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Tho iDtcrMoantala llepabl ca
Est Feb 12 1906 >
i The Salt lake nrrnl i
Est June 0 1870
Only Republican Daily Newspaper in
East Lake City Utah
Term of SulmcrtptloBi
75 cents one year 800
SUNDAY On p year i2 dvance
SEMIWEEKLY In advance On
year 150 six months 76 cent I
subscribers wishing address or paper
changed must give former as well ai
present address
All papers are continued until ex
plicit order Is received to ds tn ntesevery
In every
All arrearages must ba paid
T11AOE5 rCrl COU 1dE
Maybe it s a little late to say a good
word for A Certain Rich Man And
yet the book store Keepers say that there
people in Utah
are a great many
have not read it And these few lines
arc written for the benefit of those who
have not read
A Certain Rich Man is a marvelously
ly interesting story a wonderfully
conceived plot and a masterfully de
veloped recital Furthermore it is a
moral and a lesson But since the les
son is directed at rjch men the rest
of us can drink our fill of the delights
the story offers and leave the moral to
those whom it may concern
Maybe it is especially interesting to
the man or the woman in the neighbor
hood of fiftyand from there to the
sunset line of life But there is enough
of human nature and of love and of
music and of humor to delight all the
rest of the world It Is a product of
I the pen of William Allen White of pm
I poria Kansas and in all his active and
R useful career he has done nothing half
eo good
The hero of the story was a boy when
the war broke out and he followed to
battle the company that was raised in
his county He was far too young to be
a sol ler and if the army then had
been organized with the precision
known In later years he never would
have reached the front But in the for
mative period of military life in the
republic he and two of his boy com
panions managed to stay with their
i neighbors and friends even through the
horror and the perils of battle One of
i the boys was killed at Wilsons Creek
t where General Nathaniel Lyon lost his
life Onethe herowas shot in the
A foot and limped to the end of his
i He limped back home and became a
scholar and then a trader and then a
rich manthe Certain Rich Man of
i the tale He represents the intellectual
typeturned to moneymaking And
he becomes a captain of Industry a
I millionaire And his heart grows hard
er and harder with the passing years till
I not a semblance of human pity not a
vestige of simple honor remains He
stops this side of actions the penalty
for which would be Imprisonmentand
believes himself justified so long as he
achieves that result Yet he Is the hus
band of one wife the loving father of
i cne girl and the affectionate son of a
good mother It is a marvelous piece
of character delineation and no word
of comment can at all suggest the
I charm with which the simple material
has been handled
t How John Barclay crushed every hu
mane Instinct in his race for wealth
how he amassed a tremendous fortune
how he drove other men to crime how
he was converted through pain and sor
row to a better view of life how he
atoned in his death for the errors nf his
life these are matters that can be
known only by a reading of the story
The Heraldrepublican has always
k spoken of the things believed to be help
s ful to the people Here is a book they
should read They will weep with the
sorrows of those that mourn They will
laugh with the vagaries of those who are
gay They will see the rise of a mighty
state and the painting of American
character on broad canvas as they are
not likely to do in any other book now
before them
It is impossible to speak too warmly
in commendation of A Certain Rich
Once more the waves have played
havoc with the railroad on the Lucin
cutoff And that will be so to the end
of the chapter
Only by filling in all the lake to the
north of the line can the roadway be
secured from damage by the waters
whenever storms arise And storms are
going to arise as long as trains run at
The reasonable thing would be for the
Union Pacific people to adopt the more
direct route from east to west by leav
ing the present main line at Echo or
Henefer and come direct to Salt Lake
thence past the southern end of the
lake and on to the west It was the
engineering mistake of the century to
carry that road around the north end
It was a colossal blunder to leave Salt
Lake off the line of that road And the
error can bo erased only by abandoning
the line that experimentation unwisely
selected and locating it where shortest
distance easiest grades and most busi
ness are to be found
The Lucia cutoff is a spectacular
thing an excellent feature for adver
tising purposes But as a practical bit
of railroading it is a mistake
In the administration of President
James Monroe some theorists in this
country effected the establishment of a
colony of blacks on the west coast of
Africa And the amazing thing 111 + that
the government so established has ex
isted to the present day
It has existed though under difficul
ties of various kinds and under condi
tions that make The Sultan of Sulu
prosaic and dull One of the visitors to
Monrovia has described the contempt
engendered In the breast of the vice
president when members of the cabinet
do not pay his wife for their laundry
work and the suspicion excited in the
minds of the attorney general when he
whitewashes the Interior of his chiefs
home and finds fewer pieces of furni
ture than ate to be seen in the rooms of
the average traders
It has been a sort of play republic
when compared with the governments
of other nations But it is very real
and serious to the blacks They are
sent there as a sort of halfway meas
ure of atonement for taking them from
the wilds of Africa and reducing them
to slavery in America It could have
been nothing less thai failure at best
Return to the free and careless condi
tion of barbarians was impossible and
the task of compressing fifty centuries
of development into half the lifetime of
a man was an even greater Impossi
And yet the people of America have a
duty to perform there Monrovia must
be taken care of by the people of tho
United States That little country must
not be permitted to fall into the hands
of any other nation
Besides which It will be a good thing
for the United States Africa is rapidly
coming to the front
There is in this city a very general
movement Just now toward readjust
ment of pay for teachers and in some
instances to increase it Just what will
be the result would be difficult to fore
tell But in Justice to the teachers their
compensation should be increased Sure
Iv if that statement can be made touch
ing any other class of employment in
all this broad land it can with double
emphasis be made as to the teachers
Their pay should be increased
Heaven knows the principals and su
pervisors in Salt Lakes public schools
are not paid any too well and It is
equally known of heaven that the grade
teachers are underpaid This need not
I be construed as a complaint of theirs
Teachers are proverbially and habitual
ly patient even when they have good
cause for complaint It is not to be read
as a reflection on the management of
the board It is simply a statement of
Grade teachers are the drudges of the
educational system They must pre
pare themselves and that means an in
vestment which involves sacrifice of
money and of more than money They
must keep up to date in teaching
methods and in the thousand details of
teaching work which may tend to suc
cessful results In the leading of their
pupils They are docked whenever
illnesswhIch need not surprise them
comes as a result of overwork And
there are two and a half months in
every year when they must hold them
selves under orders and yet are not
paid a penny
The first impressions of a child are
the lasting impressions What he learns
from the grade teacher stays with him
through life and it is on that founda
tion that his life and his education are
The grade teacher ought to be paid
a much bigger salary And the employ
ment should be for the entire year
There should be no months of vacation
without pay The rest and recuperation
are necessary But the loss of salary
in that time can ill be borne
Whatever the reform in the pay of
teachers these two things should be
remembered They ought to have more
money and they should be paid for
every month in the year And when
that plan is adopted there will be an
even better army of teachers here than
are found today And in that bettered
service the public will have done for
itself the greatest Imaginable benefit
Whatever is helpful to the state
whatever points better way for the
people whatever creases their value
to themselves and helr service to pos
terity that Cs to be encouraged And
for the reason that we believe the Des
eret Farmer is helpful to the state of
Utah now and is building for a better
Utah in the years that are to come we
make this word of commendation
In the hands of Mr L A Merrill that
little paper has become an established
Institution of the state It is a regular
message directed to the man who make
a living on the soil the men who make
partnership with nature the men who
reclaim the desert the men who plant
fruit trees and dig wells the men who
study to Improve their stock And its
regular visits have become so effective
that thousands of people in the moun
tain country depend upon it They look
upon its statements as authoritative
as they are
For the present and for many years
to come land will be the biggest element
in the Utah problem How to get the
best results from the soil how to se
cure tho best grain and the best ani
mals and the best human beingsthese
are the fantors in the one predominant
problem And the man who helpn in
solving whatever problems that may
Involve is a benefactor to Utah a
friend of the race
It Is the belief of The HeraldRepub
lican that Mr Merrill with the Deseret
Farmer is helping mightily In that
Senator Root has spoken parts of
three days on the railroad bill which
President Taft desires shall be enacted
into law And in the course of his ad
dress one startling thing has been re
vealed A majority of the senators have
not read the bill
It has been before Congress for
months It has been discussed in twen
ty cities at big assemblies of commer
cial and financial men It has been at
tacked and defended In a multitude of
newspapers And yet the senators
themselves are not at all familiar with
its provisions
Is it at all likely that congressmen as
a clasS are any better informed Is It
likely the people know what thg bill
provides Yet that bill has been print
ed It is in the Congressional Record
The substance of it has beau faithfully
reported though in condensed term by
the Associated Press reporters and by
special correspondents for many news
But do the people get benefit from the
government provisions for publicity
That is the question Every possible
means has been adopted to tell the peo
ple about that and every other measure
presented before House or Senate Not
a citizen of the land but may have a
copy of the bill if he will ask his sen
ator or his congressman for it The
Record tells every word of It and every
word that has been said in Congress
either for or against it And yet it is
doubtful if the people know
That is the more likely because the
people certainly arc mistaken as to the
present tariff law Probably a ma
jority of the people of the United States
have damned that law In the belief that
it revises the tariff upward And that is
not at all the truth With every facil
ity for getting perfectly reliable Infor
mation they decline to be informed
Publicity Is demanded But are the
people taking the benefit provided
Why should Gifford Pinchot sail under
an assumed name
Admitting that he didnt care to have
the world know that he was going to
Europe Just at the time when Colonel
Roosevelt was coming to Europe what
reason could have induced him to so
hide himself as to assume a name that
does not belong to him Why masque
rade under an alias
The man is free No one can tell him
where to go NQ one can tell him of
places that he must not visit He has a
sister in Europe and he has a perfect
right to visit her He has money I
enough to pay his fare and all expenses
There is no good reason for believing
that he would have been stopped even
If he had traveled under his own name
And furthermore It is not at all like
ly that the people were watching Mr
Pinchot half so closely as he seems to
have believed they were He might
have taken passage in his own name
and made the voyage to Europe with
out disturbing trade or overturning
To be frank about it the people of the
world do not care greatly whether Mr
Pinchot goes or stays But the world
will read with transIentvery tran
sient Interest the statement that he
was so doubtful about the wisdom of
his journey that he booked his passage
under a name not his own
Every good American citizen will re
joice that there Is to be no trade war
with Canada It Is to be regretted that
the attitude of our people has been un
friendly toward Canadians And our
northern neighbors not quick to take
offense have yet felt the constant press
ure of antipathy until they have ac
quired a settled coldness toward our
The President does them the tardy
Justice of assuring peace relations in in
ternational trade The tariff is made
less offensive at the border And the
effect of that action on the part of the
American government will go far to re
store friendship with the Canadians
Chicory used to mix with coffee is the
oldest known adulterant of food In some
cheap restaurants the coffee Is often half
The trees which are used in the govern
ment work or reforestation are grown at
eight government nurseries in the west
ern forest reserves
Since 1 S3 the sea has washed away 419
acres of the British Isles but it has also
added 30572 The land gained however
is at present useless
In Switzerland education Is both free
and compulsory and such ample facili
ties are provided for all classes that
Illiteracy is almost unknown
The steamer duck ot South America
loses Its power of flight as It matures
The reason Is that its wingsdo not grow
as the rest of its body develops
There are killed annually in the coal
mines in the United States three times
as many men per thousand as in the coal
mines of most European countries
A French writer predicts that In the
course of one Hundred years very few
persons will live In the cities Cities will
be used only for business purposes
An Austrian fire department is trying
out a fire engine that though drawn by
horses Is operated by electricity taken
from any convenient source through a
cable carried by the engine
So many counterfeit nickels are dropped
In the fare boxes of a New York street
railway company that the lead realized
when they are melted down makes an ap
preciable Item In the revenue of the road
For the years 1S08 to 1308 Great Britain
has produced 326 bushels of wheat an
acre as against 139 In this country and
93 in Russia which make the poorest
showing of the large wheatgrowing coun
He was a sturdy little lad bordering on
three years of age and although he was
bawling at the top of his voice after
two older youngsters who were running
away from him he still was an attractive
sight as he stood with his feet planted
wide apart and tears running down his
Whats the matter Buddy asked a
passerby wouldnt they let you pLty
with them
He stopped yelling a moment and looked
at his questioner
I dont care about that he said but
they called me a crybaby
Whereupon he resumed his yelling
Newark Call
Christ Crucified I
Bound upon th accursed tree
Faint and bleeding who is He
By the eyes so pale and dim
Streaming blood and writhing limb
By the flesh with scourges torn
By the crown of twisted thorn
By the side so deeply pierced
By the baffled burning thirst
By the drooping deathdewd brow
Son of Man tis Thou tie Thou
Bound upon th accursed tree
Dread and awful who is He
By the sun at noonday pale
Shivering rocks and rending vale
By earth that tsembles at His doom
By yonder saints who burst their tomb
By Eden promised ere he died
To the felon at His side
Lord our suppliant knees we bow
Son of Man tis Thou tis Thou
Bound upon th accursed tree
Sad and dying who Is He
By the last and bitter cry
The ghost given up in agony
By the lifeless body laid
In the chamber of the dead
By the mourners come to weep
Where the bones of Jesus sleep
Crucified we know Thee now
Son of Man tis Thou Us Thou
Bound upon th accursed tree
Dread and awful who is He
By the prayer for them that slew
Lord they know not what they do
By the spolld and empty grave
By the souls He died to save
By the conquest He hath won
By the saints before His throne
By the rainbow round His brow
Son of Man tis Thou tis Thou
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