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li Y'' 'Jl
H Vol. I. No-3. Published at Garland, Utah. x Saturday, Pcb'y 24 ,1906.:
si , T- ' -f -
B Garland Commercial
H Club Room
jH Fitted up in Style and Presents an
H Inviting Appearance.
H The Garland Common lal Cluh room
H on the Miond floor of JUlcr Bros. Block
H lur been ueatly rtttcd up this week for
H the accommodation "of tlie club. The
iHa furohun Is all of solid oak and consists
'HJj of n reading table, a card Utile, a roller-
B top desk, a book case, an electric 8-llght
iK. clmadillt-r and out- doru handsome
' di.tlr.
;H Tii' tloor Is coverrd with linoleum and a
,HA beautiful Wclton rug. There are coven
HI ' or the tahl.-s ami desk and the whelr
Hit roomprcsci an In vitlnjr appearance.
IB Tbe furniture and furnishing were
!H sitpfillf.il by 'Jensen Bros. Furniture Co.
Hw and arc flrt-clat in every mjicct. The
K -f room mentioned above Js next to the It.
K M. B. Telephone appar'ltuents. We feel
HV proud of tbu Commercial Club, ,lt neat
H room and fixtures. ' I
H TiK-lay ufternoon .!. A. Wlxom.cdl-
H torofilie (iloli", lint) the misfortune of
Hs having bis little linger taken off In tlie
B job prcs V hiVjthv boy were running
H tbe. press Mr. WUorn seemed to have n pre.
H aitituu'Ut that muni! accldcul was about
Hm to take tlnes and eautioucd tbe lioya to
Ha m- very careful aud not pet hurt, lie
HB wrut to tlin reiir of the press, where
H J.iltlc A 7.U r Kvsns wan pniclllng It to
HI increase, thu k peed aud cautioned the
jHI iMiyn again to Ik; eiireful at the same lime
HI taking liolil of the pm with tho boy.
jHM The upward motion of the press caught
jlHj the little linger of the left hand between
IHV tlie working of the plate adjuster and
HV aevtrcd it below the knuckle. Dm.
B Franeke imd Orren were summoned aud
HM 4, (treated the wound. The accident
Bsf ecmiiutrn the lout of the entire Auger.
V lu iwhalf of Dr. rruncke and Green tlie
HI Globe -itends thank for the efficient
BJ wrvlces rciidcrcd by them antl to Marshall
H, W.lt. Vcntlect.
? A meeting of the Uur&nd Commercial
Club It hereby called for .Monday even
Uv, Feb, 'M, at 8 p, m., at the club room
in the Idler llw, Ulock All mrmbent,
juul Uhimi ulshluK to Join, iu-requested
1 tolc prvrcut iih the hurlcr utemberahlp
I Hill bu cloned ht thin meeting
H order of tbu Uourd of Governors.
Old Fashioned Dress Ball.
ThurrtUy nl'Iuat tbu Amusement Hall
a pleaiuK"Old Fashioned Dreaa Hall"
, wailhr attrM'tlnii and prord to bo
thorough aucrraa. A number in attcn.
danre drritAed for the occasion aijd the
(huractexo repn,M,utd were well tuatain-
,,, id. The party wa under the ausplcei
iV of 'the (Jarlaud S, 8. All present pro-
nouneid It a soel.il antivaa, the cvcuIur
v beioe spent in duiulnj;.
' Durlui; the uveuiu? .Miss tjtclla Kirk.
' ham .suu,' two wlectlms imd Hen Clay
tou rendered elections on thu mandolin
f e,(.'coUipaiiltd by Jos. Klrkham.
'' The rrcelpti were about 130 aud will
aid the riunday rkdiind In defraying "onto
of its iiidehictiiicHs.
. . . . .
Hotel Arrivals.
Following nrr the arrlvaln at the Clay
ton House for tlin week eudlngThurHday
iTeh. !W:
W J Idnditay, Ogden, .Ian Core, 8I
City, Don Cuidwll, K 1, City', John
Sptwrs, Ugdcu, J t' Nleholsen, Karisa's
Clu.', M T. AndeMin, V C'hrt'ibn.ven, J. F
KrdmHnn, Jaa Hnmrr, Jlri.ulmm City, (1(
K tliirns, OkiIcii, Frank Wontoujcer, Win
liradford and wife, Louise Hufeblnsou,
May Fleiuniinir, Hay WestwtMid, J W
Alien, It (Jatilt all of the Other People'
Money Co., T It Uekland.S I. City, M
KHoiiWiu. Hloux City, .1 Fl.byd.Og.
jk den, Grant Wyuii, I.ebl, J F Finlaynon,
P rayson.
Garland's New Flour Mill.
Work Commenced Machinery on the
Hoad Mill to be In Operation
May 1st
In con vernation with J. F. Krdmiinn.
who has been nt the Clayton Hotel for n
number of diya this Meek, we obtained
encournglng news of the new (lour mill
In course of construction just south of
the O. S. L. depot. The carpenter work
on the mill commenced on the t II 1 1 1 lust.
Contractor M, K. Anderson of lirllmm
City and a force of men arc busily en
gaged anting to have nil the work com
pleted by March 20th. The residence
for the miller will he ready for the
plasterers the first of next week. Who
the miller Is to bu ve were unable to
learn only that ho is a thoroughly com
pltent man. The foundation of the mill
has been In for some time and now the
carpenter work has began In ernest. AVe
bad tbe pleasuie of being shnvrn the
elevation plans of thu new mill and It Is
to be n xvvcuty-tlxc barrel mill. The
building Is to hu-ii threc-story structure
with a iiiiM'liicnt' and tbe height from
foundation to the square U H.'l feet. The
mill, when completed, will liavenncUivn
tor room with a capacity of 15,000 bu.
joining the building on the north end, a
large ware-room mid More-room SOxliO
feet on the south end of main building
ami other up-to-date conveniences. The
machinery consists of four double sets of
rollers, n chopper and a net of burrs for
making enrumcal, graham and buck-
wheat Hour. It Is to be one of the best
mills in the state and Is capable of fur
nUlilug the entire IJenr Illver Valley
with chop-feed, graham, enrnmeal, buck-1
wheat and all grades of flour. The ma
chinery and plans of the building were
furnished by Kordyke and Marmon Co.,
of Indianapolis, Ind.
Klectrle power will bo used and will be
furnished by the Hear Itfvt-r Power Co.
The company Is known as The Gar
laud Milling Co. J. F. Krdmniiu Is the
president mid Nels.lenson, secretary and
treasurer. Jl r F.rduitiuu informed us
that tbu work would be rapidly pushed
aud if weather conditions did not Inter
fere with their plans thu new mill would
Iki In operation May 1st.
Cctnmon CoUli am th Cause of Many
Serloui Dieu(.
I'bj'ilel.ins who luivo gnlnrd n national
reputation ax iiimlystH of thu cause of
various diseases, claim that if catching
cold could be nvoidid u long list of dnn-
gtrous ailments would uecr be henrd of.
l'.vcry one knows that pneumonia and
consumption originate from a cold, and
chronic catarrh, bronchitis, and all throat
and lung trbuhle are aggravated and
rendered more suIous by ea",h fresh at
tuck. Do not rUU your life or take chan
ces when you have a cold. Chamber
lain ' Cough Heimdy will cure before
thcno diseases develop TbUremdy con
talus un opium, morphine, or other harm
ful drug aud has thirty years of reputa
tion back of it, gained by ita cures under
every condition. For sale by W A Hay.
W. A. "Hay was u .Malad visitor Thurs
day. Washington's Hirthday wjw generally
obxcred lu this city Thursday , the miij
orlty of tbe busluesh houses closing at
noon. The employees of the Kugnr Com
pany were granted the usual holiday res'.
In the evening tbe atlrac tlon at the
AiiBcincnt Hall was the "Old-Fashloned
Dress IJall" under tlin auspUes of the
Garland Sunday Kchonl mid was well at
jjjjjj ! I am Closing Out
lj . ' Ladles' furnish- ; My e"lirt,me of f " a"d )v"!,er G,,,,,u'
i . Mllll ConwstinR of Laritcb' lMirm.shinin,
1 Ings Millinery, HATS Dreh8 Giiod, t
I Dress Goods ( than cort t0 m,jke ronm for my
1 l A. liurie, pcbSc;k0ta,
As Others See Us.
J A Whom presents to tlin world the
Initial copy of the Garland Globe, a llily
looking newspaper that pledges itself to
promote the Interests of the Great Dear
Illver Valley. And the region deserica
It. The Imer-.Mouutaiu Kcpuhlican.
We are pleased to welcome tbe Garland
Globe aiming our exchanges. The Globe
is a clean, bright looking sheet itud bids
l'i.lr to liiKu till hoiioritiile place In the
laiiks t.f the country pie.v. .t the state.
tu with . t piosierlty and long life.
'1 he llo Klder ews.
The Ottrfiiiitl Globo U n new publica
tion In this slate, belli,; priuud und pub
liiheil al um lain, ioxeiiur Liniuiy , by
our old chum,.! a ioiii, and li is a
mighty good paper dt one nt iho most
cutcrpiKiiig; towns lu the state. The
t'oiihllle 'J lines.
We feel ipiile proud of tho neat and
newsy tuirli.inl Ulobu which luiiile it's
ili'st nppiuriiiueou the lUth. Inst, We
hojiu toe ptiople ot tlie county will give
ii niipjiuri. viariaud C'urrciHimlent to
Hox i.uler Auwa.
Is'umber one of volume one of the Gar
land Globe has rent lied is aud contain
n i-omprt lieiiiivu nrhfup ,ol tiarlaml's
liuniucn. houses aud Migi.'r hmiory, with
some hinu of the re.Miur.esor Hut Great
Hear JUtcr Valley, imd opportunities for
investment. The I'ltvu iius an eleeirie
lighting system, water works aiid'olhcr
luipniteliients, and lien lu a iL-li farming
disiiiel. If thu ulobe nialiuniiistlie paee
set ita til in Us initial ulimliur tlie district
tiiliia.uu luting representative. The
Logan Journal.
Salt l.ii1to City, Utah,
Feb. IUili'1006,
! I'liblU'.it r Gi.rlaiid Globe
Garland, Utah,
Dear tin
I congratulate you on your neway
paper, uNo lu the orgaulr.iibni Ofjt
Cuuiuien lnlCluli. GuiL.tid i.'all right.
oi,rs truly
John Dctiicy i.ixoti,
r3ecy. State Iltmrd l.i.nd Commissioners.
Sugar i ity, Idaho,
Feb. 111. 1000.
Mr. .Moslah Kviins,
Garland, Utah,
Dear tir:
Your letter of Feb. 17, 11)00. 1ms been
ret civ til mill in reply I wish to thank
y Uv cry much for h year's subscription
to the Gnrland Globe. I have reatl the
tlrst copy of the paper and found it very
iuterestiug i.ml a coiupurUi u shows that
it compares favornbly vtlth papers print
ed in much larger town.
Youm very truly,
MIlK.n II.IVIhicI.
Primary Children Entertained.
All the primary children of Gailnnd
were royally entertained tree at the
Amusement Hall the afternoon or Wash
ington's birthday by the lilmary olllcers.
It was a basket party ami (Inuring, pic
nic, "aud a jolly got d time is icporicd by
those in i.tti'iiililauce. The oilttvr.s de
serve praise for the manner lu which
thefv (U'lljihted the chlldiiu.
Looks like our -lib page was meant for
April 1st. How about it Wetttrn?
Wiight I. vans, clerk at Hay's store,
went to Itrljjlmiu 'IhuiMlay.
Mrs. II. L. Hush is visiting with her sin
ter, .Mrs IJ. A, Stevenson of Ogileu, this
Don't reatl the news on page four this
week. It all evaporated.
Mr. Moslah Hvuns left Thursdiy for a
tcn-riav V dip to the l.iutah Iteseitulfnu.
Mrs. Geo, Austin, Sr., is quite sick this
wick with neuralgia.
John IMnhiiin, an employee of Dan
Parry's butt In r rhnp, went to Hrl.ham
Tuesday to attend the fiineml of hi.s
uncle Wm. Woodland and returned
Mr and Mrs Parley Stnoot nre the
guests of Mr and Mrs II 0 Cutler for the
week, 'ihey were n.iirriiri at American
Fork Feb. 20, and came up to Gurluud to
vi it frknds und spend their "honey
moon." On account of the "().:! Fashioned
DrrMi'llull" at the Aiiiiifen.ent Hall
Thuriday evening the Ludlc-' Self-l'uU
ture Cluh ostpou(d thilr meeting till
Irlday nftcrnnou, n fulliKiouut of which
will appear in om next Iwuti.
Through a niLsunderstautllng our -ith
page has milling on It Imvlng Ihiii srnt
blauk tblt wtik. We aie borry to bav
this pecm but hope It v ill uevcr happen
I .f you don't I YhjS peek's Arrivals I u 1 m
B trade with us g trade with ua g VJH
I wo both hsc Our Spring Line of Gent's Ladies' and Children's Shoes -. both lose g II
I " -JUST IN- I niont.v I M
IgggggggggggI t and 8ee hem-3 LGcxscmi '
Q&qXX&$q)q)M$. gqgggggggggggg . H
I Get the I DAAXIIOC iortUMt'" I
Habit or aVI II I I Hl 1 Habit of
1 J " 1 mt 1 I
c2)cv2Xj)0X!W!X! IN BOX ELDER COUNTY IggggggggggggI I
Kdlson Invented the phouoguaph, but
the tlrst talking machluu was made from
u man's rib.
The Beat Phy.lc
When you want a physic that Is mild
and gentle, easy to take aud pleasant lu
effect, take Chaiuberbaln'a Stomach and
I.Ivor Tablets. Price 25 cents. Bvery
box warranted. Get a free sample at
W A Hay' drug store and try them.
ji "I hi-'
Sasser Restaurant
Next Poor East of Uoothe's
Mrs. Avh Saser,
Hegular Meals and Lunches are Serred
Tbe Best Place In The City.
Centrally located.
1 too ins - fiOe
Garland Utah.
Garlaud, Utah, Feb. 14, 1000.
To Thf. Ma'nauku Oakland Gloiik.:
Some time ago I announced through
the columns of the Garland Journal that,
until further notice, all communications
of a general character to the patron of
Tho Utah Sugar (Jo., would be made
through lis columns, 1 now give notice
that till such communications will here
after be made through the Oakland
Gloiik a paper that Is not only published
but printed nt Garland.
Mosiaii Kvans,
Best. Mngr. The Utah Sugar Co.
Pirst Class Lime
I fJPer Bushel I
G. S. Mowry,
Painting and Paper-Hanging,
'Garland Utah.
The Garland Livery I
FIFE .BROS., Proprietory. ' I
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables ' Up-to-Date Rtgga at all Hours
Hones and Mules Bought and Sold 1 . .. . M
HaekMceU,.ltTin.tI)weyvill Garland, Utill
You enn alwitv vet what vou want at H
Ii. Hanson & Sons. I
Brigham City's Most Progressive Department Stored- H
A complete line of new and up-to-date H
Dry Goods, Notions, Ladies' and Gent's H
Furnishings, Shoes, and Groceries always H
on hand. H
Reliable Goods ot Justifiable prices I
is our motto H
We can supply your wants in both staple and fancy articles. H
Be sure and innpect our goods before making your purchases.
Highest price paid for eggs and poultry H
3F"We do huainessjU tM
M. Honson & Sons, I
North Main St., .... Brigham City, Utah. H
' M
Our 1-4 off I
On summer suits and overcoats will continue to the end of ifl
this month . nS
.4 t M M iStf JfSf lit.
An addition to our Spring Line ot Ladies' and Child's t Jl
Shoes which makes our Spring Line Quite Complete. (1$
Call and examine our shoes and compare prices before you 4
buy- m
Yours Resp. M
W. A. RAY. I
' ' I

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