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p I
Ogden News
Office 336 Twentyfifth street
Circulation Department 338 twoaty
fifth street
Pile Drivers and Force of Men
Battle Against Wave En
1 Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden March Tomorrow morn
Irg 500 men operating half a dozen
trains and several mammoth pile driv
ers vlll start the actual work of rais
ing the trestle of the Southern Pacific
track across the lake to escape the
reach of the water when driven by
storm and wind Tug boats and
launches for piloting the great piling
p about the lake from point to point
4i along the trestle have been provided
for the pile drivers have arrived in i
Ogden from the east and will be taken
1 to the scene of the reat under
taking tomorrow so that nothing re
mains in the way of rushing the recon
struction work with all speed Men
are plentiful and there is work for all
I that apply
Since the first of March the railroad
gauges at Promontory point have
registered a rise of six inches in the
I waters of the lake justifying the re
J cent surmise of Engineer William
1 Hood that a fivetoot raiseof the
I trestle work waa not only advisable
but absolutely necessary if the pres
ent trestle was to escape total destruc
i tion
t I The undertaking which begins to
morrow includes the spending of 1500
I 000 Double tracking for the greater
portion of the distance across the
Ii lake has been planned Engineer A Q
Campbell In charge of the work says
I I that his plans call for the finishing of
1 th reconstructed trestle early next
I fall in time to meet the disastrous
U 1 winter storms on the lake
tSne < ial to The HeraldRepublican
Ogd > n March 20 To a large audience
at the First Congregational church to
I night John O Cross principal of the Og
den High school delivered an address in
wluch he advocated the introduction in the
High school of an Industrial department
through which the boys can be taught
practical vocations He described in de
tail tio success of these departments in
the High schools In the
I eastern states
j and in Europe Professor Cross pointed
r out the advantages to the boys of Ogden
in the study of the beet industry and me
t chanical teaching which would fit them
11 for various departments of the railroad
1 service
lSpcial to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden March 20 Every Idle man in
Ogden yesterday who refusSS an offer
of a Job fixing up Detective James Pen
d r s lawn was raked into the police
I drag net Fully 50 vagrants were plckea
up after this novel test Detective Pen
dr made the rounds with a number at
police officers at his back Wherever
ftrd < man loafing about the saloons he
made the offer of work and where it
vas refused without good and sufficient
r ason the hand of the law fell heavily
Every one of the vagrants was given a
floater and ordered from the city
L Citizen Confronted by Armed Des
I perado Surrenders Valuables
Cfcpclal to The HeraldRepublican
Ogilui March roE J Williams of 152
I Attc rson street was held up by a giant
i gru armed with a big revolver Just be
I f ro midnight tonight Williams was on
s way hom when at Wall avenub and
ADirtuth street the footpad Jumped from
i < hind a fence and pointed the pistol at
iUiams head He told Williams not to
m nove or ho would kill him After making
curi his victim was thoroughly cowed
the negro held the revolver In one hand
vhile he searched Williams with the
c n r HV > got a gold watch and a small
Mount p of money
For Benefit of Women who
I Suffer from Female Ills
Minneapolis Minneel was a great I
Bufferer from female troubles which
caused a weakness
f and broken down
condition of tho
system I read so
much of what Lydia
E Pinkhams Veg
C etable Compound
M had done for other
suffering women I
felt sure it would
4ft help me and I must
hp fJ say it did help me
I I wonderfully My
pains all left me I
grew stronger and within three months
I was a perfectly well woman
I want this letter made public to
show the benefit women may derive
from Lydia E Pinknams Vegetable
Compound Mrs Jon G MOLDAN
2115 Second St North Minneapolis
Thousands of unsolicited and genu
ine testimonials like the above provo
the efficiency of Lydia E Pinkhams
Vegetable Compound which is made
exclusively from roots and herbs
Women whc suffer from those dis
tressing ills peculiar to their sex should
not lose sight of these facts or doubt
the ability of Lydia E Pinkhams
Vegetable Compound to restore their
If you want special advice write
to Mrs Pinkliam at Lynn Mass
S ewill treat Tour letterasstrictly
confidential For 20 years she I
has been helping sick women in
this way free of charge Dont
Iicsitate write at once
MillineryEaster Opening
Easter opening Monday Tuesday
and Wednesday March 21 22 and 23 A
pretty and uptodate showing of
spring and summer styles
45 East First South St
Before Easter and After Easter
We are willing to wait for aurs and therefore give you all the
you want so as to enable you to have a little money when you want it for some
thing else It only requires a small payment of 1 a week 4 a month to be al
ways well dressed think how easy it is
is well supplied with new
cf creations for EASTER A
choice collection purchased
by our buyer for the great
day They are individual j
and exclusive in style dig
nified in appearance yet wo 4
are offering them to you at j J
TrtL prices considering the qual
ity that cannot be had at j
any store V 1 Q
I consists of a full line of tha 1
kIT I I latest fabrics for the season 4IJ
1111 I t1 1 The two features of our
I tA1 I clothing style and quality ini
ill I Igi1rn1 i combined make them the f I
Ii I II1L I most fashionable clothes
I I manufactured They have
I I I t U A the feature and fashion 4
LflhI 1I which the good dresser ad
l mires They show the stan
Ill I in Wtl I dard of workmanship which
1ttkut1 has made this store success
Come in and let us put your name with the long list of satisfied customers Every
thing guaranteed The Leading Credit Store in the City
SOITFH t 400
Aids Nature
The great success of Dr Pierces Golden Medical Dis
covery in curing weak stomachs wasted bodies weak
lungs and obstinate and lingering coughs is based on
the recognition of the fundamental truth that Golden
Medical Discovery supplies Nature with bodybuild
ing tissuerepairing musclemaking materials in con
densed and concentrated form With this help Nature
supplies the necessary strength t the stomach to digest
food build up the body and thctvoy throw off lingering
obstinate coughs The Discovery reestablishes the
digestive and nutritive organs in sound health purifies l
and enriches the blood and nourishes the nervesin
short establishes sound vigorous health
It your dealer atem something lust as sJood
It Is probably better FOR HlKl < lt pays better
Bat you are tbiRkIn of the cure not the profit so
theres nothing U jest as good for you Say so
Dr Pierces Coamoa Sense Medical Adviser In Plain English or Med
ioine Simplified 1008 pages over 700 illustrations newly revised uptodate
Edition paperbound sent for 21 onecent stamps to cover cost of mailing
only Clothbound 31 stamps Address Dr R V Pierce Buffalo N Y
Mrs George Sauer Wants Ogden Offi
cials to Probe Further Into
Cause of Uncles Death
Special to The HeraldRepublican
I Ogden March Demanding an In
vestigation Into the death of her uncle
Martin Cahill who died In convulsions
at the Ogden general hospital two
weeks ago presumably from ptomaine
poisoning contracted from eating
canned sardines Mrs George Sauer of
Sioux Falls S D has written to tho
local police
Cahill who was employed by the
Denver Rio Grande company as a
section foreman was brought to the
hospital two weeks ago in a serious
condition He lived just long enough
to tell of having eaten the sardines
which had in his opinion caused the
Following his death Dr R S Joyce
analyzed the contents of Cahills stom
ach and found ptomaine poison in
large quantities It is not likely that
any further investigation will be made
by the officials Mrs Sauer will bo
furnished with a full account of her
uncles death and a doctors certificate
will be forwarded to her
BW m
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden March OTho quarterly annual
conference of North Weber stake was
held In the Tabernacle here today and
was largely attended An exceptionally
good musical program preceded the prin
cipal address by Elder Brigham H Rob
erts of Salt Lake Miss Ruby Geddes
a talented local musician rendered sev
eral highly pleasing numbers The Tab
ernacle choir also sang two of her Orig
inal compositions
Railroad Man Suffers Badly Crushed
Ankle at Ogden
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ogdei March 20 Losing his balance
and catching his foot while turning the
turntable at the Denver Rio Grando
roundhouse late last night John Loftus
suffered a severely crushed ankle His I
foot caught between the concrete sides
of the table and tho large working beam
Although his foot was badly mangled
Loftus was rescued by his fellow workers
in time to save him from death He was
rushed to the General hospital where It
is feared amputation will be necessary
Special tf The HeraldRepublican
Ogden March 2OIrs Emma R Nel
dig supreme vice president of the Frater
nal Brotherhood who Is touring the coun
try in the interests of the society will
visit Ogden next Wednesday afternoon
from the north After addressing the
local lodge of the order she will start
on a tour of the state which will include
visits to every lodge in Utah Upon her
arrival at the Union depot Mrs Neidig
will be met by a local delegation and by
one from Salt Lake tho latter to act as
escort for the distinguished woman dur
ing her stay in Utah
Citizens Will Discuss Street Car Ex
tension Tuesday
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Midvale March 20Much interest Is
being manifested In the mass meeting
which is to be held here Tuesday even
ing for the purpose of discussing the
proposed extension of the street car
line to Bingham Citizens of Bingham
are Imbued with the idea that the street
car service to the city Is what they
need and are boosting strenuously for
the extension Representatives from
Bingham together with the Midvale
city council and members of the Com
mercial club will be In attendance
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Ephraim March WThe city council
has prepared plans to secure waterworks
by carrying the water from the big spring
to the present site of the power house
They will move the power house up the
canyon about one mile to Majors flat En
gineers estimate the cost will be 20000
It is proposed to secure this amount by
bonding for 19000 and levying a 1 per
cent tax which will bring in 4000 One
half the pipe will be bought on time Tho
bonds will pay interest at the rate of S
per cent
C l I Provo Brevities I
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo March 20 Reuben Whitehead of
Clinton was taken before Justice Noon
yesterday afternoon and entered a plea of
guilty to selling liquor without a license
He was sentenced to thirty days in the
county Jail Whitehead objected strongly J
to going to jail and wanted to pay a fine
but Judge Noon was obdurate
Judge Booth District Attorney Cluff
and Court Stenographer Mrs B H Wal
ters left this evening for Vernal where
the March term of court will open Wed
City Marshal Williams Is moving on the
back yards which need cleaning up in
the garbaga district and promises a strict
enforcement of the law
Judge McMasters of tho Salt Lake ju
venile court was here yesterday on legal
Rev Dammitt of the Michigan confer
ence preached today and this evening
In the Methodist church
The Provo Herald which is now a tri
weekly will be a daily on April 1
Some of the prominent prohibitionists
have lately been favored by having a
number of empty beer bottles and whisky
bottles left on their premises presumably
by antiprohibitionists
II I Tooele News Notes I
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Tovele March 11A C Sullivan of
the Commercial bank of Tooelo has
filed articles of Incorporation with the
county clerk naming tho following
officers of the bank H R Hancock
president Martin Begek vice presi
dent G A Stevens treasurer H Gro
hosky secretary
An Interesting debate will be given
at the L D S meeting houso on
Tuesday evening at 730 oclock The
subject Is Resolved That Prohibition
Will Solve the Liquor Evil
Born to the wife of Hiram Droubay
Thursday March 17 a son
A great deal of building is going on
all over Tooele The bautiful row of
cottages on Fifth avenue built by the
Salt Lake Security Trust company
are all complete and occupied Trees
have bean planted all over tho town
rile and lawns put in
r Eiclifield Court Notes I
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Richfield March 33In the district
court this week Martha Soderberg was
granted an absolute divorce from Louis
E P Erickson was made executor of
his fathers will with bonds of 1500
Eliza Sorenson was given a divorce
from Isaac Sorenson Plaintiff was
awarded J100 alimony and 50 attorney
An order of distribution was made In
tho estate of Niels Schougaard and a sim
ilar l order was made for the Dr Herbert
Finds a Total of 2J507 Who En
listed in Towns of
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo March 20M L Pratt of the
Utah Indian War Veterans commission
will go to Salt Lake tomorrow on his
way to Washington where he and J
M Westwood another member of the
commission will present the claims of
the veterans who have registered with
the commission Messrs Pratt and
Westwood will leave for Washington
Tuesday after obtaining credentials
from Governor Spry and conferring
with Adjutant General Wedgwood and
J H Arthpr the other two members
of the commission
The commission has registered the
following Indian war survivors who
are eligible for pensions under a spe
cial act of Congress Number who
went on expeditions 1438 home
guards 1055 short service less than
thirty days and not entitled to pen
sions under the act 14 Total 2507
who enlisted in Utah
In addition to this 56 who enlisted1
In the southern part of Idaho have
been registered Of these nine went
on expeditions 47 were home guards
making a grand total of 2563 regis
tered by the commission
B Cluff Superintendent of Mexican
Plantation Says Industry Bound
to be Most Profitable
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo March Benjamin Cluff for
many years president of the Brigham
Young university but now superintendent
of the UtahMexican Rubber company at
Tabasco Mexico is here for about a
months visit with his family and rela
tives and to attend to some business mat
Mr Cluff reports conditions in the plan
tation as very satisfactory The rubber
trees are in fine condition and as soon
as he returns ho will begin to tap the
sixyearold trees and the company will
In due course of time thereafter make
its first shipment of rubber The coun
try Is also well adapted for bananas in
the cultivation of which there is quite a
boom at present as the UtahMexican
Rubber company has planted 21000 trees
this spring There have been heavy rains
in Tabasco this season and they have
done considerable damagenot however
to the UtahMexican companys property
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Tooele March 19 Mayor Marshall
received a letter this week from An
drew Carnegie informing the mayor
that the plans of the Tooele library
building met his approval and that the
money Is now on hand to be drawn by
the library committee on the certificate
of the architect as the building pro
gresses The building must not ex
ceed 5000 It Is expected that work
will begin at an early date Sealed
bids will bo received on or before Tues
day noon March 31 at the office of
Charles R McBride Tooele Utah
where the plans and specifications are
on file
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo March WMrs Elizabeth Broad
bent widow of the lte Thomas Broad
bent of Santaquin died Saturday after
noon at the home of Joseph Broadbent
of the Fifth ward from general debil
ity at the age of 74 years Decedent
had lived in Utah principally in Utah
county since 1860 and was highly re
spected She leaves a son James Broad
bent of Eureka and several grown chil
dren The remains will be shipped to
Santaquin for burial Tuesday
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Manti March 20Judges for the spe
cial election to be held April 2 for thb
purpose of bonding ManU City for 25000
for light plant and 15000 for waterworks
were named as follows Alfred Alder M
H Sperry Edgar T Reid George E
Bench Frederick Petersen N W An
derson The council last night passed
an ironclad ordinance forbidding the sale
of liquor In Manti
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Sandy March 11The bond election
for 60000 held In the Jordan school
district today f was successful from
every standpoint and aroused much In
terest here The returns at Mid vale
were rather disappointing the vote In
that locality being 15 for and 39 against
the bonds South Jordan showed up
fine the issue carrying by a majority
of 39 votes with 15 against Sandy also
forged to the front with 46 for and 14
against Draper one of the smallest
precincts demonstrated the fact that
the town wanted additional buildings
by voting 35 for and 9 against
Secretary Thompson of the board of
education says that the work of erect
ing new school buildings through the
district will be undertaken Immediately
as many of the schools are In a rather
congested condition
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo March 11The Baxter Straw
Storrs Construction company whoso
headquarters are in this city has
changed Its name to Wasatch Con
struction company and elected the fol
lowing directors and officers Senator
Reed Smoot president W O Creer
vice president and general manager
directors Jesse Knight C E Looose
George A Storrs F E Baxter and P
E Houtz Thomas 0
Creer Is the sec
retary The company had a contract
on the Western Pacific It also has a
big contract under consideration
fspecial to The HeraldRepublican
Ogden March 11Uary Sherwood
has brought suit in the district court
to collect 668 from Frank Brown H
R Rand and W K Spllcher proprie
tors of the Auditorium Amusement
company She claims that household
articles which she had stored in a shed
near the Auditorium had been appro
priated bv the defendants
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Spanish Fork March 19Funeral
services fir Mrs Jemima E Smith
wife of Richard Smith were held yes
terday in the Fourth ward meeting
house Bishop A J Hansen precided
The ward choir furnished the music
Among the speakers were Robert
Swensen and R W McKell Mrs
Smith was born here In 1866 She leaves
nine children
Big Convention With Five Stakes
Represented Addressed by
Leading Workers
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo March 20 There are about
fifteen hundred Sunday school workers
from Utah Wasatch Nebo Juab and
Alpine stakes in session here today In
a district convention The forenoon
and afternoon sessions were held In the
B Y U buildings and were devoted to
receiving reports and instructions In
Sunday school work
This evening a meeting was held In
tho tabernacle which was crowded by
members of the convention and others
Addresses were made by a number of
members of tho general board of the
Sunday School union on Sunday school
topics Beautiful vocal selections were
The following members of the gen
eral board attended the convention
Stephen L Richards Joseph W Sum
merhays LevI W Richards George D
Pyper Henry Peterson George M Can
non Josiah Burrows William A Mor
ton Horace Ensign Harold G Rey
nolds Charles B Felt George H Val
lace Howard R Drlggs and Milton
Special to the HeraldRepublican
Park City March ISKJ L Martin
was unanimously elected superintend
ent of the Park City schools for the
next regular term succeeding A D
Griffin who was not an applicant for
reappointment This action was taken
at a special meeting of the board of
education held today I
Big Nebo Assays
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo March 20W D Rawson
manager of the Big Nebo Mining com
pany came In last evening with most
encouraging reports of the condition
of the property Assays show the fol
lowing values Lead 530 per cent
silver 5 ounces gold 413
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Spanish Fork March 19Fire in the
residence of Oliver Nelson yesterday
was caused by a defective stove pipe
The department put it out before much
damage was done
Special to TIe HeraldRepublican
Park City March 19I1ss Margaret
Mockler head nurse and Misses Ada
Norton and Effie Snyder assistants
resigned today from the Miners hos
pital and their successors have not
been named The board will meet
March 28 to fill the vacancies
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Richfield March fOBert Bigler who I
has been employed for several months as
stenographer here leaves tomorrow on a
mission to the Samoan Islands Last
night his many friends assembled In the
Third ward meeting hcuse to bid him god
speed An excellent program was ren
dered and refreshments were served A I
substantial purse was raised
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Provo March 2OAlta May Bothers
daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Both
ers died Saturday night from dropsy at
the age of 7 years and 0 months The
funeral will take place tomorrow Mon
day at 2 oclock from the Reorganized
church chapel
THE NEW BUILDING on the corner of
Fourteenth South and State streets to
be used as school headquarters by the
Granite stake school board will be i
ready for occupancy by the latter part
of this month The work of construc
tion has been under headway for more
than four months The building is two
stories high the material used in con
struction being white pressed brick
The top floor will be used for offices
while the lower portion of the building
will bo for school supplies
afternoon at 230 oclock in the Linden
THE FUNERAL of Mrs Ann Poulson
was held at 2 oclock yesterday after
noon from the First ward meeting
house Bishop Michael Mauss presided
He was assisted by J Lewis Brown and
Warren Lyon acting as speakers In
terment was in Midvale cemetery
A C NELSON state superintendent of
public instruction arrived last night
from Chicago where he underwent an
operation recently Mr Nelson has re
covered sufficiently from the operation
to return to his work some time during
this week
R C will hold the regular meeting in
Eagles hall next Thursday at 2 p m
Visiting members invited
THE FUNERAL of Archie Fane who
was shot and mortally wounded by L
M Duncan the negro watchman Sun
day night March 13 was held yester
day afternoon from the mortuary chapel
of Undertaker S D Evans under the
direction of Blacksmiths and Helpers
union No 161 of which ho was a mem
ber Rev Elmer I Goshen conducted
the service Interment was in the City
A SHORT CIRCUIT in an automobile
owned by L B Morton set fire to a
gasoline discharge in the machine while
it was rounding the corner of First
South and B streets yesterday ator
noon The fire department was sum
moned and with the aid of an extin
guisher put out the flames Damage
is estimated at 15
THE POLICE are endeavoring to locate
James Strong who reported to the po
lice yesterday morning that he had been
held up and robbed by a nogro of1 It
Is the opinion of the police that Tom
Williams who was arrested as the ne
gro who held up James Douglas is the
same as the one who held up Strong
The latter left no address
Because all his money was in the
bank John Kaufman a Junk dealer of
635 South State street became involved
in a fight with C W Powell the liv
eryman yesterday morning and
Kaufmans arm and ribs were frac
tured Powell was arrested at his
place of business Fourth South and
State streets by Motorcycle Policeman
Dan Grundvig Powell is said to have
struck Kaufman with a neckyoke and
Kaufman wants him charged with as
sault with a deadly weapon
Kaufman has been hiring a horse
from Powell for years past When he
went to the stable yesterday Powell re
minded him of an old debt of 125 but
Kaufman said all his money was In
the bank The dispute that followed
led to blows which did not cease until
Kaufmans frantic yells brought out
siders who stopped the fight
Springfield Mo March 20Returns
received today from the local option
election held in Texas county yesterday
show a majority of 815 for the prohi
bition forces
Rev P A Simpkin Tells Im
port of Opening of Pas
sion Week
The message of Palm Sunday was the
theme of the sermon of Phillips Con
gregational church yesterday morning
The Rev P A Simpkin in speaking of
its lessons said
Palm Sunday is notable for more
than the fact of its marking the open
Ing of Passion week in the life of Je
sus and the remembrance of the
church It has its value in the triumph
of the Christ its testimony to the eth
nic expectancy of the Redeemer The
significance of it is not found in the
semipolitical aspirations of Jewry that
were voiced In the welcome of Jesus
in the marvelous outpouring of the peo
ple and their paens of praise The ful
fillment of prophecy and the fervor of
the great manifestation that marked
His triumphal entry into the Jewish
1 3 u
capwt UUUl au nu uu uuanlng
The Christian world remembers with
gladness the triumph of Christ that for
a day filled Him with gladness and cast
a glow even into the shadows lying in
the week of agony The incident has
three lessons at least to speak to us
who profess to be His followers to
know His life
The mind of Christ that faced the
Eternal will in glad submission and
with quiet heart moved on to find the
Wills end in the uplifted cross and
the opened grave is the greatest ex
hibit of that far Palm Sunday That is
the lesson of the Easter The command
to make tho Fathers will lifes busi
ness comes out of the frenzied acclaim
of that day
It was a day of prophecy The road
from Bethany to ZIon did not end at
the temple The triumphant march of
Jesus that day was a prophecy whose
fulfillment has been unrolling in a
splendor which has been the ages glory
and wonder The peasants flinging
palms flowers and garments at thefeet
i of the Christ and singing the song of
praise are tiny figures at the other
end of the long long road Today the
triumph proceeds and the mind and
soul of Christian civilization flings its
greatest canvases and sculptures its
loftiest oratorios and stateliest archi
tecture Its places of pity and Its richest
messages its hopes and dreams at His
feet as he rides across the years to
loves final triumph In the day of
truths fulness Nothing is more mar
velous in all the diverse pictures gra
ven on the wheel of time than this the
picture of the Christ throned upon the
chair of peace arbiter of times dis
putes fountain of its hopes guarantor
of Its final attainments If any message
of life and gladness tremble on the lip
of man It Is the echo of His song and
whisper and the acclaim wrung from
the worlds great common heart Is for
Him who rides triumphantly coming In
the name of the Lord
One message of the Palmday wo
must not forget Humanity takes the
place of Christ on lifes dusty roads to
day The commonest thing by the road
a palm frond the commonest gift of
the blossoming earthsummer the
word the smile of love the garment a
bit of ourselves these are ours to
give to our fellows for throned with
Him are the broken the grieving the
needy the discouraged the disheart
enedand for these we must fling our
bit of lovegift If we would Join tho
worlds Palmtriumph of acclaim to the
PIttsburg Pa March 20The plants
of the Carnegie Steel company In Penn
sylvania and Ohio were practically
closed down today for the first time
In years and will hereafter be closed
on Sunday An order of President A
CvDInkey of the company is that Sun
day labor must be reduced to an abso
lute minimum
I Rev Francis Burgette Short Tells
Mothers to Teach Useful
Home Arts
The Rev Francis Burgette Short of
the First Methodist church in his apr
mon last night drew a practical illus
tration from the Biblical story of Dor
cas the beautiful woman of Joppa re
ferred to in Acts ix36 Now there
was at Joppa a certain disciple named
Tabitha which by interpretation Is
called Dorcas this woman was full of
good works and alms deeds which she
Dr Short said in part The city
of Joppa is immortal It is the sea
port for Jerusalem Here was landed
the cedar for Solomons temple which
Hiram had cut In the Lebanon forests
Here the fleeing prophet Jonah took
ship for Tarshlsh But best of all here
lived and wrought that beautiful wom
an Dorcas
There is nothing else quite so beau
tiful as a beautiful woman But mere
physical beauty is both external and
temporal That which is sometimes
called beauty Is merely the result of
certain rorm or color ootn 01 Which
may be bought Real beauty comes
from the heart that burns with high
and holy Impulses that struggles to
realize noble ideals that unselfishly
seeks to pour happiness Into the un
fortunate of earth Such was Dorcas
Real beauty is immortal because f
its source and its character It has
its birth in the soul and it receives its
light from the torch of Truth It goes
about doing good like Its Master It
cannot die because It Is too busy help
Ing others to live Why was Dorcas
beautiful Because she was full of
good works and kindly ministrations
for the needy She not only gave of
her substance she gave her time and
her labors With her own fingers she
made garments for the poor widows
and doubtless little coats for the or
phans Their concern entered her very
life The sympathy of her soul conse
crated the works of her fingers Rich
sentiment made her gifts the more
i valuable
Can you do something worth while
young woman Can you make a gar
ment Can you make a loaf of bread
Can you with your own fingers darn
a stocking knit a Jacket or some lace
Life Is losing much of ifs sweetness
because everything is being more and
more machine made Where did you
get your suit Bought it Where did
you get your hat Bought It Where
did you get your bread your cake
your meats At the grocery
Let me ask you in all candor would
it not be a good thing for mothers to
teach their daughters how to do some
things with their fingers
Rev William Thurston Brown Avers
They Fight Sin With
Primitive Weapons
I The Present FetichWorship of Christ
a Hindrance to Religion was the theme
of a sermon by Rev William Thursnii
Brown In Unity church yesterday In tH
course of his address he said
It must not be forgotten that we d
this twentieth century have our part
Just as much as tney of
any past ag <
the to perform in the work of clearing avaj
accumulated rubbish of these Ignor
ant Christian
centuries We live In the
greatest age in the worlds history What
it so Not the
mera fact that v
can rido in electric
cars that
we oi
light our homes and our cities
by ei l <
tricity travel across the continent
v i
limited drains If wo have the money
speak to
each other across
and plains send
messages under or ovr
oceans or fly through the air like bird
These do not make this the greatest
In the age
Neither does im
possibility of becoiurg a multimilliui
There isnt a millionaire
or a multi
millionaire among us today who is moraY
ly or intellectually
speaking di 1
of the slave
age 4a
we are living is great beyond
others for ono reason only It is the
of science n
The age of science has no function >
perofrm so great or so imperative
as thj t
of putting men In
possession of tn
a >
and inspiring religion The
necessities If >
mind are incomparably
higher ana
greater than any tha body can know
And the greatest and most
necessary oi
I all knowledge a man can have is knowl
i edge of himself
What are the preachers of the Chris
Uan plan of salvation doing today They
are chasing a phantom They are beat
ing the air They are asking the world
to fight its great moral battles with the
wornout weapons of primitive man
They are demanding that mankind = mil
shape its thinking en the questions of
supreme importance by the myths and
legends of an age of ignorance
They Je deliberately putting out 1 I t
eyes of ile mind ths flight of the 0i
by InocuslT helping children with i <
tions of the world and of life whih > U 1
the teachings of th schools and all u >
results of the worlds bart thinking < i
reotly contradict Nowhere are they trying
Ing to find out what the world meant n
order to enable men and women to take
their rightful places and perform thpI r
true functions In tl at world
What we need 1 = the sense of dune
forces within us a divine task beng sec
for society now a secred meaning fo
life right here Not mastership but f 1
lowship not servltulo but quallt

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