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u AlLlLllI A TA 9
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Galt Lake Actrlll Vho Soars Through Stardom as Prima Donna in The
Girl in tke Train
ISM ALLIE T11tIiER formerly
of salt Lake hall cored an9th
u < < big stage success in Chicago She
lit nnw prima donna or The Girl In
th Train the newest of lIrlft
11 tlltnghams mU11I1 comedies In
v h kh Frank Dftnll Is i starring at the
t srl Isk r theatre tn the Windy City
8 Ister has what is rally the U
tr rule 1 in thlll piece hlrh Ire an slap
talon hy Harry R Smith of the
1ennes f operetta Dh 1eechl4ldeoe
r rii The Divorced Wile The
< hl IrftKn newspaper Mwf nC have all
1 mny nattering things about 1111
Fhr work Percy Hammond In the
lhJn remarking loch M the
rng > or the play III sung by Mts a11N
rhlr r whom we shall ay while
tr IJnn hAck 111I turned that Me I
1 = gtitn as nMICNltoa to oar untutored
car as any oC Ute more Imprewtfve la I
t es fTTIlnVM In the more serious
Rand opera organization adjacent
1 pre tft one waltz In which austere
MIM FIher amazes those present by
indulging in a mOttt caloric dance with
the tenor bending Ad swaying In a
most dtseoncsrting flUIhlon
lshtnn Stevens In the Exsminer 4
RN h4nns of these precious tunes
RU w1 mc especially those that
1ft 1 to wilts Fisher Never hAP t
heard her nlfO purer IIttlfr riCher
sweeter than It was last night She
was ravishingly vocal
James ODonnf1I Bennett In the
RoordHerahl writes Miss Flshers I
rlnrlpftl contribution I You Must Be
MIn Dearnot another DeariE in
tu popular appeal but sing lIB Miss
Flllhr used to shpt IJtoarlfo and there
fore entrancing tn the audience
Miss Amy Lelk In the Dally News
wys MaI11f Fisher demure and
sweet sung beautifully and looked a
picture 10 Various costly clouds and
And O L Han In the Journal re
cords Mhrs Mille Fisher is the pic
torial realtlon of the young wife of
the very nice young man Fier voice
is I nf course quite as MOOd as any mu
scsi 1 comedy needs She has other
things tIaRA singing to do tlRd she does
them well at one time revealtng In a
dance that Are which heretofore has
been her ehlllC need
Ilse Fisher I under long eontnaet
to Charles Dtlllnffham onn after
she concludes her engagement In The
Girl In the Train which promises to
continue two season I Me I to take
her place as one of Mr Dillingham
stars along with EIIIt Janis ste
M oy Frank Daniel and Montgom
ery and Ito
fCitntlnud from rage rlvel
brnIght I tffIII the lnnclft Hippodrome
for II tnar nf the tlrpheum circuit the
1 anagement believes It has an at that
wsI he a nt hit The two Balra I
d z I I parts nr tricks an with a comedy
erfsrt an4 each of the attarbr 111I ex
paned with egvally amusing cease
ea ev 11 all a rlllf
w nult by the orchestra and fresh
reture films de < crfotlve of entodate
sucjeets omVlete the bill
The fJarrtck theatre sallagesrat hAil
ben fnrtnate Ia sscvrt g for the pat
rnne nr thAi popular bow a play that
Is considered the dramatic treat nC the
season Puddnhd Wllon will open
for a wk engagement tonight This
famous story by lark Twain was
scheduled to have reeelvd an earlier
production at the hands or Wlllituft In
gersoll ad coarn but full assurances
ances have only hen given within the
last two weeks that the rights to pro
duce this nsaeterpc coaid I be secured
Since that tins rehearsals hy been
going nn dally Mr Inlreraoll has
played the pan of Puddahead Wilson
a great many limes sad each time has
seemed a deckled success The lat
time wa during his engagement At
Plttburlr Just prior to his opening at
the Garrick All of the Mtbbur pa
prs were loud In their praise oC the
masterly manner In which Mr Ingersoll
portrafOd the difficult role Miss
Wheatley will he seen in the ran or
Roxy the chsrrter made famous by
Alia Owvr who is II Salt take actress
and who played the part at the Atilt
j Lake theatre over tn years ago The
other member nr TI rest will Include
A f I
t > t
e Ti r I I I I
In Nancy the First Three Nights This Week at the Colonial
r r1I raTortt who are alt cat In
uItxtP part 80 that a most finished
and interesting performance of this
great play Will be given i
Thr eenes are laid on the bank of
t lilllIslppl river at a place deal
napcl as 1aWlIOn8 landing The tak
Ins lor a chain or oorala from the white
t atwa neck whose mother is used anti
wee is hieing fostered by the mother of
a olnred child almost whit and llac
rc th + oral strand about the colored
> aI nk hi the cane for the chris
rn o or the wrrng child The mixup I
srighted > I twpntJtwo YeArs later
w t n 11 most dastardly crime has been
mittl In the village Puddnheadl i
tilPson as he 1M dubbed by the vil
i i7Rrr I a lawyer with a fad for regle
to ni onnn mall bits oC glass the Im
fr rte ft every Mthumh mark of every I
nr hr mel and filing them away to
1 the peculiar curves and twists
t rr Fiav a peculiar attempt at murder
s rnmltted In t the vlllp and the
I + to the assassin is the 1m
r rattrrd UtI thumb upon th by
1 rrt hlade of the dagger used by
to + 1IIIibfl murderer 1rJ a careful
examination or these thumb mark and
r paring them with those which he
hal taken and filed away years before
Illr1nnpad I able to fasten the crime
upon the guilty one at the last moment
i when It seems all though tM innocent
one must suffer
This Is I part ill the tory which lark
Twain has woven together ADd made
ont oC the most interesting oC all his
storks The play is a dramatization
by Frank Mayo who tarred In the
title role for a number of years
Fishers vaudeville at the Casino is I
becoming more popular each wok The
new bill whIch opens tomorrow prom I
IBM to be exceptionally good Lynolen
et tlorenl comedy singing and dnncln
are the lleadllner Jennie Doeele
and her wonderful trick dos present a
very Interesting act and Vltllsch d
Marcelle comedy jugglers Ire among
the bat In that line There are four
reelll of pictures on the program aU
subjects of unusual merit
The worlds championship baseball
game now being shown at this theatre
Is one of national Intltreet IlS every
American is I a basoball fan This pic
ture chows All the Important part or
the great Hruggle for the worlds
championship and Is well worth seeing
I It commences on a weeks run today
tndrg nxt Friday night This 1ft In
addition to the regular program and no
I advance In prices 18 asked
Prison LICe In Sins Sing Is the
I ing presented by Mr Holland and will
I run for the week ending next FrldlQ
Mr Holland has his lIubject well In
I hand And Is I pleasing very large audi
cues This 111 In addition to the re u
liar program which consists of An first
run pictures And illustrated songs
AKOKXU tipper Burtaa Oct u
I am ROt proM to cavil at the
shortcomings of fOlfIHnI when we
have little to boast oC ourselves OCten
enough have I thought at home of
the utter absurdity of the tuft posted
In hotel rooms as house reUlauon
If literally followed a traveler would
I have to tarn aver ilia pocketbook and
other belongiags to the Inlllcer the
mont hi trvMing to God
and good ldcE to trY 1ft It back
So on thlewId of this world 04 retrU
laUoas IIMI ilppear equaUi rIdealou
to the who make them
I have aJree YJtPOkeon oC the rule
In Note o or Macae < the Portuguese
gambling tonal that J1Iu ball not
carry oIf any or the furniture Here
In the largest hotel In Burma I fled
the lllrn In the office of the hotel
Speak lowly please On the var
ious stairs all the way Uf to the
fourth story Ie the Admonition Walk
slowly please Paraphrasing a well
known Ammtan brtdse notice I am
going to BUgHt this sign to the pro
prttor Guests going UI thew step
faster than a walk will be fined five
Womans rights aeem to have found
a permanent lodging place In Burma
The women who are a teeth and I
rather goodlooking lot run the Af
fair of the country They do the
huslneps and 1 allt told hnd gen
erally the a henpecked lot and pn
I ulnI afraid or their wives The wom
en smoke big stocky clgaru that look
for aU the world like the Fourth oC
July rockets we Mnd up Frequently
tbe119 etpre are ten lnehe long and
I too big to get into the mouth 110 the
I woman rtretehes Mr lips over half oC
the end and sucks I am not referring
to old omen or a fw women but to
girls and matrons alike and In fact
to the whole feminine Burtneee world
Plenty of Crowe
I never saw co many crows All In
fest thllll country They are In drov6S
and In pairs on housea on trees In
the rice flelda on the Idol every
where their caw Is the liMIt lIOund of
the morning ud the Jut or the even
Ing We have been urprlHtl at the
IlCarelt ol IIIid life In China Japan
the Phlllpplnee itsd the Malay iMQml
nut here we have Crows to bent the
K e struck Burma on a religious
festival day and found all the PAgo
da aU the IJuddhaa and the various
fetish used to auare the ven
geance or the goda going at Cull blast
The Burmese gin a who Are good
looking naturally and made more at
tractive by their bright silk robes
were aU out In gala attire closing
Lent hi a wy to court the fAvor or
the goda and at the name time win the
attentions of the young mH With
several I thousand nattvee I climbed the
long stairs or the principal agoda
and sought to do Iny aaare toward
winning favor of the galsnot the
I Airlll
First I pound the belts a process
that atlraetJI the attention of the pre
siding delllea Then I 1Ithtl several
dosen candles and pasted some gold
leaf on the pAgoda The Burman
does not meat your taking part In the
ufllllIn or making all the noise you
Ahttor the noise attracts the gods
Over In Japan the worehiper always
clap his hands to draw the Attention
or the deity but here pounding the
bell takes lint place AS R means of at
tracting nolke Agalnet one has 1
passed around the worm and seen the
part played by religion each trying
to eVAOK8Jtae the World and aU con
euming million or money In tryIng to
convert the others there le 1 consid
erable room for reUectlon
But I am not writing or worrying
about religion The pagodas average
about twenty to the mile alii we steam
dAY after day up the Irrawadd and
give picturesque effect to the land
Cape Speaking or the Irrawaddy If
anyone had mentioned the name be
fore leaving home I would he put it
don u the name of an Uncompahrge I
4hlff over on the Ulntah roservattnn
Yet here IlIB a river as big as the Mis
slseippt the source oC which hall npr I
been reached by white men It Is
wide muddy and has caving banks
after the manner or the old Missouri
It run through a country 11t rich as
the central states populated by nn
eaay going happy Indolent popula
tion The Durman woman earns the
Ihlngancl the man spends It Being
very discerning creatures a lot of
these Burmese women have picked
out ChlnaI1en for husbands since the
hlnAmAn works The blend is a
f1ndltI one and results very satis
factorily Such oC the children REI are
boys arc brought up a8 Chlneeplg
tIll and all Such IUI aro girls are
rrarrd DuMnltSo The Burmese are
about of tho complexion of tho Amer
lean mulatto Everyone goes bare
The walters at my table wear tur
bans with a crest and have red and
black ssshes acrose the waist I
would tAke them for members of the
Legion of Honor but for the fact that
thy go barefooted In and women
alike wear jewelry In profusion As I
pen this a Uunne woman sits before
me who has three rings In her nose
two chandeliers from her oars hate a
dosen arm bracelets R heavy bolt or
silver encircling her waist tour brace
lets around her ankles and rings on
three toes oC each foot Nor Is this
jewelry of R cheAp variety but of solid I
geld and silver with ruble sapphires
emeralds and diamonds The holes In
her oars arc large enough to paM a
cigar She Is one of thc wealthy of
Jurno The rborlnJ ceremony 1
am told Is l a great family event cor
responding with the formal debut of n
young woman In sndft at home
In my last letter I toIrl or mt new
servant Judgment or this personag1
WI18 reserved and the decree Is ndt
yet rendered but the opinions of the
court are developing rapidly Sam
failed to turn up at ship time the
other day and I Jumped hastily to the
conclusion that he had decamped
with some fifty rupees of deponents
money The hotel manager however
assumed the role or Sherlock Holmes
and wo found Sam dead drunk In bed
at a lodging house Having invested
In this sort or furniture I decided to
play the game a little further and so
got him on ship where In the course
of Corbelght hours ho recovered hIs
equilibrium even It he did not re
cover my money In a hearttoheart
talk with me he confessed his shame
promised to do It no more and said
he would be a good boy ever more So
I nm giving him another trlalpnr =
tic ularly 3S I have learned that get
ting drunk Is a timehonored prhtJlege
With servants who like Sam como
from Madras Ono cannot be too
hard on a servant who nets ns guide
Interpreter valet and lecturer for the
munificent sum of 30 cents a day
Has nlg Oil Buslne a
On my way up the Irrawaddy river
I Cell In with the manager or the
Burma 011 company a corporation
worth twenty or thirty millions of dol
lars and the leading rival concern of
the Standard on company This gen
tleman Is from Warren Pa lives like
a prince and has gathered around him
about 160 Americans These have the
best the country affords Knowing
the oil business from training In the
Pennsylvania fields they run field
operations I was gratified to learn
from the British captain that these
Americans stick close to one another
and get the best going Sticking to
gether hall not been nn American trait
In the far east and It Is gratifying to
find the exception here Ve wore
asked by the AmerIcan manager anti
hllll wife to come ashore and be their
guests for a week We were also of
fered R magnificent tiger skin which
a native woman brought down to the
boat as a present to him Under these
circumstances I had to decline both
generous offers On reaching head I
quarters we learned that one of the
American luperlntendont had been
bitten by a Russell viper that dRY
and was not expected to live The
viper and cobra both virulent rep
tiles abound In great numbers and are
a source of constant danger
The oil wells arc so thick that the
derricks look like a gret forest While
the British government will not allow
Americans to acquire or In any way
own the on fieldlll the British com
panies are dependent upon American
skill for their operAtion
Get an ILnsy 1111111
Burma 18 IO rich In soil so prolllle
In rio corn and fruit that the Bur
man gets Rn easy Jiving with precious
little work and that work as before
stated SII done by the woman while
the man lies around and sleeps I
Everybody chews the betel which 18
a combinAtion or nut tobacco lime I
and cloves a product that makes the I
teeth as red u a beet and the lips t
black Children here go naked till
six or seven years or Age and every boy
Is tattooed from knee to waist either
blue black or red As the majority or
people go about hair naked the or
feet of thlll tattooing 111 strikIng So
painful Is tattooing upon the sensitive
parts or the thighs and knee
that boys usually take opIum to stifle
the 1Rln 1 while these portions or the
body are tattooed I
Kith the slonnrlcq
Since arriving In the east I have
come Into frequent contact with the
mlrMlonarlemen aDd women who
have reached the utmost poInts of
ehoJllaUon and gone beyond them
workers among the hr hunters the
denizen of the jungle the wild
tribesmen of the hlllfIJ I am not dis
poaed to say anything on R topic 80
big all this even Ir I had sufilcient
data to form accurate conclusions My
estimate or the missionary hRS been
vastly heightened by meeting him In
the field and seeing what ht 18 actual
ly doing The Bunnan field 18 almost
entirely under the American Baptist
denomination Apparently the atti
tude or the EgJlllh government is I
that or allowing the American to edu
cate and train the natives while
Britain gets the advantage of It
French missionaries In China arc dis
couraged by the homo government
from teaching the Chinese French
Everywhere however the American
missionary Is teaching the natives I
English I visited the Mormon head
quarters In Toklo Japan and found
the young men heart and soul Into
their work Two or the young mission
aries are 80 fascinated with Japanese
tire that they say they would like to
spend the rest or their days In Japan
Speaking of mllllllonarle I hAd as a
guest aboard the boat tonight one
who has traveled by native boat down
the Chlndwln river from the moun
tains near Tibet R country called
lIAnlpur under rule of a native
prince He had not eaten a European
meal for over a year and had only
ten tour white men In the whole pe
riod On his way out or the wild one
oC his attendants wall attacked by a
tiger the hand crushed scalp torn ore
anti breast laid open Another at
tendAnt was attacked bitten and
killed by R hormadryad the only
known reptile which will pursue man
and for whose polllOn there III no an
tidote This missionary has A Md er
randthe taking back to America of
a young man from Indian Who has
become a raving mAnIAc here from
jungle fever In spite or these ox
porlonc he says he wan immediately
return to his field because he has be
come very fond oC the people
Coc1110pOlIan Guests
With UII at table on the steamer was
R Burmese attorney from Iandalay
black as A COAl but whose to sons
art attenllln Cambridge university
a Scotchman who has been In Upper
Burma for rortOne years and 18
harried to a Burmese woman and a
ChInaman who Ii At the had or the
school stem having Loee native
schools In charge Truly travel In the
east brings one Into odd companion
We are close 10 the great ruby
mines or the world which are some
fifty miles inland At R place called
Iogok A number oC people Are
bound thither and I find one man
coming out with a quantity of stones
which he hAIl taken from the ruby
earth So Car as appearances go I
would not give him 20 cents for the
Jot but he tells mo that a certain one
or the stones when cut will be Worth
12080 rupee U4000 Having lived
In a country where hotel assays ot ore
taken from hotel MOpes often yield
1290 per ton hotel values I am
a little skeptical about the value or
theM stones on the basis named
Uomen In UathlnJ
Some scores of womEn and girls are
bAthing III the river about fifty fet
from our bottt The unconscious ease
with which they como down to shore
divest themselves or their clothing
told slip Into the water Is In contrast
with our own perturbation all we sit
on deck In plain Jew watching them
From RAgoon to MAndAJay a dis
tance or 800 miles by river I slept In II
A cAbin which the present king or
England occupIed four yearn ago dur
ing his voyage up the Irrawadcl
My trunk were brought doW to
the boat by four slender boys almost
naked each carrying a heavy trunk
on top of his bead and an decorated
with the usual assortment of brace
lets lelrletlll and sundry other Jewelry
The Irrawaddy river is I much like the
Nile the overflow of hip water de
positing several Inches of silt or the
land which makes Ideal eon ThP we
ter hs just begun to recede s that
we lee the farmers with their water
bUrrAlo stirring up the soil using
prongs of wood for plows The
wagons or rather cart are ponder
ous every part oC the vehicle being
tied together with bamboo strips and
not a nail used In Its construction
The moro the wheel creak the more
the Burman likes them I feel u Ir
I were living eighteen I hundred years
ago until I glance at the chair on
which I Jilt made for his rOYAl high
ness King George Then I reel I am
e1 e r to I
rw n r sal sus w
It1iA IUD l > A Ltj 5j er ig
9 RA1R lp fdii1 ± fif p4Fskifi iZ = i hi
tI I
ai i + tgSS
I w u a r q I
ti1 iI III I
4 idAlalN
iiiii1V tP
> zr lIf IIIJ Xmas Art Boxes
la al w I Lv OF STARTUPS + i 1111
Ili Bonnie Brier Chocolates
k 10E8 Are ready now at all dealers
The most beautiful and artistic
boxes ever shown in the west
x dainty and appropriate
I 11 Many of them are glove boxes i
Irl an erc ie cases etcuseful t
as well as beautiful A
Art Boxes are 30e to 1000
4 a Regular Boxes are 30e and 60e II N il
Bonnie Brier Chocolates
i in them all Lt1V
II h W r 14 r t IN HI
LI Lu Ile Ito 1 r 11 + 1 r L W
U p
iA Xl lIi tlf ill 1 X
Af BAI i o
y i i u
Relief in five minutes awaits
every man or woman who
suffers from a bad Stomach
Nothing Will remain undigested or
sour on your stomach It you Will take
a little DIBpepsln occasionally This
powerful digestive and antacid
though 38 harmless and pleasant as
candy will digest and prepare for as
similation Into the blood nil the food
you can eat
Eat what your stomach craves
without the slightest fear or Indiges
tion Or that you will be bothered with
sour risings Belihtng Gu on Stom
ach Heartburn Headaches from
stomach Nausea Bad Breath Water
Brash or a feeling like you bad swal
lowed a lump or lOAd or other dis
agreeable miseries Should you be
suffering now from any lllomaoh dis
order you can set relief Wfthlntha
It you will get from your pharllla
olst n 50cent case of Papes Dlapep
you could always go to the table with
n hearty appetite and your meals
would taste good because you would
know there would be no Indigestion
or Sleepless nights or Headache or
Stomach misery aU tl1e nut day ADd
besides you would not need laxatlvea
or liver pills to keep your stomach
and bowels clean and fresh
I Papas Dlapepllln can be oWalnod
from your druggist And eonfabaa more
than SUliclent to thoroujthll cute the
worst case of Indigestion er Dyipep
sin There is nothing better for Gas
on the Stomaoh or sour odors from
the stomach or to cure a Stomach
You couldnt keep a handier or more
useful article In the house
Three acres or floor space
Exclusive f r Household Goods
Men to peek and handle good who
have years or experience
We do more loving Paoklng and
Shipping than all others 18 the city
Nave the Biggest and Beet Cans with
PrhelnnIRg horses
Goods shipped East and West halt
rltoFnsslox WITll use
Redman Moving Storage Co
Phonea 555
Brld Go1Jsr w
a > a > sa
Aisle aMs1cplcrxdfr
Bronli CslaTTL Hai Frear
IaeIDmneasIrrltatlon sloe
uoasofAi tueoao +
or tlalnr of he nose tbrot
Inotaca to anary oraaa
AT osnaolra SI
t 0 K7y sel r yrrnl
111 Ina t3an1 fa
We are constantly pur I
chase of household furnishings need not be of expen t
I sive pieces in order to create a cozy satisfying effect
in the roomsimpLe inexpensive fur
I niture selected with a view of their
harmony in color and design will
c i make for a well
appointed home
The chairs we are show 360
lngtoday come in gold
en oak Finishthey are
modestly priced yet sure to give satisfactory
service e
These three chairs would add to the harmonious r710
effect in allY honwyour rocker dining chair
youths chair
Our whole store is replete with holiday suggestions for men
I1f women and children IVe suggest a tour of inspection some
jj thing to gladden the heart of any appreciative person of taste

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