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H Vol. I. No. 21. Published at Garland, Utah. Saturday, June 30, 1906 r
B Brigham Braves
HE vs.
Garland Gladiators
B Tie Sugar LaddUs Will Make Preserves
B of the Strawberry Boys at the
B Athletic Park Ball Grounds at
B 0:80 p.m.
Come out, ye citizens and base hall
BB fans, thore's going to be baas ball at the
BB Athletic Park to-day that you read
Bflt about. Id the recent contents "good
BF1 luck" has paved tbo pathway of Brig-
BB gain's uioe and hoisted the flag of victory
BB thbt must and shall not wave forever.
SB Our home team has been doing snmo
BB hard practice work the past few days
BB and to-day's contest promises to be the
BB most enthusiastic gamo of the season.
BB Cheer up boys, Wewler hasgono and
BB "Xighmore" is "no more." Garland
BH must wac the flan of victory.
BH T.be game of ball played at Brigham
ft Jast Saturday between Wcllsville mid
BB Brigham, ended in abcuiu of 0 to I in
BB favoj f the "Strawberry" boys. Our
BB, .boys ought to sprinkle them with sugar
BK today to keep them from spoiling. Keller
BBt pitched the entire game for Hrlghum
BBJ ntul was carried from the lio on tin:
BBt eboulJcrs of the Brigham Braves.
BBl Another gstnc has heeu booked for
BBJ' July 14th at Brigham betwecu the .teams
BBt nsntloued abovt.
Ki (nMmnaHBilMiiMiasaasHSiiiiiiiinMBa
Strawberry Banquet.
The First Presidency of the Church
and other invited guests were tendered a
strawberry banquet at tbo Brigham City
Opera- Bouse last Saturday evening,
given is their honor by the Stake .Presi
dency and other officers of the various
organizations. Three tables, the full
Inngth of the dancing floor, were heavily
laden with the best thing; of the land,
strawberries being the chief attraction.
Tho crowd in attendance was one of
the largest seen in tho hall for some
time past. During tho feast, a pleasing
program was carried out. Owing to
sickness, Counsellors Lund and Winder
were unable to attend. Pres. Joseph F.
Smith and wife, Apostles Rudger Claw
son and C. W. Penrose and wives, all of
Salt Lake, were In attendance.
The various wards of tho stake were
represented. W. D, Lewis and wife and
Jos. Jensen and wife of this city being
among the invited guests present.
Sunday the stake tabernacle was
beautifully decorated with flowers and
a large floral wreath, bearing the words
"Our Prophet," made of white roses,
adorned the bishops' stand. Just before
the meeting hour, word came to Pres.
Smith of the death of a relative in Salt
Lake, and he immediately took the train
for his home. Tho disappointment was
great, especially to the chlldrcu who
had come out to see the Prophet. The
meetings Sunday, however, were very
interesting, Apostles Clausula und Pen
soso being thu speakers.
Sunday evening 3Ir. mid jMr.s. .1. C.
Whcelou entertained at their homo
Dr. and Mrs (i. W. (irccu, MNs .Marian
Green. Dr. Pitt of Trcmont uml .Mlat
Mary Orover. The evening was pleas
antly Hpent in a social way, a feature of
the eteuiut; being the choice muMi-at
tcleetlonh rendered by Mrs. Green, who
is u pianjit of marked ability. Light
rcfixslinjcnts woroecrwd.
Tonaka Fined
For Assault.
Sentenced Wednesday
Pleads Guilty to Common Assault 'DeadJ
ly "Weapon" Being Stricken From
First Complaint. Judge Vanaus
deln Passes Sentence.
Harry Tonaka, the Jap who cut Tom
Yokatamma with a raror June 18th, had
a hearing before Judge Vauausdeln
Wednesday. Tho charge was changed
to common assault and Tonaka plead
guilty. Atty. Foxlcyappoarod for the
prosccutlou ami ,) . F. Feathpratoao for
the defense. Touaka was sentenced to
I50.00 and costs.
FOR HALE-Hay lot in Big Field t
Brigham. $40 atand of hay. Only 800.
Apply at this ofUco.
We would be pleased to have our read
ers, and the public generally, send in
such Items of nmvs as may come under
their observation, such as births, deaths,
marriages, goings and comings, etc.
Jinny things transplro that we may over,
look, houce wo ask you to asaUt us in
this matter that wo may be able to pub
lish Li, jt In- news.
f7 lilg time of thescasou. What? The
ill It. 0 F, D. excursion to Lagoon
.lulv 10 l; very body inxilcil July t.
m J J J J J MF J J J?
1776 1906
I Independence Day
I Mammoth Celebration
H fc July 3 to July 6.
B " i i. ii ,.
BB Bands, Base Ball Games, Dancing, Horse Racing, Bicycle Racing, Foot
BBB Racing, Big Shows, Little Shows, Fire Works, Firo Water and Sport too Xtimer.
BBS pus to Mention.
EfL jijly 8rd-
gffif Ik ? Military Band, Base Ball Tpam, Dramatic Co, and Citizens will board train JL
BBB T for Leh at 8:45 a.m., Tuesday morning, July flrd, W
IBk 2 Train arrives at Lchi 0;45 p. m,
EBBg 5f Lehl to be serenaded by Baptjs,
PAW tfc 4 Entertainment provjded for all by Lehl Commercial Club, t
IB Garland Dramatic Co. at Lchi Opera House 8;30 p, m prtsentlng thu pleas.
uVB' lug melo-drama "My Partner's Wife,"
IBB! Ml 0 Lehl Dramatic Co. will encrtau tho visiting company,
PAm JULY 4th.
BK 1 Salute of 45 guus at day-break.
BBft k Suurlso The llrug of 13 guns in honor of the 13 original states, Serenade '
BBB! by Bands. Uufurllag of stars and stripes,
IBBJj 3 Bands breakfasted at Uulou Hpjcl.
HBBj 4. Independence Day Program tt L,chlTabcrnacIe4 10 a. m,
IBB! Ik 0 1 to 3:B0 p. m, Foot Itaclug, Horso Itaclng, Bicyclu Itaclng and sporta of r
H L all kinds.
H 0 3:80 p. m.BJg Ball Game at, Ch;y Park. Lehi vs. Garlsad.
BV 7 FJro Water, Fire Water , till aupr-time.
VXm 8 Grand Display of Firo Works. ''
lB 9 July 4th to copcludo with a Grand Ball at the City Pavilion, H
IBrV ' ; s
IB 1 Forenoon to bp spent.la viewing the city, Sugar Factory and vUltiug pUst-
BH W uro resorts. Jfe
PflB 3 3:80 p. in. Ball. Oamp at City Park, Garland vs. Lchi.
UBJr , 3 In the oveniug n Graud Ball will be given at the City Pavilion. Everybody,
BB invited. Tho Graud Ball concludes tho celobratlon.
B' 7, IfiLpno fare for rouud trtp via JIalad Valley Branch.
B IS-0o and Oue-Third fare for round trip ou Malu f.lue,
BBW Tickets ou sale July 3rd and 4th Good returning on July 0
1 Habit of! I rlliNvlo (JU i ai"ubu.f '
444f4.44444T M ' Skl rtS--HH-H-r-f M
That wc are selling our Pretty, Fashionable Skirts at cost next week, H
That We have just roceiv.ed" a Stock of Shoes A large variety with Prices to B
Please You All. B
That we have a splendid Line ot Long and Short Kimonos and Dressing Suques, B
That you can be cool all Summer in one of our dainty Kimonos. ' ' ' ''BH
4th Of SulvJFJFJFJ '
That we have the very Materials You will want tor dainty Fourth o July Dresses. B
Boothe Mer. & Produce Co..
After the ball game on the 16th, re
turn gauio with Beaver Dam was match
ed for the 23rd, but during tho latter
part of tho week they sent word over
that they could not play. Owing to
this there was no gamo here Saturday.
The second nine went to Trcmont and
htat their second nino to tho tuno of 13
to 31.
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith uro tho hap
py psreota of a lino baby girl. All do
ing well.
Mr. Georgo Cspcner, u brother of Mrs.
V. H. Parke, is viilting relatives in
Uherside. Mr. Capener is an eastern
man, elderly and observant, ami to him,
u I'stcru manners and customs arc au in
leiestlng study. At tho home of Mrs.
Ella Capener Sunday, Juno 24th, the
relatives met in honor of their eastern
guest. A pleasant afternoon and even
ing were spent by all present.
Miss Pamelia Arbuclc, of Bountiful, is
vMtlng with herslster, Mrs. W. C.Purke.
Two runaways in two days. Sunday
afternoon Mr. and Mrs. J. It, Kcunard
uero driving towards Garland when near
A. H. Gleason's residence, a bolt which
holds the tongue in the clomp ou tho
front axle, came out letting the tongue
down on one side. Tho twist broke thu
casting on the other side and the team
uik'i free from the buggy with thu touguu
a ud double trees. Tho occupant of the
buggy took an uuto-mobilo rldu of about
six rods and the team rau down to II. A.
Hull's and stopped. I
Monday A. A. Capener's team uasj
left standing hooked to a hayrack while
tho driver went to get a drink. Ono
hoi so bit the other and a runaway was
I no result. A corral gala and about four '
panel's of combination fenco belonging to(
J. II. Kennard and a rod of the meeting
houso fence wero demolished. I
W. II. Parke and family will move In-1
to their new residence this week.
Jay Kuy
June 26, 1906.
Garland Dental Parlors.
It is with pleasure wc announce the
good uowr that a dentist has decided to i
locate In this city. Dr. S. II. Thatcher
of Logan, a competent dentist of long
xprrlenro and who has recently returned
from Chicago, will open dental purlurs in
room 3 of RitcrBros. Block after July
Ut. He In well known in Logan and
throughout the rtste and comes highly
recommended. Ho will receive a warm
welcome by our cUIrens.
Sunday Services.
Last Sunday's tcrviccs at the Ward
hall were quite well attended and the
mectlug was very interesting. Up. W.
L. Grovcr presided. Tho singing was
congregational, conducted by John J.
Slmmway, The oponlng prayer was
offered by Elder Wm King. Sacrament
n as administered by Elders Jmncs Jensen
and Frank Dewey. Following wero tho
speaker: Elders Ohristophcr liuituu,
Chas, Bowro. A H Archibald and A,
H Glcason. Benodiction by D.E. Man
ning. t
A Splendid Band
In Fine Condition.
A llttlo history of tho Garland Mili
tary Baud's progress may bo interesting
to many of our citizens. Prof. Joseph
Kirkhatn gave us a few hints and we
were delighted to hear of tie success
that has crowned their uvtlriag efforts,
Ono year ago the boys purchased teu
horns, twenty uniforms, caps aod music,
with not a cent insight to pay for the
same. Today tha band is out of debt
and has a few dollars still on hand.
Monday they purchased a complete set
of new music and during the week thoy
have been diligently working on tho
new pieces. A largo band, everyinstrii
incut paid for, now music on hand, uni
forms that are practically new and
money in tho treasury, (s a flno showing
for a band only one year old.
llow to Broak Up a Cold.
U may be a surprise to many to learn
that a severe cold can be completely
broken up in one or two day's timo. The
flrst symptoms of a cold are a dry, loud
cough, a profuse watery discharge from
the nose, and a thin, white coating on
the tongue. When Chamberlain's cough
remedy is taken every hour on the first
appearance of these symptoms, It count
eracts tho effect of the cold and restores
thu system to a healthy condition with
In a day or two. For sale by Rjter Bros.
TJ Tho B. 0. Fire Department gives a
H Urand Excursion to Lagoon July 10,
Hotel Arrivals H
Clayton H4iM BB
Forvrok untllnic JunaAMlb HB
It V OrbUoii, Curiano; II 0 Porter, Dr. BBJ
D R Dibblee, Salt Lake: Wm Douglas, H
Ogcn; WF MaSwti, It M B Tel. Co.; PB
Thos K Floddis, S W Lawson, Salt Lake; H
Clias. Chamberlain, R M B Tel. Co. H
Unknown FrUnd. H
There are many people who have used ,BBJ
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aod Dlart- BBJ
hoca Remedy withsplendld Tesults, but BJ
who arc unknown because they have BBJ
hesitated about giving a testimonial of BJ
their experience for publication. These BB
peoplo, however, arc nono the less BBJ
friends of this remedy, Thoy have done BJ
much toward making It n household BBJ
word by their personal recommendations BB
to friends and neighbors It is a good BBJ
medicine to have in the borne and is BB
widoly known for Its cures of diarrhoea BB
and all forms of bowel trouble, For sale BB
by Ritcr Bros. Drug Store. BB
The sign ot the 'B
Big Clock . I
is where you find fl
J.W. Lewis,
Practical Watch-maker and gen B
ernl repairer. B
Boothe Block H
Garland Utalu B
;.T .' r , i"wwiMsswswsassMaSMarfsMWMMssasBssssws
4 I
Our new arrivals of Shoes of every description makei fi,
our already largj line quite complete, , Mn
-H-4--f-f-M-K4--H-H-t 4 i-HH .JlS
For BOYS and MEN Money cannot buy a Better Shoe'. t$M
' m
No specified time for closing the store (Sunday Except- f
Yours ReBp. - B
'' .B
j B

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