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Herbert Lofthouse Is Seriously
Wounded by Bullet From
Small Rifle
Boy Carries Victim of Accident to His
Mother and Then Hastens
Down Town
nictll oo I > playing with firearms
MIted t ttIIIdy shortly after 2
i look rttiTday afteinoon in which
Ilrber William LoftnnuBe aged i
veiim n f Herbert K Lofthouse
S 7 Voiih Thirteenth West street may
l hi 111
With t bullet wound tliiuigh his in
ustine l the iaU is at the German
Aiuericari hospital h a dangerous
< > nditi > i The wounu resulted from
the acclU niai diacharge of a 22cali
LtT rift m the hands of Alfred Mar
tin age i stars a mest < enger for the
Po tal T fitgraph f con i > aii > who re
SKtes i tli his widowed mother at
llisi1 fortn l and 1 hit tenth West
sinets The srenn of tin accident was
H lde 1 ihuken hounu at the home
uf Petei Kirme 501 North Thirteenth
West sti e t
4 Paul Itirnie aged 11 years son of
pter Blrrie ouns the ilfle that caused
me tragtiiv EQuipped with an abun
dance of tartruige Paul carried the
gun lnt > nl = back yard shortly l after
tlo noon hour yesterday and began to
ilischarge It at glass bottles Martin
loon Joined him and then the crack
ing of the rifle shots attracted the
Tofthouse b < > y Martin says he at
tempted to send the Lofthonae boy
Ima but iu persisted in staying close
t the rifle
JUne Is Fired
Y hen a new glass bottle was set up
at a new range and Martin had re
loaded the rifle in the chicken house
ung Lofthouse started out of the
dr ahead of him Mai tin admits
tl ut he opened the hammer of the rifle
tI fore going out HI linger was on
the trigger of the flrtariii Brushing
tigaanst the door post of the chicken
house his hand was jarrEd to the ex
tent that the trigger was pressed and
the rifle was red With a cry the
I ofthouie boy fell to the ground The
bullet paed through his left arm just
iiiove the elbow penetrated the abdo
riiiu uutKiiallj and lodged m the right
ti igh
ilath ring the wounded lad in his
1 ns the t messenger boy carried him
t the tence which M > iarates the Bir
i and Lotthouse propelti s Then he
i iled j r 1 Herberts mothei He hand
i Air Iofhouse l lu i untied boy
1 n ii thln over tie tields he dia
IqIar 1 t hours hit r i dashing into
rJ > ffii of the I Postal Telegraph com
III J t uiiig for an opportunity to
0 r > > tge Hi = > x < itid condi
I Ht f + il i attention but the police
I I IK d ii i er him until nearly I
lit k
hlle neighbors summoned Dr J
if i Kobi iMHi the mother worked fran
i illy to r stop the flow of blood tro
t ii I wo mils In the body of her son
ii > sui c on made a run in his auto
> bile U the Lofthouse home and
nnediitHy took the boy to the Ger
triAm Mean hospital There the
t iet I v i removed Though the
nn i i enous Dr Rooinaon enter
n hi tll save the bys life Some
< t the teunes i are penetrated but
n lad i igorous and l healthy andIt
1 beli oj 1 that gangrenous develop
TI iflt an be I prevented
Roys Questioned
Paul Rirnie the boy who owned the
iiile w ti located at his home by Mo
ic I > clf Patrolman Dan Grundvig He
is briiifht to police headquarters in
t t poi emeiency patrol Later
M titin t found near the office of the
postal Telegraph eumpany They
M re given H rigorous questioning at
foire leadquarten under the direc
tlln of li utaiant R L Shannon Bir
iie admitted that he had shot a boy
uned Kiv hEn he lived at Park City
five yen is ago by the acidental dis
ntrg e i a rirte that belonged to one
or his tin thers
I was shooting at glass bottles
saiil Martin and had thrown out a
new one when I discovered that there
wre no more cartridges in the cham
I r Tit I Lofthouse boy kept run
rung in iiont of me and went out of
the chi < kn house right in front of me
I had cooked the rifle and was on
m wa > out when my arm hit some
thing that made me pull my finger
Tack The rifle went off and the bul
let hit the Lofthouse boy After I had
carried him to Mrs Lofthouse I ran
home and told mamma and then ran
Tor the Postal Telegraph office as fast
a I could KO I didnt do it on pur
r ne but I was so frightened I didnt
know w hat to do
< 1 C A Birch after several endeav
or to teeur the renewal ot hie liquor
Moense for tlo
Casa Content can
e elled bv i Ihp t hoard of county eommls
> oners ierda filed another appll
iniijn nun to have it denied by the
iiiimist e Tilt license of the
i a > a t oiiieiitia a road house just out
e of the city limits on Twelfth South
rod was cancelled after the proprle
had been convicted of violating the
mda Ih1r law and also upon the
r otb of residents of that section
The Salt Lake Security A Trust Cum
uiMiy n popular with money savers
and investors
First It is financially strong Cap
tat and I Surplus 4t0 K000
Second It I is lor nil u ipl < f rich
and po T men and women
ThirdIt is i courteous to nil and ac
iimioodating to its cusumiprs
Fourth It issues mortsrare certi
iiates in amounts from 1141 up to
v > HK < > a < h thus nroidnv nn ibso < <
I itely safe investment r tlu 131
b wHl as the large iniMu t >
FifthIt protects investors in its
mortgage certificates and first mort
gages arainst any possible lose of
cither nnripal or interest
Sixth It invites accounts from al
who wish tosave or invest inmoy
Salt Lake i
Security Trust
32 Up Main St
Capital 300flnnno I
Surplus IOOUOO00
It I I I
Little Problems
I Married Life
By Wm Georgo Jordan I
Is Intact the Baedeker
to Matrimony
I 100 per Vol
This and other good
books on matrimony
and home Ute at
Deseret S S Union
Book Store
41 nnd 40 Knst South
ThelIlICC Courtfou
I tI Ct Clerk ever
wod rendv to
Iuoob I erre jou
Something to wear the aspiration
and sometimes the despair of every
selfrespecting man and woman is an
easier problem for ud readers than for
have not been
used commonly
on account of ex i
1 2 cessive cost
Food cooked in a
Casserole is appetizing I
and healthful It re
tains all its aroma and
flavor and being
served in the dish in
which it is cooked the I
last portion is as hot as I
the first
Price cut in
two Special f
3 dish at I
250 while tf
they last WT 1AJU Ci wra te
The Sohmer jr
I Is one of the perfected
musical instruments of a i a
marvelously progressive
age Perfection of tone I i
touch and scalefare qual
ities which give it prom r
100111113 MAIN STREET
Successors to Clay tonDay nes Muslo Co Beesley Music Co D O Cal ers
Eons Co Clayton Music Co DaynesRomney Music Co The Daynes Musir Co
Something which you NEED but I
which you do not feel rbjc to buy
new may be advertised any day now I
in the FOR SATIT columu 1
In Describing a House I
as Modern
Nowadays it meaas that the nails
and ceilings are finished with No
Lustre Washable Wall lfnish
Culmer Paint Glass Co
87 K tilt South
Judging 1 from I
the tone of some 1
comments we
hear coal deal
ers ought to re
form and become hI
burglars II I i
Western Fuel Co I
Orliehluir PU ber A Kittle
Cable Addre W foceM
Phone 719 73 MaIn Street
Building and Site Sold at Pub
lic Auction by the
Subscriptions Made by Prominent
People Who Have Since Failed to
Produce the Money
As a result of the financial tangle
surrounding the affairs of the local
Young Mens Christian association the
building and lot at First South and
State streets were sold at public auc
tion yesterday at sheriffs sale to the
Utah Savings Trust company for
41St706 and six months is given
the association to raise the necessa
ry money to pay off the heavy mort
gage on the building and property and
redeem it for the purposes for which
St was built
Already arrangements are being
made by the directors of the Y M C
A to raise the necessary money
which Secretary W E Wright places
at 30060 This money has been sub
scribed but donors have failed to
make good the notes to which they
subscribed < < In the campaign for funds
conducted by the association last
spring At that time an effort was
made to raise 150000 to take up the
bonds outstanding clear all the debts
and start the association on a new
tooting This money was needed to
raise a first and second mortgage on
the building and property given at
the time improvements were made
eight years ago
It is said that a few of the best
known business men in Salt Lake who
subscribed to the fund have since
failed to pay the money and have left
the association in a critical financial
condition which has lasted over a pe
riod of several years
Tlmo To Show Pride
There has never been a time when
the people of Salt Lake have a better
time to show their civic pride than at
the present time said Secretary
Wright last night We are facing a
very grave crisis and unless this
money is raised the association build
ing will pass into the hands of those
who hold the bonds and mortgages
Some of the friends of the association
who subscribed to the mortgage fund
have not paid the money which we
must raise if the association is to con
In the Third district court some
time ago the mortgage on the Y M 1 C
A property was foreclosed the judg
ment amounting to 6236004 Of
this the Utah Savings Trust com
pany claims 4098451 Added to this
are the sheriffs fees and commis
sions which brought the total to 41
U701 The property was sold at this
figure to C C Dey representing the
Utah Savings Trust company
Movement Started to Send
Musical Organization to Big
Land Show
Plans are already under way for the
government display of dry farm and
irrigated land products at the Ameri
can i Land and irrigation exposition
J which will be held in Madison Square
Garden New York City November 3 to
U next year
Gilbert McCIurs who managed the
national irrigation congress meeting in
Ogden a few years ago writes that he
Is In correspondence with F J Kelsel
of Ogden now In Baden Baden Ger
man A R Heywood president of the
Weber club in Ogden Governor Wil
liam Spry and John Henry Smith who
are member of the executive commit
tee of the exposition relative to tak
ing the Tabernacle choir either of Salt
Lake or Ogden to the exposition
Mr McClurg explains in his letter
that not only would this move be of
wonderful benefit to Utah from the
standpoint of au advertisement but
t hit t concert engagements could be eas
ts v arranged which would more than
uefray the expense of the trip
in the event either of the choirs is
taken to the exposition It will be for
the primary purpose of rendering the
National Irrigation ode at each days
session This ode was written by Pro
fessor J J McClellan and has been sung
by t the Ogden choir at several of the
annual congresses and also by the Salt
Lake choir The exposition offers no
definite contribution toward defraying
the expenses of the trip
The matter of arranging for space for
the Utah exhibit will be taken up by the
board of governors of the Commercial
club at its next meeting and arrange
nents will be made for conferences with
other organizations In the state which
are interested in the project
Mr McCurg states in his letter that
on a recent visit to Washington he
was told by Secretary of Agriculture
Wilson and Secretary of the Interior
Sal linger that the government is contemplating
emplating an extensive exhibit of dry
farm and irrigation land products
which will be separate from the exhibit
sent by the state
According to advice from New York
the Western Pacific has made appli
cation to the Western Immigration bu
rt au for membership therein This ac
ton on the part of the new Gould road
Indicates Its intention of going after
emigration traffic to settle up some
of the rich but virgin area along its
To furnish information regarding
Jlljuur i selling cases on the Shebit res
ervation in southwestern Utah Henry
Ittavts and John Victor Shebit Indi
an will go before tbe grand Jury to
morrow The redmen arrived in Salt
Lake yesterday and are stopping at I
the Vilson With true Indian reticence
they hold their tongues to all questions
as to their business hor Both are
government employes being Indians of
the modern type and well educated
The new transformer station of the
tt n Lijhi und Railway company at
Iui ray x in be ready about the middle
f i > tt tilt r orkmon have been en
> I > i HI unstructlon of the trans
t ri f number of months and
f i ri j u > Ld toe plant will be one
of the bent in the county It IB one
turv Men I and I11 house six trans
f < M r 11 1 IP fcfnerator The present
< n strtrt is to bt > torn
L in I
Turkeys Can Be Shipped Here
For Less Than the Local Price
jr HATEFUL in the extreme will be
G those who will seek to express
their thankfulness on Thursday
with 32ccnt turkey And even at that
there is likely to be a tinge of resent II
fulness toward the Salt Lake turkey
merchant who demands that price for
the Thanksgiving bird with the retail
prloe obtaining in the smaller sur
rounding towns at 22 cents
On Saturday turkeys were quoted on
the local retail market at 35 cents a
pound Earlier last week they were
still higher Restaurants and hotels are
buying them for 26 cents
In Caldwell Idaho they are retail
ing at 22 cents The express rate on
dressed poultry between Caldwell and
Salt Lake Is 316 a hundred Were
Salt Lake retailers to buy their tur
keys in Caldwell at the retail figure
express them to Salt Lake and sell them
at the present quotation a profit of
over 20 per cent would be realized I
It Is probable In view of the fact
that commission men declare the sup I
ply is ample that local retailers pay
no more to the poultry raiser for the
birds than do those of Caldwell This
being the case adding the ten per cent
on the Salt Lake retail price for the
express charges between the two points
a tribute of not less than 50 per cent
is demanded by the local retailer on an
Investment of capital tied up for con
siderably less than a week
Taking a tenpound turkey for ex
ample purchased in Caldwell for 22Q
It could be laid down on the kitchen
table In Salt Lake for 32 cents while
the Salt Lake market man asks 68
cents more for the same sized foul
making a profit to him of 211 per cent
above the express charges providing he
bought his fowls In Caldwell and paid
the retailers price
In explaining the high price prevail
ing here the Salt Lake retailers de
clare the supply is too great and that
they expect a slump in the price at
least the day before Thanksgiving and
possibly today and they have been
forced to keep the price up In order to
obtain a reasonable profit
History Locked in Old Tree
Very Mysteriously Disappears
OST a crosssection of one tree
LOST years old and about five feet
in diameter Return to the head
quarters of the United States Geologi
cal Survey in the Brooks Arcade build
Somewhere between the Wasatch
forest planting station in Big Cotton
wood canyon and Salt Lake the vener
able block of wood from which gov
ernment geological engineers proposed
to decipher the history of the weather
in Salt Lake basin during the last five I
centuries has been waYlaid Forest of I
ficials are on ItS trail but have not
succeeded in locating it and It ma
become necessary to hunt up another i
tree of like age to conduct the Im
portant experiment
Several weeks ago after the order
to cut one of the mlghtest trees of the
Wasatch reserve for experimental pur
poses had been given the crosssection
was hauled down from the local forest
ry offices in the Bell building where
the bearer was ordered to leave it with
District Engineer E C Larue of the
Geological survey That was the last
seen of the teamster or the block and
whether the potential historian of the
Wasatch is gracing some farmers
woodpile all a chopping block or has
already gone up the chimney as fuel
Is a question the experimenters are try
ing to solve
State Pure Food Bureau Will
Ask Legislature to Provide
Funds for Its Work
With hands tied because of lack of
funds the state pure food bureau and
the state food and dairy commission
will go to the forthcoming legislature
with a plea for more money and sug
gestions for a few mince changes in the
state pure food laws Willard Hansen
jr state food and dairy commissioner
said yesterday that this will be one of
the most Important petitions of the
pure food department of the state gov
ernment that money be provided to
carry out the law
Taken as a whole said Commission
er Hanson yesterday the food and
dairy laws of Utah are as good or bet
ter than those of other states But we
eannot enforce the laws For instance
the law says that all cattle shall be
inspected stamped and marked when
slaughtered for human consumption
This is done for the protection of the
public But we have not the funds to
make these inspections
The law provides that no milk shall
be sent to the market from cows that
are unclean or live in unsanitary sur
roundings This means that we should
make inspections throughout the state
and insist that the farmers keep their
places and their cows In a sanitary
condition But we are unable to do
this because of lack of funds
For the two departments the last
legislature appropriated 11000 or 6
600 for each year Out of that we have
the incidental expenses of the depart
ment office rent and salaries to be
paid And when that is cared for we
are not able to follow out the provisions
of the law Why in Salt Lake City
alone more money is paid than is pro
vided to the state bureaus for the en
forcement of pure food measures We
simply cannot do the work
In the biennial report of the com
missions now being prepared which
will be submitted to the Governor by
the middle of December we will make
several suggestions as to changes in
the present laws and will ask for some
new provisions But we will have to
get money from the state before we
are able to carry out the laws pro
visions We certainly will make a plea
for more money
The state food and dairy commission
and the pure food bureau have held
several meetings preparing the report
but will not finish their work for about
ten days
Xo Change Made In Directorate of Suit
Luke or TonopnU Home by Yes
terdays Election
Meeting yesterday afternoon in the
offices of Pennel Cherrlngton general
attorney for the Salt Lake Route
stockholders in the Salt Lake and the
Las Vegas and Tonopah held their an
nual election of directors
No changes were made In the person
nel of either of the boards of directors
by yesterdays election Follows the
list named for the Salt Lake Route
W A Clark R O Kerens J Ross
Clark W R Kelly James Mahl Thom
as Kearns T F Miller H Is Bettis It
S Lovett W H Bancroft W G Kerck
hoff and W II Comstock
For the Las Vegas Tonopah these
directors were reelected W A Clark
C O Whlttemore R f1 Kerens Walter
M Clark W H Comstock J Ross
Clark and W V Clark Jr
Resolutions by Fernstrom and
McKinney Are Passed Along
by the Council
With hardly a stir the liquor li
cense question came up for a minute
or two at the council meeting last
night and was quietly sent to the
municipal Jaws committee Both the
resolutions of Councilmen F S Fern
Strom and J W McKinney came be
fore the council and both were passed
into the hands of the committee with
out comment
Fernatroms resolution providing
the suggestion that the number of sa
loons in the city be limited to from
30 to 40 and that a special commit
tee of five be appointed to investi
gate existing saloon conditions was
the first taken up Mulvey promptly
moved that it go to tho committee
and Fernstrom got as far as saying
I would like to have it passed
when he sat down with an Oh all
Councilman McKinney presented
his promised resolution amending
rule 15 of the councils bylaws and
creating a new committee to be
known as the liquor license commit
tee and to consist of fie members
This resolution followed Fernstroms
The protest of the retail druggists
against the order of the board of
health that all merchants care for
their own waste paper after Decem
ber 1 provoked a long discussion
which ended In the protest being
filed without any relief from the or
der being promised
The city attorney recommended
that before proceeding in the prose
cution of the violators of the smoke
ordinance evidence should be gained
by means of a camera
The appointment of M Fitzgerald
as patrolman was confirmed
The request of the state for the use
of the council chamber for the ninth
legislative session was granted and
the rental of the chamber and com
mittee rooms fixed at 1200 for the
sixtyday session and 20 a day for
each additional day
May rake Step to Prevent Moving of
Land Office From Vernal to
Prior In Carbon County
Hearing that efforts are being made
to remove the government land office
from Vernal Uintaji county to Prloe
Carbon county residents of Uintah
county are preparing to make a stren
uous fight to prevent the change and
may draw up a formal petition to the
government to this end
K M Jones of Myton Uintah coun
ty said yesterday that it would work
a great hardship upon the people of
Uintah county and others who care to
settle there If the land office is moved
At present those filing upon the land
have to go 40 miles to Vernal to re
cord the deeds but if the office is
moved to Price they will have to go
just 40 miles further
According to Mr Jones Myton is
about the center of activity in Uintah
county because of the large Irriga
tion schemes proposed and now being
worked out there Schemes which will
irrigate more than 150000 acres are
being started and some are nearing
completion Many settlers are taking
the land and more will go there he
believes And upon all of these a great
hardship will be worked If they are
forted to go 40 miles beyond Vernal
to tile upon reservation lands
State Hoard Will Check Election lle
nilltH lu Various Counties
On Monday next the state board of
canvassers consisting of the state
treasurer attorney general and the
secretary of state will meet In the
office of the latter for the purpose
of checking the election returns of the
various counties In the state
The official returns of the recent
election have been received by the sec
retary of state from all counties ex
cept three Piute Uintah and Tooele
Secretary of State Tlngey has tele
graphed the clerks jf these counties
to forward the returns without delay
BO that the canvassing board may be
gin its work promptly on Monday In
checking the returns the state board
will compile the ballots cast for con
gressman Justice of the supreme court
and on state senator where the dis
trict Includes more than one county
Contract Is Let for Construc
tion of First Story of the
County Infirmary
Early construction of the new coun
ty Infirmary and hospital was assured
yesterday In the awarding by the
board of county commissioners of the
contract for the construction of the
first story of the building The con
tract was let to the Campbell Build
Ing company at a price of 14500 On
January 2 1911 the contracts for the
remainder of the building will be en
tered into with the Campbell Build
ing company whose total bid of 114
648 for the complete building was ac
cepted as the lowest and best
In the bids received and considered
by the board of county commissioners
yesterday there were ten competitors
for the contract for constructing the
infirmary building The bids provided
for reinforced concrete construction
with the supplemental amounts to be
added should steel framework be de
sired The bids were
R W Bradley Co concrete con
struction 153455 add for steel
frame 6G20
A P Mickelson concrete construc
tion 136884 add for steel frame
Oliver Hodgson concrete construc
tion 130392
Willard T Cannon Lynch Cannon
Engineering company concrete con
struction 137900
Campbell Building company con
crete construction 114648 add for
steel framework 9790
James Stewart Co concrete con
struction 121600 add for steel
fiame 11000
Deseret Construction company con
crete construction 13669740
Glllis Construction company con
crete construction 134000
J H Brittain concrete construction
William J Tuddenham concretp
construction 122100 add for steel
framework 17000
Because of the lack of funds under
the present years appropriation the
contract for the first floor only could
be awarded at this time and the re
mainder of the building will come un
der the appropriations for next year
On January 2 the commissioners will
sign the contracts providing for the
complete structure
With the acceptance of the partial
contract the Campbell Building com
pany will immediately begin work on
the foundation and first floor of the
infirmary and hospital and work will
be hastened towards early completion
of the building
Board of Governors Delighted With
New Commercial Club After
Official Inspection
With more than a thousand incandes
cent lamps throwing their light from
basement to roof the new home of the
Salt Lake Commercial club underwent
its first official inspection by the board
of governors last night
From kitchen to reception rooms the
board found everything in perfect ap
pointment for the formal opening to
morrow night With the exception of
several minor fixtures and draperies
which are being rushed from the east
by fast express the furnishings and
equipments of the entire building are
For the first time since its comple
tion the lighting system of the building
was put in full operation and every
lamp blazed brightly setting off In
favorable manlier the many beauties of
the club room
At the conclusion of the inspection
every member of the board of govern
ors announced himself as thoroughly
satisfied with the building from base
ment to roof and had no suggestions
for improvements to make
Special attention has been paid to
the club kitchen which was completely
furnished with new equipment yester
day Wednesday the club win hold
open house and will serve a buffet
luncheon during the afternoon and
evening although no regular meals will
be served until Friday
Peter Sehuler member of the firm of
Roser Schuler dealers in refriger
ators at 54 Orpheum alley was arrest
ed last night for attempting to inter
fere with Patrolman Henry Martin
while the latter was arresting a drunk
Schuler was released on 25 ball
Ben Katsura a Japanese was ar
rested In 161 Commercial street last
night by Detectives George Cleveland
and Earl RIpley upon complaint of
Sheriff Tom Kelter of Carbon county
who alleges that Katsura forged the
name of a Japanese at Price to a check
for 114 on the Price First National
bank five weeks ago
A H Cunningham In the employ of
the Boston Consolidated was nearly
battered into insensibility by an un
known negro at Fourth South and Sec
ond West streets shortly after 10
oclock last night With closed eyes
and deep gashes in the head Cunning
ham was taken to police headquarters
and attended by Dr H B bprague
No Attempt to Take Advantage
of Long and Short
Haul Clause
Telegraphic Information to the ef
fect that the Southern and Southeast
ern Mississippi Valley Freight associ
ations have agreed on the long and
short haul clause as specific in amend
ments to the interstate traffic law
added at the special session of the
Sixtyfirst Congress through the ac
tion of Salt Lake Denver and Omaha
traffic associations means that these
association will not file exceptions
to the rate as laId down by the inter
state commerce commission says S H
Love president of the Commercial
club traffic bureau
Freight carriers were given until
February 17 to file with the commis
sion exceptions to the Ions and short
haul clause They are given this op
portunity to state in what eases they
would ask to be relieved of the pro
visions of the clause
Discrimination on the part of the
railroads in favor of San Francisco in I
rates inspled the fight which was
waged by the traffic bureaus of these
three cities The Salt Lake bureau
took the initial step The interstate
commerce commission took evidence
here In September and upheld the Salt
LakeDenverOmaha contentions The
result was that out of 205 commodities
Investigated on 70 per cent of them
the rates were reduced to exactly the
same as the ChicagoSan Franci O
rate 26 per cent was reduced ii to 15
per cent while four per cent was not
Regarding the four per cent the bu
reau entered an amended complaint
with Commissioner Prouty asking that
the Pacific coast rate be made effec
tive in these remaining commodities
and received the practical assurance
from the commissioner that in the In
vestigation whloh closed September 6
the board had decided upon that ac
tion and that the matter would be ta
ken up in the near future by the com
If the Southern and Southeastern
Mississippi Valley Freight associations
view the matter in the same light as
the commission does said President
Love last night we have ground for
hope that the TransMissouri associa
tion which includes practically all
lines operating west of the Missouri
rive will do likewise
Frank II Klmball BOll Mm Emma New
ell JoHnelju Married Yesterday
Afternoon In Ogdeu
As a surpri to their friends in Salt
Lake Frank B Kimball city licence
assessor and Mrs Emma Newell Josae
lyn head of the cloak department at
Walkers went to Ogden yesterday aft
ernoon obtained a marriage license
and were married by John V BltJth
deputy county clerk The marriage oc
curred at about 430 oclock They re
turned at once to Salt Lake
Mr and Mrs Kimball will leave to
day or Wednesday on a short honey
moon and upon their return will live
at No 7 Devon court
Mrs Kimball is the daughter of Wil
liam Newell for many years with the
Union Pacific railroad here and later
depot master at Ogden
Mr Kimball mothers Mrs XI V
Kimball of Oakland Cal has been vis
iting here for a few days on her way
to her home after a trip to Chicago
and the marriage was also a surprise to
Secretary Horace Ensign of the state
fair association is already busily en
gaged in answering correspondence
relative to the state fair for next year
A communication from the Ogden
Packing and Provision company states
that double space will be required for
Its exhibit next year and that it Is
prepared to take the first grand prize
to Ogden At the last fair it secured
the second grand prize for the most
artistic display in addition to one sil
ver cup two gold medals and four
George Burkneist 1017 Belmont ave
nue was picked up in an unconscious
condition in Second South street be
tween Fourth and Fifth West streets
at 1130 oclock last night and taken
to tho Emergency hospital where Dr
H B Sprague found that he was suf
fering from an overdose of morphine
Symptoms of an habitual dope fiend
could not be discovered and it is be
lieved that the man attempted suicide
His condition is not serious
Promoting a battle royal in the
drunk house of the city Jail Into which
he was placed shortly before midnight
Ed Ray a soldier from Fort Douglas
punished five other prisoners so severe
ly that their wounds had to be treated
by the police surgeon Ray was then
locked up in solitary confinement
The police were first attracted by the
screams for help of the soldiers wound
ed victims
Pending Such Investigation
Thousands of Acres Are
Withdrawn From Entry
By an order from the < 1partI i
Washington receive at he IO > MJ = <
office yesterday nearly JJU < > 000 aY
agricultural land in Bx Klder of
is temporarily withdrawn from n
under SP lion t of the enUrg i I
stead act or Smout act p udintr
examination of the lands
The order affects lands bf
Iucin and Grouse creek in the >
of Rosette and Park Val + y an i
eludes lands Mt apart in the fut
ignation under this act Unih
Smoot act lands not having wat >
culinary purposes uiav hf tak
without the requirement of actua
dence Recent examinations In the I
Valley district under the direction
the local office showed that M
could be had at a depth of rrom fn
to twenty feet and the pittencv r i
merous springs and artesian we
this territory which would exu
from entry under the enlarged i
stead at
Filings Not Affected
Filings have already been made < > i a
large part of this territory win h t a
officials in the local land office say v
not be affected by the wlldradLJ 1
temporary withdrawal Includes twr
seven townships the land being
scribed as follows Townships 11 <
1 ranges 1 and 1 townships 11
and 1 range 1 townships 10 1
and 1 range 1 townships 10 11
and 1 rang 1 townships 9 1 11
and U range 1 < townships 8 9 and
range 17 townships S ana 9 ranges
and 1 all north and west
Ministerial Association Discusses Ir
posed Itefermutiea la Salt
Inke City
Plans for a elvie reform movement
along linen as yet kept secret were fi
Ululated at the regular weekly meet g
of the Salt Lake Ministerial assuci f
tlon yesterday morning Members f
the association refused to discuss the
plans but I II understood that sevt
civic matters will receive attention t
the hands of the association
Other business lacking the RS < M a
tlon devoted itself to a general disc I
sion of the epistle of Paul and t
bearing on religious questions
Rev W F Bulktlej of the Eplsc
mission read a paper entitled re
Doctrines of St Paul in Relation to
Holy Spirit which was followed r >
general discussion of the rellgi < ii
phlllsophleg contained in the epistle
Patrolmen Tom Simpson and c
Olsen raided Bobs Cafe in the re
the Roma saloon in South West r
pie street last night arresting x
women of the half world Wu t
license the place is said to have i
converted into a wine room

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