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The Salt Lake herald-Republican. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, December 24, 1909, Real Estate, Classified, Mines, Markets, Image 12

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k i <
Mines and Mining Stocksj 1
Camp Papers Insist That Ex
perts Were Not on Winter
Ry atPPimlng that Mines Manager C E
Allen ard Consulting Engineer J Fewon
Smith of the United States Smelting com
pany oil rut spend a month in the Ely
riming district solely for pleasure the
rtwspni rs of Ely have missed an oppor
tunity to hound the praises of the camp
at a vmur resort So far as can be
Judged bj anything the gentlemen will
Fay CMiiimng the obKci of their trip
icy n iyht have bepn simply taking their
winter vacation But tin Elyitea insist
that t11 had buSIness thre they con
tnd tLit < ry mine in the district and
many in ni boring camps were not only
Mailed but thoroughly examined and the
onclu on Is that the United States com
pany t is its I eye upon Ely as a good place
at whi i to build a mw custom smelter
Shoh1 Mihhrs Allen and Smith make
A repoit 11 publication on the district it
Would makf ery interesting as well as
rnfitaLle loading says the White Pine
News Thr l is not a property worthi
er con < diiion that they have not vislt
d 1 ani nt t t which they have not made a
study Tat they have been most favor
ably Jrin > s < d with the country they
Jiave pad no secret Putting two and
two todhr it is very easy to determine
what tipir report will he
Will Not Await Railroad
The nitd 1 States Smelting company
las be i i branching out 10 a considerable
t tent iu tiC j past year picking up prop
riles ir t and there and securing sites
fr smt lf > rs where the outlook for ore pro
uiiitlon N p > oJ The outlook in Ely for
1icreas production Is netter than at
any oilier jilire in the state today and
hat a custom smelter will be erected
lo > re Ij mi a ssiired fact with the coming
or the li froidfield road The heads of
n lTiiTt1 States Smelting company do
not prt nve to wait for the coming of the
i vlroa < The production is sufficient to
v arrant tiio cost of a smelter in the very
rar future and the advent of the road
would serve only to produce more tonnage
from the outside But railroad or no
ri I road the tonnage Is here and that IB
Cough for the sneller men
Drives Inclined Tunnel to Cut
Big Ledges in North
A vigorous campaign and one which the I
ranagament believes will result within
the next few months In opening a mine Is
being conducted by the Eagle Bird Min
ing Milling company In North Blng
ham Une company is driving an in
dined tunnel which gams almost two
fen in depth for every foot extended hor
izontally into tha hill The tunnel is in
47j feet and It is to be driven 1000 feet
with as little delay as possible
AT about 600 feet the tunnel is due to
strike the big ledge In which surface
work hag exposed large bodies of leached
tiv soue of it carrying high values in
tild etthi silver and lead While ex
fent results are anticipated from op n
trig thu ledge at the depth of approxi
r itely 1 J feet the tunnel will be ex
t uded to get under a great porphyry
lowout where the vertical depth of from
1 mu to JOoQ Jet will be attained
The tunnel is being driven on a contact
of limestone and porphyry It is already
rutting occasional stringers of galena
< re while bunches of quart showing val I
lid as high as 700 a ton in gold are not
tneummon The mineralization of the
round affords every promise In fact
f out of the ordinary results when the
i ht formation is reached
Knight Companies to Inaugu
rate Paying Their Dividends
sinking in the north shaft of the
Iron Blossom mine is to be commenced
about thC first of the year It is said
The shi tt is to be sunk 100 feet deeper
when a irft wIH be run about 200 feet
tu get ider the ore In the Colorado
Moux vein which In Iron Blossom
Kiund hus i been steadily dipping
downward as It has been followed
tuuth The new development will per
mit of Kuidllng economically the large
mount of ore known to exist below
what las been the working level and
1 tnere b 1 also the possibility of new die
< osur < 3 being made as has been done
rfl the 40 level of the Sioux Consoli
dated niiie
A report In circulation yesterday on
brokers row apparently upon good au
thority was that the Knight dividend
paying companies will on the first of
t he yen inaugurate the plan of paying
quartet instead of monthly The re
port Was well received by the talent
which believes thft the stocks of Col
orado and Iron Biossom with the com
panies paying bay 10 cents a month
will have a more stable market value
than they nave shown when the rate
was 8 cents a month with the dividend
occasionally passed
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60 West Second South l
Ore at Samplers
Ore receipt by carloads reported yes
terday by the samplers Utah 13 Ne
vada 1
Ores and Bullion
+ Smelter settlements yesterday re
+ ported by MoCorniek Co Ores t
I mOW bullion 60000 T
4 Silver was quoted at 62c copper f
4 13clead456 +
+ + + + + + + 4 + + + + + + + + + t + + + + rM
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ited to diseases of women and surgery
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the new Cafeteria Its growing popu
larit has necessitated the enlargement
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venient Service excellent Food the
best and properly cooked Its fine
The Annex 17 West South Temple
Ely Centennial Copper Co
Has placed a limited amount of treasury stock on the SnIt Lake iwket
through all the leading brokers
The allotment of 69000 shares made recently at Ely was arersobecribed by thoroughly posted < < mtafa The
property joins the MoDonald Bly and Bly Calumet and consists of 89 aen with options on adjoining gran
Five distinct ledges have been traced near the surface en this property coming acroM the McDonald Ely on the
east through the Bly Centennial and traversing on through the Ely Calumet on the wet A large Bomber of blowouts
are found on this ground which are highly mineralized and a great deal of prospecting done in years gone by has
shown the present of commercial ore of an excellent grade
Eighteen men are working on a tunnel to develop six distinct parallel veins allowing on the rortace carrying sil
ver gold lead and copper with copper assays as high as 80 per cent Open pit sunk on the surface show good val
ues In gold silver lead and copper One vein in particular of 1V4 feet give aswur Of 8f per cent copper 480 gold and
2 ounces silver The tunnel now In lie feet will be driven 490 feet farther catting the iIbc parallel veins i at a depth
of 200 to 600 feat A compressor will be installed at the mouth of the tunnel using lctri0 power enabling the rapid
development of the property
Stock win be listed after January 1st on the Salt Lake Stock Exchange aand traded In on UM New Test Md Boa
ton curb
The officers and directors of the oompany are representative mining men of Utah and Neraja
Officers and Directors
E E VANDERHOOF Supt of Nevada Con I WINDSOR V RICB Salt Lake I
Vice President CHAS H GRIFFIN Salt Lake
G F BOREMANSecretary and Treasurer E G CARPENTER Ely I
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eon Lava4iT et QvaMtr
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Badger Brothers
im MAIN srgwr
Xebais New Yeeic Stoek eage
300 Metcalf Coal toe
400 Sunnybrook Coal tOe
1000 Consolidated Fuel 40c
85 Kama Tunneling fi 25
3 Acres U MeL Rubber JS1Z50O
3 I Shares U Mex Capital 8fkl s4oeo
MH LAke MocK and Mining Rxeeas
Denver Consolidated Stock JIxeban
Rawhide Mining Stock
Throckmorton Company
Utah Savings Trust Bonding
attyernmeiit Railway aad Mmieipti
Bond Bank and Investment Stock
New Tork ChteaM tea ft oIsc
Rawhide Toaopah OvMtMc =
PrinctpAi IiKbaal
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I you paT a poor price expect a poor
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tor the correct time
Makes Good Gain With Other
Stocks Except Columbus
Not So Strong
Mining stocks were not so strong yester
day as they were Wednesday but the
gains of the day before were pretty well
held Grand Central selling from 237
to 246 was the strong feature Colum
bus Consolidated recovered more than
Its loss of the previous day selling from
140 to L4Th4 Colorado was active at Tic
to 72e Iron Blossom weakened slightly
at 70c to 88c and Sioux Consolidated was
firm at S2o Mason Valley made a slight
gain having changed hands at 202 to
Total number of shares sold 6496 val
ue J277J6S6 Closing quotations and the
days sales
I I Forenoon j I Afternoon
Bid l Akedl Bid Asked
Beck Tun I 15 18
Big Hill 02 <
Bing Amal 1 12 14 11 18
B Jack 09 10 10 11
Bon Brier 03
Boston Con 2150 2100
Bullock 1 OIK 00ti 01 ½ t1
Carisa 60 66 10 R
Cedar Tal 04j4 06 tI 06
Colo Min 72 73 n 73
Colum Con IJ7 140 149 145
Crn Point 01 04 48 141SO
DalyJudge 475 65P 415 490
Ely Calumet 25 30 36 30
B C Point 03 91
E Tin Con 03 M
E T Devel 07 Irllil flt 6714
ETGK 00t W
Or Central iw 245 2 = 240
Grutli 04i
Ibex Gold 02 02
Indian Qn OZtiOS OZOI
Inyo Gold H OSTO 01 08
Iron Bios 68 TO 00 70
Iron King 12 13
Int P Oil 102 Toe 109 102
Joe Bowers 109UK 02
King Win 10 11 12
Little Bell 150 lBT ½ lSC 1fAt
Little Chief 40
L Mammoth 62 64 61 62
MaJ Evan 00t
Mason VaL 200 ZOZ 203 206
May Day 18i 19 ¼ 18ib 11
Mtn Lake 0I1il0Ii 05 06
MtnLEXt 01
Moscow 30
Min Flat 00 01t 00 0114
Nev British 36 10 40
Nev Hill 98 76 iii 74
Newhouae 39S 500 sw 500
New York 39SMH 16 14 1It
North CUft 03
Ohio Copper UO E3S EW S89
Opohongo 89 38
Ploche Met 04 04
Plutus ow 06 rS 96
Prince Con M 87 M 96W
Provo 07 err 07 W
Red Warrior 440 411 41i
Rich A A 10 1
Sacramento 0 07 02
Scot Chief 91M 0
Sv St Trough M 10 M R
Silver King 37 18 376 31
Sioux Con 3 1 31 1
B Columbus 10 10 I 10
B Iron Blo 0 0
Swansea Con CO O 0
T Humboldt O 0
T Central 0 I i4 00
T Combina03 01 03
Uncle Sam 46 4 07 4
Utah Con 00 0 0
Victor Con 01 04 itr4 06
Victoria 166 111 106 175
W U Cop 1
W Nevada 1
Yerlng Cop 0 01 0 ii
Zenoll 1 10
Forenoon Sales
Black Jack LOSS at H4o 500 at lOc
Colorado 1500 at Tic seller 90 days l
at 74 < r seller 80 days MO at lIe 300 i at 7
Columbus 10 at 4 seller CO days
450 at n42 1200 at l0
Crown Point 1 at 4tic
DalyJudge 10 atE 476
East Tintic Development LJK at 7 i
E Ttc Dvemet
Grand Central 100 at S seller 90
days 100 at 4 100 at 4 buyer I days
dy In Blossom 1300 at 70c 100 at l sell
er 60 days
Little Bell 200 at U5
New York 1 at 14c seller I days
Provo 1000 at B
Silver King 200 at 880 I
Sioux Consolidated 2660 at 3
10c South Columbus Consolidated MO at
Tintic Central 1006 at 5
at Uncle 47c Sam 100 at 4c seller 90 days J
Open Board
Columbus 1 at L42 SW at 140
PalyJudge 10 at 1
I5n BloMom 1 at OSo M9 at TOc
New York 600 at 14c seller 90 days
Sioux Consolidated 100 at l
Shares sold 20789
Selling value ni33K96
Afternoon Sales
Blngham Amalgamated H9 at lle
Black Jack 600 at 1
Colorado 1700 at 72c seller 99 days 100
at The 100 at TSc 6 at T4
Columbus 300 at 143 100 a 2143
seller 8 days l at U46 buyer 90 days
Crown Point 2000 at 4c
East Tintic Development i at 7e
Tntlc Dvelopmet
days Grand Ctrl 1200 at 4 seller 8
dlron Blossom 3100 at We 1090 at 8
seller SO day
Lower lath 160 at Me 300 at We
buyer 80 days
Mason Valley 200 at tt09 300 at 296
Kan Yok Val1y 10 at Me seller 5 days
Seven Troughs 1690 at ts
Silver King 100 at JSfl
South Columbus Consolidated MA at 1
seller 90 days Stt at 1
Tintic Central 4000 at I 3099 at 6Ke
1300 Uncle at Cent Sm I at 47e seller I days
Open Board
Colorado at lIe
Columbus 2 1 at L43 1 at L47
buyer 6 days
Grutli 500 at 3c
Indian Queen 1000 at 2c
Lower Mammoth 2900 at 5c
Prince Consolidated 309 at M
South Columbus Consolidated 1999 at
c seller 60 days 509 at 1
Sioux Consolidated 190 at l
Uncle Sam 1000 at 4
Shares sold 34750
I Selling value 6u
Improved conditions in the mine of the
St George Copper company at Dugway
are reported by Superintendent B L Cut
ler who arrived In the city yesterday
from camp The west drift on the 2
foot level ha been run 50 feet In a shoot
of sulphide ore carrying good concentrat
ing values in copper and lead with the
ace at present looking better than ever
before The drift I an In ore with only
the footwall exposed The vein is rela
tively flat the distance to the surface
on Its dip being 000 feet The other good
shoots of ore have been opened on g
same level one east of the shaft the
other west the west drift being out more
than 1 feet
The St Georg Copper company I de
veloping slowly 8 property which prom
ises to be an important producer po
railroad shall have been builded into the
Deep Creek country
Runs Up to 50c React Vio
lently and Makes Slight
Opex yesterday made a spectacular per
formance on the often board After hay
ing on Wednesday sold from around 20c
to 32o It yesterday morning started at 4
went quickly to 6 reacted to 36c and
climbed back as far a 39c Advices
from camp were that low grade ore had
been encountered several days ago on the
2100 level and that the showing had Im
proved somewhat While it il probably
true that no body of commercial ore has
yet been encountered conditions are un
questionably most favorablo for opening
something good and the propertys prox
imity to the CentennialEureka mine adds
not a little to the value of good indica
The only other unlisted stock traded In
was McDonald Ely of which 1100 shares
changed hands at 3c Closing quotations
I Bid Asked
MDonald my 84 1
Federal Ely 1 1
Bingham Central Standard 83 M
Utah Mine 9 110
Mammoth 0 10
James A Pollock Co bankers and
brokers 6 West Second South street fur
nish the following received over their
private wire
prvte wr
Boston Copper Range
Boston Con S50 2 21 2 2
Butte Coaln 180 3 284 28 Z
Butte Lon Z
Cal Aria 287 108ft 108H 101 101
Con Mercur 18
Cop Range M 88 sY S 83
Cum Ely 9
Daly West 110 8 S 8 8
Davis Daly 4 4 4 4
East Butte 4860 13 I3T 18 11
Ely Con 81
Oiroux Con 1a 11 1 1 11
Granby Con 146 1i 106 10
Greene C1040 1 l IH 1
Nev Con 112 27 2 26 26
Nev Utah I 1 1 11 14
Niplsslng r 10 10 10 1074
North Butte 6480 63 6 t CI
Trinity 8
U S S Com 485 5 6 6 i
Preferred 60 52 2 02 6
Utah Con 200 45 4 44 44
Sup B 4 11 lei II 16
Ray Cent 446 31 394 3 n
L Rose 10 4 6 41 41
Chief Con7523 2 293 2 288
Boston Copper Close
Bid Ask
A M o ke
Boston Ely 512 525
Oak 5 2075
odf1eId Consolidated 80 837
Gdtleld CoMate 81
trence 2 6 287
South Lake 97 1000
NaUonal 60 50
Ohio Copper 11 56
Raven 7 71
San Antonio 85 86i
Leaf 110 14Q
Tonopah 737 762
Tonoph 73 76
Chino 1037 111
Inspiration 821 83
Cactus lt sm i
Adventure 60 700
Arizona Commercial 40 472
Calumet He 0 67000
L Sle 1700 176
Mexico Consolidated 475 600
Mohawk 90 86
Old Dominion 55 50
Pot SI 30 I
Santa Fe 2 240 I
Tamarack 80 0
Victor 41 60
Wolverine 14900
Hancock 0 36
Royal 5 7
Kew 62 650
Arcia 65 70
North Lake 81 86
S B 160 165
on 3140 12
Utah Apex 41 4i
Black Mont 50 80
British Columbia i8 80
Butte London 340 O
Cobalt Central Se 10
First National 500 12
Daisy iO 10
McKinley Ray Central 31 11i 1
Rawhide Coalition 94 26
R Consolidated 21 257
Seneca 80
Queen 0 2700
Yukon 48i 600
Olin 90 975
Chief Consolidated 202 275
Ely Central 28j 22
Alouz 60 10
Atlantic 15 1250
Centennial O 10
Franklin lil 176
Greene Canna 1 17
Massachusetts 61 675
Michigan 700 i5
cla 00 16000
tuincy 80 80
Shannon 1826 166
Tennessee Copper 11 30
Utah Copper 11 0000
Winona 9S 100
Wyat 287 312
Zinc 31 10
C rbn 21 20
HelvU 60
Lake 701 707
Miami 23 8260
Nehosl 40 412
OJbw 10 11
S P 1625 1650
Nbw York Listed Stocks
Utah Twin Copper Cop 3500 e 60ft li1 3 60
New York Curb Range
Boston Con 3008 33 214 I 2T
Cobalt Cent 9069 25 2 36 Z
Ely Con 7606 8 8 S 8
F N Copper 6 6 I st
Qiroux Con 1000 1 111 P
map Cop 889 S 8fe 849 849
King Kdw 88
MIa Cop6 23 229k 22 1
M Shoshone 11
Nev Cn U 27 27H 1 I
Nev Utah 1
Ray Cent 86000 3i 4 34 31
Ray ConL00O 2 2Y Q 2534
Tintic Mining 2
Yukon Gold 200 41 499 498 4 438
Cum Ely 10
QUa Copper 3000 t 9 9 I
Chino Copper 3500 11 UH 1 11
Ohio Copper 8000 581 681 5 6
L Rose 800 4 43 3S1 Ull
Newhouae 1090 45834 456 4 414
New York Copper Close
r Bid tAsked
Butte London Is 1 2 3
Cmberland Ely oo 10
Nlpln 106 108734
Davis Daly 4M 41
Dominion Copper 1 0
Ely Central 21 22
Furnace Creek < 0
Greene G S Com 0 O
Mitchell 0 1234
Montgomery Shoshone 100 12
Nevada Smelting 10 11234
Silver Queen n 27
SLAver Leaf 13 14
King ward 81
Foster Cobalt 34 1
Mcinl8Dargh 8 9
Gibraltar Tintic Mining 01 0i 0
Pay State Gas 76 37
El Hayo 27 8
13ranCoper 487 49
Fissuring Systems in Small
Area Phenomenal Says
Bannock Nevada In the Judgment of
C O Sprenger former Colorado mining
man who in one of the pioneers of the
new Nevada camp will surely develop
into one of the richest gold silver and
copper producers In the west with the advantage
coppr proucers te
vantage of having contiguous to It enough
lead ore to pay the fluxing charges of the
refractory ore
He bases this conclusion not upon the
occurrence of phenomenally rich gold ore
in some of the veins already uncovered
but upon revelations which are being
made concerning th existence within a
radius of only two and three miles of a
numbr of systems of fissures in net
work form The tremendous action which
accompanied the forming of these several
systems in such compact form is more
phenomenal he declares than is the
showing of goldplated goldImpregnated
ore in the NevadaOmaha companys
glory hole and when I is more fully un
derstood I must result In great mining
activity in the district
Mr Sprenger who is at the Wilson for
i a few days displays samples of the glist
ening jewelry from the NevadaOmaha
shaft then he shows ore a nearly like
i II possible except that I is not so
rich which came from a 12inch streak in
8 12foot hole 8 feet away from the
original discovery and In another ledge
proving that the ore In the big strike Is
not 8 chance deposit Further proof of
this is found dept rich streak in the
NevadaOmaha shaft carrying Just as
rich ore at 6 feet depth as It does at 12
Aside from the number of good strikes
which have been made In various por
tions of the district yet another proof
that virtually the entire district is min
eralbearing is found in the fact that the
gold values are In altered rhyollte B soft
rock which associated as it Is with b
salt t peculiarly adapted to receiving
the values and that altered rhyolite is
found all over the district
Development work In the is
Dvelopment camp pro
gressing as well as could b expected
Mr Sprenger says Leasers have been
awaiting the pushing in of the parent
companys working tunnel from which
they are to drive laterals into their leased
blocks The work is reaching a stage
where some of the leasers will b In line
to cut intersections of some of the many
fissures and when that shall have been
begun big results are assured
Clean Product Is Mined From I
West Vein SilverLead
Remarkably clean high grade zinc ore IsI
being extracted for shipment by the Ce I
darTalisman Mining company operating
in North Star district Beaver county The
ore averages close to 4 per cent zinc
with no lead and very little silver I is
In great demand by the zinc smelters A
contract for the mines output has been
given to Knight Warnock and a good
portion of the first 100ton shipment has
been delivered at Milford
The company has th last two months
been largely centralizing its efforts In de
veloping the zinc fissure which
veloing znc flur was
opened west of the shaft on the 235foot
level The vein carries four feet of the
desirable material President S S Pond
said yesterday and there II every indica
tamed tion that steady production will b main
With the zinc ore body in form for pro
duction the company is now pushing a
drift on the 660foot level to catch the
vein of silverlead ore Where that vein
was opened on the 409foot level I car
ries six feet of shipping ore and a winze
which has been sunk sixtyfive feet from
that level shows the ore going down
strong The opening of a good stretch of
sloping ground on the 609 level I thus
assured There appears no reason why
the CedarTalisman should not soon b
showing good earnings
The statement of operations and of the
financial condition of the Little Bell Con
solidated Mining company mailed yester
day to shareholders with their dividend
checks makes a handsome showing Ore
shipments from the mine during the
months of September October and No
vember President Solon Spiro announces
aggregated 1239 tons dry weight which
sold for 43935 75 The financial statement
shows 3110145 as the cash on hand Nov
30 after allowed the
having allowe fqr November
payroll and all other expenditures to De
cember 1 The amount of the dividend
disbursement I 16009 T ore showing
in th mine improves steadily with devel
opment Mr Spiro says the mine Is
equipped in first class manner and the
aging outlook of the company is most encour
San Francisco Quotaticns
James A Pollock A Co bankers and
broktre 6 West Second South street fur
nish the following received over their
private wire
GLFIELD t Bid lAshed
Sandstorm t 06
Columbia Mountain 1 0
Jumbo Extension f 1 14
Booth e 11
Blue Bull 4 0
Silver Pick 0 18
Blue Bell 90
LoneStar 0
O 0
Atlanta 09 1
Great Bend 0 0
Florence 200 270
Gfel Daisy 0 00
Combination Fraction 14 4
Kewano 0 01
Red Hills 0 0
Yew TIer
Tp 0
Gel CUdat 80 801
Ophir 19 200
Mexican t 1 172
GouldCury 26 f
CODllOllt Virginia 1li 14
Savage 14
Hale Norross 6 I f1
Yellow Jacket S
Belcher 10 I 10
Confidence 11
Srar Nevada 54 5
Exchequer 1
Union S
Potosi 00 6
Macnamara TONOPAH 1
Midway 1 II
West End Consolidated 24 26
Jim Butler 0 I 10
Mayflower Consolidated 0
Montgomery Mountain I 0 I
Tramp Consolidated 0 0
Manhattan Dexter Consolidated 0 I 0
Mineral Hill 0
Fairview Eagle 1 I I
Pitburg Silver Peak 7
Round Mountain
RawhIde Coalition 1 I
Gold Circle Mines Respond
Handsomely to Work of
Developed to the depth of only 100
feet the Rex mine In Gold Circle dis
trict has an ore shoot which has been
drifted upon 400 feet on that level It
has been proven to be fourteen feet
wide fu the entire distance and to
carry average gold and silver values
of better than 20 a ton The shoot at
the end of the drift is as strong a
ever and the Rex people own 400 feet
more of ground on the strike of the
Such Is the description given yes
terday by Leslie 1 Savage who has
just arrived In the city from camp
of the leading property as to ore
showing In Gold Circles property
whloh he believes will develop Into one
of the notable gold mines of Nevada
The Rex Is owned by a close corpora
tion of which three men hold virtually
ton of the stock A cyanide plant of
forty tons a day capacity has been
bullded on the ground and is to be
ready to go Into commission by Jan
ary IE
Recent activities In the camp have
been centered largely In three proper
ties the Rex the Judge which adjoins
it and the Elko Prince which adjoins
the Judge on the same ore zone Developments
velopments in the Judge have exposed
100 feet of backs on an ore shoot 100
feet long which shows average values
of 175 a ton
Drifts for Intersection
The Elko Prince of which Mr Sav
age is manager is drifting on a fissure
which 200 feet ahead of the present
face of the drif aea Intersect the
extension of the Judge fissure An ore
shoot twenty inches wide whloh shows
average values of better than S50 a
ton has already been passed through
but the drift is being extended for the
juncture of the two veins where high
values should be found
Work was resumed last Saturday by
the Gold Circle Crown company which
IB developing systematically with al
ready what In most camps would be
regarded a mine showing
The Thor Mining company which Is
opening a new property at the head of
Big Cottonwood is following with Its
tunnel a large vein In which Is ap
pearing bunches of ore carrying 160
ounces In silver to the ton besides
other values which bring It up to the
100 mark The tunnel Is in 100 feet
and has attained about 100 feet verti
cal depth the showing at that stage
of development being one which con
vinces the management that It has an
excellent chance of opening a good
mine Large owners of the Thor are
Peter Kaas Bismarck Snyder and
Judge W L Snyder
San Francisco MinIng Stocks
San Francisco D ZTe official
closing quotations fo mining stocks to
day were as follows
wer a
Alta 1 Kentuck C 1t
Alt Con 1 Lady W Con H
Andes 2 Mxicn 171
Beleher 106 OccIdental Con 34
10 Cn 1
Bullion t Ophir ZO
Caledonia 01 Potosi 1
Challenge Con 1 Savage il
Chlen Cn
Chollar 2 Scorpion 1
Confidence 1 Sag Belcher J
Connee C Va 14 SIerra Nevada 1
Con Imperial f Silver Hill a
Crown Impl 10034 Union Con80
Exchequer 1 Utah Con 19
Gould Cur 13 Yellow Jacket 11
Goul Nor 1 New York 0
Julia 11 t Luis 0
Justice 16 E Sierra o
New York Mining Stocks
Alice lKiLeadvllte Con 06
Drone Con06jLittle Chief i
Com Tun stock 28 Mexican 175
Bonds 21 Ontario 225
CO CaL Va 145 Ophir 180
Horn Silver Standard 5
Iron Silver 191 Yellow Jacket 115
Boston Mining Stocks
Adventure 0 Mohawk 9S69
AHouez 5600 Nevada 11
Amalgamated S750 Old Domin W60
Ariz Com 4700 Osoeola 19896
Atlantic 1150 Parrot S
Butte Coaln 2800 Quincy 8190
Bute Aria 10100 Shannon 1836
Cal Hecla 89500 Tamarack KOO
Centennial 3700 Trinity 960
Cop Range 8200 U S Mining 6376
Daly Rima 873 U S Oil 3C69
Franklin 1737 Utah 4460
Granby 10500 Victoria 413H
Greene Can 1150 Winona 990
Isle Royale 2750 Wolverine 14806
Michigan Mass Mining i N Butte 1
Mining Notes
E J Raddats manager of the TlnOe
Standard Mining company left last night
for camp to look after the new develop
ment In the company property
J B Jensn compD has been at Good
Springs several months giving personal
attention to the management of the
NinetyNine Copper and other properties
has returned Coppr fer the holidays
David Lemon superintendent of the
Ploche Lmon Mining company is in th
city from camp
Dr E Ben Smith former mining op
erator of Cripnle Creek who is now conducting
ducting thef affairs of producing com
Minles in Silo Mex is in the city
visiting relative
Judge G W Bartch has gone to New
Judg represent a Salt Lake syndieato
In Mexican railroad and land deals
A D Moffat mines manager of the
Majestic company is in the city from
Beaver county
Pioche King Is Pushing Drift
for Zone Opened by
That the showing on the iOOfoot
level of the Golden Prince mine where
B great mineralized zone of orebear
ing beds and fissures has been cross
cut for more than 12S feet is a good
a I has been pictured that there are
good showings In many of the other
mines of the district with many evi
dences that large production Is soon
to be under way are some of the
things reported by Joseph S Free who
has just returned from Ploche camp
The Floche King Mining company
Mr Free says Is pushing with all pos
sible energy the east drift on It 800
foot level which Is headed for the
zone showing so handsomely in
the Golden Prince The King drift
will have to be driven something more
than 150 feet further to cut the dike
which Is the beginning of the Golden
Prince zone The dike and some of its
related fissures outcrop In King
ground even more prominently than
they de In the Golden Prince so that
there Is no doubt that the King has
several thousand feet of the zone in
its ground The geological horicon of
the Kings 300foot level is said to
be about the same as that of the 500
foot level in the Golden Prince
Demijohn Follows Ore
Ploche Demijohn Is following its ore
with excellent results the depth of
about 175 feet having Den attained in
the Inclined shaft The shaft Is being
sunk in four feet of good ore and a
large amount of first class product Is
being piled on the dump for shipment
The big compressor which was in
service at the Day mine of the Nevada
Utah company has been removed to
No 1 shaft of the Pioche Consolidated
company and Superintendent Lloyd b
orders to add twenty men to the force
employed at the old Raymond Ely
mine as soon as the compressor shall
have been Installed S S

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