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mmn VI I33fl
George Bernhard Shaw States
Reasons for Not Coming
to America
11 > n Dec 30lorge Barnhard
Bhi s i o is quietly i libratlng Christ
ma it h > me instead f eing i feasted in
Ne Yurlt told me tuuajr why he did
not u i 11 pt Mr Frohnan Invitation to
I be 1 s guest on th other side of the
Athntj together with J M Barrio
Grn lik Barker and 1 Jihn > Galsworthy
SI how could am of us go he
said Mt Frohma i t pens i his reper
toire thalrc here In bruary Gals
uL T m
won II trKcr tian u ana i nave new
plaj v IL t Iy fur simu t in > > us production
then A < i uh play lad at least three i
week to hearse t iu all hard at
work it tlit Duke 01 1 Yorks just now
We nit i i ill Froli m here much
wor I il n lit l Ucint1 h in N < w York
F if why ahoiJll anyone who is
Lonn go to Ameiua You can un
der t m i anyone vh > is in London
They ill make a in < h to do so I
nag1 t i in1 my att tude it the stream
wen cittn K the oth < i v ay and it were
the i F iii nt every Londoner the mo
mem L > Had saved nn > money to go to
Ami i i A it Is I i dm in the right
plac nd the Americans are In the
vro 14 daltat leat they seem to
think M i why ah > uld I move or
com > th American may be mistaken
1 non that they nv tr know anything
about tl li on country They are a
way atiUII < d if jtu tell them what
Is gn on UK ic
I i int UK i they are ignorant of the
fact i L it liKitv doe not exist there I
couM h I an tted th < > moment I landed
on It i hu e of inciting j the women of
Ami ii t < i to immoraliu y by my good
look I touul be imprisoned for sug
gstL a n form of the marriage law
or iIK Minimi the truth of the story
aboi t 1 hha and th < bi I arb
America Backward
II v r can you call America a free
OUllY i v lun you kno v of the poverty
of tn JUS and tlu1 frightful condI
tion dtid 1 labor in the c > tton mills of
the i ar linu0 = which art worse than the
millt ot f ilanchest wire a hundred
> eai ac ° AVe found the remedy and
the wii i ans know it hut they wont
apply A i hLidUbe they dont want to be
jree ilis want to make money and
they d tt care how tlu > do it I do not
Wanrt t ie the SUitae of Liberty in
New yr harbor Len my appetite
for ir V dois not go o far as that
I to America is to go back a
cent s in l lizatlon The marner of
3iir n l Anunca tOday is simply that
of t > i tunes ago Complicated with
cirtt > t u elopments of industrial bet
tan luliar to tht twentieth cen
tury I was born in the seventeenth
tint 1 i have lived in the seventeenth
Iud iiUenth centuries and I have
lie n nit nineteenth entury as well
1 aIT 01 trihman and when I was born
HIV i her 1 lied in Inland in the same
wy a Dan Swift did Really I
1lJgIt IY ne went further back than
tnat li il > life was the sort of life de
bTiI < m Pepys diary So you see I
iin 1 r t nturies olU
N 1 ii it was a question of going to
Juav a I might think differently and
wan to go if they would guarantee me
IEn of work to do there but I dont
am to go back anywhere I want to
T ere is another good reason why
I sh uld not go to America U I do
e tr thing else will stop People will
tcib to be Interested In politics com
flier art or anything else Nicaragua
way shoot all the Americans it likes
then the shots will not be heard In the
n i silly talk about Bernhard Shaw
1 sh uld be a public nuisance an in
tern > tion a ramrod stuck into the na
tion machinery For Americas sake
I sped her by staying at home
Will Interest Dentists
Th re has Just been added to the Roy
al C Liege of Surgeons in Lincolns Inn
I aIi s an odontological museum which
idiot 1 prove of incalculable service to
the I i rofessors of dentistry and of the
yea at possible interest to thousands
I1 01 era The collection is the moat ex
tens e and valuable ever brought to
JNh to illustrate the anatomy evolu
inn tIi < patology of the teeth It com
Iris Qwards of ftve thousand sped
Jlcn d is the outcome of a move
ment C > n foot fiftyfive years ago by
the Ilf dentists of England who
wn < t tisfted with the
status and
one r > of their profession and
who > leis secured the foundation of
the r n gical society
Ti I lens collected
by that so
Itt t aed > by leaps and bounds
tint t li 0 iil Action assumed a national
impi rt and steps were taken to
Iran r i t to i i < home where it might be
ons j t 1 u h convenience by all med
kill i 1 others specially interested
The I I rrI nsiveness of the collection
Is in t d by the fact that the cases I
irran 1 reir l introductory inspection
comprise specimens prepared by John
Hunter prior to the publication of his
textbook On the National History of
the Human Teeth in 17T1 Next to
these are cases containing specimens Il
lustrating the anatomy of the Jaws and
mechanism of mastication the eruption
of the teeth and the dentition of the va
rious races of mankind these last indi
cating in a striking manner how the
teeth of savage tribes suffer from
coarseness of food and travelers of the
desert from the effect of sandstorms
A large section is devoted to the com
parative dental pathology in which ab
normality in the slxe shape arrange
ment eruption and implantation of the
teeth is remarkably lllurtrated In oth
er cases are shown malformations and
the development of diseases of the jaws
and teeth tumors and molars in every
I tage of decay An important section
illustrates dentures artificial teeth and
dental instruments a curious feature
I wing the fact that In the earlier stages
of the introduction of artificial teeth
i many of the teeth are seen to be affected
I by decay There is also a comparative
anatomy section from the elephant to
the monkey
It is a most interesting collection and
is of so extensive a character that it
will take at least a year to properly
classify and catalogue the whole of the
The Duchess of Marlborough has tak
I en a villa at San Raphael and with her
i on Loid Iver Spencer Churchill she
I will pass the greater part of the winter
there Departures are taking place al
most every day now for the Riviera
and Mrs Artluir Nilson and Miss Mu
riel Wilson are leaving Tranby Croft
for the villa Maryland where they will
stay until the spring
The regimental aeroplane Is the latest
addition to a British officers expenses
Blerlot monoplanes hav been sold to
four regiments which however have
not yet decided entirely to give up the
oldfashioned drag
The army is taking up aviation very
enthusiastically and omcers form a
large proportion of the numerous recent
recruits to the Aeronautical society and
the Aero club In France the military
governor of Paris has issued a circular
asking all officers who desire to go in
for practical aviation to send their
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Portland Dee 30A slight earth shock
was felt here at 423 p m today
Disease Germs
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bodies We cannot have healthy
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the kind of blood that Hoods
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3 iJITr r
We Thank You
For 1909s Big Business
I This has been one of the best years tor
I us since ve started In business aa4
were happy
Tou have helped to make this pebI
We want you to know that we do
elate your patronage and continue sot
will f
We are going to make 1910 a much better
business year than ISO We will be glad
to have you cooperate May we
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> It i f
Independent Oil Refiners to Bring
Several Thousand Actions
Against the Standard
Springfield Mass bee 30 Several
thousand damage suits against the Stand
ard Oil company of New Jersey will be
instituted by the independent oil refiners
if the United States Supreme court up
holds the decision of the circuit court for
the Minnesota district ordering the corpo
ration dissolved
Thomas L Higson presidential candi
date of the Independence party in the
recent national campaign who is now the
president of the Independent Petroleum
Marketers association today announced
the program undertaken by his organisa
The Independents will base proceedings
against the Standard 011 company under
section 7 of the Sherman antitrust law
which provides that any person or com
pany injured by any corporation may
bring action against the injuring corpo
ration for fourfold damages
Colonel John Byrne
Buffalo N Y Dec UColonel John
Byrne a former cnlef of police of this
city died today He was the father of
Eugene Byrne the West Point cadet who
died recently from injuries suffered In a
football game
W H Collins
St Joseph Md Dec IOW II Collins
retired capitalist who made a fortune in
the early days freighting from St Jo
seph to California Is dead at his home
here aged 76 years
Rev Dr Robert A Holland
St Louis Dec 30Rev Dr Robert A
Holland clergyman and author died here
today aged He was first a Methodist
minister but was ordained into the Epis
copal priesthood in 1871
Secretary Ballinger of the In
terior Deparament Has In
teresting Record
Washington Dec 30Now that Dr
Cook has been pushed overboard from
the ship of responsibility by the once
credulous Dane and the CookPeary
controversy has lost its popularity as
main attraction the spotlight frill for
the next few months at least settle
upon Secretary of the Interior Bal
The BalllngerPinchot controversy
over the conservation of the nations
natural resources is to be thrashed out
by a congressional investigation All
brands of rumors are afloat as to who
is tn wet crushed In the root exoosure
and comment is rife n as to what atti
tude in the alignment of forces Bwana
Tumbo will take Both attackers and
attacked claim to have his approval
The Pinchot clan is loudly proclaim
ing that it is the only original genuine
society for the enforcement of the
ROoseveltian policy of conservation and
that it has the official endorsement of
the former executive The Ballinger
forces publicly championed by Presi
dent Taft make a similar claim
Spokesmen for the secretary of the
interior say that he was a Roosevelt
discovery brought from the far west
to be made commissioner of the land
office and then promoted to be head
of the interior department when Mr
Taft succeeded to the office and poli
cies of Roosevelt
James R Garfield who was Roose
velts secretary of the interior and
chief reformer of the iniquities of the
public land system that were brought
to light in the west was sponsor for
the Seattle man A new land commis
sioner was needed Garfield who as
a member of the Roosevelt tennis cabi
net was mighty of influence recom
mended Baliinger The President took
kindly to the suggestion
West for Ballinger
Ballinger for a year and at great
apparent financial sacrifice as he left
unattended a splendid law practice
guided the affairs of the land office
When he was named as secretary of
the interior the west to a man loudly
sang his praises and President Taft
was congratulated on his selection
Then came the Glavls charges con
cerning the Cunningham coal lands of
Alaska a couple of irrigation and con
servation congresses in the western
states and a division of the solid senti
ment that had been behind the interior
department chief
The career of the man who is the
storm center of a tempest that Con
gress will attempt to clear is like
that of many Americans who by their
own endeavor have risen from ob
scurity and commonplace position to
offices of credit and honor
Richard Achilles Baliinger was born
in 1S68 at Boonesboru Iowa His
father a Kentuckian had studied law
in Abraham Lincolns office at Spring
field Ill The father naturally was
an ardent abolitionist during the
stormy days leading up to the Civil
war Baliinger Sr served through the war
and was promoted for signal bravery
on the battle field When the war was
over Bellingers father was mustered
out a colonel He was appointed post
master at Vlrd n Ill by President
In 1888 the family moved to Lamed
Kan where young Ballinger was in
the saddle and on the range a good
portion of the time his father being
engaged in the cattle business
Attended Kansas University
Having digested a Kansas common
school education young Baliinger at
tended the state university at Lawrence
and later went to Washburn college at
Topeka It was while pursuing his studies
there that Mr Baliinger met United States
Senator Ingalls of Kansas who urged
him to attend Williams college In Massa
chusetts He followed the advice of his
patron and graduated at Williams in the
class of 3884
The law appealed to young BaUinger
and immediately after graduation he went
to Chicago where he entered the law
office of S Corning Jjidd In 1886 he
was admitted to the bar and moved to
Kankakee Ill where he hung out his
Subpsequently he was appointed city
attorney of Kankakee and after serving
one term he moved to New Decatur Ala
where he wan appointed to a similar po
sition One term in office there and
young Ballinger was on the move again
This time he removed to Port Townsend
Wash arriving there during the winter
of 1889
Three years previously he had married
at Lee Mass Miss Julia A Bradley a
graduate of Wellesley college
Secretary Bal inser has two sons Ed
ward who is 19 and a student at Wil
llama college and Richard 10 who attends
tends a public school in Seattle
The old saying that a rolling stone
gathers no moss is disproved in the case
of the interior department chief While
he was still a young man the five states
Iowa Illinois Kansas Alabama and
Washington had known him as a resi
dent and he had schooled and married in
the great state of Massachusetts
In the great northwestern state Balling
er struck his goal At Port Townsend he
became the law partner of John M Scott
brotherinlaw of the late President Har
rison For four years he was superior
court Judge but in 1987 found it was
time to move
He did not quit Washington moving to
Seattle where he became the senior mem
ber of the law firm Ballinger Ronald I
Battle In 1XM he was elected mayor of
hit city Two years later his term hay
Ing expired ho went back to the law
Thanked by Roosevelt
In 1807 President Roosevelt made him
commissioner of the land office When he
resigned the office having made many
changes that the then secretary of the
interior Garfield declared to have bet
tered the serce President Roosevelt in
a personal letter thanked him for his
services He was back at his law prac
tice when President Taft made him a
member of his official family
Before the break of the BalllngerPln
chot squabble the interior department
secretary was repeatedly urged to run lor
governor of his state He always re
fused to consider such preferment He
is the author of several law books and
has held many positions of honor in the
Republican ranks of his state
He was chairman of the Washington
delegation to the Republican national
convention in Chicago which nominated
Mr Tai for the presidency and as a
member of its committee on resolutions
took an active part in the framing of the
platform In the campaign he was a
member of the advisory committee and
as such actively assisted in the work of
the election forces
One of Secretary Ballingers friends
commenting upon his life today said
Secretary Baliinger did not seek his
present office He acepted the portfolio
of secretary of the interior at great per
sonal sacrifice for before accepting he
withdrew from his law firm and sur
rendered his connection with the business
concerns with which he had been iden
Ponca City Okla Dec aMrs K J
Mulhall known throughout the country in
wild west shows as the cow girl died
here today from injuries suffered late yes
terday She was riding for a moving
picture concern when her horse fell upon
her Mrs Mulhall lived in Now York and
was X years of age I
No Sea Coast to Defend but
Navy Ready for Possible
I Emergencies
London Dec 30That aviation has
taken a strong hold in Australia Is
shown by the offer of a government
prize there for a new Invention for a
lighterthanalr machine
The Austrtian government offers J36
000 to be supplemented by a similar
amount publicly subscribed for the in
vention of a flying machine which can
be put to practical military use
The competition is restricted to resi
dents in Australia and models and de
signs are to be ready by the end of
March 110
Sme Sidelights
An interesting sidelight on the light
which Germany and England openly or
secretly are making tor the supremacy
of the sea is apparent in the following
paragraph one quoting from an Eng
lishman prominent in naval affairs the
other from a speech by the kaisers sec
ond son I
Sir John Bingham president of the
admiralty division of the high court
in the course of his speech at a banquet
of the Shipbrokers Benevolent society
recently said Germany has no coast
line or foreign possessions of any conse
quence Then why Is it this large fleet
German is i held like a pistol at our
heads within a few miles of our
We with our extensive coasts and
our colonies spread over the whole
world need an enormous navy Ger
many does not I am unable I am aor
ry to say to find any explanation of the
i existence of that navy except this
that it Is held In reserve for future use
I and for a use which cannot be agree
able to us
Prince Bttel Frederich the kaisers
second son speaking at Berlin after
the recent launching of a Dreadnought
battleship said
The sytematic and regular develop
ment of our high seas fleet Is the best
guarantee for peace and the tranquil
expansion of our Industry The fleet
is becoming ever more the vehicle of the
German imperial idea
Our countrymen across the seas are
I best aware of that and this city will
I gladly corroborate my words Without
sparing their lives and health by day
and night under blazing suns and in
winters cold officers and men have
been inspired by only one wish name
ly to reach the highest point of readi
ness for war
Aim to Be Ready
Although the Germans themselves say
that they have no intention of attack
Ing England In the future the kaisers
son does not hesitate to say that the
aim of the Germans Is to reach the
highest point of readiness for war
This is significant enough In itself but
in addition the estimates show that in
the next few years the British navy will
be increased by about 15 per cent and
the German navy by about 20 per cent
Is there more than one possible conclu
sion which can be drawn as to the atti
tude of Germany toward England 1
With the news that exPrealdent
Roosevelt Is about to seturn from his
hunting trip into the interior of British
East Africa comes the official report
that a royal party composed of the
Duke and Duchess of Connaught Prin
cess Patricia and Prince Arthur will
d part from here in the third week of
January on a journey to Nairobi
According to present arrangements
the duke will go on a big game shooting
expedition similar to the one Roosevelt
conducted This is not the sole pur
pose the duke has in mind he is also
desirous of seeing the progress that has
been made in British East Africa since
his visit there in 19M
Three years ago the Duke of Con
naught with the Duchess and Princess
Patricia visited Nairobi Uganda and
the Great Lakes and was greatly Im
pressed by the work accomplished by
the administration and the railway en
gineers in spite of enormous difficulties
Tunnel Contemplated
After four years of continuous labor
giving employment to 1800 men the
great tunnel connecting Argentina and
Chile has recently been completed
Work went on during those four
years night and day regardless of Sun
days or Holidays and the accomplish
ment is regarded as one otthe wonders
of the age in engineering work
The tunnel is 3380 yards long and is
about 11000 feet above the sea
The tunnel runs below the pass of
Cumbre beginning at Las Cuevas in
Argentina and ending at Caracoles In
The railway will at once be construct
ed and it will probably be possible for
a train to pass through the tunnel next
London contractors and engineers had
charge of the work
London as it was in the early stone
age is to be the first scene in the great
pageant to be held at the Crystal pal
ace next summer in connection with the
festival of empire Frank Lasceltes
who is producing the Story of Lon
don with the aid of 15000 performers
is intent on presenting a memorable
The visitor to the pageant ground will
see not the rolling Mils of Surrey but
towering mountains and pine forests
On the edge of the lake In the palace
grounds the mud huts of the ancient
Britons will be grouped
A herd of deer will make its appear
ance and then the ancient Britons I
clothed in skins will go out to hunt i
When they return It will be not with
deer as spoil but a huge bear
Curtain Effect
It Is the aim of the producer to avoid
any suspicion of theatricality Mr
Lascelles and his assistants are there
fore proposing a curtain effect bout
picturesque and novel
While the spectator is gazing on the
ancient Britons returning from the
hunt a dense white cloud will rise slow
ly between him and the actors and
when it passes away another scene will
be presented
The cloud curtain Is a development
of the steam curtain Invented by Wag
ner and used by him when producing
his own works At the evening per
formance of the pageant the cloud will
be played on by a number of colored
London is soon to have a marchioness
without a title This is due to the
statement of the Marchioness of An
lecey that she is determined to be
known as Mrs Howard Gllliat after her
marriage to Mr Gllllatt the latter part
of this month
Relics of that prImeval age when the
cave man hunted the mammoth with
flintheaded spears through the Thamea
alley and lunched luxuriously upon the
Jawbone of a woolly rhinoceros while
he chipped stone axesin an Essex cave
have been deposited by the London
county council la the Horniman mu
Dr Charles Andrews of the Mature
History museum South Kensington
who examined these relics found in
Hackney Wick by a London county
council sewer contractor gives them an
ae of at leastt MOOO years
I found mammoth woolly rhinore
rOB red deer great ox and other ani I
mals of the period said Dr Andrews
yesterday They belong to the day
when the Ice came neany cown to the
Thames and prehistoric man made flint
instruments in caves We can only
guess at the age It was at least 60000
years ago probably more
In those days London was a small
hill In a great swamp through which
the Thames Sowed The river was an
inconstant stream taking now this bed
and now that and depositing in places
far apart from its present course the
bones of the mammoth and other great
Today we are finding them every
where In the mud and gravel 1 of the old i I
Thames valley The best London spe i
cimens of the rhinoceros were found In
Whitefrlars last year we have them
now in the museum Mammoth bones
were found In digging the foundations
of this museum and a splendid speci
men with skull and tusks complete at
Ilford in Essex
United States District Attorney for
Eastern District of Washington
Gives Up Office
Spokane Wash Dee sA O Avery
is no longer United States district attor
ney for the eastern district of Washing
At his request the office has been
turned over to Joseph B Lindsley his as
sistant Mr Avery wrote Senator Piles
that he would be unable to serve in the
interim of the appointment of his succes
sor and would not be a candidate for re
The appearance of the firm of Post
Avery A Higgins as attorneys for the
Washington Water Power company tat the
overflowed lands hearing at Coeur
dAlene gave rise to a protest by Clar
ence Boutelier a reservation Indian and
the severing of Avery connection with
the government before the hearing began
was brought out today
0 i
General Manager of Big Four and the
Telegraphers Reach Agreement
Cincinnati Dec IOA compromise has
been reached between the telegraphers
of the Big Four railroad and the man
agement of the system and all Immedi
ate danger of a strike has been removed
This is the outcome of a conference to
day betwfeen the telegraphers committee
and General Manager Van Winkle
The basis of the agreement rests on an
arrangement for an investigation of all
stations on the system and an increase
in pay where Increased work Is shown
The original demand was for a uniform
20 per cent increase The telegraphers
committee will remain in conference with
Van Winkle that the new schedule may
be perfected and other points in the con
troversy settled but it is believed that
I there will be no further friction I
Philadelphia Dee Archbishop Ryan
is confined to his bed with a severe cold
and has it is announced today cancelled
all engagements for the immediate fu
ture He was taken ill on Christmas
night Because of his advanced age W
years some concer is felt
manager of the Salt Lake Herald
who has been critically ill for sev
eral weeks has shown a decided im
provement in the last two days Dr
T B Beatty said last night that
his patient had rallied decidedly
from his low condition of last week
WILLARD HANSEN state food and
dairy commissioner received word
from Centerville yesterday that his
sister Mrs Alma Jacobson would
undoubtedly recover from her in
juries sustained a few days age
when she was severely gored by a
cow It was thought for a time
that her Injuries would prove fatal
SPECIAL watch night services will be
held tonight at 11 oclock by the
Salvation Army at their hall A spe
cial Invitation is extended to the pub
lic to attend
ter of Bishop Robert A Brighton
was tendered a farewell reception
last night at the Thirtythird ward
meeting house The occasion was the
departure of Miss Brighton on a mis
sion to the northern states
WILLARD DONE left yesterday for
Smltbfleld Cache county for the pur
u Uu 6 L
pose 01 auenumg me lunerai 01 nw
cousin Mrs Thomas H Chambers
who died Tuesday last and who will
be buried today
THROUGH an inadvertent statement a
wrong impression has arisen regard
Ing the open season for quail Un
der the law October is the only
month of the year open for quail
THE OFFICE of the superintendent of
schools will be open this morning
from 10 oclock until noon and will
not be open in the afternoon
OFFICIAL notices were received by
the local ticket agents yesterday
saying that on January 1 the Ore
gon I Washington railroad would
begin regular passenger train serv
ice between Portland and Seattle
and intermediate points
J C DAILEY general superintendent
of the Denver I Rio Grande has
gone to Denver
LEON ENG8TROM local commercial
agent for the Star Union lines who
has been In the east on business
for two weeks will probably spend
New Years day In Denver and ar
rive in Salt Lake early next week
C H CUTTING city passenger agent
for the Salt Lake Route will leave
for Los Angeles this morning with
his family to spend a few days with
will observe a watch fight service
beginning at 8 oclock this evening
Dr Talbott will deliver an address at
S 34 oclock and a varied program
will occupy the balance of the even I
Ing I
A CHILDRENS Christmas dance was I
held in South Jordan ward house
jast Tuesday under the direction of
officers and teachers of the Sunday
school I
W H Stevens Held Up in Front oi
Dooly Block on West Tempi
StreetLoses 23 Gent
W H Stevens who lives on Third East
street between Fourth and Fifth Sooth
had a little experience with a footpad i
in front of the Dooly block about 1 oclock
this morning Mr Stevens is hy a cents
the thief neglecting to go through him in
a businesslike manner The money taken
was In a childs parse which the holdup
had taken from the only pocVtt he
searched being in great haste apparently
to go and spend his newfound fortune
Mr Stevens describes the fellow as be
ing a short man stockily built and wear
ing a black mustache He had on a light
coat and slouch hat and was a rather
seedylooking individual In appearance
The police were notified but the holdup
made his getaway before the officers ar
rived upon the scene
Mrs Jessie Hunter Dies From Over
dose of Chloroform on Train
Colton Cal Dec IIIMrs Jessie Hunt
er a young and richly dressed woman
was found dead in a stateroom of South
ern Pacific train No4 eastbound from
Los Angeles this afternoon The body
was taken off the train at Coltcn where
an inquest was held and a verdict returned
that death was due to an overdose of
chtocoferoi with latent unknown The
dead woman had come from San Fran
cisco and left there yesterday on her
way to St Louis probably to met her
husband J Hunter A bottle of chloro
form was found on a pillow beside her
She was in poor health a had kept her
berth cisco during the Journey from San Fran
Pittsbur De 36 Directors of the Na
tional Fire Proofing company today de
clared a dividend of 1 per cent of J8000
000 preferred stock of the company This
is the first dividend since April 198I I
BARTON At 171 West Eighth South I
street December 30 1909 of diph
theria Robert E jr son of Robert
E and Annie Rasmussen Barton
aged I years
The funeral cortege will leave the
family residence today Friday at 11
a m Interment in City cemetery at
1130 a I
Funeral services over the remam
of Mrs Frances Smith Wickel will h >
held at the family residence 71i < Ea
Sixth South street at 1 oclock Sun I i
day morning January 2 1910 Inter
ment In the City cemetery Friends
of the family are invited
Splendid teoital GttTea at the Cen
tral Chrotiwt OfcoTtk 1
With an appropriate recital elabora >
apppt rt
aD beautiful in Its simplicity the MW
pipe op o th Central Christian
church w dedicated t Its future ue
last night There were no speeches r
spoken words of thanks but the appr
elation of the new instrument was allre
premise in the volume of music
p TU mue
The program Included selections on t h >
orn by Professor J J McOeuan 8J
vocal numbers b a quartette consist g
of Madame Corn Hammer Miss Edna
Dwyer A J Kisselburg and J Herb
Bummers solos these members also nndern g
Th program follows
Pilgrims chorus from Tannhauser
P cor fm TDur
Professor J i McClellaa
Song of Thanksgiving Allso i
K Corinne Hammer
Aria Thus Salth the Lord Hand I
A J Klsselberr
Trio Praise Ye from Attifia Veld
Mrs Hammer a Kisselber Messrs Bummers
a Mlgnon GavotU Thor
b Communion in G Bato
c Old melody A by perfoim
Professor J 3 Me pon
Inspires Mol Goui < i
Mrs 3 Herbert Summers
Like as the Heart AWf
Mitt Edna Dwyer
Mr Faith Looks Up t9 TJB gchneck
Mrs Corn Hammer Miss Ear
Kisselburg Dwyer J Herbert Bum and A J

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