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PHfl Edward Qulnn was struck by n
PHA gravel train at Garfield and seriously
PHfl Injured.
BHfl Tho body of Royal Reed, the young
! man who was drownod In Green river,
HHK has not been recovered.
BB The celebration of Pioneer day at
BBl Mt Pleasant was observed with moro
flflfl enthusiasm than for several years
flflfl past.
BBft A Japnnese, about 26 years old,
BBr name unknown, was run over by n
HHJ alag car at Bingham Junction and
BH A big roller-skating rink Is being
HB planned for Park City, the roller skat-
BH Ing (ad having taken a great hold In
BBJ that town.
HflJ Frank A. Lewis, a prominent con-
BH tractor of Salt Lake City, is dead
BH from injuries sustained by (ailing
Hfl from a ladder.
Hfl Tho Socialists of Sanpoto county
HB have placed a ticket In tho Held, tho
BH county convention being held at Mt.
BH. Pleasant last week.
BH Whllo raking hay at Sprlngvllle,
Hfl Reuben Hill caught his right hand In
HB "the gearing of the rake, tho member
HB being badly mangled.
HI Oeorgu Harpet, aged 26, died in a
HB Salt Lake hospital last week from in-
HB Juries received In an accident on the
BH Copper Kelt rullroad in Bingham.
BH The 11-year-old daughter of Mrs. J.
BH B. Mnrburger of Ogdon fell over a
HflU cliff on tho dugway leading into Og-
BBjBk den canyon and was badly Injured.
BBT A head-on collision occurred on tho
flflj Saltulr railroad last week, four peo-
BBl plo being Injured. Tho accident was
HHK caused by the alrbrakcH refusing to
HB An astonishing Increase In all lines
HH of trado over the corresponding period
HB of last year Is reported by Salt Lake
BBl business men for tho week Just
BH, Roy White of Mt. Pleasant wub
HB cleaning n gun when the weapon was
Hfl accidentally discharged, the bullet em
HB tcrlng the loft hand, malting an ugly
HB wound.
HB Civil service examinations will be
BBT held In Utah this yeur us follows: Lo-
HB gau, September 12 and October 17;
HB Salt Lake City, September 12, October
Hfl G and
Hfl Of 148 school teachers In Salt Lnko
Hfl county who took tliu annual cxnmina-
HB tion cary In June, over half of them
Hfl lulled. Sixty-six passed und nlnoty-
BBl two failed to pasts.
BBl. A permanent station for magnetic
Hi observations will be established at
BLfl Modenn, St. George, Knnub, Purownn,
Hfl I'uugultch, Denver, Junction, Rich-
BBJ Held, Mantl, Green River and Dragon.
BBj Gold Springs, Utah, the new mining
BBJ camp established by Mobutu. Short
BBJ and Elliot, Is now connocted with Mo-
BBJ dona by telephone. Application lias
BBJ been made for a postotrtco at thut
BBJ At the statu convention of tho So-
B clallsts, held In Salt Lako City last
BH week, W. S. Dalton was named as thu
Hfl party's candidate for Judge of the Su-
Hfl prenie court, nnd H. 0. Hurt for con-
Hfl gross.
Hfl Forrest Common, George Stnker and
HB Joseph Moore, three boys, oach 1G
Hfl years of ago, havo been arrested at
Hb Ogden on a charge of house-breaking.
HI Tho lads took $10.50 and spent tho
HI money.
Hfl Kphruim Mudsen und John Avarett
BbJ were riding n horse at Mt. Pleasant
Hi on tho 24th, wheu Uie animal reared
HB up and fell upon both of thu young
Hi men. Avarett escaped with h bad
Hfl shaking up, but Madsen Is seriously
BB injured.
B footpads aro becoming so bold In
B Ogdon that they hold up men on Main
BBj street. I. Sanders and Ernest Lund-
BBj qulst were relloved of their valuables
BK Sunday night.
B C. C, Ixirkhart, a colorod portor,
H was shot and Instantly killed by James
B H. Crawford, also colorod, at Ogdon,
BH after Lockhart had attacked Crawford
BB with a knife. Jealousy Is said to havo
BB been tho causo of thu tragedy.
B A broken mil on the Union Pacific,
B near Echo, was tho causo of another
B wreck on thnt rond Wednesday night
B of last week. A freight train struck
BB the rail and unme seven or eight cars
BB .were derailed, delaying traffic,
B As thu result of n quarrel ovor a
B pool gamo at Provo, Tom Wright was
Hi stabbed several times by George
BB Forre, mid probably fatally Injured.
BB Kerry who Is under arrest, Is a mar
BB rled man and hus a largo fumlly.
PB A little child of Chris Jensen of
B Sprlngvllle was terribly bitten by u
BBj dog a few days ago. When first seen
BB it was thought thnt tho dog was wor-
BB rylng n chicken, but It proved to bo u
BH child, nnd whon renewed thoy thought
BBj tio cltllil was dead. Tho child will
BB) h-y live.
Hv p Tho state board of equalization la
H Bonding to tho county assessors of tho
BV; stato a circular containing u resolu-
BB tlon passed by tho hoard in which Is
flflj lovlod a tax aggregating 7.8 mills on
fljf V all taxable property for state and statu
HE rchool district purposes for tho cur-
BB rent yenr.
B The Mount Plcklo company Is re
B cdMhg riicumhrru at Itu pickling plant
BB. at Sprlngvllle. Tho crop this your will
BB not be a very largo one, as the cold,
Bfl stormy weather was not good for CU
BA cumbers, but tho farmers here are bo
BV. Ing convinced that thero Is monoy in
H' this croj.
Directions (or the Growing and Han
dllng of This Profitable
Tho bean crop fills a good plnco In
the ordinary (arm rotation, since It
i may be planted a'
a tlmo whet.
g other work is not
f pressing nnd re
s quire but a smal'
amount of cultl-
v a 1 1 o n. They
grow well on ordinary clay loam
soils, and give good returns for th
labor expended.
Bush bonus should bo planted uftct
all danger of frost Is past and corn
planting nnd other spring work has
been well completed. A good crop
may often bo matured If planted as
lato as July 4. They do beBt on loam
soils and prefer clay uplands that arc
well drained which need not be par
ticularly rich.
It Is best to plant them In rows
about two and oiwhnlf to threo and
ono-hnlt (cot apart. Thoy may bo
.planted with n corn plantor, adjust
ed to a slow speed, bo as to drop tho
beans six to eight Inches apart In
tho row. Somo planters havo spe
cial attachments (or planting beans.
Tho ground should bo harrowed after
tho beans aro planted and tho surface
may bo thoroughly cultivated at that
time. Tho only cultivation nocessary
to grow tbem Is frequent stirring ot
the surfaco to keep down weeds and
rotain moisture. Deep plowing should
bo avoided, since It Is unnecessary
and harmful.
Tho beans should bo allowed to
rlpon and becomo brown beforo be
ing picked. It Is usually best to al
low them to becomo as dry as pos
sible, ho as not to shell out in hand
ling. Thero aro several contrivances
for pulling and cutting tho beans,
ono of tho simplest and most practi
cal Is shown In tho cut.
It consists of a knife, which may
bo mado by any blacksmith, which
is bolted to tho stock of an ordinary
single shovel plow. With ono horso
this instrument may bo used to cut
sovernl acres a day. Tho plow should
bo held so that tho kulfo passos along
just under tho surfaco of the ground
cutting tho bean stems ubout one-hall
inch below tho Burfaco.
After allowing tho beans to dry
nnd tho leaves to wilt, thoy may be
gathered Into piles with n four-tlned
fork, whero thoy may bo allowed to
remain for n day or two If tho weather
Is dry, Thoy should then bo haulod tc
shelter and placed In a pllo not more
than threo feet deep. If leaves nra
vory green, thero Is danger of mold
ing, which will seriously Injuro tho
beans. Thoy must bo loft In this
pllo until thoroughly dry nnd the
shells hnvo becomo hard nnd brit
tle. They may then bo hulled, either
by beating them out with a stick, or
by using ono of tho hullors, several
makes nt which aro on tho market.
A very cheap and effective huller
suggested by Farm and Homo may
bo mado from tbo sketch. It con
sists of a cylinder, a, which may ho
matin from n block or wood, Into
which nro driven a number of No.
10 spikes, with heads cut off about
ono Inch apart, und In rows. In tho
block, b, which serves ns a concavo,
other spikes aro driven, which, when
tho nrrnngoment Is mounted, will
pass between tho rows of spikes on
tho roller.
Mako war on thu poison Ivy.
Cut tho ryo heads out of tho wheat.
Timothy sod Is right for rutnbagas.
Study thu matter of raising n llttlo
Thoro Is to" much wasto land along
our fences.
Clean nut tho swill barrel. Rotten
swill Is unlit for hogs.
If penned out-of-doors bo euro to
havo a shelter from rain, and an awn
ing or trees to shade from tho sun.
Hogs easily blister nnd suffor, Glvo
thorn good wntor.
A hog can ho roared In tho pasture
with tho cnttlo, almost without cost.
It will learn to lovo and to follow tho
cows as easily ns will n pet sheep.
Freo-rango hogB aro healthy.
Don't lot a crust form on cultivated
land. Start tho cultivator going soon
after oach rain. A crust moans that
thu soli tnolBturo can rapidly ovap
orato. A dust mulch prcvontB such
evaporation. Stir tho soil ovory wcok
or ton days, until timo to lay-by tho
A Neglected Fence.
A negloctod fonco la always a dotrl
niont to tho farm, especially if it bo a
stock nnd grain (arm, Tho neglected
fenco tenches tho farm animals that a
fnco may ho Ignored whon thoy wish
to got Into a flold wlioro thoy Bhould
nit bo. A noglected fenco is always
uqslghtly und Is usually a harbor of
needs and predatory lusoots.
Tho dry ktln of the Miller shingle
mill and 1,000,000 shingles were de
stroyed by Are at Clearbrook, Wash.
A postofllco has been established at
Depass, Fremont county, Wyo., and
Pueblo Williams appointed postmas
ter. Dr. Robert M. Whltofoot, for thirty
eight years a well-known Montana
practitioner, who came west us an
nrmy surgeon, died in Boioman last
week in his sixty-sixth year.
Tho olty, directory for 1906, Just Is
sued, shows Tncoma'B population to
be 84,910, a gain of 10,040 ovor last
yonr. Tho tncreaso In population
since 1900 is over 100 per cent
Salvation Army headquarters tor
the states of Oregon, Washington,
Idaho and Montana, which have been
located In Portland until recently,
hare been moved to Shuttle, Wash.
Tho fourth car o( tho Bell wool clip
was sent (rom Laramie, Wye to Phil
adelphia last week, making more than
100,000 pounds of wool Mr. Bell has
shipped so far. Tho clip will amount
to about 200,000 pounds.
One of tho features of the wool mar
ket at Boston last wock in territorial
stock was the transfer ot a line of
200,000 pounds of fine staple Wyoming
at 28 H cents, the scoured cost being
placed nt about 75 cents.
A boiler In a fertilizer plant In the
suburbs of Portland, blew up, killing
Frank Polton, aged 40, and injuring F.
F. Lcutz, who was working with Pel
ton. An alleged defective tank is said
to be responsible for tho explosion.
Martin Gorman, convicted of wlfo
beating, has been sontoncod by tho
Goldflold, Novadn, Justice of the poaco
to thirty days in tho county Jail. Two
hours of oach day .ho must stand tied
to a post in a public place, placardod
T. A. Renner, a wealthy shcopowncr
und banker, of Meeteetae, Wyo., and
his bride, formerly Miss Catherine
Woods of Eddyvlllo, Nob., "wore
drowned a few dayB ngo in a flood
caused by a cloudburst In Iron gulch
near Mceteetse.
The mysterious disappearance of a
package containing $2,000 from the
Merchants' National Bank of Port
land a few afternoonB ago, Just before
closing time, has been reported to the
police, nnd local detectlvos nro work
ing on the case.
Another rich stXko la roported In
the Mnnhnttan-Belmont company'fl
property at Manhnttan, Nev. It Is said
that a thirty-foot ledge lias been
opened, which, in plnces, runs as high
as $000 to tho ton. The oro Is now
being sacked for shipment.
A cloudburst at Goldflold, Novnda,
did great damage, washing out foun
dations and causing tho collapse ol
several buildings. A number of tents
on tho low ground were washed away.
Several children were caught In tho
flood and narrowly escaped drowning.
Walter C. Clark has returned to
Ooldfleld from u fruition search
through Death valley for his brother,
William G. Clark and J. Poters John
son, prospectors who have Been miss
ing since July 7. He stated it ns his
belief that tho men wero murdered.
Johnson discovered gold In tho Pnnn
mint rnngo last June.
It Is posslblo that Esther Mitchell
and Mrs. Maud Creftlcld, charged
Jointly with murder In tho first degreo
for the killing of Georgo Mitchell, tho
slayer of Franz Edmund Chofnold, tho
Holy Roller loader, will novor bo
brought to trial on a criminal charge,
and that they will bo Bent to tho In.
sane asylum.
Chief of Police Wnppenstoln hns
given out instructions thnt in the fu
ture prizo fighters, tholr trnlners nnd
hangers-on, would not be permitted to
remain In Seattle nnd continue their
prlzo fight preparations and will en
force tho stato law, which makes It n
mlsdomcanor for any ono to bo con
nected In any capnclty with a prlzo
L. D. Chnuby, n fireman, waa killed
at Missoula, Mont., In a most unusual
manner. The engine on which Chnu
by was working collided with anothor
on tho Y and ho was luirlod Into the
flro box Just ns ho opened tho door.'
Tho entlro top of his head was burned
Tho forest flro in tho Cascndos near
Detroit, Ore., continues unabated,
about 1,000 acres being now burned
over and the flames spreading rapidly.
All tho sawmills along the CorvnlllH
& Eastern railroad havo shut down
and tho mon tnken to tho fire to fight
the flames.
Quartermaster Sergeant Dodds of
company 13, Twenty-socond Infantry,
located at San Francisco, committed
suicide nt Amerlcnn Lnko, whoro nrmy
maneuvers aro In progress, by throw
ing himself Into tho lake. Ho left n
noto to his captain alng that he was
tlrod of his Job.
Tho state banrd ot equalization,
which uiider tho laws ot Montana flxos
the assessment of the "railroads of the
state, has' decided upon an Increase ot
about 12 per cent over last year's
assessment ot tho main linos. Last
year tho main linos wero assessed at
$14,432 per mile.
Frank Hartwell, who Ib wanted nt
Albany, Oro to nnswor a charge of
embezzling $500 from Foshoy & Ma
son, merchants, four months axo, and
also on charges of forgery and pass
ing bad checks In Sonttlo, Wash., nnd
Salom, Ore., was arrested at Paendona,
Cal last week.
What Has Been Done with Them,
Proof of What Can Be Done to
Mnke Them Productive.
It Is a fact well known to ninny hor
ticultural scientists that old peach
trees may be brought back to a stato
of vigor by severely cutting back tho
trees nnd thus keeping them out of
fruiting for two or threo seasons. If
thiB cutting back Is dono In u year
when nil the fruit buds havo been
killed by tho cold, tho loss of time
is reduced by ono year. Somo vnrle-
ties of trees aro greatly Injured by
bolng cut back severely, but not bo
tho peach. Peach trees develop wood
with great rapidity, and bo quickly
ovorcomo the effects of sovoro cutting
back. Many of tho old peach trees
on our farms could bo mado to benr
good crops again by being cut back.
In our illustration wo show the re
suits of cutting back as practiced on
an old pench treo at tho Ohio experi
ment station. This tree, illustrated In
tho corner of our illustration was al
ready an old treo and waning In vigor
when the station purchased the
ground on which It stands. In tho
spring of 1905 It was severely cut
back and left.
Tho cutting back was effective In
starting now growths, nnd in tho fall
of tho saino year it looked as shown
In tho cut. To all appearances it hat
renewed Its youth.
How This Pest of the Orchard Maj
Ba Kept from Doing His De
structive Work.
Ono of tho best preventives to keep
the moth from laying eggs for the
peach tree boro Ib to draw away the
earth In tho fall down to tbo crown ol
the roots nnd coat tho stem to ono foot
nbovo ground with a thick coat of lin
seed oil nnd white lend, without nu
turpentine nt all. But even when thU
Is dono thero will bo found occasional
borers. Therefore, now Is tho tlmo to
look ovor tho orchard, und whoro,er n
gummy exudation Is seen nt the base
of a treo the borer Is at work and
should bo cut out at once nnd all the
damaged bark and gum removed. Re
peat tho oxnmlnntlon lato In summer
nnd you enn keep tho orchnrd fnlrly
free from tho borors. Tho noxt thing
In tho bearing poach orchard will bo
the fight againBt tho curcullo which
cause tho fruit to ho wormy. No
amount of spraying will do much for
this sucker, for ho Is not eating tho
poison. The only way to fight him Is
to have n broad apparatus llko on In
verted umbrella made with a light
frame coverod with cotton cloth. A
slit on ono sldo admits It round tho
treo, nnd then n Jarring of tho treo
will cnuso tho bltton fruit nnd the
bugs to fall Into tho rocoptnelo; the
curcullo will not attempt to fly, but
will feign death. Then turn tho con
tonts Into n pan of wntor on which
somo koroseno has been poured, to
kill tho Insects. This Jarring must
bo kopt up nt Intervals until tho fruit
Is moro thnn half grown If you want
to nvold wormy peaches. Jarring oft
tho bltton fruit will only muko tho ro
malndcr butter nnd tho crop will not
bo reduced, for tho trees usually
Hoo tho lima beans frequently.
Set out cnbbago plants for n lata
Turnips ot all kinds may now be
"Ho that would hnvo tho fruit musi
climb tho tree."
After tho strawberry bod hns borno
two crops, It Ib best to plow it up and
plant Into cabbage.
Tho best "Inoculation" for garden
crops sweat drops (rom "tho man
with tho hoo." Rural Now Yorkor.
Sow tho early sorts of radlshosfoi
n buccosbIoii. Tho wlntor kinds maj
bo eown tho lattor part of this month,
Bo on tho lookout for tho melon
bug. Apply tobacco dust freely
around tho plnntB, and koep them
woll cultivated. Farm Journal.
Slnco a reador In southern Illinois
suggested Japanese clover as a mulch
crop for orchards, Bays tho Rural Now
Yorkor, we havo had n numbor of lot
tors from readers nsking If tho clovui
will thrive at die north. Tho prevail
lug opinion Is that it will not.
Arrangement Which I Inexpensive
and Provides Greatest Com
fort for Cow.
This requires but llttlo material for
Its construction, nnd Involves no pat
ents, so Is not expensive. As cnttlo
In this stall havo tho greatest posslblo
liberty consistent with safety, and aa
It Is nlry nnd easily lighted it affords
tho maximum amount of comfort for
animals nw? -convenience for tho herds
man, u ic a thoroughly practical rack
and manger for all kinds of feeds, thu
position of tho trough being such nB to
catch nil shatterlngs from thu rnck
und thu Bhapo udmltB of Its being
easily cleaned.
Ono special fenturo of this stall,
says tho Rural Now Yorkor, Is that
cows will not foul themselves whon It
Is properly constructed. Tho renson
Is that tho cow steps forward from her
regular standing position to llu down,
lying with her head under the trough
and avoiding tho filth, whereas with
other stnlls, In ordor to avoid tho
manger alio Is compelled to step back
to Ho down, thus surely fouling her
self. As tho bedding In this stall Is
novor fouled, It lasts Indefinitely.
Much hus been said In favor of tho
"drop" system for keoplng cows cleun,
but In threo hours tlmo after cows
wore tied in a stablo with varnished
BtallB and using tho "drop" system
tho writer saw moro fouled cowb thnn
wo havo scon In our barns during tho
entlro threo years wo have used this
Tho cut shows a side elevation ot
partition botweon stalls. Tho lumber
should bo Bomo variety of hard wood
fully ono Inch thick when dressod. Tho
feed-trough, tho end o( which Is shown
at A, Is mado of staves ono Inch by
threo inches or four Inches and of
any length that Is dlvlslblo by threo
foot bIx Inches which Is tho width of
stall. Thus n 14-foot trough would bo
long enough for four stalls and would
have a "head" at each end and one at
oach stall partition or five "heads" In
all. Theso "heads" aro two feot two
Inches long by nlno Inches wido with
ono edgo cut In n truo arc ot a circle
containing 160 degrees with 14 Inch
radius. Tho staves of tho trough are
bevolcd sufficiently to open tho Joints
slightly on tho Inner sldo so that dust
will collect In the joints and flit them
up. Tho staves nnd heads aro held In
position by a clamp formod by the
threo-elghths-lnch iron hoop B, which
has a thread and nut on each end,
passing through each end ot the 1x2
inch wooden bar C. Tho trough A li
held In position by tho post D, under
back end ot bar C and front end of
bar C may be nailed to lower edgo of
partition E, or a post may bo placed
under front end ot bar O also. The
partition E, ono foot four inches by
five feet, cut to shnpo as shown, Is
supported nt front end by two lx4-lnch
strips K, which ongago celling at top
ends and bolted to motal footing nt
lowor ends. An old plow shnro built
into thu concreto floor answers well
for this footing. To complete tho par-
(o5rxti H
H i, i .. ..
, I II I Ifff
tttlon a small cedar post, but prefer
ubly a two-Inch gas pipe, Is set as
shown nt F. This post, F, prevents
cows from stepping on ono another's
uddors and is much moro conveni
ent than a continuous partition for tho
herdsman to paus In by the Bldo of
tho cows to tlo and untlo them. Tho
back of tho rack, O, Is made by nail
ing matched flooring to back ends ot
partition boards, E, and front of feed
rack Is mado of slats which aro nailed
to tho girths H, I. Theso slats which
aro 1x2 Inches aro spaced to seven
Indies on editors, hang down Into
trough at lowor unds hut tlo not en
gage It. Tho floor of food alloy should
lio ono foot nbovo tho floor of stalls.
Tho sill S, 4xC Inches, nnd about three
feet long, should bo placed across thu
back part of each Htall separately,
nnd hu mado adjustable to accommo
date largo or nmall cows. A largo
bolt may pass through this sill near
each end and run down Into the gus
plpo pockets o o o o, which nro set In
tho concreto floor for that purpose.
Hack of thu sill S tho floor should
slope slightly, but not too much, us
tho cows always stand with tholr hind
feet back ot this sill, mid only stop In
front of It whon thoy He down. Di
mensions given nro for cows weighing
1,000 to 1,200 pounds. For very small
:ows tho sill would need to bo moved
Torwiirtl and perhaps a false floor put
Into Btnll raising It four or flvo Inches.
Midway botweon each partition ii tie
chain 28 luchos long Is attached to
undor sldu of trough with n swivel
Joint, tho opposlto end of chain hav
ing a sprlug-simp which hooks Into a
ting on tho neck-strap worn by each
cow. If a houdstall Is used Instead
of neck-strap the chnln should bo a
tow Inches lougor. Many of theso de
tails may bo changed to suit tho build
er of this stall but tho shupo and lo
cation ot trough and sill aro vital requirements.
To mnko a profit out of oows thoiw
must bo un oven flow of milk and oix
wull maintained through th nmn,
v jwH
..INI I., flflflflj
Serious forcBt Arcs nro raging weal
f Marquette, Mich. BBJ
William Lee, colored, was hnnged 'BBJ
at CrlBfleld, Md., for assaulting two H
white women. ,HJ
The striking freight handlers ot th Hfl
Southern Pnclflc company nt Oakland jHfl
liavo resumed work. .Hfl
Tho gas workers at Lublin, Russian H
Poland, have gone out on strike nnd HI
tho city streets aro In darkness. Hfl
Severe crop damage Ib reported from Hfl
sovernl points In Minnesota, North Da- "HI
kotu and Iowa, resulting from hall, rain HI
and windstorms. Hfl
Despondent over 'Ill-health, .Innioa HI
Major, cashier of the Carlton, Kan., Hfl
State bunk, shot and killed himself In HI
a room of thu bank. Hfl
H. C. Holmes, a merchant, while Hfl
Insane, opened flro on Policeman Ron- HH
alter in Cincinnati Tho officer ro- Hfl
turned the fire, killing Holmes. H
Rlchnrd Oggendun, recently nrrived bHJ
from Switzerland, was killed nt On- Hfl
turlo, Cat., by tho accidental discharge flflfl
ot a shotgun while hunting rabbits. BBl
American dairy nnd stock farms aro BBJ
noeded In thu Panama canal zone, ac flflfl
cording to a report from Consul J. C. IJfl
Kellogg to the bureau of manuiao- JJ
The first death from smallpox at ,flBfl
Colon was reported to tho Washing- , flfl
ton office ot the Isthmian canal com- iHH
mission last week by Governor Ma- HflHj
At Kingston, In Williamson county, HH
Tenncsseo. a negrcss gave birth to flflfl
ix children. The children aro well BBl
formed and all wero alrve at last ac- flflfl
Threo men were killed In tho yards
ot the Erie rullroad at Jersey City, Hfl
when a spreading rail sent a fast Hfl
freight train plunging down an em- flflfl
bankment. ,Hfl
In consequence of revolutionary ter- flflfl
rorlsm, the administration ot tho vice- fl
royalty of the Caucasus has been com- .flflfl
plotely paralyzed and officials aro re- Vflfl
signing In large numbers. flflfl
Captain Castelo of the artillery, a fl
eon of General Castelo, waa danger- flflfl
ously and probably mortally wounded H
In a duel with swords, fought with flflfl
Senor Arroyo at Madrid. HH
The Democratic executho commit- flflfl
tee of the Eighth district of Mleala- fl
ippl has formally declared John flflfl
Sharp Wllllama tho party candidate aflH
for congress from that district Hfl
On account ot the long continued Hflfl
drought the water supply ot the pflflj
Khnnato of Bokhara, Centra) Asia, Ib JIJ
practically exhausted. Tho people are BhH
drinking from thick, stagnant pools. AhH
A baby boy was born to Mrs. Stella flflflj
Brennan In the stato prison at Still- 'flH
water, Minn. Mrs. Bronnun is serving pij
a llfo sentence for the murder of her pflflj
Btcp-ohlldren In Minneapolis about a pflflj
During the fiscal your ending June pflflj
30, 190C, tho United States sold to tho BftBJ
pcoplo ot other countries products ot flflflj
thu value of $1,743,7G3,C12 unJ bought H
from them goods In tho total Bum of flflH
$1,220,61G,379. BflBJ
Charles F. Murphy, leader of Tarn- fl
many hull, says that It Is posslblo flflflj
that Tammany hall will support Will- pflflj
lam R. Hearst for the Democratio H
nomination (or governor In tho noxt flflH
state convention. flflflj
The demand (or labor in California H
promises to excoed thu supply for flflflj
many months to come. Altogether, HHH
California offers employment to not flflflfl
less than 40,000 men at the blghoil B&flfl
wages on record. !
A whllehcud torpodo fired (rom tho piflfl
dock at thu tvrpedo station during; flflflfl
tho practice at Nowport, R. I., struck !!
and sank a boat In which four sea- iHflflJ
men gunners were seatod. A life-boat HHj
rescued tho soamen. HflflflJ
Three ot a party of six persons who flflflflj
were boating on Lako Hopatking, N. flflflflj
J., wero drowned when their craft flflflH
capsized through tho apparent Inox- HHJ
porlonce of tho man who had under- flflflfl
taken to handle thu boat. flflflfl
Tho budget commlttoe, In taking up flflflflj
tho estimates of the French govern flflflflj
mont for 1007, struck out tho salary ot flflflfl
M. DIobler, Jr., the public execu- flflflfl.
tloncr, thus foreshadowing tho dlsap- HHHI
penrancu of the guillotine. H9I
Every dollar ot Russell Snge's great Btfltl
fortune of $00,000,000 la left to Mrs. Hnfll
Sngo by a will mado In 1001, except uu Wjtiflb
Insignificant boquest mado to Mrs. felitP'
Katwilo Chapln of Onolda, N. Y., nn fflju$
only sister, who died two years ugo. WFt
Russian officers spondlng leave ot jtW
abbence nt Austrian watering placos w-J.''N
have been orderod by telegraph to ro- iOVift-
turn to Russia. Tho orders point out fyJlsV,
that threatening conditions make it 'viP'i'l
necessary to phicu tho army on a wur ItfO.rn'
footing. fflVr -
Tho lower house of tho Georgia log- 01"'
laluturo has passed what Is known aa t?l 'lf4?
Ibe Boykln imtl-buckot Bkop bill by, Wfi
a voto of 132 to IB. Thu bill prohlblta SJkrif
alt dealings in futuroB on margin and It&'S'
will closo nil bucket uhops, uxchangue, IMk'Sft)
ta, Jn tho state. IflBfJiH
A e&tnmlUcu of Jews, representing iVflflB
Frankfort and other German societies, flflflH
arrived ut Lomburg, Austria, from flflflflj
Russia Inst week with 100 children BflflH
who have been made orphans recently, HH
is the rosult ot anothor Jewish out- HHfl
broak at various places. flflflflj

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