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HV rrrrrb
Pneumonia Followed La Grippe
Peruna the Remedy That
Brought Relief.
, Mr. T. Darnecott, West Aylmcr, On
tario, Can., writes:
"Last winter I was III with pneumo
nia after hnvlng la grippe. I took
g Peruna for two months, when I be-
m. camo quite well, and I can say that
y any ono enn bo cured by It tn a rea
sonable time and at little expennc."
Systemlo Catarrh, the Result of La
Grippe. Pc-ru-na Receives Credit
; for Present Good Health.
f Mrs. Jennie W. Gllmore, Box 44,
BWhlto Oak, lnd. Tor., writes:
"Six years ago I had la grippe,
which was followed by systemic ca
. tarrh. The only thing I used wns Pe-
,runa and Manalln, and I have been In
hotter health the last three years than
Ifor years before. I glvo Peruna nil
Hho credit for my good health."
iPtvni'na A Tonio After La Grippe.
Mrs. Chas. E. Wells, 8r., Delaware,
Ohio, wrltos: "After n severe attack
of la grippe, I took Peruna and found
at a very good Ionic."
"Most Effective Medicine Ever Tried
for La Grippe."
' llobt. L. Madison, A. M Principal of
Cullowhco High School, Painter, N. C,
la chairman of tho Jackson County
jDoard of Education. Mr. Madison
nays: "I am hardly ever without Pe
Tuna In my home. It is the most effec
tive medicine that I have ever tried
Ifor la grippe."
Mrs. Jane Gift, Athens, O., writes:
"I had la grippe very bad. My hus-
v fe band bought Peruna for me. In a very
short time I saw Improvement and
was soon able to do my work."
Suffered Twelve Years From After
Effects of La Grippe.
Mr. Victor Patncaude, 328 Madison
St., Topeka, Kas., member of Knights
nnd Ladles of Security, write:
"Twelve years ago I had a aevero
attack of la grippe and I never rrally
recovered my health and strength
but grew weaker every year until I
was unable to work.
"Two years ago I began using Pe
runa and It built up my strength so
that In a couple of months I was ablo
to go to work again.
"This winter I, had another attack
of la 'grippe, but Peruna soon drovo It
out of my system.
"Mr wlfo and I consider Peruna a
housuhold remedy."
The Grocer Who Tries to Substitute
'Something just as good" for
JLJrMgk has failed to ippreciate'the patriotism
Vgway and intclli jencc of his customer.
m" Three Crow l means a superior Pure
Cream of Tartar Baking Powder.
i " J
J "There comes an opportunity in every life.
Perhaps this isyour chance:
' Special Representative wanted (man or woman) In
I this community. Must have good references and be
f willing to work. Address
' H. S. HOWLAND. 1 Madison Avenue, New York City.
, AmrA AM I Minlnllt
l itm rniraiir Ik S guaranteedto cure
J mSlfi&JiVslSv'rJ I won't sell Antl.Orlplne to a dealer who won't Qaaranlre
ntOBKfml)fgtt K- It. Ctll lotyoiii HnKEI BACK IF IT DON'T OCXC.
" "KfyflriVfii W JF. W.Dlemer, jr.X.,ManutMturer,Sjrtio'Ild, Mo,
Hildin-Judion Drug Co., Bansral Agents. Salt Laki City, Utah.
I I Take The Right Road
1 rT
IChicago.St. Paul, Minneapolis
0 Omaha or KansasCity
W Chicago
1 u Great
! rM Western
J IJTm Unequalled Equip
' II II ment on All Trains
I III For Full Information Wrltt
I I Jfcra Gtmral Agent - BB W. 2nd
Um2 3o.St.,SaHlaUaty,Vtah
1 mmmmmmimmammamiii
('ataleerue ef tetted and warranted eeede B
-(nil o( wlMlnitruoUun-enir!ll!E.L
i, 1. II. Cr, A I.., Bal,t.i, liil,
I mail fully protect in luventlon. Ilouklet and
j r.W Calendar KUUIC. lllutieat refereorea.
i ymmunlcalione coiindi-utlal. Ketahll.hed lbtl.
I Vlunu, I en wick A Lawrenc, WaaMagton, S, 0,
Writs Kathea Blckfoid, 111 BL, W aablsgtea, V, 0,
te&a f Thompson'sTye Water
I When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper,
W. N. U.. Salt Lako-No. O, 1B06
In Unn. Sold by imfflni. fM
Ji I I J
Boston's Various Nicknames.
Boston Is variously called "Puritan
City," "Modern Athens," "Hub of tho
Universe," "City of Notions," "Ath
ens of America," "Tho Hub."
You Are yery Foolish
To buy cheap Watches or Jewelry.
It Is economy to get the Inexpensive
kind with a, solid guarantee.
Our house has n. solid reputation
.rd takes care of sma.ll accounts.
Salt Lake City. Utah, and Denver. Colo.
I For Family and Farm
aiB Albany trt, Woston, Mass. J
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
1 .
ICIghtccn persons were Injured as
the result of a passenger train wreck
near Towner, N. D.
According to the latest returns near
ly a million persons In Japan aro on
tho verge of starvation.
Provincial Councilor Fllonoff was
fired at five times and killed nt Pal
tava, Itussla, by an unknown assassin.
Many people aro burning corn nt
Lubbock, Tex., as It Is the only fuel
they can get. Coal Is worth $30 per
' Vast quantities of soft coal aro be
ing stored in vessels at lako ports In
anticipation of a possible strlko of tho
Fifteen persons were Injured, two
probably fatally, In a railroad wreck
near Durham, N. M., soven cars being
It is announced upon reliable au
thority that Admiral Togo will visit
America In April with two armored
Ono miner was killed nnd three
others were seriously injured by an
explosion In Ball Knob mlno No. 2,
near Delorme, V. Va.
An agreement providing far tho es
tablishment of parcel post at cheap
rates between Sweden and tho United
States has been concluded.
A raco war has again broken out In
tho region between Ellzabcthpol and
Shusha, whero the Armenians and
Tartars arc massacrclng each other.
Four more anarchists, making six
teen during tho past fortnight, wero
shot without trial in tho citadel at
Warsaw. Of tho total fifteen wero
Tho double tracking of tho railroad
across tho Isthmus of Panama Is pro
gressing rapidly, nnd It is expected
that both tracks will bo ready for ser
vice in July.
Tho funerals of the thirty-two mon
who wero killed by machine guns at
Vladivostok January 23, near tho com
mandant's house, wero held In solemn
state on the 30th.
Itocco Dell, who had been arrested
on a charge of burglary, committed
suicide In the county Jail In Chicago
hangjng himself with a rope made
from the bed sheet.
Tho president has sent tho nomina
tion of James Smith of California to
bo governor general of tho Philippine
Islands, vice Henry Clay Ido, resigned,
to tako effect Juno 1, 100C.
Lady Grey of London, wlfo of Sir
Edward Grey, tho foreign minister,
who sustained concussion of tho brain
by being thrown from her trap at El
llngham, Northumberland, is dead.
It is reported In Vienna that a mili
tary convention has been concluded
between Italy and Montenegro, for tho
purposo of breaking down Austria's
predominating Influence. In tho Bal
kans. Frank Wlllard, a half-breed, who
murdered Sheriff Smith at Uklah,
Cal., on December 22 last, has been
sentenced by Judgo Burnett of Santa
Rosa to be hanged at San Quentln on
April 28.
Doubt as to the marriage of Mrs.
Charles T. Yerkea to Wilson Mlzncr
have been set nt rest by tho filing ot
tho certificate of tho mnrriago with
tho burcnu of vital statistics In Now
York City.
Houso committee on tho District of
Columbia has decided to report with
out recommendation tho Adams hill,
providing tho whipping post as n pun
ishment for wiff-beaters In tho Dis
trict' of Columbia.
A statement prepared by tho depart
ment of commcrco and labor shows
that tho commerce between Italy and
tho United States In tho fiscal year
1905 aggregated 77,D00,000, almost
equally divided between Imports nnd
Informnl negotiations for tho float
ation ot n Russian loan havo again
been taken up In Paris. Tho amount
mentioned In oinclal circles varies,
but J400.000.000 Is genorally spoken
of, with tho prlco at 90 and Interest
at 5 per cent.
William Walter Hamilton, a negro,
was hanged In tho Jail In, Washington
for the murder of Llzzlo Lyman, his
common law wlfo. The drop foil nt 7
o'clock and death ensued twolvo min
utes Inter. Tho crlmo wns a particu
larly brutal ono.
William Clnrk was acquitted by tho
Jury at Dubuquo, Iowa, of tho murder
of Loroy Summer, whom ho found
with Is wlfo. Tho Jury hnd been out
sovoral hours. Tho plea of temporary
Insanity wus mndo, but tho real plea
was defonso of homo.
Miss Brucr of Minneapolis, whoso
uncle, 1. G. Hruor, u Minneapolis lum
berman, was drowned on board tht
Valencia, has engaged an Indian girl
as a guide and Is preparing to go from
Victoria to tho scono of tho wreck to
search for her unclo's body.
A decision wns handed down In tho
supremo court at St. Louis affirming
tho decision of tho lowor court In find
ing "Lord" Seymour Barrlngton guilty
of having murdered John P. McCann
two y-sis ci50, and fixing the date of
t)r, cxocutlon as March 15 next.
Was Fast Drifting Into the Fatal
Stages of Kidney Sickness.
Dr. Melvln M. Page, Page Optical
Co., Erie, Pa writes: "Taking too
many iced drinks In Now York In
1895 sent mo home with a terrible at
tack of kidney trouble I had cuto
congestion, sharp
pain In tho back,
headaches and at
tacks of dizziness.
, My eyes gave out,
' and with tho Ian-
guor nnd sleepless
ness of tho dlseaso
upon mo I wnstcd
from 191 to 122
pounds. At tho
tlmo I started us
ing Doan's Kidney Pills nn nbscess
was forming on my right kidney.
Tho trouble was quickly checked,
however, and tho trentment cured mo,
so thnt I havo beou well slnco 1S9C
nnd weigh 188 pounds."
Sold by nil dealers. GO cents n box.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffnlo, N. Y.
Oolf In Rome.
Among tho largo British and Ameri
can colony living permanently In
Rome thoro are a considerable num
bor ot golfers. It Is only natural,
thereforo, that a courso should havo
been established for tho benefit of
players who find thotiMolvcs In the
Eternal City. Tho King.
Tbera I. mors Ctttrrh In this .ectton of tt oonntry
Ibia all otbir dl.eatt. put tucetbar. an! until tba last
lew jean wu tuppoaad tob Incurable, For a treat
many ytara doctor, pronounced It a local dltea.a and
pre.crtbed local remedle., and by constantly talllac
to cure with local treatment, pronounced It Ineurabla.
Science baa proreo Catarrh to be a comtltutlonal dli
eaae, and therefore require, coaitttutlonal treatment.
Hall's Catarrb Cure, manufactured by F.J. Cheney
Co.,Toledo,Obto, la thennly Constitutional curs on
tbe market. It I. taken Internally la do.ee from 10
drop, to a teupminf ul. It act. directly on the blood
and mucou. .urfacee of tbe jit.m. They offer one
hundred dollar, for any caia It fall! to curs. Bead
for circular, and teattmonlala.
Addreut T. J.CHKNEV CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by Druigl.ta, 7Sc.
Take Ball-. Family 1111. for conitlpatlon.
Bibulous Husband Suggests an Idea
to His Amiable Spouse.
When ho got homo In a night liner
at 3 o'clock tho other morning he
found his wlfo propped up In bed
reading a recent American historical
novel. She was quite amiable.
"Oh, good morning," she said,
sweetly. Has the milkman comoT"
He steadied himself against tho
chiffonier and struck an attltudo of
extremo dignity.
"Whaz zhat you're readln', my
dear?" ho Inquired of her.
"Oh, ono ot these historical nov
els," she replied. "It's tlmo to get
up, Isn't it, so what's the use of your
coming to bed?"
"I didn't know you were lnshrcsht
ed In hlsh'ry, my dear," said he, with
profound solemnity.
"No?" snld she. "Well, It Is not
to bo expected that you could bo real
ly very familiar with my tastes. By
tho way, there Is a story hero of how
tho eminent Henry Clay happened to
say ho'd rather, bo right than presi
dent. Do you know I've been think
ing over that remark In connection
with you."
"Shash sho?" ho Inquired, wsndcr
lngly. "Shlnk I'm nnuzzer Clay, eh?"
"Well," sho replied, soft nnd low,
"I think you'd rather bo drunk than
president," and then tho servant
girl's alarm clock could havo been
heard ferociously ticking in tbo attic-room.
Only a Word.
If you have a dimplo In your cheek
you will And tho word "equilibrium"
will show It off. At least an Atchison
woman with a dimplo finds a good
deal of uso for tho word. Atchison
Difference on This Side the Water.
Tho persistent effect upon tho heart
of caffclno In coffee cannot but re
sult In the gravest conditions, In time
Each attack of tho drug (and that
means each cup of coffee) weakens
tho organ a llttlo more, and tho end
is almost a matter of mathematical
demonstration. A lady writes from
a Westorn state:
"I am of German descent and It
was natural that I should learn at a
very early ago to drink coffee. Until
I was 23 years old I drank scarcely
anything elso at my mpals.
"A few years ngo I began to bo af
fected by a steadily Increasing nerv
ousness, which ovcntually developed
Into a distressing heart trouble, that
mado mo very weak and miserable
Then, somo thrco years ago, was ndd
ed asthma In Its worst form. My
sufferings from theso things can be
better Imagined than described.
"During all this tlmo my husband
roallzed more fully thnn I did that cot
feo was Injurious to me, and mndo ev
ery effort to mako mo stop.
"Finally It was decided a few
months ago, to quit tho use ot coffeo
absolutely, and to adopt Postum Food
Coffee as our hot tablo drink. I had
but llttlo Idea that It would help me,
but consented to try It to pleaso my
husband, I prepared It very carefully,
exactly according to directions, and
was delighted with Its delicious flav
or and refreshing qualities.
"Just as soon as tho poison from
the coffeo had tlmo to get out of my
system tho nutrltivo properties ot the
Postum began to bu"d mo up, and I
am now fully rocov i-d from nil my
nervousness, heart trouble and asth
ma. I gladly acknowledge that now,
for tho first tlmo In years, I enjoy
perfect health, and that I owe It all
to Postum." Name given by Postum
Co., Battlo Creek, Mich.
There's a reason. Read tho llttlo
book, "The Road to Wellvllle" In
Postum Food Coffeo contains no
drugs ot any description whatsoever.
v, t
C. P. Davis, ex-deputy sheriff of
"Umatilla county, Oregon, was convict
ed nt Pendleton of tho larceny of
It Is qttlto likely that tho president
will nppolnt C. 13. Vllnf of Seattle, ns
sayer In chnrgo of tho Seattlo nssny
office, In succession to F. A. Wing,
who recently resigned.
Dan McMnstcrs, well kViown In the
western part of Montana and at ono
tlmo a member of the Ilutto police
force, committed- sulcldo nt Bonner,
Mont., by taking carbolic ncld.
Charles Qiilnn, tho conductor of tho
rnstbound Grent Northern Oriental
limited, which collided with the west
bound near Columbia Falls, Mont., Is
llcad, at Kallupell, from his Injuries.
Io Is the fourth victim.
A prnlrle lire nenr Chcyenno de
stroyed great quantities or liny. Pino
Bluffs, n small town, wns threatened,
while nt Salem, a Swedish settlement,
a number of buildings wuro destroyed.
There was no loss of life.
Ono of the largest funerals hold In
Nevada in yenrs took place nt Carson,
when tho remains of the Into Rein
hold Sadler, former governor of Ne
vada, wore consigned to tho grave In
tho Masonic cemetery at Carson.
Practically all tho 300 red cedar
shingle mills tn northwest Washing
ton resumed operations last week
after n close-down, prnctlcally com
plete throughout tho state, for tho
months of December nnd January.
Roy Gray, a young resident of Eu
reka, Cal., fell from a train at Sparks,
Nov., Inst week. Ono leg was caught
under tho wheels and crushed to such
nn cxtont thnt amputation was ncccs
sary. Ho stands a chnnco to recover
Tho sennto In executive session on
(he 1st confirmed the following nom
inations: Charles D. Ford, register of
tho land offlco nt Denver; Wllllnm S.
Grnham, surveyor-general of Califor
nia; Mcrrltt A. Baker, postmaster,
JWenton, Or.
W. B. Hlgblo and J. II. Berry, rep
resenting Swift & Co. of Chicago, nro
in Portland, Or., perfecting plans foi
tho construction on the Si. Johns pen
insula of an immenso nbbntolr and
packing1 plnnt to cost In tho neighbor
hood or $1,000,000.
Frank Jackson of Seattlo, a passen
ger on tho steamer Multnomah from
Olympla to Tncomn, ripped eight or
ton life preservers open on that ves
sel last week and found thorn ftllod
with tulo reeds, and threw them over
board. Ho was arrested.
Governor Brooks of Wyoming has
appointed District Judgo C. II. Pnrmo
leo to the vacancy In tho supremo
court of that state, caused by tho res
ignation of Judge Van Orsdel, who
hns been appointed assistant attorney
general of the United States by Presi
dent Roosevelt.
President J. B. Stubbs of tho Uni
versity of Novnda has placed tho
stamp of disapproval on hazing nt tho
university. It was stated by him nt a
public meeting thnt hereafter all stu
dents found guilty of participating In
hazing would bo Immediately dis
missed from tho college.
Whnt Is known as tho Mahoncy cm
on tho Union Pacific, between Look
out and Hannn, Is giving tho contract
ors considerable difficulty. It Is tho
largest undertaking of the kind which
is being (lone In connection with the
laying of doublo trnck, and prepara
tions nro being mado to put two Bteam
shovels to work.
A crazy man, Intent upon nlmosl
any cilmo his diseased mind might
think of, escaped from his nttcndnnt
at tho railroad station nt Reno, Nov.,
ono day Inst week and caused much
uneasiness nmong tho citizens until
ho wns finally recaptured.
W. L. Park, general superintendent
of the Union Pacific, says that within
a short tlmo the double-track opera
tions In Wyoming will bo In full swing
and an army of from 3,000 to 4,000
graders will bo employed between
Cheyenno and Green Rlvor.
FIro of unknown origin partially de
stroyed Senator W. A. Clark's Ilutto
reduction works last week. Tho
plant will bo rebuilt as soon ns pos
ilblo. In tho meantlmo all oro from
Clnrk properties will bo treated at tho
Wnshoo smelter In Anncondn.
Tho state supremo court at Chey
enno hns decided tho Agricultural col
lego caso In r&vor or tho University
of Wyoming on overy point, declar
ing tho act of tho-legislature of 1905
abolishing tho so-called Agricultural
college at Lander constitutional.
With $30,000,000 worth of gold bora
on hnnd awaiting colnago, tho new
Donvcr mint began operations Inst
week. About 100 persons are em
ployed, Tho first work undertaken
wns the rccolnlng of $130,000 silver In
dimes, quarters nnd half dollars.
Boatty, Nov., tho placo famed In tho
desort regions for having nn amnio
supply of freo water for all comers,
Is tho scono of n grent strike, which
Is considered significant In thnt It
shows tho extension of tho mineral
belt to bo much longer than waf
Vteorotia Health la that Great Source of; iH
Power to Inspire and EnoouracH ' ibLBH
All Women Should Seek It. ,HH
One ot tho most noted, successful and H
richest men of this century, In a recent
Article, has snld, " Whatever I am and ' H
whatever success I have nttalned In' H
this world I owe nil to my wlfo. From S bLbH
tho day 1 first knew her she has been R H
an Inspiration, and tho greatest help-' g H
mate of tuy llfo." I aseLI
To be inoh r. successful wife, to re
tain the love nnd admiration of ber H
busband, to Inspire Mm to make the aH
most ot himself, should bo a woman's R'
constant study- .RJ
If a woman buds that ber energies RRRRRJ
are flagging, that she geU easily tired, RRRRRJ
dark shadows appear undor her eyes, RRRRRJ
she has backache, headaches, bearing- LRRRRRJ
down pains, nervousness, Irregularities BRRRJ
or the blues, she should start at once RRRRRJ
to build up ber system by a tonic with RRRRRJ
specific powers, such as Lydla E. Pink RRRRRJ
ham's Vegetable Compound. RRRRRJ
Following we publish by request te RRRRRJ
letter from a young wife t RRRRRJ
Dear Mrs. Pfnkbamt RbBBB
" Ever since my child was born I have suf-
fc red, as I hope few women ever have, with In-
flammatlon, female weakness, bearing-down RbIBB
palm, backache and wretched herulacbes. It !
affected my stomach so I could not enjoy my 'RbbbH
meals, and half my time was spent tn bed. RbbbH
"Lydla E. I'lnkham's Vcjretnblo Compound
mndo me a well woman, and I feel so grateful
thnt I am glad to write and toll you ot my
marvelous recovery. It brought me health, RbbH
new lite and vitality." Mrs. Bemle Alnaley,
Oil South 10th Street. Tncoma. Wash. RUH
Whnt Lvdla E. Pinkham's Vegetable aRRRJ
Compound did for Mrs. Atnslcy it will RRRRRJ
do for every sick and nlllng woman. RRRRRJ
If you havo symptoms you don't un- RRRRRJ
dcrstand write to Mrs. Plnkham, iRI
daughter-in-law of Lydla E. Plnkham, 1 RRRRRJ
at Lynn, Mass. Her advice is free ana 1RRRRRJ
always helpful. RRRRRJ
Vcrmonter Quick to Realize Humor of ,t RRRRRRJ
John Davis, a tall, lean Vcrmonter, RRRRRJ
had a market at Burlington thirty RRRRRJ
years ago. Ho was a genial follow, RRRRRRj
and not In tho least to blnrae for hav-
tng an extremely long noso attached RRRRRRj
to his thin face. He was vory much, RRRRRR
accustomed to having strangers look RRjlRRJ
at him wondcrlngly and smilingly on RRjlRRJ
account of his nose. RRRRRJ
Ono summer morning as ho was ar- '-iVjpJpJpJH
ranging goods outsldo ot his market , RRRRRJ
door a pair ot Boston girls chanced, faVaVeVjfl
to be walking that way, and as they, RRRRjIJ
noticed this human wonder they RRRRRJ
paused to gratify their curiosity, with .RRRRjIJ
smiling faces. RRRRRJ
Davis quietly took in tho situation, aRRRRj
and, placing his finger on his noso, aRRRJ
puBhcd it way round on his lean RRRRRJ
cheek as ho said: "Now, ladles, can BRRjIJ
Not Much to Boast About. RRRRRJ
"I can't see," said Mrs. Nuritch, RRRRRj
"why Mrs. Dalllngton should put It on RRRJRR
so thick because her ancestors camo RjRJ
over in tho Mayflower. I've been RRRRRRjl
reading about It, and as far as I've aVssLrJ
been able to find out It was a little RRRRRRRj
bit of a coat that didn't have clec- RRRRjIJ
trie lights or any other conveniences RRRJ
worth mentioning, and my husband H
says ho doesn't suppose tho whole, RRRRRRRj
crowd of Pilgrims that camo over oni RRRRRJ
her could havo raised enough money; RRRRRRJ
to buy a box at a grand opera per- . RRRRRRJ
formance." RRRRRJ
' i wP
Good Teeth n Good Temper j0$
Arc characteristic of the rY
Atkins Saws always. $'?:
That is because'.' they are i;''iJj!''
made of the best steci in the 'Sv
world Silver Steel by few,
men that know how. ' i;',p
Atklnfiwi, Corn Knlrci. Perfection Plooa jiS5"V
Scrapcn, etc., are 10U by all (ood birdvare jTJf 11
dealer.. Catalogue on requcit. If ft 3'!
E. C. ATKINS a CO. Inc. lS
target Saw Manufacturer! In the World vwl'l t'
Factory and Executive Office., Indlan.polta SfitSi
Branchm New York, Chicago, Mlnncaroli. SJU
I'ortland (Owgon), (cattle, (an KuncUto AbbW
Wtmpblt, Atlanta and Toronto (Canada) 'HJ
I Accspt no subtntute Inslit en the Atkins Brand f H
fr""S0LD DY CO0D DEALERS tVtHYWtUri t .Bfl
, oH
feen Answering Advertisements iRRRRRjl
4lndly Mention This Paper. (C'sfaPaH
k. at? Jaak 22iiyPaReaPJRl

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