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1 1 Vol InterMountain Republics SALT LAKE CITY UTAH MONDAY MARCH 28 1910 Price I 5 Cents The Salt Vol Lake 150 Harald No 211
17 No 29
T in
Signs Name to Confession in
Which He Implicates One
Man Who Is Under Arrest
and Another Who Has Fled
Diligent Search Being Made
for Third Member of the
Murderous Trio But Without
f Avail Up to the Present Time
IT REMBLING and apparent
1 I I ly feigning boyish inno
r cence Harry Thorne who says
he is but 17 years of age con
1 fessed to the murdenof Groce
> I George W Fassell before Chief
k t of Police S M Barlow and
f members of the police and de
t tective departments early yes
terday morning
His confession was volun
7 It was seemingly told with
the frankness of a schoolboy
reciting a prank to his school
When he had finished his
4 i confession Thorne fell back
into his chair as though ex
I hausted from the terrible night
t ii of eroorsQ behind heavy steel
bars of the city jail
He closed his eyes and swal
OJ lowed a great lump which
might have developed into a
burst of tears had he not
checked himself
Chief Barlow tried to com
fort the boy by explaining to
him that he had done the prop
er thing in confessing
The lad seemed relieved
and later moved about in his
cell with easier stride and less
In the confession of Thorne it developed
that he was accompanied to the Fa > sell
grocery by James Hayes and another man
named Curler with whom he had nev
or become intimately acquainted Thorne
J bays that Curley was a member of the
gang with which he had recently become
associated but who did not return to the I
hotel with thorn making good his escape
George X Wilson and Bert Brown how
nr who were also arrested in the An I
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P < ti i > t tah Photo Materials Company
Both are under arrest at police station Thorne has confessed to shooting Grocer George W Fassell and
Hayes admits being with him
Sterling Kan March 2irwo per j
sons were killed and three were In
jured here early today wljen a touring
car In which they were riding collided
with a buggy
The dead
Wylie Lloyd 20 years old
Miss Bertha Mossraan 21 years old
Oren Fix
Jay Johnson
Mabel Wilkins
Tho four occupants of the buggy had
a miraculous escape from death or
serious injury
All the victims of the accident lived
in Sterling except Fix whose home 1J
In Lyons Miss Mossman was a student
In Cooper college here
I His Free Love Companion Also
T J Denies All Knowledge of Affair
I I But is Held as Witness I
NEW YORK March 2iAlbert Wolter the youth in the fireplace of
whose rooms were found yesterday portions of the burnt body of
TRuth Wheeler the young stenographer who had been missing since last
Thursday morning was committed to the Tombs without bail today
I charged with the girls murder
At a continuation of the police quiz to which he was subjected last
i night he persisted in his denial that he had ever seen the girl had ever
written to her or knew how her body came to be on the fire escape outside
4 his window or why fragments of human feet hands and arms were found
in the ashes of his fireplace
1 Katie Miller or Kathleen Maellir the
grl with whom he lived was arrested
today as she approached the house where
the murder was committed She was
reading the details In a German news
paper AE she walked smiling as she
I Companion Denies Guilt
During a long crossexamination she
heid sturdily to a consistent story that
she knew nothing of the crime until
she read of it In the newspaper On
Thursday night she returned from work
at the laundry where she earned J6 a
Weekand gave it all to Wolter She said
she noticed the stove In front of the fire
t place had b en moved the flreboard
newly painted and a colored lithograph
pasted over the hole where the stovepipe
formerly entered When she asked Rol
ler why he had aone this he answered
that summer was coming and they would
nut need the stove
She had not oven known that Wolter
1 Had received a visitor she says until
Pcarl Wheeler the dead girls elder sister
had called on Friday morning to ask if
Ruth had been there Wolter had de
nied k but the Miller girl says she was
uneasy after the interview and that she
became jealous and accused him of har
boring another woman In the flat Again
he denied it Friday morning she went
to work again and that afternoon Wal
ter was arrested The girl was com
mitted to the house of detention as a
material witness
Strangled Then Burned
I An autopsy today showed that Ruth
Wheeler had btrfn killed in the manner
indicated by the first superficial examina
tion First she had been strangled with
a rope and then the bones of the arms
and legs were broken to admit the body
more readily to the narrow throat < ff the
chimne Why the cuts wero made on
the body does not appear
When she was shown the nightshirt In
which part of the charred body had been
wrapped the girl positively identified the
garment as Wolters 4 That letter W
said the girl indicating an initial worked
on the shirt was embroidered by Al
berts mother She also identified the
gunnysack in which the head and trunk
of the victim had been placed as having
been used by her and Wolter to hold
kindling wood
THE tragic murder of George W Fassell in his grocery
store at 619 East Fourth South street Saturday night by
Harry Thome the youthful highwayman carries with it a pa i
thetic feature which did not develop until yesterday when it
was learned that Fassell was engaged to marry abeautiful ac
complished and estimable young woman Miss Bessie Worthen
daughter of 0 II Worthen of 566 East Tenth South street I
Intense grief has so taken hold of Miss Worfhen since tho
tragic news of the murder of her betrothed that she is serious
ly ill
Her condition was such yesterday that
she was unable to see friends and she is
almost inconsolable in her sorrow
George Fassell had known Bessie
Worthen since early schoolday life and
It had been his one desire to be happily
married to her He had often confided
to his promised bride his success as a
giooeryman and in Miss Worthen ie had
found much valuable advice for affairs
loading to a successful business life She
had often told him that he was destined
to become a merchant prince and she
yearned for the day when she could look
up to him as her husband
Fassell and Miss orthen had for years
worshiped together In Phillips Congrega
tional church where they were to have
been married about the middle of April
by the pastor Rev P A Sir pkln They
had even Bogun to consider the issuance
of wedding invitations and were both joy
fully looking ahead to the glorious event
Even the wedding gown had been talked
of by Miss Worthen
Throughout his association with Phil
lips Congregational church Fasaell was
active in the promotion of every depart
ment of the church He was known as
one of the most capable financiers of the
Sunday school and had been a member of
the financial board I
Miss Worthens parents manifested deep
feeling in talking of the tragedy They
spoke of Mr Fassell as being a most ex
emplary young man
Fiancee Hears of Tragedy
During the two years that he kept
company with my daughter said Mr
Worthen he proved himself a man
whom I felt to be worthy of my daugh
ters trust He was at all times wel
come in my house and In common with
ail who knew him I feel that It Is a
terrible thing that he should have been
shot down in the flower of his man
Mr Fassoll spent the evening at the
Worthen home Friday and had an en
gagement to spend Sunday with his
fiancee They had made their plans for
a happy Easter Sunday together Miss
Worthen had told him of her gown and
Easter hat and she was to have sur
prised and dazzled him with their beauty
when he called
Miss Wortlipn and Mr Fassell had
talked over the telephone during the even
ing before the murder Then came the
news of the killing of Mr Fassell The
pang of grief which it carried to the
Worthen home was only surpassed when
the news was broken to Mr Fassells
+ Snit Tjikc City Utah ainrch ST +
+ 1010 f
+ Confession of Harry Thorne of +
+ tin murder of G W rnssell on f
+ the night of 3nrcli 2 < J 1010 +
+ Hayes and myself and a men f
+ imiiied Curl whom I had not met +
+ before left the room about 7i30 +
+ p m Intending to hold up the 4 I
+ first plnw that looked good We +
+ went Into the store which you +
+ say is Katsells Hayes stood +
+ about half nay along the coun +
+ ter facing Kasscll and I wan near 4
+ tic north end facing the butcher +
+ We told them to hold up their +
+ hands The butcher held hi up +
+ high but Fassell did not hold hU 4
+ tip High enough or fast enough +
+ and as T wan trying to get them 4
+ together near the north end of 4
4 the counter the botcher ran +
+ through back and 1 put the gun 4
+ against Fnaaella tilde to hurry +
4 him up and It went off Aftpr +
4 shooting FnsBell I took some +
+ money out of the cask register 4
+ Curly hull taken some money be +
4 fore I cot to It +
+ The pencil ketch of the store 4
4 SIgned b > me Is about correct 4
4 VItBrsnes +
+ J J ROBElrrS +
+ ir F WILSON +
First Counselor to President of
Mormon Church Succumbs
to Pneumonia After His
Brave Battle With Death
Man for Half Century Connect
ed With the Development of
Utah and Salt Lake Falls
Before the Grim Destroyer
JOHN R WINDER first counselor
J to President Joseph F Smith of
the Mormon church died at 730
oclock last night
Although the end came suddenly
and unexpectedly the venerable man
of the age of 89 years was in full
posession of his faculties
His wife and son John R Winder
Jr were at Ms bedside when he
peacefully passed away
The shocking news of the death of Mr
Winder spread rapidly through Salt Lake
and soon many church dignitaries and
friends called at the home 49 North West
Temple street President Joseph F Smith
was summoned He was greatly grieved
by the news of the death of his old friend
and fellow cmirchman so much so in
tact that he said that he was at a loss
at the time to make any extended state
ment for publication
I will say to the world however said
President Smith that in the death of
John R Winder I feel a great personal
loss He was ono of the best men I ever
knew a wonderful man of affairs a wise
counselor and a man of unyielding cour
Brave Fight Against Disease
While Sir Winder had been suffering
from a lingering attack of acute pneu
monia Lor nioretlwntw < inwuhfT lits
physical strength and wonderful mental
ity several times threw off the malady
It recurred however and despite his pa
tient suffering and courage the disease
became the master and the JUan who for
mol than half a century has ben so
eminently prominent in the upbuildlng of
the Mormon church and Salt Lake suc
So courageously did Mr Winder battle
with the disease that his physicians felt
that he was convalescent For the past
few days he had gained rapidly and he I
evinced such an improvement yesterday
that his nurse was permitted to leave
him with his wife and son and go to
meeting last evening
Ten minutes before he died those at
his bedside noticed a change for the
worse but the patient told them not to
be alarmed Two minutes before he died
he raised himself In bed and with his
own hands took a tube and inhaled oxv
gen which was on hand for an emer
gency Although confined to his bed for
nine weeks there was hardly a day that
Mr Winder did not direct some feature
of his manifold church and business af
Tribute From a Friend
Apostle John Henry Smith was one of
the first of friends and fellow churchmen
to arrive after the passing of Mr Win
der Words fail me he said when it
comes to telling of the respect and regard
in which I held the wonderful and mag
nificent character His history numbers
him among the army of leading men of
the past in the affairs of the Mormon
church of Ttah and of Salt Lake He
was a man of inestimable worth a man
of strong convictions and courage He was
a thorough and compptent business man
and his death Is a great loss to us all
His memory will stand with such men as
Brigham Young John Tayior Lorenzo
Snow Daniel Wells George A Smith and
a score of others who have passed away
Mr Winder was closely associated with
these men in the pioneer days
uAs a business men and a man of pub
lic affairs his record stands out In the
glowing light of efficiency scrupulous
ness consciousness and success With his
almost paradoxical ability to do many
things at o ice and do them well he foun
time to lend some of his wise counsel and
business ability in public affairs of the
city and state He likewise in his earlier
life withstood the hardships of the
plains and passed through the Indian
wars He was a lieutenant colonel of See
Grid cavalry of the northern legion His
sagacious business ability drew him to
serving as county assessor and collector
and watermaster He also served in the
city council
Interest In State Fairs
Mr Winder was a fancier of fine bred
stock especially caitla of the Jersey va
rlet which he raised on his stock farm
four miles south of the city which of late
years has been managed by his son W C
Winder For many years he took an ac
tive Interest In the state fairs under the
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i t
ki r
First Counselor to the President of the Mormon Church Whs Died Last
Night j
Manila Advices Tell of Accident on
Cruiser Charleston During
Target Practice
Manila March 28A report reached
here today that a gun on the United
States cruiser Charleston exploded dur
ing target practice killing or wounding
eight men The Charleston is returning to
Manila from Olongapo No details of the
reported accident have been received here
Washington March 27Offlcials of the
navy department up to midnight had re
ceived no word of tho accident on board
the cruiser Charleston In which eight
men were reported either to have been
killed or Injured by the bursting of a gun
Rear Admiral N E Mason chief of
ordnance believes 1C the report is con
firmed It will be found the damage was
done in one of the sixinch turrets Steps
have been taken by the department to
learn the extent ot the accident
Revelations Concerning Men High
er Up are Focus of Grand Jurys
Inquisition During Present Week
n ITTSBURG March 27 The Lenten season which ended today has
I I been too short a season of penitence for Pittiburg and it will be con ±
tinued with promise of even more startling confessions of graft this week
In several hundred churches today an unusual feature of the Easter
services was the reading of the circular letter issued by a civic committee i
yesterday urging the members of every congregation to attend a huge in
dignation mass meeting to be held some day this week
Sermons too were designed to arouse public condemnation of ssch
practices as have been revealed Lessons in civic cleanliness were drawn by
many pastors
It having been pretty thoroughly es
tablished according to District Attor
ney William A Blalcely atleast S10a
500 was used Influencij legislation the
source of the money and the dispensers
jf < Plt are to be the focus of the grand
Jurys attention tomorrow morning
A considerable portIon of the big
bribe fund is charged to certain banks f
that sought to get city deposits They
succeeeded but It is the desire of the
grand jury as pronounced In Its report
of Friday last that the bank deposit
ordinance be rescinded and the banks
If found guilty be deprived of the use
of city money
It is known that some representatives
of the banks are to be called toncT < vr
to testify The six banks that Fd e
been named by the grand jury as r
volved In the scandal are the c > 1 iiuo aj
National the German Nati m i f
Pittsburg the Farmers Nation I IV
posit bank the Sfcond Nati d 1 fa
German National ot Allegheuej a id t9
Working Mans Savings Trut cju
The directorate of the Farmers Na
tional has announced that it < 1 i < TT
ply with the district attorneys < t 1
information and the Second 3tirai
has prepared a cert inert stTmrP
which is to be presented to th grail
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Chairman Mann Who Holds Views
Opposing Those of the Presi
dent Will Direct Campaign
WASHINGTON March 27Ambition of Representative Townsend of
Michigan to assume charge of the administration railroad bill on
the floor of the House will not be gratified the honor going to Chairmau
Mann of the committee on interstate and foreign commerce
This fact developed today and supporters of the bill in the form in
which it was originally introduced by Representative Townsend
as it is
now pending in the Senate are greatly disappointed
it had been thought that the intense
opposition of Mr Mann to certain fea
tures of the bill drafted by Attorney Gen
eral Wickersham would make him dis
inclined to champion it His success in
Incorporating his own ideas into the
measure however made Mr Mann will
Ing to assume the sponsorship
As amended by th j committee all Re
publican members voted for it and there
was no way In which the chairman could
be denied the management of the measure
on the floor
Mr Mann was particularly opposed to
the provision for the creation of a court
of commerce and this was retained only
through the personal efforts of the Presi
dent Whether Mr Mann will seek to
eliminate this provision on the flpor is
not known He is said to bo as strongly
opposed to it as over but his objections
are confined to the belief that the estab
lishment of the new court Involves un
necessary expense In view of the fact
that President Taft is so firmly in favor
of the court It is not thought Mr Mann
will make any move far Its elimination
from the bill
Taft Depends Upon Senate
The administration Is looking to the
Senate to save the principal features of
the original bill Supporting the Presi
dent In this matter are Senators Biking
Aldrich Kean Crane Cullora and Nixon
of the committee on niestatp onni > =
as well as many r r tt > pubHrM I I
ers Vigorous allSadcs 1 upon the n i
have been mad i > Senators 111 i i q
and Clapp aH n a known the tv I
have the support of man > othe rs
gent R pubi oai a a = well as uf mal r
That tlit > aitinn > t Insuigti t Rppi
Means and DtmoaS H tormWabl0 3
admittPd bj ti < ri i the bill and ttv y L
are now Ini iu II mention to th
mulatior of uendi fl which tlut hi i e
will haiK flTF > f the dJfo t
Mr Wirlt i > Loin < IH met with thp fr r to
of the bill i II i KP asions ani is
givn them hIs as s wire in tramn
At uric til P H planned to hi e
these anit iiiliiifi i Drafted and pieserited
by fhairin L > That plan has ben
abandon a now expein ° d tie
amendmc win t > > an plied on am tg
other bnnatort so a number ma > siure
the crtat 01 making tU hew Jaw lis
scheme eiii Includes th icipptu 111 of
one or two of the amendment rI ed
by InsMrfcrtUa
Not the slightest consideration n h ng
given by the Senate to the attitude rf the
House on the bill The chan 86 are when
a conference Is held the two jpaasBres
as passed will resemble each other very
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