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siKH sslllH
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H 1
Bs A rather parsimonious gentleman
tcccntly got tho better of sonic of
B fjjs acquaintances, who were contln-
4mlly pestering him about his nig
H Knrdllness. Gondcd to desperation
B by their tnuntB, he ono day Invited
B his detractors to a dinner. When
B they made their appearance they wero
B Blmply astonished at the ningnlllcenco
B of the treat provided. Apologies woro
B tendered, and thu miserly individual
B warmly complimented as well.
fl "Now, gentlemen," said the host,
B . when acknowledging their compll-
fl incnts, "you have put my liberality to
H a test, I am going to try your generos
ity. I know a poor man who Is very
much in need of financial help through
untoward circumstances, and I pro
pose to raise a subscription on his
behalf. Sec, I cummencu thu list
with ton shillings. Will jou help?"
Needless to say, everyono sub
scribed libcrnlly, as no ono cared to
bo thought more close-fisted than tho
host, who, when ho had collected all
tho money, coolly said:
"I thank you, gentlemen, for your
sympathy, and now I think wo aro
quits. You have paid both for your
Joko and your dinner. It was I who
required tho money."
! What Callers Are For.
' - "Now, Hnnnnh, JuBt look at theso
4dalrs! There must bo an Inch of
JdiiBt on them.
"Well, ma'am, you know yourself
you haven't had a callor for nearly
n week. Judge.
"Well, no man has to die more than
"I don't know about that. Tho
youngest soldier In tho civil war dies
regularly every year or two."
Power Reduced.
"Ho started away with GO horse-
power," related tho new membor of
tho automobile club.
"And what power did ho return
with?" asked tho other mombor.
"Ono hoisopower."
"What? Do ou mean to say one
horsepower would move that big ma
chine?" ! "It had to. Tho farmer only had
' ano old plug he could spnie when
tho machine broke down 20 miles
from tho nenrest repair shop." Chi
cago Dally Nows.
The Inertia of Jone.
"What do you suppose Is the cause
of Jones getting on In tho world so
"PurV laziness. That man would
actually rathor pay rent than move."
i 1 $
4Bh "BBr MP ",'
Gray I say, old man, I'm trying to
And someono to say .something nlco
about my cousin at his wedding re
ception. Will you do It?
Dlack But I don't know your coil
Bin. Gray Good. You're tho very man
iTyl wont.
J A Mean Advantage.
, . ' Max I'm going to quit looming
with Charlie.
His Chum What's tho mattor?
Does ho talk In his sleep?
' Max No, but ho listens, when .1 do.
Dotrolt Freo Press.
4 ' ' Will Pose.
Ho why nro you wearing taut ex
r penslvo gown at that dlnnor tonight?
It isn't such a swell affair.
' ' She I know It; hut I don't feel llko
talking much nnd with this gown on
I won't bo entirely lost sight of De
salt Frco Press.
A Difficulty.
Tills omtnry, nil well liit'tint.
Oft loaves m In a pllcht.
A limn Is Just us Hoqiipnt
When wrong us when he's rluht.
Washington Star.
. j;-kA flflBBAv
Flo (chatting with stronger) Your,
teacher Is n charming young lady. I
suppose you lovo her very much?
Hilly Steady, steady! D'you think
I'm going to tell you nil about my lovo
Tho trnpeze performer had refused
to give up the leap for life, though ho
had been warned agnln and ogaln that
ho would some day fall to catch tho
swinging bar.
At last it happened as they had
predicted, and ho plunged downward
headfirst before tho panic-stricken
crow'd. ,
After It had been found that ho had
suffered nothing moro serious than a
scalp wound, his wifo angrily ox
claimed: "I've always said you were tho
most 'headstrong person I ever saw."
Chicago Record-Herald.
Mistaken Identity.
Mrs. .Morulngsyde (showing Con
tral Park to Mis. Struckoyle, of
PIttBburg). That monument? Oh,
that's Cleopatra's Needle. It camo
from Egypt, you know, and Is literally
covored with hieroglyphics.
Mrs. Struckoyle. Goodness graci
ous! And hasu't the board of health
over tried to exterminate them?
Jane (protestlngly) Dut I don't
think missis would like thl.s sort of
thing, sir.
Old Sparklns No, Jane, I don't
think she would. Not In her line at
all. Now, I'm very fond of It myself.
The Fierceness of Debate.
"You think your noxt speech will
mako an impression".'" said tho cam
pulgn adviser.
"I do," answered tho candidate.
"Have you any now arguments to
placo before your opponont?"
No; but I havo a lot of now names
to call him." Washington Star.
An Incomplete Reformer.
"So you approve of spoiling re
form?" "Certainly."
"Havo you adopted It?"
"Not yet. I liavon't, had tlmo to
go through my lettora and un-spoll
thorn." Washington Star.
Could Erupt and Run.
"Don't you think It Is queer that a
smart man llko .Mahomet could evor
huvo expected a mountain to go to
"Oh, I don't know; maybo tho
mountain ho had roforonco to was a
volcano." Detroit Frco Press.
Paraded Too Much.
Father (in alarm) I think wo'd
better call tho doctor. Tho baby has
slept thirteen hours straight!
Mother Thoro's no danger. Ho
woio his first pair of pants yester
day; that's all. Dotrolt Frco Press.
"Old man Wllklns Is feeling miser
able." "You don't suy! I thought ho was
looking in splendid health."
"That's Jimt it. He's fooling BO
healthy ho can't think of anything to
take medicine for, so ho just sits
and pines." Mllwaukoo Sentlnol.
More Respectful,
'How do you llko your now cook?"
"She can't cook nH well ns tho old
one, but she treats uu lots better."
I Milwaukee Sentinel
Major General William II. Shatter,
U. S, A., died at IJnkersflcld, Cal., on
tho 12th, from pneumonia.
Herbert Bradley, a wealthy flour ex
porter, wns killed V' a Pot door on
tho'prcscrves at his homo near Mont
clalr, N. J.
Four men wero killed und a scoro
Injured, several fatally, by the explo
sion of a boiler of n cotton gin at
Cnulksvllle, Ark.
The streets of Warsaw arc again In
control of the cavalry In consequence
of threatened disorders because of tho
high price of meat,
The first-class Japanese battleship
Satsuina, 19,000 ton, tho first battle
'bhlp to be launched In Japanese wa
ters, was launched on the IGth.
A reactionary newspaper of Moscow
demands the expulsion of Count Witto
from Hussla, and says ho will remain
In Russia at the risk of his life.
- Representative Bouike Cockran and
Miss Annie Ide, daughter of Henry C.
Ide, formerly governor general of tho
Philippines, were married on tho IGth.
Prlnco Albert of Flnriders, tho heir
apparent to the Belgian throne and
nephew of King Leopold, has been
sworn In as a member of the Belgian
Although there exists no law to tho
contrary, the government of Peru has
refused to allow a local firm of bank
ers to ship 12,000 silver sols (about
12,000 pounds) to London.
V. C. Swcatman, of Philadelphia,
dropped dead whllo running to catch
a train. He wiih 85 years or age and
was one of the heaviest dealers In
malt In the United States.
Mrs. Charles A. Strong, daughter of
John D. Rockefeller, died nt Cannes,
France, on tho 14th. Mrs. Strong hnd
been 111 for sonio time and suffered a
paralytic stroke on November 12,
William It lleaiht, Independence
league nnd Democratic candidate for
governor of New York, has certified to
the secretary of state that he spent
$:tSli,370 In promoting his- canvnss.
Mrs. Charles Mowry and her three
children, Homer, aged G years; Louise,
3 years, and a baby of C months, wero
burned to death In their home on n
farm at Batavia station, Michigan.
Six men wero killed and five seri
ously injured when a boiler In tho
power house of tho Lake Shore nnd
Michigan Southern railroad, In Collin
wood, n suburb of Cleveland, Ohio,
blew up.
Generals Uolan and Cnstellancs wero
severely wounded near Vnlencln,
Spain, as a result of tho explosion of
n land mlno during experiments which
wore being conducted by tho military
Two persons wero seriously Injured
and n number of women and children
bruised and otherwise slightly hurt In
a panic caused by an Incipient bhizo
from n moving picture machlno at
Rvansvllle, Ind.
Dr W. C. Phillips, aged 811 years,
former secretary of tho stato of Texas,
nnd brother of United States District
Judge John F. Phillips of Missouri,
committed suicide at Hochoport, Mo
by drinking poison.
Throe robbers escaped with tho con
tents of the safe of tho Bank of Walk
er, at Walker, Mo. Tho safe and front
portion of tho bank building were
wrecke'd by tho explosion of a heavy
chargo of dynamite.
President Roosovcll will bo asked to
deliver tho address at tho unveiling
of the monument to General I.awton,
being erected at Indianapolis by tho
people of Indiana. Tho ceremony will
tnko place next Memorial day.
Tho American International Con
groBs on Tuberculosis wns held In New
York last week. Dr. F. E. Daniel of
Austin, TexaB, tho president, declared
tho koynoto of the convention Is to bo
the proventlon of tuberculosis by legis
lation. Robbers dynamited a safo In tho
Bank of Lohomo, In Garfield county,
Oklahoma, nnd escaped with $2,700 In
cash. Tho bank hnd Just received
$10,000 to pay farmers for their cot
ton, but tho robbers overlooked thl
Bort Seeloy, who was undor sus
picion in connection with tho murder
of Edwin Gnrwln, In West Haven,
Mich., was found dead In his bed, and
lying beside lilm wnB his young wife,
nlso dead. It In thought that tho cou
ple committed sulcldo.
Tho United States grand Jury at
Pensacola, Fla., nftor four days' ses
sion, returned indictments against
twelve persons, charging peonngo in
connection with cases which origin
nted at the Jackson Lumber company's
camp several months since.
The Worklngmon's Savings and
Loan company of Greenvlllo, S. C, tho
only negro banking Institution In tho
state, has closed its doors by order
of tho stilto bank examiner. Cnrolcss
bookkeeping is said to ho tho cause
nt tho bank's embarrassment.
Immediately after congress con
venes noxt month, Senator Cnllom of
Illinois will Introduce n Joint resolu
tion in the sonato providing for tho
appointment of an export tariff com
mission to consider and report on
thoso schedules which would bo revised.
Tho now stamp mill for tho Old Abo
mlno nt Silver City, Idaho, Is being
A rich strlko has been mndo by tho
Gold Bar company of Bullfrog, ten
Inches of ore running $1,000 to the ton
having been encountered.
It Is announced that by Jim, 1 con
struction work will be under way on
Senator W. A. Clark's railroad Into
t'ju Deep Creek mining district,
Tho Nelson Queen Consolidated
company of Park City Is getting out a
large shipment of copper, silver, lend
and gold ore for the Salt Luke mar
ket. The new ore bodies In the Talisman
mine, near Mllford, Utah, are growing
in Importance, new machinery is be
ing lustnllcd, about $:100,000 worth of
ore Is blocked out, and shipment? will
begin soon.
Prospector nnd others In Ely wero
paid $07,000 n cash In one day last
week by G. L. Rlckard in closing some
mining deals for the United Ely Cop
per company, thu mining corporation
recently organized by Mr. Rlckard and
During tho lost thhty days forty
carloads, or approximately 2,200 tous,
of concentrates from thu Cactus prop
erty in Beaver county, havo uocu
dumped Into the bins nt the Garfield
plant of tho American Smelting & Ru
nning company.
Tho Utah Development company,
operating the Red Wing property, has
started several outfits hauling ores to
the Bingham custom mill, and from
700 to 1000 tons, taken out during tho
past thirty days, aro now moving
towards tho market.
A now ore body 1 as been opened up
on tho 300-foot level below the tunnel
In the Columbus Consolidated of Alta,
Utah. It Is located about 300 feel In
n northwesterly direction from tho
copper ore bodies nnd thu values aro
principally in silver and lead.
J. R. Van Fleot, tho civil and me
chnnlcnl engineer who laid out and
platted tho now smelter town of Gnr
field, has been employed by tho Roolc
lldgo syndicate to go to tho Rosebud
district, Nevada, and lay out and sur
vey the new towusltu of Powhatan.
Tho owners of the Sliver Flat mlno
in Deer Creek, Utah, have made an
Important strlko In their property,
having encountered u good sized vein
which runs nenrly eight per cent
molybdenum. They are endeavoring to
get nn order for ii shipment of It at
present, and feel that they havo a big
The Mammoth Copper company, vp
crating lnrgo possessions in tho Battle
Lake district of Wyoming, Is opening
up ono of tho coming properties of
that State, and with tho coming ot
spring tho company will mako re
newed efforts to dlscloso Its resources
nt grcator depths than any heretofore
Rhyollte, Novnda, has Iho happy fac
ulty of leaving a good Impression upon
nil visitors. It Is a busy and fortune
making community, typically lllustrat
ivo of how a much-exploited mining re
gion rises to tho emergency and pio
duces results far beyond thu dreams
of tho most optimistic, in tiu format
Ivo period.
Ed Hoffman, tho expert miner who
has brought the Curlsa up to its pres
ent stato ot development, and who has
mndo a record as' superintendent of
that property and tho Sliver Shield, at
Bingham, of which ho may well feel
proud, has resigned Jogo to Nevada to
manage tho Sullivan properties In
Manhattan district.
Former Governor W.. J. McConnell
ot Idaho bus secured some vnluablo
mines on Champagne creek, u tribu
tary of Lost river. He has somo prop
erties belonging to what Is known ns
tho Ella group and has large bodies of
ore devolopcd. A mill is in operation
and shipments of concentrates aro be
ing made. Tho ore carries silver, lend
and zinc.
After two weeks ot n battlo between
would-bo purchasers to secure tho
property and complications that for a
tlmo threatened to tie tho ground up
in litigation and prevent operation by
anybody, Salt Uiko and Ely parties
havo finally gotten together nnd tak
en over tho Savage and Steele group
of claims in Nevada's booming camp
of copper.
Two Idaho men nro In chargo of tho
great Nlplsslng mlno in tho Cobalt dis
trict In Ontario. W. L. Linney, nt ono
time connected with tho Checkmate at
Pearl, Is superintendent and Dick
Richardson, who formerly operated In
tho Black Warrior illstrJct, Is chief
foreman. That property, at tho price
of tho stock, lias n valuation of
During tho past week tho CnrlBft
company has sent into tho smelters ot
tho United States company approxi
mately 400 tons of ore, tho grade ot
which will comparo favorably with tho
best that ha boon shipped from that
property in quantity for many a long
Whllo n number of mining men still
claim to experlonco great dllllculty in
uecuring adequato labor for both Utah
and Nevada mines, It I& stated by a
largo omployor of men that tho labor
ehortago will bo n thing of the past In
Utah beforo tho end of tho present
Five death 'sand a property loss of
$1,000,000 Is tho result of the recent
floods In King county, Washington,
As n result of tho recent election, n
llpubllcan will be Bent to Washing
ton to succeed Senator Clark of Mon
tana. Six men narrowly escaped death by
drowning on Pnget Sound, near Se
attle, when nn explosion of u gasoline
lank aboard the launch Polywog rcn
Jered them helpless and nt the mercy
ot a gale.
I,ouls and Harry Sorokoff, two Rus
jlnns, recent nrrlvols In Seattle, havo
Jlsappeared as completely as If tho
Barth had opened and swallowed
Ihem. Friends of thu two men think
they wero shanghaied.
A blizzard has been raging in tho
Judith bnsln, tho big grazing territory
3f central Montana, and It Is feared
that considerable damage to tho stock
Interests will result, especially should
the storm he or any duration.
Chester Thompson, accused ot mur
der In the first degree for tho killing
of O. Mcndo Emory at Seattle on July
7, will be tried In Tncomn, tho county
sent of Pierce county, Judge Frater
having granted u change of veuuo
asked for by Thompson.
William Pcunii, convicted of tho
murder of Mrs. Susie Bryant In Butte,
has been sentenced to denth by Judge
Donhiu. Penmi refused (o stand up
when scuteuco wns being passed, and
when the bnillfT attempted to assist
him, the condemned man showed
fight, the first show of llfo ho had
made since his arrest.
Armed bandits held up the overland
limited ut Carlln, Nevada, and es
caped with tho suit cases of passen
gers and thu money sack of Conductor
Conn. Tho railroad men at Sparks
stato that they secured about $1,000 In
all, A posso was formed und u pitched
battle took place nt tho edge of tho
town, no one being hurt.
Fred Adams pleaded guilty to rob
bing tho United States assay office In
Seattle, and was sentenced to ten
years at hard labor In the federal pen
itentiary nt McNeil's Island, Ho
pleaded guilty to two counts charging
thu theft of $:ir,000 worth of gold dust.
It Is generally understood that his
thefts amounted In o-vcr $200,000.
According to members of tho spe
cial prison commission, officials of tho
Washington State penitentiary havo
unearthed a plot to blow up tho
guards' quarters with ultro-glycerlne,
stolen from tho Jute mill, nnd effect
the relenso of nenrly 2f0 convicts, as
they were being murched from tho
prison to tho mill.
Michael Storms, a pioneer mining
man of Idaho and Montana, died of
general debility in Denver last
week. He was eighty-three years of
ago and hnd been one of the most fa
miliar figures In Denver for -17 years,
llo was secretary of the Colorado Pio
neers' association and hnd tho distinc
tion of being tho oldest active miner
in tills state.
Mrs. Maud Chellleld Is dead at Se
attle. Mrs. Crollleld wns the wife of
"Joshua" Cheirield, who was fhot by
Georgo Mitchell, who believed that
Crclllcld had 'maltreated IiIh sister Es
ther. Esther later shot her brother
George. She and Mrs. Crollleld woro
arrested for tho crime, both woman
confessing that they hud done It to
avenge the death of "Joshun."
A. J. Hcmbrcc, who was found guilty
at Tlllamnrk, Ore., of the murder of
his 17-year-old daughter, has been sen
tenced to nn Indeterminate term of Im
prisonment In thu state penitentiary.
Hombreo killed his daughter on tho
night of December 28, 15)05, nnd was
suspected of having nlso killed his
wife, both tho bodies being practically
consumed In tho flro which destroyed
the house.
A burglar entered the homo of Mrs.
Purker at Larnmlc, Wyo., stealing a
purso containing $13 and bo mo papers.
Tho house Is used as a scarlet fever
quarantine hospital, tho inmates in
cluding thrco or four patients.
Captain II. H. Bodflsh or the whaling
iteamer William Baylies, charged with
assault upon a member of his crew on
thu voyngo from San Francisco to tho
Arctic whaling grounds this spring,
and Captain E. W. Nowth of tho
whaler Jeanette, accused of the abduc
tion of nn Eskimo girl, havo been In
dicted by tho Seattle grand Jury.
Tho British ship Galena, sixty days
from Junln, Chile, for Astoria, Ore.,
went ashore on Clatsop beach, nenr
Gcurhnrt park and within a fow miles
south ot where tho Peter Ircdalo went
ashore three weeks ago. Tho ofllcerc
and crew nil camo ashore safely.
A northwestern Indoor track and
field meet by telegraph among tho
leading Y. M. C. A. teams will prob
ably bo a feature In sporting circles
within u short time. " Tho towns repre
sented will be Tacoinn, Seattlo, Spo
kane, Portland, nnd probably Salt Lake
William Whalen, nn aged mining
prospector of Nevndn, who was ar
rested at Sacramento, Cal., for swin
dling u number of citizens, securing
several thousand dollars by falsa rep
tcsontntlons, has been sentenced to
ten yeurB' Imprisonment nt San Qucn
.In. Tho Indians of the low lands nenr
North Yakima, Wash., have been driv
en from their wlgwnms by tho high
waters, and many of them aro coming
Into town, hungry and penniless. Sev
eral ImUau families iro reported
ilrownoiChut this' rumor has not been
The city council of Provo has do- H
ildcd to erect an electric lighting sys- H
lem at a. cost of $15,000. H
It. A. Ijwo of Austin, Just north ot H
Monroe, will get over $1,450 from flf- H
:een acres of beets this season. H
During the past week moio than H
(1,000,000 In taxes was collected by H
'he treasurer or Salt Lake rouuty. B
A miniature hurricane which struck H
Ogilen on the 15th did considerable, H
ilnmngo to roofs und outbuildings. 'B
Mis. J. Larson was struck by a sign M
which roll from n building during tho H
recent windstorm In Suit Lake, and M
tcrlously Injured. '
J. II. Dolllus, q carpenter, fell fioin flfl
scaffold at tile 'sampling mill In M
Vnirso of construction at Giirtleld, ami M
cvas Instantly killed. ' M
Mrs. Ellen Mlllgate of Ogdeu sev- H
rrcd n part of her Index finger of tho
left hand with n small' hand ax whllo M
chopping kindling wood. fl
Ralph Collet tr of Salt Lake City, wax H
run down and trampled on by u hors fl
while ho wns walking on the Btrrot, fl
sustaining serious Injuries. flfla
Work will be started on tho pio- HBa
posed new electric Intcrurbtin line be- M
tween Salt Ijilte, Saltalr, Bingham HBl
Junction and Garflold this week. M
About fifty students registered last flBa
week for the farmers' winter course fl
and for (he midwinter semester in fl
the Brlgham Young 'university at HBa
lleber J. Sheffield, wlio has been it M
member of tho city council of Knytv fl
vllle for two terms, has been appointed HJ
by that body as ma) or of tho city to HBa
uucceed It. V. Barnes,, resigned. HBb
Extensive preparations are bulnK' H
made by thu executive committcu of flfla
the State Poultry association, for u D
big' poultry show to he given lu Salt H
LnUo City, January 21 to 20, 1U07. flj
Attorney ('. C. Richards of Ogde.li, H
has filed a civil action for libel HBb
against William Glnsmunn, editor of HJ
the Standard und Ogden's postmaster, HHJ
In which $10,000 damages are auked.
Charles Gorman, u llremuii, was as- HBb
nulled by George Plllsbury, a switch- x M
man, In tho yards at Ogden, and sn HBb
badly beaten (hut he may, die. It la H
not known what started iho trouble. HBb
Thu Utah County Poultry unj Pol M
Stock association will hold u fair in H
Provo, December 22. It is expected HHfl
bat the exhibit will be much butter M
than that of last year, which was very flBV
jatlsfaelory. flBV
The homo of Sidney Lewis of Vernal H
.van destroyed by flro last week, tha H
'Ire being started by kindling wood HBV
.ert on tho stove to dry. 'This is tho H
third time Mr. Lewis hits lost his l(ome H
'iy tiro In two years. HH
Within the past week every slot SBb
-midline In Ogden has been put HH
)ut or commission us n result of an H
order Issued by the police department. H
ind the Indications are that they will H
'ie permanently closed. H
Valllsou Tanner, who hud his neck H
broken at ills homo In Mnluil Valley. H
Idaho, and who lay in an Ogden hos- H
pltnl for six weeks, after which hu H
left, apparently cured, died booh after H
('caching his homo Inst week. H
Georgo Salmon was stabbed in a su- LB
loon brawl In Salt Luke City by J a men. H
Gillespie. Botli men were Intoxicated H
jnd tho stabbing resulted from an ur- H
gument over some trivlnl matter. Sal- H
mon Is not dangerously Injured. H
After twenty rounds of fighting-. H
during which time neither man H
shunned Ills work, "Fighting Dick" H
Hyland was given tho decision over H
"Cyclono" Thompson, in tho Grand H
opera bouse, at Ogden, on the IGth. H
Frank L. Epps, tin cast em man now H
residing in Salt Lake City, who, It Ik H
understood, represents outside capital-
sts, is promoting u scheme for the do- H
t-olopment and use ot the natural kuki H
dopo'slts that for years havo been H
known to exist lit Davis county, H
Erastus S. Footo, an expert me
shuulc and who built tho first Hour H
mill in Tooele County, wns found dead H
lu tho road on the 12th, death evi- H
dently being due to nulurul cuiiseK. H
Mr. Footo was 89 years of ago nnd
had lived In Utah about foity years. jH
Joseph Clark of Chalk Creek lost Enfl
his house and nearly nil his furniture. BflS
by flro labt week. No Insurance. Mr. yWOI
Clark has been a coal miner all his SpvW
life, and by tho strictest economy hnd J?SS
becomo tho proud owner of n beuutt- iTn'r
ful homo. It Is not known how tho flrtt uftar
started. f'b'PA
Tho farmers or tho vlver bottom ItSr?
country between Provo and OlmsteauV ! '
nro greatly interested In having thr- f-T)
proposed boulevard from Provo to iJi'
Dlmstcad and tho canyon resorts conn- vft"
through their section, and have of-. J
fered to secure u right of wnv for thf JTffi
boulovard. IMjfc
Last week the various sugar facto- Mh
rles distributed among tho beet grow- H'Im?
era of XJtnh and Idaho about $I,3C0,- slWr!r
000, In payment of tho beet crop Jliri
which was hnrvosted and deliverer rfiVvf
during tho month of October, which In. A&ffl'
about three-fourths ot tho boei crop ot iwB
tho season, HKil
Despondent over tho discovery that Hl
Bho was not legally .married to tho H
man shu loved, Emma Pearson mudoi H
n desperate attempt to end her own- H
llfo by drinking a quantity of wood al H
cohol, n Salt l.uko Cily, but was pro- H
vontciffiom carrying nut her purnosu- H
by a policeman. H
" K1H

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