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The Salt Lake herald-Republican. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1909-1918, December 31, 1910, Image 6

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otnee CtrIUoll brrnei Telph4ae
I C Twe6trtltHa trot Indepn4ent 512
r i
S m
Visit of Governor Spry to State
industriai Institution I Is
Postponed I
lPpIl to Tit U rI4RivbeR
te 2Tbp ii 1U1aI
ieSsl I vn4r JIIIrU1 I qurRIIRe ler
mVp x SIWI hr nntemrlt tapper
tsa b 1k ftcnontor nd hsrI qf
iiii wllkh wa ehqdiI4 fttr tv
mnr baa ea ni off
T1tfo pt I s at t1 IntltuUOII avid
19 oaJ a Pi ii thaui far iswn i
7pt4n P tfl drI Is I II rt
Mar4arft 1Ia th Tonlr I1rt wu wbe
tiiiik her whh the J UVfle
cnns t a wk a ad w foiad Ith I
L sOItt Irlrl and two uIdteri h I a It
I iAk rumta h n
r Writ II ai was subeqwatI r i
4 tunMfJ h th and thl mmln
au wUh wt Dr ekiiua atr
trIftlt a MUIStjOt Thc putkt 1
aap JcotII rwIod u t Ii II 1aIa
I aria ni a rWtniat ne kais bea I
jIt14 GPt tb tdrh raUa I
0 OInrnor 11 pr an4 tM bnsrd C j
ti utes nf th rh1 h1 planad l a
trp of InipctT tp th Inltulo to
mOVtn Ionl nJ If I 1nUI1l
Incr h ysit i iii bn pDIpuned
dftiIIy I
Lektit Vac aIMI Petty Them
W1R Work Out Iewaca 1r bat
ovtag Public K1gways
t i
I eeIa ioTb Itrdflpublkan
0IJiIIIa 1i 24tJ1I labor I 1M1
tl wt b the tJvt deprtieat wth
s aceo rotdI t ° O It
r ersa 41 th strot etatteeo
afld shr hi a pro sbIIIy hat It will
b esuthsd aflalIlr 1
we th iirri c
I t Pi mothy arru of mCisd I
iaea and pit I hlvcs hi
ra r niill 11114I little Iha
pralpd aathlng in Lb wa of rf1
I labsi fll4I 1M > dsuMpd if they eIM I
r d s h wk t pay te wUe er
L I a
A fw wk tel rll hnWT hat
l doatraled that fliP iasi In ork Ihl
r ma I h 1 I Noel n anct
I a urprIntr afllIflt nt rnid wtk ha
btn lICfmUh1 TrtInt r Tn
I V third tt I InKr 111 oak
I laM avqnu anI ThrptflI I4r4l
1 ha bii nlo 1 ZE4 I ZIflI prtat
1 a Vory favorahl apatan
re14Iea41frI Itff ItH4H n DPIPtlV4I
ne Mar 4 Jii al
e t
t i
ftI Iedal to Th nralRtopalka1L
ue 2 vr1 caaea c
wl lrtaOc wr brumbt up to
the anal roharl thus tooroffi a
4 Ia reord time i
N Y Jom entrd a p1a of
Fth7 when rharjPd with hIn In
ilts her aotld and wall aaisiwad a
filM at Ji WelI rffItI a 1m I
sr uant II ant appearlD a tI4 I
0 ehar
b y 01 lcy Who W4 imp1ieatt l In
atIatt yterday MontinI la hkh
t ftallaa imperaotateuI I otfkei 04
atkt4 to tn matiey haiti bet
tist a man frum ttnlise I plealtd
tItID to the Chnr of Taaranc ad
fd taw oiiiiaI I1 n1 roetP
me Grim whe wa arrrt4
Toods y nht nn the chart nf rarr
tat cOIIeIlt I wPapts anti w hu was
uaiotftNt f hntr bia ImplkIM Its I
a reefDt fblnnK wa rrsiEIwd
00 tlMo hp mnUnn and rd
a I I Itf trnlll iwInc In II itcuire f
ttte polLer In O1P irsTtiII ItI
Qlm rvird tis ra wel
Jn4Ju4 f Ielk LafTI liel tIHH
s M4 t c r
KflIoh te4tl luert7
Lal to The Uersl4Rpublesa
CJIIIra tee 30E4war4 Moos
a tnkal yfetorir ID pollee
ci0t tltIt iwnrolis r whn arrIad vn
II hari nf pt r n there bIn
an Ioln IRtVIiI 1 fo show that
5p 4tsfldant ha1 tIllIy taken part
tn th laeooy 1 I h IItrrlPto the
ttieSt of whIch conI iuwd lat wk
bJ an OE40 ba tto also ImrJ1td
A the tim ra nplalnl was tiawn
Cll Aiti Dlrll hIMd UOl Ih
eltryp be tM nf rrlinE slolsn
prot rstM than petit larfn
The latln chtw htwpver wa rf
fcrr4 a4 tll rjse was dtSml44 as
Th poIlI I Iat tht a forms I romp
p tnt 01 7e01IvItlk tIn pVPertY
III he d raw a Klnt I anallT tomor
r 1 I 21 H ihr spirla I tnrt
iT I f I rlf nunl i last illhf thc
1 tis 1rIIlgym hi agnry stttiu0I
t IIund for 1 tnpwI of Iu li I
t An oninOl ws 11
J 1 > rollNtIUac tr issuinE iii any
f f IOn4 I fr IIvmnt ageOcils
Trntflr nuiiael for I
1 fmwlynt apDCy cIIn I that Ia
r tu aJI the ancy hall bPa 1
I lucre I for everal years tM
IIn dta tOt afft hPIfl The
rttl I t rerrN If t the 1Icene tam J
Oit4a oe 3S A an nUtCOO of the I
I IJPtII of tact mmr us to poa
Ion of the OJIdfn non sanhtartulo
quit claim teed va Coed wth thi I
u017 raeordor toiy ty whlrh J H
ut eoeay th trIIr1y to HrIk 1 I
tJTI n Mobr rr St and oUr vain I I
Ib rnnsI4irhotY
N y s
lYe nice gettIng them In ga
tior thee out But UMres a tray
CASCMQrS ar kaown too hndrCd
0 for the naural and eavy
ow1 they deat om the system of over I
ddoking Bc prepared a box In your
eke4 of CASCARTSake aDO or I
tics astrc w1te you go to bodthcD Se
eM 1 trill lie pl < asuit m1
CAlC arnIOt betWeeks trsI
mest All diiM EjgfIt seller
Lgtrwotd 1stionbaxesamot I
Special to n lhtaldRepubllco
Pron Iee aArtlCI of Incorpo
ration of the ltochdhe Mercantile iyi
tm hn been flied with the county
clerk rrno City is I the genera place
of buslna
Tb company takes over th bul
flSsR and property hrtolnr nnd by
tbp Fourth SVard bshfry and will en
lit aE lii the EcuCral mhnl bo
mess Th capital tnck is I IIIH In
shares of ths iar vahii of till eh
Thr are Irn 1 prloll for 1
hare nf preferred tock which I
tree tock and has no monetary value
but shall have the voting poer or the
corporation Fh holder of common
stock rardlss f ths mount of bbs
common stnec rsehvs ad holds one I
har of th rfrrPd toek but no
I more Make the Liver
Do its Duly
Ntoctiict iu 1m when IDe Iivt ia ri1d JA
ltaauda NUl bowels at nht
I rbd6rnlycolll
pel lazylinr to CARTE5
do its duy
Cum Con VELr
i ltipalioz
I In dig ca
I o
I Headache and Distress after EatIng
I Small Pnl SaaaD Do 3ataU Pric
1 Genuine ml t IAr 8tttnture
j j 1
TIUUnll < soo > > slnIl1en
N 1 York I 311 strike or the
I n t n on tic mnklQI frrvboit
pT no twerfl Siiti Frr und tan
I ni I oI ll < 3 lirt I it 1 fI h ttt
tr 1 tn r ft1 aflr a erD
I f I t Ih ily CCkials an
nourR ut
rhe1 l t nI UL III t 1 rnin uu
r r 1 c P I 1lhit qialivn h
It ha P ft r r It
Special for a Few Days OoIy
21 1resses now fw
10 Dllsses I1OW Coo
uII 6 Values Sale Piiee 3 3 DI4sscs now 00
t 3 Values Hale Price 2 23 Dresses now 1
In Oldll to lthuc CHIl stod heforc iIIVdllt13 na art
nml I ng t hc greit est rcductiolls CYer ItlloWn at this t i inc
uf thc year
100 a WekOO a Month
For Infants ald Child D
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho
gunture of
Ie ROW It your little imP I not
thrIving la a aormltl and j1I1Ihy h
7 mAnn Dont exprimtt wtt
Uabya stomach lthe th GRAff
Rtl thossaands 1 or wot ben tOt
4 you 1111 VII dOM and watc2 the
Iteady Improvement Maty i p
c 188 nlgnL8 for you and tt Batty I I
will be ra v8d Drugglatshsttfl
elJlng tht8 intdtelne < < for over it7
I rears and We know of ld1j
t where It hAS been need fr uo
C6MIo gOMratlonlJ or children
r John Scowcroft Sons Co
CAPITAIa 100000000
Wo carry b far the largest excluslvo wholesale stock of the a1to9l
tinea between Omaha and Sa Francisco If you want proDlpt J1 J
Lend WI your mail order
Suspected Diamond Thief
Makes No Objections to Ac
companying Officials
Vrial In The tIeraldftppttbllcafl
Ogden I c 30rs H Black
Earti allait Jfitahe Irnlfr the WMlla
who we arrested bert tlecembv 3 a
adtees from erament chartrt her
wIIi th 1ICeDT of n II worth eI
diamonds floes a banker of that cIty i
left I Ow4en at J oCwk this ftffttOOlA
In the custody of thief of Pollee W H
Ahern of serameat
Ileupite repeated nn tet ark
tiowa her defiant 4esor the poles
be beeR nable to WriD a eoafe
sloii front tll wnan nor baa any
Ille of the Oarr dIamonds bn
found on Isor erson nr amuoc hr ef
teds liii nat thorouhl aarvhed
0010 this mnriih0 by It Pkyletn
ARes Rels aDd Mr llEbert A I
but nIII ftIf an tnerImloatia OatUTe
Wa found upon hl It Is I thought
I ht her wllltngnes to rtura to Ma
ranlo tu stand trial on Ihp rhatges I
alnt hc I 1rhI titie tn a 4etir
mtnattun to mlroml with h forI
nT owner of Ih dlmond and by re
vallnll their hldlnLt place I tn loishbi
tICl ptseeUttn
rroohHN I tJnt lOt Rhho i anI
rrwer Iihop of eflSe ft
C rs lnal utnmoo
11PlC11 to The nrldReI
Ogden let tijolin T ttllantyilr
gsE fiftytour years dIed at t tloek
this morning at his heats In Riveal
death belug doe 10 IlInnt et the
eeUe nn4 He had heto III Mut
t meal ha
m 4cp4 ww a brother or Pro
tieo Jneph BaltT ef Ogden aad
was a nuMber of yar presiding h
1 at t4toJlII He afterward moe4 1ft
ItIrlat whcre 1M baa resided 1 sloec I
IWI0I rtl1brly actIyo In thurh
work HI was the father of thlrteeR I
Fav1 services wth he held at 1
Wrlrk Panday arara at the Rly I I
otde tneetlaE h0It interment In tIE
da 4it eemet7 Th bod may he I
vwNt ut th home aturlay fIr
In unit epInt and at Sunda >
mont I a
sat to The HraIdRisbllca
t3dn DPc 35Three isea suspect
el 01 csmpItclI in I trimes rntl
immltte04 In Whr tot it t a n hld
In the dlv JAIl From later cvelup 1
nnt It i stow Iulltht b I he pOlice I
thtist JeorEe M1lr hi I not dmenled as
was lit fIt sgppfleed but ill II despot I
Mie Character and a psi I of Jimes Grim
euhIrtd nf being connected with the
I bo N last week aod ase
wltb the bIowhs of the Nf of J I
r IIr tU quunTrrllc
tspeslsl toTh HraIdltepsblIran
Ogden 1Mo 31An aetion has been
esoimeuce4 in the district Court ity
Bartaaa teru S s t J Watkins and
ether tn iUtet 11110 10 eertl prop
Ott T he titlo nf wh Ia clouded tiT
en of crtala morlages gtvrts pon
ft a ososher t f years ago but which
were EYrr properly cancelled after
ltImnt hd been mad
l1tJIIt X MIINZ flirtticr
8I1ftf1 to The lleraldRrpubllean I
tIEden Ipec D Wotd ha beeo re
eeled 1 from Geor A Ilnry a intO
Inc man of Morgan I the efffCt that
tht district recently opeoed along the
aorthern bowacIaJ of lIortnt county
Is making exenrrt progress and ht
on flllll ha completed afraogement
Cr Iimtillng 1 a elatyhormpower cola
prer plant Other addltkme are on
4cr contsmplatIoO by coopsnlee and Ia I
UflMfl1 to Tbc HraldRubIIeaa
otrdn Dee 20Oorge McCormick
loft today for a huntIng trip In Ohio
IoTTia He will e Elat several nook
and took with him to LlewIlyn pep
t4r which he will try out In the quail
fie7s of the tt mentioned
I Hil1ghun IItH1gc Notes I iI i I
lipeetal to Tile HeraldltepubhIeaa I
Blaghutti loi I 3The local lodge t
nf the trIr r atrltII t the tat
regitist mlinllt Ied Ih following
offIcers fir U ensuing term 1ld
J Cook pt prealdeat 1Ja1 FUJI
erAI rldtnl E J Ratike vice
president S J Uvasmore eeertry
Ir A L rt1b treasurer Jot Me
lId A V Farmn and ladore Gao
chat trustees
Hiagham lodge of the Order or fled
Xn eLtctd officer at their rvlar
iieetlng aa follows srhm Thom
Rngcron eetlnr saamore Vftf
Mlnte junior eagamor torce Ps
JaIlOCft keeper of reeurtls tV F
Axnd keeper of wampum n 1 I
Herrfck prophet WIIIIm Olnn I
t1Ceeor nctilpmeitt SQ I I n I
Q 9 F elected olflecrefor the enaning I
trl as gouows hter patriarch Mati
Hhm high prW1t1 Flank Wilson ae
nbc warden Prank Hrrmn scribe
It R Orr treasurer John Brown
junior warden f4 Williams
The Pythln sisters at their bat
regular meeting elected officers a
follows tat chief Mrs Ann Ih
man boat clint chIef Mr Jn
Andregg cellt senior Mn Xeallth
Briaar ezeellent ulltor Mrs ote
Add4rl manager Miss Anna IAh
man protector Mrs Helen Maughan
outer guaM Mrs IItIle P Gannon mis
tram or teceesie and eorrepo04enc
Marl 1udlev tinanre keeper Mrs
Jnl Thomas II woe the unanimous
t of the lodge thmt Mrs Anna vh
man act ma Intlllna officer
rIXTU ouc SlillII1
8 feia to The HeraI4Kpubllea
Eureka Ire ao shipments
from the Tlnllc dlltrlct during Ih
pat week hay ton IIl1hl owing 10
Ilh fact that It a the hnliday a
n And many workmen were laid off
Th hhpstsents were a follow
Iron I 2luout 11 cot lorap Iron
lit 010111I0 3 tslouz ConsolIdated S
Tonars deae I Centennial rou
rtoIUL 1 Unolem 4 runton
Ihal ConoiZdtd t pohooo
I Grind ntJal Victoria Mam
I moth lineer Mammoth I Black
Jack tlenset I Gold Chain 4 Total
r t tUtI Ol lit IOhINSt US
iMgs Lii f Th lIrlotUrllbllCRD
lark It l v I II lmTrsslTe rT
fre wrrt hfl1 at thr L to church
v rtrnnn for Mrs MAry An
r I Totn i unIs eoing
t a I l n r dfOI AIIIh
1 1 r rt c nnal
trihittes wr prnic porrlI
s t f i t II dI In
nt a Iu III P < 1 clm
I 7
Men to Serve Upon Panels in
Emery County Are Offi
cially Designated
tptcial sO The Her 11 Rrpublkan
1atl4 tale lee eJnr Comml
aloneris A O Cnor and f R Cox
hare completed the work oC drOwleE I
the Jury lIt for tbe Emr3 county sri
IOIta or the eventh Judicial district
court The list follow
Green lIlverOllver P Hall Paul
Wood O II tllllisple Lewis Presltt H
I hpman WIllIam Thompson
WoodsldeJeseph A Curtis James
D Miller William Downrd
Ilesert Lakhna lIrID mui
Wells Jr Thomas Wells
llerelandM I now N Allrer1
Adolph txslson WIIIILm T LItter H
H OlAII jr James T Jobnuo Wil
11am T lamp Louis P On John I
Johnson Har Ottentr Joh E
ltutlnJtoW J Green sr An
drew I Allied TeD Anon Ard
M uyon J J Olst James P Joh
n Irln T Howard Edward O kary
Vertv I tutiag V Marion UumoD at
1 < 0 trlsngf R A Hr4 J B Meeks
Albert nllnI T P lIeKn G
W Hw Peter T Furlong A I
Johnson Andrew L Anderson Thomas
K I TullI Robert Gordon Jeee Brink
IwrnOrlfflth Thom WIIIm
JI Itker C II MIUer William Ar
acidastlC Dall H 1f1l1O Hfber I
FrIIn Iton t speir 1 8amuel H Let
son JePh Y Hanson J W Seel A
K WI I Joseph at Larson Ctarl I 1
berg Y C Xorreon John W Lake l
S teoni aC It Bunnel Isaac W Bebtin
In Inph P PPteVPoO Aaron Oman
Hector Kvan David Zabrbk Orange
eelv I Uhrd A mlth
4 ranaevltIeWilllam A tired Lnr
ease H Young Alma O Jk Hen
Jr Iteid Namu1 P atnow William
VII Andrew ArPOll William Ta
ton John C IIaow Joseph H Ta lot
sylvester H Cox Oscar Robertson I
A Child Edpr Jewk George IIlt
slaweonWilliam Hitchcock John I
r FIIIr Out KIng
Yerrosi4ame J Ramra Chris I
Nelson r 1 loz H A Petty Ifv
IMseit Para K Itink Jr Jh Andr
aim Jr James Haassn W H Worthen
W W bryan John WtIeO tlmr
Petty i P fhopIIOn Thomas Jones
Nathaniel ruwford Wilburn Conflnr
elarflK lIaifl James teveOs Clifford i
Jensen Inl eion
MIn Anlhun S Iwh icholaa
Iirsofl Loitsi I flarflhisssfl i
FtnrvJane J I hricnn Joseph
SIn 1M IIn1 Iir I F larsen
11rt M 811n trrd J Broderlk
Irhl Williams Samuel M William
W A Petty H t WIkman Andrew
I Sorenson Iter itlristpfl5efl II D
Mayfleld I Y itlinIeiIofl
Power Plait at Savior and Fi8k
I 0reIk or Couolitlte OoIftPUY
I rtg2eG1O
h IJIfIa1 toThe HrlcInepublltn
Richfield Isc tT satisfy a
judgment rendirtd Iterember 1 In the
case of t Pie KImM1I Mereanstie nip I
pl company te Gold Mountain Con
sofidatid lialttg company and n Beer
tin W ttlry nd P W Crane Jr as
lolervenors all t be personal ItrolHn I
of the defendant cemy WAIl sold I
auction at the front door of the Ctnl
court house In Richfield yesterday
The lItt Important ot the property
sold consisted of one power plant al
YIr and two on Fish Orftk R V
pvev receiver acted as auctioneer
The uOly hld4ere were Fred Tilton of
ltrlln aad Mn Packard of Spring
viii The bidding began at iC10
and advanced 5 tiuntsaitd dollar at a
Imp 0th H was reached when
Mr Pakald ass declared the owner
of the tbroPrIY The mines and pro
pe4ttiI wr not sold beauss no Ithlll
were hld They remaIn In the
hands of the receiver
r Iiv111J
reI1 tThe lleraIdRepSblIcaiL
iroi I 0 1pSlt Sheriff F
ohmn went 10 Salem eateidoy and
sold the stock and building oC the
Rok lit hughes saloon under an cxc
cistlon In for if Hiur A Lindley
The Judgment creditors bought the
property for the moua of the judg
ment ii I and have rrned to con
tinue he husitiess
A marrtap license has been issued 1
John Wiseombe of 8prlDllle and Mar
garet JlIIIr or Provo
William formaa of the Sixth ward
has returisid from a mlloll to Scan
dinavia where he baa been laboring
for about l two yen
J F Wilcox Grand Army
Veteran Wanders for Hours
in Cold and Darkness
fIHCIAI to The licralulBepuhflva I
armlngton Lcr 10 I t in I
foothill I ntltr Psrmlngton aftri fligI I I
fail J F lIcox a H J tetfl
CIShUnine years or sgi n d T 1
almicesly l about In the nkl IIn d l T k
IIC nearly a whole night r I I
found by a earrhng par VhI
ihiwoeere4 the Oged man was t I I
dead from Old and xpoIr II rod Ilf
nw iii I a serioiaa OndlUonal hi I
here as a result of his arlItllI I
lenre I
Mr Wilcox has eume fish pnli 1e 1
at1 In the foothills alaitit 1 t w fI1 i
from rmlnarton and WcdnsIs at i
ernoun started out toiIt IIlm 11
IInsred so long at the pnI 1 I t
dllrkbelt settltd before he tHj
On tM way bak the ttttprn leaflti
confused a 0 his Nut and wtinIrt
off lots the hilt In an oppoIt hIT °
u loll to his home j
When Mr WIICOx failed In spjir af
home after night oetghlors form1
asorchiag party and workl not I I
oInck In the moJrIInlt lIril I I
hill In search of sorn trak f
missing man
Stumbling aimlessly abHul hHlnh I r
Id and almost too xhlIt1 In it
the old man was finally lzI
en stimulant and tallnt to I
home where he is I uniler i I i
MI Wileox could l not whr
had ben unl I thllt to 01 walkrI f
tililes IIn1 mile thrIt i I Iar h I
an hf tyhf to liii m rm u
etnt I t4t lIld t him nIl 101
road hnm
John Houston Who Came to Utah
With Joknltonfs Army Sue
CUMbI W Brief Illness
special to The HeraMHIblran
American Fork Jr In iolr
Houston a resident or this rit fr ti
INUt 10rllae yr dl1 stiilInh I it it I
his home In the second wtirI htst hitiit
at S45 ocloek of acute IllITiOfliM II
had been indisposed for at lay 1
hating eat a bravy roll tinil
telday it developed into Ii sevtr al
tack of paaumunia
He was born in Scotland on May
I 1127 sad would hv boon seventyfour
ears of age ftU May I the eg r
fourteen years he left tile native hm
Ind came to America locating In lan
ada where ht remained for four ear
whfl he came to the tnlted states anu
enlisted In the tilted Ittates army a
a nnnmr boy He em to Utah In
18i with Johntnn army and In
stead of returning with the sny he
secured his release ned eat his lot
with the pioneers of till state Bou
tn was married to Mrs Oardller a
widow with one child it 1U9 and came
tip American York in 151 where he
ta resided ever since He wall an ac
tive mn and held many 1ltlon of
trust both tor the city and county lie
i lIrItd by tiiroc nn and three
daughters his wife haln died a few
years as unr srvir will lie I
held In Iho t eionI o ar1 c hal1 Mnnn y
Business Men of Provo Discuss I
Plans for Campaign of
Publicity I
Special If The HeralclRpubllcn
PreYO tec A number nf public
spirited business mn and others see
ingihe necessity for and the beettta
to be ftrifOfI i from L
o ve acguaiotin the I
county at large with the dang
Provo sad vitinity offer to investors
and homeseekers are considering < < the
adriunhility of orcalain And main
taming a bureau or publicity and In
Such R bureau will without doubt
be established Its object will 00 10
advertise Prove and the IlUrNulldln
country through thC press by pamphlet
and to hy information In available
form ready for Inquirer who my d
sir 1 tn know about thlll section and
What it offers to people who contem
pLate a Chnj of location or desire Ope
ptunU for Investments In lands or
to engage In business or In manufac
turing enterlrw
Pr I
8p1 to The J4erOldRpublca
Prove D ZSThe case ot Joshua
Hon Y Jokn Waters I blng beard
by Judge J R Booth In the Fourth
district coon Plaintiff sues for the
rturn 01 certain peruoflal property or
its value 1 4 ad for siei for wrong
tul retention of the property The dO
tnnt claims he baa a right to hold
the property which was received br
him In connection with his tease ot
plaintiff farm In Benjamin Lie ask
for s damages by reason of alleged
failure on the part oC plaintiff to com
ply with the terms of the lease
fn t tue case ot chwsb Consolidated
tt a M1wa < ooll
Mining company is Iron Hal Xlnlnl
company acb Evans hse been en I
Ir as U rnv for IH1tt end
alntf given till February I to file
amnd1 cmpllnt
Laura Nielsen of Ileasant trove was
granted a divorce from lens 1 SII1
The defendant is a atIent In tl state
mntal I lioapltl The parties wr
mrrlM September 1 t
Kiward 1 Joses sssiknee ofeorgr
Passey Co et a 1 has rile tate
Infnl Of the Ilehtdn agalnat Ih
firm is I Z3t Ai repoflp4 10 him The ainousu
slcmousl nmcl
01f D 2LOcrge UsImar 0
ot TnIt oldest 1It was throw
front a boise yesterday and 1 cc
oust lnjtied that doubt are ente
fall I to hi recovery lstr Tlr
utln a fracture of thp skull and
vaa InJurfll Internally
iI I
Retiring President Thomas
Gives Way to Incoming
Leader Mr Merrill
vitul nearly one tho8 persons
pruent al tie evening seee4oa In the
Asembly hail the eventevnth aua
eonveniOR of the tta Teachers sian
CUon came to I close last night f r
tho retiring president hoIi
Thom had extended thank to the
teachers the Irulltt and all wlwhad
Workpd toward making t one of the
m successful conventions In the his
tory of the association
The evening session was opened with
tb announcement br President Themas
that Professor J F Merrill of T1
verelty 01 Utah had been elected presi
dent or the association for the u
ing term Professor Merrill woo ci
rte to the stand by A C Nelson
tate uPrlntndn or public inatruc
tnn and Professor F M 1tlelJ of n
den where he wac greeted with much
Mtacieal nmr wr rendered by
Fred c Orhm and thc ommercjail
rlh quartet following which le John
v look was latue as lie speaker
ot the eveaing I Prealdent Thom iok
ing occasion tn offer tue thanks of the
OlaUol to Dr Cook for the Hn
fIts and services rendered by him dur
ing th convention
D Ok ple no Th New PalH
sion I Which he defined a beki the
prfon of olug declaring that
tchin was drifting tne e oward the
profession ry day
cnl hlnl tic ProtIn
In commencing < < his address Dr Cook
said that workers were of two classes
the professional and the nonprnres
tlond The n rolon1 worker
he said worf by the rule or the
thumb mechanfrally content 10 drift
along on the emc lines merely because
It hd slnays been This he declared
to hc praitiral education or only one
half of dcattOTi Th r tlitr half h
Id was 10 b found among the pro
flon1 workers This spiritual education
eUon hr said lead th profional
workers aiay5 toward the light find
lug them always ready to break rank
to talc lip nw work for prorevn
There is I an old saying he said
that teachers are horn nol made but I
1 uppP thl is trite of evrysdy
elsethe utireeesuI 1 farmer lawyer
doctor all are born to 1wr a rln
cal ot nature
Continuing he said that the teacher
wee 11101 In a peculiar situation In
lIt professional 1 world Tw or three
essentials I to mk up the profes
atonal teacher lie Mid The first nr
these he declared 1 to be the bifituence
t tue teacher in the school roOm whlrh
ie said should domn Vf the chit
1rn A gulf between the spirit nf tue
hldrn and that or the teacher a 00
uttIn disaSter
The ieeonti requiMte hI ssi4 was
tat the teacher always h oun that
ey shouiI h mol titan thIrty
eats of age though he hastened to
hi that von 11 not t1 h I
tmtwr or veers II man had host
I le w t Hlnl thAI Ihr IIlr1 or
ith RI tn tunl where the hllr
S wile whl lit 11 ate WaS fn
be found In many or tboe ounjt In
The last essential i beauty which
fulU he defined more a spiritual
than of body telfishnesw Is one 0 the
unpardonable sins marring the beauty
ot the teacher
Following the address oC Dr Cook
a roluton wa presented which was
adopted by a unantmoua Vote protid
Ing ro the pre 6ntRton of a utbl
gael to the retiring president from
the members or the OIIIUon as A
token ot eitem for his timeasing ef
forts for the welfAre or the aesocia
President Thom rose to speak but
wap plainly overcome hi hi emotions
al president unable to to preside speak called on the vice
Educators TQll of Utahs
Great Need in Education il
many urgent needs In eciueatlfl
SO hv been advanced by the variotiut 1
apaakers In attendance at th
seventeenth annual convention ot the
rth tate Thr association ttt
thy mOt prominent Of the lecturers
were alert iewed yesterday In regard
to the greatest needs Each of the
eminent speakers was asked What
ID your estimation is the most urgent
need In educatIon In Utah Her II
what they had to sa
Elmer E Brow nle States tom
missioner ot euctonhl 1 am
net c fmlllr with tth prbl m
ac om ot the other state and the
country In geisitwI 1 I believe that ttlh
a 1 other states nectip more stringent
Iw against child labor and I 0 favor
of compulsory attendance u
D John J Tr If Amhrf
There are so many things that are
needed I is I almost Impossible to pick
oil or them as the greatest The
ountr this Includes th wants bet
tr Inruto more instructors and In
tructon who understand the laws of
Hr John W Cot ptt Illinois
State Normal schoolTeachers who
know children n who ca make study
so atrelfti that It will b a plaa
them tire Better pay I the way to get
Mathnnhh Thomas former presi
dent of the rlh f Teachers me
orIAtOtOt4 exercise o ears on
the part 01 the tryst and teachers
Co fr as relates t the IbMI child
Along this ha the MUlt vstm
of Utah h Is woefully and erm nan
John M Mills rUT erteot 01
Ogden thoolell Inspection Dd
the appointment 01 competent medital
examiners Twothlt the stupid
ity and awkwarn la th school is I
due to physical detect such al dnold
and wk e yee
F M Drigge superintendent State
Mhool for the lIapDttent at Oi
denMore mdCIII treatment and
more careful tnton to ted
1 I SIon tt ruput 1 rI
hoolTecbtrlO and enutut 1
D H thrtellfn city sup I
or choolsfnmpensa t I n ti
crc commnurt with Ii
they are rendering More
CooCnHCd Prom Vige ie
transacting business as usiia I t M
to Jerome stepped raph1 ho I 1 It t
your honor he Hn ii 0 1i
am her In tbe Robin race I I
that the defendant ha tBkn t dr
He enne b stimulated Al Iul
hI been summoned nd stIr5nnP are
O pumping his stomach Tie l
is unavoidable
Dr Austin Flint retained ly Jrr
waR called T assistant hsrt al
t a him what 1hn hi
saidHr said answered Or 11nl I
I a dead man Ie taken tib
lets I found his face flutFrl til 1
pupils or his cyse dilated hi 1 rc
and feeble lie told mf hf i a
hour lowed previously the poIsOa Urqurrf Ir 9D
The case wa pestponed n1 he rP
ptp bitil
elpt of further advice as t °
condit I ton
c t
Robins frustrated attempt on hI lf
today leaves the question or I s ut
Iff tlf uton
still open D William hlr fr ttl
tt and D Austin Flint rnr I
seT examined him last night PI rOI
him physically I In app n rlr
today hit the did not p mn
tal cOndition

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