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.HUH: ' .11
j Dr. Williams' Pink Pills Restored
K Wrecked Nerves to Normal Con-
H dltlon and Good Health Followed.
H Tho sufferer from sleeplessness too of-
H ten resorts to lmblt-foriuing drugs iu
H order to soouro tlio coveted rest. But
H sleep obtained by tho uso of opinles is
B not refreshliiK mid thu benollt is but
H temporary at best.
K Mrs. II. A. Fletcher, of f0 Blodqot
H street, Manchester, N. II., is living cvi-
m thMco of tlio truth of this statement,
U Hmo.Biiys: "I received u shock of nn
K apoplectic character. It wns ,o severe
U that tho fcilit of my right cyo was nf-
H fected, causing mo to see objects double.
K I was confined to my lwl about four
1 wuoks, at oitotlmoliciiiK l-oldby tluxloo-
H tor tlmt I cdnld not get well. When I
9 could lenvo my bed I wns in such n ner-
m vons stutothat Icouldiiotsleeputnif;ht.
B I would Kt't up Atid hit on u chair until
W completely tired uivtmul tlicii go buck to
U bed nnd sloop from exhaustion.
K " I had been tinder tlio doctor'H rare
U for six weeks -whim my Muter, Mrs.
B liovuliiiid, of Everett, persimded mo to
M try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo
W People I "began taking tho pills with
m tho result 'that I noon experienced relief.
I Ono nlght'MHm after taking them I lay
1 W awnkn tiiily n Bhort titno and tho next
H Might I rioted well. From that timol
H slept Y,(ill every night and soon got well
B mud -strong. I havo recommended Dr.
AViniams' Pink Pills a nninlier of times
m --nnil my nleco luui taken them for weak
j iiiorvcs nnd jxxir blood und, found them
H 'Vcry'benellctnl."
J Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have cured
B nimny sovcro nervous troubles, headache,
Dieuralgiiv and ficinticnnswellas disenhes
H 'palo and sallow complexions and many
B .ifornis of weakness. All druggists soli
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, or thoy rill be
j isont by maU postpaid, wnrecoiptof. price,
tU .CO cents pwr box, six boxes for $2.50, lrj
W ,49k) Dr. Willinms Alodioiau OimpauT,,
j Schenectady, N. Y.
B Women at Strenuous Task.
VB On tho western coast of tho Urifted
K States, at Monterey, Cal., Mrs. Fish
t keeps the lamps lighted in tho Tolnt
K Pinas lighthouNO. On tho eastern
coast, at South Portland, 51c, Mrs.
HB Gordon earns her living by WGfklng
IBB as a deep-sea, diver. SprlnliloB. over
IBB tho country between thcae two worn-
IBB en are thousands of afher members
IBB of the femalo sex who ilcscrvii to h
BB enrolled -as auxiliaries to 3tr. Kip
BB ling's corps ot "TJnafralU Gentle
IBB men." And then, from tho woman ir.
BB Utah who is BhcrllT 'and hangs nitir-
H dcrers, to the -woman In Chicago who
HB bosses a ang of Italian street Clean-
Ww crs, he tells the role of women Who
syl are engaged iv Rtronuous ocoupatlonn
jE in the United States. Wherever man
BE has tried to wrest s. living Trom mi-
H willing nattiTO there -woman 'has also
Be loft the impress of 'her daring im-
2 plolts. Technical World.
B Treatment of Habitual t;rlmlnrfis.
BB The Now Zealand minister for Jus
Um Uao has introduced the liahltuul crlm
B I(1r and offend cm litll, w'lilcli pro
H vldes that where a person him been
BB twlco convicted of a criminal iibsault
H or four times of wounding, robbery or
H burglary, lie mny to regarded jib an
BK habitual criminal and at thu uxpira-
B tlon of his sentence detained iu a re
MB forraatory
jjU After six convictions fur vngraneya
'.BJ man may bo treated In Uie same way.
H Discharge from the reformatory will
jB bo secured only on the recommendn-
hBB tlon of the court, while the detained
CB offenders will be made to work and
OB wages will bo placed to their tredlt
lB or toward the siipjtortio their i&epend
CB ents.
bbbb Tjivffc?fe"i-TinBT'My3Bi yf . Jfvsum
BbI W'hI. VaTI I "liTfjrr tr T-JnBr
bbbb! K?sSb ""u TVf ! 4xdFSr
I : : PosltiTClrnrr! bjr
fADTrDC theso Little Tills.
llAlvl Ll0 They also rrucro SI5-
BB b tress trom Dysptpsla. ln-
B IPlTTLC digestion and Too Hearty
BB m jurn SaUog; A perfect rem-
BB B IVLtl cdy for Dizziness. Xausca.
BB DILLS Drowsiness, Do4 Taato
B BJ " la th0 jiouto. Coated
BB ABjhbhB Tong-ue, Fala In the Side.
m regulate tbo Dowels. Purely Vegetable.
I Ipadtcd'cI Genuine Must Bear
BB IjAttltRO Fac-Simile Signaturo
I lHeKhowsO'
I the kind of rfL'R
feterorool i'l;rfjRl'
Oiled Clothing UMfyitfrW
Ihot stands theLBW pAWrM
hardest service , if J'MBv
DoYouRhowf ' fVi
i4 7, f J If
Mado.fnr all kinds 111 'O t IJ
BB of wet work or aportjjpij a
Thirty-eight Kegs of Dyna
mite Exploded by Miners
at Bingham Canyon.
Premature Explosion Takes Plac
While Men Are Tumping Charge,
One Man Being Killed and Two
Others Probably Fatally Injured.
Bingham Canyon, Utflhs 'Ono man
dead, two othera futnlty tnjurell, two
Uhers hurt, 'ono of whom will prob
ably lose his eyesight; tu tho result of
a premature "explosion mt'tho Boston
Consolidated property,
Tho accllfcht in whSbh'thomen woro
killed and wounded Kjccurred about 5
oVioek Wednesday evening at tho Bos
ton Con. T-olnt on the summit ot tho
Boston 'Don. mountain.
Tne ilcii were 'tamping u charge In
hole 130 feet 6eep. In the hole nnd
scattered above the surfaco were 38
kegs'f dynarritte.
Wln'lo tampSng the blast tho Iron
tamping bar which they were using,
Inslcfld of a wooden one, struck a
xatV, nnd ttio greater explosion fol
towod Instantly. Tho men were blown
In 'all directions and Hint they woro
not blown t'j atoms is considered mlra
'ctflotw. Mike Cogllettn was killed Instantly.
Tils two "brothers, who nrc fatally
' tiurt, wero blown somo distance, whllo
"ifohn Jlonaghan's faco wns filled with
powder to much that ho could not bo
iccognlzed. Ho wns Inkcn to McKcn
zio's boarding lioure, where ho wns
made an comfortnblo ns possible. It Is
feared that his eyesight Is destroyed.
George Tellegrlno wns badly cut about
tho face and powder burned.
Flrt"Tlme Our Executive Ha Made
Trip Outside United States.
Colon. Tho first trip of an Ameri
can president outside of, tho bonnd
nrles of tho United States was sue
cesofully concluded Wednesday after
noon when tho battleship lioulsiana,
I having on board President noosevelt
j and his party, dropped anchor in the
I harbor of Colon.
j Owing to tho fnct that tho IjouIb-
lana arrived ahead of time, neither
i President Amador of Panama nor
Chnlrninn Shouts of tho Isthmian
canal commission wore on hand to
welcome President Hoosovolt. Ha
left Panama at half past four In a
special train for Colon and at halt
past eight at night boarded tho Louis
rr.na and extended a cordial greeting
to America's chlor executive. In Pres
ident Amador's party, besides Mr.
I Shouts, woro Chief Kngincor Stevens
I and Kxccutivo Secretary Ttecd, of tha
j commission, nnd Mr. Squlors, the
I American minister at Panama.
,Thls Is Outlook In Germany, Sayi
Student In Statistics.
Berlin. Germany Is threatened
t with a woman famino In 2007 A. D.
Horr Gustav Kukutsch, a noted sta
tist Icliin, foresees that tho malo popu
lation, increasing at ItH present rate,
will, a hundred yearn hence, outnum
ber tho feninlo Germans by two mll
1 lions.
1 At present thero are soveral thou
..sand moro females than males In Gor
many, but tho sterner sex la catching
i up with tho fair ones by leaps and
, bounds. In forty years, calculates
i Horr Kukutsch, tho sexes will ho in
equal forco, hut in 2007 tho women
'will bo in tho minority.
"Revenue Cutter Goes Out to Look for
the Ivernla.
"Washington. At tho request of tho
Tortland (Or.) Clinmbor or Commerce,
j the revenue- cuttor Thetis, Captain
Ilamlot, now nt Port Townsend, hns
j been ordered to tnko on board a sup-
I ply 'Of provisions and proceed to sea
to seitrch for tho British ship Ivornla,
which was last spoken of nt Astoria,
Ore, mi October If., by the British
ship Sicily, and which It Is fenred has
mr-t -iritii a serious accident.
SUly Now Makes Soap.
New York. Daniel .1. Sully, onco
j known at. tho "Cotton King," has
abandoned tho field in which ho mado
his mpectnciihtr coups and has gono
Into soap nnel tullow. Ho has becomo
tho head of soap corporation which
, Jinn $1,200,000 capital. Tho plnnt Is In
I Brooklyn. Sully, It wns stated Wed
, nesdny, was behind tho recent innvo-
nioiit in the tallow market, which has
forced that commodity up 2Ii per cont
within the last few weeks.
' Wants Marriage Annulled.
1'nrls.. Princo Amedo do Ilrogllo,
father of Pilnco Hubert do Broglle,
hns filed In tho Paris courts a demand
for the annulment of his son's mar
riage to Mlhs lOstolIu Aloxander of Cal
ifornia. Miss Aloxandor wns mnrrled
to Princo Robert do Broglln August
i H, in Chicago, and It wns claimed at
tho tlmo that according to tho laws
of Franco tho marrlago wns not valid
because tho prlnco's dlvorco from n
former wife had not heon approved
according to French laws.
Tellt a Story of Awful Suffering and
Wonderful Relief.
Mrs. J. B. Johnson, of 603 West
Hickman street, Columbia, Mo., says:
t "Following an oper
ation two years ngo,
dropsy set in, and
my left sldo was so
swollen the doctor
said ho would have
to tap out tho water.
r Thero was constant
ff pain and a gurgling
iv.Y4 sensation around my
VTO heart, and I could
u not ralso my arm
above my head. Tho kidney notion
was disordered and passages of tho se
cretions too frequent. On tho advico
of my husband I began using, Doan's
Kidney Pills. Slnco using two boxtss
my troubto has not reappeared. This
is wonderful, nftor suffering two
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents 'box.
Fostor-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, .V. V.
Hit Monument.
There has been set In vomctcry
In Orwell, Oswego county, N. Y ns
tho memorial of n lumberman, framed
of granite nnd marble, tho exact re
production In miniature wf a sawmill
In tho town of rtedtleld, Tvhlch wa
owned by tho deceased.
On the scale of an inch to the foot,
tho mill Is complete tn every Octnll,
being provided, with 'saws, carriages,
rollers to carry off tlio sawed lumber,
skids with thrco logs placed thorcon
ready to roll on tlio carriage car,
which is loaded -with lumber.
So one mnn has 'escapeil "from tho
conventloiral angel 'with 'outspread
wings, tlio recumbent slvcop, nnd nil
tha rest.-7-Sprlm?nold Republican.
Remarkable Story of Killing Told by
Blind Guide.
"Old Man" l.Ibby it ono of tho best
known guldo enmp "keepers in tho
state of Maine, anil foryenrs hns boon
totally blind. Pour years ago ho car
ried Into Tlnngor the carcass of a
deer, and lind it taken to tho ofllco
of Fish and Game Commissioner Car
penter. Libby expresaed tho wish
that tho Tenlson "bcrglven to tho Ban
gor 'hospital.
Carpenter -wnntdd to know who
Skilled the deer, iind was much sur
wlien IJtbby 'dlulura'd to have been the
"Why, IJIbby;" the asked, "how did
you, a 'Wind miir.,i mumigo to kill this
"Wrtl, you sce7'- drawled Llbby, "I
was Btandlng outkido my tent yostcr-,
day morning, m'-in hand, Just going'
to chop -a lcello-wood, when I felt this
durnefl critter 'rushing onto me. I
thoutflrt "twns ft War, so I hauled off
and sqalied liim?"
Tho commissioner always has a
.grin on tnp when tolling this story,
for he lias doubts ns to who killed the
Staplt Article -dt'Food for Resident
-of Celestial Empire.
There nre moro ducks In China
thnn in nil the rest of tho world.
China, llternllj, Is whlto with these
birds, and day arid night tho country
resounds with dhelr metnlllc and
scornful voices.
Clitloren lierfl Tciucks on every road,
on every pond, on every farm, on
very lake, On every river. There ie
no bacl yaid without Its duck house.
Thero U no bout, llttlo or big, with
out its duck quarters.
Kven In tho cities of China ducks
abound. They dudgo between the
coolies' legs. They flit squawking out
of the way of the horses. Their In
dignant quack "will -not unseldom
drown the roar of urban commerce.
All over tho laull there are great
duck hatching establishments, many
of them of a capacity huge enough
to produce C0.O00 young ducks overy
The Chinese dut'k'is extremely ton
dor and delicate the best tamo duck
for eating In the world. Duck nmong
.the Chinese is the staple delicacy.
It is salted and smoked llko ham or
bcef.and duck eggs are eaten as chick
en eggs are in America.
Publish a Book About 'Coffee.
Thero has been much .discussion as
to Coffco and I'ostuni latay, so much
in fact that some of tho ooffeo import
ers and roasters have tuktsn to typo
to promote tho sale vt thtiir wares
and check if poaslblo tho raprtl growth
of the uso of I'oatum Food Ooffeo.
In the corfeo Importers' book a chap
ter Is headed "Coffeo as a Medicine,"
and advocates lta use as such.
Hero is an admission of tho truth,
most Important to all Interoated.
Kvory physician knows, and e,ry
thoughtful person should know, that
habitual uso of nny "medicine" ot tho
drug-stimulant typo of coffee or whis
ky quickly causes irritation of tho
tlssuejs and organs stimulated and
finally sots up dlsoaso in the great
rnujority of cases if persisted In. It
may show in nny ono of tho many
organs of tho body and in tho great
majority of casern can ho directly
traced to coffeo In n most unmistak
able way by leaving off tho activo Ir
ritant corfeo nnd using I'ostuni
Food Coffeo for a matter of ten dayB.
If tho result Is rollof from nervous '
troublo, dyspepsia, bowol complaint,
hoart failure weak oyes, or nny other
malady set up by a polsonod nervous
pystuui, you hao your anssvor with I
the accuracy ut a demonstration iu ,
"There's a reason" for Postum.
Carpetn can be colored nn the floor with
druggist, 10c pi-r package.
Today Germany furnishes five
sixths ot the dyes used In tho world.
Mra. Wlnnloif i noolliliiK Syrup.
Tor children ttethlnsr, luftent tlio icumi, ivuucti In.
lUmiQfttlon KllAjrl pln,cuictvrlnUrullo. ttcfttottl.
Dick (looking at plcturobook) "1
wonder what tho Noahs did with them
selves nil day long tn the Ark?" Ma
bel "Fished, I should think." Bob
ble "They didn't Ash for long." Dick
and Mabel "Why not?" Bobble
"Well, yii see, thero woro only two
worms!" Punch.
$100 Reward, $100..
Tbtrefclen of tliUppr will bs plMl to leirn
thfct tbere U nt lent uae dreaded dlteAio that iclence
hai brtn able to cute la all lu lUsci.aml tbat la
Catarrh. 1111' Catarrh Cure li tho onlf podtlve
cure nuw known te tho medical f ratornlrjr Catarrh,
belnic a connltuU'nal dUeaae, require! cnnnlltc..
tlonal treatment. Haifa Catarrh Curo la taken In
lornilly, action nUrectljr upun the uluod and muooui
urfacri u( the ijitcm, therebr destroying Ihe
foundation ot the dleae, and uUlou the patient
etrenxth by building up the cuimltuilun and anlit
lug nature In doing lta work. The proprietor! hto
ao much faith In lta curallre powera that they offer
One llmHTtd Uollara for any caio that It fall! to
cure. 8rnd for Hat or teatlmoulala.
Addreia K. .1. C1IKNKV & CO., Toledo, O.
Hold hy all Druggltti. 11c.
Tale ila.il- Family l'llli for cooitlpatloo.
Boston Society Fad,
Dealers In pet stock say that bu
mirban residents of Boston aro adopt
ing as the latest fad iho raising of
gamo chickens. Thi stately carriage
and brilliant plumage of these bellig
erent fowls mnko them valuable for
decoratlvo purposes on the lawn to
pcoplo who' would, 'however, novcr
dream of putting 'tholr combatlvo
qualities to the tent. Tho dealors nre
prophesying that beforo long tho old
time fancy 'til keeping gamecocks
chained with silver chains on the
lawns of country houses will 'bo re
vived. Doiiton llecord.
A Well-Known Remedy.
One 'Of tho oldest, safest and most
favoratbly known remedies In tho
world today Is Brnndrcth's Pills a
blood purifier -and laxative. Doing
purely vegetable, they can bo used 'by
old or young with perfect safety, nnd
wh'ilo other remedies require Increased
doses nnd finally ccaso acting -alto-Knthor,
with 'Brandrcth's Pills tho
sumo doso nlways has tho saino effect,
no matter how long they aro takon.
Ono or two pills taken each night for
ax whllo b tho best thing known for
any ono troubled with constipation, in
digestion, dyspepsia or any troublo
.arising from impurity ot tho blood.
Brnndrcth's Pills havo been In uso
ffor over a century, and aro for sale
(overywhere, plain or augar-coated.
The man-of many 'parts 'seldom
parts his namo in thomllldlo.
Fearful Pains I
While no woman is entirely frco from
periodical sutfering, it docs not seem to
bo tho plan of naturo that women
should BiilTer bo severely. This is a
sovero strain on a woman's vitality.
When pain exists something' is wrong
which should bo set right or it will
lead to a serious derangement of tlio
whole femalo organism.
Thousands of women havo testified
in grateful letters to Mrs. Plnkhnm
that Lydla Bi I'inUham's Vegotabl'o
Compound overcomes woman's special
pains and Irregularities.
It provides a snfo nnd suro way of
escape from distressing and dangerous
weaknesses and diseases.
Thetwofollowinir letters tell so con
vincingly what Lydln E. PinUham's
Vegetable Compound will do for
woirfen, they cannot fall to bring hope
to thousands of sufferers.
Iiss Nellio Ilolmcs, of S40 N. Division
Street, Buffalo, N. Y., writes:
Dear Mr, rinkhnm:
'" Your modlrlno is indeed nn Mfnl mptllclno
for women . I Buffered misery for years with
painful periods, hondncliea, nnd bearing-down
pnlns. I consulted two dilTerent pliyblcinns
but failed to get any relief. A f rlend from tho
enst advised mo to try Lydin E. Pinkbam's
Vegetable Compound. I did no, nnd no longer
Buffer nsldldbeforc. Myperlodsnroiinturnl;
every ache nnd pnln is gone, nnd my general
health is much Improved. 1 ntlvlno nil women
who suffer to take Lydla E. I'lnklium's Vegetable-Compound."
Mrs.'.'411le Hart, of Larlmorc, N. D.,
Dear Ulrs. finkham:
'" I might have been Bpnretl mnny months
'Of snfTuring and pain hnd I only knownof tho
edlcacy ot Lydla E. Plnklumi's Vegetable I
Ask Mrs. Plnkhan's Advice k Woman Best Uiderstaids a Wmmui's Hto. H
pgjiiiiiw nrnnmii'iiiiiS if 11 A I I II WW I B
mmmm iluHOlUlllfl
ron; . ,u.i. r,r inl..uui "'T" Ml 0T Infant3 and Children.
PASTORlAnhe Kind You Have ,
iSTT nnCTTiraratv-Aann a.nrriinr, nuirr llVffUfW DUUhIII
slmilatlngiltcFoodarKlRcdiila-' v g
UngUicStouiariisarilDOTVclsor M qqiio tllB M
--1 I Signature lr
Promotc3Digcstion.ChccrrUr- M uAm
ness and ncstConlains neither W r W m - Ir
Opium,Morpliine norIiiicral. 01 Xl if
JlxSmut H 1
'SS ( ' ( LA
Apcrfecl ncmedy rorConslipn- Hi U IV UwU
lion, Sour Stomach, Diarrlwcii U I llkK
Worms. Convulsions Jcvcrish- Ml L faa, t.
nss nnd Loss of Sleep. W J YuT UVBi
Tac Simile Signature tor H
jg.l Thirty Years
1811811 1 n QTnni m
L""-" lUHu I Ulllft
PK Martha Washington M
VfDSyrJf'i'w ' " P'ea,ure a"3 relief to wer them. :'.
tSnK x Wmaffif TterB Bre no bu"0M '? bullon or laces j-' i
m$i&fL&S2Ziiir The elanic at the tidet expand ind
M3 v!2!&2!iwiiZr contract with the natural motion of the f-
Uv Yl-lBBaaMapioot, Insuring perlecl ease and comlorl. Can i.:- '
12 f.fyim worn 8" yr rounil j1; I
f t'il'Ji Three ityles, low, medium and high. Your dealer will j-l:
Kf HIM uPP1r )'ou- " not wr'1: to ui. Look for tho name and p.:
i'fl trade-mark on the lole. :
1 ill 1 Vc a'' maltc ('ie PPu'ar "Westero Lady" thott. jk
'mi 1:1 I'M PPFP "endtne name of a dealer who does not handUJ-vl
M-illtYi-'M wewilUendvou free. Postpaid, a beautiful MmmiWmi'M
Compound sooner; for I have trlea o many U
remedies without help. U
"I dreaded tho approach of every month, U
ns it meant bo mueli pain and Kiitlerlng for W
me, but after I hnd used the Compound two W
montlis I bernme regularniid natural and am U
now perfectly w ell and free from jvitn. lam mU
very grateful for nhnt Lydla K. l'lnkliam's W
Vegutablo Compound has done for me." U
Such testimony should bo accepted HJ
ly all women aa convincing evidence M
that Lydla K. Tlnhbam's Vcgctablo U
Compound stands without a peer as a
remedy for all tho distressing Ills ot
women. mU
The success of Lydla K. Plnltham's m
Vcgctablo Compound rests upon the U
well-earned gratitude of Amcricaa U
women. LH
When women aro troubled with pain M
or irregularities, displacements or ul- M
ccrntion of tlio orgniis, that bearing- W
down feeling, inflammation, biichachc, U
bloating (or flatulency), general dobll-
ity, Indlgcstlun and nervous prostra- W
tlon. or are beset with such symptoms M
us dizziness, falntnchs, lassitude, ex-
cltabllity, irritability, uervousnt'ss,
slccplcssncsH, melancholy, they should W
remember thero is one tried und W
true remedy. Lydla 10. I'inUham's M
Vcgctablo Compound at once removes M
such troubles. Ke fuse to buy nny other M
medicine, for you need the best, 0 H
Don'thcsltntotowrlto toMr ' H
IMiikluun it' thuro In nn.vthliiR: -W
about your sickness you do not W
unilcrHtaud. She will trcut yen -M
with kindness and her advice is- -W
frco. No woinnn ever regretted W
vvrltiiiK her and she Iibh helped. U
thousands. Address L.ynn, Matm. -W
3.50i&93.00 Shoes
W.LDougln $4 fillt Edge llns".
MnnolbeequalledaUniptlcey lj . H
W. '11 Uougiaa' Job. RT'VC&i- T V 1
Mmc llouwla tlio lnot If' 94 I fH
catupleta In Ihla country I kijLaV pA
Stan' snoaa, t8 to fl.BO. imy' BUoc. 43 H
oS1.20, Wonwn'a Shooa. OO to Jl.BO. H
Mlaaa1 Cblldrau' Sboca, $9.80 to f l.OO. iVS
Try W. f Uoiiel" lViinim'a, Mlaaea and? Bfl
ChtlUreii'sihoe; for atyle, ut and weur H
tlirr kicoI oilier make. H
If I could tnko you into ray large mM
factories at Brockton, Mass., and ahow mm
you how carefully W. L. Douglas shoes m
are made, you would then understand mm
, why they hold their shape, fit better., m
i wear longer, and are of greater valuei mm
than any other make. mm
Wherever you live, you can obtain W. L-. H
Duoslai (hoes. Ilia nam and price Is tmpeaV H
on the bottom, which protect youatalnat high H
, price and Inferior hoei. Tak no aufrirl. H
fn(. Atk your dealer for W.L.Oouzlaibo( mU
and Inalat upon having Ihtm. H
Fatt Color tuilttM uttiTi thfii will not mar trastu,, H
Write lor Illustrated Catalog ol Fall Style. 1
W. U. DOUULAS, Uept. 12. Urockton. MaM.. H
You Cannot M
all Inflamed, ulcerated and catarrhal con- H
ditiuns of the mucous membrane such as mm
nasalcatarrh.utcrinccatarrh caused. mm
by fcmlnlno Ills, sore throat, sore, mm
mouth or inflamed eyes by simply mU
dosing the stomach. H
But you surclv can curo these stubborn i M
affections by local treatment with H
Paxtine Toilet Antiseptic; 19
which destroys thedi.seasegerms.checks. HLm
discharges, stops pain, and heals the- flilS
1 inflammation and soreness, Srfv
l'axtine represents the most successful pWi
local treatment for feminine ills ever; (V
produced. Thousands of women testify i'A4
to this fact. 50 cents at druggists. yVftt
Send for Free Trial Box m
THE R. PAXTON CO- Boston. Maa. hjF'
no cash deposit. Votrcan easily make from jJV
2 to 5 in an evening. Send ioc (stamps, lrri
or silvur) for plans and instructions. ' 'f'A
NaaulaclureriAfenliAiiocltllon, LoiAatalca.Callt. $W
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what they ak lor, refuslns all subsU- . JH
tutos or Imitations. W
" twU - W
W. N. U., Salt Lake City, No. 47,T906 LW

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