
McKinleyDarragh 87 9
Gibraltar 05
North Butte Fxt 0 o
Miami Copper 2u 2J11
B S au t 7 r
Pennsylvania Wyoming
Penllvla Wyming O
EI Ryo 27 28
Braden Coppr 48734 50
Ores and Bullion
f Smelter Settlements yesterday
f reported by McCoratek Co Ores t
f 76000 bullion 76000 T
+ Silver was quoted at 52c copper f
4 13c lead 456 +
i HHH U t MM + + tt t Ht + H +
That With Good Results of
Development Accounts
for Advance
Recent advance of th market price of
stock of the Chino Copper company Is
attributed largely to options upon a block
of 275000 shares of the companys treas
ury stock presumably held by Lawson
and Burrage having been sold to strong
copper Interests and by them executed
This apparently meatts that the Lawson
Interest in the companys stock has been
The execution of these options raises
Chinos outstanding capital to 700000
bar of stock and Increases its cash In
hand by 1375000 I 1 announced that
the company having thus financed itself
will immediately proceed with the erec
wl pro
Lion of a concentrator of 2600 tons daily
sapadty which should be completed with
in 8 little more than a year
T Chine property h continued to
ihow up well with th extension of ex
Moratory and development work I will
won have 10000000 tons of ore proved up
ln hve
which will b sufficient to feed a l
ton concentrator for twelve years The
work of proving and testing the ore dept
Exwits in Its property by churn drilling
will go on steadily however
With a 2500ton concentrator completed
2hino should be able to produce between
8000000 and 30000000 pounds of copper
innually an a coat of 9 cents or less
resulting in earnings of 165 per share
m 18oent and 250 on 15cent copper
iVdd d to this is the prospect that suf
ficient ore will b prop another
tlnt M wl dvelop
rear or two to warrant an increase in
yer companys eono ntrating capacity to I
50 t tons daily which would result In
ioubUng th output and earnings men
tioned above
tone abve the development George
L DUg the Boston Commercials cop
ier expert says
pr eprt of the remarkable results now
Ming obtained by th Utah Copper a
Nevada Consolidated companies one can
cnaoldat cmpe of a
lot help being bullish on the tok
hep The of the lat
company like CVilno ores la
er are slightly higher grade than those
of the other two named and there I now
every prospect that It will soon develop
pp to make Us stock
sufficient tonnage
a tonge mae s
aMlt three times its pre r
two or
vorth at least thr tms It pr
ent > price
San Francisod Quotations
James A Pollock A Co bankers and
A fur
broken fi West Second South street
fish the following received over their
private wires
orat wr
GOLDFIgLD i iBId lAsked
05 7
Sandstorm 0
SnttonR Mountain I 05
Jumbo Motn I 13 1
Booth Extlon 09 11
Blue Bull 0 0
Silver Pick 0
Blue Bl Pc 0 6
Lone Star 0
G Wonder a
Oro Wone i M
I OS 10
Atlanta 0 1
Great Bend I 0 03
Bnd 1 2TO
QoldfteW Daisy t 08 I
Combination Fraction 46 4
Kewanoe 0
Fellow Tiger 0
Goldfield Con 805 S07
COD 08
Florence Extension I g
Fornc Etno
Mexican 180 I 182
Men Currie 13 38
Consolidated Virginia 140 142
Savage t Vlrsl 5 i
Hale ft Nol 4 I M
Yellow Jacket 12234
Jaket 130 136
Sierra Nevada 54 5
Exchequer 31 32
r 1
Echu 8 i 8
hollar J 1 2 28
ronopah Extension 88 I
Tooh Exe
HacNamara 27 28
Kldwy MacNaa I I f I m
Tonopah Belmont I I 6 I
West End Con I 27
rim Butler I 10 j j M
National Bank 88
Bonnie Clare 1 1 It
Mayflower Con 08 0
Montgomery Mountain 0
Tramp Con 84 0
Dexter 04
Mineral Hill 04
Fanview TFRIC U 1
Falrw Ete
itUburg E Silver Peak 7B
Round Mountain 1 98
Rawhide Coalition 16
Despite th dental o the management of
the Open Mining company that ore has
th Opx 1tn cmpny
been found In the property the stock of
that company yesterday continued its ad
vance 4500 shares having changed hands
o vanc th open board at 30c to 32c This
represents a gain of more than 1 percent
cent In the market value of the stock
within the last three days It I believed
to indicate at last unmistakable indica
tions that an ore body is soon to be
opne of other unlisted stocks Federal
Ely 2000 at lie to ISr Ohio Kentucky
100 at 47c GrEat Falls 2000 at I Ontario
I 10 at Quotations 2s Uintah Treasure Hill J at
I Bid lAskedj
Federal Ely I if j I l3
McDonald Ely 1 I 34 I 35
BIngrhain Central Standard 3 1 31
Utah Mine 9 110
Utah Mines CoalMon 16
Dr R R Brownfleld announces prac
tice limited to diseases of women and
Contains Sulphate of Barium
Carrying Gold and Silver I
Sulphate of barium carrying values of
7 ounce in silver and 238 in gold to
the ton is material scattered In profu
sion throughout a three and a half foot
fissure which has been cut by the south
east drift on the 700foot level of the Un
tie Star mine
While the strike in Itself I not at this
time a commercial proposition it I a
long advance step In conditions which fa
vor the making of great ore bodies In
that ground
The fissure is a strong one and it is the
fiiit east and west fissure that b been
found in that ground I cuts the quarts
bedding planes snowing clean walls Indicating
dicating the great strength of the action
which produced I No doubt can remain
that ore bodies will b found where the
quartz meets the lime
Sulphate of barium the vein material
which carries the values Is the identical
material in which the high gold values
are found in the Mammoth mine and
which as well carries the highest golc
values reka mine encountered In th Cedtennlal E
In recognition ef the Importance of Salt
Lk City as a trading center for m
ing stocks and as a center for mining
news as well I the decision of the White
Pine News of Ely to establish a branch
office in this city The branch office will
b in charge of Austin Jackson long as
sociated with the news and advertising
departments of the Ely paper who will
b aaetated in his work b pap Lewis
a well known copper writer of the southwest
kow opp
west Aside from giving the New direct
rtt at th place where m
lag news is made the departure is ex
pected to establish closer relations b
c0 rn
copper tween Salt camp Lake CUy and Nevadas great
Ore At Samplers
Ore receipts by cariaads reported yes I
terday by the Utah O Sampling com
pany Utah U Nevada L

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