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The Salt Lake herald-Republican. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, December 05, 1910, Image 1

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1Tr 54II LiL1E
I Wantadvertisei you Wantadvertise that i FORECAST
3 2 1 hy something in which used furnitureand avoid I Monday
I aillv8stor should luvestl I1 the junk man and
PARES Tuesday
I t Fair
nr t JWbfloan SALT LAKE CITY UTAH MONDAY DECEMBER 5 1910 Price 5 Cents Tb III t L l1 kt i u i 4 6
I d t 1
Foundor and Leader of the
Okrlatian Science Ohurch
Jlxptrll but the Announce
n ent of Domile Is Delayed
Siire Statement of News of
ath Comes at Service
I pld at Mother Church and
i I Demonstration Occurs
B OSTOX Dee 4MrL Mary
iI ar GI r By dscscarr
aDd m4 r lito OUllfu Sthioe
ill C ASCcMsIIf tM pass
inc fIr the vsaszaWe lsdr w1dc ge
carrPd laM lam ht at 1Mr JsMc Pot
mtnat EU3 WN JQ1MIe at ta JROrR
ni ftrvice of tM Mobir emea ill
this city today
> ii IIlR pIsIncfl Ih
I 4 eriIin Ii Ir tpgq L
It iriiIh t lPqr wh
ir 1 r w 7 > > 111 1
i i 1 a IA Ir Ww adftpd
I1vr Im I I4lIp prob i
Ill 1 rnnwltl I
1 y IP IT K 11 ath Wall I
Twn lmuIL Iv hy Jtjdg
7 lth fr I y 111 nr ib
J I II If 1 ICI or tn
I n to t a 1 10 ffr1 Falnw
r v I ril tg
Ii publlctois
1 1 III It pv j
1 i rig t X IflW Mrs Edd I
1 I I WlI at l r Ifor II
r k I ilhl I
1 hcn i I 1 1 fur about
If 0 < R141 r rl tat
rt 11 11 ad 4t
lI 1 t sa fhllrlJn tra
r 4uU1 vi the
r rsLiTr tank l1r Ia aft
r i Irtv II Iw 4ys 1 r
t 141 r4y plrit III tell qUietlY
II I orot ttii i rflh5 hr could st
r r I I ra r t ot J1111 haot i
11 I I was 0 IInlll I I the I3t I
igt n r isd I t
thIl4IIH Mt JH11
is j M itflpflr l
1 1 M r t I1n wi t
oj ir h h i jI Ii I M lit
V r ii 11 it r i kin
I Mr 7 E 4rEett Mrs
T H t II n I Irnlf
n I r nrr p nIIp nolry
I I Hlln fl 1 retrir
l It II l hk
o I fuvIpr rllllir t Iltno I
el Ia I hi 11 Ijcled It
tit t n RI I 1 Inhht tht h tj
11 lInl II 1 urN
I L it I p I 1 with thIs
rr1I it Ii I 1 It Ofrvlcot
t b i 01 I r imtfr nature
1 nsitIn f i r nd ress
Tel rt I ftIhI n brIef s
eel fT It tM I nlln Siiene
I I I ntv her
11 I 1 ufti churrb
1 piS I 01 I t41 he t c Ot I
b in n no huIeIn In
II t It I r I rEP h I et or w
1 I n It tnlnr rr the
11 tn1 rly iind nom
1 t 1 rtr invwtIgt kin tim 0
t 1 1 nitIr 8
It I ni1r rPfI
ho eut III 11 i inn
ra fil ii r s I sp
It nISHwl N p IIsnI
f w
Iz t
I i1 L 1 11rJi to
Hoed ef riatiau Science Ohurch Who Dies at Home Aged Noar17 90 Yers
Watnl Vt 4Dr K J FOlder Eddyd oC n
FAWy Jeftitd the first 011 of her kath from iftted Iieui
tonight He Mid I
I do not wish to efltie0 bitt it Cflhl to 1 se thai t then w a lark I i
of mental or spiritual upprt whirls ttte hunt her knowkde of I
t h ritian Seieiwt lannot Uflfr1141SI1EI
TIM dfoath of the leader II1aV 1M a 4iunhIing bIock to come mtbl
hers of r the nh but the mb art > eoiImngIy fortined that the work
will bfo Mtrriefl on itboat rtintecnation This Ia the severest hlw that i
Chrrtian gMoIke has 1ftfivecl i
Yo YORK Dee fSo menuttn
N of Mrs P4dV u death was mach
her this miprnht at an or thaI
Christian ineo eIIITII hau no
word or it bad Ien recent
Mr Atttta tttosi form nest
reader recefltl ezrontmhnktd b
Pleat church bare attV her thell1
license had bn Withdrawn hr the
Wnthf chnrrh whir informed 01 J MrS
Eitdu Ith MIIIWd to bc MlfItI
frmi crantlnlf any intertew at thiS
mumentoflu hOlt
cn n 1111 haln or the pub
Ii atlnn nmmlt or the churh rnr
It tnt n NcLw York gave out the
rOlloln Matment ror alt rhrltI1 1
cIoHee churehes lit tht aut I
Mra Ed4Iy s whole leathlnlf has bn I
that of IgdIvuaI rOSponsihIhit the
reopsnibIhit of de45 mono than
words the POftlttblllty or rllrht think
Ins I which means rlshteouncss the re
1OpOftlhllltv of dolalf rtjlht AM the fact
tht to dtJ this we mUM hate that I
mind In its which wa sJsu In Jesus I
in jMopnrtton as Christian ientists I
ssMffi thuo rpspons1b1hites now they I
honor Mnt It1dy Alt her writinEs hAc i
tflftd u to follow prlneiih not
porsnahlty and ass thlll is don tIMe
1555 110 wontfrull tltbllhNi by
hr wifl continue to Crow until It draw
an manner of men Unto It
lrreet ru Church
fue Informally bnt with permission
to phhish Mr Cox 4isetissed tlte effect
that Irs Fdd1II Jth with have on the
nntlnn on lnc Imite
I National Gathering of H g way Ext
pert to Be Held This Week
at Indianapolis
EM Dee 4BIerything indicates thatae tniards both
11CDfAJf aM rss1 tile lovOIIt annual 08nvonti of the American
Road Build assdadsi wWclt will Op9R at thc German House December
ti9 i 1111 Urpul any oC tM prcvlous cORventions
I rrrl I hn ared either by
f1 r r t14 ascoclatloS or he
I Tfliflhttls III 1k the ptberUUC
a suci frno eer I rat If vte I TIle
t I I I t V ha I n dO with
It 1 I IlcCc oIi and to the
tt of rnetln ptaes for
I Cr tid v il rated otiS
I I I I fn nln building has
I LertI 8 rrr every rii
S lr h hlolh1l of thc 1
on I hlhltl r nIrla1 tni 1
1 t and III I h JrJratioll t
ill 1 roO ram the wing or shllol
An rV 4105 f Irtatttt1 rr
I t 1 4i111 gti t full advati
I 1 t Ika f t I PIrtUt
I I Ti eBji lit jrlfl1p1 fit
r I r In ro1 IIo lnlo drrl
l If lfldiItiI4 I whl
I Ti I I n I nVI1 I in V k otIInt
t I l very II rt ntv lu faln
ti Irrma It III I mes 1
In I r IQCIII ri I t mnl I i mI I
I f I1Ii cto I IItfl I In J
I r Ih rl 7 I il
Jn frll < I I k
ln h nI I I r
I i ant r It
1 T 11 n RiIl4ru s unit j
< Itll I 1 f nn Ited
I II r iii i II tJ f
t I 1 7 1 ITIhi4 n
Iii H tRi
Ri I td rI
I I I f
J 1 V 1
fr f
r rnu nrt trct anI
f I I 11 1111 i roo i o t t JI 110 t he i J t
Ute prartiral 1 value of the MIOItto is
The program will intlude the fel
Mtate Highway LSgfriatieN I yLo
gas w aiist PSgL dllPHor United ItSs
office Oft pvt itc roAd
I Relation pCihe tIty III Iii Atljaceot
I Country Highways by 8 ell
rector oC public servIce lIlan Ohio
fhot HbwY Las or Ohio aDd
the Proposed few Law by James C
in1prs state IIIhwa tonnnlloner
lIt oh ii I
TI Nat tonal Graa sad 000tI
UaI by So 1 cbeldr l1Iatlr or
I th t Ntinal = I Grh
dirnn by S 1rey Hookr chair
fl1911 Yrk ntat h4fhW commit
11 ion fir tI t 1tiiTway La vf
1 emt I mum by Jph W flUittor
I stte iIiWay cotnmlscloner ot Pm
F y I v IInl lii
Ir by nra V 4Ol tate
nlnr n f Mlnlaut
ThO tten Mlhini nf Sn5rvtuIIn nfl
II I If 1 1nFtrlletn In a
Mti h 1 II ti Il I Irtlt al gv
11 I t 1 r1 rollnll
I I JIIIttn in Hth PKk 14 h
L U 11 I 10 4ia O 8 r fSoutft
I rJakOh
dlreu by 01n1 Vredrlek Gllkv
on mni sctnnpr Or nhl it roIn r
= f
l Ir ii I St I laIr
10 I 0 inIhjti r r jr iflj5
I i r 1r1 I rt on i I t fl t
Ii i I I joI a rm fl
rr i H Mactonald I
itat hIghway ommboner of Con f
n < ut
Senator Smoot Who Consults
President Says Meeting
I Will Be Too Short
Hiteelal to CIIe 1tWRelMdtllean
WshIto D C Dee 4eaator
1t0e4V I SIftoot NU one of the RepublleRn
eadescpIlsd 1 Into consultation by
Rresldent tart at the White house ye
t4e talked with the Preldent bout
the work or the approaching session
and discussed the rnnntlon bills
which the senator lisa Pt1dm In the
The 1 President Is IInxlllua thai thfIII
bllllt bouhl bv passed tts winter and
fin effort will be md tn Put them
I tJllk we will hac little time at
tbiseel v to dv Iuythlnlf beyond
lug apprcprldtlon bill saki SEn
tor S Itnoot The Jrtdtnt will make
certain mmentJaUon In his message
which will reprPMnt the things h
wocld like to see 8DAetp Intn lit w
hut I am sure lie will not bt dhmp
p0ntl 1 Ir they are not accomplIshed
Itt till Mon for hf rehlzen ne well
n5 do the meuIirs or Congress that It
is prkdlcAUy tmP4ssIbIc to do > nut
thing at A ithort session exeept pass the
lPptOlfr1lUotl bill Am sUP that no
tariff lorellltttbn will he attempted
tbl winter
thIILiC Ion tlMOiStO >
BounflbmoR N J lice IAt the
iet1qijnrtera of the Pillar of Fire
near here It was announced that rep
rnlntl 01 the sect would be In
Nw York tomorrow to argue before
fIr InHnlrtrntlon oUicIBla for thin aclmbt
iln if M1ft4 Liry Iand Allen a yiiumiit
Fnrlilth anltl WilD arritptl heist night
nl wa sent to 111111 14l ntl
Time Pillar of Fir haM a olon on It
farm Two mill from her The leaders
arrIved from jfner some years ago I
Remarkable Career of Founder
of Christian Science Church
Who Amasses Fortune and
Aids in Many Public Works
Suit Testing Sanity and At
tacking Existence Becomes
FamousEstranged With
Relatives Who Bring Suit
tOhtI n 1ri Thr rarm
Cu uu hlh Ir ICd IiIy nn horn
JuIy 1t11 1 In th nhchKorln
tllnn or linn Ii I a ihurt 1Itance rum 1 I
tht nnrortl ILie no hnl mnn of hirr < <
hllII1 11113 M Tr In t In Ih Iii nt I
unIt nhr ftniIunnhI3 nltdl1 the Old
1 nrth lnlruftllnlCl Ihurh TIr I
hoiii In I nhlelo shir Tn hnrn inn
hssrnrI In A Irll 111111
Mrs E4hh fIrst took up her reSIdence
in thh ct In 188 lhlnll un North
Stte trt unUI IS hn ihp Ir
chased the etate subtcquntt knn
Pleojmant View which I on nit cml
nce between th city pror nnd St
PnuIi 0h001 flh antI many chiine
And Improyntac un her proPfrty a1
hIve4 there wttI hr tlertdreo to liv
In the lt8utltul reidtlence prepnrcd for
her at rbetuut HISS It HIIton acburb
In theo frt YUII or hr ricidence In
Concord Mrs P44 rlCtlved a few un
dent In Christian SelenC mont of
1 wholtl attttrwanl became IeSerti In I the
church Khe purchased the protierty at I
North State sod choo1 street near
the utete house In I and modeled
the house there for what Jlhe called a I
rbthUt Sclenoe < < krrten rr I
tehtnt the new tongue DC the got
I pel i
UI isrvis 1 11in PISiII i
tw rru later the dfloIJmDt
or this p1Oert vpoa ambitisut lines I
ke 1IIL4tH z1y4a aJ1wdnsII4tCslknt
tlIht itrsh 4Pp In the tttaf wa
deIIenIe4 HJ5r be title The Ftntt
lureb oiriM Ieatllt fa Concord < < I
N 14 1 atr1Ieture I lCfthl to have
CO4 tIJIWRid or U88O or thl 1M
FAIt 1ICftt 9RehRlf and the relatler
w RP fOtrtht by hr followers
While th lived At P k iiquit View 1 It
was lrJl 14Idys etom to take a
tlRlly drive aecopanll by alvin AI
JIIf hr teeretAn Itlon1l certain fa
orlte utreetu In the itt InI flhurbu
Thu she hecaltHl much InlereMed In I
good roa4s 8M oporated with the
city In building IYtral mUM or eon
crete ol mnetidanL lLrn Ji until rnRC
tlean hr nUl 4 Lly dtJe wal 01
such Iusda
Mtp Idily wa the 1It tde5pond tol i
RI Cruet and othEr IWJpehlM for aid
and made frequent gifts W Mate char
IU u Rntl edticatiootl Intet nl for
public purJHMe
Toward the lace psrt oC her reeldezwe
Rt Pleasant View Mrs 44y entireli
wlthdrtw from pUblic appearaneca save1
her tlall Irle TIIIJI Imve rice to
mAn rlmor as to her condition and
lIurroundlnllt and aevorul titnesi reports
oC her death gained clreullttlon
> Ill tu Urnuhl
PartT afl a result or an investIgation I
to tUIIprove the rumors unit WfUII
bret on March I 197 In the name I
of Mrs 1C41y by hr acct rrleondt
her son George W Glor or Lead
I S D whom isbn hAd not ffn for a
Cuntlnn1 nfl Jnae lln II I
1 I
Cardinal Gibbons Praises the
Action of Episcopal Conven I
tionOnc Faith Was In i
tended by the Savior I I
AIDJtJlH Iee 4ln liii ermon i
B nt lie nthlrnl thr morning CnrC
Unnl Cllohonoc imnlseI the scull
nlent rnornlol to elure ink rx I
prcnsl h the rceent rlennlnl conrn
finn or the Irolrlnn lpIscoiinl church I
10101 lit Innntf
The cardinal Mitl In Part I
t that convention th members I
adopted resolutions making for the
unity n1 redemption or nil Christen
thorn My IIrethrn we praia e the mm
hers or that church fur their action
bfCauf they reflect honor un their I
licuthi anti hearts anti 1 join with them
In praying that the day may be ha
tnPl1 when Chrlt words that there I I
shall be ODe fold and one shepherd
will lit fulfilled
Unit or faith h It mMt splendid
evidence or theo mission or our Divine
Savior and we should Stave unity or
faith 110 that all may be bound tQgether
b 1 the one tie of lalth and be aer
vltnt to one hehrdOoI1
There cannot bl unity of faith how
4ver It there III to beo more than One
church or It there is I to be more than
one lined
Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
never intended that there should lie
man ehur1iI hMnu In hoI writ he I
always snid 111 speaking of the chureh
one flhollherd and one Gods To have I
perfect church unity and harmony we
should be bound by th Itn1e tie of I
faith IChoul listen to the voice or ono i
shepherd houl tlr from an false
IlrQJllIet Mu the htfOl Clv from the
iy dear brethren nimn nr
alonE Itbout divine rlaftn ouiht
to Impre Uloon us fh allol mv
tJttiIt oC unity < f fa Th unit
Q1n be Coulld tnC lrUren on In Iht
Uoh Unman Rnl ClltOU 11Ostoll
churches or which time pope or nomf
tin relr3ttHaU ot Christ Is the
Amassing of Evidence Against
the Combine Goes Merrily
On With Definite Results
RaEidly Getting Nearer
Entire State Aroused Over the
High Price of Fuel and Longs I
Suffering Public Is Ready
to Demand Concessions
IJ1I the nmnlnu or emidenee
W iunint thic illegal I I cuni eons
hlo renin utcndiiy rornr1
hrnhul hr sinir Ih iriiiles fIhl
for cIIcnlcr fuel Is rnlldl nnrln H
JIIII or delllllt TIItthiM hnld I he
trust rrOr tn hrell Iht simrnhuim or Ihe
ncqrctnri or 5mm tn ihhisulte the om
PIiir nlr ltcnnly or IInIIIu their
hartr rekril sufficient eIdiive
snu aIrrnu1 hn
Jnthr hi nrciirc
ciinIc4nn In liii rosin rrhere fIle
I iliht Till ls lkti Jr nerrunory
TII Is ultimluJr1
to disband nr prepare
to how caties why their charters should
nl lIt revaiked wIll hr Issued In thtl
ferm of notleu to the varlobp rCOr8
r the combine b Rtterlry of State
c 8 Tingcy pithier toisv or tomorrow j
iton the eidepe suhtnltted 1 t4tcr
tnr3 Tine hiss 4Iiovere4 urtInt
1ttlmulI 10 warrant dNlh rUon by
tit IItat ornftallll and unl1I he mutt
mlllm Is I observed withl 39 ds the
ntturncy general will he the uet per
Ion 10 take hand
a Should this btt mmcc
cesary her will be hrouch Into theo t
courts an overwhelming weight or cvi 1
den from every 1IItlDn of time state
where th heavy hand of the combine
ha been felt I
Ogden through Its Weber dub 18
ready to Mt A pclal committee ap
polntd by President A R Uvood or I
hAt orgauisaio completed < < its report
t wffk b which the tllllnc of the I
Junction vlty Were clsre4 uf complle
its In the coal dn The mea hhgber I
Bacerage by the 1It1OftJl fiiIttlve
ut the Salt Lake orpnlMtlo And the
consequent action of stat erflelal8 the
Weber club I rea4y noW to Join ID
the fight And brinK the Issue to a crisis I
Iunll iii imusmuel
Logan III aroused ortlclalh and corn
mrTI Th eU council will hold
a special session WtCInftltt night to
consider what plan or Action wiii best
carr nut tIme Intentions of thRt town
Ie is I likely that offtch1 rhistions In
structing the city attorney to conr i
with the cretars or State and the at
torny gueml will be MtEd
Th Commercial Dooisteru lob wtllch
rlJrnt the commercial interest or
all he cohsty ha a committee n
at work herschel Buhien chairman or
that committee has been delegated to
meet with flip statp uffiriahis and urKe
ImmtdllCte 8rtlon
Throughout time uttle mIlAr moced
nrc expressing the dtrrnlnAtion or a
longsuffering people is I In progress
The power of tht jteopi at large hd
cit br State city and county offielnis
and mseked
h IIItronK commelal or
Jlanhutlon Is preparing to assert It
self 1
There man h no alternative for the
coal barons Cheaper fuel must come
Realizing that the continued hirogress
or Utah ilipendu to a great txttAt on
coal facilities there will bt no lessen I
Ing of the forces now at work until that
prim ntelllllt of all industries Jill ye
duced to normal coL
Onf or th Ittlt rtlnorNmnlll to
th ponhes cause coisen In the shape I
or II rIUon passed h the ity con 1
II III Murra Not etily de the people
If Murray want thf ioAI romhh1t shii
unived end the prfr rphrptl hut they
hay Instructed their city rttnrney 10
ounfor with Attorney Gnerrt I A n
Barnes to th enil that the members
or the comnhilne hI inflishieil h the Iw
Grim Signposts May Be Re
placed Through the Aid
of Congress
boa Angeles Cal De 4 Becltuc
morethan a score of IIkeletons cat
teretl along hl8 line of travel served us
a grins signpost of danger amid warair
oC tile Mt that aught overtake him
during a tour of the desert regions of
California and Nevada George W Pu
Semis or thIs cUT for eight Jeliln ha
bn agitating the nd or publ1e pro
trtloll for the daring protOptCon and
travelers who venture In these waste
This work hap now lktU concreto
form In an rrrt oh the part or the
los Angeles chamber oC cutumerce to
secure the aid of Conet18 In the sum
of Ieeet to be expended under the
direction oC the secretary of the In
terior fur tIt purpose tal loeaUut and
tleloplnl springs and water hole and
for the erection or durable monUhlenta
near aeculltomd hues or travel
It I ii I Jntltmet to Over < < the general
area or the desert nul arid lal1t111 oC
the United StMttL Informing t61818
ha to the location and ialaeter or
these sources of water supply The
state of California already has apu
Ifrlttted 1000 for this work and more
than M Iron guide posts wRit direct
ijmg drmne have bent erected within tin
botlems The prOIIOOfO national legi5
iaUon ha been eolRollled In A bill whirti
CaUrornla cougrpsllmen will b asked to
I tsithttus TIIlHU I IUI i
North Yakhr > n Val lie f 1 I
I fnaO IJ a latn alCld fifl hv part
lit t U e fht pcuou Tlsond I
cAi tog 1 l1I C r j estr 1 amurag s tlM I
At n fa T I Ilnkrel i j ditl1f1 di i
lllt II f 2 I Iat s Int c Mrs
I earrlp H u1kron and 1ls Iaubter
I Mrs Frllnk T Kulltll died last Tues
a day I
EUHft < u I Ult Eft
frllCr sit ns Ju Itreisiunsipishi i
ttniihiitttis 1Sf n nl Intln
Secretary of Navy Recom
mends AbDdonment Wicre
Cost Hu Not Been Jusci l
by the sulti Attaticl
Stationsat New flrIea
sacofa Sl lan
R yk Nf i do
Elsewhere Au Sllted li i I
W sihhl mice 11 r
vv Nulls or it iOIFcIHI merua 5 I t
esiIftsa by
Vcrir r r
sill I iteer Hr
r i h nt
nrtl ICnll assal nfnlin IIrr ftItr
lit I mm Ortn Maermlst
ti i
t liiin fur I he akehfi I MI p 1
011 the ilrvriwpnrmsi 1 ther in
111 I 10 Ih errrsMr s sinsinl p
JIII mnll tuhmir
Secretary M
III and dl hlL r 1 I t I
at fra nrlan r 1 S
Pot Rota Si I
Harbor uIhra i I I I
that th
avurig t I
taming tIesi
years ias S
lithe useful tv 1
t herein
In making iI I 111
th cec ar us I
recthy oa iii 1 I
hat t ii d I g
n1tnii iii nr 9 P II I
tlutii III kin I I
nannin IIl1n I
Jtn t ii i t I I ii I I II I
fiis wh P il li
Iha I I j I
iii ett 101 1
Th tai Ij j I
ailli sltr t l I
4M St IP5Pi ir1 II I < Lp
points ii thR III I Y
twits Lu laity PS I
Rrlln wl i ii It TPv I d
size I r TIl t
lean i 1 II I I o r
on 101 PitIi III 1 i
is I Such thi In tIr 1
ressils 1 hlhl tu
of th Lsnger r
hlk1 Th 1 t
fliiiIITlII It i III
IllIn LII I I 1 a i K II I i I i r I
Th fan h I
anti 11 I
hfnI1 lor an rr 111
lion A
eiicrjzne dawk i 1 I
I I tlei It e it If I
of 3III4IIII 1111
t iii 11 I I I I 11 tf I I 11
tftnRn r I h I i r
twk i III 011111
glets rd s fl
KI VI I 5 81 i
Mt IIn wI1 I
It rh I 5i5 IIP I I
JI t AI11 Ikk r941 I r 111
a H ruff I T
iha Th I 1 r I
In qm r i J r
il t f I i I
1 1 I ilii r I
1I1f1 n rd I
ahi1I I I
for tI ihiilM It I r
tranI 0 t rr i I
bAn i4 < nfl j r
Ha I I 10 s I I 10 I
Xew V k Ii i 01 I
ari hv T il 01 3
which w hi V 1 r i
ptenlhii 10 Jrr i V I Ii I I I I i
Ral has a h 1 i i s 1 1
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rrm Ihr I fII r 1 Oa
On thc Plllif I rt
I onfinued isS rr Tma I
Mexico Commission Returns I
With Unused Olive Branch
Saying Work Is Retarded by
Soldiers Who Follow Them
ihllhIt lIl 1 lre srisr
Clltlil cilmil In Inn ion noCurn1 Ii
thlll cIty toIC nn1 rflrtd thnt
their trk ann ijrrnlly nlhArrlCd
h I flit fnct hint sohslirrs rollor nt
their hicl tt urrro Jmt an tlsy
mcrc heJlnnlnu 10 talk miiths the In
S urrpch 0 tSi a r1cl mmh lth imuiril
Hut the uolIlern mcre on the in3
nIserriupen hue mtln prisisipthy canme
II n etish
At Cuerrori and AIIIO at San Antonio
the commissioner were o1d hat the i I
main grievance hi I against the ntte I
ovrafIMl rather titan ajaiimM DIaL
JOtM t I government force be
halted peeding another confeliSics
Seem htgl aM theist Sc pOrte t oftfallt
state that Gmmerrru has been takes hi
the rsvulutialat with Some hutse 1 tf
life Details An lacking It is I cc
ported that Geaozii mats commanding
this maihitary seHe Is I to be surcedecl
by Gtral P < rnflnL
Nut iiiuIrr nln
KI > A80 Tx lice 1 ws learned
hiS todac thitit Iht peace commission
which Ittt ltlhuahua Friday to ut
with th Inumarrectus as aetina ander
th authority oC GWiPtnor Sanchez and
not President DtaZo The Ian orlldntf
with Jo r 4 GADtIra a prominent cit
lien of Chihuahua who urged iii adop
tion by the chief eecliltv i n tli in
tereut or peace IM to prevent blood
shed The folLowing men comiiioue the
Jose M GRIera Amador GDIII
Dr Lulll ito LA Osras ot Chihuahua
aDd Eduardn and Fernando GonaIt8 of
GurrE1o It I stated that the au
thority uf the commlon 18 limited to
impressing the lulllltt or an uprising
upon tM Inurt
New tlan COlin Pee In let
tr to fol l IPaa M lImn prldnt
of the Xw Hann Chamber of Corn
mrc where former Ireatdimt flooce
vlt will pak on the night of lpm
her U olqn1 Homo1t says itt th e
dinner he will make hlJl first puhll c
statement as to tht rllllia thlllt Ia l
up to the rent political twlieavsh
Among the other speaker at the din
nr will be aotprnnreert Ilimeon Y
Baldwin and President Arthur T Bd
or Y I
= = = = = =
Men Charged 4Tfth Friar Land
Frauds to Answer AccusatIon
of Congressman Martin
StN FRANCISCO Doc ISix officials of th e PJ lipphte Islands wlo
I aro on their way to Washington to tetify Wore the cIqreaio L >
vestigating committ9Q concerning charges made ltF tepresentative TCJhfJ A
Martin of Colorado in sonnoction with hc 8tlmbdltratioD or friar lancL 1
the islands arrive l here today on the linor Maac1mria
ton C orfJlttr fcrftn or Ih I
interior is I Rt the ead or the part
TIle other mnembcma aN Frank tV CM 1
pMtr executive sevretarY Charles H
Seopvr IIreetor or lamis Ilfnltelo YIII
amDr attorney ptHontl RaCeS ticIptu
Inembet oC the Ode commission An1
earl V Rhftwarllf director or frlil
land BOmiio Leamdo and Manllf
Queaon resident comntntsuioneiM or
Plrlllpln Islands I In Wiuhiflgtoi anI
four clrklll In the land offIce ereoni
11n 11 1w ofCldlll
Till hargec mat 1 ngrIIml1l
Iartln were 1 rn thf l4is
n TIT1f 1 cf tms > viar Sppdrk all
gut una cs mmsjr ro prin a lung lii
or siipli5h I i gii1aiii ill II IIIIILI
lilllO Qr t1 rI l1nd 0 t
Vt cJlte Iak t s 1 ItI1 I H t
denial of the accusations
IulJlImfnting alt exhaustive state i
mn or I lie R55s r f tI il 5 ce1 ftI
I wi l IS In whld icpuit S I Ij
10 > 01 wit lie mlltt I I t ii 1
e tV t e md f i
ins 5 tIIIPTIt
Mr dami 1 1 no
< f puvagl1 In tfha r is Wto
luilc iJ5 plJrlI1Is a1 t 4 5
shun or tRKge which If quotd
would ute nRd is isteti1 Ion ili
ulQu 1ts scteedod In lrelwIlt tug an
Iltrh mlj3IiJl II I I
that say Iathfr ui I
laisnl ltV rrbi l III IN f Is
I te 1 I i iii
int In the Lz I 011 I Ii II
Ian n In thI I 111 nt
II Ii I i I lpuines uiI
iu I I I ti5i I i ii t I
t 1 I I itin I < t
1i 111 fltal z 1 1
III 11 1 I ii i a hullul I 1 i
l 0 I I L Ip I fl Iv i ii I I I If I 1 k
L I II I piiflL i l iu I I
I W l 10 I I lI
WI < tiI IOI TI I i lflI
1 I I I 1 I 1 rT4tsiii t i 0 pr t I
I I I rum I I 1 < I
I 1 I eekn lap t
I this < < n 1 IlIsiji I
I ty tilt I 1 Wtii
oalan w II I ill I 1
lIl1l1e nutll tl LI
urg 11 j i I J
1 I tI I 1l
H 1 < I
1 I II tp H
n I on I
I Ppt
L cpii
Jrrtinlor nnllft is j Ie <
I Ii I I I n fr I ili 1 i t

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