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pi4 i
The InterMonntaln Republican
CKat Feb 12 19980
The Salt Lake Herald
Bet June L 1870
Only Republican Dally Newpap In
Bait Lake City Utah
Terms of Subucriptlons
73 rents one year JSOO
fUDAYOne year 200
jKMIWBSBKLY in advance One
3 at 160 six months 76 cents
Subscribers wishing address of paper
changed must give former aa well aa
present address
All papers are continued until ex
plicit order received to discontinue
AU arrearages must be paid in every
Dont stop just because Christmas
lia come and gone Keep on wishing
There really wasnt any reason for
lour peace on earth and good will to
tJJ mil at that time which doesnt still
exist If you could in the Christmas
f < fl kindly to your neighbor and
evn more moderate in your
toward people you dont like why cant
vu feel so nowcan t you Just
forget the petty little things which of
tend you Why cant you see there was
ral profit In the better temper the bet
ter attitude toward all your neighbors
und keep It up now that the day of
ifnventional < demand has passed
e hnstmaa morning a busy and suc
< bful professional man sat down at
sn t telephone and called up twenty
i > n of his acquaintance and wished
teem Merry Christmas He didnt
H I cak much more than a kindly In
Iiry as to health and the going of
t f day He only remembered if there
I id been illness or a bewavem iit in
t e family of the man he called and
t iJ l1 ded sympathetically to that with
wish that all future days might be
I ijhter f
It didnt cost him a cent but It
1 ught to the men be called Just what
t most expensive present would have
V night the conviction that he thought
Ci the recipient And that Is the soul of
nl t presents Christmas or other It
a > have seemed a little thing but it
and will not
v tv a very gracious thing
t all be forgotten by either of the men
n were called
Hut It is noted by him to whom the
f phone Ch stmas greeting came that
t man who sent the massage always
e wish happiness to lug associates to
friends and to the word It Is his
v U and established habit While he
1 I ery earnest and very successful he
uii esses you constantly with the no
t in that he has good will to all men
c ld i that he wants peace on earth and
5 doing his share in getting and keep
ing it
There is a habit to cultivate It is a
id thing for a New Year resolution
Just make the good wishes a standing
c If Ur Cultivate good will to man and
va will do your share in the honorable
and glorious work of bringing peace on
earth And that you know was the
lif = t thing the angels could wish man
h i id even In the happiest hour that
len has ever known
Last Sunday morning Dr ao hen
11 tinted two sermons to the people of
t First Congregational church One
f s a reference to the young men whp
af seeking happiness in all the paths
ta i byways of Idleness One bad to do
with the view of ute taken by two
v men who were made recipients of
1 resents by the Aid society of the
The boys he said would be vastly
happier In good hard work than they
rfcibly can be escaping it And if
ty could be convinced of the better
nay they would devote their lives to
hful labor to constant industry to
h ping others whenever possible And
the end they would become a race
o strong men types of a more splendid
anhood than the world has seen
Then to to those women One of
t m is tltc mother of three children all
i < ry small The father had gone away
lie had Miiked his responsibility and
lloil loft them without money or other
l ovision They really had no means of
t ttmg even the food they needed from
uay to dry They had very MUle fuel
c 1 were trying only to keep half warm
Vici there vas no money with which to
hug more The mother said to the good
man v o brought help that the chll
< ji rn had asked her if Christmas was
going to come to their home
I told them yes but I really didnt
ft e < how it could come laid the faith
ful moths r But I thought if I did my
ElY best things would come out right
F Hitway I Oklnt know how I but I
vilnt know anything better to do
n that is the big sermon of the day
01 of any day She Just did the best
she could It is a blessing beyond words
that she w S found and was helped It
is u blessing that her sleep and that of
hen children could be made comfortable
that the cold be kept away from them
nd that there could be food in plenty
But bigger than that is the character
of the woman She did the best she
t < ould May her example inspire the
tronger the more fortunate the more
hilly umstanoed to do the very
best they can each and all of them
This is a city of about one hundred
thousand population And the city en
gineer reports that the city has Invested
more than six and a quarter million dol
lars in public improvements
There Is a pretty good thing to tell to
your friends in the east
Any city which has that much confi
dence in itself gives a pretty good
guaranty to the possible investor
In looking over the cities with a view
of finding the best place for money re
turns fur taility of values and like
lihood of aivanrtmint the eastern man J
has a right to ask what the men of a
city themselves think of their city To
us It seems that the men of Salt Lake
answer that question moat convincingly
They have spent more than six million
dollars on street paving on sidewalks
and on sewers That shows what t they
think of Salt Lake
And no city with such an investment
in these three Items can fail to invite
the investments of substantial men
everywhere Salt Lake is bound to be
the biggest city of the whole mountain
Of course the people of the United
States dont expect their postal service
to make money They regard It as one
of the conveniences of life one of the
necessities and they are willing to pay
for it
But they dont want to pay needlessly
When letter postage was three cents
the postal department actually earned
a little profit and the reduction was
made because the nation didnt expect
the mall service to be selfsupporting
They wanted it improved and extended
and were willing to pay the difference
between what the service coat and what
It could be made to earn
But the postal laws were changed
and the rulings of the department were
altered and the deficit has become
alarming It has gone beyond twenty
eight millions in the red And that
M more than the people of the United
States can approve
Without doubt the vast Increase in
cheap magazines has caused the deficit
It is not newspaper carriage Both are
in the second class but newspapers pay
almost all it costs to carry them Mag
azines dont come near doing so
And publishers of newspapers dont
care a great deal what is done to better
the situation They can stand an in
crease of postage for secondclass mat
ter The magaaines cannot without in
1 creasing their sales price And an in
crease in the sales price would mean
the instant retirement of about half the
cheap publications which have taken
the palm for yellow Journalism from all
the aaffronhued dailies in the United
States and exploded it in one pumpkin
colored aurora borealis with each re
curring month I
But the Ballinger inquiry is a differ
ent matter Let Congress go to the
bottom of that affair Let everyone who
has evidence against the secretary of
the interior bring the proof Let there
be possibility of any man saying
afterward that he knew compromising
Incidents that would have convicted Mr
Ballinger of improper conduct In con
nection with forests or coal or land
in the states or in Alaska or anywhere
else on the face of the earth
Bring in all the proofs and let the
people examine them Let the most
rigid inquiry be made as to every step
in the progress of the secretary from
the time he took public office down to
the present
frankly we dra not believe there is
any wrong flit the obndueeLef Mr Ballin
ger We have read carefully every one
of the Collier articles all the Glavls let
ters all the matter so far printed In the
controversy And we find nothing more
than suspicion jealousy the desire for
sensationalism possibly a wish to
discredit other men now or formerly
connected with the administration of
public affairs in this country
But let the proofs be brought forward
The accusers shall have their day If
they prove their case the secretary will
be condemned If notot course noth
ing will happen If not then the people
who have been making the charges will
go right on making them and others
like them
There Is no convincing the muck
Here is an editorial paragraph clipped
from the California Christian Advocate
The Syrians in this country refuse to
be classed with the Chinese They have
appealed from the decision of the immi
gration bureau to Washington The
Chinese will no doubt be relieved when
they find that they do not have to herd
with the Syrians We would as soon be
caught with a Chinaman as any of the
Syrians we have seen in this part of the
country If the Syrians want to be as
sociated with the folnest crowd we
suggest the Irish That is our prefer
It is of a kind with much other mat
ter seen In that paper from time to
time We dont just understand ItIn
that sort of paper Of course It Is
funnyexcruciatingly so And of
i course it is perfectly illuminating as to
the relative value of men made in one
image That is it must be illuminat
ing and funny and perfectly under
stood by the editor who wrote it
But what idea te it Intended to con
vey to the rest of the world
The influence of good women is every
where Here recently the presence of
good women among the very rich has
been mom than commonly evident It
almost makes one believe that Irving
Bachelder is right in the conclusion
drawn from his new story The Mas
ter and that all the world is growing
gentler of heart and more helpful of
hand than ever before
Here is i Mrs O H P Belmont leav
ing her luxurious home to sit all night
in the police court room waiting to be
friend the striking shirt waist makers
of New York Here is Helen Gould
constant In service for deserving causes
and people Here is the daughter of J
r Morgan helping with her money and
with her even more helpful brain in se
urtng Justice and comfort for the poor
And they are three of many Every city
has their counterpart Every cause has
their prototype And not a victory is
being won but the hand and the help of
good omen is evident in it
It is a pretty good world after all
This little difference of opinion be
tween the United States and the late
President of Nicaragua seems to be a
personal matter It Is not wise nor
< j
practicable to hold the little republic
responsible There really is no republic
there What was done by Zelaya was
his personal action The will I of the
people was not expressed No matter
what the will of the people may have
been in the matter they had no oppor
tunity to express that sentiment And
they must not be held responsible for the
torture and murder of the two Ameri
But the man who is responsible Ze
laya should be held to a strict account
Ing The deed was his and his should
be the punishment
Zelaya puts his favorite into the pres
idential chair and runs away to Mex
ico He seeks to escape responsibility
for his crime As a private individual
he caused the death of the two Ameri
cans As a private ruffian he should be
made to suffer for it
People may call Senator Rayners ar
gument Jingoism But it is the sort of
policy which will make American citi
zens safe in any part of Central Ameri
ca and it is the only way in the world
to get that condition insured
Zelaya should be caught and brought
to trial for his monstrous misuse of the
power of life and deatha power too
great to be conceded to him or any other
man in the world
If you complalq of the price of food
here In Salt Lake how would you like
to live in Sweden
They are paying thirteen and four
tenth cents for a twopound loaf of
bread in Stockholm We of Salt Lake
are paying five cents for a onepound
loaf of bread
One time a man on the street car
was complaining of the high price of
living here In Salt Lake and Tom Hob
day retorted that it was worth more to
live in Salt Lake than elsewhere But
we dont believe any resident of Stock
holm however loyal to his home city
could make the same point
In Belgium the twopound loaf costs
six and fourtenth cents in England
eight cents in Germany nine and three
tehth cents in Russia eight and eight
tenths cents and in France seven and
threetenth cents So that excepting
the latter country we of Utah dont
suffer much in comparison
Down in Dixie the people are getting
ready for the erection of a new college
building at St George They are going
to have an academy And all over the
region the people are contributing
money material and labor
At Santa Clara on December twen
tieth the citizens assembled and hauled
rock and fuel l and began tho building
of a lime kiln the product of which Is
to be used in the walls of the new
Failure cannot possibly follow united
effort of that sort anywhere And the
Dixie people seem to be addicted to the
selfhelp habit
Down at Lehi the High school people
took hold of the Banner last week and
made a Christmas number of the paper
that does them a mighty sight of credit
But our sympathies are with the force
after the students went away
Now that Dr Cook Is going down hill
he doesnt meet a friend The Explor
ers club of New York has decided he
never went to the top of Mt McKinley
For the benefit of those who do not un
derstand the sttatunga Is something like
a caduylator but not quite It resem
bles a skarubrieus really more than any
other musical instrument
Well did Santa Claus bring what you
wanted I
The Tribune got an acrostic in its
stocking anyhow
Since the North pole gag slumped so
miserably it Is suggested that Doc Cook
while he is under cover arrange to put
one over about the South pole That
field hasnt been overworked
In a suit filed before Justice of the
Peace Hanks a question arises as to
whether a veranda is a necessity or a
luxury According to expert testimony
of secondstory workers it is an abso
lute necessity
Can you charge a man with committing
afflnlUdde when he leaves his wife to
run away with another woman
The Explorers club doubtless felt that I
Cook was In the wrong pew
Pat Moran keeps the eternal balance
even by charging a good price for re
pairs to the outlet and then reducing the
cost of paving construction when there is
After listening to what the coal dealers
have to say one might sum up the sit
uation as follows There would be no
scarcity of coal if the railroads brought
in enough if there was plenty of storage
coal and if the demand wasnt so great
Reporters on a certain paper in Salt
Lake are actually going blind each day
looking for jokers in every line of copy
that comes into the office
The Baptist
Quincy Adams
To the teachers Welcome te our fair I
It seems that every time a railroad
train leaves the track it has to plunge
But why plunge
We most take issue with the headline
which says Toast Drunk by Knights
Templars Toast is eaten and we have
never seen a piece of it Intoxicated
Gimlet says Webster Is an Instrument
for boring bole in wood And wooden
No Algernon the union quit and union
made shirtwaist ar not necessarily of
the same pieif ot cloth
Denver still holly tin leeoril for bung
lag long lost brothf together This I
time it was the longdi taneo telephone
Ketcliel says hes going back to his
fathers ranch in Michigan Ho proba j
bly means the farm There are no Michi
gan iarches
I I DI I11
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Victor Record 5758
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< 7 t

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