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I = S II
Bee Hive Colony in Windy City
Entertained on Many
BpeiUl to The H rdK p bliean
Chicago Nov 2eThe social event
It the week for the members of the
1 tali colony in thla city was the party
Riven by Dr H J Sears at his homo
Friday night The occasion was the
annual reception of Dr Sears to the
members of the Mormon Sunday
s > < houl in thin city The evenings
i ogi i am consisted of mute and
fMnvs Solos were rendered by Mian
KUitn Hindley and Protawor Charles
Johnson Several elections were ren
tvred by a quartet constating of Pro
tr > MM < > r Mni Mrs CharliM Johnaon Mrs
O N CurUa and Dr II J Sears Re
itutlora were given by Mrs C R
Johnson and Mine Eunice Jacobeon
Inuring the evening light refresh
ments were served About 100 per
sons were prevent
A farewell reception wae given at
the home of Branch President Na
thaniel Johnson Saturday night in
honor of Conference President G C
F Sturm who will bo relieved from
rahwlonary duty November 28 The
entertainment consisted of games
music and recitations As a mark of
appreciation for the many favors ex
tended them by President Sturm the
elders and women missionaries pre
sented him with a beautiful gold
watch and fob
The regular meeting of the Utah
club was held Tuesday evening at tho
home of Mrs John Z Brown Mrs
Brown gave an interesting talk on
Thanksgiving and Its proper observ
ance Besides the general topic short
talks were given by several of the
other members
The members of the club and their
husbands met at the home of Mr >
Charles Johnson Thanksgiving das
where a general good time was en
Joyed by all At 730 all sat down to
dinner which was characterized l > >
its close adherence to oldentime
style The rooms were decorat <
with pumpkins and all about were
large bouquets of yellow ehrysantlu
Frank Avery has been chosen to
succeed G C F Strum as president
of the Chicago conference
Joseph II Dean of Salt Lake ar
rived in the city Saturday to enter
upon work in the missionary field He
was assigned to duty in the Chicago
Miss Edith Hindley of American
Fork and Miss Janette M Brighton
of Salt Lake who have been laboring
in the northern Illinois conference
have been transferred to the Chicago
conference I
I I Health and Beauty Aids
A D S You ask for a recipe for a
grettselesfl face ream that can be made
at home I have had experience with a I
dozen formulas but this U far the best
ff all and It positively does not en
c uirage a growth of hair Oet one
ounce of almosoln from your druggist
i at it In a fruit Jar add half a pint of
cold water and two teaapoonfuls of
glycerine stir briskly for a few min
uts until the almoxoin U dissolved let
stand over night in the morning It is
i < > a4y for use Use this almosoln cream
an you would any cold cream You
soon find it beautifies the complexion
and keeps the skin nioUt smooth and
pliable It is cleansing healing and
smoothing and there Is nothing finer
ZIt removal of sunburn tan aM
t eeklea If troubled with blackheads
sallow skin or muddy complexion use
for massaging It takes out all pore
airt and makes the skin finer In tex
ture preventing return of blackheads
because large pores are reduced in
Mrs T B Your clothes will not
seem to fit properly nor will you be
able to look your best as long as you
are so stout You can readily get rid
f thdt toofat condition by dissolv
ing 4 ounces of parnotis in 1 = pints
I < it water Take a tablespooniul be
t ra each meal This remedy Is per
fectly sate and harmleea but has
worked wonders in reducing the weight
If many women who got too fleshy in
sjite of their attempts to retain a
M wish figure by exercising and diet
i K Try this amd you will find it an
tOllOIiL rem d > I
Youis Truly You confess to only
r ar > of age and yet bewail ap
i > < uut loss of your yocthful complex
i ii It is your own fault If you do
hot look as well as you did five or six
ars ago Your skin will respond
leadil to proper treatment You can
ake an Inexpensive complexion beau
Irt i > < < i at home that clears and whitens
I skin without uee of powder or cod
Idh i i Get from your drug flt four
iufs of spurmax put It in a half pint
Ole Lit water and add two teesROonfuls
< Klvcerlne 1 Apply to hands forearms
at t I far with the palm of the hand
iiiv 1 rubbing until dry It will make
a iLik and ully skin fresh and rosy
i iMinK ant preserving Klrltsh charm
I t uc ctttinni be detected and It does
L t rub oft ttr whole day long
Winnie oir eyes f ned a strength
erLtI tunIc in overcome redness and
inflammation Thty would not tire so
eaaU from Hie glare of the sun If
htiuHK and htaltay Get from your
ihugglsi onto ounce of crystos and dls
BiUe it in our piat of cold water Drop
io or two drops in each eye and it
1 iii relieve tired dull watery or In
caned eyes Its continued UM will
trengihen weak eyesight Do not wear
sectuclea I until you havn to I think
this tonk will postpone that neeeaslty
man yearn Actresses and society
1 omen use cryntoA to brighten the
e and give clearness and exprea
Mrs IT M R It > u wish to evade
e maiKi if jpiiroti hint oM age as
long as possible retain your youthful
brightness of countenanceIn short
retain your good looks you must first
keep your blood tree from Impurities
and your liver active Then your com
plexion need not worry you I use n
good homemade system tonic made as
follows Dissolve onehalf cup sugar
and one ounce kardeno in onehalf pint
alcohol then add hot water to make A
full quart Take a tablespoonful be
fore each meal and you will be sur
prised how quickly and satisfactorily
this tonic purifies the blood removes
sallowness skin pimples liver blotches
and restores lost appetite and energy
It Is the best remedy I know of for
that tired rundown feeling
S J If you wish your hair to look
bright and glossy you should be very
careful as to the kind of a shampoo
you use Let dry shampoos alone
and never wash your hair with soap
under any circumstances as U will
fade and streak your hair You can al
ways feel sure that you are uslig the
ery best and safest shampoo by wash
ing your hair with a teaspoonful of
oanthrox dissolved in a cup of hot wa
ter then rinsing with clear water
This shampoo makes a fine cleansing
lather and dries very quickly without
the danger of one catching cold from
shampooing It makes the hair soft
fluffy easy to do up and relieves scalp
irritation Try this shampoo as it Is
particularly fine for shampooing dur
ing the colder months
P U M I know you will be pleased
and happy at the change for the bet
ter In your hair It you use regularly
this Inexpensive homemade quinine
hair tonic Get from your druggist one
ounce of qulnaoln dissolve It in pint
of alcohol and add i pint of cold wa
ter Rub this tonic into your scalp and
hair roots once or twloe a week and it
will prevent dandruff and stop your
hair falling out and becoming thin It
stops Itching and keeps the scalp in
healthy condition thus promoting
growth of the hair No woman ever
had long fine and glossy hair unless
she took proper oare of It and you
must do the same If you too want to
prevent yours from becoming thin and
L D Nothing Is simpler than the
removal of superfluous or wild hairs
on the face If you go about It right I
do not like the electric needle and I
have never heard of a case where plain
delatone did not prove satisfactory Get
an ounce of delatone from your drug
gist mix a little of it with sufficient
water to make a paste apply to the
surface from which you wish to remove
the disfiguring hairs let it remain two
or three minutes then wipe off and
wash the skin thoroughly with warm I I
water Do not be dlfaoouraged If the
hairs return after the first or second I
application If they do come back they
will be light thin and straggly and A
further application of delatone will re
move them forever Delatone costs a
dollar an ounce but one ounce Is all
you will ever neod
Read Mis Martns book Beauty
5 Adv
= 1
Id in Your Own Borne
Special Offer to the Readers of the HeraldRepublican
I n order to make their home study courses known in every locality
tii famous International Institute of Music will give free to readers of
t thi paper fortyeight or ninetysix lessons for either Piano Organ Vio
nn Mandolin Guitar Banjo or Cornet In return they simply ask that
uU ftc i mmend their Institute to your frtanda after you learn to play
it matters not whether you are a beginner or an advanced pupil
tie lessons will be made suitable to your need
It is not necessary that you know one Dote from another The les
HPK are so simple and easy that they are recommended to any person or i
little child who can read English They are marvels of simplicity
Photographs and drawings make everything plain
Every lover of music should take advantage of this generous ofrt > r
at once Tell your friends about iteut out this article and show it
to them
Thousands have learned music by mail nnd you can do the same
YU will receive one lesson weekly and your only expense during the
tune you get the free lessons I will be the coat of pottage and tho music
> uU use which Is small
It will mean much to you to get the Institutes Free Booklet
which give full information Write today
Mall Today to
IiitoriiHtloiinl Institute of Music
08 Fifth Avenue Dot 52D New York JC Y
Please scnd yonr free tuition offer ami free booklet
Musical instruments supplied when wanted Cash or installment I
If = w I
Remarkable Tests of
Rheumatism Cure
Absolutely Guaranteed to Cure
The great discovery DMF post
j lively destroys and eliminates from in
1 system all poison which causes rheu
matism gout lumbago or neuralgia
curing them no matter how chronio
or serious they may be
A startling feature is that It Indi
cates to the sufferer by certain well
defined symptoms the progress Ii tho
cure It contains no opiates or danger
ous Ingredients whatever
Mr E Dennett of Waraair V V
say I suffered for ninny yean with
rheumatism I could not go up or
downstairs without the old of ome
thing to pull me along I began on
DMF took two bottles and now cnn
run upatslr like n boy at my ad
vanced ireM
DMF Is easily assimilated even
by the weakest stomach or system
DMF Is sold at all drugstores at
100 a bottle e bottles for J500 Cure
guaranteed In any ordinary cash with
every purchase of 6 bottles or money
refunded If your druggist cannot sup
ply you It will be sent together with
guarantee on receipt of price by the
DMF Medicine Co 715 Lincoln
Ave Chicago 111
DMF Is recommended and sold In
Salt Lake City by Smith Drug Co Tho
Busy Corner Smith Drug Co No t
106 South Main Druehl Franken 71
ota Main I
The diagnosis of disease is the first and really most important step
in thesuccessful treatment of any trouble In other words first find
the source or cause and then use the remedy most naturally and
scientifically suited to the condition
We do not believe there is any disease in which Improper treat
ment is more often used than in Catarrh So many persons treat
the symptoms without giving thought to the causes which produce
these symptoms and the result is that Catarrh is considered incurable
by a great many simply because local treatment has failed to accom
plish the desired result
Every symptom of Catarrh points to impure blood we are sure a
short analysis of the disease and its symptoms wilt convince any one
that this statement is true First we have irritated and inflamed
mucous membranes of the head nose and throat from which there is
I a constant and copious discharge of watery matter This comes from
r inflammation of these mucous surfaces and is caused by qatarrhal mat
ters and impurities in the circulation Nature intends that these mem
branes shall all be nourished by the blood and so long as this vital
fluid is pure it satisfactorily performs this necessary work but waste
matters and impurities deposited into these delicate parts sets up
inflammation and the discharge is a natural result When this secre
tion begins to dry it assumes thicker proportions and becomes sticky
then it adheres to the throat and upper back portion of the mouth
causing the hawking tt and
straining so troublesome to Ca Gentlemen I wrote yon tome time
tarrh sufferers ago giving you aa account of y suf
Other ordinary symptoms feringe with aa awful cae of Catarrh
of the disease are headaches I had all the symptoms that accoin
this disease suck BlucuS drop
pains above the t cheek bones ping pany back into the throat aocns a constant
roaring sounds in the ears etc desire to hawk and spit feeling of
These symptoms too point directly dryneas ia the throat cough and spit
rectly to diseased blood and are ting upon rising in morning staH
In the which required
forming nose requlr
caused by congestion of the cir much effort to blow out sometimes
culation The impurities and causing the nose to bleed and leaving
catarrhal matters in the blood me with a sick headache I had thus
stream interfere with its easy suffered for five years As soon as I
heard from yon I commenced to take
and natural flow and it becomes S S S as you advised and after I had
fevel ish and thus affects the del taken several bottles I noticed a
icate fibres and membranes of change for the better Tons encour
the throat and head aged I continued to take it and in a
short while was entirely cured
S S S Catarrh
cures by JUDSON A 1ELLAM
cleansing the blood of all
11 W 10th Street Manchester Va
catarrhal matter and at the same
time building up the system by
its unequalled tonic effects It goes down into the circulation and
removes every trace of impurity or foreign matter In other words
S S S cures Catarrh by purifying the blood so that the mucous sur
faces and linings of the body are supplied with healthy blood instead of
being constantly irritated and diseased from the saturation of catarrhal
impurities Then the inflamed membranes heal the discharge is
checked the head noises all cease the stomach is toned up the throat
is no longer clogged with phlegm but every annoying symptom of
Catarrh is corrected There is but one way to cure Catarrh puniy
the blood and there is but one absolutely safe and sure blood purifier
SSS Ve have a special book on Catarrh we will send tht
book and also any medical advice desired free to all who write
Dont Suffer
With Piles
Send for Free Trial and Know How
to Quickly Cure Yourself
There are thousands of men a 1
women actually wearing pile truMx
when all they need do Is to step tnt t >
any drug store and ask foi a BOc pack
age of Pyramid Pil < ewe
And all pain will then cease V
protrusions will dlsappeai and the curs
will be quick and permanent
l > on t befog good sense h > umhg
you mum be operated en for a cur
And to test the merit of this really
wonderful jnlr cure send your nan e
and lilrex to the Pyramid Drugf
273 Pvminiu Bldg Marshall Mid AId
tht will semi you by mail In pla n
wrapper a convincing fre trial pack
age that ti1l forever put you at ease
as to what v < u need for plies
You can then step into t > e nearest
drug stoir net the regular 06c pack
age and the i ire will hn quick COP
lilHe l and permanent it HIS like a
Nine vt tiifn In ten have piles a 1
tlie often let the trouble grow un 1
it is i a riikiiif torture
Hut ijeer mind how severe the case
Pyramid Pile iure will at once taka i
the inflammation reduce the swnlr >
protrusions stop bleding Trent l1 t 1
infernal itching and absolutely preirri
the soreness that often makes an ojjer i
tion imperative
I > o not fall to get the free trial j 1
always keep in mind that you can st i
into any drug store and get the >
package quickly just when you h i i
it most Be sure and get what y < M
for The quick relief will stofltsi
the iure is I certain
PEOPLE You Cant Afford to Miss the Greatest Sale of Mens and Womens
Sale in full swing again on Monday at S OCiccka
28 and 30 Upper Main Street
Adjoining the Salt Lake Security and Trust Building
We thank all those who attended Saturday and assure the
public that more goods will arrive every day The best of
u U 1ft
CuiMI n m TS n 1h1I l Q fin < ee
> f < F <
t r
n S
I 1i
I j L4
I 4
i w1
kV + Ii bf t v J
i t t
IfH tli manage of Miss Gail
Morgan to John Clayton a
wellknown grocer which has
been set for the near future Salt Lake
patrons of the telephone will be de
cidedly the losers As one of the most
efficient and popular young women
connected with the Independent Tele
phone company Miss Morgans services
will be missed not only by the company
but by its patrons in this city
For seven years she has presided
over the Intricacies of operating desks
rising through her ability to the posi
tion of supervisor of operators which
position she has held for several years
Her management of this department is
said to be one of the chief factors con
tiibuting to its efficiency
Miss Morgan is one of the original
staff of the Utah Independent Tele
phone company She entered the serv
ice the first day of Its establishment
and ha been constantly connected with
it since that time
Outside of telephone circles she holds
a popular place in social circles of the
younger set She is the daughter of
Mrs Helen M Morgan of 359 Bryan
John Clayton is one of Salt Lakes
leading business men of the younger
generation He Is well known in trav
eling salesmen circles having followed
that business prior to embarking in the
grocery trade
I Church Notices I
Immanuel church Third South and
Seventh East streets Louis S Bower
man minister Mrs M V Rogers
church visitor Preaching services at
11 a m and 730 p m Morning sub
ject Blessings That Make Rich
Evening Count Leo Tolstoi the Sage
of Russia Bible school at 1220 pm
E Ben Brown superintendent Young
peoples meeting at 815 p m Midweek
prayer and social service Wednesday
evening at 745 You are very cordially
Invited to all of these services
St Marks cathedral First South near
Second East street the Rt Rev Frank
lin S Spalding U D the Very Rev
Samuel R Colladay dean Sunday
November 27 first in Advent 730 a
in holy communion corporate of Bro
therhood of St Andrew 946 a m Sun
day school 1015 a m Sunday school
service 11 a m litany holy commun
ion and sermon by Bishop Spalding 8
p m evening prayer and sermon
Central Christian church Fourth
South and Third East streets Charles
R Neal pastor 302 East Fourth South
streetSunday services at 11 a m and
746 p m Bible school at 10 a m C
II Zimmerman superintendent Chris
tian Endeavor 7 p m Miss Flandro
leader Prayer meeting and Bible
study Wednesday at 8 p m Strangers
invited to these services
First Methodist Episcopal church Dr
Francis Burgette Short pastor 1045
a m the holy sacrament of our Lords i
Supper 1215 p m Sunday school
645 p m Epworth league leaders I
Mrs Barron and Miss Slack 745 p m
preaching subject The Ministry of
Grace The music Large chorus oholr
and quintet orchestra The services are
inspirational to discouraged hearts
Christ has the remedy for the worlds
needs Worship with us tonight
Liberty Park Methodist Episcopal
church Eighth East and Ninth South
streets E C Moore pastor 961 South
Ninth East street Preaching by the
pastor at 11 a m and 730 p m Sun
day school at 10 a m II C Scott su
perintendent Epworth league 630
p m
Jilt Methodist Episcopal church
Ninth East and First South streets
Ransom P Nichols A M pastor 162
South Eighth East stre8t11 am
preaching subject From Doubt to De
votion 7 p m preaching subject
The Empty Seat
First Congregational church Fourth
East and First South streets Elmer I
Goshen pastor Morning sermon at 11
First Presbyterian churchCorner
South Temple and C streets Rev Wil
liam M Paden D D pastor Morning
service at 11 oclock Evening service
746 oclock Sunday school at 1230
p m Young Peoples meeting at 7
Sunday evening Midweek meeting on
Wednesday evening Teachers meet
ing at 73U Prayer and conference at
S p m
Third PresbyterianCorner of Elev
enth East and Eleventh South Preach
ing at 11 a m and 730 p m by Dr
R 0 McNiece acting pastor Christian
Endeavor at 639 The public invited
to all these services
Westminster Presbyterian church
Corner Fifth South and First Vest
Morning service at 11 a m Sunday
school 1215 p m Christian Endeavor
639 p m Evening service 730 p m
Prayer meeting Wednesday evening 8
p m The Rev A 1C Burkholder of
prlngville will conduct the services
Immediately following the Sunday
morning service there will be a special
congregational meeting to consider the
calling of a new pastor
First Church of Christ Scientist
336 East Third South street Sunda
services 11 oclock a m and 8 oclock I
p m Sunday school S45 a m The
Wednesday evening services are held
at 8 oclock
Second Church of Christ Scientist
Unity Hall 138 Second East street
Sunday services 11 oclock a in Sun
day school 845 a m Wednesday oven
Ing services 8 oclock All are welcome
to these church service Subject Sun
day sermon Ancient and Modern Ne
cromancy versus Mesmerism and Hyp
notism Denounced Free reading
rooms in the Seen building 168 South
Main street where Christian Science
literature may be obtained
Iodern School William Thurston
Brown president Holds Its regular
sessions Sunday afternoon and even
ing at Hlrscbmans hall ISO South I
Main Childrens classes at 130
Adults class 239 Address by George
M Faulkner on the International So
cialist Congress Lecture at S30 by
Rev Elmer Goshen
German Lutheran St Johns church
Seventh South and State streets Wil
liam J Lankow pastor Sunday school
at 930 a m Services at 1030 a n
At 4 p m the big men meeting held
in the association building corner First
South and State will be addressed by
Mr Clifford Groover recently of the
University of Chicago Mr Groover
will speak on the losses and gains of
the prodigal and his message will be
particularly adapted to young men who
are confronted with presentday prob
lems He Is a clear thinker and force
tel speaker and every young man
should be encouraged to attend this
meeting There will be special music
Including a solo by Mr Earl Klbby AIJ
men especially strangers in Salt Lake
City are cordially invited to be on
hand at the Y M C A at 4 p m
For the purpose of providing Christ
mas remembrances for the missionaries 1
of the Tenth ward who are laboring I
in foreign fields the Tenth Ward Mis
sionary society will give an entertain
ment in he ward amusement hall Fri
day evening December 2
The following program will be ren
dered Piano solo selected Gordon
Uarratt recitation Miss Jean Tibbs
baritone solo c V Rasmusson soprano
solo Mrs Bessie Browning none The
Fashions Myra Byivater recitation
Miss Irene White bass solo Alvin
Keddlngton contralto solo Miss Erma
Pendleton flute selection C G Berry
soprano solo Mrs Nellie S Sconberg
remarks soprano solo Miss Susie Sted
man male quartet Gordon Garrett ac
OSTKRWALD Tooole Utah Nov
25 1918 W C Osterwald aged sixty
years a member of Bingham lodge No
17 1C of P Funeral services will be
held from ODonnell Cos qhapel to
day Sunday at 1 p m under the
auspices of Lincoln lodge No 23 K or
P Interment Mt Olivet All Knights
of Pythias cordially Invited to attend
RAINEY Funeral services over the
remains of Andrew Ralney who died
In this city November 15 1910 will
be held from ODonnell < 1910j lapel
Monday Nov 28 at 11 oclock Inter
ment City cemetery
GEORGEFuneral services over the
remains of Leo C George who died In
this city November 25 1910 will be I j
held from Honnell Cos chapel
Mndav No ember 2 1 at 2 p m Inter
met Mt taay I
Hobble Skirts Seemed Limit
but Women Go Them
One Better
Abbreviated Skirts and Brilliant
Stockings the
London Nov 2gOf the making
of strange fashions there Is no end
The hobble skirt seemed to be the lim
it but now the west end is taking up
the anklet as a means of personal
adornment Very handsome anklets
ire now offered for sale at some of the
very swagger shops
The anklet Idea Is the outcome of
the present fashion of very short
dresses highheeled patent leather I
shoes and brilliantlycolored stock
Ings which in Itself Is bad enough
without the addition of a bangle to
further attract attention The fashion
it goes without saying comes from
Paris where It has been taken up to
an extent but only by those inclined
to eccentricity In dress
But after all the wearing of ank
lets would be merely the revival of an
old fashion Three generations ago It
wax not unusual to see a bangle round
the ankle and a famous wearer of
this ornament was the wife of the
third Duke of Cleveland the old duch
ess who died In 1883 aged ninetyone
She had very small feet and to dis
play them would often sit upon a ta I
ble and let her anklet Jail down over
her small foot a friend equally proud
of her small foot asked the duchess
or Lady Caroline Powlett as she was
In her younger dltsIf she might try
and get the anklet over her foot Lady
Caroline consented and to her great
disgust her friend was able not only
to nut It on but to kick it ofT so
easily did her foot go through It
Queen Disfavors Hobble
Speaking of the freak fashion it is
gratifying to know that the hobble
skirt Is out of the running in English
society due to the action of Queen
Mary A short time ago the queen
expressed her disfavor of this form of
dress in very strong terms and It is
noteworthy that none of the royal
ladles nor those about the court have
gone In for this exaggerated form of
Queen Mary like Queen Alexandra
has very definite views as to what
does not suit her and she utterly de
clines to follow the whims of fashion
For instance neither queen has ever
been seen in the horrible headgear
that so many women are adopting at
the present time and they still remain
devoted to the toque This lead is now
being very generally followed by the
real heads of society
I Children in Pence Movement
Amongst the many good works un
dertaken by a certain band of great
ladles throughout Europe Is one that
Is known as The International Ex
change for Children
This was originally founded some
eight years ago by the Dowager Duch
ess dUzos and numerous other great
ladles of the Faubourg St Germain in
Paris The society deals chiefly with
children of the upper classes and has
for Its object the promotion not mere
ly I of the acquaintance of foreign lan
guages but likewise the creation of a
better understanding among foreign
nations The exchange provides for
a three months residence or a full
year between children In families BVI
ing as far apart as Germany France
Italy Austria and England The idea
of the system which works remark
ably well is that parents bear the cost
of the journey of their children but
that from the moment of the young
sters arrival until the hour of depart
ure the children are treated absolute
ly as members of tho family with
which they are living
Already several thousand of such
exchanges have successfully taken
place and committees of prominent
ladles have been formed amongst
leaders of the aristocracy in Germany
Spain Belgium Holland Scandinavia
Russia Italy and Austria who under
take the details connected with the
practical working of the scheme which
helps to promote the mutual under
standing between foreign nations and
does much to destroy racial prejudices
based upon ignorance It IB altogether
a very practical l effort to contribute to
the maintenance of the peace of the
Royal Yacht Sumptuous
The royal yacht Victoria and Albert
which King George dispatched to
Gibraltar to bring King Manuel to
England must not be confused with
Queen Victorias Victoria and Albert
The vessel was broken up In 1904 aft
er a career of fifty years The pres
ent Victoria and Albert was built in
1899 and is one of the most sumptu
ous ships afloat The cost of her
building and equipment nearly reached
that of the battleship King Edward
King Manuel enjoyed on board the
Victoria and Albert all the comforts
obtainable in a palace ashore The
royal apartments are high and spa
clous with largo plate glass windows I
and are as little like cabins and as i I
much like house rooms as possible
The decorations and furniture are
gorgeous and luxurious Every royal I
room has a bathroom adjoining The I 1 I
bed In which King Manuel slept is of j
wood and is slung on pivots like a cot i
A wide lofty hallway runs along the I
whole length of the state deck The i
special apartments allotted to the royal
exile comprised a pavilion deckhouse
a writing room and a reception room
and there was aim a special suite for
Queen Amelia
The kink and his suite were at
tended by some forty of King Georges
servants and ten cooks while the ves
sel carried altogether nearly 400 of
ficers crew and attendants
A recent addition to her equipment
is a submarine signalling apparatus j
which warns passing veaseU by means i i
of a submerged microphone and car
ries a far greater distance than a
syren The Victoria and Albert can
steam 2000 miles at fourteen knots I
without recoaling Her seagoing qual
ities are Indeed superb in the words
of a Plymouth salt Shed waits
through a typhon like a lady at a
To nominate candidates for the city
board of education voters of the Fouin
municipal precinct irrespective of i
party will meet en masse at the Twen
tieth ward annex Tuesday night The i
call has been issued jointly by John
Jajnes B W Mendenhall and J M
Hopfenbeck precinct chairmen of the
Republican Democratic and American 1
party organizations respectively 1
T Hammond present member of the
board of education from the Fourth I
yesterday announced his candidacy for
reelection Other candidates are also
in the field I
rtlesvllle Okla Nov CRain the
first IB three month began falling
here this morning Many towns < < in
northern Oklahoma and southern Kan
t > as are fating a water famine If the
fall continues throughout today the sit
uation will be relieved in many pjaces
The funeral of Kaouo Okamo I <
dent of the Poyo Kyosfclra club v > j
was shot by G Kw ha4a another Jt
nese at Ogden Friday morning i
be held at the funeral chapel of t
S M Taylor Undertaking compum
East First South street at 3 oil jt
this afternoon All friends and m
bers of the club are invited to <

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