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1 -H
I DoGlorBflgnamSays
lydla Em Pinkhsm's
H Vegetable Compound
J Tho wonderful power o( Lydla E.
. y Plnkhatn's Vcgotnblo Compound over
the diseases of womankind is not be-
causa it is n, stimulant, not because it
is a palllatlvo, but simply becauso it is
Bfl tho most wonderful tonic nnd rccon-
structor over discovered t act directly
upon tlio goncrativo organs, vsltivcly
curing dlscuso and restoring health and
Marvelous cures aro reported from
nil parts of tho country by women who
havo been cured, trainee! nurses who
havo witnessed cures and physicians
who havo recognized tho vlrtuo of
Lydla B. Pitikham's Vcgetablo Com-
pound, nnd nro fair enough to give
credit whero it is due.
If physicians dared to bo frank nnd
opcn,hundrcdsof them would ncknowl-
edge that they constantly prescribe
PJ Lydla E. Plnkham's Vcgetablo Com-
found in sevcro cases of female ills, as
hey know by experience it can bo ro-
lied upon to effect a cure. Tho follow
I lng letter proves it.
Dr. B. 0. Urigham, of 4 Brigham
T?T Fltchburg, Mass., writes:
-"It gives mo groat pleasure- to my that I
havo found Lydla E. I'inkbnm' Vegetable
Compound very efllcaclous, and often pro-
scrlbo It in my practice for femalo difficulties.
"My oldest daughter found it very bencfl.
youngest daughter Is now taking lt-for a fc-
main weakness, and is surely gaining in health
and strength.
i dflo in alldisenscs to which women aro sub-
Jcct, aud give it honest endorsement."
Women who aro troubled with paln-
ful or irregular periods, bloating (or
flatulency), weakness of organs, dls-
can bo restored to perfect health and
strength by taking Lydla E. Plnkham's
Vcgetablo Compound. If ndvico is
needed write to Mrs. Pinkham, at
RJ Lynn, Mass. Sho is daughter-in-law
of Lydla E. Pinkham nnd for twenty-
flvo years lias been advising b!c1c
women free of ehnrgo. No other living
person lias hud tho benefit of a
wider, cxperlenco in treating femalo
ills Sho has guided thousands to
health. Every suffering woman should
Rj ask for and follow her advice if alio
wants to bo strong and well. '
I W. L. Douglas
W. L. Douglas $4.00 Cllt Edge Line
cannot be equalled at any price.
M&a pgg
Sbfi5 JUlYftBT-
H t1fl nnd REWARD to anyone who cm
I UUUU dltprovi this itattmtnt.
If I could take you Into my three large factories
at Brockton, Mass., and show you the Infinite
I care with which every palrof shoes Is made, you
would realize why W. L, Douglas $3.50 shoes
cost more to make, why they hold their shape,
fit better, wear longer, and are ol greater
Intrinsic value than any other $3.50 shoe.
W. UDouglmu Sinn Mmdm Shoe for-
Man, SS.BO. S2.00. Boym' Sghoal A
CAUTIQN.-ln.iit iiwin hating W.UIoug.
las allocs. Take no substitute. None genuine
without his name nuit rlce stamped on bottom,
H fait Color Eutleti used : they mill not mar brat$y.
Write for Illustrated Catalog.
XV, I DOUGI.AH. llrockton, Mass.
I That Delightful Aid to Health
I $axtme
I Toilet Antiseptic
Whitens the teeth purifies
mouth and breath cures nasal
catarrh, sore throat, sore eyes,
and by direct application cures
all inflamed, ulcerated and
catarrhal conditions caused by
feminine ills,
Paxtinc possesses extraordinary
cleansing, healing and germi
cidal qualities unlike anything
else. At all druggists. 50 cents
iaroe trial package fbeb
The R. Paxton Co.. Boston, Mass
(hardest y$ Extracts)
H Lsjiuaraneed by J
RJ Gel a setting ol our prize winners and Improve
RJ your stock. Black Monarcas, White Leghorns,
Plymouth Rocks, While Wyandoltes, Rhode
H Island Reds S1.50 for setting.
I V06EIEB SEED CO,, Salt Lake City
Post folly protect an Invention. Dookltl sad
est Calendar FKKK. lllsbeit rrterenies.
BM Communications confidential. KitabllsbeU 1M.
I Kuea, Ysawiek ft Lawrsscs, Vaabiastea, 0, O.
Jacque Had His Revenoe as He HH
Jncquo was tho ba-bor of tho rcgl
tnent nnd n valiant man with tho
blado. Jacquo was nn excellent rntour,
but ho was also of vindictive disposi
tion, and rovengeful. When ho had
been punished by his colonel ho vow
ed that ho would be revenged by slay
ing his commnnder. Thcro wcro thoso
in tho regiment who bellevod tho bar
ber. But tho colonel was not among
Summoning Jncquo boforu him ho
confronted him fiercely.
"So," ho thundered at him, "so you
havo sworn to kill me, havo you?
Well, you aro a coward nnd daro
"I sworo to bo revenged, sir," hedg
ed Jacque, trembling.
"Don't speak to your commanding
officer," roared tho colonel. "Get out
your Implements nnd shavo mo. Wo
shall seo what wo shall see."
Tho colonel throw hlmso'f back in
his chair, and Jacque, having obeyed
ordors approached him with cup and
blade. Ho lathered the colonel's faco
and began. Ho shnved and shaved.
Ho scraped nnd scraped. Out ho did
not let tho heavy blado plerco tho
colonel's neck. Ho continued shav
ing and scraping. Tho colonel writh
ed and squirmed and twUtcd and
groaned, but Jacquo shaved on.
"For heaven's sak-V' at list shoutod
tho colonel, kill mo and put mo out of
this misery."
Jacque. looking tho otner way,
smiled and shaved on. New York
How Hoar, of Massachusetts, Silenced
a "Gusher."
Tho lato Senator Hoar, rather
against his will, onco found himself at
a sort of literary reception. Members
of reading clubs, Drowning societies
and similar earnest folk wcro thick
about him. Tho senntor boro up well
for somo time, but wns finally forcod
to seek relief In his famous bunch of
keys. About this time a lady of tho
gUBhor variety cornered him and bo
gan to "talk literature "
"Oh. senator," sho chlrpod, "how 1
doto on Rossettl. Drowning, of course,
I love, and In proso Walter Pater, but
always I find myself returning to
Danto Gabriel Rossettl Tell me, sena
tor, who Is your favorite author?"
"DJU Nye," camo tho answor, with a
quick twirl of the keys.
Garfield Tea is Nature's remedy for live
and kidney diseases.
Newspaper Reading a Necessity.
Doubtless there Is such a thing as
tho newspaper habit, which comoB to
bo a form of mental dissipation and
tends to weaken tho power of close at
tention and prevent tho sort of study
and concentration which leads to in
tellectual growth. That should b
avoided, but no man of to-day, how
ever much ho may be nbsorbed in his
occupation or however much ho may
prldo himself on a culturo that con
sUts chiefly in knowledgo of bygone
things, can afford to neglect or b
Ignorant of tho marvelous dally reo
ord that Is mado In print of tho tlm
In which ho Hives. Cincinnati Enquirer.
A largo 2oi. package. Red Cross Hall Illue.only
I cents. The Ituss Company, South liend, Ina.
Bonus Scheme for Babes.
Sir John Drunnor has followed up
tho schemo of tho n-.nyor of Hudders
field, England, and has arranged for
tho townBhlp of Wlnrington, Norwich,
what Is called "a bonus schemo for
healthy babies." Every birth- will be
reported upon and at tho end of
twolvo months Sir John Brunner will
mako a grant of 20 shillings to tho
mother or tho guardian of each child
that has mado satisfactory progress.
Tho object of tho schemo is to re
duce tho infant mortality.
. Mrs. Wlnslow'a Soothing- Sjrap.
For children teething, softens Ibsgumi, reduces lav
aammaUon, allays pain, euros wind colic. 23c a botus.
Garlic aa a Cure-AII.
Garlic is bolng investigated as a
remedy for tuberculosis. In anclont
times it wsb a reputod cure-all. The
list of Its curatlvo properties was so
great that, us u modern author says,
tho only remaining wonder is why
sickness and death nro still known.
and consider
Y(gh braudSLICKEH
' , v Yvvwterproof
Vjjf X limadf of thr best
-'' Wl Nl nTstoihMatlsmllwr
V . ) toftirMtftUndjcUb'
KtffiB-M 'i rdUMtfcakrjcvrnxtitrt
tAMLi f iU 3TUKT0THE..
Big Interest On Your Money
All profits paid In dividends. Others buve
mado one hund-rd ncr -ont in same business.
Burs Income fur life and valuable legacy for
family, Krai sstata deeded to Philadelphia
trust rompany for protection of Investors.
Ilruutlfully Illustrated booklet and paper free.
Write st on re, I, f nnd II. Co.. I)otl A, 724
Droxol lluildlnir, Philadelphia, Ia.
OHOioa cut FLowina
THoa. Hosoav. Mswaasw aaiT taica oitt
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
W. N. U Salt Lako-No. IB, 1GOO.
Vrom This Authority It Would Ap
pear That Americans Are Some
what Indifferent.
It would seem, indeed, from tho con
dition of Shakospeuro on our stage,
that we all got enough of him In
school, writes W. O. Parsons, In At
lantic. A big nolao is mado on tho
occasion of n big-priced production by
a hlgadvertlscd star, that "tho full
houBo refutes the churgo Unit Ameri
cana do not love Shakespeare. It does
no such thing. It refutes nothing but
tho supposition that Americans love
anything so much as bigness. Tc
tako tho monetary success of occa
sional and extraordinary perform
ances, appealing to, our liking for the
inusual and tho demonstrative, ns In
llcatlvo of love, suggests that wo no
ongcr know what lovo is. Lovo of
3hakcspcaro on tho stago would mean
:ho success of frequnt, ordinary per
'ormanccs In every town largo enough
lor a high school and a theater. Such
for Instance, ns tho lovo of Wagner In
Bcrmany. Or, again, of Shakespeare
For It Is not only In her own dramatist
but In ours as well, that Qermany cat)
teach us what nrt-lovo Is. Tho appro
elation of Shakespearo Is far mort
(oncral nnd genuine there than hero
Tho contlnuousncsB of his success, do
iplto tho frequency nnd mediocrity ol
tho performances, desplto tho lack ol
all bigness and eclat, shows that it it
Shakespearo that is loved. Dut then
what could ono oxpect. Tho Ger
mans do not, like us, get enough ol
him in school. .
From This Account One Should Not
Give In to a Weak Di
gestion. Even though it takes pork four hour
to leave tho stomach nnd six hours to
bo dissolved and absorbed in the small
intestine, what does that matter so
long as it is completely assimilated by
tho end of thnt time, ns it Is in 90 per
cent, of nil dlgestlvo canals? It Is the
slowest but also one of the Barest foods
that wo havo to give off all Its energy
to the body. Its very slowness is what
gives it its splendid staying powers
for hard work, whether muscular or
mental, writes Woods Hutchinson, M.
D., in McCluro's Magazine.
As a matter of fact, I have seen
more cases of dyspepsia cured by the
uso of breakfast bacon than by any
kind of drug or restricted diet.
An adult alimentary cannl which
cannot digest bacon or ham is not to
be regarded as healthy, and instead ol
humoring and giving in to n weak di
gestion, It should bo braced up and un
der skilled supervision educated to tnkt
what Is given it nnd make no fuss
Stomachs cun he spoiled by giving
them too little to do almoit as easily
as by giving them too much. A health)
stomach (It to cope with the emer
gencies of life must bo able to digest
not only that which is digestible, bill
much that Is difficult of digestion, and
this Is tho stnndnrd which should be
nlmcd at In dietetic therapeutics.
Wonderful Monument Reared by
Dame Nature in Her Own
Even the least contemplative mind
cannot fall to bo Impressed upon be
holding wonderful Hanging Lake in
Colorado, a monument which nature
has reared in her own honor, and all
In hor quiet way with, perhaps, not
even an Indian or a cliff-dweller to
applaud, writes dcorge L. Deam, In
Four-Track News. Whllo mortals oul
In the world have been struggling fot
existence, while tho Napoleons have
been carrying on wholesale murder
whllo tho Michael Angelos havo beer
painting, while tho Shnkespearcs and
the Chancers havo been writing, while
the Sir Lnuncclots havo been Joustln;
and tho Neros misruling, during nil
theso periods in our civilization, high
jp In tho fastnesses of tho Kocky
mountains this silvery stream has been
peacefully pursuing Its way down Its
Ittlo gulch, tumbling over tho rocks,
striking obstncles of fallen trees nnd
oouldors, upon which It has deposited
,ts ovor-lncrenslng crust, forming its
peculiar basin, doing nature's bidding
In tho production of this wonderful
monument; all seemingly for tho ben
silt of thoso occasional visitors who at
tho present dny seo fit to mako tho trip
up tho Grand river canyon to the
"Hanging Lake."
Quail with Chickens.
Near the barnyard of Lit Lofland
an Ohio farmer, an old quail hatched
hor brood, and the entlro family pro
ceeded to make Itself at homo with
tho chickens. Thoy followed tho fowls
around continually, but ono day the
mothor with 12 of hor little ones dls
appeared, leaving the thirteenth alono.
nnd the quail seemed to bo as con
'ented as though It wcro with tho old
juall. Lofland moved to another farm
recently, and tho quail was cooped up
with the chickens and taken to Its
now home, whero It enjoys life very
Hurried Exit.
"Gladly would I die for you,"
Her look of hatcur was maintained
despite this plea.
"You are In erior," ohe replied, cold
ly; "If you think the color of youi
hair constitutes my chief objection tc
Tho good-night was brief and soon
Philadelphia Lcdgur.
A Breakfast Dialogue.
Mrs. Tnlkwords Henry, you tmm
rnl king In your sleep last night.
Henry Pardon me for Interrupting
you. Smart Set,
That tho leading medical writers and
teachers ol nil the several schools of
prnctlco endorse and recommend, In tho
strongest terms possible, each and every
Ingredient entering Into tho composition
ot Dr. 1'lcrco's Uoldeu Medical Discovery
for the euro of weak stomneh, dyspetisln,
catarrh of stomach, "liver complaint,"
torpid liver, or biliousness, chronic bowel
affection, and all catarrhal diseases of
whatever region, nnmo or nature. It Is
also a spoclllc remedy for nil such chronic
or long standing cases of catarrhal affec
tions and their resultants, as bronchial,
throat and luiisdl'ensotfexceptconsiimp
tlon)aecoinmuled with severe coughs. It
It not so (rood for acuto cold, and coughs,
but for lingering, or chronic cases It Is
especially efllcnclons In producing per
fectcures. It contain lllack Cherrybark,
Golden Weal root, Illoodroot, Stono root.
Mnndrakn root nnd Queen's root all of
which nro highly tiraK-d as remedies for
all tho abovo mentioned affections by such
eminent niedlcnl writers and teachers ns
Prof. Hnrtholow, of Jefferson Med. Col
lege; Prof. Hnre, of tho Univ. of Pa.;
Prof. I'lnloy Klllngwood, M. I)., of Den
nett Med. College, Chicago ; Prof. John
King, M. D.. Into of Cincinnati ; Prof.
John M. Scudder, M. D.. lato of Cincin
nati; Prof. Kdwln M. Hale. M. D., of
Hahnemann .Med. College, Chicago, and
scores of others equally eminent In their
several schools of practice,
Tho "Golden Medical Discovery" Is the
only medicine put up for salo through
druggists for llko purposes, that has nfiy
such pruraafoiuit endorsement worth
moro than any nnmtx-r of ordinary testi
monials. Open publicity of Its formula
on the bottlo wrapper Is the best possible,
guaranty of Its merits. A glance at this
published formula will show that"Ooldcn
Medical Discovery" contains no poison
ous or harmful agents and no alcohol
chemically pure, trlpln-rellned glycerlno
being used Instead. Glycerlno Is entirely
unobjectionable and besides Is a most
useful Ingredient In tho euro of all stom
ach as well as bronchial, throat and lung
affections. There Is the highest medical
authority for Its uso In all such cases.
Tho "Discovery "Is a concentrated glyc
eric extract of native, medicinal roots
and Is safe and reliable.
A booklet of extracts from eminent,
medical authorities, endorsing Its Ingre
dients mailed free on request. Address
Dr. K. V. Plerco. Buffalo. N. Y.
Passing of Matter.
Dr. Gustavo Lo Bon ot Parts has
reached tho revolutionary conclusion
thnt matter finally pnsscs away by
spontaneous changes In Its molecules,
as Illustrated In tho electrons ot ra
dium, and that tho result ot theso
changes Is "substances which nro In
termediary between pondcrablo bodies
and lmpondcrablo ether."
Tbere Is more Cstsrrh In this icctlon of the country
Ibsn sll other dlieuei put tmietlitr, snd until the lstt
tew jesrs wss suppoted to tie Incurable Fur s Brett
oisnr years doctors pronounced It s local dltesin snd
prescribed local remsdles, snd by constantly fallloK
o cure with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable.
Science bas prortn Catarrb to be s cnnMltuilonal dil
ute, snd therefore require! constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F.J.l'btncy
ft Co., Toledo, Oblo, Is the only Conitltuttonsl cure on
tbe market. It la taken Internally In dotes from to
drops to testpoonful. It acts directly on the blood
snd mucous surfaces of the lyitem. They offer one
hundred dollars for any cats It falls to curs. Bsnd
for clrculara and testimonials.
Addrssti F. J. Cll KNK Y & CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Xold by PruL'tfltts, 75c.
Tske llairi Family Fills for constipation.
Perfectly Reasonable Explanation of
Peculiar Happening.
One virtue .pf an uninteresting book
has. been discovered by a physician.
He says ho tried to read a dull novel
tho other night, but soon found him
self turning over the pages hurriedly.
Ho claims that when ho commenced
to read his library was uncomfortably
warm, but after rapidly turning about
a hundred pages looking for bright
things ho gradually becamo awaro
that tho room was getting cooler. Be
ing, llko most doctors, Inclined to ex
periment scientifically, ho consulted
his thermometer and learned that
when ho struck long historical pas
sages In tho novel his lack ot Interest
and skipping pages reduced tho tem
perature at an alarming rate. Just
as ho felt suro ho was getting a con
gestive chill ho turned to throw tho
book Into tho grato and saw that his
flro had gono out.
Effort to Save Kites.
Tho klto, according to ornithologi
cal authorities, is declared to bo ex
tinct, and it Is practically so. But a
vigilance commlttco has nevertheless
been formed In Wales for tho protec
tion of the bird. A photographer re
cently traced ono of tho only pair of
kites known to exist In South Wales
to a cave In tho mountains nnd with a
lucky snapshot secured a photograph.
Tho homo of the pair Is being kept a
To Darken a Room.
Dark green glazed calico, If cut
slightly narrower and shorter than o
bedroom window blind and pinned be
hind It, will darken tho room, and
tnnot bo seen from outside. Many '
iieoplo nro unnblo to sleep well In a
room with light blinds only.
Trained Nurse Discovered Its
No "one Is In bettor position to know
the valuo ot food and drink than a
ttalned nurse.
Speaking of coffee a nurse of Wilkes
Darre, Pa writes: "I used to drlnl
Btrong coffee myself and suffered great-
ly from headaches and indigestion.
While on a visit to my brothers I had
a good chance to try Postum Food
Coffee, for they drank it. altogether In
place of ordinary coffee. In two weoks,
after using Postum, I found I was
much benefited and finally my head
aches disappeared and also tho Indi
gestion. "Naturally I hnve since used Postum
among my patients, and hnve noticed a
marked benefit where coffco has been
left ol? and Postum used.
"I observe a curious fact about Post
um used among mothers. It greatly
helps the How ot milk In cases where
coffee Is inclined to dry It up, and
where tea causes nervousness.
"I nnd troublo In getting servants to
mako Postum proporly. Thoy most al
ways serve It before It has been boiled
long enough, It should be boiled 15 or
20 minutes and served with cream,
when it is certainly a delicious bever
age." "There's a reaxon" for Postum
An Enterprising Trader Sees a Chance
Among the People of
Tho following Is nn extract from a
letter nctually received by a houso
Jolng business with foreign countries,
Tho letter enmo from Kumhhnkonnm,
South India:
"As natives of India are always
worshipers of nil gods and Idols, If
ton can favor mo with a list of Idols,
Miclr prices and Fonio sample Idols I
will bo nblc to send you a lnrgt
wholesale order for theso gods, which
aIU tako up exceedingly well among
lntlvcs all over Indln, and If you can
get mo tho solo agency from that
factory for Introducing their Idols
throughout Indln I am sure to make
'.heir business n thorough success hero
In the event of their undertaking to
give tho solo agency throughout India,
tlurmah nnd Ceylon, nnd also a fixed
traveling allowance, say $25 n month,
Including Dntta to one of my clerks to
begin with, who wllf go throughout
Indln and secure ordors from natives,
rich and poor, merchants and nobles,
"If you enn kindly seo your way to
get mo tho solo agency on tho above
lines I can mako It a great success
financially for both ot us, you under
taking to supply mc with ldolB nnd 1
undertaking to sell them as fast as
possible Thcro Is no competition fot
this lino of business here and hence
I wish to bo tho first In tho field, nnd
natives nro such a bigoted people that
they will sell their souls If posslblo to
worship an Idol of their own."
Blmply Caused by Desire for More
Brenth, Says a Phy
sician. Tho sigh, which from tlmo Imme
morial and by all tho poets whocvat
sung has been regarded as a mattet
of sentiment nnd connected with the
emotions, Is declared by physicians to
be ns purely a physical phenomenon
as Is tho sneeze or cough. A well
known doctor of this city, speaking
ot this tho other day, explained that
tho sigh Is nature's method of making
one tako a deep breath. When the
lungs havo been getting Insufficient
air a sigh is the means by which they
are replenished, or when the air ha&
been Impure the sigh which ono often
takes In stepping out Into the open
air Is from the same cause.
The doctor admitted that people
sometimes sigh from sorrow or othet
mental HI, but maintained that thlf.
Is partly because It has been accepted
as the expression ot grief through
ages as long as kissing and handshak
ing havo been accepted as signs ol
affection or friendship. Another rea
son why a sigh follows a sorrowful
thought Is that such thoughts are
often concentrated and intense
enough to cause Insufficient breathing
When the lungs suffer for a certain
time from this Insufficiency, tho sigh
follows. Sighs aro often caused, too,
says tho samo authority, by certain
sorts of Indigestion.
Animals Chosen to Lead Royal Pro
cessions in India Splendidly
Elephants nro fond of finery and do
light to see themselves decked out with
gorgeous trappings. Tho nntlvo prlnccj
sf India aro very particular In choos
ing their stato elephants nnd will glvo
fabulous sums for nn animal thnt ex
actly meets the somewhat fanciful
standards they have erected.
For theso they havo mado cloths of
silk so heavily embroidered with gold
that two men are hardly able to lift
them. Tho clophant which usually led
tho stato procession of a rajah being
111, tho magnificent trappings wero
placed on ono which had up to that
time occupied only a subordinate place.
Tho animal, delighted at Its finery,
showed Its glco by so innny little
squeaks and kicks of plensuro thnt
gentrnl attention was attracted to It.
Not long nftor another stato proces
sion was formed, nnd tho previous
wearer of tho gold cloths, being re
stored to health, took Its nccustomod
pinto and trappings, when tho now do
graded beast, Imagining, perhaps, that
ho was bolng defrauded of his promo
tion, waB with great difficulty restrain
ed from nttacklng tho lender of the
Queer Town Order.
In tho llttlo vlllngo of Klllchnusen
near Gottlngen, Germany, there hat
been almost a revolution owing to the
publication of an order forbidding an)
young unmnrriod man to e3cort a
young woman home after dark. Thi?
j order was tho work of tho deputy
town clerk, who Is not a ladles' man,
and had been made the butt for Ill
natured Jokes. He thought ho saw
, an opportunity for revenge when the
reins of power camo temporarily Into
i his hands. But his action has cost
him his place.
Royal Qlft-Books.
King Edwnrd has recently present
ed to tho Metropolitan Museum of Art
two hooks, "Tho Itoynl Armory of
Windsor," by Guy Lnklng, nnd "Tho
. Furnlturo In tho Itoynl Pnlaco and In
j tho Itoynl Portrait Gallery," by Lionel
Gust. Thoy are bound In white leathor
with gold decorations and tho royal
seal ot England.
Town Owns Street Cars,
Tho town council of Southend, Eng
land, has denied a license to an omul
bus company because tho town owni
the street car system, tho business of
which might 1 i interfered with by the
' 'iusscb.
Food and Environment. 'H
"Bullfinches fed on hempsccd turn ! bsbbbbbb!
qulto black," snld a naturalist H
"Horses kept In conl mines for several
years becomo covered with soft,
thick fur llko n mole. Tho mastiff ot i M
Thibet, who In tho Thibetan highlands
has a hoavy coat ot wool, loses 'his f H
coat completely when ho Is brought
down to tho plains. Tho crmlno, In '
his snow-Infested homo, turns whlto In M
tho winter, but If ho Is taken for tho I M
winter to a warm cllmnto ho docs not , H
turn whlto at all. Quito amazing, M
altogether, aro tho changes that with H
food and environment wo can afreet 1
on nil living creatures even man." I H
Queer Ideas of Population, j B
Mrs. Flinders Petrlo writes: Slnat fl
Is not n papulous country; only a H
handful ot Dcdoulns occupy tho penln- H
sula and their Ideas ot population aro H
Bomowhnt limited. Ono Bedouin In , H
tho Interior pointed out four llttlo fl
tents In n mountain landscapo and H
exclaimed, 'Bohold, the city or tho Alt- 1
gat!' Anothor man in n lonoly vll- ' 1
lngo described to mo liU villago and ' M
on further Inquiry I found that It con- j M
slated of a slnglo hut, whero ho him- ' H
self lived alone." H
Present Pleases Kalaer. H
Tho silver wedding present that Is i H
said to havo most pleased tho kaiser , M
was from tho combined rowing and H
sailing clubs In Germany. It consist- l
ed of six silver models, representing t H
tho different stylos of shipbuilding M
I from tho Viking galloy to tho emper-
or's yacht Meteor. ' H
sKinMssHssfistlSsi ssssssssl
sVVfnvSr ssssssssl
$20,00 for $10-00 l
Looks woll; epunde woll, but Is B
impossible. You get full value
from us, but no "bargains."
sEstabllshedW M
Salt Lake City, Vtah j
Fairbanks, Morsel I
&Pn Jack of All Trades
UUi Gasoline Engines.
A 1t SuEKmtliint) asj to What Our ipPH
Niniill Vf-rtk-nl Knvlnr Will Do. pH
On tbr l'nrra anil In (lie Dairy I J
Itun wood-imwlnt? machine, cream aBB
!Hcpnrntora, churns, fodder cutters, ppH
Rrlnders, corn slicllcra, shcop shear- PPH
Ins: machines, emery wheelH, pump PH
water, nnd other kinds of work ev-V-l
where light power Is required. ,pppj
In tbe Machine Hhop anil lllark- PPH
smith Sliopi Will run blowers, PPPJ
forges, lathed, grindstones, pipe cut- PPPJ
tern, horse clippers, etc. PPPJ
In the Carpenter Sliopi Will run aaaaS
scroll and circular saw, lathe, emery PPPJ
wheel, PaPH
In the Ilnteli Will run colling PH
funs, electric light plant, washing PPl
machines. Ice cream freezers, etc. PPH
For Country Homrai Will furnish PH
electric llRht, and also power for PPPJ
water supply. PaV-Sfl
In the I'rlntlnsr Ofllcei Will run PH
presses, electrotype machine, fold- P-H
And Cnn be Uised Fori Well drill- PPJ
In if, running meat cutters, and a Ppi
hundred other things. PH
Write for Catalogue No. 80IJ. PH
218-220 8. West Temple SI., Salt Lake City H
Don't nccusu your cows of being paPaPaH
unprofitable. Qlve them a snuuro deal pH
and they will pay you well. If you aro PpH
not using a centrifugal PRRJ
jf-j.W cream separator from SO lpH
fxft2 per cent, to 50 per cent. MMMH
Ojjnjr of your cream is thrown lpH
MtflswiMtW awuy with tho sklininlllc IH
,3PI Vsl " JU8t wasted ajjd thu aVMlfl
nHkii Air cows accused of uotcarn- BJpH
ITT fl ft 31 '" tllL'''' feed. In nddi- gfl
Hi rjftLgl t'an J'onr "wit tlmo und Psflfl
f,l labor nru being wanted. ffsirBi
Why not get u l)E iLtyyl
LAVAL cream separator, stop theso aPttifr
leaks, and double your profits. A I)B nrlm
LAVAL machine limy ho hought upon IflilJl?
such liberal terms thut it will moro than Wym
curn its cost whllo you uro paying for f'tiai'y
it and (still be good for 20 years moro tVfM
of clear profit uso. As compared with 'M&fs
other ht-nurators thu superiority of tho K&!
1)12 LAVAL is iseen in tho fact tnutovcr vKiisi
700,000 1)B LAVAL machines, tun times I?
tho number of all others combined, hitvo lift!"!
been sold to date. You may havo utnple "J-xsV
trial of n DK LAVAL freo of nil cost. M'l
Now is the tlmo to get a DB LAVAL
while cows arc making tho largest &&
product, and savings count biggest. i'W'it
Wrlto to-day for freo catuloguo and ImA?';
full particulars. VnPt
The De Laval Separator Co. fe
Randolph & Canal Sll. I 74 Cortlandt Street W'h
CHICAGO I New York Willi
When You Plant j
Vogeler's Seeds jM
You plant the best thai money can buy. ' BbB
Send (or our big citato, ue; II It frte. RH
".iThompson's Eye Watir "i I
if1 ' AM
siiiaatnsi.,swissaisssiisisiistiEis ..f ,. M

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