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The Salt Lake herald-Republican. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, December 03, 1910, Image 1

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Wantadvertise that
16 1 Silver 66c used furnitureand void Sa lrday
12625c II IN the junk maul I Cloudy
PAGES I Oopper cathodes c
Ii t Lead per 100 lbs 160 I Rain
ThterMetnitaIn ReptlU8n SALT LAKE CITY UTAH SATUnDAY DECEMBER 3 1910 Price 5 Cents The aal Lsk uI it 1riu I 4
I 2 rae 4
Secretary of State Finds I
Evidence Conclusive of
Illicit Deal
Attorney General Will Act on Evi
dence Submitted and Charters of
Offenders May Be Revoked
NTIKATING that the evidence submitted to him is sufficient proof of
I the oxist9DC8 of a combine Secretsry of State O S TiBgey last night
annouDud that today H would prepare notices to be sent to aU mombers of
that they withdraw within thirty days or
the coal trnt demanding
BtaDd tAe OMeqll8RCU of prosecution
In Ute IVlat that the coal companIes refuse to hoed the warning of the
in the hands of Attorney General
ereta7 or state the evidence will be placed
eral A 1t Bante for pro ecuton which may resgit in the revocation of the
chaTters of t1e eftauiiAc compallle5 as well as the indictment of officers
and lanu ripiisibs for tile compact which has rcallltcd in 625 coal in
Utah SecrMa17 Tba ers annoUBcoment brings to a crisis the fight for cheap
the retailers and
r coal aad plaia1y says to the producing coal companies
others ia t1M coal trv t
1 11 1n the wnr1 tomnTTW fly
rnrr nnll to thp mal tntrt
M ttrftary TIRKfIY
d 3rrrs1sn with 1 the preYtIlon
tRt IW I ra1In upon theM to1 I
lrw from th embn within
ta Th I etlifl I Witi tt takn I
weI 4lTI
I hw
t tiSrr a
fle All 1111 bffn prtMnte 0 q I
dn Dfl ttW wlUtln th
r p rl b44 bi liiw Ute eTt
wiU both preeeRtl4l
i fl u t4 to m
ft M flNd 1o h I
th alto y anral
1In l1IrtiCInt to wsrTat aetl
F wtII carr Ih mttT Into the eourt
H k tor vwatInfl of th ehartnt
f I he nlt1 l n I
it will I Iw Mnnda hfor
1M work
nntr 1 I ran 4 mailed hut
r rejiSfltfl hilns In tM Gr2k
f n IIe tn QCII I
Uv to th pat lte Pfltl
nt t I aKaln the orbItat
l of II hown In a ottr re
S Vi rJ hy 1tLROS4Il ofl
Uvew Irm fliomss W lwIl1 city
rk nl Thill I In nplJ
nt out 1Iral iIyu go by
rir Ii Th leur froo Cr I
1rwtt fl I
Yr frn mmanlealln tother
1 h the r 1I1on b Ihfl city
iqi1 of I ctty7 Iti rfrtnee to
1 f Irlr r 1 I has beeon prntod to
r etty uflrI and by unanlmoall x
In h 1 Ih4 in to II y tn you
l I h H In hafly snrd v1h the
znd tind rao1Y tn It In wAt
r w hv I ran tn brIne betut the
r4 r
ur It I r Fmr F ClrCmn
r trvn Ia hn furnlcS with a
f I I 1 r49niItIntI tGgethOT I
l 1 I it Inn Hf tip Il1fllI fl4
r itrfl U 01 11 In 11 t powar to
t In thi mllr
4Liri 1 trt I It j
ThA P I tpi1v hTt4lf iaowii
I of QU4H V iinrlng th petit twenty
rot mn rIIw onltal nd coal
Sn opratrN jitul T ° tAIl dlft11 III
rt for th robbery nC
t 1t T k rillan by te c01 combne
I h rm her IIhon time hfore I
iflf1td 1prlrI wr announefcS aztd
1 a roflfPrfleC with H G Williams
Tt 1irI 1 flp7 At which tbf
In me pi1e of coal wa 4iPI4P4
n and that all of the locI dClIlr
fnlf < d to n Into Ito II r
r Ihl rhltrry tion I th
f 1 ° rnt of lit pconileent anlt wII
cnntlnnd on Ja Ten
I Secretary of State Who Calls a Halt Upon the Illicit Coal Combine
Federal Judge Threatens to
Discharge Man Convicted
of Revenue Frauds
Cbicao DK Zludgf K M IADdhl
tniay tluMtH to tlkelallrJI a United
tat pr1aoaeC found Jiul1ty by II Jury
In III court oC hlrratldln Ue gever
mnt of laternal revenue In a ditiflery
Imnn Ir1eadel hAd been found guilty
01 atdlMfC hi the Yllllion or 1OI0 oC
rfn In the operation or Ue I1l1nol
Jlrtalt DItI11IDIt company Two others
under 1Itmmt Max BronsCeln and
smul 1 Whs 1 were to altBear for trial
wIleR Juda LRndl was InfDrmed thAt
1M tlIury department mIght with
dnLw tho chargee If the men DAhl the
ftouat claimed
701 etghtesn month declared the
JudL a fflU4 was perpetrated aainst
th nltfd 8tae1II government Now
what ha th government decided to do
toward compromisinE these easo
The federal ittornys rflllld thAt
they would hare to learn from Waph
InKlnn whrUPDD Jtldlfe Indl said
Well 111 JlQt sntnve thlll mAn un
til I hr frolM the last ecronu regard I
ina thin eomprOllllet It tM secretary
Dr the treasury turns Wel11 and Thou
tel lOOIIe In coRIdlrRUOn oC getting
some dirty inozey rn relenas Frn1
and tyn lot Itt a dollAr from him
AJ AT Acn or inS
XokofftO lad D4c ZAt thO age ot
lIS years Martha GAmmonll lisa been
declared tn be sane In the Howard
county Clrcult court A year aKO he
was dfClarM a tHMlon 01 unBOUnd mind
n4 her properly valued Rt aCI was
huC4 In VOfIlnn or the court
Proof fetsb1tMng the age or 113
Cammon was Inlrouettd In court
Noted Educator Discusses National
Problems Before Business
Men Association
UJUA1 N Y Dc AddrH898 wore deliverod here tonight at the
aIUItIIII banqat of tile Auburn Busin Iens association by Pres
ident Jacob GotIId Scnraan of Demon ud William Miller Collier former
United States mhdetcr to Spain Both speakors disCU55 ed national problems
t I Ifnt 1Iraaan speaking oa
I grssy PWlIclee sail
lcInt Tatt iarift hoard win
I n n II ilfl We hare never boo
I a 1 t he hllry of the country
I rti t lrIlon for hHdlnc the
I r IICI t r rllth on the tariff CI jte
n Till Is iihet has bo obrursd by
rJtIdICi hv ii1SiOtI I IlfttOfIMIce
I ry l1rifna intrezt
TL I r Iont will be a source In
Holl r dry lIahl Ani
rc I nI1 in wl1lh dry lI ight is
iirs ur I I
Th P n1 iit11 I > ralnJ he 1 I
I I P 10 I ne r ii
In t vi r I S in mIrn politics
t th r ror a lOnoltI n
r fl 1 1In t
I t tl ri i 10 TI riff i
I l luu I abl T teU Its nw flu r
1Itlnn III lJtlrlab nd to
n4 tariff impnInvts ror h I
1 ar 0 t 1 I
tI 0 r r r 1fl
I f I l I <
1 Lrfltfl 1 1
If it 1UraA out that the iting
Sherman antitrust law III insufficient
for the protection oC the people against
tunopolv and If the federal govern
bent baa Rot already esbauflted an the
power conferred Ipon It by the interstate
ate clause ot the constitutIon It wiil
deTOf upon Congress to amend and
8tlOIutba the antitrust law
Jr on the other hand the federal
government should b In powerless to
vrulat the big Industrial corporations
Iwn n endrnnt or the constitutIon
uInInuh fty would lp effected or Rt
teiitil In the ssy prescribe bv the
Instittltion itself An aentlm nl r
t hr cflstIttitiin would or cor5p hf
n l tg snii Irtlult unrtakln5
pflt i iM i jUtC possihie that no
n lnlnt of the rollUluUon will ic
ncssar This seems tn bf the 118
sunptin or 1esldmt Taft n1 oltr
mlnrnt huwvrre I Prldnt raft 11al
r t f RT f IPlt
w 11 Hr a 1
I iii ltlk fur llll 8lufl
I vf t 4fl IfI
New York legislative Committee learns Something About
Amount of Money Raised and Expended to in
I fliJence Legisl 1iol S to
N 1WtK Dee 2The boob oC the Jockey club too orpuiization
thM eoittrsls And ruanetioun horse raciur tkrouyhout the UniteiL States
were iiivdueeit before the joint iekiiktive investlhting committee today Moml
showed that in lI06 100 sjiiL 905 the elub expended 320000 for legal ex
penes MyertisiuJ And Po preM bureAu
According to the books the hMTlfst
expitirIitures were In ttt7 thc reaf
preesding Ute pasaae of the Antlb
tins bm In thAt year by the en
tries the legal expenses were 1SO
The yr proWl they were 55I
and In 15 the yr In whhh the
Hughes legislation finally prevailed by
one vote they were i51Wt psi out
oC R special land
FrAnk K Sturlfl treasurer 01 the
Jockey club testified thaI all these
disbursements were at Ihe personal
direction of Aup Iteirnont chairman
of the Jockey cjusb and that UtO
or the Special und was paid to K P
Con a lawyer recommended to the
club by James W adllworth jr I
speaker oC the UtImbl
Uetrnlnllnn 1iIt Xo 1Inok I
The hooks of the Metropolitan Turf
IUlIOClaUon composed of makers or
bookllr on the races were not produced
a had been directed because John A
KYsnu treasurer or the IIOClAtloR
said that none were kept He admit
ted however that the association still
IuuI invested a fund or S i MO
Stura wa asked If explain the na
ture n1 the thre accountS NOIII I r
RM J He rpllld that No 1 repro I
seated Mftea spent by the Jockey
club In Its own interests that No
contAined expenditures made ID behalf
of other raeing oeIaUonll contrlbut
InK to the Jockey club and that o
J was for joint eSptnIUture
Other payments to 1In were read
onUnnet nn Ift5C Fourteen
Officers of the Atlantic Fleet
Given Luncheon in Histor
ic Guildhall
lAon Dec 2Rear Admiral Joe
eih V Iock c C9D1n41 taw Third
1ioR of he United States Atlantic
nt and 100 oCnHrs or Ute Pint and
Third dITIIou were the guests at a
luncheon ghen at GulidbAll today bv
SIr Thomas V Strong the lord mayor
and the corpertlOn of the city r
LondeR I
Nearly 1000 persons sa t don to the
feallt TIM ma7oi had Adllllral Iar
dock at hi I right and Ambassador Reid
at his Icn Isritien ann american iaa
were draped beck of the gucsts table
In proposing a toast tf the United
States nary 11 Thomas sail the prcs
fOnt WM tM first occasion when Guild
hall which had wItnessed a recEption
of naval heroes like Nelson howe fbi
ney COl1lRWQfH and Drake h11 beori
permlttel to welcune AS friends nnd
lies ID the Hactllrul Ampnltlp or cit
IznnAhI the naval representatives or
friend and cotn from the other side I
of the Atlantic
We In Enrclnd lie sddrl eannot
think oC Autoilca I RII C foreign fWr
Amrh III an InttliIr1 p8rt If the
EngIIshupeaking ramlly
Replying rJmJr81 IJlrlok rok or
011 > nAiIcan nIv I5 one if native I
tri t rnrU itIZPfl Ifl1t44 of 91
r Iri6nr i IOIII Ily
supposed fle described It as an Intllru
11nl or peace Rrrrll1K 10 lIp many
1UPIIIIn 111 wn thv t wn oltd rl
lIa 1ti hf efl Iflflp It i arloiU
thE i k Ri F in n 0
H t r 11 ISt
of E tJ eLtiOfl l
French Ambassador the Guest
of the Lotus Club in New
orkPleasing Speech of
Senator ChaWlcey M Depew
k TEW YOItl nee Julcs P
IN JIIernnd nmiAsaIr front
Irnnc un tht atllet of the
Ion club Imht i n I he bnnluet unit
were 1 mmbr ur he eluh nllll n
few invItcil atllI nun others nt
flit pinkcra nblf iere Chnrlelnne
Tower lormrl sinihinanilor to Gr
I Innll nll1 Senator hnllnte 31 nIe
The netv chool or 11I1lumnt na he
onthJII It n ciioiitiiicil hS cllntnr
nrprT siii sold Hint tht hct relllt
Trt uhinIned ly Irnnk interchange or
opinion lie ntd that Amhnnnr
I jiissnnul iIl mnr by hemming a
mnhr or Ircsiient ituouriclt ten
III is enhlnet thnn hy nhnlnJi the nn
I lent rrmnIlCltIJ of n dhllImntl 110
lit In
The senator continued The rcprfl
IIcntative nC One oriental country tAlk
Ing with me after President TArt was
elected and before ho wa Inaugurated
And durIng the time he was having thAt
series ot possum dinners In Georgia
made many inquiries about hint The
orion tars English v 5 limited but ex
cellnt all Car Alii It scent
001 eahi to him You h bfOen cmi
JHnUJ successful frith President ROOM
Ten Now then as a preliminary AC
quantance with his successorJ would
ade you to earn to love poosum
Oh said the oriental J hAYe bad
the pleasure oC nieetinZ ocoum wife
but 1 never knew him
Our friend the French ambassador
neither has to eat possum nor play
possum With TnIII alert minD jcU
elal judgment and wide expertouce In
many flII government activity and
especially In diplomacy h appreciates
th4 < t value ot haying a friendly country
represented br such an ambassador as
Mr 1lIInd I
Ambassador JUIIHrand said he felt
rol1lve1letld on hearing the worda DC I
It baa Mon said that J have bAl
trouble with one oC the White House
residents hE cootlhHeli Thls I wish
10 denounce all a canard 1 Ve are on
the bt or terms He baa nO defects
he does not drink smoke or poseese
any rice or bad mannerlll I wish to say
here once and for an that Pete La n
gentleman and I wish to denounce those
who say anything tO the contrary as
base calumnlaton or a noblebul1c1oJ
All laughed remembering how the pa
pers throughout the country a year Or
two l4to doscribeil bow Pete eJllUted the
Amballllor from the Whltp house In
the course of a visit to the then Presi
dent Theodore Roosevelt
G1tNiiLtI cunt fll4tI
Va1Ington Dec 1MaJor Jrnlral
1uene 0 A CRrr a dltlnlONlAhed re
tireil officer of the 1 arm lied hr 10
da from a mJllcal inn If lienseq
Gpnal an a hrl III EI count
Xev York ir 1io Ff Ital int Iry at i
r i31t r 1 T Ii atn a a p
led t1t t1nsresslonat m J JI llonQr I
Peace Commission Appointed
by President Diaz to Go to
Chihuahua and Treat With
the Disaffected Elements
First Time in Thirty Years
That Overtures Have Been
Made to an EnemyPres
sure by Foreign Interests
I so net Th hlrrcUnn
nry I tnultl lii 31txhn tnnk on nil I
entirely nc nllil UllrXI1rttd SIN
Iet hre tndn a bn 11 bnlll kI1ln 1
1hn1 tht Jtntnllnnl ln1 IIUIlIt user
tur11 of Irnt A 1Ut cOIIIIIIlnn linu
Ittn nppl ii I i1 hiy 11117 ntcrllnloC 1 n
apeelnl 11Iltnl tn I Iii TIIIICN from Vlsi
hiuuuiiuii tn trcn silO 1 lie iisnffeu teui
rlcmnt unll Ht eIsunuiIlsaiotu is I uiussy nt
nn rldru St her the Innrrrtlnnlc
nre strung ilie trip frnm hlhunhun I
5105 mnd In n special train nr the
fdenD Srth1Ttrrn flying n hlft
flag IIn glue < engine Ili ttnllmllulI is I
4iflipflueii of Chlhnnhnn IlIcn but I he
pernnnel Is lint given
The explanation ot thl move Is I hat I
foreign Interests haf brouKIIt stiuunuz
pressure IQ boor nn th govrflmpfl t
end the turmoil by placating the In
This I the first time In thirty years
that the Mexican gdrernnteat has been
the first to suggest peace terms to as
Ammunition fur HehI
Douglas Arl Doc Z It III reliably
reported today that the rebels hv auc
eoeful1y smuggled 5Od rounds or am
munition over the IntrnaUODal line
into the atjte or doaoni Mexican
gusirds discovered tbe camp or the
sMuggeru In the 8ten Mn4ge menu
tkJu DR tllMCft rtft Ran nutrttlno
ranch In Ban Staten vafley 10 aijaw
age The campers ju4 fire and a I
brullh with the lille guards ensued The
smugglers fluoocetl In glPttlll away
with the ammunition The source or
the purchase vr this ammunition WAIl
traced to a Mexican named gnul1 IIIeK
who wss arrested and placed In Jail at
AlJu Pmtaa across the tine from
Douglas lit wall later removed and
taken toward Canna nr UfrmlIllIo
Frlltlda believe that Ines Yaa shot on
his way to prison
SUIlllIrt hy merlcnn
Rebel sytupathisers In this city
charge that American line riders sup
ply the Mexican authorities with the
names or all Mexicans buying arm And
ammunitIon on thlll aide or the line
This list la distributed on the Mexican
liMe And when any or them cross over
they Are arrested whether carry
tugs urine or not
IIto Bernal a Mexican came into
DouKlsli front Alru hita last night
and said that 11 hAd been put In Jan
four days ago there by Chief of Pollee
Pesidero 1e La Fuente at Agn Prl tall
nd kept M engrllldo with chained
nanol an1 zeo ann wutn nlll nanos
coupled to those oC AurllIano wrano
a Mexican who recently stabbed a met
chant named Jpnd01lA of Alfu PrltaA
ladrano friend were allowed to bring
him food he ail hut the guard stood
by to prevent Dfrn1 sharing the meals
Bernal says that when ho Insisted on
seeing the commissioner or police La
bonn Yquez the chief or police
threatened further Imprisonment Ifs
was finally released anti order or
the line without seeing the commis
A letter from Santa noJlR A bath
ing resort on the Mexican Central rail
road In ChihuahuA states tt many
revolutionists are In the country sur
rounding the city and that an attack hi
pXpItI also that there bas been a i
renewed assault on Prral
An Inspection by local 1 real estate men
Hyman Wiener in a Cell
stead of CoffinSlayer of
Policeman Unknown
Phlldlphi aec The body 01
1I7msn Wiener the supposed murderer
ot Policemen I3arnett III not en runt
to Roxbury Moss ThIs tact developed
tonight when Wiener was arrted her
aM taken to the city hall
The identity of the man who shot
and fatally wounded PolicemAn liar
nttt and who was In turn hot and
killed by the officer Is still a mya
me arrest 01 JuesJtlMler lcvonaIU
who came to this city with Hyn
Wiener brOught about the climax 111
the mystery surrounding the Identifi
cation ot the man taken for lIyIAan
He maintained from the first that the
corpse In the morgue wall not Hyman
but the fact that Wieners father who
CAUl here front Uoxbur positively
Identified the body as that or his on
started the police on a bunt for Mc
Donald He was arrested later In the
day and bell without ball MIlIO an RC
ery McDonald had been Wieners
To the police today McDonald main
tamed that the body which hal ben
shipped to UoxhurX wall not that or
Ibman Wiener and nnal1y hI Told the
pollee wheP tiwy woulil lp IIkI ti
find ViIYiPr alive ltIln two l1nura
thp hail the real YIwr In n Ill 9t
< il 11111 1 and nuw tl lu quirQt ton Is
hne bndy was sppcl to roobllrt
Wiener was arrPJlltpl chRrJ1d with
nll11rJ11 petty rohherl from dlrrr
slit bar1Inlt hOtiPs at Ikh 1 I
ieti sflri i euting heir rr uu
r < 1 an <
bp fr Hs arc j fQro te
rnzdr or 1oIcman L1rnett
r Y
m W uzuus
s I
lIt 1Tllf 11i 111 C
Girl hieing tried nl entKltrldlot lnss
Cur nurllcr Ur Clnrencc 11 HIcr
AMBRIDGP Mass Dec ZA noise
C was heard In the home ot1JII Lil
lIan X Glover ot Wttham the
night after the one on which her hUll
band Clarence F Glover came to his
death by shooting according to tU
moo given todAy In the trial of Hat
I lJl ed with = ttur
George 1 Freeman ol Newton a
rind 01 MftI Qlef who wit hla
wife were at Ute Olerer home for two
or three days after the murder tU
tied to hearing thlll noise but sId
be did not investigate It
Thl testimony cam In crossexam
llIatlon but neither Freeman his wit
or Mrs hover herself could Ii nude
to admit that they saw any ovi1n0
In the house of the reeene or HAt
tie IA Rlanc wh W5 run hillnlll
I under a bIt three days after Ih
I Charles McCarthy who AIItd hi
carrying Glover from the plarza intO
i I CDulnll hospital said that hi viu I
Itld Gloylf laundry the next day and
found there a comb a cp and A 1ln
which were biter identified as belong
lug to Hattie 1e Blaltc
Grnncrs CeI Organized for Iretcc
t 1111 or lhlr inhrrests
hrldan Wyo 1ft 2J A PI
folder of Wotton and Gp 8 Akfr
of Cheyenne were reelected president
and secretary JftIptttlTely of the
Wyoming Wool Growers aOJatioa
thlll afternoon ThflnnpolllO was
leeted as a meeting plact next year
Chief among many vital qurflllon oC
Interest to every tlockmtr wall an
4drsa on better use nt range 1111
ered personally hy A F Putter asse
elate forester of Washington n C
The meeting US bean very successful
and much has been accomplished
rioekmastsrs of Wyoming em closely l
orlllanlz for protection nf their ID
Franklin Ga flee 2The bank of
Herd county wa entered J1Tf by
burglar and the safe dynamited and
7sO0 in cash taken last night
Three Large Corporations and
Two Individuals Indicted by
Federal Grand Jury for Vio
lation of AntiTrust Laws
t ey Miller and Morris M
IpI Immediatety I Arrestj
1Hd l Placed Under Bonds i f
825000 for Appear 311 l 1
t tU Roo lec flrr lien
1 Iou u 4iiec noon out 111
ini Ch federal grand wr of Slur
I t niteil Slnh 1Irht
court hRIIC1
ilsist ii indlel liurtif tRrl I lila nftrrniii
eliuurging Rn herrlnnc at the still
trust lzis un th pMrf of fhre tirie
qrnUun Htnl Isse Iti4tdii4 Tit
tillulitir Rt 11cc
rlllhtMY sKul > Scti
hinrsa ir lInt ralhaap siev CUr lutist
h inuileled stilk thi 41 RIII
tl tlnr TrlnIHrIRt
eNfliseft s rf
siureifle s llntItis of She Sherman IIIlt
triil sususI Ilkl05 laws while itiit ry
11111 nlld frrl Inr grain mr
hOiSts IInll IIItllltr ut the firm of I Je
lhihler t Sons
of lhlIiii4iphia tcre hue
hldhlhnl Is r1 1 ht ss raSh ur hit
1qss era silent
Tilt Mercitnq uud 1 TO
I i I I In cool PH II
0 u p 1 u
tilnr ontt u a i 11101 9
In ennnfOtn 1 I tI 11
111 anuS Ih t A t antic Coaat Lit
ways Morris F M 1 itler and ilis t
Miller fOr
arreet4 and pIli utter b4jnuj l
vol PHII
It WII rtl t
c1lrtmnl against I 0 1
lialvey Miller woiull 10 l n
rumor cuuvntng rl 0 u 10 I u
MUN ht 1 n i 11
nnt I ii Ith Misri ut 11 I r
lust > rn 11 I i uu 1 I
ire il I n
hlpI1J1n u or tue tI iuios 1 ol
jest tlNII Iqtf iso ril I
tto n uitlt I
lcd t iu Im I wIt I 1111 I I
elelpuulut 110 Mill t oi 1 S
rates u It I t II I nI
IIhlld te Ii iitiesi I i t
Thlt saveul Ihnl I ntis II II Iloro I 1
utk1n rqru 111 1 pii or ill
w lay Ike IIUrN It trc nnI
TIo iiI IorII h i i
iii I thr in r II i i
Court fur th I souuttruu ii r t III
gla thrul utuelu d n i I
district r tllf i lit u Jf Lit I e
corpora 1 indlc ed
ad IndioImlnl i n < I I
IInllr t hmflliifl
u nint I
tortisv fu r IIIf lIuullr Ift1 i r i
alII sni liv F I
Ihn I rice r i
Ih ICrA1 liv Imn1fOtllat I arl
indit t tuuu t r p 1 j
Einot I t ii4 n kd tue ra n I
Cur its 01 IPrrcu euu
cn1nwnl iwtu the 1In I
trtipuuu it h J tt through II J
The hJiJilrin iif the h vi I I
aga4nst Ih dfndAtat ernst rroI
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According to Estimates the United
States Contains NinetyOne
MIllIon People
WASHINGTON Dee 2The population of the United States as re
voalod by the thirteenth coniis is oxpectad to H aaJlelR4i by the
census bureau on December 10 Counting Arlnoaa JUMI New Mexico as
states the totals for twenty ight out of the fortyeicftt states already hue
been announced The grand total for twontysix or tMM stat In 6O03775
which is a gain of between twentyone md tvntytwo psr cent OVer the pop
ulation of the same stat06 in 1900 At this rate of increnes the total popula
tion of the country should be about nOOoOOO
The most trlkln development ot
the lfnlllu 110 far all shown La I tilt rela
UTe grwlh of cities and industrial I
cent e ra a s compared wit Is Ihe farming
rellion The eastern iitteC have more
titan lekS their own while the states
ot the middle west have fallen etCt
The population oC tlw state of islt
Cornia I 77 4 acrding i i stal is j
tic ft t he t iui rt en I ii censui a uh
lie today 7ftj iK an invraae of 81
116 or 801 her Cent over 185415 In
1900 Thus Increase friin lII1t to 1iOn WAS
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