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Park Superintendent Arouses
I Protest by Chopping
Down Trees
Many complaints have been recolved
by Mayor John S Bransford regarding
what Is termed the ruthless destruc
tion of shade trees in Liberty park
and on the counds of the city and
county building The chopping of trees
has been done under orders from Nich
olas Byhower superintendent of parks
and many more are due to fall
According to plans of the superin
tendent of parks the double row of
evergreen trees standing on either side
of the walk leading to the city and
county building from Fourth South and
State streets are to bo felled with the
view of planting linden trees In their
place Mr Byhower has declare that
he intends to make this a shady lane I
during the summer time and believes
toe linden trees are the best The ever
green trees hove stood along the walk
and in other parts of the grounds for
many years and hare proved one of
the attractive features of the grounds
Representations which have been
made to the mayor are that a number
of fine shade trees have been chopped
down In Liberty park because they
were killing the lawns or because the
tr es were too thick But the mayor
declares the trees cannot be too thick
and he may take the matter up with
the city board of park commissioners to
stop the further cutting of the trees
Employes in the city and county
building who have been there long
enough to have a sort of proprietary
interest in the building and grounds
have been up In arms since a fine
weeping willow wts cut down a few
days ago The tree has stood on the
joint building grounds even before the
building was completed and was the
finest tree on the grounds It was ad
mired by the employes in the building
as well as citizens and visitors It was
the best shade tree on the grounds and
was one of the nost beautiful trees in
the city But the superintendent of
parks said it was killing three other
trees and was ruining the lawn so em
ployes of the park department felled
tne WillOW
Protesting citizens say there are not
too many trees In the city and that in
stead of chopping down what are now
standing the park department would
help the city In planting more trees
I Since the intention of the superintend
ent of parks became known to cut
down the evergreens in the city and
county building yard the protests have
Increased and Mayor Bransford will
probably take a hand In the matter
Back to Forest Dale or Resign Is
Ultimatum of Com
C M Sorenean and others of the
Granite district school board were be
fore the county commissioners yester
day in an effort to elucidate problems
of the district Sorensen and D W
Moffat have been disqualified as
members of the school board as
Moffat moved to Murray and Sorenaeii
lives in Sugar House which is now a
1 art of Salt Lake Moffat has sent In
his resignation to the commissioners
and his successor will be appointed
within a short time
The commissioners gave Mr Soren
sen until next Monday to move out of
Fait Lake and into Forest Dale or to
resign as a member of the board It is
jrobable that the two new members of
the board will be appointed by the
commissioners next Monday Mr So
rensen told the commissioners he In
tended to move Into Forest Dale at
once in which event he will mmain as
a member of the Granite school board
The site for the Granite high school
at Fifth East and Fourteenth South
street was purchased on March 31 1909
by the school board for 3000 Amos
S Gabbott chairman of the school
board said yesterday that members of
the board believed they were acting in
accordance with the desires of the tax
payers of the district In choosing the
Fifth East site He suid that property
on State street near Fourteenth South
is held at too high a figure and that it
would take all of the 58000 held by the
school board to buy any kind of a site
there The board now has 14 acre In
the new site which is across the street
from the present Granite high school
I believe it would be to the Interests
of the citizens of the west side of the
river to have the school at Fifth East
and Fourteenth South Instead of at
State street said Mr Gabbott yester
day It Is only a question of time
when the street car company will have
to build a line on Fourteenth South
street or some other street for a cross
country line to Wandamere Besides
this it will not be long before another
high school will have to be erected on
the west side of the river and if the
present school were placed on State
street we would have to put the new
one at Gaf1eld We believe we are
acting for the best interests of the
Granite district in selecting the Fifth
East street site I
Two Plans For Saving
It is a matter of wisdom and
good Judgment to deposit
money whore it will grow by
reason of Interest additions as
is shown by the followIng two
Ono dollar saved each week
and In the old fashioned way
hidden in your home or else
where so that it will earn no
interest will amount to 1040
in twenty years
One dollar saved each week
and deposited with this institu
tion where It will earn 4 per
cent compound Interest will at
thc end of twenty years amount
to 161400 having during this
time earned nearly six hundred
dollars Interest
Which of these plans do you
follow We welcome deposits
from one dollar upwards
Salt Lk
Security Trust
I Cempaay
32 Up Main Strt
Capital 30000000
Surplus 10000000
2 0
A Blood
Purifying Tonic
Is worth more now than at any
season of the year
Iron and
Cleanses the body from all im
purities strengthens and enriches
the blood Improves the appetite
100 a Bottle
I The Pnre Dm
S South Mats
tJ l rw
Come be merry with the Merrymak
I ers band at the Auditoriunf 5 tonight Helds I
For information leading to the convic
tion Of persons PURCHASING COP
property belonging to the Salt Lake
Ogden Railway Company
Simon Bamberger President
The Jewels
which ancient monarchs
hoarded in their treas
ure houses the modern
world scatters where
they can be seen
A glimpse of our dia
mond case is a delight
to the eye and a vaIn
able part of ones edu
Bare gems within the
reach of a moderate
Fancy Vest
Will l add that touch
41j1 11lc of dignity necessary
I1 i ii to make your Spring
Iq attire complete
ji The newest things
iit fI2
IIl k4
3 to 10
Benjamin Suts are 18 1 to 40
The Now York Style Shoe Is On
J D OWEN Mgr 245 So Main
A Handsome Finish
for Shabby Floors
I Have you a shabby soft wood
fl9or t scratched and scuffed
from wear and tear You can
refinish it and make it look like
new And you can do it your
self tooat a trifling cost
stains and varnishes at one operation
I eration imparting to all kinds
of floors and surfaces the ele
gant effect and attractive ap
pearance of beautifully finished
and expensive woods Call in
and let us show you
Both Phones 512 37 E First South St
Somewhere in the classified columns of every Issue of The HeraldRe
publican will be found an order for two seats at the Orpheum theatre good
on date of Issue The person whose
for either matinee or evening performance
name appears in this order will please present a copy of the ad to The Her
aldRepublican office before 6 oclock today together with a positive Identi
ficationyour last subscription receipt will do Read the classified adver
tisements in this issue Perhaps your name is there
Utah Society Receives Responses
From Men Eminent in the
Responses have already been re
ceived from a large number of the
Utah Society of Engineers both from
Salt Lake and from other parts of the
state which Indicate that the banquet
to be held by the society next Friday
evening at the Commercial club win
be largely attended and therefore very
The committee having in charge the
arrangement of the program and other
details connected with the banquet are
Richard R Lyman Milton D Grosh
anll R E Caldwell The speakers and
the topics on which they will speak are
as follows
Annual address of tJul president con
taining a statement of the condition of
the society by President Joseph F Mer
rill Littleton Price Irrigation on the
Sevier River C H Repath Salient
Points in Smelter Building Leonard
Wilson HydroElectric Development
Fred Arnold The Details of Engineer
ing Design Alex McPherson Irri
gation in Idaho J B Forrester The
Geological Engineer Owen IL Gray I
Power Plants in Utah A P Merrill
Experiences of the Young Engineer
Fred J Pack The Pleasures of Mem
bership B A Mendenhall The Com
mercial Engineer C P Overfield
Matrimonial Engineering R E Cald
well will be toastmaster
John Farrington the liveryman has
moved to 238 South First West Both
phones 273
Seeds of all kinds Bailey Sons Co
63 E 2d So
TribuneReporter Printing Co
K West Second South Phones lit
Typewriter Inspection Co 1311 E 2d
So Bell 5691Ind 1267 Monthly in
spection 100 ribbons furnished Gen
eral repairing
Twentyfive dollars per lot adan <
May 1 on all lots in Park Crescent If
you want to get in on tne tzound flur <
attend the excursion Arbor day Fl e
cent fare Cars leave Mt < Hivet mr I
the Emigration Canyon line at 11 a MI
and every thirty minutes thereafter ur i
til 3 p m For further information iy
ply Warranty Real Estate Investment
company 317 South Main Bell pboia I
Mr Jensen
the creamery man
knows a good
thing when he sees
Notice hes painted
his wagons blue I
1 ffa AS HP an E
i HI Si B < 9J fia >
CrItchlow Fischer KHtip
Cable Addreca Vcsfuco
She Speaks at Eastmans Hall
Denouncing Church and
King of Spain
Emma Goldman led an audience who 1
subscribed to her own beliefs at East
mans hall last night through the tor
tuous metapnorical pathway of an
archy free love and ungodly doctrines
which she is pleased to call the mod
ern school of thought She upbraided
everybody from King Alfonso of Spain
to the humblest priest of the Catholic
church She blames them for the con
ations which brought about the execu
tion of Francisco Ferrer in the city of
Barcelona Spain eight months ago
While this firmJawed woman was in
the frenzy of her denunciations she
was frequently Interrupted by cries
from the crowd Youre all right
In the course of her address she com
pared Ferrer to Jesus Christ and said
that Ferrer had died for a far greater
cause than the Son of God She de
nounced the government of the United
States and said that its police and
soldiery were legalized murderers
What right has either church or
state to Interfere with the relations of
man and woman declared the speaker
Miss Goldman did not follow up this
line of expression She simply Injected
It Into her lecture and although there
were many men in the audience at
whose side sat their wives and children
the declaration was applauded
She referred to France as the cradle
of liberty and asserted that It was in
that country that man first proclaimed
the right of free speech and Uared say
hat his soul was his own She de
nounced the Catnolic church most ve I
hemently and said that for centuries it
had stood in the way of progress and
that the Vatican had hoodwinked the
world into conceptions which were ob
jiiss Goldman discussed the work of
Ferrer as the apostle of the socalled
modern school She dwelt upon his
early career his trials and his per
sistency in standing for a line of
thought which is vastly removed from
the general acceptance that there ia a
God and that all men are not born with
evil intent
Teachings of Ferrer
Ferrer did not teach the children
that there is a God said Miss Gold
man Why should he teach them
something which he did not believe
Ferrer taught the children that it is
wrong for them to bear false witness
against their neighbor he taught them
that it is wrong for governments to
force men into soldiery that they should
shoot down their fellow man he taught
them that it is their privilege to bask
in the sunshine that nature gay them
and to be happy in the hope that there
would be emancipation of mankind
Miss Goldman was introduce by the
Rev Thurston Brown of the Unitarian
church Those who expected to see
an elderly woman in Miss Goldman
were mistaken While she does not
glow with youthfulness she is far from
having passed that stage of life at
which comeliness departs She is a
rather stout woman When she took
the platform last evening she did so in
a sort of professional swagger and In
a manner not only to indicate that she
had the courage of her own convictions
but that she had the courage of the
convictions of others
She speaks out plainly and firmly
In her speech can be detected the oc
casional transposition of words char
acteristic of the Russian Jew While
she speaks grammatically she cannot
wholly hide evidences of the race to
which she belongs
Miss Goldmen does not make cli
maxes in her tirade that the audience
may applaud She is clever enough to
make her remarks continuous and does
not tarry for the glad hand For a
woman she is a bold figure and one
whose fiery words carry conviction to
those susceptible to her teachings
Eastern Capitalists Through Salt
Laker Will Develop a
Big Tract
Approved plats from the state land
board have been filed with the United
States land office here and have been
forwarded to Washington for sogregatlon
under the Carey act by which 1062s acres
of now arid land will be made produc
tive The project is filed in the name of
D B Mackintosh acting for eastern In
The land to be Irrigated is 11 miles west
of Oasis and will be handled by the Rich
lands Irrigation company organ ed some
months ago with headquarters In Salt
Lake It is stated that the men Inter
ested in the scheme will spend at least
half a million dollars in reclaiming the
land and adding more fertile lands to the
area of the state
The description of the lands applied for
is as follows
All of sections 19 29 30 and 31 township
17 south range 8 west
Southwest quarter section 20 township
17 south range 8 west
Southwest quarter of southeast quarter
of section 20 township 17 south range 8
west I
South half of the northwest quarter of
section 20 township 17 south range 8 west
Northwest quarter of the northwest
quarter of section 20 township 17 south
range 8 west
South half of the southeast quarter lot
4 and the southeast quarter of the south
west quarter of section 18 township 17
south range 8 west
AH of section 5 township 17 south range
9 west
South half of the southeast quarter and
southwest quarter of section 4 township
17 south range 9 west
All of sections 10 U 12 13 14 15 22 23
SI 25 and 26 In township 17 south range
9 west
Every member of the hospital corps
cf the National Guard of Utah was pres
ent last night at the annual govern
ment inspection at the guard armory
and the officers and men of the corps I
their I
were highly complimented upon
appearance and the condition of the
equipment Major Manley surgeon at I
Fort Douglas conducted the inspection
and declared himself highly pleased
with the guardsmen With 100 per cent
present for inspection and the property
In firstclass condition the
hospital 1
corps is certain to be one of the leading
organizations of the guard on the gov
ernment inspection for 1910 There were
seven privates and three noncommis
sioned officers present besides Captain
J F Sharp Major J O Evans and
Colonel W R Tyndale
lEmma dhnl1lBUrn n Not
a Dall11gerjtUl Womae
j t
I 1 i w < < 1 + > t J i 1 f f +
i4hit t f 14f Lg > tt < k >
N < < Ii A v > < > t <
4T I I
t S > 4 k 4 I
t > > f3 v i >
5 1 t7 c < + I
S v + sr J BBmfZ t
4 > j45
5 w
< <
5 c Y <
I 4 y < ti
u r
w + vt 4
5 5 e ir >
t 5 S
5 S yv I t
± 5
Womans estimate of anarchist is that she is terribly in earnest
rrt HAT it is absurd to consider Emma
JL Goldman a dangerous woman is
the firjt impression one receives
in a talk with her High priestess of
anarchy she may be and apostle of
free love she may be but it is never
theless true that she is a highly in
tellectual woman with considerable in
sight into human nature and what ap
pears to be a real love for humanity
If she has any other motive than a de
sire to work for progress and enlight
enment it is not apparent
It is not necessary to agree with
Emma Goldman in order to acquire a
respect for her intelligence and sincer
ity She is a rational thinking woman
with a right to hold the most radical
beliefs and it will do the world no
harm to listen to them It is impps
eible to imagine that she would try
to force these beliefs to the extent of
using violent measures
Her opinions are stated withthe posi
tiveness of a true believer She has
the sort of eloquence and magnetism
that comes from earnest thought and
sincere convlcUou Emma Goldman is
a force that must be considered be
cause she combines enthusiasm for a
causa with radical Ideas
Personally the little woman is not
an object of terror She is the intel
lectual sort that does not care for ap
pearances so she is badly cfressed and
lacks distinction of manner That is
partly Russian temperament and partly
because she thinks there arcs more im
portant things than personal adorn
ment And yet she claims to appre
ciate beauty
Beauty of a sort she has It lies
in a good physique in clear eyes and
clean complexion as of one who lives
much outofacors Her forceful speech
and expressive gestures are the sym
bols of a full and complete nature
She is strong and fearless and appar
ently without nerves a healthy human
creature with the limitations of the
woman who Acorns feminine graces and
Women according to Emma Gold
man are limited nariowminded and
bigoted They are also devoted self
sacrifclng and capable of as high a
state of enlightenment as men Their
narrowmindedness and bigotry come
from years of ignorance and slavery
With the same opportunities for edu
cation and development they will be
mens equals
In Emma Goldman is seen an ex
ample of what a woman can do to
emancipate herself and cultivate her
own powers Four years of school life
between the years of seven t nd eleven
were all the regular schooling Miss
Goldman ever had Then he worked
and studied taking advantage of every
opportunity to acquire knowledge She
thought much talked with people of
intelligence who could help her to think
and all her life she has been a vora
cious reader She says that life has
been her college and that she has taken
her degree In the understanding of hu
man nature
As a trained nurse in Now York city
Miss Goldman sought experiences
among outcasts and degraded typos
One incident which she has not here
tofore told Is that of a fallen woman
who was her patient when suffering
from the results of the morphine habit
Miss Goldman accepted this case as she
would any other not In the Philistine
better than thou attitude but with
the sympathy due every human being
This creature was of the Zaza or
Camille type Intellectual herself ar
tistic and cultivated In the two years
she was In Miss Goldmans care she Im
proved physically and came to an un
derstanding of herself that produced a
moral reformation
Miss Goldman reverts with pride to
the fact that she Is a selfmade woman
She has done more than other women
do to advance themselves in discour
aging circumstances and environment
In the same way she is now devoting
herself to the advancement of the race
It may be pride and It may be that she
wants a public career and excitement
But It looks like genuine devotion to a
cause in which she believes
Owners of Various Shops Decide to
Organize an As
About twentyfour master printers
representing as many printing estab
lishments in Salt Lake assembled last
night at the Commercial club and
formed a temporary organization to
be known as the Master Printers Asso
ciation of Salt Lake W G Romney
was elected president and L C Shaw
Jr secretary
There was some discussion over the
question of asking the owners of lino
types and wholesale paper dealers to
join the association and it was finally
decided to do so The association will
meet again next Tuesday night when
a permanent organization will be
formed The president was empowered
to name a committee to formulate
plans to that end and to report at the
next meeting
The aims and objects of the new as
sociation as explained by President
Romney are to bring the master prin
ters of this city Into closer touch to
get the members to meet occasionally
in a social way to create a better un
derstanding among them and to raise
the standard of the printing trade
Theatre Employes Present Him
With Loving Cup on Eve
of Departure
The stage of the Shubert theatre was
the scene of an elaborate social function
last evening in honor of Aaron Florence
who has been assisting his brother Max
for a year past In the latters theatrical
enterprises Aaron Florence Is about to
go to Montreal The affair was in the
nature of a surprise party In which near
ly one hundred young people all con
nected with the various theatres con
trolled by the Florence company partici
pated Mrs Conrad Dave Farquhar
Harry Wolff and Dave Archer had the
matter of arrangements and decorations
in hand
The stage was set In a beautiful sum
mer garden scene A table was set
around which the ninetyfour guests were
seated A suitable badge was adopted by
the committee everybody being provided
with a small souvenir chicken which
was worn during the evening in view
of thefact that Mr Florence anticipates
embarking in the poultry business Fol
lowing the luncheon an informal musical
program was given A beautiful sterling
silver loving cup was given to Aaron
Florence Presentation was made by W
R Hall
Funeral services for Mrs John E Wes
ley were held yesterday afternoon in the
Third ward meeting house Bishop R W
Eardley was in charge Among the
speakers were Elijah Weller John Y
Smith L J Haddock James Eardley and
Mr Moyes of Ogden A quartet composed
of L J Haddock A F Smith Mrs
Phenie Burnham and Miss Gussie Peter
son rendered several hymns Pall bearers
were William Campbell Bernard Augus
tine Ernest Campbell C A Nichols Fred
Jackson and J D Campbell Interment
was in City cemetery
Commencement Exercises at St
Marks Training School
Invitations for the fifteenth annual
commencement exercises of the St
Marks hospital training school for
nurses have been sent to the many
friends of that institution The exer
cises will be held Wednesday evening
April 27 and a most enjoyable time is
looked forward to by the prospective
graduates and their fclends The fol
lowingnamed will graduate Mary H
Hansen Richfield Lillian J Simpson
Sheridan Mont Ruth M Webb Cleve
land 0 Marie C Jacobsen Cokevllle
Wyo Anna M Anderson Salt Lake
LaurIce Harrington Halley Ida
Secretary of Land Board Says
Auction Shows Plan
Is Practical
While there were not as many peo
ple at the drawing as had been hoped
for It proved a success as a starter
for this method of selling land in Utah
and I believe It Is just the first step
In bringing thousands of people here
to tt111 early on the utah lands
said will H Farnsworth secretary of
the state board of land commissioners
who was present Monday at the land
drawing of the Sevier River Land
Water company at Lynndyl Millard
These same land men opened up the
Twin Falls Idaho land six years ago
and they didnt have anything like
the success of the drawing at Lynndyl
They had two or three people there
the first time then had another draw
ing when about fifty were on hand
and at the third drawing all of the
140000 acres of the company were
sold And on their other projects In
Idaho they have not had much trouble
In getting rid of the land But it is
the first time It has been tried here
In Utah and the showing I consider
a good one
The land near Lynndyl is better for
all purposes than that at Twin Falls
There Is plenty of water the farmers
and fruit growers will have a good
market In Salt Lake only 118 miles
away and the railroad is right there
There were none of these advantages
at Twin Falls
From now on all that will be needed
Is I some boosting and that land will
go In a hurry And once this tract is
sold others Vlll be opened and we
will see thousands of people coming
to Utah for their homes
Miss Viviane Smith Identifies Pris
oner as Burglar Who
I Menaced Her
Jimmison Gilroy an exconvict who
was arrested Monday night on sus
picion was identified yesterday after
noon as the burglar who attempted to
enter the residence of G K Smith 919
East First South street at 8 oclock
Sunday night He served six years
for a Provo burglary his sentence ex
piring late In 1908 He has been un
der the espionage of the detective de
partment for nearly a month while
lIe was inhabiting dens in Commercial
Miss Viviane Smith daughter of Mr
and Mrs G K Smith was alone In her
home Sunday night when she heard
a window being opened in the dining
room where a large quantity of silver
ware was stored Opening the door
leading into the dining room and turn
Ing on the lights she beheld the burg
lar half way through the window he
had pried open The burglar threat
ened her with death unless she turned
down the lights She obeyed but took
a good look at him and says she could
never forget his face A noise fright
ened him away before he got any
Yesterday afternoon Miss Smith was
taken to the city Jail by Patrolman
Horace Heath Leading her to a cell
where several prisoners were con
fined she readily picked out Gilroy
as the man who had attempted to enter
the window of her home last Sunday
night When he saw the girl Gilroy
attempted to turn his head from her
His face colored when he was ordered
to stand erect facing the cell bars
A complaint against Gllroy ciarfj
ing him with attempt at burglary was
sworn out In the office of the county
attorney yesterday afternoon It bears
the signature of Miss Viviane Smith
In a report showing the compara
tive standing of the organizations of
the National Guard of Utah for 1909
the First battery field artillery of Salt
Lake stands at the head of the list
with a general average of 8567 with
the signal corps second with 8532 Com
pany F is the third organization in
the state with an average of S069 The
report has just been published by order
of Adjutant General E A Wedgwood
and will be interesting to guard mem
bers throughout the state
11 I
Council Majority Confers on Meas
ure of Royal Arch
Members of the American party in
the city council held a caucus In the
office of Mayor John S Bransford yes
terday afternoon when the proposed
liquor ordinance of the Royal Arch was
placed on the grill for a short time
The meeting was called ostensibly for
the purpose of taking some stand in
regard to the proposed ordinance
drawn by tbe liquor interest But
practically nothing was done and it
was decided to put the ordinance up to
the license and municipal laws com
mittees of the city council who will
take this matter up some night next
Martin Mulvey was at the caucus
most of the time but he heard that
City Attorney H J Dininny was corn
ing down to talk the matter over so he
left declaring the room was too small
for both

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