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A I THE METALS Classified advertising in I
u 1 Silver 53c The Herald Eepublican
REPUBLICAN hunting for Today
Pages Coppercathodes 12 916c HERALD tenants today but is I Fair I
Lead per 100 Ibs 450 finding them i I
Vol ItittrMountfltn 17 No 51 Republican SALT LAKE CITY UTAH TUESDAY APRIL 19 1910 Price 5 Cents The Sat vol Lak iao Herald NO si
Special Prosecutor Engaged by
Mrs Logan 0 Swope Ar
raigns Her SoninLaw for a
Series of Alleged Crimes
Accused Physician Sits Un
moved During the Trying Or
Jeal Betraying No Emotion
While Listening Charges
XSS CITY April 18 Scarcely
K liail the tate completed it open
lug Ktntcinrnt iu the nuinler trial
of Dr II C Hyde today Then Dr O T
p TMynian one of the pronecutloiiM most
iinportnut liltnesucM tiled at a local
lioxjiltiil He Man stricken last Satur
day Acute divorticulltlH enured death
Dr Tnymau was for yearn the Swope
family phynlclnu When the nurses
struck at the residence and accused Dr
Jlyde they carried their complaint to
Dr Tynuni lie called Dr Hyde to
hU office nUll told him he v ns gus
> e < > trtl In other mutters than those
liortnliiliin to his duties WI n physician
Dr Tiviimii iTn In the confidence of
the Snope family
I pun him the tate depended largely
10 Iron Dr hyde bled Jame MOMS
Ilnutun to dcntli lie vn nino expected
tit ttHtify rejfnrtUns the iillc cd at
tempt of Dr Hyde to poison 3llss Mnr
cttret Swope Mian Swope vas Dr Twy
mnuV patient when It Is aid Dr Hyde
tried to kill her
When Dr Hydes attorneys took a
position from Dr Twyman he rt
I sod to criticize Dr Hyde Without
bolag into detail Dr Twyman said ha
approved in general Dr Hydes work
n cojnection with the illness of va
r ou members of the Swope family
< iiuable did the state consider the
4 t nniy of Dr Twyman that at one
t t ilcaecutor Conkling thqught of
4 i inking the Jury which had been
tO < iU but not sworn and awaiting
t f recovery of the physician before be
l inning the trial
lit Hyde sat calmly between his wife
d las rather In the criminal court
D m today and heard himself described
4 s u man whose greed for gold had
> lade him a poisoner and a murderer
It was Attorney James D Reed who
in the course of his opening statement
or the prosecution thus painted the
physician Throughout the long ordeal
of the excoriating address Hyde lie
trred attentively At no time did he
reeal a sign of perturbation When
Mr Reed closed Mrs Hyde turned
ted her husband on the shoulder
v1 saiddid
Ycu did fine
Prosecuting Witness in Court
V few feet behind lie Hydes sat Mrs
Logan O Sxvopfe mother of Mrs Hyde
and employer of Attorney Reed She
to paid strict attention to the address
bat displayed no emotion
Many members of the Swope family
sere present when court opened The
state objected to the presence of Mrs
II > de and Judge Latshaw ruled that
> 1 witnesses in the case except Mrs
IHde and Mrs Swope should be ex
C uded from the rooii
trashes between attorneys kept the spec
tatrs alert The defense made early and
alt i objection to the state telling the
J j t y of any incidents in the Swope homo
t t nectly connected with the deati of
C tcirift Swope The court decided to ad
r t all circumstances tw state avers will
tend to show a plot existed to exterminate
t entire > Swope family But although
t is ruling was made early in the morning
s ssi < > n counsel for the defense never
c js 1 to make strenuous arguments
agnst such procedure At one time
1 r UK P Walsh chief counsel for Dr
Hvd became so exercised over the point
ti t he mad it vicious attack on the
B > tee witnesses characterizing some of
t m as liars and thieves
Whole Story Told
xi result of tht courts decision re
I img introduction of this testimony the
nolf panorama of incidents in the Swope
horn from the first Illness of Colonel
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Petitions Containing 400000 Names
Asking Voting Privilege for Women
Presented in Senate and House
ASHINGTON April 18Wlth
WASHINGTON finery aflut
ter and occupying a procession
of taxicabs nearly a mllo long the suf
fragists in convention here moved on
Capitol hill today and presented to Con
gress 400000 individual demands for
votes for women The mammoth nation
al petition was divided Into little ones
each tied with a bit ot yellow rlbbor i
and grouped Into little bundles of con
venient size for a suffragette to carry
under her arm
Senators and representatives from
every state received some part of that
petition Representative Wiley of New
Jersey announced that he would refuse I
to present the petition of the New Jer
sy delegation because of tho hissing of
President Taft at the suffrage conven
tion So Mary D Hussoy just marched
up to Mr Wiley and thrust the petiton
upon him with the invitation to do as
he lilted with it
Admiral Schley passed by during the
Two suffragettes hopped out of a
taxicab and pinned a Vote for Worn1 I
en button on the admiral
Thank you ladles he said I will
Miss Fola LaFollette daughter of the
Wisconsin senator hustled up to the I j
Senate side to present Wisconsins pe
tition to her father but found the Sen
ate in session and according to the
order of business the petition could nOt
be received until later Some other suf
fragists construed this delay as indl i I
eating opposition and made quite a
The senators placated them by giving
assurances that tho petition would be
taken under the order of new busi
ness later
Senator Borah was easily the favor
ite In the Senate chamber He was
presented with petitions from the Dis
trict of Columbia Idaho New Yorki
Kansas and Hawaii I
Senator Root is our fiercest enemy
and we could not ask Mr Depew de I
clared a leader in the New York dele I
gation So we had to go way out to
Idaho to get a senator to Introduce I
our petition
One of the petitions of 702 persons all
famous in the world of literature was
i 4
R i I
> c I
0 ew 1ork society lender who will be
a candidate for president of the > n
tlunol AVumnn Suffrage n oclntion
headed by William Dean Howeils Ari I
other was signed entirely by actors
and another was by persons In educa
tional work
The crowded Senate galleries ap
plauded when Senator 1aFollette pre I
sented his armful of petitions and said j
I hope the time will come when this I
great body of Intelligent people will
not find It necessary to petition for that
which ought to bo accorded as a right in I
a country of equal opportunity
Hearings before the Senate com
mittee on woman suffrage and the
House committee on judiciary will be
held tomorrow at 10 a m
Police Theorize on Probable Per
petrator of Utah Hotel Explosion
While Fortune A waits Captor
AFTER an entire day of clewchasing and sweating of suspects the po
lice last night rested with the belief that the nitroglycerine ex
plosion at the Utah hotel early yesterday morning was not done by union
structural iron workers nor for the purpose of damaging the steel that has
already been erected in that structure at Main and South Temple streets
The police have a welldefined theory that several thousands of dol
lars worth of steel spoiled by faulty erection was discarded in a heap
at the northeast corner of the lot twisted and cracked and a total loss
If this steel was damaged in construction the erecting company would
have to stand the expense If it was destroyed by explosion sue has that
of yesterday morning the American Bridge Company would have to
bear the expense
Richard D Jones of the Jones Construc
tion company who has been succeeded in
the erection of steel for the American
Bridge company by J C Wilkins is still
held under his bond
Twentyfive hundred dollars reward is
offered for Information leading to the ar
rest and conviction of anyone who on Mon
day morning at 3 oclock threw a power
ful explosive into the structural work of
the Utah hotel The directors of the Utah
Hotel company of which Joseph F Smith
is chairman met at 11 oclock yesterday
forenoon in the Deseret National bank
building and authorized the reward In
the absence of Governor William Spry
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+ + + 444 + 4 t + + + + + 4 + 4 4 + 4 + 44444
+ Rewards offered for vandals +
+ who used dynamite at the Utah +
+ hotel yesterday morning total +
+ 2500 divided as follows + j
+ Utah Hotel Co 1000 +
+ Structural Iron +
+ Workers 500 +
+ State 500 +
+ County 500 4
+ Damage to hotel +
+ property EDO 4
+ Damage to build 4
+ Ings in vicinity 2000 +
+ A peculiar coincidence is that 4
+ the amount of rewards Is just 4
+ equal to the sum of damages +
+ The only charge which could +
+ be placed against the guilty per +
+ son is malicious mischief for +
+ which the state prescribes an ex + 4
+ treme penalty of six months in the +
+ county jail such as was meted to +
+ Ed Delaney following the explo +
+ sion at the same structure Decem +
+ ber 29 1909 +
+ In decided contrast to the re +
+ ward and penalty two compara +
+ tively recent instances of criminal +
+ destruction are cited f
+ The state and city together of +
+ fered 1000 for the arrest of the +
+ murderers of Officer Charles S +
+ Ford The state offered 500 and +
+ the city offered 500 for the ar +
+ rest of the murderers of Officer +
+ C C Riley The extreme penalty +
+ for conviction in each Instance is +
+ death +
I H ft tt + + + HH + + + ft H
Desperadoes Who Held Up South
I ern Pacific Fast Mail Hiding in
Redwood Canyon
Martinez Cal April ISAfter two days of searching by armed
posses and tracking ty detectives the two daring bandits who held up
the ChinaJapan fast mail on the Southern Pacific near Benicia late
Saturday night and looted the mail car of five registered mail pouches
are still at large and every clew obtained indicates that they are still
within twenty miles of the scene of the crime
From the information gathered today it
Is believed that they are hiding tonight
In Redwood canyon some fifteen miles
west of here between this city and Oak
land The canyon Is a rugged narrow
gorge covered in all directions with thick
lowgrowing trees that offer a screen to
the movements of the fugitives
At daybreak today Sheriff Veale of this
county led his deputies out into the hills
L ngaln They covered four roads between
this place and Oakland but it was lat
I r in the day before they found a trace of
the men who had been seen last twenty
four hours before scarcely eight miles
om this city from which the spot where
the overland mail was held up can be
Been At Walnut creek a hamlet on the
Redwood canyon road two strangers
laden with a heavy bag and grimed with
the dust of hard traveling stopped at the I
crossroads store for crackers and to
I bacco They had hardly left the place I
F that his horse was missing and the chase
for the bandits was given a new start
Later It was learned that a woman liv
ing In Deadmans Gulch also on the Red
wood canyon road had been visited by
two Men early today who asked for old
overalls They tallied closely with the
description of the suspected bandits
Tonight Sheriff Veale Is gathering his
forces closer and closer about Redwood
canyon His deputies arc moving toward
the gorge from several directions
Closer search of the cabin In which the
suspects lived for three weeks and which
lies within a mile of town revealed today
the hiding place of a dozen coils of dyna
mite fuse two boxes of giant powder caps
and a secreted store of food Finger
prints were found also on a china cup
used as a shaving mug and these will be
examined by Frank Depue expert for the
state prisos In reading finger prints
It was also discovered today that the
men bought ammunition In this city more
than a week ago
Shanghai April ISThe rioting at
Changsha has ceased The governor
reported killed Is said to be alive The
offices of the Standard Oil company
were destroyed The military rein
forcements sent by the viceroy from
Wu Chang have arrived at Changaha
The missionaries who lost their lives
when the unk In which they were
floating was run down by the British
gunboat Thistle at night were Span
ish Augustin priests They were Bishop
Perez and Fathers Gonzales and De La
Washington April ISJules M Wa
terbury of New York convicted In the
District of Columbia of representing
himself as an agent of the Associated
Press and sentenced to eighteen months
In the penitentiary at Atlanta aban
doned today his appeal to the district
court of appeals and surrendered to the
marshal He will leave here this after
noon for Atlanta to serve his term of
Earth Will Pass Through Tail
Halleys Comet on May 18
and Some Astronomers Pre
dict Dire Happenings
Between Hours of 230 in
Morning and Daybreak is
Best Time to Get View of
Heavenly Monster From Here
no I JYMI2S L GIBSON professor
PIIOK nstrouiuiiy of the University of
I tab announced lust night that
within the next few days It will he
HOMsililc to view alleys comet from
Salt Lake with the naked eye
Heretofore that IIIIH been impossible
although several persons have reported
that they thought they were able to
see It nltli the aid of the telescope
Prof Gibson surveyed the entire
field with u telescope from 2 oclock
Sunday morning until daylight but the
comet could not be seen He believes
another attempt Mould prove success
ful A great deal of Interest IN being taken
in the comet in Salt Luke and there
has been serious discussion of the re
port from several more or less proml
nent astronomers that the earth will be
Iu danger on May 18 when it passes
through the tail of the comet
On that date the comet will be only
10000000 miles away from the earth
reaching Its closest proximity to this
planet Professor Frost of the Yerkes
observatory has found through ex
periments that the comet shows pre
dominant elements of sunlight in the
spectroscope This he says shows the
absence of the dangerous gases that
were present when the experimnts
were made last Januaryand this leads
him to believe there Is no danger to
the earth on May IS
Jstftnfomira who save studied the
history of the comet think the chances
for a brilliant display when it reaches
the western sky at night are good
They point out that at the time of its
appearance in 1835 there were portions
of its orbit which showed no tail
Fear of Comet Widespread
Tn spite of the assurances of the
greatest astronomers that the chances
for any disaster to the earth when it
passes through the tail of Halleys
cometIf Halleys comet still has a
taUon May 18 are so slight as to be
practically nil there still exists a wide
spread uneasiness concerning the
Strange theories and strange fears
concerning the comet have been ad
vanced Many have explained the dis
asters of the year 1910 as evidence of
the influence of Halleys comet on the
Comets always have been regarded
as harbingers of misfortune The ap
pearance of a comet has been a signal
for fears In people who have been
skeptical enough about other demon
strations Among the Chinese comets
were subjects for keener observations
than the uropeans gave them until the
last few centuries but when the Chi
nese observed comet A 1910 they led
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Diagram slums the path of Hiillejrs
comet through the Molar system and i
the number of years It requires to make
the trip from poiut to point
S H Babcock and Stephen Love in
Conference With Utah
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Washington D C April 18S H
Babcock and Stephen Love represent
ing the traffic bureau of the Commer
cial club of Salt Lake are in Washing
ton and today they conferred with Sen
ators Smoot and Sutherland and Repre
sentative Howell It has been arranged
for them and Messrs Kane and Powell
of Seattle to appear before the Senate
committee on Interstate commerce to
speak In favor of an amendment to the
interstate commerce bill providing for
a long and short haul making it unlaw
ful to charge more for a short haul than
for a Icng one As the situation now
stands the Atlantic and Pacific sea
boards are arrayed against the Inter
mountain and middle west sections
upon this question Both the Utah
senators are in favor of the amend
ment and will vote for It
The subcommittee of the Senate
committee on public lands Senator
Smoot chairman today had up for
consideration the bill authorizing the
withdrawal of public lands by the Pres
ident No decision was reached today
but another meeting will be held Wed
nesday when It Is expected that a re
port will be agreed upon
Baltimore April Announcement
of an amicable adjustment of the wage
question between the Baltimore Ohio
Railroad company and Its locomotivo
firemen was made at the headquarters
of the company here today The men
receive an average increase of 5 ½ to 6
per cent
o S
Cincinnati 0 April 18 Sheriff Dietz
of Campbell county Ky received word
today of the arrest at Wichita Kan
of John H De Moss who while post
master at Melbourne Ky it Is claimed
shot and grilled Louis Pllhardt saloon
ist May 19 1909 A reward of 1000 for
his capture A ill go to the chief of police
of Wichita
Outline of What the Social
Democrats Propose to Do in
Milwaukee Given by Victor
E Berger a New Alderman
444i4 44 + 4 4 + + + 44 + 4 + 44A4
+ Milwaukee Wis April IS Victor +
+ E Berger aldermanatlargeelect +
4 and spokesman of the SocialDemo +
land party in Milwaukee today Is +
4 sued a statement giving an outline +
+ of the principles that will guide the +
+ SocialDemocratic administration of f
+ Milwaukee during the next two +
+ years beginning with tomorrow +
+ when the Inaugural ceremonies will +
+ take place
t + + + + + +
A detailed review of what the Social
Democratic administration of Milwaukee
intends to accomplish during the next
two years will be contained in the
mayors inaugural message said Mr
I wish only to state the general prin
ciples upon which this party stands and
upon which we were elected on April 3
I of course will not repeat the platform
In the first place the SocialDemo
cratic party of Milwaukee is an Integral
part of the Socialist party of America
In Wisconsin we are officially named
the SocialDemocratic party which is
the customary international name
The Socialist party of America is the
American expression of the international
movement of modern wageworkers for
better food better houses sufficient
sleep more leisiirt more education and
more culture
The founders of the republic declared
for political freedom
But we call attention to the fact that
since the birth of this nation a revolu
tion in industry has taken place For
merly hand labor and individual effort
produced the necessities of mankind To
day machine labor and associated labor
are the means of producing these neces
sities And while in that former time it
was the imperative duty of the govern
ment to protect the individual in posses
sion of the property he had produced so
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Three Trainmen and Another Mail
Clerk Injured as a Result of Rail
road Wreck in Mississippi
Memphis Tenn April ISFour mail
ing clerks are dead and three trainmen
and a mail clerk injured as a result
of the wreck of the through flyer from
New Orleans to Chicago on the Illinois
Central five miles north of Jackson
Miss early today
The wre = k was caused by the engine
leaving the track and plunging down
a 15fbot embankment carrying with
it the baggage car mall and library
car and two Pullmans
The other cars remained on the track
The wreckage caught fire and this
bodies of the mall clerks were cremated
Colonel William Craine of New Or
leans who was officer of the day dur
ing the recent Shriners drills at New
Orleans was on the train and organ
ized a relief crew taking the passengers
out through the windows Procuring
fire extinguishers from the mall car
Craine endeavored to quench the flames
and rescue the mall clerks but failed
None of the passengers were injured
New York April 18After eight years
of governmental service as surveyor
of the port of New York General James
H Clarkson formerly chairman of the
Republican national committee > e retired
from office today and was temporarily
superseded by Chief Deputy Surveyor
George J Smyth
Health of the Senate Leader far
From Satisfactory Has Been
III Since His Western Trip
ASHINGTON April 18 Senator Nelson W Aldrich authorized the
announcement tonight that he would not be a candidate for re
election to the Senate and that he would positively retire at the expira
tion of his present term on March 3 1911
This announcement was made to a representative of The Associated <
Press who met the Senator upon his return to Washington from Rhode
Island where he had been in consultation with his political associates
hI have decided not to be a candi
date again said the senator Since
something of my plans have leaked
out already I would be glad to have
you make that statement 1 had not
intended to say anything for a few
days yet as I would have preferred to
have apprised my friends In Wash
ington of my plans presently but I
suppose it Is just as well as it is
Mr Aldrich talked freely of his de
termination to retire Ill health alone I
dictated his decision During his service
Ice in the Civil war he had a long
siege of typhoid fever and as a result I
of that illness he has suffered periodi
cally with intestinal trouble These dis
comforts have manifested themselves
when he has worked particularly hard
and have caused him considerable i
A week ago the senator went to New I
York where he consulted with his ph i
siclans They were insistent that hE
rid himself of the more exacting of Ins I
burdens and devote a large share of
his time to outdoor exercises He could
see no way to lead such a life if he I
accepted another term of six years in I
the Senate and therefore he will re
Purpose of Rhode Island Visit
Alter talking the situation over with
mambers of his family the senator went
to Rhode Island last Friday to make the
necessary arrangements He wanted to
confer with his Republican asaociates
and to insure a Republican succeeding
And there is no doubt of the re I
sult be said The party leaders han 1
canvassed the situation and a Republi
can will take my place All of my as
sociates in the state are as confident
as I on that score I
ItIs a wellknown fact it has been
the ambition of Mr Aldrich to crown
his legislative career with a thorough
reform of the currency system of the
government It was with that end in
view he became the moving spirit in the
national monetary commission He has
directed the work of that commission
since its inception and expects to con
tinue his work along that line al
though his retirement next March prob
ably will deprive him of the distinction
of having such currency legislation bear
his name i
There are now several former mem
bers of Congress serving on the mone
tary commission It was formulated on
lines that contemplated continued serv
ice of its original membership until
its work is completed The foregoing
facts were brought out when Senator I
Aldrich was asked what he intended
to do to supplant the present financial
system with an uptodate law covering
the whole subject
Will Continue His Great Work I
I would retire from Congress with I
the greatest reluctance if it were pot
for the thought I can continue with the I
national monetary commission aid
the senator with a display of feeling I
he had not exhibited with any other
phase of his plans
As a matter of fact I think practi
cally the whole of the administration
legislative program will go through
during the present Congress most of it
this session except currency legisla
I believe partisanship can be elimi
nated very largely from the reform of
the currency system and that hs what
I am counting upon
It was suggested that the Democrats
may carry the next House of Representa
tives Ho said even in such event the
work of the monetary commission would
proceed just the same and he felt the
Democrats were Just as much Interested in
the subject as the Republicans Thus far
he pointed out no political matter bad
been injected into the work
After Mr Aldrich has talked with Presi
dent Taft and his close friends In the
Senate he expects to write a letter to Gov
ernor Pothier of Rhode Island setting out
In greater detail his reason for retiring
That letter in all probability will be made
Many or Mr Aldrichs friends in the I
Senate refused to believe the reoort he
would not be a candidate for election
It is expected that tremendous pressure
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i > t
i I
5 1
United Stales Senator from Rhode
Island Republican leader In the Sen
ate who Iud night announced hU In
tention to retire when lili present term
eXlllrts In 1011
Pleasing Feature of the Visit of
the Former President to
Hungarys Capital
Budapest April 18A heavy rain
storm thin afternoon did not pre ut
folonpl Roosevelt from 5isp sing of < n
exceeding strenuous prngrai i TL3
included a luncheon at the uia palat
as a guest of Archduke JoSl > i a r >
ception at the parliament lioue and a
sightseeing tour whkh rotiurised J
visit to the agricultural inut > um bui
in imitation of the celebrate goth i
cUe of Vajda Hunvarl where MI
Roosevelt was especially Interested i i
the conservation and reforestall
work of Hungary
A portion of the day was taken up b
a call upon Francis Korauth leader or
the united opposition who is 11 I a vust
to Washington monument erected IM
the Hungarian America n federation an
inspection of the stud of Zala ti > 9
Hungarian sculptor a reception to f e
American colony and a reception t < >
Ute Hungarian journalists Mr Roose
velt and Kermit were the guests or 11 e
Austrian ambassador Baron Hengei
mueller von Hengervar and the baron
ess at a dinner at the Park cl jb where
they met leading noblemen
Perhaps the most interacting featut e
of the day was Colonel Roosevelts half
hour talk with Francis Kosauth Al
though Kossuths name Is synonymous
throughout Hungary with the inde
pendent aspirations of the people of
Hungary he IB now living quietly OTV 0
ing to the recent fall of the independ
ent coalition ministry The Austrian
government manifested not the t
est disapproval of the visit on the con
trary Ambassador Hengelmueller ac
companied Mr Roosevelt and was pres
ent at the interview
Washington April 18Wlth Repre
sentative Mann of Illinois alone vot
ing In the negative the House today
passed the McCall campaign publicity
Men Who Have Been Bulling the
Cotton Market Summoned Be
fore Grand Jury
New York April lSThere will be started in New York tomorrow
a federal investigation of the gigantic bull movement in cotton with
which the names of James A Patten of Chicago Frank B Hayne and
William Po Brown of New Orleans and Eugene Scales of Texas have
been popularly connected
Hayne and Brown both appear as defendants in the proceedings but
it could not be learned whether Mr Patten will be subpoenaed
He has been generally credited how
ever with being the financial genius of
the pool and in recent interviews he has
outlined his bullish position and his de
termination to fight the supposed bear
clique that has been reshipping cotton to
this country from England to break the
market S
The bull movement has reached such a
stage however that there are rumors of
a possible May corner
Never before has the government
brought similar action against any pool
operating in the market on either the
long or the short side
Subpoenas were Issued today at the di
rection of Attorney General Wlckersham
commanding a dozen or more prominent
New York cotton brokers to appear before
a special federal grand jury tomorrow to
testify in the matter of the United States
aaglnst Frank B Hayne and William P
Brown S
Washington April Twentyfive per
cent of the coton mill operatives of Ameri
ca have been thrown out of employment
by the alleged cotton pool according to I
information in the hands of Attorney Gen
eral Wickersham
The subpoenas issued at New York t
day officials of the department of just a
say mark the beginning of a thorough in
vestigation of the alleged pool
William S Kenyon assistant to the at
torney general In charge of the trust p a
secutions made the following aunoun
In connection with the discussion < > f
high prices of food and other > ommod l
ties the attention of the attorney general
has been directed to the alleged existent
of certain pools and combinations opera
ing corners In various commodities aii < i
their effect on interstate commeice
Information was laid bfor < him ind
eating a combination had been formed T >
buy up all of the remaining unused raw
cotton produced in the United States dun
Inc the crop year 1S0910 That as the r >
sim of operations of this pool prices ha I
been advanced so largely in excess of
normal that cotton manufacturers had
greatly reduced their output throwing o
of employment upward of 25 per cent > f f
tro cotton mill operatives or the Imtpu
States and the diminishing of rommer a
In ntton goods
It Is anti > ipateJ interesting dis < ins > T a
will be made regarding the ontivistioa
and management of tbia combination

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