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THE METALS ANSWERING some help Weather
Silver 52o wanted ads w help
Pages Copper cathodes 13 3J6c tIiiEtIIL4TI some in looking for
Lead per 100 lbs 470 work i Fair I
> 1 er 16 iountln Co 3i Republican SALT LAKE CITY UTAH WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 29 1909 Primo 5 Cote Te Suit Yol Lake IV Hera N j of i
Labor Leader on Way to
Washington to Enlist Aid of
Federal Officials in the Bat
tle With the Railroads
Strong Influences Are at Work
However That May Result
in a Cessation the Hostili
ties at Any Time
T PAUL Dee 28The strike I
ST situation in the northwest has
become a waiting game all fur
ther action being contingent upon
the succeas of Mr Perham on his
way to Washington to secure fed
eral help in the controversy between I
the railroads and the switchmen
Upon the course of jlr Perham
who is chairman of the Railway
branch of the American Federation
of Labor will depend the future ac
tion of the allied bodies in the mat
ter of a general strike
Pienjent F T Hawley of the
ssitehmens Union of North Ainorn a
ould ay > nothing and Vice Presitlfu
Jlaihhbergfr said he could neither af
firm nor deny any report that the
unions arp ready to strike on short nu
t > i > It has been stated by Mr Perham
that some of the unions are ready to go
ul at any time These are presuma
bly the railway clerks freight handlers
and maintenance of way men
Mr Har hberger said There are In
fluences ar ssuik in St Paul and Wash
nKton that may result In the ttrraina
tim of the trike m a very short
Conference In c5ja
< liuago D < v 8H E Perham
tivident of the Railway Telegraphers
4 iiied today and will confer tomorrow
mth Via President Connors and He
bring of the Switchmens union be
1ue leaving for Washington to seek
iiUral inteiention In the northwest
dlior con t Ionr >
A statement issued i tonight by the
Ueiieral Managers association of the
lailroads said Concerning the ef
torts of Mr Perham to have the Inter
state commeiee commission investigate
n to whether the railroads are moving
tmfftc this is wholly unnecessary as
tii < railroacV themselves will save any
one the truuble of going to Washing
ton for this purpose if they care to
make their own investigation
We at no time have feared nor do
A i now fear a spread of the strike
bnause it is not at all likely that the
iutiican Federation of Labor is will
ing to give official sanction to an 11
1al strike as this one has been
Explosion of Dynamite at Ollie Bell
Wise Kills Four
Mineral Point Wis Dec 21 Four men
R 11 blown to atoms by an explosion of
dynamite at tile Ollie Bell mine here this
The men went into the powder room
aid it is thought placed some dynamite
too near the stove It is Mid that liIO
pounds wlisstoredlnthe room
i > Idfield Xcv Dec 28 Closing argu
linIS were heard today in the case of
in S ghfiidan charged with the mur 1
< 1 r of his win Attorney Patrick Mc I
4 allan spok for the defense this morn
ing and v i fnllossed by District Attor I
Thy Tilden
f i
w I
wr p 4
r 4
t 1tc
Rich Vassar girl graduate iWhpiS aMing NowYorle Shirtwaist raakeu in 1
their strike <
YORK Dee Preparations
are in progress for a mass meeting
in Madison Square Garden where
14000 union shirtwaist makers plan to
hold one of the greatest labor demonstra
tions in New Yorks history The pro
posed meeting is a part of the fight the
striking womra are making to obtain rec
ognition for their union Miss Inez Mul
holland has been released from pckton
where she was sent for doing picket duty
Following their rejection of a proposi
tion which would have ended the strike
the strikers say despite reports that the
womens trade union would withdraw its
support declared their IntAllDion of con
tinuing the fight IC is conceded the whole
question Is now of recognition of the
union The manufacturers willing to
meet the strikers other demands but the
young women insist that without support
of a recognized union any tJetory tbey
might win would be fruitless
ORD OBA Mexico Dec 28J05e Santos Zelaya declared tonight that
C he is still president of Nicaragua although he may never go baok
to that country to enjoy the privileges of the office
Hadriz he asserted is only a provincial president and he Zelaya
has not relinquished the office
Zekya denied that he was a prisoner in thehands of Mexican officials
in any sense of the word
Zelaya was asked whether it was a fact
s reported in a dispatcfi from Managua
that in giving him a refuge in this coun
try the Managua government accepted
responsibility for his person and In do
Ing so looked upon him as prisoner
Be stated emphatically that such was not
the ease and that he was free to go where
he chose
Zelaya declared that he favored friend
ly Intervention on the part of the Mexi
can and United States governments to
tile end that a consolidation of all the
Central American republics might be
brought about He said he believed Sec
retary Knox was now realizing the in
justice of his attitude toward him and
declared he never understood why the
secretary should have molested him
Nicaragua Is Lucky
Zelaya may go to Belgium to live he
says In any event he would not return
to Nicaragua until peace is restored It
was his opinion that the war would end
I within two months but he would not
venture an opinion as to which side would
be successful
In a statement made to an Associated
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No One Is Drinking Man Who
Takes Less Than Seven or
Eight Drinks a Day
YORK Dec 28W Goud Brokaw had a bad day of it on
NEW stand at Mineek L Itoday He had previously testified to
his fairness toward his wife who is suing for separation with alimony
mony of SO000 a year
Today however under crossexamination le was forced to admit that
he had accused her in a letter to his motherinlaw of loving another
man of drinking too much poet wine and of smoking cigarettes
Brukaw jUo admitted that his secre
ttry Bsfotl has assisted him in break
ing town Hte iloiii of his wires hitlioom
fjiokaw wa in uu irritable inmiii and fur
ttu ot di tail His vii lovtevei
as in a light humor Almost liiiiied in
hite turf she sal near tin s > tfles and
siniled often
In addition to the intel < 111 J M i
ments In Brokaws testimony it became
known that Mr Frank J Gould Lieu
tenant Qovemor and Mrs Horace White
ot Syiaoi and othei friends of Mrs
Brokaw tinl offr I appear as wit
litSe 1 ii r l Ir lU olI1s 1 for Mr
Biokaw d j 1 h I ifliIeroj llis
i lients C i ni stlonj HId oj 1
lined tl I i 11 ss i
ifdri > ah Ul t > lJ
which Broka had strongly objected and
it is said they are willing to give their
I version
Toward the conclusion of the afternoon
Cession l roka gave his definition of a
I drinking man He has testified before
that he ites not drink
Cm sun rei all uns time whn yuu
I vsiit r whU na > > been tailed the tus
tally exhilarated stater askeds Mrs
Biokaws lawyer
I cannot replied the witness
When do you think a man qualifies as
a drinking man
Well saId Brokaw I would not
i all insiT a drinking man who takes
I Its l s tli i MM in I tight drink a diy
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Walks Twelve Miles Through Snow
to Attend Christmas Celebration
Chicago Dec 28Rev W F Bostick
a post graduate divinity student at the
University of Chicago probably will suf
fer the amputation of both feet as the
result of his courageous effort to walk
IS miles through a driving snowstorm last
Sunday night in order to reach the
Christmas celebration of the little Bap
tist church at Torkville
The attending physician at Yorkvllle
says there is but alight chance of saving
the victims feet
A pathetic feature of the ministers mis
fortune lies in the fact that be might
have been saved great suffering had he
not been turned away from the doors of a
farmers house at which he bad applied
for shelter and assistance after he had
been exhausted in the deep snow and felt
that he was freezing
Tramp Asks for Shelter and Cuts
Benefactors Throat
Katt Douglas Mass Dec 28 Entenng
her kitchen unexpectedly today Mrs
Charles Potter found a young tramp wlvi
had asked to be allowed to warm him
self in the act of cutting the throat of
her 77yearold husband whom he had
pinioned on the floor
At her shrieks the assailant fled but
not hefor he had cut the aged man
windpipe 8 i iherI lv that It is thought
he will < li <
Flu I i t L I W impiil 11 Is edited > s nil I j
I ping I z im 01 ninnej m Lh
An Old Time Feud
i Ends in Shooting
Charles Walker Prominent
Portland Merchant Is Shot
by Unknown Assailant Who
Makes Good His Escape
Patrolmen Armstrong and
MacMartin Give Chase to
WouldBe Assassin Who
Climbs Fence and Escapes
+ Charles Walker said In his room +
4 at the hotel last night that he was +
+ positive that his assailant is the +
+ leader of a rival race track element +
+ in Portland Ore with shorn he had f
+ frequently clashed When he gave +
4 vent to his suspicions he Mid that 4
+ he could not clearly make out the t
+ features of the man who Shot at
+ him hut said that they strftingiy f
f resembled those of the man whom +
f he has for wars recognized as his +
9 enemy in various movements in hUll
4 municipal affairs of Portland He f
4 said that lif had seen this enemy +
f board an eastbound train at the +
f time he left Portland and that the f
+ controversy had reached its senith > I
shortly before Christmas +
+ + + + 9 + + + 4 + H t + M tMf 4 Mf Ml
KARLES WALKER a merchant
CHARLES Ore narrowly es
caped sassination at West
Temple and First South streets
shortly after 6 oclock last night
when the agent of feudists said to I
have been formed against him in his I
home city fired three shots at his I
head almost point blank
Singing so close to his ears that I
he could almost feel their brush the
first two bullets missed their mark
but ti e third antared his upper lafit
an jMl 4bir h YP u JWhjfli t
tkengh severe in ite character is not
considered daagerom
The name of the assailant of Walker
is not known Though he will not di
vulge them Walker is said to have
suspicions The shots had but fairly
been fired at him when he ripped out
a revolver and it is thought that there
would have been a vicious duel on the
street corner had not the assailant
darted into the shadow of buildings
when he found that Walker was ready
to fight The wouldbe assassM was
chased nearly a block by Patrolmen J
C Armstrong and J MacMartin when
he finally made good his escape by
leaping over a board fence
Assassin Draws Revolver
Leaning against the clear counter
in the Qermania sahMfe M the corner
of First South and Ws n Temple
streets the wouldbe assassin a tall
man with a dark slouch hat and gen
erally well groomed had been watch
fully looking out under the street light
for nearly an hour last night Sudden
ly he straightened reached toward his
back pocket and stealthily left the sa
loon As he reached the sidewalk he
drew a revolver
Walker had just passed the saloon
and was on his way to a fashionable
hotel a short way from the corner
where he has been stopping since com
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Police of Kansas City Are Unable
to Find the Missing
Kansas City Dec 28 Although identi
fied at different times as the body of
John Whltdhead of Carthage Mo and
Harry McConnell of Grand Island Neb
the remains of the slain man found in a
brauh pile near Kansas City Kan Sun
day night lies unidentified tonight In a
local morgue
Whiteheads brotherinlaw Trelius
Henddcks who found the body Identified
it as that of his relative
Hendricks had never seen WhItehead
but he was confident of the MenttBcatton
on account of the resemblance of the
dead to a photograph of Whttehead in his
Immediately following this the police
began a lengthy cross questioning of Hen
dricks and his wife While the interroga
tion was In progress it was learned that
Whitehead was alive and well at his
0 I
American Officials Are Honored by
Governor Colton at San Juan
San Juan Porto Rico Dec 28 Governor
Coltons reception last night in honor of
the American secretary of war Jacob M
Dickinson and Brigadier General Ed
wars chief of the bureau of insular af
fairs was unsurpassed even by that
given to President Roosevelt in ttM Del
egations from all towns in the island and
from all branches of society were pres
the piilican and Unionist parties
which haw united to urge citizenship
an lfjiti snmte and other reforms
hae appointed a committee to confer
with Spcletlry Dickinson The commit
tee will I I present a petition to Congress re
questing that these proposals be carried
into effect
Tjctt II 111 < 2Jose Mackley 3
nF I Who killed iSyearold aroIine
< nI < l tn 1 I StPjOiwl1 HlJllt
I 1 u t liltt wa Ulpltlled t
President Harris Declares It Should
Play More Important Part
in Edfoation
Chlcao Dec 28Thf American
people Are musical barbarians and the
function of the American musician is
to civilise the people
This declaration by President A W
Harris of Northwestern university was
the keynote of the thirtj first annual I
convention of the Music Teacher Na
tional association which mt hr > to
It Is regrettable that niuu plays
such a little part in the education of
the people said President Harris
and it is a shame that c itege grad
uates know so little uf the subllmer
works of music
A young man who gnes into thc
world without having some Idea and
appreciation of music is poorly
equipped for his life work for he is
forever barred from the uplifting qual
ities to be derived from great musical
Education is too cold and it would
be materially improved by the addi I
tion of musical studies to college
courses i
I 1
Interstate Commerce Commission i
Benders Important Decision Af
fecting Mazy Interest
Washington Dec 28 When a railroad
rate is unreasonable In a specific case
In a given territory it Is also unreasona
ble from all points In the territory that
took the same rate on traffic transported
under similar circumstances and condi
This principle was announced by the
interstate commerce commission in a de
cision handed down today In the case
of the Standard Hardwo Lumber com
pany against the Southern Pacific Rail
road company The decision affects a
large number of cases involving the
transportation of hardwood from points
between the Mississippi river to Pacific
A rate of S cents per hundred pounds
being unreasonable from Mississippi river
points to Pacific terminals the commis
sion held this to be prima facie evidence
that the rate was unreasonable from all
points in the same territory which took
the same rate on traffic transported un
der similar circumstances and that a
75cent rate should be applied to all of
these points
> ff
Filipino Delegates to Congress to Re
quest a Number of
Washington Dec 28The two Philip
pine delegates to congress Renlto Le
gardo and Manuel L Quezon have ar
rived in Washington for the congres
sional session and bring with them re
quests from the people of the Islands
for a number of reforms
They will ask that homesteads in the
Philippines on which a single individual
may file be enlarged from forty acres
to 123 acres
This refers to land in the public do
main and has no connection with the
friar lands
Congress will be asked also to extend
citizenship to Filipinos who happened to
be absent from the islands when the
United States assumed possession and
also to change the date for beginning
terms of members of the Philippine as
sembly When congress changed the
date of the meeting of the assembly
it forgot to change the date on which
the members terms begin
Captain and Crew of Wrecked
Schooner Suffer Agonies
of Starvation
Hoquiam Wash Dec SHer crew re
duced almost to spectres by slow star
vation and with the captain believed to
be dying the schooner Minnie A Caine
was towed into Grays Harbor yesterday
only a few pounds of mouldy hardtack
standing between the men and death
The schooner sailed from Hypong
China September 20 and was still off
the China coast when a typhoon almost
wrecked the vessel and carried away
most of the food supplies For almost
100 hungry days captain and crew were
on short rations that had adverse winds
been encountered off this coast all admit
they must have perished Captain Olsen
was too near death from heart disease
superinduced by lack of food physicians
say to permit him to be removed to a
Young Woman Unsuccessfully At
tempts to End Her Life
Oakland Cal Dec Ignorance of
the effects of chemicals led Miss Helen
Rosencrants to administer a double dose
of oxygen to herself in an unsuccessful
effort to end her life She emerged from
the ordeal much benefited in health physi
cally physicians say Despondency drove
bar to swallow several grains of perman
ganate of potash Fearing that this drug
despite its lurid purple color might not
have the desired effect she drank the
contents of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide
This Interacting with the permangan
ate produced large volumes of oxygea
causing her great pain but putting her
In no danger of death When the re
action finally ceased Miss liosencranta
left the hospital where neighbors sent
her minus her melancholia and accord
ing to the physicians absolutely disin
fected throughout her alimentary system
Sole Support of Aged Mariner Is
Total Loss but Crew Makes
Shore Safely
OSTON Deo28The discovery today of the wreck of tk five
BOSTON schooner Davis Palmer which sank with twelve an Sun
day morning at the entrance to Broad sound was followed by the
report of another wreck in the outer harbor
This second victim of the great storm that swept Hew England Sat
urday night and Sunday was reported by Captain Kemp of the tug
Ariel who asserts that he saw three masts of a schooner projecting
above the water near the shoals known as The Graves
Although Captain Kemp locates the vs
SHl three miles east of the wrek of the
Palmer some marine authorities think
that he may have ban mistaken jii i i his
bearings and that he saw the Palmer
masts Stafarlng men who behet the
tugboat captain is nut mistaken about hs
bearings suggest the possibility of a col
lision between the Palmer and the un
known schooner
Probably the last person to see the
Palmer before she sank vs Captain
Sookamp of the barge H > ranne who
lockiil at Lynn toda frm HbK1 I i n i
HP leporifd naine tin fitu i M f i u <
fill HI I iftinas l Itui t 1 i I
Uilloj the inAern vuk < i > n i u n
iiiKHK and t ebi ii ng Plc 10 ilc v in i >
trut sr rt i
Yeiterda td1 of isrek Wd in
creaml t f sthooiKi IH K I
Damon Ui t i J 1 her aged I1Lttcr
Iapia 1 r iii i J u er of Yoi K MP
vsint ilLt i Aich Sin VMI p nb
iln > b i i f t a Hei 111 w Jqi i h < t > d
shore safely
In Chelsea where a tidal wr i i a
uike and flooded the houses d > f i
plo a high tide today < > > i 1 i 1 w
bnk i nl c ilni t i n
pi mrvd < il i hy tirt clc v n
tin i I 1 > i i n r
1 I t c tr 11
i t If to U lopna
± = o
0 i
Northern Pacific Wins Point With
Seattle City Council
Seattle Wash Dec 280er the
mayors veto the < ty council passed
three bills giving the Xoithern Pacific
railway permanent fiam hues around the
Lake Union basin Mayor Miller etoed
the bills several weiks ago contending
that it was dangerous public policy to
grant a permanent franchise He fa
vored giving the railroad fiftyyear
franchises This the Northern Pacflc re
fused to accept
The franchise grantid tonight gives the
Nnitiuni 1 IMrifi < dU t < > a Ian manll
faiturnii tMM j iet wnii will IR i fsh
wa51 Hi V i tH i > 1icc < Violinist < jo
LlU ii LiLJ 1 tUllPi1 li
< 1
Executives Attitude on State
Aid to High Schools to
Be Approved
I i I
SUllcrluudflI ot oiaft Ial wltob
and balrmnn of JlfDlllil Sf prre41e of phlIe 1lruf
Hlen111 committee arrJI tie and C5IIfffriO mt d 0 i 11t
I fait reacbe nwiatI
fl OLLOWING a caucus of high school
principal from
FOLLOWING every pit of
i the state last night resolutions will be offered at the State Teach
convention this afternoon endorsing the attitude of Governor
William Spry on the question of state aid to high schools and urging
support of the constitutional amendment at the election next November
granting such aid to state high schools I
The resolution will be presented by D H R bison principal of the
Manti high school who chairman of the committee appointed a
ago to work for state aid for high schools He said last night that high
school principals and teachers were pleased with Governor Spry atti
tude as reflected in the to the
message convention
urging luppoit of
constitutional amendment authorized at the last leeiaktnre
4 10 a mDepartmental meetings 4
+ at high school IncluBing nature study +
f and science craft l art superintend +
+ ent and school board high school 4
+ grammar grade Bttmary and physi 4
4 cal educatIOn sfeoCtons 4
+ 1 p m Oeiagrai business we +
4 1 Wtii nWalnetoi The +
f of PIaJ r in lIducatton +
+ efton of officers and sine die ad +
+ Journment 4
+ Note The hoar of the afternoon +
+ session has been lletat an earlier 9
+ ttne to allow the great amount of 4
f business to be transacted before 4
+ evening so that delegates may catch 4
+ outgoing trains +
44 + 44 4 4 4 f t + 4 + 4 4 + + + + +
The high > uiool
principals ala en
dorsed Professor Joseph F Merril1 j Di i
rector of the school of mines ot ti li6
University of Utah for president 1 f the
Utah Teachers association not 111 >
Mea ttse of his sYttpsthy with tugu
schools but kecaos oLJaIala J
popularity among the teachers jr = TTT
state It is likely that he will be
aeiyt I
without opposition this afternoon
That the administration of criniinl > i l
law is a disgrace and that a conn
tion of men is
coining degradation it i j
money to the
great detriment o ti
public schools were kindred na
ments made last night before 5fj
teachers at Assembly hall by L1
Thomas M Ballet dean of the s ni
of pedagogy of New York universi i
Problem of Moral Education
Dr Balliet laid bare the problem < J C
a moral education offered some ilu 1
tiona and thrilled his audience unit i
an incisive discourse in which j >
shouldered the blame for the lath i
morals among pupils in public SCHM
upon the communities in which th
schools are situated He was often in
terrupted by applause and his 5diIeSs
was easily the most powerful exio < i
tion of a serious problem that has er
been brought to a body of educato nv i
the west 1
You must create an atraosphei in
the community that will not mIlitate
against the efforts of the school to d >
velop the moral education of tha
youth he declared The atmosp
of the streets in most cases milit te
against that great Uplift and it is di
heartening The community owes I ti
the school to control evil forces tiV
combination of men coining degr iri l
tion into money and the commu it
must rid itself of these adverse forf <
The administration of the criminal law
is a disgrace
There is a need of higher ethit in
the legal profession and I say hi
despite the fact that I have w >
brothers who are attorney The
yers must recognize their duty i > ut
simplify laws to prevent the escai or
criminals from the penalties of Jw r in i
and must help the schools clean ut
the forces for evil
Dr Balliet struck a responsive ci ri
for his utterances were hearth < tp
plauded He called attention to hci
fact that at 31 the young man ent ng
into a citisenshlp for which he ta JP
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Richard Knowlden Placed on Trial
for Stealing Wireless
Plans and Sketches
London Dec 2IThe wholesale theft
of Tireless plans medals and sketches
which in the hands of an expert would
reveal aU the workings and innermost
secrets of the wireless service of the
British navy is charged against Richard
Knowlden who was placed on trial at
Portsmouth today
Knowlden is a draughtsman attached to
the torpedo school ship Vernon In his
room were found no less than eighty
plans for wireless improvements and cod
ing books of the moat confidential char
acter which are issued to officers only
The authorities attach the greatest Im
portance to the arrest as they contend
that if the documents abstracted from
the Vernon had reached foreign govern
ments all the labor of recent years given
to the perfecting of a wireless system
for the British navy would have been
rendered practically fruitless
New York Dec 28 For the first time
since IlaUeys comet reached this section
of the heavens on its present visit it is
visible to the naked eye in New York
Professor Eastman of Columbia Univer
sity has been studying the comet without
the use of a telescope It is in the north
east X degrees in length For two weeks
it will be visible and it will be plainly
seen for several nights

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