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E M 12
Mines and Mining Stocks I I
Big Copper Interest Gives One
Reason for Apparent In
crease Sulphur
Even Amalgamated people are not
worried over the copper situation
After pointing out that the American
production of copper for the last six
months does not exceed by more than
15000000 pounds the output for the
corresponding six months a year ago
an official of that company said
What there Is in this situation to
cause the cold sweat to stand out on
the troubled brows of copper share
holders I am at a loss to understand
In many lines of industry a surplus of
any commodity sufficient to keep man
ufacturing plants running but nine
weeks would be regarded as danger
ousy small but not so in copper
There Is one feature of the pres
ent situation to which due recognition
lias ntt been given and it is vitally
Important Just at this time I refer to
the rapd exhaustion which has taken
place in the socalled invisible sup
ply In Europe These private stocks
t aye been heavily drawn down during
the past sixty days and this explains
our small exports and the coincident
failure of the foreign visible supply
to show the expected decrease These
priate stocks must soon be replaced
fIther through larger exports from
this side or by drawing upon the stocks
held In Londrn warehouses In clthur
event the restonticn process should
exert a helpful Influence on the flg
ur s of the worlds supply
It Is surprising to know that the
worlds surplus on May 1 was actually
less than six months ago This surplus
of the
as made up from the statistics
CopPr Producers association and the
figures of the London visible supply
was as follows en the first of each
month since December 1 last
December 1 1909 389861127
January 1 1910 385970911
February 1 1910 346700139
March 1 1 1910 361338392
April 1 1910 373432554
Ma 11910 388737839
Manufacturer Stocks
The worlds stock of copper on Janu
ary 1 1909 was 247000000 pounds and
in 16 months which have since inter
vened tills stock has been increased by
141OuO000 pounds an amount equal to
a little over one months outpUt There
Is nothing really alarming in this es
pecially In view of the fact that the
manufacturers are no longer carrying
large stocks of copper and are order
ing their supplies only a few weeks in
advance of actual manufacturing ne
cessities A large proportion of the
present surplus merely represents cop
per supplies which two or three years
ago wuld have been carried In the
bins of tne manufacturers and which
are now centralized at the refineries
Hauling of ore from the CedarTalis
man mine In Beaver county to the
loading station on the Salt Lake Route
is in progress according to yesterdays
advices from camp It is the intention
to send to the smelter the first of the
week a carload of the highgrade sil
verlead ore recently encountered on
the 500foot level of the Cedar work
ings which is to be closely followed by
a shipment of the zinc ore from the
strike In the Talisman section The
zinc ore will be sent to an Oregon
smelter for treatment
A dispatch from Houghton Mich re
ceived yesterday by W S Zehring
manager of the City Rocks Mining com
pany told of the death in that city of
TV S leaves who is president of the
City Rocks and Sheba Mining com
panies Mr Cleaves was prominent In
mining circles in northern Michigan
His death Is expected to make no
change In the plans of operation of the
Utah companies with which he was con
Fare 25c Saltalr tonight
k ii
Half Price
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passed the halfway
mark yet but thats
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Today I
u1ieedenOfflcie5ug Ca
I 6O2ndiSo
+ 4 t + fl
+ 4
+ Smelter settlements yesterday t
+ reported by McCornlck Cot 4
+ Ores 139000 bullion 60660 4
+ Silver was quoted at 5SJc cop + I
+ per 12 916c lead 440 +
t +
+ + + + + + + t6 + t6 +
Tonight trains S and 830 Saltair
Seven carloads ef ore all from Utah
mines were released yesterday by the
samplers of the Utah Ore Sampling
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FOOD AND DRUG ACT June 30 1906 I
Via Oregon Short Lie
To Cheyenne or Denver 2259
To Colorado Springs or Pueblo 2258
To Omaha or Kansas City 4000
To St Louis 4S98
To St Paul or Minneapolis 6209
To Chicago 5E9
Proporfkmately low rates to other
Tickets on sale May 6 14 June 4 11
18 27 July 7 and 29 August 4 and September
temb 14 and 38 Limit October 3L
For further particulars see agents
We recently collected Three ThoannnJ
Four Hundred Fifty Dollar for Epfaralm
Henrle of Ferron Utah and vrc are going
to collect 1560O more for him In the near
future We collected this by foreclosure
proceedings and got the cash We vrlll
collect Borae money for yoa It you turn
In your claim
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t your clalmn were contracted nor where
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an a result of this ad f We
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vrlll be able to collect them quickly We
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ciate offices throughout the country and a field force 1o make and find results
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ordinary collection agent We IUST COLLECT claims and lots of them or
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we did during 1909 but It will firat be necessary for as to list more claims
for collection We want to list YOURS and COLLECT them It doesnt mat
ter whether you have a bad clnlm a big claim an old claim for money or
property or a claim for a share In an estate It doesnt matter what It Is or
where It Is or how manythe more the better If you will send us a list of
your claims Including Information pertaining to them we will tell you how
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plete plan free aad terms for handling them The Information we give you
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We have twelve rooms but ao we can tell where you read this ad address
us Room Xo S3 Commercial Block
Merchants Protective
Rooms 777882S393949S9697SS99
D 100 Commercial Block Salt Lake D
City Francis G Luke General k
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Badger Brothers I
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Or the minutest details of the
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Badger Brothers brokers furnish the
following received over their private
I Plq I Asked
Gcldneld Con 1 32I 1 800
Goldfield Florence 225 I 227
lalsy I 06 I 07
GrEat Bend 02 I I 03
Jumbo Extension 23 i 21
CO11b Fraction 19 50
Jim Butler 23
Sandstorm 03
Columbia Mountain 05
Kendall 03 12
Booth 12 14
Blue Bell 01 02
Blue Bull 04 05
SI1er Pick 08 09
Lone Star 02 03
t Ives 10
Tramp nsolldated 04 05
Oro 05
Atlanta 13
Nevada Hills 80 I 81
Red Hills 1 03 04
Yellow Tiger 05 07
Belmont 395 400
Tonorah Extension 92 93
Midway 27 28
Montana 98 100
West End j 45 47
IacNamara 28 29
Rawhide Queen 32
R II Coalition 28 30
Ophir 102 105 i
Mexican 100 102
Gould Curry 18 20
on Virginia 98 99
Savage 26 27
Hale Norcross 29 31
Yello Jacket 58 I
Belchlr 59
Confidence 90
Sierra Nevada 17 19
Exchequer 21
Vnion 18 20
hollar 13 15
Potosi 30 32
Merger 11 13
Round Mountain 55 57
Some Stocks With Excuse to
Advance Are Pounded
by Bears
Prices of some of the mining stock
leaders sagged yesterday from sheer
lack of buying orders aided by bear
work of short interests Iron Blossom
went from 93 cents to 89 cents Colo
rado after having sold up to 5 5 cents
the day before and Nevada Hills burely
held its own around 80 cents South
Columbus was strong and higher at
11 cents to 10i cents as was Uncle
Sam at 361 cents Sioux Consolidated
was shaded to 30i cents Tintic Central
held at 9J cents and Ohio Copper was
in good demand at 295 to 305
Some basis for Colorados weakness
is found in the persistent reports that I
its quarterly dividend due to be de
clared June 10 will be either passed
or reduced There would appear to be
no excuse however for contemplating
such action on the part of Iron Blos
som That company has been making
good production and its mine is said by
experts who have recently examined It
to be in excellent form Improved ore
showings are found It Is averred In
both the north workings and the south
workings with every Indication that
Iron Blossom wilt be found for a term
of years In the class of the big pro
ducers of Tlntlc district
Lower Mammoth is likewise not
without new developments calculated
to strengthen its market position Un
cle Sam and May Day are doing well
and good reports are coming from Co
lumbus Consolidated
Total number of shares sold 43000
value 1624850 Closing quotations
and the days sales
I Forenoon 1lAfternoofl
I BId I Ask 1 1 Bid I Ask
Beck TU1nei l 10 10
Big Hill 01 01
Bing Amal 09 I 08
Slack Jack 10 08k 10
Bullock j 00l 001 00i
Camp Bird 01 01
Carlsa 50 49
Cedar Tails 091 101 1 O 10
Century 05 05
Cob Mining 1 65 67 62 63
Cob Con 48 52 50 51
Crown Point 06 07 06 07
DalyJudge 100 412k
E Crown Point 00k 01 OO 01
E Tin Con 01 I Ou
E Tin Dev 02 02 02 021
Grand Central 130 137 127140
lnt Pet Oil 90 100 30 100
Ibex Gold 06 06
IInd Queen 01 02 01 02
Inyo Gold 06 06
Iron BIos 1 90 92 88 90
Iron Hat OO
Iron King 221 18
Joe Bowers 01 03 01 03
Keystone 20 HI
King David 10 10
King William Oi 10 05 10
Lehl Tmtlc OO 03 OO 03
Little Bell 125 125
Lion Hill 05 05
L Iammoth 50 53 52 53
Mason Valley 690 725 685 740
May Day 05 05 06
Miller Hill 03 03
Mineral Flat Oa 03 02 03
Mt Lake 09 10 09k 10
Mt Lake Ex 011
Moscow 50 50 Gr
McKinley 01 01
Nevada Hills 79 81 78 82
Newhouse 2 00 200
New York 04 06 I OH
Ohlc Copper 292297 293 305
Opohon 14 17
Ploche Metals 05 05
Plutus 05 05
Prince Con 72 SO 72
Provo 02 02
Red Warrior 175 230 u
Rich Ana 10 10
Sacramento 02 02
Schwab OO OO
Seven Troughs 06 07 06k 07
Silver King 230 235 03 235
Sioux Con 30 311 301 3U
So Iron BIos oo 00 00k 00
Swan Con 04 04
Swan Ext OO OO
So Cot Con IO 12 II 10 11
Texan 1 04
Tinllc Central j 0911 on fl9 09k
Tlntlc Comb 00 01 I 00 01
Tin Empire 01
Tin Humb 01 It 01
Uncle Sam 36 38 lJ 35 33
Un iercur 1 OO
Utah Con onl O3fl 03 031
Victor Con t l OHI 06 I I 04t 05
Victoria 112l150 1201150
West Utah ioo I
We1tn Nev 1 M 14 II 08 I 14
Yer Copper 1 02 11 onl 02
Forenoon Sale
CedarTalUman 2200 at lOc
Colorado 100 at 66c
Crown Point 500 at 7c
Iron Blossom 100 at 93c 100 at 92c
700 at 91c
King William 1000 at 6c
Lower Mammoth 200 at 52c
Mason Valley 300 at 675
Nevada Hills 2400 at SOc
FHlver King 200 at 230
r South Columbus Con COOO at lie
Tintic Central 1000 at OJc
Uncle Sam Con 300 at SGJc
Open Hoard
Colorado 500 at 66c
East Tintic Con 2000 at IJc 2000
at IJc buyer sixty days
Iron Blossom 200 at 90c
Lower Mammotl 900 at 52c
Ohio Copper 100 at 295
Tintic Central 1000 at 91c
Shares sold 24300
Selling value 922650
Afternoon Sale
Colorado 300 at 65c 100 at 64c 700
at 63c 100 at 62c
Columbus 200 at 50c
Iron Blossom 100 at 90c 200 at 89c
200 at 89c seller sixty days
I Lower Mammoth 200 at 54c 100 at
Mineral Flat 1000 at 3c
Mountain Lake 1000 at 92c seller
sixty days
Ohio Copper 200 at J3
Sioux Con 200 U 30Jc
South Columbus Con 2500 at lOJc
Yerington Copper 1000 at 2c
Open Board
Colorado 200 at 62c
Columbus 1100 at 50c 900 at 49c
Lower Mammoth 200 at 53c
Ohio Copper 300 at 3 300 at 305
buyer sixty days
Utah Con 2000 at 3Jc
Shares sold 18700
Selling value 70022
Range of issues unusually wide was
covered by the trading In unlisted Is
sues While none made spectacular
performance nearly all were reasonably
strong The salas Opex 3600 at 45u
to 47c Gold Chain 500 at 35c Bingham
Copper 4000 at 12c to 12Jc Cleveland
1000 at 12c Seven Troughs 500 at 4Sc
Federal Ely 500 at 6c Closing quota
I BId I Asked
Opex 44 44k
Gold Chain 3H 35
Bingham Copper 12k 13
5ev Troughs Coalition olS 94
Federal Ely 06 07 I
Blnrs Central Standard 16 I
Ulnth Treasure Hill 08 01
Mammoth 75 1Ci
Utah Mine 85 10D
California Capitalists Plan Mi
to Make ZincLead
California capitalists in coopera
tion with some of the mine owners of
Good Springs district are working
upon preliminary plans for the building
at San Pedro of a zinc oxidation plant
to treat the ores of Good Springs zinc
mines The zinc ores of that camp
being oxidized they lend themselves
readily to treatment by the proposed
process which will reduce them to
white lead and zinc white without be
ing first converted into spelter
The mines of Good Springs could
easily ship to such a plant 500 tons a
day of ore according to J B Jenson
of this city who is manager of the
NinetyNine Copper company operat
ing in that district They produce
three classes of ziijc oresthose which
are highgrade in zinc alone those
which carry more lead than zinc and
those which carry more zinc than lead
These will all be available for treat
ment in the proposed mill for the rea
son that several grades of paint pig
ment will be made The first class of
ore will be reduced to zinc white which
Is the highest form of the product for
making paints and the other ores will
be converted Into a mixed product of
varying grades
I is likely that a 100ton unit will
be built first with others
buit at added as
the market for the product Is estab
lished On account of the shipping
facilities of Sari Pedro It is antici
pated that a wide market will be at
once available and that the industry
will speedily become one which will
provide an excellent outlet for the zinc
ores of Good Springs which exist in
great quantities
Opens Large Vein of 18 Ore in
His Lease on Bourne
Thoroughly convinced that Jarbldge
will make great mining district de
spite subsistence of Interest in the new
camp Is H W Fletcher well known
mining man of Ely who has been in
the district the last six weeks Aside
from securing several good locations
of mineral ground In the district Mr
Fletcher obtained a lease upon a por
tion of the Bourne property His lease
covers a ledge which he says has been
crosscut thirtyfour feet without find
Ing the hanging wall and he declares
that the average value of the ore for
that distance is 18 a ton while he has
encountered one streak of twenty and
twentyfour inches which runs 200 a
Excitement incident to the discovery
of Jarbidge has entirely died away
Mr Fletcher says and the operators
are getting down to real mining with
the result that good ore bodies are be
ing opened The supply of labor hay
ing greatly exceeded the demand many
of the stampeders have left for other
fields But he is favorably Impressed
with the outlook for the district he is
confident that large bodies of relative
ly highgrade milling ore will be de
veloped and with an abundance of
water and power and a great deal of
timber at hand there should be a
great deal of activity within the next
year and a great deal of wealth should
be produced
Improved conditions In the mine of
the Columbus Consolidated company are
reported by Manager Tony Jacobson
who returned to the city yesterday from
AHa The mine continues to yield
from development work enough ore to
keep the mill running three shifts and
shipments are being increased Indicd
tions in the way of better things in
shipping ore are not wanting although
developments have not proceeded far
enough to warrant announcing a strike
So strong Js the flow of gas In the
Tlntlc Standard shaft In East Tintic
that the miners have been unable to
work In the bottom during the last 48
hours Increased fissuring and min
eralization were noted in the shaft be
fore work was suspended while the
gas flow itself is by no means an un
I favorable indication of an ore body be
ing near Encountering of some of the
large ore bodies In Utah mines has been
preceded by just such phenomena
Contract has been awarded by the
Knights for 100 feet of sinking in the
property of the East Tintic Consoli
dated company I is understood that
the sinking will be done In the shaft
which Is near the portal of the Iron
King tunnel There Is a good showing
feet In that deep shaft I Is said which Is 200
San Francisco May 20The official
closing quotations for mining stocks
today were as follows
1 Alta 1 Mexican 100
Andes 07 Occid Con 28
Belcher 59 Ophir 100
Bulion 15 Overman 91
Caledonia 51 Potosi 30
Chollar 1 Savage 26
C C Va 98 Sag Belcher 21
Con Imperial 05 Sierra Nev 17
Exchequer 20 Silver Hill 25
G C 18 jUnlon Con 19
H N 30 Utah Con 06
Julia 10 Yel Jacket 58
Justice 10
Alice 262 Lead Con 05
Brun Con 08 Little Chief 06
Com T Stock 25 Mexican 90
Com T bondS 17 Ontario 225
C C Va 90 Ophlr 95
Horn Silver 65 Standard 55
Iron Silver 165 Yel Jacket 65
Allouez 4300 Miami 2200
Am Cop 7137JjMohawk 5150
A Z L S 2500 < Nev Con 2125
Ariz ComL 1675 Niplsslng 1037J
Atlantic 675 N Butte 3400
B C C C If Lake 1275
SiL Mg 1400 Old Dom 3675
B Coalition 8075 Osceola 13600
C A u u 6400 Prrott 1500
C H 57000 Quincy 7500
Centennial 1759 Shannon 1175
Cop Range 6705 Superior 4500
E ute 829 S B MIn 1075
Franklin 1300 S P Cop 1100
Glroux 759 Tamarack 4909
Granby 41121 S C O 3656
GreeneC S62iUaSR M 4260
Isle Hoyale SG21IUSSP j 49871
Kerr Lake ffS7JUtah Con 4600
Lake Cop 5558 Winona 862J
La Salle Cop 1250 iWolverlne 11700
Building Smelter Attracts At
tention to Merits of
Newer Mines
Considerable new activity in Yering
ton district especially in properties in
the vicinity of the Bluestone mine is
reported by Jules Labarthe general
manager of the Mason Valley company
who arrived in this city yesterday from
camp Prominent California interests
have been attracted to the newer mines
of the district on account of assurance
that smelter facilities are to be pro
vided Virtually all of the properties
in which work has been done have good
ore showings varying in importance
with the extent of development and
the prospect of opening paying mines
under the new conditions could hardly
be matched in any camp In the country
Good progress is being made with
the preliminary work of smelter build
ing Mr Labarthe says and he expects
very soon to have the plans far enough
along that grading can be completed
with actual construction work quickly
following Surveying for the extension
of the Copper Belt line of railroad from
the present terminus to Wabuska to
the Mason Valley smelter site Is in
progress About two miles of new
track will be required to reach the
smelter upon the grade required The
work of building It will be pushed
that it may be completed in time to
provide against delay In handling ma
terial for the plant
Badger Brothers brokers furnlsh
the following received over their pri
vate wire
ISalcsl High I Low 1 Close
Ariz Com 1852 1700 1600 100
Butte c no 2087G 2087 2075
Boston Ely 1330 262k 243 262k
Chief Con 300 187 175 1
Chino 835 1350 13121 1350
Cop Rnge 15 6800 6700 6800
Daly est 825
East Butte 850
Giroux 350 7621 750 7621
Greene C 862i
Hancock 2050
Insplrtn 300 73I 725 731
Indiana 870 2150 2025 2150
Lake 45 5600 550 5600
Nev Con 75 2150 2125 2150
No Butte 565 3400 3325 3400
No Lake 405 1300 1275 1300
Sup Bos 1100
U S S cm 100 428H 428H 42SH
Preferred 72 5000 5000 5000
Utah Con 35 2450 2400 2450
Davis DalY 650 2061 200 2061
I Bid I Asked
Adventure 650 700
Allouez 4300
Arcadian 600 612i
Atlantic 675 725
Balaklala 1175 1250
Calumet Arizona 6400
Calumet Hecla 5iO00 57500
Centennial 1750 1900
Franklin 1300 1375
Granby 41121
Hancock 2000 2100
Helveta 300 350
Isle Roale 2450 2475
Kerr Lake 88H 900
Keweenaw 3871 900
L Sale 1250 1300
Massachusetts Con 775 800
Mexico Con 200 250
Michigan Mining 450 500
Mohawk 5150 5200
Newhouse 160 300
Old Dominion 3660 3750
Osceola 13650 13700
Ojibway 750 800
Parrot 1500 1562
Quincy 7500 isOO
Shannon 1175 1225
Santa Fe 18H 200
Superior PIUsburg 1200 12121
Superior Copper u 4600 4600
Tamarack 4900 6100
Trinity 575 600
Utah Apex 325 375
Utah Consolidated 2400 2450
Victoria 300 350
Wolverine 1700 12000
Wyandotte 200 23H
Winona 8621
Greene Cnanea 862 875
I Bid I Asked
Arizona Michigan 40 48
Ahmeek 18000
Braden 425 450
Bohemia 900 960
Claveras 550 5871
Cactus 325 337k
Corbin 850 875
Chemung 900 950
Dolores 550 625
Ely Witch 1300 1700
Keystone 360 400
Live Oak 1925 2000
Mason Valley 650 725
Nevada Douglas 237 2621
Oncco 350 3621
Rawhide Coalition 2900 3100
ShatuckArizona 2900 3000
San Antonio 750 775
Superior Globe 40 50
South Lake 575 600
Ohio 300 3061
Majestic 66 68
ISalesl High I Low I Close
Gold Con 1500 83 83H 8371
Groux 700 761 73H 750
Ray Con 700 1925 1900 1925
Ray Cent 2500 275 262g 268j
Inplr 725
Miami 15001 223H 2200 223H
Gila 625
Chino 15001 1337 131i 13371
Cum Ely 1 800
Bost Con 2000
Ohio Cop 2200 300 2932 293k
Ely Cent 2000 1061 100 100
Ely Con 2000 561 561 56i
U Copper 725
Greene 8621
Con Arlz 200 23H 225 231k
ISales High I Low I Close
Utah Cop 1100 426 4700 472
Tenn Cop I 1400 2825
Nev Con 700 213Hi 2125 I 225
I Bid I Ask
American Tobacco 200 5300
Bay State Gas 50 621
Boston Consolidated 1700 2000
Brit Coaln Cop 600 625
Butte Coalition 2000 2100
Chicago Subway 225 275
CumberlandEly 600 800
DavIsDaly 200 2121
Dolores 650 650
Dominion Copper 02 05
El RyO 400 4121
First National Copper 412i 4371
Goldfield Daisy 07 08
Goldfield Florence 225 2371
GreeneCananea 850 815
Gug Exp 18000 19000
Inspiraton 7181 73I
Kerr Lake 88H 900
La Rose 450 4621
Mason Valley 700 800
Mines of America 60 65
MontShoshone 50 75
NevadaUtah 100 1121
NIplsslng 10371 1050
San Toy 2500 3000
Standard MIning 15 1
Preferred u 48 62
Standard 01 u 6200 S3600
Superior Pltsburg 1200 1250
TrlBulon 62i 75
Tonopah Extension 85 95
United Copper pfd 2000 3000
United R Co 1000 1500
Yukon Gold 437i 469
Braden 425 4371
Tuolumne H 325 375
Bunch of HighGrade Yields
WeIF From First Days
Work Says Fisk
Sloping has been started upon a
bunch of highgrade ore In the Bourne
tunnel at Jarbldge and according to
a letter received In this city yesterday
from W W Fisk mining engineer the
first days work resulted In taking out
of which will
about 500 pounds ore wil
average about 800 a ton Much of
this ore Is liberally Impregnated with
free gold says Mr Fisk some of i
showitog more yellow color than any I
have before seen
Speaking of the leas on the Bourne
which has been let to Dee Clark G A
Fisher and H W Fletcher he says that
It should mean much for that property
The lease Is upon 600 feet by 600 feet
south from the present face of the tun
nel One of the terms of the con
tract Is that the lessees shall In
the near future Install a mill which
shall treat the Bourne and other ores
The face of the tunnel Is about 125
feet under the outcrop Of ether prop
erties In the camp Mr Fisk says
The Graham lease on the Pavlak Is
panning better The Boylan lease on
the same property Is getting Into more
solid formation and the rock pans well
although I Is not yet so good as that
of either of the two other leases The
Pavlak tunnel has passed several feed
ers which show some rich ore This
promises well for the vein which
should be struck soon as the formation
is changing from the hard rock to softer
er porphyry
Rich Float in Sunflower
Nelson brothers have found rich
float on their Sunflower claims which
they think is the southern extension of
the Taft vein in the Pavlak property
The float seems to be nearly in place
but they have not yet found the ledge
Rich float has been found as well in
the north extension of the Pick
Shovel considerably above the Pavlak
There was a stampede four days ago
to Gold creek Forty men are riding
over the country staking everything
One prospector who returned this even
Ing said that he could see no favorable
Indications outside of two of the three
claims originally located Upon those
he obtained 50 to 100 pannings
Anew set of lessees that has started
work on the No 1 lease of the Bourne
property has a good showing of ore
which pans well
The May 1 report of the Chino Cop
per company places the ore reserves at
17948566 tons assaying 26 per cent
copper The total Increase for the last
month amounted to 395056 tons The
reserves may be divided as follows
Developed ore 7859579 tons assaying
241 per cent copper partially devel
oped ore 10072987 tons assaying 275
per cent copper During the month ot
April the developed tonnage was in
creased by 196867 tons and the par
tially developed by 198189 tons
Six drills were at work during the
month Some difficulty was experienced
in drilling on the Texas Flat section
due to hardness of the ore and caving
of holes At the time the report was
written the large drill rigging was
being erected ata point where it is
impossible to determine with the small
drills the depth to which the high
grade ore in that locality extends
Drifting upon the 150foot level the
Utah Consolidated company has en
countered the identical limestone which
Is Invariably found nest to the ore
bodies In the Humbug vein according
to Superintendent Matthews who has
had experience in mining upon that
ore channel in May Day and Uncle
Sam Encountering the limestone led
to the report being circulated that a
strike had been made In the mine
While no ore has yet been found the
superintendent declares that tho llm °
stone Is what he wanted first of all
at least he Is convinced now that he Is
on the track of the ore
City Rocks Manager Han So Idea Suit
I Thought Of
The statement that management of
the Utah Coalition Mines company is
contemplating bringing suit against
the Ci y Rocks Mining company to re
cover for ore alleged to have been
mined by City Rocks in Coalition
ground printed a day or two ago in
a Salt Lake paper is believed by Man
ager W S Zehring of the City Rocks
company to be unjust to the Coalition
management He does not believe that
In the light of facts known to exist
such action could be contemplated i
A Joint survey could hardly be re
quired said Mr Zehring who returned
to the city yesterday after a weeks
visit In Tintic district for the reason
son that a complete examination and
survey of City Rocks workings was
made only last year by the manager
of the Utah Coalition company No
mining whatever has been done by
the present owners of City Rocks which
could be suspected of being in Coalition
The City Rocks mine was formerly
owned by the Ivanhoe Mining com
pany which also owned an undivided
onehalf Interest In the Black Bess
mine now owned by the Utah Coali
tion company The relations of the
coowners of Black Bess were friendly
the underground workings of the two
mines were connected the miners of
one going backward and forth through
the workings of the other And before
either mine passed to Is present ownership
ership division of the jointly owned
ground was made by agreement I
would be difficult to imagine there
fore this how time grounds for a suit could Heat
Special to The HeraldRepublican
Eureka May 20 Following are the
ore shipments in car lots from the
Tlntlc district for the past week
Opohongo 3 Mammoth 7 Lower Mam
moth 3 Victoria 2 Grand Central 9
CentennlalEureka 29 BullionBeck 1
Eureka Hill 1 Chief Consolidated 1
Gemini 3 Eagle Blue Bell 3 Un
cle Sam 4 May Day 1 May Day con
centrates 1 East Tintic Development
company 1 Iron Blossom 24 Dragon
32 Sioux Consolidated 1 Colorado 7
Beck Tunnel 2 Scranton 4 Iron
King 4 Total cars 166

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