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B gi w '"
H You wouldn't drink skim milk,
H why drink stale cofUo?
I threeMoh
I Coffee la ROASTED FRESH Dally
H 4 BInJi-25, 3C, 35 mi 40: the pound.
1 X ' ' '
I What Fatlur Does.
Mothora may talk, work, Btruggla to
make their sons models by whir to
I shape a now heavun and a new earth.
Dut the boy's" world 'Is .In the man
who Is hi father, nnd the boy bellevei
that, whatever may bo right on Sun
days or at irayertlmes. the things
that aro really good, thnt really count
In lite, arc what fathor does
rays Harper's Bazar. Moreover
It Is what father dors which de
fines the means with which the boj
shall work, tho sphere wherein his ef
forts shall bo shaped. In a word
what father dcc3 Is the beginning as
It Is tho end of the lev's arhlovements
I Via Salt Lake Route, Utah's Moat
1 Popular Road.
I l'orvElks' 'convention, Denver, Colo-'
I rado. ICxtrcmoly Iov rates for tho
I round trip. Tickets on sale July 14th
nnd 16th, good to return thirty days.
B Beo agents Salt Lako Route.
H A Submarlno Monotony.
H As a rulo with few exceptions, tho
HJ Burfaco of tho earth under the oceans
J s dsvold of striking and abrupt (on-
H trasU. It would be monotonous It
J were brought to view. Tho actloi of
H tho water and the depositing of organ-
B lc and other matter settling down
BJ through the sea have smoothed, down
H the gicatur part of the subaqueous
H earth nnd left It far from picturesque.
H We Make Travel Easy.
H Flvo trains dally via tho Atchison,
H Topcka & Santa Fc, Colorado to Kan-
HJ las City, St. Joe, Chicago, Galvoston,
H El Paso, City of Mexico. Ask mo
nbout reduced rates. C. F. Wnrron,
I O. A.. A. T. & S. F. ny.. 411 Dooly
I Dlock, Salt Lako City, Utah.
M The Useful Goat.
HI A man In Scotland, whose house ad
! otncd the railway, kept a goat tetli
B (red in his garden. A filcntl asked
K ijlm ono day what was tho use of the
j goat. "Use of tho goat!" ho replied.
HB "Man, that goat kcops mo In coals
BBJ Novoe n train passes but tho fireman
BBJ Uirovra a bit of coal &t It."
BBJ Oood Thing.
H fr Mrs. Poppy I couldn't live a day
BBJ " without you.
BH Mr. Poppy That'll Havo llfo Insur
H nnce. Los Angeles Herald. '
I Investment Worthy
I Investigation
BBI Jlonor put In the bank brlnga a low rat of
H Interval but lnoiifrullr into. There urn, how-
B aver, ntlior luvektmenit equally ai iiafo nnd
M more productive Wullttn lull Una of Ihofol-
lowlntf "fttooki ' ami recommend them to your
H notice, firmly rxtllovlnii tmit ai a ectirlty Klrlne
M adequate remit! to the Inventor I her cannot U
BBI MoCormlck inonerx, bluderi, beaderi, reaper!
H andrnkei. , , ,
H Intornailonal llurreitert and Rd lag bind-
Ilia twine and rope.
1 U. H. Cream Separator!.
H '. K. altera A llro. and lted Jacket pumpi
H Oliver A Deerv I'Ioitd.
B llaln & Cooticr Waiioitt.
B I II. I'o. Kntollnocnulncarorallpurpoui.
H I II Co. manure iim-adcn, different tliea.
H The heat on earth pvmonitratlona made.
H J I Caae ttaretlilnii maohlnea, enxlnea and
1 horan-iKiwera. ...
H The niott complete line of light vehicle! of-
H fererl at any point ct of Clilcaito.
H "ltamliler" kuloraobllev demunatrated for
durability ipcedandhUlclliuhlnxpropcniUlai
BBH The farmor, rancher. &tock-raUer and the
H publlOKem-rnllyarn Invlttd to luapectoiir lla
H ofatorki' at Salt Lake rity Oirdr-n and Loyan
H Utah, Idaho Kails ami Montpellcr, Idaho, and
H at the thirty additional amrea we bave located
j ' at different poluta In Utah, Idaho, Wyoming
B nd Nevada.
B CorrvipondviircaddrMcdtotbeBbovepcInlt
B neareu located to rour realdeiioo or imiplnc
polutliiiuieaqnlck rt-plr . . , ,,, ,
Our Kcnerul olilce at fall Lake Cltr will lie
cloned at I p. m Hitiinlnya from now until Hei
lit Incluilve, owlncto ilia fact that rallro
will not rccclvo freltiht ultor lhat hour.
H Hundava and holldava ilurniK the jarvett
H ton u forru of men lire at work from 10a
1 until i ti, in tUUna-ordcra fnr math eeitr
K Telephone , ImU pendent IVUand 1CJ, 'tell I'
H during the hoiira nuuivd
H Waicbman ou the preiiiucx nlshtljr
Consolidated Wagon
& Machine Company
H UaJlni Implement Dealers Utah nl Idaho
BBI George T. Odell, General Manaier
BBb job. p. bmith. w. a. mooorniok
PititiDiNT. vioa pnaaioaNT
BBm aaaaaaaaMIMMaaM al
BBal ,,""t vtmt you neeil it wnlrli fur, let na
kmiw, mill Mi) will tell )im Mlmt In liuj ti
BBH '''' R"irHiiteril retiilla
I Union Assay Office
aB m. a. HNuan. r-,o. toi u
.V.aaDllN. BalTtaK. PITT. tlTH
H t
Marks to Be Set Up at Points Where
Beds of Iron Under Water
Disarrange the
Washington, V. C Tho navy de
partment has sent Commander Reg
inald V, Nicholson, assistant chief of
tho equipment bureau, to Clovcland to
lako steps to help tho captains of lako
vessels to rectify their trouhles with
refractory compasses. For many years
past theso skippers havo been botli
erod by the erratic behavior of their
compares in different localities on
the laKcs. At first it was thought that
tho cargoes ot Iron or other ores they
wero tarrying In their vessels wero re
ripoii3lblo for this deviation In tho
needles; but nowadays It Is recognised
that the real sourco of tho trouble lies
In the naturo of tho bottom of tho
lakes, and not In tho enrgoes. Grent
beds cf iron undcrllo tho lakes In
various places, and theso affect the
It is to coirect this evil that Com
mander Nicholson Is going to Cleve
land with Instruments that will onablo
him to set up, at certain conspicuous
places, "marks" fixed nt tho truo north,
eo thnt the captains of passing ships
may lioto nny errors In their com
passes and make the necessary adjust
ments. At present It is his Intention
to scr up thot.0 "marks" In St. Clair
river nnd In the straits of Mackinaw,
which will cover tho greater part of
tho lako traffic.
How strongly tho underlako Influ
ences affect tho compasses of lako ves
sels was revealed to a traveler last
summer while crossing Lako Ontario
on a lumber steamer. Prom tho tinu
tho i-hlp clearod tho mouth of. tho St
Lawrence river on Its westerly pas
sago until it was across tho middle
ground In the center of tho lako, tho
captain or mate stood upon tho Hy
ing brldgo conning tho ship from the
compass on that lofty height. Kx
porlencc had taught tho skipper that
natural conditions under tho bod ol
tho lake affected his compass In the
wheelhouso so materially that the com
pass was practically useless In thai
particular portion of tho voyage, and
consequently tho vessel's courso was
kept by tho compass upon the bridge,
hvhleh was bo far nbovo tho disturb
'lng mineral elements as not to bo af
fected by them. For tho greater pn'rt
of tho run across tho lako tho comj
pass in tho wheelhouso wns n point or
two "olt" from the truo direction ai
the one on tho brldgo. Tho "marks'!
to bo set up by tho government's hy
drographcrs will enable this particular
captain, ns well as others, to correc
such deviations every trip If they
care to.
Hold of Vessel Contains Pood Stuffn
Upon Which They
Portland, Ore. When the steamer
Goorgo W. Eldor Is finally lloated her
hold will be found allvo with fish.
This was brought to light tho other
day by ono of tho divers when ho
emerged from hatch No. 2 after liav
. lng made a final examination ot tho
' patches put over tho largo break that
sent tho steamer to tho bottom.
The water In tho hull 1b black, nnd
tho dlvor was complotoly In tho dark,
but In groping his wny over tho bot
tom came In contact with n vorltiblo
tchool of fish, which ho believes aro
rnrp. He says they wero so thick
tnat'ho had to push his way through,
and he could feel tho commotion In
tho wator. ,
Tho flBh havo been feeding nnd
prowlng fat on tho flour and othor
foodstuffs allowed to remain In tho
sifter part of tho vessel to kcop her
ou ts oven a keel as possible, and bo
lides they hnvo been sheltered from
tho strong current nnd hnvo had
things their own wny for more than n
Motorists nt Like Como Land with
Their Machine in a
a Tree.
London. An extraordinary nutomo
Jllo cscapo Is roportod from Lako
Como, Italy. It Is something beyond
tho usual when motoilsts find safety,
machine, nnd nil, In n treo, A French
hrttst had been staying nt Lake Como,
and wns driving an automobllo with
threo frlonds near Urunato, when de
scending n stocp hill tho car struck a
largo stono, sworved violently ngnlnst
tho parapet protecting tho mountain
road from n precipice and, breaking
through tho ninionry, wont clear over
tho edgo. Luckily, tho branches ot n
treo growing from tho side of tho
rock, and reaching noarly to tho road
level, caught tho car as It foil, thorn
by saving tho four men from certnln
tloath. After bolng "treed" for somo
hours, tho party wero roscuod from
their unpleasant position.
Horse Rescued from Well.
A horso backed Into a ctstorn on
Missouri point, opposlto Alton, a few
days ago, whllo trying to dlsongago
itself from tho rails of n fenco It wus
trylnts to leap. Neighbors planned for
several houre to roscuo tho animal,
when ono of them conceived tho idea
of filling tho cistern with looso straw,
graduully raising tho horse's footing
until tho pnlmal could stop out. Four
big loads of straw woi. used In the
rescue, which won Hiuv.-iii.rul.
Even Indelible Ink Stains May JU
Removed Boiling Wnter for
Fruit Stains on Linen.
Many housekeepers aro sorely per
plexed when stnlDe that will not rub
olf appear oil dlfforcnt things. Hut
these domestic trials may not be sc
lerlous after all, If tho proper things
are used to rcmovo tho stains.
All women may not know that vino
?ar nnd salt with n few drops of am
nnla will remote stains from brass.
l"o It Into n pnstc and apply with a
piece of flannel, then rub off with a dry
pleco and will be delighted with the
Ink spots can ho successfully ie
moved from tho children's handker
chiefs nnd from all white goods wltl.
lemon and salt. Cover tho stnln with
ine salt, sn,uce7o the lemon Juice on 11
ind rub between the hands. Some ink
'a obstlimto nnd will require a second
application. Ink may sometimes be
removed from colored clothes by no.ik
tug Ihe article In sweet milk, but the
suaklug must bo done soon after the
Ink has been spilled.
Indcllblo ink stains mo often re
garded as permanent blots, yet In
many enhes they may be removed by
first soaking tho article in stiong salt
ivuter and afterwards washing In am
monia. l'our boiling water on llnon where
tea has been spilled, or ou fruit stall's.
If tho stain Is large or obstinate do
aot despair, hut keep pouring tho boil
ing water over the stain and it will
Alcohol will icmovo grass stains.
Coal oil will also remove grass stains
If tho stnln Is nut ot long standing.
Coal oil Is good to remove tho yellow
slain In the bath tub that comes from
the uso of hard wnter.
Machine oil stains aro easily taken
out If they nro rubbed with tresh lard
before being wet. If tho goods cannot
ho washed, uso chloroform. Chloro
form will also remove Bpots from silk
nnd delicate fabrics.
Mattings on tho Moor may bo cleaned
nnd almost all kinds of stans re
moved by tho use of oxalic acid. It If
not necessary to lake the matting ur.
from the floor, In fact, it Is better tc
let It remain.
Dlssolvo a tcuspoouful of the crystal;
In a pall of clear, warm water: wet a
woolen cloth with this solution nnd
rub tho spots; then tuko another pall
of clean water, add a handful of tnble
salt and wipe the wholo lloor ovei
again. Tho now, bright look will repay
you for your labor. The same recipe
mny be used for cleaning straw lints
using an old tooth brush to apply.
Inum will romovn fruit stains from
tho hands and dlscoloratlous from un
der the linger unlls very quickly.
Mildew on leather may bo removed
from all kinds of leather hy gently rub
bing with coal oil. Afterwards polish
with u soft cloth.
Tnr marks aro often considered Im
possible to remowi, but If a plentiful
Biipply of fresh lnrd Is put on tho spot
nnd Is left for hnlf an hour and then
washed In hot water the spot will dis
appear. Turpentine will rcmovo paint stains
from clothing nnd window glass, as
well as rust marks from woolen goods.
It Is also a good dlKlnfectuut. I'rnlrle
Save nil tho burlap pieces, wash
and sew them together In strips nnd
uso them under the carpets this spring.
This Is bettor than paper for It allows
the dirt to sift through the meshes to
tho floor.
Much time nnd labor may be saved
In window wnshlng If after washing
tho glnss It Is rliiHed In perfectly clenr
water and left to dry. When entirely
dry u momont's polishing with news
papers will mako It ns bright as a
long and hard drying and rubbing with
cloths would do.
To clean a fur boa first brush out all
the dust, then rlenn it way through tc
tho skin by brushing with a whisk
broom dripping with alcohol. When
this Is finished, powder It with fuller's
earth, set away for n couple of days
then shako the brush thoroughly.
To rcmovo tho stnln nnd odor oi
onions from the hands after hnndllnp
them, rub the hands with n niece ol
fresh colory.
If a vnnillii beau Is kept In the sugar
Jar It will glvo to tho sugar a vory del
Icate Haver. This Is especially desir
able for sugar to be used In rake
Instosd ot leaving the cellar until
the Init room to ho cleaned, wo clean
It first as It Is thou moro upt to re
celvo a through cleaning. We sweep
tho ceiling, walls nnd every comor
taking euro that no umimuhitlons arc
let, there to endanger the health ol
the family. Then n Btrong solution ol
ropperas water is sprinkled over the
lloor u couple of times to berve as ii
disinfectant. Farmers' Review
White Mountain Pudding.
Add to one pint of milk a cupful ol
iugar, half n cupful of lino crackei
:rumbs, the beaten whites of two eggs
it few grains of salt, halt n teaspooutul
at suit, half a teaHpoouful of almond
extract, and two heaping tablespoon
fills of coconnut. Rake slowly until
Arm llko custnrd; beat tho whiles ol
two eggs with half n cupful of sugai
and spread over tho top, then browr.
lightly In the oven.
Peas nnd Potatoes,
Cut cold-hollod now potatoes lute
small plecis with u vegetable, cuttei
or knife; cook nice, fiesh green peak
until tender; placo n cupful of cream
In n saucepan; when hot thicken Ii
with n scant tublespooiiful of Hour
mixed with threo tuhlospoonfuls o.
butler; adil salt nnd popper to tnste,
to this add tho potatoes mid peats
when heated well. Servo at once on i
pjtiior. -Icj to tervo with lamb.
Montana Man Evolves Method of
Growing Tubers In Sixty
Great Falls, Mont. A half-bushel ol
sawdust, a dash of chemical solution
and Id potatoes carefully enveloped
with tho sawdust will euablo tho aver
ago householder to grow u bushol ot
tubers ou hi housetop or In his cel
lar within W 'Ja,ys. This process has
been discovered and elaborated by W.
I). DarM, of this. place. Moreover, tho
grower will have no contest with gnu
Tho product of Mr. Oarst's process
is termed "vlnclcss potato," from the
tact that, grown under theso apparent
'y unnatural conditions, thcro Is no
lurfueo vegetutlon. llecauso of this
;ach potato burled in tho sawdust is
Miauled to produce at least 12 normal
sized tubers.
Tho other day at tho Oakland pla.a,
In tho rear ot tro Oakland hotel, Mr.
Darst disclosed tho methods of grow
ing potatoes by his system. Operat
ing on tho theory thnt the presence of
)iirfnco vegetation was only a method
5f securing nourishment and In reality
app?l tho vitality of tho tuber, Mr.
Dar.n experimented moro thnti nix
ycara, nnd found lie could overcomo
this seemingly natural course on tho
part ot tho plant by supplying It arti
ficially with Its needs.
lly employing sawdust, straw or
nnj other earth product that would,
permit of tho circulation of nlr, moist
ure nnd heat nnd the application of
solutions of vnrlous sails, ho discov
ered n slnglo potato would multiply it
self by attaching to Itself from 12 to
1G other potatoes ot approximately tho
name, dimensions without throwing off
tony of Its energy abovo ground.
Packed In loosely arranged bins per
mitting tho fico access of air and ar
ranged In rows six Inches nbovo each
other, with an allowances of ono cubic
foot ot sawdust to tho seedling. Mr.
Darst hns demonstrated tho rapidity
of growth and tho proportions thnt
the potatoes may attain by showing
thnt within CO dnys 1C potatoes will
produco a bushel. In tho chnrnctor of
his experiment nnd tho success that
haB attended them Mr. Darst has tho
Indorsement of Luther llurbnnk, the
eminent horticulturist and botanist.
Twenty-Foot Heat Indicator Attracts
Hundreds of People to Store
in Boston.
Boston. Thoro nro thermometers
and thermometers, but the largest ono
In tho world nttracts hundreds of peo
ple to Jaynes & Co.'e storo at Summci
and South strotts. It Is not wholly
n show thcrmo jietor, howover, for It
works perfectly and marks tho varia
tions in tomporJturo Just nbout as ac
curately ns ono of tho pretty nil-glass
Indicators. From top to bottom this
gigantic thcrmoiMor measures 20 feet
The morcury tuao Is a llttlo moro than
1G feet In length nnd 1U Inches In dl
nmcter. Ton tubes wero broken by tho mnk
ers, n Rochester, N. Y., concern, bo
fore they succeoded In producing this
ono nnd tho tnsk Involved great diffi
culties. It wns packed with caro and
every precaution to guard ngnlnst
hroakngo wns taken when It was un
packed and set up. When It was flnnl
y In placo on tho building tho men In
chnrge breathed a sigh of relief. The
graduated scald over which tho tube
Is conducted In tho work of somo ol
the experts sent hero from Rochester,
tho home of thermometers of all styles
end classes.
Tho manufacturers of tho big ther
mometer sny thoy know of no othor
anywhoro that approaches It In bIzo
with tho single exception of ono nt ,
'.ho World building, New York, nnd
Mint Is much Binnllcr, In fact, Is only
about half tho slzo of tho Summer
street temperature recorder.
Good Results from Unsalable Prod
uct Obtained by New York
Mlddletown, N. Y. Skim milk as n
fertilizer for crops Is Interesting tho
farmers In tho vicinity of Halsoy, N.
J., nnd scvornl dcclnro that astonish
ing results hnvo como from Its uso.
Sovoral weeks ngo n croamory of that
placo had a lot of skim milk that
could not be used. W. Clark Mains
nnd John A. Seglor, farmers, took tho
milk nnd pouivd It on their lauds as
an cxporlmouc Mains emptied 7ii
cans on a timothy sod lot. Segler
emptied ICO cans on n pleco of meadow
land. Romarlmblo- results hnvo been
Their grass Is now seven times as
vigorous as on adjoining fields whero
tho milk wns not used, but which
woro covered with commercial fertiliz
ers. Tho farmers predict that milk
will be UBed honceforth.
Bloodhounds for Petty Thievea.
City Marshal Charles Klmscy, of
Muskogco, Ind. T., hns purchased a
pair of bloodhounds from stnto olllclals
In Toxus nnd will bring them to Mus-
kogco, whero ho will keep them in
training to run down criminals In the
city. They will also be used by tho
federal oHlcors ot tho district when
ever they nio called for. Olllcer Kim
soy thinks the bloodhounds will be
specially useful In running down petty
thieves among the colored population
of Uw city.
Tramp Dog Steals Rides.
Clinging to tho top ot u box car,
u tramp dog rode 117 miles from Pitts- '
burg to Altoonn on a fast-freight train
recently, it was discovered by the
brakemnn. on top of a beof car shiver
ing with cold mid badlj licared.
Allen 8. Olmsted Wins in Court
The Foot-Enso Trade-Mark
Buffalo, N. Y. The Supremo Court has
granted n permanent injunction with costs
npitut Paul 11. Hudson nnd others of
New York City, restraining them from
making or selling n foot powder which
the court dcclan-s is nn imitation and in
fringement on "Foot-Kane," now no large
ly advertised nnd sold over the country.
Ihe owner of the trade-mark "Foot-Kane,"
Allen S. OhnMed, of 1 Roy, N. Y.,nnd
'.lie decision of this Miit iipholiU hit trade
mark nnd renders nil parties liable who
fraudulently nttempt to profit by the ex
tensive "I'oot-Kaso advertising, in plac
ing on the market the spurious nnd sim
Inr nppenritif! pieparntion involved in tho
jaw. This the court declares wns dc
tinned in Imilntlnn nnd infringement tf
die Rciiuino "lVfiMCnvc" trndc-ninrk rights.
Knch lincknffo of the genuine Allen's Fool
Haw Ins the facsimile sipnature of Allen
S. Olmsted ou Its jellow label.
The trndo ot Chill Is almost entire
ly In tho hands ot Europeans,
Franco Imported $300,000 worth ot
ipples from Canada last summer and
In 1901 Denmark sent to England
over 5,000 tons ot butter, valued at
It Is thtlmntcd thnt 1,000,000 tons ot
steel rails for 390' delivery nro under
negotiation, and that fully half that
ttonnngo has already been placed.
It Is said thnt tho hides of American
live cnttlo sent to England to be killed
nnd eaten aro by prenrrangement all
sent back across tho Atlantic, there to
bo tanned, and, mayhap, rcshlpped to .
England as leather or In boots and
Shipments of anthracite coal during
Mny amounted to ;t,'.'5l,:i20 tons,ngalnst
6,005,168 tons In May last year. For
tho year, to date, the shipments aggre
gate ll,,70:i,7S3 tons, contrasted with
24,872,1)54 tons In tho corresponding
period Inst year.
Showing Signs of Reoovery. I
"How Is your now servant, Mrs. Up-
moro? I heard alio wns 111."
"She's Improving. Sho wns ablo to
Bit up this morning nnd give notice."
Philadelphia Record.
An Unfinished Course.
"Docs your son grnduato this
"Oh, no. Ho has nnothor year on
tho track team." Clovcland Plain
Tbemott terrible dlsattcr ever known. Itvery
txxly It Inieretteil in the beautiful city by the
Golden Onto mid should have "The l'lcture Story
ofthe Kartliqiiake" U vlewa,35c. Deaiitifully
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Neuralgia and Anosmia ore Cured by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills'. H
For nearly u ;eiienition tho people of jH
thin country hnvo known Dr. Williams' H
Pink Pills, during which time proof of H
thousands of cures hy this remedy has
been published nnd confirmed nnd not
ono person has been harmed In tho slight- jH
est iicgrco by their nee. Tho pills con- H
tain lib opiate, narcotic or stimulant, iH
ncr nny drug which could injuro tho- jH
most delicate constitution.
"FornviT n, ycur'r-uysMlhsChnrlotto jH
Vim Snllsbtlry, ot CiiMlclon, N.Y., "I jH
suffered from neuralgia mill palpitation
f the heart. My hkiu wns pain mid Mil- H
lownudl wns troubled with dizziness, H
fainting spells nnd fits of Indigestion. 1 1 H
wus very nervous mid would stm t nt tho I H
slightest sound. At tlmcin great weak-. H
iichs would como over me nnd oil ono oo-! H
ensiou my limbs gttvo way under mo nnd ' H
I fell to tho sidewalk. I
" Of courso I wns treated hy our local I jH
physicians and nlo consulted n noted i H
doctor at Albany., but nothing they gnvo ' jH
me seemed to benefit mo. Ono day I , IH
rend in n newspaper about Dr. Williams' jH
Pink Pills for 1'iilu People nnd I inline- H
diately gave, them n trial. I soon folt1 H
much better nod my color had begun to jH
roturn. I continued using thu pills nnd H
by tho tluio I had taken eight boxes I H
wus entirely cured. jH
"My td-ter, Samh Vim Salisbury, suf- H
fcrcd tciiihly from nuiumla. Slio wns H
pulo nnd thin and wo feiued that sho H
would becomo n victim of consumption. 'll
Sim tried Dr.AVillinms' Pink Pills for rB
Pnlo People nnd in n short tlino sho ho- 1
gnu to gain in slieugtli itiid weight. B
Sho is now strong nud well nnd wo, lxitli jH
heartily recommend Dr. Wlllinum' Pink jH
Pills to nil who nro in ill health." iH
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills nro sold by all H
druggists or sent, postpaid, on receipt JM
of price, CO cents per box, six lioxei for jB
83.50, hy tho Dr.Williams Medlclno Co.,
Selieiieetndy, N.Y.. Descriptive nam-
phlcts free on request. pBV
The Greatest Boarding College In the World H
University of H
Notre Dame M
W iruaranttt ttva totntst Our itmfenft H
ttudf ami our ttuJtnts bthax tktmtthtt lH
18 DaiUinf i 75 Professor 800 Student! H
Coiinc4 In Anal tit ami Modern fjniurtiafv", Snir
luh, ll.nlm-y.Mitil Kconoinira.t litmUii r, lUolngy. H
rfiamicy Civil. Flirt ilral, nnI Mechanical fngi H
nreilnsr, ArrhHrcturv, Law, Shorthand, Uoolckep H
lnir,Tjr-wili.r)ir. H
TERMS. Bond, Tutitim. and Laundry. S4M. H
Send lea cents lo Ihe Reflitrar for Catalof uc H
You Cannot H
all inflamed, ulcerated nnd catarrhal con H
ditlons ot Uc mucous membrane such as IH
nasalcatnrrh.utcrlnecatarrli caused BH
' by feminine ills, sore throat, sore jH
mouth ot inflamed eyes by simply H
dosing the stomach. H
But you surclv can cure these stubborn H
affections by local treatment witii jH
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic ' M
which destroys the disease germs,checrs H
discharges, stops pain, and heals the BH
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Paxtine represents the most successful H
lo:al treatment for feminine Ills ever H
produced. Thousands of women testify H
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DITCIITC Trnilo Marks, Do H
fn I CH I U !'"" CuprrlKbU n4
l.aiinla iiruourott. H
Naiuan UlCKroiU), 914 V St.. WaablDgton, V. O. H
Of I ai 1 P n Wheiil, HO buthrti par aero. H
MflM I t M e'-4ilul(uo and aamplea ruaa. 9
111 Ball lurltt'U.Dai.vr.k.UCrMM.n'a. J
W. N. U., Salt Lake City, No. 27, 1006 H
aV LaaaV
I Is a Quick and Permanent Cure for H
I Rheumatism, Cuts, Sprains, Wounds, 1 H
1 Neuralgia, Headache, Old Sores, Corns, I U
I Bunions, Galls, Bruises, Contracted 1 H
f Muscles, Lame Back, Stiff Joints, I H
I Frost Bite, Chilblains, Ringbone, I B
I Pollevil, Burns, Scalds, and ALL THE 1 jffl
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i ' " i M?
BROWNING BROS, Co., Ogden, Utah
A Certain Curo for Tired, Hot, Aching Fed. WXavjySt! SAaJti"'rrr'aiS. H

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