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f : I
n i
All Parties United in Demand-
H ; in? Resignation of the
H Russian Cabinet.
H ' Claim That Present Officials Can Do
H Nothing for Pacification of Coun-
m try, and Should De Replaced
m by Another Cabinet.
M i
H , St Petersburg. Tho conservative
H centrist pnrty In tho council of tho cm-
m plro orgnnlzod recently with the pur-
M pose of attempting to stipplnnt tho Gor-
M emykln ministry by n cabinet chosen
M ' ' from tho Octobcrlst, tho Domocrntio
M Reform and tlio Constitutional Dorao-
M ' cratlc parties, havo joined In tho cho-
M rus demanding the resignation of th
M oablnot. M. Ycrmoloff, formerly mlnls-
m ter of agriculture, has given out nn In-
B torvlcw snylng tho present situation Is
M Impossible nnd that It In evident thai
M 1, If tho actual ministry can do nnthlnn
B ( for the pacification of tho country It
H l hould bo replaced by a cabinet In
M which the mora modorato elements of
B )., parliament are given places. The sit-
M r nation, M. Ycrmoloff added, Is so tonso
H '( that any attempt of the administration
M to arrny Itself In open opposition ta
B i parliament can result only In calamity
m y and disaster.
H A M. Yormoloff, who Is a shrewd poll'
M f tlclan, has now nothing but honoyod
B H words for parliament, which, though
M 3r containing revolutionary oloments, ha
M says, Is tho truo rclloctlon of tho sen-
M h tlmont of tho country nnd evidently h
M L Is laying wires and' working for action
B W bstween tho mnjorltlcs of tho two
PH ' mouses of parliament under a rospon-
PB h elblo ministry. Ho Is thought to have
PBpJ II bis oyo on his old portfolio In such a
1B ' cabinet.
M I ' Member of Cabinet Criticises Strong
1' Man of Muscovite Nation.
M vi London. Tho Dally Telegraph pub-
M ' llshed an nrtlclo written by a member
m pt the nusslan cnblnet, In which It Is
M m contendod that It was the govern-
H j ment's Indecision nnd Inaction In tho
t' autumn of 1004, when It would have
)( ,been easy to win over the loyal zom-
M ' Uvo party to co-opcratlon with tho
M a;ovornment In Its work of reform, that
PH , ' Bowed tho seeds of the present trouble
PVJ ! ' rTho delays consequent on this action,
PH ho says, led to tho formation of an al-
PH glance of tho reform pnrty nnd a group
PJflJ;. of terrorists nnd nnnrchlsts a fatal
ftep, which "I nnl convlncod will strike
ho Ilusslan emancipation movement
PH barren for many long years to como,
PH, nnd bo fraught with unending calam-
Itles to the nation."
H1 Tho writer proceeds to refer to the
H fereat hopes raised by Count Wltto's
H rail to powor and tho subsequent dls-
M appointment nt his failure because ol
m his vaclllntlon and Inconsistency. Hi
B somplalns that Wltto, Instead of do
H , daring ruthless war against tho revo
H lutlonary terrorist party, actually con-
m trlbuted toward trying the Gordlan
H knot between tho modern opposition
H party and tho terrorists tighter than
H It was before.
H Senate to Investigate Transactions In
H A Washington special to the New
fl. fork World says:
H 'The Utah coal land scandals are to
H becomo a subject of consideration by
H tho senate. Many prominent wostern
H politicians, nt least ono senator and
H Mvcral railroads aro said to bo In-
M rolved. It Is believed that sums ng
H grogatlng millions havo been dlvorted
H to corporations."
H Preliminary Hearing of Riotous Japs
H at Callente.
H Los Vegas, Nov. Sovon of the Japs
H who participator! In tho riot at Call-
H enU last Tuesday had tholr trials and
H preliminary hoarlngs Saturday beforo
H Justice Maynard. Two wore fined f 300
H ir threo hundred days In Jail, two $250
H st the altcrnntlvo, two $200 or Its
M equivalent at Ploche, and tho other
Ht wm bound over to tho grand Jury on
H a charge of murder In the first degree
H" tor tHo killing of Olllccr Monahan.
H Child Burned to Death.
H Saa Francisco. Peter Kustachy, the
H ' three-and-a-half-year-old son of Mr. and
H Mrs. A. Knstnchy of Alameda, was
B burned to death Saturday night. Whtlo
H endeavoring to smother the flames
H 'that ended tho life of tho child, Mr.
H and Mrs. Jusepd DufTard and Mrs.
H EroJlle Alcmand, neighbors, sustained
H aerlous burns on tho hands. The
H ' child's clothing caught fire In soma
unknown manner while It was playing
H In the yard In tho rear of Us home.
H Murdered the Girl and Then Killed
H' New York. The vlllngo of Atnltj.
H near Morrlstown, N. J., was the 8cen
H pt a doublo tragedy on Sunday, Free
jnnn Ingcoro sought to porsuada
?toa Colly to go away with him. Sh
efused and Longcoio subsequently sel
H flro to tho liouso In which alio lived
H Tho girl was trying to savo somo ol
H her effects when Longcora killed her
Hj Neighbors arrived an tho ncono Just
H after tho shooting, Longcoro Hod, wltt
H, tho crowd hi inrult. mid, being cor
Ma aered, killod fi'msclf.
Fcrty-elght Per Cent of Imports Came
From Europe Last Year, and 67 Per
Cent of the Exports Go In That
Washington An analysis of tho
foreign cot 'o of tho United
States font 'n n bulletin Issued
by tho dupt' . of commerce and
labor, says that In tho fiscal year 130S
48 per cent of tho Imports Into the
United States was drawn from Eu
rope, 30 per cent from North Amorlca,
13 per cent from South America, 1
por cent from Asln. Of tho exports
from tho United Slntcs in tho same
year, C7 per cont wero to Europo, 17
per cent to ABla, 2 per cent to Occanln
and 1 per cent to Africa.
A comparison with the flgnros ot
earlier yors shows a grndual decline
In tho sharo of our Imports supplied
,by Europo nnd In tho shnro which Eu
ropo takes of our oxports. This regu
lation Is duo lnrgcly to the enlarge
ment of our trndo with tho Orient.
Tho sections In which tho oxports
of tho United States mnlto tho least
progress aro within tho tropics.
Government Has Little Hope of Con
victing Standard Oil Officials.
Washington. Although tho, dopart
raont of Justice has announced that It
proposes to begin criminal proceedings
against tho officials of tho Standard
Oil company, tho Intimation Is given
that It Is doubtful If Indictments may
bo found against mien men In the
Standard Oil company as John D.
Ilockofcllcr, II. II. Rogers and John D.
An official of tho department of Jus
tlco Indicated that whllo tho govern
ment would press tho prosecutions vig
orously, ha did not have nn Idoa that
tho officials of tho Standard Oil com
pany would bo reached In criminal pro
ceedings, any mora than tho presidents
of railroads, personally, nro reached
through similar proceedings. .
Forty Men Sleeping Near Powder
House When Explosion Occurred.
Helena, Mont. Forty men had a
nnrrow cscnpo from being blown to
ntoms when the powder' houso nt tho
Horrls Hmo quarry, ten miles from
here, wns oxplodod by nn unknown
person. Tho men woro nslcep In a
brick house. Against tho door of tho
brick houso wns found n sack contain
ing thlrty-flvo sticks of dynamite, to
which n fuso had been attnehed. This
Is said to bo tho second mysterious
explosion at tho quarry within tho past
few weeks. Many believe that a crazy
man who Is reported to bo roaming
about tho country In thnt neighborhood
"and who several months ngo Hhot and
wounded two telegraph operators, por
potratod tho outrage
Woman Roasted to Death.
Lob Angeles. In tho overturning ot
nn automobile on Colorado street In
Pasadena, whllo It was bolng driven
sixty miles an hour, nnd the subse
quent explosion of tho cnglno and sot
ting flro to tho mnchlne. Mr. J. J.
Cordorl, 28 years of age, the wife ot
James J. Cordorl, a local buslnoss
man, wns pinioned down nnd roasted
to death and Jack Honderson, a Pas
adena chauffeur, was so badly burned
that ho will probably die. Mrs. Ella
May .Morris, an artist from Pueblo,
Colo., was also slightly burned and
bruised. Mr. Cordorl, tho husband of
tho dead woman, nnd C. White, who
wero also In tho nutomobllo, escaped
practically uninjured.
Clothing Caught and Saved Him From
Delng Dashed to Death.
Spoknno, Wash. Ono of the
Howard street bridges ovor tho Spo
kane river, 160 ynrds east of the main
falls, collapsed Sunday nftornoon'
shortly after a street car had passed
over. John H. Uecm, a commercial
traveler from Honoy Creok, Wis, was
carrlod down In tho wreck, but, nib
clothing caught, suspending him on
tho brink of tho upper falls. Ho was
romovod unhurt. No other person
was Injured.
Convent Raided.
Mexico City. A building on Moscas
stroot has been raldod and dlscovorod
to be a convent existing in violation
of the laws of reform. Tho houso is a
largo ono and has many colls, n chapol,
a refectory and other features of con
vont Hfo. Tho Inmates woro tho garb
of Carmelites, with face vellB. Legal
proceedings will bo taken against tho
nuns in tho court of tho First district.
Religious orders engngod in teaching
nnd works of charity havo not been
interfered with.
Three Fatally Hurt In Dattle at Hun
' garlan Picnic.
Lorain, O. A pltchod battle was
fought at a park hero on Sunday be
tween Bovornl Hungarians from Lo
rain and Cleveland, who wero holding
a reunion and picnic. A light started
from somo unknown cause nnd raged
for nearly nn hour. Ileor bottle,
clubs, knives nnd billies were usod,
and when tho fight was over It wns
found that bcotoh of the contestants
wero injured. Throo of tho Hunsirl
an from Clovel.ind wcra fatally hurt.
Administration Announces it
Intends to Begin Criminal
Attorney General Moody Will Invoke
the Elklns Law, Which Prohibits
Rebates In Interstate Commerce,
and May Bring Further Action
Under Sherman Anti
Trust Law.
Washington. Formnl announce
ment of the purposo of tho govern
ment to prosccuto tho Standard OH
company was mndo Friday by Attor
ney Ocnernl Moody. It nppcars from
his Rtnlcmont that tho proceedings In
tho II rut InHtnnce will bo under tho
terms of tho Elklns law which pro
hibits rebates In lutcr-stato commerce.
Tho attorney general, however, gives
notice that In nil probability, Bhould
tho Investigation ho Is still asking
Justify It, ho will bring further nctloni
ngnliiHt the Stnndmd Oil company un
der tho tonus of tho Shormnn anti
trust law, nnd alho will tako steps to
lnsuro ngnliiBt tho coutlnuanco on tho
pnrt of tho company ot discrimina
tions In trailo and transportation not
now a subject or prosecution under 'ex
isting lnw, but especially provided
agnlnst In tho pending rnto bill.
But the Scapegoats for the Principals
Are to Be Sent to Prison.
Kansas City. In the United States
district court hero Friday morning
Judgo Mcl'hcrson ot Hcd Oak, la.,
passed scntunco upon tho seven de
fendants recently convicted In this
court of making concessions nnd ac
cepting rebates on shipments. Judg
ments In tho naturo of (lues woro as
sessed nn follows:
Swift & Co., $15,000.
Cudahy Packing company, $16,000.
Tho Armour Packing company,
Nelson, Morris & Co., $16,000.
Chicago, Burlington Qulncy rail
way, $15,000.
George L. Thomas of New York was
fined $G,000 nnd sentenced to four
months In tho penitentiary.
L-. B. Tnggart of Now York was
fined $1,000 and sentenced to threo
months In the penitentiary.
The fine or $16,000 assessed against
tho Burlington covorcd all four counts,
tho aggregate amount of tho fines in
tho seven cases totalling $85,000.
Appeals wero filed In ench case and
a stny of execution was granted until
Juno 29. Tho bonds, lo tho enso. of,
Thomas nnd Tnggart woro fixed at
$0,000 each. These two men appeared
In court personally, and upon bolng
sentenced promptly furnished tho ro
quired bonds. Tho bonds In tho caso
of tho packing companies and the Bur
lington wero fixed, nt $15,000 each.
Boforo scntunco was passed In the
various cases, motions for now trials
woro mndo by John O. Cowan of
Omaha and Frank Hngerman of Kan
sas City for tho packers, and by Judge
O. M. Spencer or St. Joseph upon be
half of tho Burlington railroad and
Thomns and Taggart. All those mo
tions woro overruled.
Ministry Charged With Murder, Rob
bery and Arson.
St. Petersburg. Tho discussion ot
Interior Minister Stolypln's explana
tions was resumed In tho lower house
of parliament Friday. Tho radical ora
tors woro given tho ltoor first
Itnmlflh All, a Georgian mombor ot
tho house, on behalf of tho Social
Democrats, offered a resolution hold
ing tho administrative officials guilty
of murdor, robbery ond violations of
law, nnd demanding tho prosocutlon
as accessories ot the ministry, which
tho resolution dcclnres has been shel
tering their ngenta nnd preventing an
exposure of tho conditions by tho
Tho pnpors announce tho arrest of
twenty-four prlvntes of the Prorobn
Jolsnk regiment for circulating proc
lamations In tho revolutionary agitation.
President's Traveling Expenses.
Washington. Tho opopsltlon to tho
committee amendment to tho sundry
civil bill appropriating $25,000 nn
nunliy for tho payment of tho travel
ing expenses of tflo presldont, which
was begun by Bonntor McLaurln, ro
suited Friday in tho withdrawal or tnw
nmondment by Senator Halo, in
chargo of tho bill, and tho subsequent
passtigo of tho Indepoudont bill pn.
vldlne practically for the same ap
propriation which wns recently passed
by tho houso of representatives.
One Fiend Less.
Chicago. Itlchard Ivcns was hanged
hero Friday for tho murder of Mrs.
Dosslo Holllstor, tho wlfo of Franklin
C. Holllstor, head of tho largo print
ing establishment ot Holllster Bros.
Tho crlmo, which was committed on
tho ovcnlng or January 12 or this year,
was ono of tho most revolting in tho
police history ot Chicago. Mrs. Hoi
llslor, who was n handsomo woman,
and prominent In church and social
clrclos, was assaulted nnd choked to
death by Ivcns, who lator confessed
(hie crime.
Meat Bill Comes Up In the 8enate and
Packing House Proprietors Are
Roundly Scored by 8enater.
Washington. Senator Proctor on
Wcdnesdny called up In tho Donate the
agricultural appropriation bill, and
tnado tho usual motion for ngroomont
to tho request for a conference. He
then mndo a statement concerning
tho houso substltuto for the meat in
spection bill, Baying tliero woro es
sential points of difference betweoa
tho two hbusoq. Ono of ihcso, ho said,
was tho omission by the houso of tho
senate provision requiring that the
date of inspection bo placed on cans
containing meat, and tho other the
transfer of tho cost of Inspection from
tho packers to tho national treasury.
Speaking of tho lattor change, he said
that It was radical, and, in his opinion,
unwlso; nnd advised that tho house
amendment on that point l5o not ac
cepted. Tho packers could, he de
clared, afford tho expense ot nn adver
tisement, for, looked at In that light,
tho government certlfirnto would be
of immenso benefit. Mr. Proctor also
charged that tho numerous protests
which have boon coming to tho sonate
on this subject havo a common origin
In Chicago, nnd In support of his
itatcmont rend a number of protests
to show tho langungo to bo practically
the samo wherever thoy may bo dated.
Senator I.odgo nnd Senator Dover
idgo nlso spoko on tho measure before
It gave placo for tho canal bill. Sen
ator Lodge, In dlscusiilng tho group
of men In control of tho packing in
dustry, paid their history has been of
nttcr dcflnnco of lnw nnd public
opl.ilon. Ho referred to a rccontly
publlhcd lnioi view with Nelson Mor
ris, In which this great packer showed
contempt for writers of books, nnd
the Massachusetts sonator said tho
writing of a book brought about tho
prcsont situation, nnd It may occur
to tho packors that "tho writing ot
books Is not so contemptible"
Tho men rcspcnslblo for tho meat
packing and Stnndard Oil monopolies,
said Mr. Ixidgc, have dono moro to ad
vance socialism, anarchism, unrest
and unwholesome conditions in tho
United States than all or the social
ists in the world. Ho said tho people
would resent having their food tam
pered with, and made sport of by mere
greed for monoy, nnd that thoy are
lightly Insisting thnt these packers bo
put on tho samo basis as manufac
turers of other foods whoso products
are Inspected.
Town on Island of Leyte Raided by
' Warlike Natives.
' Malilla. A' Band of 500 Pumjanes
under Caosarlo Pastor attacked tho
town of Duration, on tho Island ot
Leyte, Juno 19. They killed flvo po
licemen, wounded flvo and captured
the remainder of tho forco oxcept the
lieutenant who was In command. Pas
tor, tho Pulajnno leader, was killed
during tho encounter .
Tho attack occurred at an early
hour in tho morning. The police were
caught unawares, and their sentinel
wns niBhed from Ills post. Tho ban
dits then entered tho tribunal and n
hand-to-hand fight took plnco. The
pollco fought desporatoly, but wore
overcome by supoilor numbers.
Tho loss of tho Pulajanes is be
iloved to havo been great, but It can
not bo cstlmntcd, ns thoy carrlod oft
their dead and wounded after tho
Measure Carries Nearly $40,000,000
Moro Than a Year ago.
Washington. Sonator Halo on Wed
nesday reported tho sundry civil ap
propriation bill. It carries $102,347,
279, a not Incroaso of $7,700,209 over
tho amount carried by tho bill as It
passed the Iioubo. Tho sundry civil
bill a year ago carrlod $07,103,000. An
amendment wns adopted rostorlng to
tho bill nn appropriation of $25,000 to
pay tho traveling expenses of tho pres
ident, which Item wont out or tho bill
In tho houso on a point of ardor.
Windstorm In Chicago.
Chicago. Ono mnn was tatally In
jured, four woro slightly hurt, and
tho Illinois Steel company's plant at
South Chicago was damaged to tho
extent of $150,000 as tho result of a
violent rain, wind and hall storm
Wednesday afternoon. Mlchaol Kon
nls, oporntor of an oro brldgo, was
fatally injured. Tho wtorm bognn at
6 o'clock and boforo It had lost Its
fury sheds woro blown down, wood
piles overturned and sovernl of tho
big smokestacks toppled to tho ground.
Night Cabinet Meeting.
Washington. What amounted to a
cablnot meeting was hold at tho White
Houso Wodnesdny night. Thoro
woro flvn momboru of tho cabinet In
conference with the presldont, Secre
taries Hoot, Taft, Bonaparto and Cor
tolyou and Attorney General Moody.
Tho occasion for tho night meeting
was explained to bo the consideration
of public business. Boyond this and
tho stutemont that nothing unusual
had happoned, nothing wai mado
public regarding tho conference
woui.D-nn ACTorts." L
Tommy Harper Isn't a bad sort, but
he has a bug that ho was put in this
world for the purposo of elevating the
Tommy thinks he could rush on
and play Richard tho Third to such
an extent that the audience would rlso
up and carry him out on their shoul
ders. Perhaps they would dead.
Tommy thinks thnt with his volco
he could mako Jean de Reszkc's notes
look like a bunch of bad monoy.
He's out to bet a couplo of seven
dollar bills that he has Herbert Kolcey
fanned to a finish, and that when It
comes to comedy Francis Wilson and
Jeff D'Angells aren't vlslblo on the
shell road.
He says that If ever he can break
into a play with Mrs. Lesllo Carter
ho'll turn such a warm pair of goo
goo eyes on her that somebody will
havo to get up nnd yell for tho fire
But Tommy can't make good with
his shape.
Ho's as broad across the bosom as
Col. Jack Carter.
In tho love passages his embonpoint
would set htm back about threo feet.
Ho can wear n full dross suit all
right, but after it's Bet he looks like a
load of new-mown hay.
Tommy bolongb to the Ancient nnd
Honorable Order of Tnck Hammers.
Ho always knocks in a lady-like
way, and his remarks don't register
once in ten.
Ho likes to go to a theater and
squirt verbal seltzer wnter nil ovor tho
His language Is all fine nnd dnlsy,
but when ho turns 6n the loud pedal
he sounds like a dog locked up in the
He is ono ot those dubs who thinks
ho's missed his calling, and, no doubt,
his calling has been shaking hands
with itself ever since becauso ho
missed the boat
I've known Tommy for a long time,
bo ho feels free to read his dopo to
Every tlmo a now book comes out
Tommy wnnts to get it dramatized
and star In it.
. Ho. tr.lP1 Jo net "Jnnlco Meredith,"
but Frank McKce cut across lots and
headed him off.
Tommy had an Idea that If tho part
of Washington crossing tho Delaware
In "Jnnlco Meredith" could bo fat
tened up with a couple of topical songs
nnd a comedy bit, ho'd bo aces for tho
He says that If ho had seen "David
Harum" first he would havo made
Billy Crano look like a plate of cold
Tommy told me once that If ho
could play the opposite part to Marie
Dressier tho public would have to bite
Its way Into the theater.
He thinks ho has Peto Datley down
with both shoulders on the carpet.
ji- -- uy w
tnd tho stake-holder is ladling out tho
gate money.
Tommy has an ldsathat it would be
like finding money to dramatize MaJ
Pond's "Kccentrlcltles of Gonlus" nnd
let him play all tho people from Ann
Eliza Young to Bill Nye.
Tommy has besn after mo to get
Dave Bclasco to wrlto him a pjay, but
I've stood him off by tolling him that
I thought Sardou could fit him better.
Rvery day he drives up to my ranch
In a hansom to find out If Sardou has
cabled yet.
I've Just punched out a parcel of
paragraphs which I shall turn In to
I think it will do blm good:
"My Dear Tommy: I have at last
lecurod a play .for you.
"The author wanted $20,000 for it,
but we compromised. Ho took 80
cents in cash, and I promised him the
mi. i
"In the first act you come in with M
an ax In each hand and you play the M
piano with the other. Then you go H
out and borrow a golf suit and some M
Scotch dialect, and you como on tho M
stago looking like an Irishman. In H
this act you have four songs, two M
soIob, a cake-walk and six months In H
Jail If tho audience catches you.
"In the second act you will be
compelled to dlsgulso yourself nnd H
look llko n gentleman. You'll need ai H
lot of rehearsals for this second net.
"In tho third act you'll play an H
elephant The scene Is In a boarding
house. You'll have to leave your H
trunk there. This act will bo very H
funny If anyone laughs at It. H
"Tho fourth act is a dramatization H
of tho Pennsylvania railroad tlmo H
tables. You should cut quite a figure H
In UiIb H
"Tho fifth act is at tho bottom of a H
well. You play tho pump. You ought H
to bo a ereat success if you handlo it H
with care. H
"In tho sixth act you play tho races H
with real money. You'll havo to fur- H
nish It yoivrself. I'm only your man- H
agcr I'm not a bank. H
"Tho scene of tho seventh act Is H
laid on top of a mountain. You aro H
discovered standing on top of tho H
mountain. Then somebody moves tho H
mountain. H
"In tho eighth act you will appear
as Tho Prldo of Jennlco, It you don't
break your leg when you fall off tho
mountain. M
"In tho ninth act you play tho hose.
If the audlonco hasn't gono homo by H
this tlmo you'll hnve to go out and
give an Imitation ot Edwin Booth. It M
that doesn't send thorn homo wo'll call H
for tho police. H
"I'm sure you will like the play. H
Your salary will bo $200 a week some
"Call and see me at your earliest
convenience. Tako tho elevator. Tliero
Isn't anything clso In the building to J M
offer you. Yours with love, 1 M
"John iiKNnr." LH
You'd think that would detain H
Tommy temporarily, wouldn't you?
But It won't. H
He'll forget It, and day aftor to- sH
morrow ho'll flanh the Intelligence on H
me that ho has Invented a Btranglo-
hold lino of business that' will put Vsi
Looey Harrison on tho blink; and that IIbH
when it comes to low comedy he has M
Dan McAvoy going over the hills and H
away to tho woodshed. B
You know, when a guy like Tommy H
onco gets tho worm In his noodle that fl
Iio'h cut out for an actor y.ou couldn't LLH
coax It away with a mallet. H
(Copyright, by a, W. Dillingham Co.) M
Machine for Locating Springs.
Adolf Schmld, n Swiss engineer of
standing, has Just pntonted In Eoveral
countries a devlco which takes the place
ot the divining rod or superstitious
tradition. It consists of a magnctla L
meridian. This instrument Is carried
about tho Hold in which It Is deslrod to H
locnto water and whenever It parses Ln
over a hidden spring tho magnetic Hl
needlo will perform rapid nnd lively 2M
oscillations. Many tests of the nppa- IsB
ratus havo been mado nnd in no case has M
n failure boen recorded. H
Would Stamp Out FesL M
Several of the fruit ports of Central LH
Amerlda havo called upon the United H
States moro particularly on New H
Orleans for aid In stumping out and H
preventing yellow fovor. Port Limon, H
which was formerly a post spot for H
breeding tho dlscuso, has been entirely H
rebuilt In tho last throo or four years H
and the result 1b so satisfactory that H
rival banana shipping porta wish to H
1 UalUUi Its example H

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