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Weeks Progranl
Salt Lake tbeatreuPolly of the Circus all the
Week be inning Monday night with matinees Wednes
day and SaturdAy Anna Pavlowa lIikail Mordkin and
Rt1l8iAn bAllet Tuesday matinee
Colonial tbcntreGrnc Cameron in tlvancy Sun
day Monday aDd Tuesday nights William Favorshum in
Th 1iorld and His Wife Friday night
with SaturdAY + mAtinee
Otpheum theatreVaudeville a11 l the week with mat
inees daily including Sunday
Gnrrick theatre WiIlinm Ingersoll and company in
uPnc1dDhoad Wilson aU the week beginning tonight
with matineee Wednesday and Saturday I
M5aeion thane Moving pictures evening perform
BW YOBK Des i rtuDatl
l ly for titoee Who are mter
ceted tn SYebodYR WN4JW the
a moticaa p hUe ia siumhtded
nCUCh to take a plag at Its ext < tft1a1
vlt1uAtIO etlMrWlfte not eves tM al
HtJrkng > Ita and l1OOUlnc colon oC the
tllro ltettlna OCJul4 eawt the play
At he MId et the seoettd act Ute tYd
11eftN gnadad tINt ettrtAin 1I1t and down
aa It It weirs 4bulGbIIt a k and ptlf
iiaats the aU8e aws fairly WOR ai
f1ush the heroine had just OODPCUIe4I
to r marry her dhOroed haebatt4 and
had dem d 1 him III the aM breath
Then UP went the curtain for an act
of t11 most sinr tftedY and dawn
it Cfm nft r a sone o t freak OIup
This all ramp about through Use
ebtteingly mrnus atteatlou oC Ute
Iak f Mnreland Sarhag won And
mflrri1 Jxann whit he was 1A1UI
cunlinc a t Mr Clayton he gave bet
ample can to dI rnM Isis faJthful
J4IefI flair an hour after thdr tnarrlago
A no 1 plllnllTion wu or GOuld fir
frthromn she publldy announoe4l i
his I Itath and privately dhorcpd him
At Ptlm R h hfona the play opera
the met again the duke under his
tt nanlC anal Ran r > tnlbly a
i f Iw 1h dNhe prtttNeded to WH
c wife with unNiJ11IIr rreults 8h1
rtnilleted him h7 m I1ng hlra pc
r n abjtlit t and then suddenly de i
Idei to itrrc him Meanwhile In It
it r Ai r hr nrrangwi far II etar
Wlh R t J nn Thn upper Ta
nr held I nlrn Iet Roxanna and d
tt ph na ham their rrapPctkp bV
hardly respcctnbl partnrraalert Br
s peculiarly brimat tralgPnt the
dk rnrl1 Hnxftnna to Inrn hint
and persaaded hr tn I av h door
tj hr I rou IInlk
Thor ere numettins instanres r in
telligent technique In tll 1 l
Jrpftratlnn and squnre r
pnd there arc alei I numr tnlnti I In
flu last frtlrubar n Ir 1 r th
flay might lost ar wn r ld A a
lrhnh It 01 y t maintAin a rl1IJIa
tvP park a ffd It 11 Mngply Jot
ed Th lay dn 1 s nt end It merely
Mops N r has bn darld up
t + nlxtdy r m II d The mlldlI is as
bad as ev r Th woman Ilmty yield
e the ml1 sh 1nnww is unroIIa1
a pretty r t I 1lon from one point or
stew nn doubt
X n ron < tn the geR11M humor
or th lope and the legitimate though
obvious comedy or the earlier half of
the PQ The ruBnle apMek of all
IntMlllttd to Ned Stephens is I at the
same tins the nt08t Improper The
tat act I IlHKetlible It for no other
reason than that it doesnt stick l to the
tune It cannot Jury lIf by the
claim or realism because the reet lt
ItgbUT trd4ML From any anllle thn
last act IIImpl wan lot fit Into the
picture for aU its skittish wit
I The farce SII dlMiacuy a twpart
play with a meagre slice for to
oUten to bite at Bkliolle Batss and
Bruce Kcltae had the whole thing to
thMllltlvM and they were ell to aU
they ateL It Is ineonclvabl that
Avery HopWOOfl wrote the last Act to
be played In the emotional key but
Mia Bates did It that way and did It
well She aDd Mr feRae boUt have
the polsse and the conJdeDes that con
vince their audkneee pleasing per
IJetlallttIPw amt uesalty cr velcee that
win attention Bruce MoRae plays
with a mlUKUllne vlkor that tJJ l40t 80
ordinary as It amandlll hut hill duke IR
far from the ttnlvMlt1onal EngHsh
Adelai Pritsoe ambled gal11lhHMl
i kng her whsdlnjr way pUl8rl
auge at her asnmed fool ishneas
This was the Met chinacterisatkrn la i
the ptay RhMtiUer hs was r Ivea hair
a chanoewhlsik wa8llt enKe
McDoaFttlt showed that Jte oolId ale
4n the game te sMIle effect The rest
r the cast did not stay on Uae Mace
IftnK enorkh for any one to ret ae
quaint Wh them
Armld by chuck was the opera I
chosen to open the present season on
Mnnday at the Metropolitan A bril
liant and representative audience lie
tined IIOmht lneruMly to the mn
netwsoua work b T the composer of Or
r To modern eelS the orchestra
tion appears poor and thin Frf1nfltat
Ih the title rote aDd cnao es Renaud
had the moet Important part
I iannhiu r OR Wednesday even
Irk with IRaak In the title role wa
In an rsspeets a very fla and satsfr
Ine 4rtannaace Frenwtad as ever
wag a lovely and ailarbg Va the
noted Bohemian tenor sang with pien
I did dramatic feeling and energy and
I the tltiIIlpttt voice or BeMA IIfn
was heard to great advantage In the
part ot EIIza1J8th THe orchestra un
der the skillful direction nr Alfred
Hertz gave a rJlgnSntd plrformllllc or
t a 9
d ° f
k F I
r si o j
fi dr a sl
STctE stupto LlxtitOiT
The Great Russian Dancers Who Appear at the Salt Lake Theatre Next
Tuesday Afternoon
the musk the woodwind and brass
belfsg partlcwhrly good
AIdA on Thursday p1LVC Destiny
an opponutty to repeat her prime
performance or the title role and Ca
ruso sang the hart of Ralned with
All his accustomed ftnbh and betutty
Die VAlkure was rfnrtned on
Fridaa7 This 1ft aaf respects the
most full of lyeloal l beauty of any of
SYaRnerb uttlatetIratR Jkwiw Inti
magnISeept performance Lucy
r Veldt was In a measure disappoint
Ing slss utt iataldentybrtng out
the essetlay noble Ahalacter or
DrannbIJdti Carl DalTlan was sym
IMthtlc In the part of RPlgmund and
tho tine voice and method of lanai
Boomer Wall rcl to perfection In the
Interesting part or Wotan
oMltauae Duttwfty was given at
the Saturday matinee with Geraldine
Farrar a8 the pathetic heroine and hi
the everting II Ttoatote Dt the
Brooklyn Academy of Minsk A word
of roannendaUOII must be given to the
management for the great Impnhe
ments made In the scenery
Fred C tathitfOy I sailed for crepe
to look after his theatrical Ihto
jabroad I He win take The Chocolate
Soldier company nM playing In
I London 011 a tOUr or the continental
I eapttlh In Ute spring and will send
two companies Into the Bntlllh prov
In Vienna he will consult Felix AI
blnl the composer of Baron Trcnck
tind arrange for Mr Albini to conduct
the orchestra when this new opera
y e
1 3 D j
tl y
i r wt r +
rb x t e <
Was i t4
rv tr a
y 5
It N
k A
P i A
a o t
11 0
fF of j d
t7r > 4Ti
1t > i f
Which Appears in C Polly of the Circus II lot the Salt Lake Theatre Beginning Tomorrow Night
open In London in April Tho fol
lowing season he Will produce the op
era In New York Mr Whitney will
51 + 43 Me Oscar Stmu the composer or
The Chocolate SQ1dlcr who is writ
ing the score for 3 new opera
Mr and Mrs Lev Fields returned
from a to wcok8 trip to Havana
Cuba on the steamship Saratoga
IMr Fiords returns in the very bt or
health and Mated that he would at
once devote his CIJrgletl In prePtua
Uon or the opening of the Lew Fields
winter gariten At 81d84 Fiftieth
and Fiftyflr st strcat
1 left New York rather tired said
Mr Fields at hill home No 30 j West
NInetieth street but I am heck re
freshed and honePly I hAvcnt felt
10 good In years Mn Field and I
had a real regular vacation I feel
Ike a boy about to ourt his first vote
Mr llekl was ghieted by hundred
or friends upon his return
ICrnst hitter von pfqftrt 041 or
the fotIROtIt actors In Germany and
at the head or the not theatre Mu
nleh will make R tour or AMerica this
winter under the management of
GUlltav Aiberg He will begin his
season with a two weeks onpgoment
at tho Ir lug Place theatre New York
opening on December 31i His reper
tory will Include Tire Merchant or
Yonlce Nathan the Wise Friend
Fritz ant Falliesement by BJorn
Herr von Positart was In America
several years ReO when he pktycd for
two seasons at the Irving Place thoatre
and also went on tow For title visit
he will bring his own company and ail
performances will be niveo In German
From Charles Frohman once
comes the announcement that VilJlam i
Glllettcs coming engagement So the
Empire theatre New York City begin
ning December 5 In a series or revivals
or his succeettful playa will rn the au
ttorRcfor farewell appearance on
the stake In the role It6 creator In
these plays S which include herlock
Holmes Secret Service Tho Pri
vate Seeeretary Ton Much Johnson
anal HlId by the Knemy
I dont know hen Im dead Is
the Immortal motto of n H Davis
Whose Tho Family sulfPred for six
days Dt the Comedy theatre
Dnut bo dlncourged his friends
advised You know most or the crit
Ic said you should keep on
Discouraged replied the plump
author whom Ham Etlwar f0 photo
graphically reproduced Dllcour
aged What does that mean Ml lIt
tle dramatic effort fell down shame
fully In New York but Boston re
ceived its remains put It In the Globe
theatre and there It Is now drawing
packed houses and making n big hit
Tt will remain there for some time and
then tour the entire country Possibly
It will return b New York At nil
events it will JIve
A little slater ot plnwrltlng aid
that ns technique Improves feeling di
minishes tend undertook to prove her
ease by citing Plnero Certainly It he
makes UI feel less In The Thunder
bolt than In Iris he makes us think
more There Is reason rot marvel and
admiration In hIs character drawing
grim and pitiless as Ibsens and In the
IInal triumph or noblllt In the war
or character Is discernible the highest
note of optimism he has sounded In
any play It one were Inhospitable
enough to wave the Stars and Stripes
In n playhouse which houses several
nations It would fluttor above the head
ot E M Holland whose drawing at
the keen kindly hid attorney Is the
best In The Thunderbolts portrait
tie tie
Ie wishes arc ns potent as latter
day philosopher betltve Margaret
AngUJs recover will speedily be
known Her name 18 gently spoken
aboUt the theatres and newS of her Is
anxiously asked
Illuminative or the Margaret Anglin
1 behind the stellar actress Is the faCt
that on the 40 01 her illness and dur I
InK her tear or a broken tour she
wrote me
OX have heard that Clara Morris Is
In strait Will you let me know how
she Is and whether there Is anything
I can do for her
EvnnJfcUno Irving In supporting her
brotherInlaw W H Thompson In
Tho Cardinals 5tmtcgem scorned a
plump pleasing ghost or her sister
Isabel Irving while she was loading
woman for John Drew One or
Madame SchumannHelnk famous I
child octotte Is beginning 8 dramatic
career In uNobodY8 Widow I
An admIrer wrote N C Goodwin I
that he Is One man whom all women
like I fear you nntllr me ho wrote
In reply Certainly rte you fay All
women like me the few 1 have come I
In contact with have proven very ex
penslvoluxurles My book ot memoirs
deals with the ladles who have borne
by name simply chronologically and
as they appeared upon the horizon oC I
my Ute There seems to bo Q revalJ1
Ing Impression that the book will be
mostly devoted to my matrimonial In I
discretions but I assure you that Is not
It these early winter days you tale I
phone PUnr Morin upon your ears will
aU a strange apswerlng81Ueak
My dear has silent drama con
vlhcodou ot the tlseulneflt ot a voice
and have you given away sours you
From the uptown apartment comES
a clear little laugh
Not I I still use my voice Ill
show you In m3 now spoken play It I
was Mohammed who answered you
Mohammed Do bo careful You
know the polleo are beginning to In i
terfere with these strange rollgtons I
Dont be alarmed Mohammed Is
only my cat 1 found him on the stairi I
case with both hind legs paralyzed It
cured him and now Im educating him
by silent drama Ho answers the tel I
ephone Talk to the lady Mo
Icuhbh says Mohammed
I Attractions This Week Ii I
SIT lrtlil TUB 1Jm I
Entreat me not to leave thee
Whither thou goest I will go
They are the immortal word or Ruth
put Into the mouth or dear little PollY I
the circus rider spoken at first 10 un
certain wonder as being something
new and strange antI different from the I
tanllRrk jargon that was the speech or
her people out 1Icr breathed In an
agony or spirit as a plea against sepa
ration from the man she loved Like a
refrain they run through the pretty
tory or Polys romance alternating
with echoes or the barkers cry Tu
greatest show on earth and between
these two utterances IO opposed to one
another there III found the basis of a
charming play Polly or the Circus
The play makes a profound emotional
appeal As a dramatic work It Is a
thing ot much substance Its story III
81mple and Its plot along novel lines
It III profoundly touching anti without
overwrought emotional stress lays a
certain hold upon the heart First i or
all It has the deft touch or feminine
authorshipcoming from the pen or
Miss Margaret Mayoand with Woman
ly I sympathy It does not wander from
sentiment Into sentimentality Then
and thllll is the iritmlpal l factor Its
leading role 18 In the hands oa flower
like actress accomplished far beyond
hr years whose perlionaJIt Is fragrant
with the allure nr delicate girlhood
and whose technique hi IO developed
thAt IIIhl can strike a chord ot emotion
with eXActly the right touchlight
vagrant yet certain evoking bvertones
that carry sincerity ot feeling with
subtle and wooing effect
Polly or the Circus Is a dramatic
study In tender sentiment not R spec
tacle Tile circus atmosphere Is re
served for scenic effect unlll the last
act when In three different scenes It
II tinted into the spnernl picture with
out violence 10 the action itself In
the first act roily Ie brought Into the
home nr a rural minister after having
been Injured in one or her bareback ex
ploit under canvas In the second act
she 18 seen about a year afterward the
pruteke of the man who has befriended
her who has become her Idol and or
whose heart she has taken quiet pos
session and in the third act she 110 bACk
with the show again sacrificing her
own yearnings In order to save the I
minister from candalberln deacons
and leaconN This last episode III
In three scenes first In the lot behind
the main tent where the story is l
worked out to lit conclusion then In
the arena Itself for It whirling forty
five seconds glimpse of a cIrcus In
The Thomponesque finale Is IIIIhl
effective from the pictorial point or
view thcuh the episode nature or the
two last tableaux let the dramatic ac
tion leak away between them and a
few more touchelll of dialogue or pan
tomIme are Apparently necessary to
round out the story De that as It
may the general impression Is delight
rul The oln are bouncing about
the tumblers are tumbling and the
substitute equestrienne Is performing
genuine circus trick on the back or a
revolving steed when Polly frantic
UtreftI distracted bursts Into the
arena ben upon Iacrltlllnfl her love
and also professionally determined to
prove that she can ride as well as In
the days of her tanbark glory But she
only faints In n heap and break up the
show Then come the last picture
the village by moonlight with the little i
Glhurch steeple towering above the
houses and wInding their way over the
distant hllllll the departing lantern of
the clrrl caravan And there stand
Polly remaining behind with thc man
at her tllltterln little heart and upon
closes the wards of Ruth again the play
> I <
The Dollar Frlnce which Charles
Frohman declare the best musical
oomed he has ever produced comes to
the Sail Lake theatre for December u
16 and 17 after a ten months run at
the hnlckrhocker New York City The
graceful music and humorous story of
Tho Dollar Princess are pleasingly
Rum and acted by 11 remarkably good
cast headed by Will C landelIte
John 1 lfIlrne Franklin Farnum
Daphne Glenn i Ilen Clanfonl Dar
bara BRblngton and Teddy Buckley
The charm or the dainty operetta Is
enhanced by the addition or now songs
and dances and fresh jokes
Crane Cameron In the comedy
Nnnov wilt be the attraction at the
Colon al Sunday Monday and Tuesday
of this week
Dainty and petite Grace Cameron
formerly Jcltl1lnt lady or star with
Little DoHle Dimple rill Pail
Poute Div won hopper n The Ten
derloot When Johnnie Comes March
ing home The Dotonlan Savage
Grand Opera Co The Normandy
1 i edding Foxy Qlliller etc III com
lug to UII In It brand new touract com
edy from the pen ot the eminent young
author C Herbert Kerr who wrote
Dol1le Dimple Over the Fence A
Trip to Egypt The Beauty Doctor
The Reformers Rudolph and
Adolph Papas Baby etc
The title ot the new play is I Nancy
and the character Is that tlr a little
country miss simple but good The
play abound In corned situations and
the dialogue 18 amusing throughout
Miss Cameron great soprano voice
wilt be heard In several high class
numbers written especially for the
production and she will be ably sup
ported by A company of artists direct
from New York city
William Vnvershnm and his company
will present Charles tinl1erlc Nlrdlln
Aers great play The World and IUs
Wife at the Colonial theatre next
Friday and Saturday evening with
0 matinee Saturday When starring
in The Squaw Matt Mr Faersham
gave It single performance of tills play 1
In Boston nd with such surprising
success that he has chosen It as his
a A3 M u
d A
1 r ey
y IF
pV +
° < 1
t t
Famous Spanish Daner Who Is the Headliner at the Orpbeum BtgiDI n >
This Afternoon
Initial offering 811 8n lItormaoRg I j
It 1M a matter of some surprise that I
itchegarays JlaJlIlntn aM stir I
ring pictures of the oontemporery life
about 1Ilmtlould haTe remained 110 I
long practically unknown to the Enk
IIJa speaking stage 40rnArd Shaw tn I
his raeentlv repuhtlsnA criticisms
from the Saturday < < Review declares
speaking or cbeaal > that Hf has a I
genius of a tamp thaI crosses iron
lions and we hall surely see some or I
his work upon our stage Jose TcheI I
gamy born In aledrld In 1812 begin
the life as a matbtmatlclan teaching j
In tbe government tJtnologkoal IIrhoolll
made a reputation for himself as an I
engineer anti scientific man and At I
the Mme time interested himeU In
politics He was appoint minister of I
the colonies at the time of the revolu
tion or 18tll hilt on the overthrow or
the Burbonll his name was proscribed I
and he emigrated 10 Paris While
there he wrote his first play Since
that Um he hss I
produced over fifty
dramas The Grtat Galeolo the play
which air Nlrdlinllffr has adapted tr
Mr FaMlhuU1I uee being his master
piece EeJt pray Is commonly referred
to 5s The Lord of the Spanish The
WetId and ilia Wife Is I the develop
ment of R the thAt embraces all
clnesee ot society Jt III II orrrul ex
position or the evils of CalumlDuu8 gos
sip On the merest breath t of In
grounded suspicion Todora wife or
Don Julian 1111 soclaimd by tattling ae
tongues M In love with her 11Uhttud
young ward rnesto These three peo
ple or noble impulse and high ideals
are bet by the heedless gossip of
busybodies the Unconquerable calumny
grows mllltllllng doubt wrecking a
man peace or minI The plllY opens
with a happy household Don Julian
te the husband ot a eharlllln and
beautiful woman n is I A man pt
large mn and he hss as a guest In
his horn Don Ernt the impover
ished son ot a man who bAd befriend
ed him financially In his younger days
Teodora the wife and Ernto the I
young friend 8M well as the husband
are genuine pal The world however
refuses to regard the relations oft f
TeetlOI and Ernto In thlll light
Sianderou gossips assail them from
every quarter and JullnlI own broth I
Cr Bft well as the latter wife aM not
the least acrimonious ot the attUne
crew At first the husband scorns all I
insinuations against his wife then M
listens then doubt and finally comes
to believe The result la I a dUlOlnot I I
with his friend Ernto whom he be
coves nujustly the destroyer or his I I
happiness but with an outsider who
has spoken slightingly of hIs wife In f I
this duel the husband Is fatally
wounded but before hco dies M llnCl i
his wire In what his jealoue rap he I
con l4lelll a compromising poeltion
with Frnesto Don Julian having died
from his wound his brother Severs attempt
tempt to drive the war TfOdo I
from the house At this point Erno I
steps In and declares himself He bIt I
the man who half made an the trouble
to go out and tell the worM that hI II
and Teodora RN really lovers now The
world ot hall condemned them 110 un
Justly for Ten may now damn them
AM much u It plegspa rWJe opinion
has absolutely driven then Into eeolt
others arms Thla last speech sir 1 t
the finale ot the plaT III thrllllni
the extreme Mr rllYftnhaml1I IOJ e
did company includes tulle Opr c
Herbert H toon r 1 f Lionel t
note ljsrry Redding frank ifnI r
and H noilJer Lqtn rIIIII Is I l
same company thAt appesrrd with 1
Faversham for sixteen w ka At Poll I
theatre New Tork
XIII 1la ntllt Jtft pa
Nichett to support of Iftfrn i
AnJlII In The RlIll Spot tin
from Salt Lake City msdn hr pT
enlonal lehut with 1 t W111ll1mlof
In ullalha afterwards sypearina
America In support or Uice 11 <
In TI Fortune Telter ni 1
Singing Girl She was then enga
hy Klaw A Ettinger to I play
Prince in I The Beauty and the Bs
1Iccdlnor which he IIe IItarrt t
Frank Prt In The in snt +
Rand Ifl he Studehakcr thaall n j
Chic and Also IIA oj 1ft uii pr 1
duetton a IItCOnd sessnn under e
own management
For the fallowing Iwo years f v
team Ir 1lola Gillette and leans Vu
hrlan was one or the rrlIJII hf
liners In IIudII rresnttng I
IIIOllt refined musical lIt intermer
with original I comedy
Mr MArrla n ton la t hisse t w r
a magnificent baritone vole lit
ootrhmn from western tanada + st I I
for he I Pt fourteen yrsr + hes 1
before the public tinder the direr r
of John C Fischer Frank rer
Charles nflllfthClm Y Her Cl mllln c
and other managers In nan of i
leading mllllioal romt ttraIUn n
the fast tn years tt t h Vr 11 I
gells In Tho Beauty vpot II I 1 v
what is known In theatrical iPris
all fa tat part that or the artse
er but to hr him sing trrn
Days will make almost everyone f
lIt t all other songs 11 lhuJIarln
terfect nnneltlotI it I only one d
great qualities and on which III IIf
dom IIIen In later der nrusltal Cmecl
I <
11 wa reported recnrty hy MJIlIIJrr
Daniel V Arthur nhn it i riireettnr Ue
tour of Ire Wolf Hopper In A Mill
Idol this fttton as he did ls t t
the profits of thin favorite eomedc
have passed the lOOooit mark T
III certainly a phenomenal rnr 1
these days or high sslartes ha
railroading stiff royalties etc hat
tmpMfll one fact via thAt hPltr
goers will patronise ftn aUrAtt
when they WAIlt 554 It would seem
that they wane Wolf Hopper heyna
all shadow or doubt Mr Hopper WI
soon appear In tblll city 111 A Xrln
i Olltuntrtl Tll1tTltK
A brave act mulllt U Ie that fniln r
Rock and Fulton iit the irhher
theatre fa I the dancing line suit icy
sentt0g La Tortajadt li j cplhrcte I 1
Spanish danseuse and INIntoml1T1lI
management feeiR that U has a r
hedileer for the week thta on w
to ayft matinee TortaJa4a enm ft
the hind of settle find Aragon If l
aU the beauty aDd grace that mark te
senoritas er that favored rcl
I only is I she mistress ot the art of pan
Continued fin Jalt Pive
° t t a s I Aa
G to r 1
1 t
p r
< tt
p j
a v
f j
Who Will Be Seen in the Role of Aunt Patscy in Puddnhead Wilton
Tonight at the Garrick

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