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Orange a Long-Lived Tret.
The orange is tho longest-lived frail
tree. It begins to boar the third year
after budding and for a hundred years
It will yield abundant crops. Orange
trees havo been known to attain to the
ripe ago of 300. The orange requires
less care and attention than any other
fruit tree. IU early growth is rapid.
In the first two years it grows more
than it will in tho next 50. This re
fers, of course, to Its height and
breadth alone; Its fruit atoms and
consequently its crops Increase more
-. rapidly after the first ten years. ,
Frills Again In Favor.
Tiny frills aro again being seen on
muslin and other fine-textured gowns.
These wero particularly noticeable at
a recent fashionable function, whore
several dresses wero worn ornament
ed In this fashion. One was com
posed of spotted net, and tho skirt
had no less than 15 graduated frills,
each frill being edged with tiny gauxo
ribbon. The bodice was mado In fichu
stylo, with frills to match those on
tho skirt, and with elbow sleeves also
finished with frills. Lace rovers, chem
isette and high collar, and deep belt
of rose-tinted China ribbon gave thd
finishing touches. Brooklyn Eagle.
Remarkable Coincidences.
Some remarkable coincidences are
recorded In the caso of two men, Wil
liam Connolly and Patrick Cantwcll,
who wore drowned a short tlmo ago
by tho upsetting of a "float" on the
Grand canal, near Tullamoro, Ireland.
The two men wero born on the same
day 3C years ago; thoy wero baptized
In tho same wnter; thoy were
drowned together In tho Grand canal,
and they have now been burled to
gether at Rnhan, King's county.
Marriage Flight of Ants.
Peoplo living along tho River Stour,
at Sandwich, England, were tho othor
day treated to a wonderful sight. Sud
denly tho stream, tho shores and the
streets of tho town bocamo covered
with flying ants that seemed to bo
dropping llko hall from tho clouds.
Tho phenomenon was a marrlago
flight of ants, Buch as always takes
placo In tho summer. Tho ants thus
warming wero young queens and
winged males. In theso marrlago
flights countless millions of ants tako
part, yot tho nolso of their tiny vibrat
ing wings is scarcely as loud as tho
hum of a boo. So frail aro their denso
colnmns that a llttlo puff of wind will
dlsporso them out of sight.
Comparatively fow of the myriads
which como forth from their nests
Into tho air live to enter a nest again.
I Practically all the males dlo, lonely
M and shelterless. Tho surviving queens
found new communities, or, entering
H old nests, aro at onco taken care of by
the workers, and start now colonies
I in tholr old nursery.
H We Make Travel Easy.
I ,, FIvo trains dally via iho Atchison,
B JfTopoka & Santa Fo, Colorado to Kan.
eaa City, St. Joe, Chicago. Galveston,
H El Pnso, City of Mexico. Ask m
m about reduced ratos. C. F. Warren
H G. A., A. T. & S. F. Ry.. 4X1 Doolj
Block, Salt Lake City. Utah.
The Kitchen Sink.
B The Ideal sink Is of porcelain with
H rolled edgo, round cornors, porcelain
H back and open plumbing without a
H crack or crovlco for dirt or the ever
H ready water bug. He Is ready still,
H but' ho must live in tho open and not
U lie concealed. A whlto enamel sink
H Is almost as good as the porcelain and
m much less expensive. Soapstone and
M slate aro very good, and so, too, Is the
copper-lined sink. Tho great dangei
UJ to tho porcolaln and enameled slnki
? Is the breaking of delicate china and
H glass. Tho copper lining Is much th
I best for that. The wooden drain
boards tipping slightly toward th
sink aro a groat convenience. Fro
I quently rubber mats with roughened
M surface aro placed In thoso to keep the
H dlshos from slipping. There are, be
9 sides, wire and nlckol-platod dish
9 dralnors, which will keop the platei
i separated ono from another whllo
Q! draining. Harper's Dazar.
wj f A Good Antiseptic. i
&H Boric a:ld and boraclc acid are the
cm samo. Kvory housokcopor should have
In on hand a supply of this very usoui
FJ antiseptic. For burns it is unusually
St excollent. Drop two ou.icos of the
boric acid crystals In a glass quart
U Jar and All with wator. This makes
jl a saturato solution. Take a piece of
m gauze or choesecloth, saturato with
tho solution and lay on tho burn. Ap
m ply very moist, covering with absorb-
ont cotton and then with oil silk.
M This will keep moist for 12 hours, for
the oiled silk will provent o vapor a-
tlon. If you haven't tho borlo acid
H use a solution of blcarbonato of soda,-
which Is nearly ns good.
H Professional Handicaps.
H "Thoro Is no meat In that follow's
H arguments; nothing but drlod bones."
H "That, probably, is bocauso bo Is
H a medical student and usod to the ar-
H tlculatlon of skeletons."
H From Wiifl.00 to VU.aoO.OO rr rnnitnntly
shown In lurffe iimntltln nt very reaeon.
H ulilo prlii'K. Write ue about the
)al'n you Hunt.
rBmmtkAm st.
1 Union Assay Office
Tho first snowfall of the season is
roportcd at Marquotto nnd Jloughlon,
Charles Suydan, 19 years old, was
killed In a football game at Morrlston,
N. J.
Fresh outbreaks of boxers ore re
ported in North China In districts west
of Poking.
A majority of tho victims of the
steamer Hankow burned at Moscow
wero women.
John Gadomskl, editor of Gazette
Polska, who wns shot by bandits at
Warsaw, Is dead.
A clgnr stub left In tho opera-houso
at Brlstow, la., started a flro which
destroyed the business section.
Joseph II. Glldden, tho Inventor ol
tho barbed wlro fence, Is dead at his
homo In Dekalb, Ills., at the age oi
Flro at Summorflcld, Kansas, de
stroyed throo stores and tho Sun, a
newspaper ofllcc. For a time tho en
tire town was threatened.
VInccnzo Rnymundo, a teacher of
languages In Chicago, murdored his
11-year-old son and then suicided.
Raymundo was insane.
Tho carthquako shocks in Sicily
contlnuo, and are causing Borlous
damage to dwellings and churches,
some of which have fallen.
Tho activity among tho .fanatical
bands In tho lowor part of Morocco
18 causing considerable anxiety In
French epvornment circles.
Suslo Becker, thrco years old, tho
daughter of Fred Becker, a Buffalo,
N. Y., saloonkeeoor, Is bellovcd to bo
In tho hands of kidnappers.
Tho very sovero rainy season in
Panama hns caused Inundations in the
Interior of tho province of Los Santos,
whero heavy losses havo been suffered.
Advices from Important cotton sec
tions of Oklahoma and Indian Terri
tory aro to the effect that- tbo cotton
crop was badly damaged by last
week's frost.
Thero Is no Increase in yellow fever
nt Havana, and Major J. R. Kean of
tho medical department says thero
aro no special elements of danger In
tho situation.
Eight Indictments In the so-called
sugar rebate cases were handed down
by tho October Federal grand Jury of
Now York City, which completed its
labors last week.
Tho National Wholesale Druggists'
association hns determined to aid tho
government authorities in every pos
sible way to carry tho puro food and
drug law Into effect.
Two men wero killed nnd a dozen
wero wounded In a conflict between
striking mill hands and provincial
pollco at MacLnrcn's saw mills at
Buckingham, Quebec.
Aunt Jano Mttcholl, colored, aged
117 years, died nt Frankfort, Ky of
burns received by her clothing catch
ing Are. Her husband died a short
tlmo ago at tho ago of 100 years.
In n baseball game near Holla, Mo.,
two men, Clark and McKoo, collided
with terrific force whllo trying to
catcli a ball. McKoo was killed al
most Instantly and Clark rendered un
conscious. The peonage caso recently tried at
Cape Girardeau, Mo., which resulted
In Charles M. Smith and his son and
Ave others being fined and sentenced
to tho Leavenworth penitentiary, will
bo re-heard In St. Louis.
The monthly statement of the col
lections of civil rovenuo show for the
month of August, 190C, tho totnl re
ceipts wero J21.848.CC3, which was a
gain, as compared with tho month of
August, lflOC, of ?1,013,E90.
Sccrotary Taft having Indicated
that ho had no further uso for tho
battleships Indiana and Kentucky in
Cuban waters nt this time, theso ves
sels havo boon ordered to rojoln tho
Atlantic fleet off tho coast of Massa
chusetts. Tho general managers of tho rail
roads in Chicago who recently receiv
ed demands from tho union switch
men on their lines that an eight-hour
day nnd other concessions bo granted,
have decided to refuso tho demnnds
of tho men.
Tho rebolllon against Turkltm rulo
in tho provinco of Yaman shows no
signs of subsiding, and whenever a
pitched battle Is fought tho rebellious
Arabs seem to be victorious over tho
unwilling Turkish conscripts sent to
subdue them.
Richard Croker hns formally Inau
gurated the libel suit which will brlug
to a definite issue the question wheth
er be used hie position as chief of
Tammany hall for purposes of finan
cial profit. Tho suit is against a Lon
don magazine.
T. D. Gamon, a roal estnto oper
ator and capitalist, was scalded to
death la a bath tub in a harbor shop
in Oakland, Cal. Ho had an attack
of heart failure and fell into tho tub
of scalding water that ho was prepar
ing for a bath.
Captain Michael J. Ehrot of tho Chi
cago flro department was killed, nnd
Chnrlos Slayhlzo, flroman, fatally hurt,
whon tho Bvnnston "flyer" on tho Chi.
cago & Northwestern railroad struck
a flro truck at Rates avenuo crossing
In Rogers park.
Differentiate Between the Essential
and the Non-Essential.
Little things are often of great im
portance, but when they aro so they
aro not little. Tho pinion of a watch
n heel, for example, In ono sense Is
little, In another sense It Is not so nt
all; for when It Is not perfectly ad
justed, tho watch Is worthless for time
keeping. It is not size that makes a
thing little or great, but Its relation to
tho end for which a number of things
are combined. If a thing Is essential
It is Important. Because so many of
tho peoplo who are always preaching
tho Importance of llttlo things fall to
discriminate between tho little and tho
nonessential, they often make a
wretched mess of the management of
their own and other peoplo's affairs.
Theoretically, If every factor that con
tributes to a result Is perfect, tho re
sult will be perfect; but practically,
for want of time, strength and oppor
tunity, the efficient man Is compelled
to neglect some things for the Bako of
others; and, In order to do this and
yet secure the main end, he has to
discriminate between the essential and
tho non-essential. Tho ono who is
thoroughly Imbued with the false doc
trlno of tho Importance of little things,
spends his strength without discrim
ination, and usually succeeds In miss
ing the main chance. The Watchman.
Brushed Scales from Face Like Pow
der Under Physicians Grew Worse
Cutlcura Works Wonders.
"I suffered with eczema six months.
I had tried threo doctors, but did not
got any better. It was on my body
and on my feet so thick that I could
hardly put a pin on mo without touch
ing cczoma. My faco was covered,
my cyobrows came out, and then It
got in my eye. I then went to anoth
er doctor. He asked mo what I was
taking for it, and I told htm Cutlcura.
Ho said that was a very good thing,
but that ho thought my faco would
be marked for life. But Cutlcura
did its work, nnd my faco is now
Just as clear as it ever was. I told
all my friends about my rcmarkablo
cure. I feel so thankful I want ov
orybody far and wldo to know what
Cutlcura can do. It is a suro cure
for eczema. Mrs. Emma White, 641
Cherrier Placo, Camden, N. J., April
25, 1905."
Microbe of Gray Hair.
They havo discovered a new mic
robe in New York and it is quite popu
lar among actors and society women.
It Is called tho chromophage, Its spe
cial function being to turn the hair
gray at a comparatively early age. Tho
handsome actor who has thoso whlto
'hairs on his temple that the women
admire so Is full of tho chromophages.
Baldhcadcd men aro Immuno from tho
microbes. He only attacks the hnlr,
and a man without hair need, not wor
ry about tho chromophage. -For years
it was thought that a process of tho
blood killed the coloring matter of tho
hair cells, hut scnlpologlsts In Now
York combat that theory. They say
It is tho chromophage. Tho microbe
does not like heat and for that reason
the woman who urcs the curling tongs
is less likely to havo gray hair than
the ono who puts her hair up In papers.
Legally Her Husband's Bon.
Boston has ono woman who Is legal
ly her husband's boss. She Is Mrs.
Ellor Carlisle Ripley, one of the as
sistant superintendents of the public
schools of tho city nnd tho wife of
Principal Fred H. Ripley, of the Long
fellow school of Roslindale. Mrs. Rip
ley draws some $85 a week of the
hub's wealth, about $1,500 moro per an
num than tho man who has recently
became her "hubby," An assistant
superintendent Is virtually a super
visor and Mrs. Ripley Is In reality her
husband's superior and could "Are"
him in a minute If sho saw fit. Mrs.
Ripley Is a young woman of pleasing
personality. I
A Man of 70 After Finding Coffee Hurt
Him, Stopped Short.
When a mnn has lived to bo 70 years
old with n 40-yenr-old lmblt grown to
him like a knot on u tree, chances nro
ho'll stick to tho habit till ho dies.
But occasionally the splilt of youth
and determination remnlns In homo
men to tho Inst day of their lives.
When such men do And any habit of
life has been doing them harm, thoy
surprise tho Oslerltes by n dogrco of
will power that Is supposed to belong
to men under 40 only.
"I had been n user of coffee until
threo yearH ago a period of 40 years
nnd am now 70," writes n N. Dak.
man. "I was extremely nervous nnd
debilitated, and saw plainly that I
must make a change.
"I am thankful to say I had tho
norvo to quit coffeo nt onco and tuko
on Postum without any dnwdllng, and
experienced no 111 effects. On tho con
trary, I commenced to gain, losing my
nervousnesB within two months, also
gaining strength and health otherwise
"For n man of my nge, 1 nin very
well and hearty. I sometimes meet
persons who havo not mado their
Postum right and don't llko It. But I
tell them to boll H long enough, and
call their attention to my looks now,
and boforo 1 used it, that seems con
vincing. "Now, when I have writing to do,
or long columns of figures to cast up,
I feel equal to it and can get through
my work without the fagged out feel
ing of old. ' Namo given by Postum
Co., Battlo Creek, Mich. Read tho
book, "Tho Road to Wellvllle," In
pkgB. "There's a reason."
With the oxcept'on of tho stage vil
lain every man has his good points.
stnln tho bands or spot tbo kcttlo, except
green and purplo.
Look After Jewish Orphans.
An Alllanco Israellto Unlvcrscllo
has placed flvo Illalystok orphans In
tho Ahleni ngrlcultutal school, nnd
has as a first Installment npplled tho
sum of 16,000 marks for their main
tenance and education.
Important to Mothers.
"Gxralno carefully e-ery bottle of CASTOTI1A,
a, aafe and -ore remedy for Infanta and children,
anil ace that It
Blgare'of OStfMCU
la TJte For Orer 30 Ycara.
The Kind Yoo IUto Aiwa; 0001.
Open Air Work for Women.
Mrs. A. G. Conrcld operates a ranch
in Colorado whero wild flowers aro
collected and pressed for uso In sou
venirs nnd menu cards. Tho work
being in tho open nlr, it has proved
popular among teachers 'and other
women suffering from nervous
troubles, as It gives them n chance to
earn a living and to regain their
Statc or Ohio, Citt or Toledo, I
lACit COUTT. ( ' .
rniKK J. Ciickit maltea oath that he li rentor
Eartjer ut the nrm ot P. J. Uiiemkt A Co., d..luc
uiluen In the City of Toledo. Count and State
a'ore.alil, and that aatd nrm will par tho ini ot
OSK IIUNIIltKU DOLLAUS for each aid ererr
caie of Catakmi that cannot be cured by the uie of
lULL'a CiTiBHU (Jos. ..........
Strom to before me and anbcriiied In my pretence,
thUMay of nocemocr, A. X5fat.BA80S,t
1 "ill SfOTASrl'BBLIO.
Haifa Catarrh Cure li taken Internally and acta
directly on the blood and muonne eurfacea of the
litem. Send for leatltuunUH. free.
F. J. CllESi:V & CO., Toledo, o.
Sold br all DrueitUtt. So.
Take llall'iFaiully 1'IIU "orcoaitlpatlon.
Lower Animals In Sickness.
Man might often tako from tho low
er animals a lesson as to tho caro of
himself when ill. All sorts of animals
suffering from fever cat llttlo; He
quiet In dark, airy places, and drink
quantities of wnter. Whon a dog loBea
his appctlto ho knows whero to And
dog grass, which acts as a purgative
and emetic. Sheep and cows, when
ill, seek certain herbs. Any nnlmal
suffering from chronic rheumatism
keeps as far as posslblo from tho
sun. If a chimpanzee bo wounded he
has been seen to stop the bleeding by
a plaster of chewed-up leaves and
Kspt Tax Receipts Long.
Charles King, of East Liberty, a
suburb of Pittsburg, is what might bo
termed a careful man. He has been a
voter In Uio East Liberty district since
1857 and when asked on tho last reg
istration day If he had a tax receipt
ho pulled from a pocket tax receipts
for tho last 41 years. When asked by
tho registrar If ho had any moro he
replied that if he went down deep In
to his "strong box" at homo ho might
possibly find a fow dating long back
beforo tho oldest member of the board
was born. Mr. King is now 78 years
old, having been born In Baltimore In
1828, romovlng to East Liberty In
1857. His first presidential voto was
cast for John C. Fremont and his last
for Theodore Roosovolt. Ho is a
stanch Republican and as a contractor
and brick manufacturer for half a cen
tury has contributed much to tho up
building nnd growth ot East Liberty.
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