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I al
The night of Way company sched
uled to open at the Colonial theatre
S + nday night failed
to put jn an ap
pearame towing to the severe storm
or Saturday their train was delayed
i at tle Lupin cutoff and failed to
j make connections at Ogden that would
onns them i Ito the city in time to
grt e the performance A large aual
A ence waited until a late hour as an
nouncements made from time to time
led them to believe that the troupe
ttas in town At 9 oclock they were
asked to wait a half hour and assured
that the performance would begin at
that lime At 930 I the curtain rose
upon a set stage and a further delay
of five nnnutes was announced in or
der that the company which it was
stated vas in the house might have
tliio for their makeup Though many
t had left a large number waited until
after 10 and at hat time In default of
further announcements they straggled
out The house was cieared at 1020
Hen R Ketchum manager of the
Colonial theatre explained that the
first announcement was made In good
in in He received a telephone mes
sage from toe yardmaster of the Den
cr Rio Grande at S30 saying tlai
tilt company had arrived but It after
ward proved to be the baggage car I
and the company came in on a later
train 7he ttatements made to the
a < dlence were on authority of Man
age Hunt of the Right of Way com I
I any and they reflect no discredit on I
t a manassmcrt pf the Colonial The
failure of the company to appear was
un Iol able rnd the misleading state
ments were made because It was ex
reted to arrive at any moment The
five minute statement was made
without the authority of Manager
Kctthuin Ijunnjr the long wait the
aiideme was entertained with excel
fcit music by Squire Coops orchestra
From the Bimbos a comedy acrobatic
par clear through to the kinodrome the
Orpheum bill this week is uniformity
good and In contrast with the entertain
ment furnished last week it is what
might be termed an allstar program
Bur aside from a comparison with any
of the former showings the performances
this week are most of them topnotchers
wth a variety that meets the wishes of
all Because of the conference crowds
there were large audiences both yester
day afternoon and night and the bill will
likely please large numbers for the re
mainder of the week
The selecting of a headliner depends
a rood deal upon the taste of the men
who are doing the choosing as there
are at least three sketches which well
deserve the top position In merit each
equally applauded by the amusement
sf kers
Our old friend Bert Leslie is back with
us bringing his line of slang from the
Bowery and adding plenty of new
phrases He Is the whole company
though there are three others in the
cast of Hogan In Society and the
crowds are satisfied with the bartender
Make a noise like a tree and leave
Ira e in the inimitable inflection of
Lewis brought down the house with
other slang expressions He had the
audience with him from the first time
hf stepped from behind the curtain until
the close and there was one continual
uproar to prove that he was entertaining
La Veen Cross and company in
4 Roman Sports and Pastimes add a
unique feature to the bill and do some
1 ally wonderful feats especially LaVeen
whose marvelous strength seemed almost
Incredible As a part of the act La Veen
shows the masterful control he has of
his arm shoulder neck and back muscles
It is a lesson in physical culture to wit
ness the play of the muscles answering
to the will And with the serious heavy
work js enough humor to add to the
Emma Francis a vaudeville star who
has not been seen for quite a time is
bark again with her two Arabian boys
why are really wonderful In their tumb
1 ng And Miss Francis can do some
tumbling herself as well as beautiful
dancing and singing above the ordinary
Clever dialogue and good acting are
furnished by John T Thorne and Grace
Carleton in a comedy sketch with the
slangy soubrette and the Yap The
political oration of Thome Is a scream
and Miss Carleton Is about as dainty
and well formed a little creature as will
be seen In quite a time though not bur
dened with good looks
Some real clog dancing is furnished by
the McGInnis brothers who are above
the ordinary In this line Frank Staf
ford the cleverest whistler who ever
puckered his lips presents an original
sketch with Miss Marie Stone and a fine
English setter which Is most pleasing
The mocking bird song accompanied by
Stafford In whistling real mocking bird
music is unusually pleasing and enter
taining The sketch is a real treat The
Bimbos who head the bill are rather
good comedy acrobats
The Orpheum music especially In the
Roman sketch Is not up to Its ordinarily
good standing but with the exception
of this the entertainment Is well worth
your while
Presenting a play of much higher
class dramatically and scenically than
has been shown here by a stock com
pany for months the Bungalow com
pany of players last night produced
the biblical drama The Holy City be
fore a wellfilled and appreciative
house and judging from the close at
tention of the audience they gave
satisfaction The scenery and lighting
effects were especially good
The Holy City tells a story start
Ing at the time Jesus was most suc
cessful In his wonderful healing works
and at the time he was most perse
cuted The curtain falls upon Easter
morning after the Savior had proved
death to be powerless and had left the
tomb It is a play that can be com
prehended by all and one that reaches
highest Ideals of drama
Easily leading by far Miss Irene
Outtrlm playing Mary Magdalene
grew in popularity as the five acts
progressed She is particularly well
fitted to read the poetic expressions
embodied in the blank verse style In
which Thomas W Broadhurst clothed
his plot Elmer Booth as Calaphas
high priest of Israel did excellent
work while Verne Layton as Judas
made a very good impression espe
cially In his remorse scene when retri
bution drives him to insanity
Noel Travers as Barabbas got
through nicely but the part does not
offer an opportunity to show his best
work His love scenes with Mary were
thoroughly enjoyed George Stanley
in two parts showed himself capable
though hampered by a slight cold Reed
111 Clark made an excellent Micah and
did even better as Lazarus A very
pretty part and one nicely handled is
that of Martha taken by Miss Kath
leen Hardee Calchol though a small
part brought applause to William Mat
The play offers opportunity for end
less highclass work and many of these
opportunities have been taken The
cast is considerably larger than usual
There has been an unusually heavy
demand for seats for the grand con
cert to be given by Miss Maggie Tout
and company at the Tabernacle Tues I
day night The sale will continue to i
day and tomorrow at the Consolidated I
Music companys store 109 South Main
street and on the evening of the con
cert may be had at the box office on
the Tabernacle grounds A feature of
the great event will be the distribu
tion of a beautifully designed and
highly artistic house program con
taining a splendid photograph of the
charming young singer
Despite the Inclement weather of yes
terday and last night three big au
diences gathered at the Mission and
I applauded every number of the bill
which Is being offered this week The
headliner of the act Is undoubtedly
Crane The Irish Wizard The crown
Ing feature of this act Is the glass
trunk mystery which Is done so clev
erly that the audience cannot help but
think two women are used Crane has
a standing offer of 1000 to any per
son who can prove that more than
one young woman takes part In the act
Great has been the success of The
Thief which Charles Frohman will
produce at the Salt Lake theatre I
Thursday Friday and Saturday next
There is nothing accidental about this
success The Thief Is no lucky
strike Before writing The Thief
Henry Bernstein its author had com
posed other plays of great artistic
merit and absorbing interest but in
The Thief he has seemed as it were
to have concentrated all his power In
one supreme effort He shows no
signs of exhaustion so in his whole
work whether it be a oneact or a
larger drama Bernstein shows unlim
ited resource and inexhaustible ingen
uity Sale of seats opens at the box
office tomorrow
Mort H Singer with the aid of the
successful authors Messrs Hough
Adams and Howard has produced nu
merous successful musical comedies at
his beautiful Princess theatre Chicago
notably The Time the Place and the
Girl The Prince of Tonight The
Golden Girl Honeymoon Trail The
Girl Question The Goddess of Lib
erty etc etc but the greatest of all
was his quality musical play A Stub
born Cinderella In which Mr Homer
B Mason is the bright particular star
and will be seen at the Salt Lake thea
tre tonight This clever play had a
run of over one year in Chicago con
tinuing on its merry way last summer
after the torrid weather compelled the
eloping of the doors of every theatre
In the city Last summer it duplicated
the Chicago experience In Boston A
Stubborn Cinderella is woven around
the fairy tale and in the second act is
introduced a dream minuet that is the
feature of the play
Mr Florence the local motion pic
ture manager was successful In secur
ing the motion picture reproduction of
the JohnsonKetchel fight and these
films are being featured at the Shubert
theatre for one week ending Friday
evening April 8 1910 Immediately
after Mr Florences announcement yes
terday afternoon crowds commenced
gathering at the theatre and fifteen
minutes before the time advertised to
commence the theatre was crowded to
Its capacity Some of those who were
privileged to see the fight particularly
appreciated the pictures as they could
easily recognize the faces of their
friends as the pictures are so clear
that the features of many of the spec
tators are plainly discernible
MIzpah the poetical drama written
Jointly by Ella Wheeler Wilcox the
poetess of passion and Luscombe Sea
rello had its first local production at the
Grand yesterday and if last nights
crowded house Is any criterion the
standing room only sign ought to be
hung out ail during the week
The piece Is the most ambitious and
stupendous of the seasons productions at
the Grand no less than fortyfive people
appearing in the cast The piece Is well
ircunted the stage effects are clever and I
the costuming Is quite In keeping with the
story of the play The scene In the third
act showing the gardEn of the kings
palace Is remarkably good so much so
in fact that it evoked no little applause
There Is no fault to find with any of
the cast each member of the company
ircludlng the guards with nothing more
Important than speaking parts acquit
ting themselves creditably
Mr Theodore Lorch as Ahasuerus the
Persian king looked every inch the part
In this as well as in all of his other
parts his work was artistic and left
nothing to be desired As the king issu
ing orders to his subjects his voice and
manner were powerfully good while as
a lover he came up to all expectations
Of the others the work of Jack Conway
as Haman the kings viceroy was Im
pressive and showed that he has studied
the part well
Miss Cecil Fay as Esther the Jewish
maiden had a most difficult part which
she made the most of
The story of the play deals with the
persecution and captivity of the Jews
about the year 450 B C and during the
reign of King Ahasuerus who reigned
over Persia
The king falls in love with Esther and
makes her queen which arouses the
wrath of I5aman He plots to kill both
the king and queen but is foiled and
the king makes Mordecal Viceroy and
orders that Haman be gibbetted Instead
of the Jewish chieftain
Carolines Courtship a new comedy
playlet produced at the Casino yesterday
for the first time by Luke Cosgrove and
Miss Mabel Cooper the latter a Salt Lake
girl found favor at five performances at
the popular playhouse The well con
structed and well acted sketch also re
ceived the commendation of the manage
ment of the Casino The story deals
with a gambler In a western community
who falls desperately in love with the
town belle who is not conscious of her
beauty but is jealous of her good name
and reputation The gambler coyly pro
poses marriage but his seeming auda
cious proffer is courteously scorned A
lapse of ten years takes place while the
lights are low and Caroline sings Auld
Lang Syne The gambler and Caroline
meet again He throws away his cards
and faro box renounces gambling and
wins the girl
Max Florence president and general
manager of the Luna Isis Shubert and
Elite theatres of Salt Lake has pur
chased 95 per cent of the capital stock
erf the Trent Wilson Film exchange
a corporation of this state and it will
hereafter be known as the Florence
Film company The change has been
made in accordance with the laws of
the state of Utah and notification has
been filed with the secretary of state
Leavenworth Kan April 3Thomas
Coghill a former banker of Seymour
Wis who has been a prisoner In the
federal penitentiary since October 24
1907 Is dying of typhoid fever
His wife and son arrived here this morn
ing and were conducted at once to the
dying mans bedside Coghill is sixty
years old and Is serving a fiveyear sen
Heart Trouble
from Childhood
I suffered with my heart from
girlhood could not sleep on left
side Eleven bottles of Dr Miles
Heart Remedy removed all these
troubles and brought complete re
covery MRS H C CRUSE
San Francisco Calif
The life of the body is the blood
It runs on and one carrying nourish
ment and gathering up impurities as
long as life laststhe heart makes
it go When the heart is weak it
cannot do this and dizzy spells pal
pitation short breath indicate that
it is doing its work imperfectly
Dr Miles Heart Remedy
strengthens the heart nerves and
muscles and restores normal action
tc the heart
The first bottle will benefit If not
your druggist will return your money
The Conservative
Housewife Always Says
White Fawn Flour
When ordering flour she does
not ask the grocer which is the j 1
best for cake or which is the
best for bread etc When
asked she says very distinct
ly White Fawn for bread
or pastries is incomparable
50 lbsf 175 251bs 90c
Personal Appearance I
Unless your persona appearance Is
good you meet with difficulties ev
ery day You dont know why you
dont get attention but we do Get
your clothes French Dry Cleaned and
Pressed and see what a diference It
makes Called for and delvered
Cleaning Dyeing Co
351 South State
Bell 5233 Ind 1731
Warnock Insurance
C Warnock and H S Knight
Agents Herald Building
Synopsis of the annual statement for
the year ending December 31 1909 of the
condition of the
Northern Assurance Company Ltd
The name and location of the
company United States
Branch Northern Assurance
company limited 38 Pine
street New York N Y
Name of U S manager Geo
W Babb
The amount of its U S de
posit Is 20000000
The amount of its assets Is 493317075
The amount of Its liabilities is 317707673
The amount of its income
during the preceding calen
dar year 331673737
The amount of its expendi
tures during the preceding
calendar year 319651698
The amount of losses paid
during the preceding calen
dar year 133096060
The amount of risks written
during the year 40461431300
The amount of risks in force
at the end of the year 49046211900
State of Utah Office of the Commission
er of Insurance
I George B Squires commissioner of
insurance of the state of Utah do here
by certify that the abovenamed insur
ance company has filed In my office a
detailed statement of its condition from
which the foregoing statement has been
prepared and that the said company has
In all other respects complied with the
laws of the state relating to insurance
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the seal of the
insurance department this 26th day of
March A D 1910
By Willard Done
Sinaloa Land Fruit company has
moved its offices to 42122 Felt building
opposite postofflce
Synopsis of the annual statement for
the year ending December 31 1903 of
the condition of the
Glens Falls Fire Insurance Company
The name and location of the
company Glens Falls Fire
Insurance Co corner Glen
and Bay streets Glens Falls
New York
Name of president John L
Cunningham i I
Name of secretary E W I i
The amount of its capital
stock Is J 10000000
The amount of its capital
stock paid up is 20000000
The amount of its assets is 549741575
I The amount of its liabilities
including capital is 266248996
The amount of its Income
during the preceding calen
dar year 226146752
The amount of its expend
itures during the preceding
calendar year 191376357
The amount of losses paid
during the preceding calen
dar year 86134189
The amount of risks written
during the year 21906816400
The amount of risks in force j
at the end of the year 37253920300
State of Utah Office of the Commission
er of Insurancess i i
I George B Squires commissioner of
Insurance of the state of Utah do hereby i
certify that the above named insurance
company has filed In my office a detailed
statement of its condition from which i
the foregoing statement has been pre
pared and that the said company has in t
all other respects complied with the laws
of the state relating to insurance
In testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and affixed the seal of the I
Insurance department this 26th day of
March A D 1910 4
Seal Commissioner I
By Willard Done
Remedies are Needed
Were we perfect which we are not medicines would
aot cites be needed But since our systems have be
come weakened impaired and broken down through
indiscretions which have gone on from the early ages
through countless generations remedies are needed to
aid Nature in correcting our inherited and otherwise
acquired weaknesses To reach the seat of stomach
weakness and consequent digestive troubles there is
nothing so good as Dr Pierces Golden Medical Discov
ery a glycerio compound extracted from native medic
inal rootssold for over forty years with great satisfaction to all users For
Weak Stomach Biliousness Liver Complaint Pain in the Stomach after eating
Heartburn Bad Breath Belching food Chronic Diarrhea and other Intestinal
Derangements the Discovery is a timeproven and most efficient remedy
The genuine has on Its t
outside wrapper the
You cant afford to accept a secret nostrum as a substitute for this nonalco
holic medicine OF KNOWN COMPOSITION not even though the urgent dealer may
thereby make a little bigger profit
Dr Pierces Pleasant Pellets regulate and invigorate stomach liver and
bowels Sugarcoated tiny granules easy to take as candy
REPUBLICAN will go helphunting
for youand make a thorough job of it
REPUBLICAN helps you make keeping
boarders a real vocation liable to make
a living for you
What I his Paper Thinks
of the Deseret Farmer
Whatever Is helpful to the state
whatever points a better way for the
people whatever increases their value
to themselves and their service to pos
terity that is to be encouraged And
for the reason that we believe the Des
eret Farmer Is helpful to the state of
Utah now and Is building for a better
Utah In the years that are to come we
make this word of commendation
In the hands of Mr L > A Merrill that
little paper has become an established
Institution of the state It Is a regular
message directed to the men who make
a living on the soil the men who make
partnership with nature the men who
reclaim the desert the men who plant III
fruit trees and dig wells the men who
study to Improve their stock And Its
regular visits have become so effective
that thousands of people In the moun
tain country depend upon It They look
upon Its statements as authoritative
as they are
For the present and for many years
II to come land will be the biggest element II
In the Utah problem How to get the
best results from the soil how to se
cure the best grain and the best ani
mals and the best human beingsthese
are the factors In the one predominant
problem And the man who helps In
solving whatever problems that may
Involve Is a benefactor to Utah a
friend of the race
It Is the belief of The HeraldRepub
lican that Mr Merrill with the Deseret
Farmer Is helping mightily In that
service Editorial from The Herald
Republican April 2nd 1910
100 SL Year
Special Offer During Conference
4 Months Trial 25c
Our temporary office for the next
three days is at the De BouzekHuntse
Engraving Cos office opposite the
south gate of the Tabernacle
Permanent office
613614 Vermont Building
Visitors to Conference and the General Public are requested to attend the
Great Sale at the
Peoples CashDepartment Store
On Monday Tuesday and Wednesday
when Great Bargains will be offered in FirstClass Millinery at Lowest Prices
Ladies stylish Suits from 1095 Mens Work Suits from 498
Underwear and Furnishings the best and
Mens Suits latest and best
lowest priced
from 1095 to 1695 Mens and Ladies Shoes at Sale Prices
In all Departments bargains are offered See our WindowsWelcome to AllDont
forget our New Grocery Departmenteverything the Best and Cheapest
42444648 West First South
I 1
> 4 t 1119
Z r
h d
Clothes Time for Young Men
Sooner or later you are going to inter
est yourself in a new Spring suit
We are ready for you with all the new
Spring styles and they are allwool guar
anteed Prices from 750 to 12500
You need never have any doubt con
cerning the workmanship quality value
and fit of the clothes we sell They are
right and Xtragood at the price
Mullett Clothing Company
block west from Main on Second So
Our Mail Order Department is always in working order
The Juvenile Instructor
for April JF
has the first of a series of handsome new lii V
covers Each one will be better than the pre
ceding one J
If you havent seen the April number call
at our office and get one
We invite our Conference visitors to make
our store their headquarters during their stay
I in the city
Deseret S S Union Book Store
44 East South Temple
Half Block East of Monument
Have your ticket read Burlington
Special Rates East
Plan Now
From Salt Lake and Ogden to
Destination Round Trip Rate Dates of Sale
Chicago rOO May 6 and 14
St Louis 4900 June 4 11 18 27
St PaulMinneapolis SlOO July 7 29
Peoria 6110 August 4
Omaha 4000 September 14 and 28 4
St Joseph 4800
Kansas City 4000
CONDITIONS OF TICKETS Going limit ten days from date
of sale Good to return any time up to and including Octo
ber 31st Usual diverse routes going one way and return
ing the other with stopover privileges
SERVICE Through standard sleepers daily through tour
ist sleepers personally conducted frequently each week via
scenic Colorado Denver thence Burlington East five high
clans DnrllngrtOD trains leave Denser each day for the end
Let me show you how the different Burlington main lines
to the East may be used In connection with these excur
sion tickets and how to include all of the great cities la
your tour
We are In Utah to serve you
l R F NESLBN General Agent
i 307 Main Street
Salt Lake City Utah
t s
JllltbUab6 < J 1841 n
Of course there will never be an Issue The Older eM Lrs t
of this newspaper in which every classl Jt
Re file DUN
led ad will be worth while for YOU to w fRo a
answer Neither probably will there GEORGE RUST Oenertl
ever be an Issue of this newspaper In Idaho Wyoaate eat MH
which there is not at least one or two
want ads that ABLE worth your while to QCttett Sa > ulHisra Nt > mim
President of Bnai Bnth Asks Com
patriots to Help Suppress
Washington April 3Tho order must
continue to be the rallying ground for all
Jews regardless of political or religious
opinions declared Adolf Kraus of Chi
cago president of the Independent Order
of Bnai Brlth in the grand lodge con
vention which began here today A tre
mendous dynamic force Mr Kraus said
had been at work In the camp of Israel
Passions have been aroused he edd
ed schisms have been created and where
peace and harmony are so essential strife
and discord reign We have the scientist
the orthodox and reformed with their re
spective chasms constantly widening
their antipathies steadily growing In my
Judgment It Is the province of the order
to continue In the path which it has pur
sued from its Inception It must not fa
vor or discountenance movements within
our own ranks on which Jewish opinions
are pronounced and varied
A pathetic picture was drawn of the
conditions In Galicia where the poverty at
the people Mr Kraus said was inde
scribable It was not strange he added
that among the Gallcian Jews the re
cruiting agent finds many not too reluc
tant additions to the army of white
We are fighting the white slave traf
fic said the president Let us help to
close up the markets which furnish the
At tonights meeting the principal ad
dress was delivered by Lucius L Solo
mon of San Francisco second vice pres
Ident of the order He spoke broadly of
the aims of the order and of the Jews
place among the nations
Mr Solomon critlclsed the immigration
laws of th > United States
The position of the immigrant Jew to
day he declared is on a par with that
of the early colonists of the prerevolu
tlonary period in this country H
claimed that some of the decendpnts of
those who came to this country for re
ligious freedom dishonor their own proud
lineage by fathering Immigration laws
aimed at those for whom they ought to
feel the keenest sympathy

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