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President S C Dobbs Give
Many Timely Pointers Con
cerning Advertising
Let your advertising ring true
Advertising is constructive not de
Noah advertised room for rent am
filL d the ark
Advertising intelligently applied fol
lowed by a good selling campaign is a
finished strtucture
Advertising is shaping thought and
influencing domestic life
Is advertising overdone No it ii
mostly underdone and some of it ii
pretty raw
Th conservative advertiser is like It
crab he looks one way and crawls
another I would rather put 50 copy
in a 5 space than 50cent copy in 501
Thes and a bushel of other rapid
lire aphorisms were served over the
banquet tables to 100 members and
guests of the Salt Lake Ad club last
night by Samuel C Dobbs president ol
the Associated Ad Clubs of America
and head of the advertising department
of CocaCola who disburses three
quarters of a million annually for ad
vertising that beverage
Mr Dobbs was the guest of honor of
the Salt Lake Ad club at the Commer
cial dub and to say he held his hearers
spellbound is putting it mildly for his
di course brought gatlinggun ap
F D French president of the Salt
Lake Ad duo introduced Mr Dobbs as
a good Indian as the arrow in ad
rtiements has been made famous by
Dcb1Thero is no more potential in
fu jie in any city than a live ad
t rib said Mr Dobbs Men who ad
vertise grow broader mentally and get
a broader conception of the possibili
ty oi publicity They think in a big
g r way and do things in a bigger
n ij
ijVfter telling of the Louisville con
vention last August he said
Value of Ad Clubs
Tlr social features of an organ
zitiiii of men who have a community
of intcrests are of unquestionable
i ilui but the serious study of publici
ty in cw < ry form must be the dominat
ing impulse of every really successful
tul rtising club There is not a man
v h c advertising should not be done
L ttcr at no greater expense than now
Jfh re fore it cannot be overdone
We are just peeping over the horizon
e f the greatest era of commercial pros
jrity and business activity that the
vorld has ever seen and advertising is I
dtsUncil to play its prcper and impor
t1t part in the commercial achieve
TTC itc of the future
TV above being true and no man
1 1 i dens it then the advertising man
utTjS a responsibility no less lhan
tl it of the architect the engineer the
att rney or the physician
Great Progress Made
Xn one engaged in this great pro
fi = i > no for it is being justly recognized
a < < u a van view the advance made in
the full of advertising during the last
e ade or sc without feeling a keen
F p of pndo What nas been accum
1 1 = 11 < 1 i but the promise of even
fre tUr things in the future and while
t1 v 10 art giving their efforts to
t njii uilding generally can and
t ull f el a pride in what has been
rmlilied it should only serve tc
er uiaei us tc hope and work for bet
t r mmucs in the future
G > therefore and teach all na
t jii vas the divine commission given
t T sties to advertise a certain geat
< v < t II1 world history Establishing
V > It that Advertising was recog
i i 1 wo years ago it is notewcrthy
t t tlm ancient advertising commis
r u > went out with the adjuration
1 i r1tt h the gospel of truth and right
e IM i s and the really successful aJ
itMr throughout these years ha
i i th advertiser who has stuck tu
the rut la gospel of truth and right deal
i r
a 1 peed the day when that old aid
t r ad lure expression of doubt and
< trut Oh that is just an advertise
1 t hich you and I have so often
1 r < J may pass into oblivion and be i
< r t r ntombed with its disreputablt
r MS mate Does advertising pay
1 hrn the statements made in the
ivirtismg columns of our various pa
r rs nay be accepted with the same
< i f i Juice and good faith as the truths
in i Ilgated in their editorials
Advertising Pays
T > i dvertiBinr pay Marshall Field
Y t I upon that corner stone of honesty
t it ir dealing whGse advertisements
ur as binding as his promissory
ii t built up the greatest retail busi
iis in Amerca and possibly in the
T lId
Hi it paid John Wanamaker Ccn
si H YUI mercantile reports
Ask Timothy Eaton of Canida that
fiuax honest old Scotch merchant
MI hiS always made his advertise
r t onform tc the strictest con
siiUton of the word truthfulness
Following the adJress by Mr Dobbs
a g tH ral discussion tok place
TK reception ecmmittee which met
Mn at tile depot was given the use ot
n Ti mas Flyer with the courttsy af
t lindallDodd company
What is the safest Investment 1
Ask this question of experienced
investors and they will tell you
that the security safeguarded by
real estate affords the safest and
most satisfactory investment ob
tainable The Certificates issued
ty l > this Company in udffition to
bin guaranteed by its Capital
end Surplus are secured bv First
Mortgages on highgrade Salt
Lake real estate They yield G
per cent per annum payable
twice a year
Salt Lak
Security Trust
32 Up Mal Stroat
Capital 30000000
Surplus fj jijni 10000000
Kodak Finishing
Salt Lake Photo Supply Co 177 Main St
0 S
TribuneReporter Printing Co
rr Wrt < ofl4 R < nth Phonoq 11
Ailing Plants
And Flowers
Fay Fern Food
a flower tonic
10 cents at our
H The NeverSubstitutors
Successors to
F C Schrnmm and Fr Hill Drug Co
Ex 10 either phone call nil tores
Open Today Till 9 P M
The assortment embraces every va
riety of lace novelties cards comics
postals and mechanicals
The Leading Book Concern 6 Main St
35cBest ButterBest
New Market Co S09 E 2d South
Open Today Till 9 P M
The assortment embraces every va
riety of lace novelties cards comics
iwttals and mecnanicals
The Leading Book Concern 6 Main St
Flowers from Childs Floral Art shop
will make a hit with your valentine No
11 South Main
Fergus Coulter Music Co removed
to 23 West First South
Job White agent Pacific Manifold
ing Book Co good house Two tele
phones West Second South number
If your clocks
dont run
Report them to us
at once
We have specialists who do
nothing but attend to clocks
and make them run correct
If you havent a good
clock it is time you
looked through our
clock department
MJ ii
We Have
Holeproof Sox
for the Whole Family
The Holeproof line is now completesox for
men women and children all 1 guaranteed
Made of finest sea island yarnsoft and easy to
the feet
Sox for men J150 per box6 pairs
Hose for ladies 200 per box6 pairs
Stockings for children 200 per boxH pairs I
Special silk hose for men three pairs to the
box 200 per box
J D OWEN Manager 245 South Main Street
A Sacrifice
Eightroom modern Lk house 34
by 10 rods south front good barn S57
E 1st South See owner 501 Boyd Park
Do you kodak We finish and also sell
the supplies Salt Lake Photo Supply
Co 177 Main street
No matter what you
want it for tlzereis an
Acme Quality
for your purpose the beat
for the purpose too
87 But First South
Open Today Till 9 P M
The assortment embraces tyl a
riety of lace novelties cards < J
postal and mechanicals
The Leading Book Concern 8 lj
between a Blue Wagon
and one of any othr
color is noticeable mot
ly in the Coal thy
CrltchloYT Fisher A KItile
Cable Address Wnifaoo I
Phones 719 73 Slain Street
Supreme Court Judges Hand I
> Down Two Important
Two opinions were handed down by the
supreme co jrt yesterday both written by
Justice J IS Frick and concurred in by
his associates and both affirming judg
ments of ths lower courts from which the
cases were appealed
In the case of A V Hague against the
Juab Mill S Elevator company appell
ant the sjpreme court affirms Judge
Joshua Greenwood of the fifth district
In holding that the elevator company has
not the right to place a flume along the
property line of Hague which would in
ny way interfere with the rights ot
Hague The action was brought by
Hague against tho elevator company to
njoin them from building a flume past
iis property in the town of Nephl carry
ng water which has run along this course
for years in an open ditch Judge Green
wood granted a permanent injunction on
he ground that in building the flume as
he compan proposed i foot bridge and
a wagon bridge built by Hague would
come useless The supreme court holds
with the lower court that the property
owners rights cannot thus be abridged
and also that the flume built higher than
line inches above the present level would
be a nuisance
Judge J K Booth of the fourth districts
is aftirmed in the case of Ann R Gay
against the Young Mens Cooperative
ilercantile institution and A B Rockhill
vice president respondents In this case
he company had a claim of 9935 against
Joshua Gay husband of Ann R Gay
which was Tiled in a justice court Mrs
Jay made an arrangement with the com
iany and Mr Rockhill In which she
leeded a certain piece of property to them
to be sold for not less than 300 out of
which was tc be taken the money owed
by her husband the company to hold the
deed in trust Mrs Gay thought the
property not to be worth much more than
300 whereas it was claimed the corpc
ration and Rockhill knew it was worth
much more A deal was made some time
later by Rockhill by which the property
was sold for JoOO Then they offered Mrs
Jay about 200 which was the full
mount they claimed with the debt taken
out > Mrs Gay sued for the difference
Between the 300 and the bill deducted
an1 Judge Booth gave judgment for 20725
Ihe supreme ccurt affirms this finding
on the ground that the corporation held
the deed as an obligation of trust and
hould have paid Mrs Gay out of the 500
The supreme court denied the motion
suit of Joseph
lor a new hearing of the
E Caine anl Max Junghandel against
rank J ILigenbarth which was decided
gainst Caine and Junghandel in a suit
ver the lease of mining property involv
in for a re
mg about 150000 The petition
farm of the suit of Louis Passow
gainst C Frank Emery former sheriff
for the seizure of some pool tables to
atisfy a judgment was alse denied
Ranchman Will Probably Be Made to
Answer for Allowing Cattle
to Starve
William Tohnst familiarly known as
Shotgun Johnston is likely to get into
trouble in the near future unless ho
changes his blustering attitude towards
the laws of the state and the officials
and provides for the needs ot his cattle
of starva
which are reported to be dying
tion in large numbers It is stated that
although tie neighbors of Johnston are
fully aware of the conditions at John
stons ranch In Cache county they are
unable tc do anything since he has
threatened to shoot any one who inter
fered with him Many of the people of
the community have become terrorized by
his actions
The Humane society of which Dr T B
Beatty is president has been unable to
do anythirg in the matter because of
inability tc secure evidence against John
ston and the only evidence at the pres
ent time comes from a woman Mrs H
Schneider of Garland a member of the
State Hunrane society In a recent let
ter to Dr Beatty Mrs Schneider says
that she found nine cattle at the ranch
dead for want of food and It was esti
mated that about 100 of the remainder
will die in a few days from exposure and
When Johnstons attention was called
to the matter he is reported to have dt
fied the officials and used most vile and
blasphemous language I to them A ar
rant has > ren asked but has not DOT
issued AttoriK General Barnes who
was consilt has declared that there
will b in liffl ult > In prosecuting the
ea < < > n the Kiinnl of cruelty to animals
J H Marriott Making Extensive Al
terations to His Building on
West First South Street
Extensive improvements involving an
otulay of IU > 09 are being made by J
X Marriott on his building at No 2 2 and
No 24 W st First South street with a
view of making it one of the most upto
date meat and grocery establishments in
the Intermountain country
Workmen were busy yesterday tearing
out part of the brick wall on the east
side where will be located a beautiful
plate glass display corner Part of the
large plats glass front has already been
Mr dial riott intends making the new
market modern in every respect A big
refrigerating plant will be installed Ma
chinery and fixtures at a cost of 16000
have been ordered from the east and will
arrive within the next week or two
Pipes from the ammonia plant will run
through all showcases and everything
will be kept in cold storage condition In
the front of the building ammonia pipes
will be looped and crossed in various
shapes and with their frost covering to I
the depth of several inches will give an
impression of perpetual winter I I
Number of Directors Increased From
Seven to Eleven
Xephl 1 Morris and Herman Harms
were added to the board of directors of
the Utah Health league and new offi
cers were elected at a meeting of the
league htld in the secretary of states
office last night wnen it was decided to
increase the number of directors from
nine to eleven The terms of three di
rectors Er F E Clark of Logan John
Dern of Salt Lake and State Senator
i J A HyJe expired yesterday and two
of them Mr Dern and Dr Clark were
reelected Dr William R Tyndale of
Salt Lake was chosen to take the place
i of Mr Hyde
The offcers of the new board elected
last nigh follow President Xephi L
Morris secretary and treasurer Dr W
R Tyndale Dr James E Talmage the
retiring resident tendered his resigna
tion on account of press of business in
I other lines
Two suits were brought in district court
yesterday by the Henry Wagener Brew
ing company one against J R Wren
and the other against Ievl Turner Tur
ner Is sued for 72190 for goods purchased
from the brewing company between De
cember 1 1907 and February 25 1000
The suit against Wren Is to collect 473
for goods purchased and for 707 claimed
to be due on a promissory note for JGOO
dated October 31 1005
Lincoln Honored Yesterday
In Schools and Lodge Rooms
JL was celebrated yesterday after
noon and last night by many of the
schools and organizations of tho city
Informal programs were held in many
of the schools and last night in tho
I O O F hall the Sons and Daughters
of Veterans and the Women of Wood
craft gave parties in honor of the mar
tyred president
At the gathering of the Sons and
Daughters of Veterans a pleasing mu
sical program was presented One of
the largest audiences that has ever at
tended a similar entertainment was
present The address upon Personal
Reminiscences by judge C S Zane
was the feature of the meeting
Approximately 200 enjoyed the party
given by Silver Maple circle No 108
Women of Woodcraft The entertain
ment was in the form as a masquerade
and monkeys bears and many other
animals were represented by tho
masquers v
Throughout all of the schools some
form of improptu program was carried
out consisting mostly of patriotic
songs and recitations At the enter
tainment given in the Bryant school in
the afternoon Rev E I Goshen spokb
up The Life of Lincoln In some of
the schools programs era to be given
Water at Alarming Height and
Residents Are
As a result of tho snows of the last few
days each succeeded by a slight thaw
a perceptiblo rise in the Jordan river ha
been noted especially yesterday when
the waters again rose to a point alarming
to the residents along the river In Salt
Lake At a point on the river at about
Thirteenth North street is a dam which
is partly responsible for the high water
in that part of the city and it may be
that this will be blown out in the near
future in case the river rises rapidly
No special preparations are being made
for the flood which it is believed Is
close at hand Jake T Raleigh super
visor of streets went over thc country
near the river for several miles yester
day on a tour of Investigation and said
that there is no need for unusual alarm
at the present time He still believes that
with the first good thaw the river will
rise over night and come tearing over
Its banks Even without a thaw but
witha stiff south wind Mr Raleigh says
the water from Utah lake will be driven
through the Jordan river in such quanti
ties that no efforts however great will
avail against the flood
It Is now practically certain that no re
lief will be brought to the residents of
the west side through the widening and
deepening of the surplus canal The plan
to Increase the capacity of the canal has
been abandoned through the action of
the council in appropriating 10000 for the
purchase of a dredge to be tired i In the
canal and river during the summer This
will it is believed relieve the situation
MI the spring of lull and will guard
I against floods in the future
Man Earning 250 a Day Required
to Give 1 Daily to
Former Wife
How can a man earning J250 a day
support himself and wife and at the sam
week for the support of a
time give 1C a wek
former wife and child
This was a question of David Michaels
yesterday in divorce court but Judge C
W Morse turned a deaf ear to the plead
ings of the muchwedded man and in
sisted ingl that he pay 1 a day payable
each week to his former wife Nellie
Michaels was cited before Judge Morse
to show cause why he had not paid any
alimony to his former wife for the last
three years and seven months Back in
the summer Ylar of 19 Nellie Michaels obtained
tamed a divorce from her husband on
ground 8 of nonsupport and Judge George
G Armstrong who handed out the de
awarded Mrs Michaels 20 a month
oree Irl I1chaels 2
alimony rfe for the support of herself and
almony I was shown yesterday that
Michaels never paid a cent under that or
der and that there is now 9Q due the
Judge Morse called upon the former
husband to tell why he had not paid the
alimony and a he could give no good
the court issued
reason for his failure
rtaln an order that he pay 16 a week on the
back alimom until th whole amount
was up
e 0
Arrangements for issuing a prospectus
showing the amount of flex grown in
the state have oeen made by the Utah
Flax Growing Milling company and
this will probably b presented to the
public next Tuesday The company has
been conducting experiments with flax
growing by the farmers of the state for
ome months furnishing them with the
peed and keeping track of the results
Among those who ere interested in the
movement are W Wadley of Pleasant
Grove Bishop Those of Croydon Thomas
L Beach of Coalvilie W J Jarvis of
Santaquin and Bishop S M Seddon of
Salt Lake Agents of the company re
cently announced are F E Viekery J H
Riley S G Bettej W D Bowring John
Springer and 1 lffens
Despondent over his failure to secure
work Lew Fields who says he Is a
teamster and who came to Salt Lake
from Jmaha attempted
three days ago atpmpter
suicide at the American house in Com
mercial street last night by injecting
hyocine into his system He was at
tire head of the stairs in the hotel when
he took the poison and fell headlong
down to the street severely bruising
his face and skullS S
Short Line and Salt Lake Route
Officials to Hold Con
ference Here
A conference of Short Line and Salt
Lake Route officials will he held In Salt
Lake Sunday at which time the frt
limlnary reports of the > engineers en
gaged in making a new survey for the
Clark road between Lund and Moapa will
be discussed
J Ross Clark vice president and R
E Wells general manager of the Salt
Lake Route left Los Angeles last night
and will be In Salt Lake Sunday morn
ing They will confer with W H Ban
croft vice president and general man
ager of the Oregon Short Line with time
engineers who have been over the route
and with other Harriman officials
The announcement of Vis conference
further strengthens the belief that Chief
Engineer E G Titon of thp Salt Lake
Route and Carl Stradley locating l engi
neer of the Short Line have reached a
tentative conclusion regarding the new
routing of the line that was put out of
commission by the Meadow Valley Wash
The statement that two other surveys
will be made before a conclusion is
reached is not taken seriously by railroad
road men
The engineers are preparing I report
which not only shows the result o their
survey and the grades they encountered
but the expense that will be incurred In
expnse portion of the line which
will be presented at the meeting Sun
Board of Public Works Divided Over
Awarding of Contract for
Cement Aqueduct
Four members of the board ot public
works met in the office of Chkimian H
G McMillan yesterday and failed to come
to an agreement in awarding the con
tract for the catch basin and cement
aqueduct in City Creek canyon T J
Armstrong the fifth member of the
board is enjoying himself with the Elks
In California and thus the board was di
vided The matter was passed up to the
council for guidance
In spite of the fact that P J Morans
bid was the fourth highest among the
s even received Chairman McMillan and
Charles D Rooklidge stood out in favor
of awarding the contract to him W J
llalloran presented a motion supported
by C P Brooks that the contract be
awarded to the GUlls Construction com
pany the lowest bidders with a price of
J22215SO the work to be completed In 0
days The bW of Moran was 2519208 and
two others L C Kelsey and S Birch
Sons presented bids lower than Moran
Chairman McMillan and Mr Brooks
took the position that Moran should have
th contract on the ground that he would
do the work in r days Instead of 6i The
board members being equal divided it
was decided that a full report should b
filed with the council Monday night with
the request to instruct the bard
The board passed a resolution requiring
Doyle Bros i Schwartz to at once back
fill watermain trenches on the bench to
protect the curb and gutters In that dis
trict in case of rains The board will in
form the contractors that unless the back
filling is done at once the board will have
the work done and charged against them
Contracts for water meters in Salt
Lake will be awarded to the Neptuna
Meter company of New York as tho
result if a decision reached by the
committee J waterworks of the city
council last night after a session last
ing from 2 oclock in the afternoon un
til late last night The city will pur
chase the TridentCrest meters of the
Neptune company though two other
companies put in lower bids for the
same size of meters
Nine competitors sent In bids and
seven representatives appeared before
the committee The bids of the Nep
tune company fur the TridentCrest
meter were For Sinch S Hnch
12 1inch SIC 14inch 35 2inch
3Zi 3inch SO and 4lnch 16u
The meters to be purchased from
the Neptune company will cost about
Examinations for cltrk in the forestry
bureau of the department of the interior
will be conducted here by the United
States civil service commission Thursday
and Friday February 1C and 1 Salary for
the position will b 1100 or 12M per an
num The examinations will b conducted
at the postoffice and will be under the
supervision of the postmaster or his dep
uty All those who wish to take the ex
amination should make application to the
postmaster for blanks of admission at
once The age limit of candidates is from
ls to 40 years and no candidates will bo
considered who are afflicted with tuber
culosis or any other serious dlsease
The examination will consist of two
parts the first Including questions on
bookkeeping arithmetic penmanship anJ
letter writing and the second part sten
ography copyin from rough ard plain
I draft and the like
In a raid on opium lives In Plum alley
early yesterday morning four inmates
who gave their names ns R I Alexan
der Frank Johnson Henry Clark and
Frank Bench were locked up In tho city
Jail only to be released when I was
learned that complaints could not be is
sued against them
The raid was ir accordance with the
statement of Chief of Police S 1 Barlow
recently that he would rid Salt Lake of
its dope dives and put a stop to the
promiscuous sale of morphln and cocaine
in certain drug stores Tho chlf Is con
vinced that frae dope In Salt Lake has
criminals mad this city Q particular harbor for
Biennial State Convention of Heads
of City and County Schools
Here in April
The program for tho biennial state con
vention of city and county superinten
dents ot public schools to be held In
Salt Lake on April 1 and 2 was announced
yesterday by A C Nelson state super
intendent of public Instruction I em
braces many subjects of interest to the
public school workers of the state The
following topics will be discussed by su
perintendent who will be assigned later
to the several subjects
Friday 10 A M
The Trend of Modern Education
The Present Course of Study for th
Schools Outside of Cities of the First and
Second Class Suggestive Changes
Friday 2 P M
Education and Industrial Life
The Importance of a Definite Course
of Professional Study to B Pursued by
he Teacher
The Importance c Medical Inspection
n Our Schools
Friday 8 P M
The Common School Curriculum
Caf6 of School Property
Saturday 930 A M
Individual Instruction versus Mass In
struction In Schools
To What Extent Should Industrial Edu
jatleii Be Taught In the Grades of the
ublic Schools
Valuo of Summer Schools U Tech
Saturday 2 P M
How Can the Superintendent Make Ills
Official Visits to Schools Most Effective
Compulsory School Attendance lr Ru
ral Districts
General discussion
Those In favor of the insurgent
ticket in the International Typograph
ical union have won cut and the Salt i
Luke local will take a hand In the na
tional election James M Lynch pres
ident of the typos for twelve years Is
finding strong opposition from William
I Reilly of Dallas Tex and already
thirty local unions have indorsed the
Lone Star state candidate At the
meeting of the Salt Lake local tomor
row action will be taken and it is be
lieved that the local union will indorse
the anti ticket which is being run
ir opposition to that headed by Presi
dent Lynch
Active work In preparing for the erec
tion of the Newhouse theatre at Exchange
Place and State street was begun yes
terday when one of the old builamgs on
the ground was razed and clan away
The others will follow in turn ant exca
vation will b conimemed I is expected
that within a few weeks work will start
on the foundation for tho new theatre
which is to cost a quarter of a million
and will be used for the vaudeville at
tractions of William Morris
Testimony in the case of J R Evans
and J 1 Batten watchmen at the Utah
hotel charged with assault upon Edgar
Claussen Monday when he asked for
work was heard yesterday afternoon b
fore Judge J 1 Bowman Both denied
that they had assaulted Claussen claim
ing that another man struck him and that
they merely Intervened The case was
postponed late yesterday afterncon until
10 oclock Monday
The third day of the RandallDoild
Auto companys endurance test for the
Buick car passed yesterday success
fully Up to midnight last night the I
machine had traveled 652 miles which I
Ii considered I fair rate of speed fO
travel throughout the main thorough
fares of a large city
Well Known Salt Lake Man Ends
Long Illness
The death of Robert L Anderson yes
terday after a long illness at his home
6 West Tenth South has caused genu
ine regret among his many friends in the
city Mr Anderson was 48 years of age
and is surived by his mother Mrs Mary
Bruce four children Bruce Kenneth
Mary and Charles three sisters Mary
Kat and Minnie Anderson and Will L
Anderson Harry S Anderson and Fred
R L Anderson brothers
Born in Liverpool England in 1862 Mr
Anderson came to Utah in 56 and start
ed in the bill posting business one year
after his arrival UntIl a year ago he
managed this business but at that time
was forced to retire because of illhealth
Funeral services will be held Sun
day at 2 p in In the Thirtieth ward
asMCinbuy hal Friends of the family
invited The remains may be viewed at
268 West Tenth South street Sunday
morning from 11 to 1
TESTIMONl nas taken before Judge J
M Bowman In the criminal division ul
the city court yesterday in the case 01
the state vs iel Mayeda In which tli
latter a Japanese is charged with in
tent to murder K Okauo on Decem
ber 27
AFTER he had appeared in Justice F M
Bishops court yesterday afternoon
charged with extreme cruelty Charles
J Kettleson was placed In the counts
jail on a charge of assault with a dal u
ly weapon on testimony being furnish a
by weapn Kettleson who aid her hus
band had chased her out of the howe
with a razor six months ago and that
her life was saved when William lure I i
her brotherinlaw overpowered Kettle
rence Donnelly were arrested by the
sheriffs reneI office yesterday charged with I
1 Incest committed several days ago at
J16 E street as the result ofaninves = I
ugauon maul oy uuarueno urowii pro
bation officer
AMOS M ALLRED who was transferred
from the industrial school at Ogden to
the county jail In Salt Lake when au
thorities of the school complained that
he had become unbearable was re
turned to the Ogden institution yester
day having promised to be good
MATIC CLUB scored another success at
Draper last evening when it presented
Uncle Toms Cabin before a large au
sented the comedy Trlss In the
First ward amusement hal last even
ing before a capacity house
ING will be held tonight in the Volun
teers wl America Gospel hall on Com
mercial street Rev R 1 Cravens of
the Liberty Park Methodist Episcopal
church will deliver the sermon and A
special musical program has been ar
appropriate exercises in commemoration
tion of the birth of Lincoln at the
First church edifice 336 East Third
South street this evening Judge C i
Zane will give a short talk on Abra
ham Lincoln
WILLIE E BIRD city passenger agent
WILLH York for the New York Central I
lines passed through Salt Lake yester
day en route east from the coast Mrs
Bird and their daughter accompanied
given at the tabernacle yesterday after
noon In compliment to William If Crane
and members of his company now play
ing Father and the Boys at the Salt
Lake theatre Professor J J McClel
lan presided
Ore is at the Knutsford He ii one of
tie most prominent railroad contractors
in the west and helped to build part of
the right of way for the O R k X
Mrs Thompson Is with him
LAST EVENING at the Twentyfirst
ward amusement hal the members of
the parents class of the Sabbath school
gave a musicale and entertainment to
promote the spirit of friendship among
the residents of the ward
WORK will soon IK started by the Syndi
cate Improvement company on the erec
tion of a fourstory brick and stone
73xl25foot factory on First West street
near Second South street for th Sweet
Candy company to cost in the neighbor
hood of 140091
terday were 102581331 The correspond
ing day of last year was a holiday All
banks will be closed today Lincolns
bnks wi b
birthday The clearings for the week
ending yesterday were 5I9070S7S as
compared with 387993559 fur the cot
responding week of last year
ROUTINE MATTERS were discussed at
the meeting yesterday afternoon of
members of the state dairy and food
bureau In the offices of the bureau in
the Dooly block
IN ORDER that students of Brigham
Young university at Provo may learn
something of fish culture a lecture was
delivered at that Institution yesterday
by Brig Madsen chief deputy fish and
game commissioner
NEXT MONDAY is th day for present
ing returns from the public utilities
companies and mining companies at the
office of the state board of equalica
will observe the Uncoln holiday today
is the Consolidated Wagon Machine
company General Manager George T
Odell states that It Is the custom of his
establishment to suspend Business on
every legal holiday
WILLARD MACK has now joined an un
limited company entitled Actors Out of
Captivity for he was released from the I
city Jail yesterday following his most j
recent engagement entitled Barred
After a Jag
THIRTY LADIES of the Thirtyfirst
Ward Relief society were entertained
yesterday afternoon it the home of r
Lewis A Merrill
been III at his home 518 South Second
West street since the first of the year
Is slowly recovering Ills extreme age
of 7 years makes his recovery slow
ence was present at an entertainment
given last night in the Pleasant ward
meeting house
r0 = t x 1 n t A R will 8mble at
Halls funeral parlors Sunday at l3t
p m to pay the last honors to the late
post commander Jacob H Wolcott
No Union Skilled labor Will Be Pa
initted to Work on New
Committees will be appointed at f1 t
meeting of the Building Trades <
oil tomorrow to wait upon the ere
of at least two big structures I
downtown district informing t
that no union skilled labor will be I
mitted il either the Kearn 0
building or the Utah hotel after f
nonunion steel 1 workers rtntsh
In the meantime J E Munscy 1
ness agent of Union No 27 Stri tu
Iron Workers vigorously resent f
assertion of Dick Jones wlm I j
charg of the Utah hotel sttfi j
that then are no members of the 1
who r competent to erect steel 1
big building
We have men in our local
Mr Munsey last night who b
worked on the biggest steel wti u o a
in the world including the Wihii
burgh bridge big office buldF 1
New York Chicago and Ban Frai
They can do any kind of steel <
and I point to the work on the V 0
house and Boston building Ujii
our men Our men will also u > t J
work on the Xewhouse hotel < > n i t
Lillard building on the Newhou t
atre and some other buildings thit u
under contemplation It Is rMi i S
to say the member of jur uiu < u i a
Last evening at the ThlrtyfirM
amusement hall the Granite 8tiK >
matlc club presented the comeih
fusion There was a large atf n
and that those present enjoyed th
drama was evidenced by the I i
which greeted the amateur tbe pil
Ing the evening The proceed
turned building over fund to the ward t 1
Annual Meeting of Indian War fei r
vivors Last Night
The annual meetings ot tie I
dlan war veterans arj becoming
each year there being but 2o i
last night at the reunion held
nigt th Lambert Paper < > i
at 141 West First South street I
welt elected as follows Post cumin
O P Arnold vice commander
assistant adjutant general < < >
Hague xnrnl 0
C Lambert district quartermasif
eral J X Chambrln chaplain
liam Newell state representatives ti >
council of administration W V < I
T E Jeremy and J R Jones COI1
to draft resolutions of respect to t
erans 0 have died during th Id < t >
ear J W Sncll J B Bean ana I
Plans for a dance and reunion o
held In Salt Lake during the lat
of the month were discussed Aii 7
meeting Is to b held Februar
complete the arrangements A i
tee consisting of J B Bean J V
and G C Riser was appointed it

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