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PIJow at
l jjffr Green
= dT77LY J7yY a
The SylvU Ann Howland Estate t
Fund of 1500000 to Bo DI I
vlded on Death of Hetty Green Y
TO thotwuMte of persons scatter
all over this oowUrjr ps Wy
all over UM world UM aeemtnt
that Hetty H wlMi4 RoMmon Green
the shrewdest wed rlek K of Ameri
cas women flnanctem hAS called her
r > n to the management of her prop
er HM a stronger Interest than that
whlrh all of IM fei 1 In the aftetra of so
c lmooji n fltrir The dropping
of the reins is l taken to Itxllcmte fall
ing powers In this remarkable wom
pn and In spit or her fmnl and ab
fefm u habit and the fait that she
r > men i of long Itvr d stock that twr
Ifs I Hearing It rloe 1 To tli > lr
lIynl i referred ba Mm I Opn death
Is 1 f vastly worp ronwmitirir than
urn act of hot living for It will re
lease a forttUK or mm minion and
R 1 air of dollar for final I division
RTT > ng thema fortune fwnrort to
t + m nearly fifty yearx pRo bv a
Po H dfoT l mAIn lady In a will
t1e < r > ntent ir which hjr Mm Green
e flftjfed the strangest and molt
rr M rloun ease of the kind ever
tf TM In th f I noted Stales court
J f who a ill h the beneflctariex
II r this t III t Itn Mm duets dlea
r sly In this worill known The dl
V c n of the fortune will prove one
c fl i movt iifft nit tanks ever un
Trtnkfn 1 > wtrs TntH Mrs
r ue t it nom i an tell even the
lM it 1 r > n r hi n ihf dlrl lr > n will be
r it i Not only tM date of Mm
C n raving f away hot even the
1 K Kil minute mar he an Issue oft
t rr f tltnl importnior requiring
ca 1 rxamln ti n and posrtbly
FtfA1vet Cr1z42 va12 ° J
t rfrfirn
the nfcwtt calculation or difference
In tune
The property In question IK part of
the estate of Pylvla Ann How land
Hetty Oren aunt who died a
spinster In New Bedford In the year
IMS After making a large number
of private and public bequests Miss
Howtand left the residue of her es
tate to the trustee who were to
administer It sad during the life of
her niece Hefty pay her the Income
on her death the principal was to
be divided among the lineal descend
ant of Gideon lowland Hylvla Ann
Howland grandfather who died In
12 Gideon left thirteen children
all of whom married and reared tam
lies and with theM thirteen chil
dren to Mart from It may readily be
seen that the lln al descendant to
day nearly a century after the death
iff old Gideon would make a for
midable array The trustees under
the will hare kept Mia eC many of
them and reposing In the safes of
New Bedford attorneys are family
trees on which are traced the descent
of populous Ounilles from Gideon
Howland But there are branches
which haw dropped out of sight en
tirely and nobody has a complete list
of the heirs
In all the fife of Hetty Green there
hi no more rnmaaUe chapter than
that which Involve her relation
with her aunt s > Jvla the lttr1Icu
rlou will disposing of nn estate of
more than J2000000 an Immrns M 1
amount of properly In those ila MI I
before swollen fortunes became v ol I
common nnd Hetty Greens < < attfnt t
Ie break the will and substitute in
its place another which she produced
after her aunt death and which the
trustees maintained was a forged
document Months were spent In the
reparation of evidence bearing on
this point and thousand of dollars I
were expended for expert witnesses
hotographtc reproduction of signa I
tures of Sylvia Ann Howland and I
their enlargement But the Issue was
never drt < rmirted the decision of the
court sustaining the original will and
rejecting that produced by Hetty
Green being based on a point of law
It Is Interesting to note In view of
Mrs Greens proverbial frugality and
plain mode of living that the foun
dation of her fortune rested on silk
stockings Way back In the eight I
eenth century Isssc Howland great I
grandfather of Hetty set to work to I
make a fortune The amassing of
the first SIMl WM his greatest dif
ficulty In thorn days many schoon
ers piled between the states and the
West Indies in the merchant service
and the sailors wore silk stockings
Into port on their return trips Old
Isaac Howland bought these washed
and Ironed them and sold them at a
Rnoil nroflt That Ban him hit start
non n H
and when ho died in 1831 his for
tune was n large ono for thoee times
Isaac Howlands granddaughter
ylvis Ann Howland was possessed
of a fortune of over 53000969 a pro
llglous sum for a childless woman of
imple tastes living In a country town
Hetty Green as R girl spent much of
hrr time with her aunt Sylvia As to
n bother she entertained any real 1 at
fcrUon for her there Is I a conflict of
t tI m on Certainly Hetty professed
urh affection after her aunts death
< laimlnp that it was reciprocated by
hr aunt and that they had made
v Ills In each others favor As to the
relations between Hetty and her fath
er Edward Mott Robinson there is
HI I uncertainty They were far from
ordlal and a legal decision by which
Mr 1 Robinson came into the posses
sion of a large share of the Howland
fortune was distasteful both to Hetty
and her aunt Sylvia who maintained
that the Howland money should have
been Kept in the Howland family Mr
Robinson died In 1SS5 leaving petty I
his only child about a million dollars
outright and some 500000 In
trust the Income to be hers during
her life The will waa a great disap
pointment to Hetty A month or so
later Sylvia Ann Howland died leav
ing many public and private bequests
and the residue in trust for Hetty
during her life This will was even
a greater disappointment to Hotly
for she had hoped to secure her
aunts property outright She object
ed to its being probated but later
withdrew that objection and made
no contest But after the will had
bee tIt t b the reme court
n can re u y sup
of Massachusetts she and her fiance
Edward II Green brought suit in the
United States court to compel the
trustees to perform an agreement
which she claimed her aunt had made
with her and which was embodied in
a will which she produced as being
hor aunts last will and testament
This will left all tho property to
Hetty and contained the following
interesting declaration referred to in
the subsequent litigation as the sec
ond page of the will
Be It remembered that I Sylvia Ann
Howland of New Bedford In county
of Bristol do hereby make pub1l h
and declare this the second page of
this will and testament made on the
eleventh of January In manner fol
lowing to wit hereby revoking all
wills made bv me before or after this
onfI give this will to my niece to
show if there appear a will made
without notifying her and without re
turning her will to her through Thom
as Mnndell aa I have promised to do
I Implore the judge to decide In favor
of this will as nothing would induce
me to make a will unfavorable to my
niece but being III and afraid if any
I of my caretakers insisted on my mak
ing a will to refuse as they might
leave or be angry and knowing my
niece had this will to show my niece
fearing also after she went aWJLYI
hearing but one side might feel hurt
at what they might nay of her as they
tried to make trouble by not telling
the truth to me when she was here
even herself I give this will to my
niece to show If absolutely necessary
to have It to appear against another
will found alter my death I wish her
to show this will made when I am In
good health for me and my old torn
viil made on the fourth of March In
thO year of our Lord one thousand
right hundred and fifty to show also
a proof that It has been my lifetime
wish for her to have my property I
thenfor give mv property to mv
meet as fresh l a my father gave It t
r r I stn prom i d h m r ° r aril
m F Vrr n rutJ ft tif tr fcir
I nl x gabrlt i h
dl tht rend cl ifl in Drear f
ir fivri t 1 rai In v ri 1
ttrr hnvo at th r pt n mv hf n
ffottoest x
oS ° SZ r1 CIlCZr lfllt w
91Fee ° Jfenr Bedford tticf to
ZJYeZfr G4ree2i ct71f frpl8e
and seal this eleventh day of January
Iin the year rout Lord one thousand
eight hundred and sixtytwo
and a seal
i Such was the curious rambling In
coherent document on which Hetty
II Green based her claim I on her aunta
fortune The trustees fought the
claim on two grounds flrst that the
relations between Hefty and her aunt
Sylvia had not been so cordial as to
have led the latter l to leave the former
all her property and second that the
signature to this socalled second
Inge was a forgery The litigation
which followed Is In many respects the
most remarkable In the annals of the
law As nearly all the evidence was
in the form of depositions little of it
was published In the newspapers and
IB now available only in Ute transcript
of the record a volume of over 1000
closely printed pages The trustees
spent 150000 in defending the will
and the fight lasted through the bet I
tor part of two years
The chief struggle was over the gen I I
uineness of the signature already re I
ferred to The conflict of expert testi
mony was extraordinary demonstrat
ing how completely scientific opinion
may differ Here were three signa
tures of Sylvia Ann Howland one ad
mittedly genuine But It appeared on
superimposing the other two over
this that the covering was so exact
letter for letter stroke for stroke and
that not merely this covering existed
together with identity of spaces be
tween the letters and words but that
the locality on the paper and the dis
tance of the signatures from the mar
gin so nearly coincided that the de
fendants supported by some of the
best experts In the country brought
forward the theory that this coinci
dence was the result not of chance
but of design and that the doubtful
signatures had been forged by tracing
them over the genuine
Wall street and State street sent
their most eminent judges of signa
ture to support thl theory Commer
cial colleges sent their presidents nnd
their teachers of handwriting The
coast survey sent its most eminent
I members from Washington either to
sustain or combat the hypothesis of
the defense Recourse was had to
the magnifying glass to laboriously l
traced enlargements to photographic
copies Learned chemists testified as
to the composition of I the various Inks
Lithographers and engravers added
tho weight of their testimony to one
side or the other Harvard university
was represented by three of Its moat
distinguished savants Professor Alex
ander Agawsiz Dr Oliver Wendell
Holmes and Professor Benjamin
Peirce the famous mathematician
Professor leirce8 testimony was
perhaps the mot astounding of any
Qualifying SH An expert on the doc
trine of chances he stated with posi
tive conviction that the coincidence
between the admittedly genuine signa
ture of Sylvia Ann Howland and the
doubtful one codld not occur except
by design once in two thousand fix
hundred and sixtysix millions of mil
lions of millions of times or 26G6
0000000000000 This num
ber the witness stated far tran
scends human experience So vast an
improbability Is practically an impossi
bility Such evanescent shadows of
probability cannot belong to actual
life They are unimaginably le e
than those least things which tho law
cares not for And then as If this
were not improbability enough the
witness stated that considering the
I coincidence of the location of tho sig
nature on the page Improbability
would be Increased ten and possibly a
hundred fold
Yet tho plaintiffs met this apparent
ly insurmountable testimony by pro
ducing a number of checks which had
been drawn by President John Quin
cy Adams which showed an even
greater coincidence than these Sylvia
Ann Howland signatures
How a Jury would have decided this
Interesting and bewildering issue will
never be known It never was consid
ered by judge or Jury On a point of
law It was held that Hetty Green
own testimony was the solo support of
the plaintiff case and that rs it was
not corroborated it could not be con
sidered The alleged will was reject
ed and the old will stood securing to
the lineal 1 descendants of old Gideon
Howland some million and a half of
dollars so soon as Hetty Green should
Some of these days the newspapers
I of the world will announce the death
of Americas most noted woman finan
cier Out of the millions who read
that announcements thousand will
get ready to present their claims to
the Sylvia Ann Howland trust Gene
alogies will be searched the old family
Bibles will be brought out and studied
an army of attorneys will bo pressed
into service and at goodness knows
what expense and trouble and labor
the fortune kept intact for nearly fifty
years will at last be distributed in ac
cordance with the terms of Sylvia Ann
Howlands will
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I LState Society II
Special to Tho HeraldRepublican
Tooele Sept 16Mrs Campboll of I
Butte was tho guest at the home of I
Mr and Mrs Charles Berke the first
part of tho week
Mrs Samuel Merritt of this place
spent several days or this week In Salt
Mrs Caldwell and daughter Miss
Flossie Caldwell returned home on
Thursday after a visit to several points I
In Idaho I
Mr and Mrs Bert Asbloek and chil
dren will leave Tooele on September Z <
for a visit to Kansas City Mo and
other points I
Miss Mary Howdpn or Alberta Can
ada Is Malting friends in Tooole
Miss Minnie Paine of Salt Lake la
the gnest of J C Orme and family
Mrs Mary Mediation of Bauvard
Nev Is visiting at the home of hor
father Mr James Kirk
A grand tall will be given by the
firemen of thin place at the Opera house
on Monday September n for the bene
fit of the Toole volunteer fire depart
ments The Copper City orchestra will
furnish music
Special to Tho HeraldRepublican
Iark City Sept 11sttm Trewcek
gave a dinner at the Wabash mine on
Sunday In honor of Misses Lottie Ollnor
and Kvn Hughes who have gone east
to visit relatives The Invited guests
were Misses Jessie McDonald Kathryn
Cunningham Minnie Cunningham Eva
Hughes Lottie Ollner and Messrs
Jenks Nelson Percy Parker Alex Me
D Rall1 Will Treweek and Sam Tre
Dr It K Wight and family spent
Monday In Park visiting friends
Hugh McDonald Superintendent of
the King Consolidated mine enter
talneil the following guests on Tues
day Misses Uottlf Ollner Eva Hughes
Jessie McDonald Bessie McDonald Tcn
nle McDonald Minnie Cunningham
Kathryn Cunningham and Messrs
Jenks Kelson Alex McDonald and Bob
V pert was given In Mis Osra
is and and Mre FI nk MrJwrn at
Ms F c r as onr rn Ncjk a
r IP Vcdne la E e one p a pi
Tie r Or wen T s w re Ocnt f mn n
frs H T n Mtp + sc fl S frmvj
I Fag lxa es f rst ivjrg F J Beggtf
t M r
After cards 50 guosts sat down to a
chicken supper
Mrs C W Hodgson left Wednesday
afternoon to visit her mother In Ne
The O K R P club meets at the home
of Mrs Matt Clemments next Thurs
day afternoon
Joe Brennan and Miss Marie Collins
were married in Salt Lake this week
Mrs George Olson of Salt Lake Is
visiting her sister Mrs O C Lock
Mrs James Waters of Salt Lake Is 1
the guest T > f Mrs Arthur Williams
The 600 club met Thursday afternoon
at the home ot Mrs W D Sutton on
Norfolk avenue The homo was beau
tifully decorated with asters of all col
ors The guest prize was awarded to
Mrs George Olson of Salt Lake and
first prize to Mrs 0 C Lockbart Re
freshments were served
O E S gave a social at the Masonic
temple on Friday evening
Mrs Kate Ollner and daughter Lottie
left for Newark N J on Wednesday
morning to visit relatives
Special to The HeraldRepublican
American Fork Sept 1Mrs Sadie
Henry assisted by her slstscrs enter
tained at a miscellaneous shower in
honor of hor sister Miss Annie Hind
I ley Monday night at the home of Mrs
Sarah B Chipman
Mrs James Chipman of Salt Lake Is
the guest of her daughter Mrs T S
Miss Agnes Flrmagc who has spent
the summer In Ogden was hero the fore
part of the week
Miss Bertha Adams is I In Salt Lake
HIP guest of Mrs Emma Homphlll
Mr and Mrs C A Storrs of Rich
field spent Sunday and Monday in
American Fork
Arthur Stout of Salt Lake was In
American Fork the fore part of the
weelt J
Mrs Alva Chipman of Salt Lakn is
here the guest of hor sister Mrs T S
Mrs Vera Johnson was In American
Fork the fore part of tho week
Mr and Mrs Joseph L Dunkley spent
Sunday In Salt Lake the guests of Mr
and Mrs < Karl Dnnkloy
Mr and Mrs Jesse Mlsener wore In
Prntn ThurRrI
H M Vtfamsjn of Blackfio la
It ailrg hs brother Pctf A rsor
Mr and Mr H Adamson rnl cr
en and daughter from Xhrlc sv p

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