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I Tr is
The InteraiwBHtatn Ilepubllcnn
Est Feb 12 1906
The Suit Lake Herald
Est June 8 1870
Only Republican Bally Newspaper In
Salt Lake City Utah
Teriim of SHIJltrlpt1oul
75 cert one year 800
Srd > YOne year 200
SKiIf WEEKLY in advanceOne
year gt six months 75 cents
Siiisciiiu wishing address of paper
chat 4 must give former as well as
prca < tit 1lilress
All i I > pr TS are continued until ex
plicit unier is received to discontinue
All lrraes must be paid in every
TpA0E5 0 Gt
For some reason or other the pro
fessional iformers of the east the
writers no make a living by asserting
and never provingthat their coun
trym > n are corrurt have abandoned
the lillmgcr case simultaneously with
the tiMovery that there is going to be
a real investigation and have turned
their intention to William Moxley the
new i oimrtbtnan from the Sixth Illi
nois district the man who was elected
to CMiplfte the term begun by Con
gressuan Lurrimer who has been pro
moted to the United States Senate
It v < luugcd again Moxley that he
inak < s tntterine And on that fear
Some all Ration it iJi expected to rob
his tlin of usefulness
Th fight on Moody originates with
the butter trust and people who have
to > pa v fifty cents a puuad for butter of
which they know nothing are not going
to gEt t i excited in assailing a man who
jnak s as good an article for half the
Th1 i u Is a type of man who declares
that i tier la made from the milk of
ows and butterine from fat taken
om iieevea after they are slaughtered
ndbat of It Who cares what It is
Tuui t of ao long as It to chemically and
edibl the same thing as butter And
liuttcine is exactly butter brought to
completed manufacture by a different
pi oct L
Tin only reasonable regulation that
cfr ught to be made against butter
Sue ii that it be sold for precisely what
it is that the buyer be apprised of
v hat he is getting The laws forbid
ti dig loring matter in butterine are
ttistin tly In the interest of the cream
try I trust and against the Interests of
the onsumers The laws requiring
that Ill butterine parcels be so labeled
that they publish the name of the con
tents even when wrapped for removal
from the store and delivered at the
h use are rank travesties of Justice
Feoitle should be permitted to buy
end e it butterine if they want butter
ine and should In no way be harassed
cr en barrasaed in the prosecution of
their rights In that matter by any one
i > r at the dictation of any one
If a man likes butterine it is as good
ns bUtter
And when It comes to the question of
pure food laws and the sanitary condi
tions under which the two products are
prepared what man alive will pretend
that butter making to cleaner than
Unless fiftycent butter makes you
love tine butter trust there Is small rea
in for the average man getting ex
cited In protest against the Sixth Illi
nois district and Its choice of Its own
c < mgressman
Dont make a man walk the streets V
tut night in winter Give him a bed
That ought to be one of the first du
ties of a city It is a duty we of Salt
Lake owe to humanity And we should
he otj 1 that appeal of the Salvation Army
iaptaii who wants to find a basement
Ir a acant room in which he can put
Inds r + nd a stove and give shelter and
l t st to tired men who have no money
it dnt matter ao much that the
men arbad Indeed there is a view
which makes that an additional reason
for ghiiior them the bed They are not
going to break into your house while
they HIP asleep They are not going to
lirld jo i up while they are in a com
lortab1 rot And they are a good deal
more liFely to start back to honor and
industry from the comfortable bed than
from tIJ shivering sleep In a stairway
or the ignominy of a couch in the Jail
Let M n who have vacant roomsup
Hairs + r down call up the Salvation
Army riiti and lend a hand
And tlh > n a little late r let the people
f Salt Take make arrangements for a
regular and established municipal
lodging house It will do more for the
peace tint I safety oi the city than any
thing else I can And It will do more to
win an erring brother back to himself
than all the philosophies under the
West v II Howard a justice of the
New York state supieme court OH
Tesdiy declared fron the bench that
at least forty per cent of all money
appropriated for public use is lost in
graft He declares that the age of pa
triotism has yielded to the age of com
nt reIah m and asserts that the upper
most thought in the American human
mind is not the stars and stripes but
the dollar mark
And r e believe that Justice Howard
is mistaken If that be contempt
make the most of it
This age is no more commercial than
any other You people get the thing
that Aaron Burr wrote about Alexan
der Hamilton and see how like the Col
lier charges c f the present were the ac
cusations of the late days in the eight
eenth fntuiy Get the Andrew Jack
Eon book in the American Statesmen I
series ad you will think your stars
you didnt live in an it yc hd patriot I
ism was unknown I
The as rtion that forty per cent of
every puMn money appropriation is lost
In griit t so scandalously impossible
that T j i L 1 who could litter the
words i ai be expel ted to render a
sound decision on any subject There
isnt a piece of public work in York
State which could have been completed
for sixty per cent of its cost and this
statement will include the record of thee
cppitoi at Albany
It isnt true in York State and it Isnt
true in a representative sense any
where else Here in Utah Salt Lake
when the countyandcity building was
erected and furnished there were
charges of graft and there was some
graft But the total cost of the work
was close to a million dollars and at
the very outside there was a possible
twentyfive thousand dollars of graft
It didnt amount to onefourth of one
per cent instead of forty per cent the
New York judge charges is the inevita
ble division of plunder It was too
much of course if it were no more
than a dollar But It was not forty
per cent
We think there is rather more money
in some paving contracts than there
should be and have tried in such plain
language as came to hand to say so
But there isnt a piece of public work
in the city that could be duplicated for
sixty per cent of its cost If the cost
were reduced by the forty per cent de
clared graft by the New York judge
the work could not be done at all
The man who makes statements like
that of Justice Howard is either a
demagogue or an ignoramus And he
may be both
p S
Railroad men sometimes express sur
prise that merchants and other ship
pers feel hostility to the transportation
companies There is a pretty good ex
planation of the sentiment suggested in
a recent expression of the interstate
commerce commission It is found in
the fact that when the commission has
made a ruling has awarded a refund of
money to the shipper the shipper has
been unable to convert his verdict into
cash He has won his case but the lit
tle matter of getting the funds back
Into his possession even after the award
of the commission is made and the
railroad company quits struggling
seems impossible of accomplishment
That sort of thing angers the shipper
It has a good deal to do with provoking
and fostering the hostility of the aver
age citizen against the corporation
Men like to believe that when they
have taken a case before the interstate
commerce commission and have tried
it and won it and have been awarded a
judgment for a certain amount of
moneythat they should have the cash
without any more ado And when they
find themselves unable to get it they
naturally become hostile to the trans
portation companies
That statement of the commission
that a certain litigant died before the
award could be collected and that even
then the commission hadto make a sec
ond order directing the money to be
paid to the estatethat sort of thing
accounts for a good deal of the attitude
of discontent oa the part of the people
And it is mighty easy to correct it
The council is perfectly right Mayor
Bransford has no business to make
nominations to city offices without con
sulting the members of the body which
will have to pass on the selections in
open meeting It is his duty to tell the
members of the council what he intends
doing who he proposes to appoint for
the various places what man he would
like to have for the water office and the
street department and the engineers
Job and all the rest He should tell
them all about it before he sends in the
names If they dont like the names
he has selected they have a right to
tell the mayor so then and let him
back up and choose some one else that
Is agreeable to the men from the wards
They know what is good for the party
and they know what they want The
idea of a mayor ramming ahead with
his appointments as if he were the
whole city government is a relic of the
dark ages when kings ruled by divine
right and It was treason to question
anything they did
But at the same time the mayor cer
tainly is charged by the law with the
duty of selecting the men who shall
have control in the various depart
ments That is his business as mayor
and be cannot share that responsibility
with any one It is the blankest pre
sumption on the part of councilmen to
trespass on the right and privileges
of the mayor They ore not charged
with the making up of the mayors
cabinet They should reflect that the
mayor has certain plans for the year
and that he cannot work out these
plans unless he can have men wholly
devoted to him and cheerfully in ac
cord with his wishes He Is charged
by the people with the general conduct
of the administration If things go
wrong in a department the mayor is
held responsible never the council
They have no more business to butt
into the matter of appointments than
a marine has to ten the captain of the
battleship Utah where to head In
Now go to it
There was a time when teachers at
tending lectures of the state association
were required to take notes It was not
enough that they attend They must
lariat the uttered thought and make it
a part of themselves whether or no
they wanted it
But they dont take notes any more
They take The HeraldRepublican in
stead They find that they get the meat I
Of t the proceedings and dont have to
burden their thought with details In the
progress of the meeting They trust
the morning paper to tell them every
thing that happens and they are not
disappointed And their attention re
lieved they can watch with a far bet
ter I view the whole work of the conven
tions sessions When they took notes
they lost much of the benefit to be
gained in a larger view of proceedings
Now they lose nothing and have their I
notes next morning in the paper
The convention which just dosed has
been in many ways the best Utah 1
teachers ever have known And far
and away they were the beetlooking
teachers that have ever assembled in
Ale state That is not a conventional
flattery of women It is a simple state
ment of fact and includes teachers of
both sexes They were better looking
better dressed appeared to be better
teachers and certainly got more out of
the convention than attendants at any
previous session have received
The interests of youth are in good
hands It is a pleasure to The Herald
Republican to have served so capable
so progressive so efficient a corps of
educators And it is very gratifying
to know that they appreciate the help
they received from the paper
No matter what people may think of
Charles F Morse the convicted and
sentenced wrecker of banks the de
throned king of the ice trust and the
magician of shipping interests people
have a warm spot in their hearts for
the wife of the convict One may
heartily indorse every action of the
courts that have ruled against him and
of the Juries that have pronounced him
guilty but one will think well of the
stanch little woman who gave up her
Jewels and her home her private prop
erty held before she married and every
penny of her own estate to help her
husband pay his debts and keep out of
prison H
ner loyalty has been something nne
It has contrasted beautifully with the
sordid record of her husbands shady
manipulations of securities It has
been the sole human element in one of
the most remarkable of criminal trials
If her husband shall be sent to the
prison at Atlanta Mrs Morse declares
her intention to follow him there and
establish her residence where she can
be near him
That is I the marvel of the woman the
blessing of the wife With few excep
tions they allare alike They are loyal
through good and through evil report
When the slanderers dart
Was rankling so deep in my desolate
I was dearer than ever to you
Fortunately most of them have the
opportunity to prove their loyalty with
out the sorrow that has come to this
excellent wife
With the exception of the incorrigi
ble gentleman whose surname is I
ToldYouSo all fairminded people in
Europe and America believed at the
first that Dr Cook had told the truth
They accepted his statement that he
had reached the north pole Mighty as
was the achievement careful people
realized there was as yet no evidence
and in the nature of things couldnt
be until later And the mans state
ment was accepted for the time
Dr Maurice Francis Egan United
States minister to Denmark is griev
ously embarrassed because he accepted
Dr Cook without question and in a
sense lent the indorsement of his office
and the prestige of America when he
introduced the navigator to the royal
family to whose government he is ac
credited But Dr Egan has no reason
for self condemnation Shrewder men
than he have been gulled by less capa
ble scamps than Cook and under cir
cumstances far leas conducive to the
Dr Cook had been in the north three
years People generally believed him
equipped for a journey to the pole He
came back and declared he had been
there How was the world to know
any better He had been fully accred
ited by people who knew about arctic
exploration It was a tremendous
thing of course but most people did
just what Minister Egan did They
believed < And If they had been in his
office they would doubtless have ex
tended as he did every courtesy pos
sible to the returning hero of the
worlds most stupendous tale
In it all there is only one person to
blame And that is the man who lied
It is not every day we feel like get
ting up and putting laurel on the brow
of one Jake Raleigh For the most
part Jake is like Joe Cannon He swears
But he recommends to council the en
actment of an ordinance requiring
property owners to cut the weeds on
their premises when the weeds need it
and when so directed by the city au
thorities And that is a law that should
be enactedand enforced
Of course the law should operate
against the city the same as against I
any other property owner and it should
be sufficient defense for any accused
property owner that the city as well
as himself has failed to cut weeds on
its property
With that addition we are for Jake
and his ordinance Salt Lake Is raising
too many weeds every summer The
city will look better when the weeds are
So give the laurel to Jakealong with
a picture postal card with the Third
Commandment printed on the reverse
You who read the Burr McIntosh
Monthly must have found with decided
interest that appreciation of the play
The Passing of the Third Floor Back
and The Awakening of Helene
Ritchie These are two of the cleanest
and strongest plays that ever have been
staged They offend no one They soil I
no pure thought And they pay Im
mensely What more could be aaW
The former of these mentioned is
something after the fashion of The
Servant in the House It carries the
same moral But it comes so much
nearer to the heart and the conscience
and the everyday life of the citizen
The latter presents a new phase of the
heart of a woman and its awakening
Both are marvels of good construction
Why should there be cheap and dirty
plays when these of the purest inspiration
tion bring mort money The one de
fense for the un lean is banished in the
better profits of the clean
rv Its
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