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I.' .
I .' The Garland Globe
i Published Every Saturday at
Terms of 8ubtcrlptlon:
Ono your (In advanco) $1.G0
Six months .75
f Three months SO
Advertising rates furnished on appli
cation. I J. A. Wlxom Editor and Manager
Colorado Jurist Present When Detec-
HJ tlves Dug Up Infernal Machine
I Placed at His Gate by
H Orchard.
v Boise, Idaho. Tho Btnto on Wed
!ncsday mndo dramntlc production
nnd proof of the Ooddnrd homb, nnd
besides offering further contribution
of tho testimony of Hnrry Orchard
Against William I). Haywood, bo
sured a ruling under which a num
ber of tho denunciatory nrtlc-lcs pub
lished In the Miners' Magazine, of
ficial organ of tho Western Federa
tion of Miners, will bo admitted In
Tho votoran Colorndo Jurist testi
fied that tho first Information that ho
received about tho bomb came to him
from Orchard's confession, which was
fhown to him at Denver on February
13, 190C, by Detective McPnrland. Ho
- ! -t ouco returned to his homo nnd In
f his gnte discovered tho scrow-oyo
I which Orchard said ho placed there.
ir It was rusted and corroded by ten
9 month's cxposuro. Tho witness said
ho oxnmlncd tho ground outilda tho
1- gnto whoro Orchurd said ho placed
H'l" tho homb and found a slight dopros
, slou with t(io soil packed very hard
Ir ntuund It.
Tho bomb was dug up tho next day
Ir by General Bulkloy Wells wlillo us
H 1 " Ing n pockctknlfo to cut tho soil
Hit away, and raised tho plno box con-
Jj talnlng tho bomb. There was a small
Jf Phial on top of tho box, and attached
m: to tho rubbor cork of tho phial was a
H mt' pleco of rusted wire.
If Tho bomb and Its ntlnchmcnts wcro
l' at onco taken to tho office of tho Pink-
crton detectlvo nguncy nnd carefully
I scaled In wrappers and envelopes that
Ht wcrc signed by half a dozen wit-
nesses, Including Judgo Ooddnrd, and
V( after that they wcro placed In a vault
' to tho door of which five seals, In
Hj eluding that of a notary public, wero
K Mtached. Thcro thoy rested until tho
S; following May 22, when, bellovlng tho
B Haywood enso was to como to trial,
B- 'hey wcro removed In tho presenco of
HjHt '.ho Bamo witnesses nnd all savo thrco
Hp f tho forty sticks of giant powder
HJHt contained In tho bomb were exploded.
H Tho explosions occurred In tho pres-
HJbL ence of the witness at a point In tho
HJ' suburbs of Denver, nnd of tho bomb
r Itself twelve giant caps and two wrap-
HI- per 8 torn from stocks of giant powder
j wero saved as evidence.
; Scnntor Borah produced sovcral
) packets as thoy wero originally
scaled, and commencing with tho
phial passed them to Justice God-
, dard, who broke tho seals and Identl-
fled tho articles. After tho phial
came tho llttlo scrow-oyo, then tho
dozen giant caps, and InBt tho pow-
dor wrappers. Attorney Hlchnrdson
and Dnrrow for the dqfenso objocted
H. to all tho evldonco nnd all tho exi
H hlblts, and moved to strike out every.
H thing, but tho court ruled against
them all along tho lino.
H , New York Youth's Explanation of a
'H Boating Tragedy.
H Bridgeport, N. J. Investigation U
MM being mndo of the drowning In Sun.
HHJpk set lnko of Miss Mary Vennel, whosa
lL v , body was found In shoal water on
HHb Wednesday, tho faco and body show-
HHf ' ing cuts and bruises.
I WJ , The girl went rowing with George
I W ' Evans. Later their boat was found
filled with water, and IJvnns was
HJ V found In bed at homo, his wqt clothes
hunglng over a chair. His oxplana.
El tlou was that In changing their posl-
l1 ttoiiB the bant sank under them.
Evans Bald ho hod great difficulty In
J freeing himself of his companion,
J who, ho Bald, was screaming for help,
wlillo she held him tlgltly about the
i v neck. Thoy had gone down twice,
J , Evans said, when ho freed hlmsolf
HJ I and swam nshoro. Ho had told no
HJ I one of tho drowning of tho girl.
H 9 Jamestown Exposition is a Losing
HJ M Proposition for Its Promoters.
H J Norfolk, Va. Tho directors of tho
HJ Jill Jamestown Exposition company, at a
HJ jA mooting on Tuesday, accepted tho
H j$ resignation of Govornar W. B. Cot-
H ffl trcll, practically mndo James M. flarr
H m director general with full powet-s and
H (fl succeeding to the dutlos of Mr. Cot-
HJ a troll, and endorsed n second bond Is-
jm auo for $700,000 to cover all tho ox
I Ofi peuse of tho company's liabilities.
H aR Transport Captain Caught Smuggling.
I Hi Newport Nows, Vu, Captain Mor-
H-TOw row ' "10 Uulted'Statua army trans-
I S J,ort K,Imtr'ck nnH ,n-'" fliicd $720
I vm y "" 'rca8urv department for vlo-
Hi $$' Jntlng tho law in bringing to this
H Wi port a caso of silks, lncos and other
H''jK! lino diuss goods marked "UBed house-
Hm noul Koods." It is undorstood that
HdK Captain Moriow will appeal to the
HOfra dejmrtinent to Imvo tho lino remitted,
HwT claiming ho did not know tho con-
MA tents of the case and did not know
HR'vS ingly vlolato tho law.
Ujiiih i -j in - i ..-- ' n-
Haywood's Lawyrirs Assume
the Aggressive in Legal
Battle at I o se.
Expect to Impeach t'i: Evidence of
Murderer Orchard by a Score of
Witnesses. The State's Main
Testimony Already Before
the Jury,
. j
Boise, Idaho. Tho closing of the'
;aso of tho stnto leaves tho great bat
tle against nnd for tho llfo of Wll
lam D. Haywood In tho mldflcld, and
Jrom now forwnrd the sides changu
tho defenders assume tho aggres
jive, tho prosecutors are on tho de
fensive. Tho stato will carry Its caso
on through nn nggresslve ( cross
xamlnntlou and then present tcstl
mony In rebuttal, but Its main prop.
Dsltlon nnd showing nro already be.
foro tho Jury.
Tho course of tho counsel for tho
lefenBo during cross-examination, par
tlculnrly when thoy lnld tho founda
lion for their lmpcnchmcnt of Or
:hord, and tno personality of ninny oi
:ho witnesses thoy havo nummonod
bore, mnko their general courso tjultG
;lear. It Is manifest thnt thoy will
sndeavor to bIiow that Orchard
killed Stcunenborg to bo revenged
for tho loss of thu Hercules nilno and
icveral witnesses will swear that they
hoard Orchard tell tho Hercules tale
and vow that ho would kill Steunen
berg. They will probably show also
thnt Jack SlmpkliiB was n prisoner In
tho "bullpen" wharo a negro thrust
n bayonet Into his chest, clrcuni'
stances that gnvo tho two common
causes against Steunenberg.
There will likely bo n showing thnt
all of tho nnnnclnl relations of Hay
wood and Slmpklns enmo in tho nat
ural and tegular course of conduct
Ing tho business nffnlrs of tho fed
oration. In this connection ns well
an to tho grants of money nnd fooc
to Orchard nnd hlB wife nnd Stevt
Adnins, thu books nnd rccoids of tht
federation will probably bo pro
Orchard's story nbout tho lettert
connected with tho alleged plan to do
celvo his wlfo will In nil probablllt
bo directly controverted and genor
ally discredited.
It Is expected that Haywood will
go on tho stand nnd that thoro wh
also bo a strong showing ns to hit
character. Tho defenso has upwarc
of ICO witnesses and it 1 estimated
that It will take from threo weeks t(
a month to present all of Its testl
Drunken Passenger Kills Man ancj
Wounds Two Women on Train.
Denver. In a shooting affray on s
Burlington train nonr 8heldon, Knu
sas, T. II. Topp, a tailor of St. Paul
Minn., wns killed nnd Mrs. Morris 01
son of Marshall, MInn? nnd her sis
ter, Mrs. Hnrry Dlackerly, wert
wounded. Tho shots wero fired by
John Bolls, nn Italian bather, on route
'from Boston to 8nn KrnnclBCo, whe
had boarded tho train nt Chicago.
Ueforo tho shooting began most ol
tho passengers wero dozing in thelt
chnlrs nnd no warning of their dan
ger was given them. Thoy were
awakened from their slumber by
frantic yells nnd pistol shots. Five
shots wero fired in rapid succession
by Bolls as ho walkod through the
alslo from tho front to tho rear of
tho car, taking nccurnto nlm at ono
passongor after another. Hells had
bocomo suddenly Insane from drtnk,
nnd imagined somo ono was trying to
kill blm. Ho is in Jail.
Human Lives Sacrificed Upon Altar ot
Industry In Pittsburg District.
rittsburg. "Human lives sacrificed
upon tho nltar of Industry" might woll
bo tho tltlo of tho blotter In the ofuct
of tho coronor of Allegheny county
n volitnio thnt mutely proclaims tipor.
Its pages what It costs besidos money
for Pittsburg and its district ol
smoky mills and gridiron territory, to
maintain Its prestlgo In tho milling
mining nnd morcnntllo marts ot tho
country nnd rotnln Its tltlo or "work
shop of tho world."
This volume, ono of tho records de
manded by tho lnw of tho common
wealth, shows that almost GO por cent
of tho deaths are violent and nro tho
result directly or Indirectly of tho un
ceasing rush nnd grind of tho Indus
tries In tho Pittsburg district, that are
contlnunlly driven, night nnd day, to
Btipply tho demands of tho world'f
Deaths from natural causes, con
tngloim diseases, suicides, 'murders
and accidents met in tho ordinary
walks of llfo, uro not considered In
this percentage.
Spain Seeks to Keep Her People at
Madrid. Sonor Laclorva, mlnlstot
Df tho Interior, on Snturday read tho
Immigration bill In tho cortos. The,
bill provides 'a system of inspection
ind gives tho government power torn
pornrlly to forbid emigration. It also
(orblds recruiting of emigrants by
jgcnclos. Tho government will nogo
llato tho treaties with tielghborliif
powers to provent clandestine emlgra
. . . r- rrr'i '" ' " " 'T ' i"""
in"iii"i'" rny,wMffui.!ir rgnjit'Staaifij
Mutilated Body of Child Kidnaped ano
Held for Ransom la Located by
Police and Vigilantes.
New Oilcans. Two inllcv In the In
terior of n big swntnp, nenr this city,
tho headless body of Walter Lamnua
un Italian child, between 7 and 8 years
old, who was kidnaped und held fot
$6,000 ransom two weeks ago, wni
found by iwllcc and vigilantes just ho
foio daybrcnk on Sundny. Ho hao
been strangled to death, accord, ng tc
the confession of sover.il Italians he),
by thu police.
Tho boy's neck Is supposed to havt
been broken when ho wns strangled
causing tho hend to become separ
'ated ft oin tho body when decamposl
tlon set In. The head was found t
short distance from tho body.
Five Italians, two of them women
nro under nnest, charged with helm
accomplices to tho murder, nnd extrt
details of police and deputies art
maintaining order In the excited Hal
lun quarter.
Woman's Deviltry Probable Cause oi
Shooting at Boise.
Boteo, Idaho. Late Sunday uftcr
noon II. M. Hedges, a civil ciiRlncci
of Caldwell, employod by tho Ploneci
Irrigation District of that place, shot
A. S. Whitney, a contractor of Bolso
In room No. G nt tho Idanhn hotel, In
this city.
Mr. nnd Mis. Hedges came to Boise
Saturday and stayed over to attend
tho hall gnmo on Sundny between
Caldwell nnd BoIbp. A short tlmo bo
foro tho shooting occurred Hedges'
and Whltewny wero' seen together on
the street. It Is said that Whltowaj
went to tho Hedges room, No. G, to
fcco Mrs. Hedges, nnd Hedges soon
followed. Tho latter opened flro on
Whltewny, emptjlng six chambers ol
his revolver, threo of which struck his
victim. Ono shot entered his neck
and broko his Jaw; another ono en
tered his shoulder, nnd another his
abdomen, and It Is thought ho cannot
live. Hedges was taken to tho count
Jail and Mrs. Hedges wns ucconipa
nlcd to her homo In Caldwell. Hodges!
said ho intended to shoot his wife also
but his courago failed him. If is sat
that Whltoway nnd Mrs. Hedges hart
been very Intlmnto for somo time, the
former hnvlng had considerable' cpn
tract work at Cnldwell tho past year,
innd Hedges proceeded to put a stor
to It.
Violent Wind Sweeps Over Portions'
of Indian Territory.
Tulsa, I. T. A violent storm wwept
pver this section of Indian Territory
early Sunday, causing damago to prop
crty estimated nt nearly hnlf a mil
lion dollars. A terrific electrical
storm accompanied tho wind, nnd
lightning struck oil tanks nl over tfto
mid-continent field. In Glenn Pool,
near Tulsa, n GG.OOO-barrcl tank of tho
Quaker Oil & Gas company nnd a
dozon other small tanks wcro struck
by lightning and nro still burning
fiercely. William S. Mowry of this
city Buffered a loss at Cooly Bluff ot
nlno 16,000-bnrre! tanks, and tho
Standiud Oil tanks at tho samo plnco
wero almost totally destroyed. Bo
ports received from Itamonn, Ochela
ta, Nowata and other points toll of
heavy damage by wind, but no loss of
Minnesota's Governor Has No Ambi
tion to Become President.
St. Paul, Minn. Governor John A.
Johnson, when shown nn Intervlow at
tributed to Frank It. Day, his prlvnto
sccretnry, In Omaha, declaring Govor
nor Johnson n candldato for president,
said Mr. Day must have been mis
understood. Ho said that ho was not
now a candldato for tho Democratic
presidential nomination nnd th'at there
was no likelihood of his becoming a
Strike to Be Declared Only After
Two-thirds Vote In Its Favor.
Denver, Colo, Tho convention of
tho Western Federation of Minora
has practically agreed upon a consti
tutional amendment for a referendum
voto by nny local union beforo a
strlko Is called, two-thirds of those
voting to answer in tho nfnrmatlvo.
Undor tho pa-sent system a strlko
may bo ordered by any union when
throe-fourths of Its rosldont mem
bers vote In favor of It, nnd this no
tion Is ratified by tho oxocutlvo board.
Tired of Hiding In Mountains.
Albuquernuo, N. M. Antlmo1 Vet
tlno, who shot and killed Bcndotto
Borardlnolll in this city last February,
surrendered himself to tho sheriff last
Sundny and way released on $10,000
bonds today. Pettlno hits been hiding
In tho mountains since tho murder
which la believed to havo been the
culmination of n long sorles of similar
crimes committed in Italy and latot
In Now York, whenco tho Itnllani
came. Pettlno shot down hla vlctlic
In tho street, nfio r. trivial quarrel.
.,riVi .lm i n " ') IHiift iWiil.HiiSiHti
fcjjf .. UK
Holds up Two Stage Loads of
Passengers and Relieves
Them of Valuables.
The "Black Kid" Again at Work In
California, Coolly Chatting With
His Victims as He Relieves
Them of Spare Change.
Wnwonn, Cal. Two of tho regular
stages from Raymond bound for Wa
wonn, and owned by tho Yoscmlta
Stngo & Turnplko company, wero
held up and sixteen passengers re
lieved of their valuables on Thurs
day by tho "Black Kid," tho famous
lono bandit of this section. Tho
presenco ot tho robber was disclosed
by the horses, which by their actions
called tho nttentlon of Turner, tho
driver, to a mnn who stood at tho
sldo of tho road with nn old rusty 44
Winchester rifle leveled nt his hoad.
Ho called upon Turner to hold up
nnd then commanded thu passengers
to hold up their hands. The bandit
asked Turnor whoro tho other stago
was and was told that it wa3 fol
lowing. Ho displayed consldcrablo
Impatience until tho second stage ap
peared, when he commanded all tho
passengers to nllght and hold up
their hands, whlcn command was
readily compiled with on tho pnrt of
tho pnssongers.
Wlillo waiting for tho second stago
nnd when tho collection wns going
on, thu bandit talked pleasantly with
ho driver, nnd nsked what was tho
matter with tho stages of tho pre
vious day, stating that ho had waited
sovcral hours for them to pass.
These stages weio delayed In Reaving
Rnymond by a wreck on tho railroad.
Tho robber helped hlmsolf to somo
peaches, potatoes and crackers from
tho stage, remnt king that ho had a
hard night beforo him. When ho had
finished tho general holdup and re
plenished his stock of foodstuffs, ho
ordered tho passengers back Into the
"singes and commanded tho drivers
to go on, which order was somowhat
of a relief, ns thoy had been stand
ing In tho hot road with their hands
raised over their heads for more
than hulf nn hour. From descriptions
furnished of tho highwayman he is
do doubt tho man who stopped tho
stages In 1005 nnd In July and Sep
tember of last year, at which latter
tlmo he permitted a tourist to photo
graph him.
Narbonne, France, the Scene of Seri
ous Rioting.
Narbonne, France. Tho riotous ele
ment ot the populnce of this placo
:ast off nil rostralns Thursday after
noon and tho city became tho scene
of many wild excesses.. A secret po
llco igent was lynched and other por
Bons wero treated with tho most ex
traordinary brutality. For a gen
darmo or policeman to appear on tho
courts alono was to court tho risk of
being clubbed to death. Tho troops
ultimately were obliged to lntorveno
for tho protection of the olllcors of
tho law. This resulted In further
Punishment of His Rebellious Poli
ticians Wl,ll Probably Be Light
St. Petersburg. Tho trials of the
signers of tho Vlborg manlfosto prob
ably will not bo finished beforo the
end of tho summer recess, tho court
thereby disqualifying tho accused as
candidates for election to tho third
parliament, but asldo from, this their
punishment is not expected to bo bo
voro. It Is .reported that amnosty
will bo granted In most ensos in the
event of conviction.
Big Fire In San Francisco.
San Francisco. Flro has destroyed
a nurobor of business places on Van
Ness avenue, noar Sacramento
street. Tho llnmos spread through a
number of tho recontly constructed
buildings in tho now business district
and caused n loss that Is variously
ostlmated nt from $150,000 to
$250,000. Tho loss is chlelly on tho
merchandise consumed. Soven firms
suffered from tho flames. Thoy
were paying C 1-2 por cent Insurance,
and undor tho terms of their lcasos
tho fire terminates their tonancy.
Bomb Thrower Was Insane.
Athens, Greece. An unknown man
throw a dynamite cartrldgo from tho
gallery of tho Chnmbor of Deputies,
tho cartrldgo falling among the
benchos, which woro crowdod with
doptttleo, but n disaster was avorted
by tho fiiHo becoming detached In
the flight of tho mlssllo. The finance
mlnlBtor, who was speaking when tho
outrage occurred, rushed to tho doors
with all tho deputies. Tho thrower
of tho cartridge was arrested, and
ho proved to bo Insane.
Nearly Killed in the Ring.
Now York. Following a boxing
bout at tho Ixng Acre club, Gustavo
Lenny of Boston was removed to
Bollovuo hospital, whoro it was sat I
lator that his condition was serious
and that ho ma die. Ho Is suffer
ing from multiple contusions of the
head and body. Lenny fought four
faBt rounds with Edward Smith, Na
groat damage was dono, howover, un
til tho fourth round, when Lenny Is
said to havo been so seriously pun
ished that ho had to be holpod from
tho ring
' ia)i ' in 'iyiwiifjw'l,l"1,''''w.'V''
, .. .F9 V
Chinks Are to Pay Eleven Million for
Boxer Trouble, Instead of Twenty
four Million,
, ,
Boston. Sir Chontung Liang
Cheng, tho retiring Chlneso ambassa
dor to tho United States, who is In
this city on a visit, has given out tho
"I shall mako public tho contents
of an official noto which I received
from Secretary Boot last Saturday
night, which shows bettor than any.
thing olso can tho remarkably high
senso of Justice which tho Unitod
States has used In all her dealings
with China. You remember that
after the Boxer troubles China agreed
to pay nn Indomnlty of $24,440,778.81
on account of tho losses entailed by
tho United States government ns woll
as for personal property lost by hei
citizens during tho Boxer campaign.
Four years ago your government was
good enough to promlso mo that
when tho tlmo nrrlvcd, ns a token ol
slnccro friendship for China, tho or
Iglnril figures of tho Indomnlty would
bo revised.
"Truo to tho promise of tho oxecu
tlvo officers, I received n noto froti
Sccretnry Root Inst Saturdoy nlgln
saying that tho president directed
him to say that In his next messagt
to congress ho would bo pleased tt
recommend that China bo relieved o:
all obligation In excess of tho final
revised amount of tho Indemnity
which had been sot at $11,CG5,49?.C9
That, as you can sco, will snve Chine
over $12,000,000 and also an Interest
of 4 per cent.
"You cannot cmphaslzo too strong
ly my admiration for tho fair spirit
which has always characterized the
dealings of tho United States with
my country. This final nctlon Is an
other monument to America's high
sonso of Justice, nnd I feel called
upon to say not becauso I am the
retiring ambassador that personally
1 feel that America Is ono of China's
strongest friends."
Delegates Addressed by Garfield, Bal
linger and Teller.
Dcnvor, Colo. Tho public lands
convention, which mot In this city on
Tuesday got down to business nt
once, listened to addresses by James
It. Garfield, secretary of tho Interior;
Richard A. Ualllnger, commissioner
of tho general land office, and Henry
H. Teller, United States senator from
Colorado. Permanent organization
wns effected by tho selection of Dr.
J. M. Wilson of Wyoming ns chair
man, nnd Fred P. Johnson of Colorado
as secretary.
Yealthy Manufacturer Murdered
While Walking With His Wife.
Now York. Julius N. Rosenhclmor,
a wealthy needlo manufacturer, was
murdorcd whtlo walking through his
country estate at Pelham Tuesday
ulghL Ho was struck down by ono
of two mon who skulked along tho
path which Mr. Roscnheliner nnd his
wlfo had taken for a stroll. Ho died
i few moments lator. His assailants
escaped. Mrs. Rosenhclmor wit
nessed tho assault, but swooned ns
her husband fell, and can glvo but a
tnengro description of tho murderer.
Life Crushed Out Under Car.
Salt Lnko City. Stowart J. Jen
kins, 45 years old, a member of tho
saddlery firm of J. W. Jenkins &
Sons, was Instantly killed and his
body dragged for fifty feet undor
ncath a stroot car, In a collision bo
tween tho street car and a horse nnd
buggy occupied by Mr. Jenkins and
Miss Nelllo GrtmUi, a dresBinakor.
Doth Mr. Jenkins nnd his companion
woro thrown undor tho wheels of tho
onrushlng car, and how Miss Griffith
escaped sotious Injury or death Is n
mystery, ns sho was carried under
tho car with Mr. Jenkins until It was
stoppod, fully fifty foot from tho placo
of tho collision.
Went Through Open Switch.
Columbus, O. Big Four passenger
train No. 19, ono of tho fastest trains
upon tho Now York Central linos,
went through an open switch In tho
northern part of the city nnd tho pas
sengers aro wondorlng why they wero
not instantly killed. Tho train was
running fifty miles an hour when It
struck a switch and tho paBsongors
woro thrown In every direction. Tho
tondcr of tho onglno ran along tho
sldo of tho track for somo dlstnnca
and then plunged1 Its nose Into tho
ground nbout twonty-fivo foot.
Utah Pioneer Dead.
Salt Lake City. Orango J. Sails,
bury, chairman of tho stato Republi
can commltteo ot Utah, dlod at St.
Luko's ho..nla!, Now York City, on
Tuesday of heart disease Mr. Sails
hury's homo was in Salt Lako City,
Ho wont enst ton days ago, Intending
to sail soon for Ruropo for ltl
health. With him at his death wcro
his wlfo, his daughter, .Mrs. Lewis B.
McCornlck. and his son, Orango J,
Salisbury Jr. Another son, R. WaJ
kor Salisbury, In In Salt Lako City,
- . ... i
i iw pj ;i!fya.;sy?
vnH$"4(i "-1
" JffWnii
W1 f BOB I
That He Was in Plot to De- I
ceive Mrs. Orchard as to j
Husband's Whereabouts
.test Effort of State to Place Steun- H
enberg Murder at Door of Fed- B
eratlon Officials Defense Lays K'
Foundation to Introduce lm- H
peaching Testimony. B
Bolso, Ida. The prosecution In tho H."
Eteuncnberg murder trial offered ono H
of its most importnnt pieces of cvl B
denco ngnlnst William D. Haywood K
on Tucsdny, when, recalling Harry H
Orchard for redirect examination, It H
Introduced and secured tho admission. H
Df four letters tending to show thnt Hj
Haywood, during thu fall of 1905, B
when Orchard swears ho was engaged Hj
on various crimes for the Federation B
leaders, had participated In n plan to K
dccelvo Mrs. Orchard, tho second, ol B
Crlpplo Creek, ns to tho whereabouts H
of her husband. H
Tho defenso attacked tho letters H
and Orchard's story nbout them when ix H
It got a chanco to cross-cxamlno thu y H
witness, but Orchard held to the H
story ho told about them. Tho wit- H
ncss successively denied that ho had WM
mado an arrangement for tho dellv- H
cry of tho letters to Plnkerton agents, H
that tho letters had, only made their ' IH
appcaranco sinco he left tho stand IH
last week, or that ho had Invented IH
tho story becnuso his wlfo had Hay- H
wood's lotter In her possession. H
At tho opening of tho morning scs- H
slou tho defenso asked Orchard a H
scries ot Impeaching questions. They H
all dealt with conversations In which B
It wns nllcgcd Orchard recited his H
prlvato grudge against Frank Stcun- tH
enberg nnd vowed that ho would kill H
him if ho hnnged for It. Orchard de- H
nied every query both specifically H
and generally. H
Kd Boycc, onco president ot thn B
Western Federation of Miners, nnd HJ
now ono of tho owners of tho rich B
Hercules mine, enmo nftcr Orchard, B
nnd wns still on tho stand when tho IHJ
court roso for tho day. Ho was called iHJ
to Identify tho Miners' Mngazlno as WJ
tho official organ of tho Federation, BH
and to pavn tho way for tho uso as IH
cvldenco of n great number ot art!- 9B
clcs from tho magazine.
To combat tho theory that Orchard
killed Stouncnborg In rovengo for his 1 9J
loss of n valuable Interest In tho Her- HH
culcs mine, tho stnto on redirect ex- HJ
amlnntlou obtained from Orchard n fljj
declaration that ho sold his intorcst HJ
In tho Hercules In 1897, two years be-
foro the strlko nnd troops cnme. Tho HJ
defenso nttempted to modify this by HJ
getting the witness to admit thnt ho HJ
had not sold his Interest In tho Her- HJ
culcs, but had pledged It, and could JH
havo taken It back any tlmo up to JHJ
his flight from north Idaho, hcfnrn SI
tho oncoming of troops, but Orchard JJ1
adhered to tho statement that ho had HI
sold outright. 'MM
Two Special Deputies In Boise As- HI
sault a Miner. !HJ
Bolso, Ida. Charged with assault H
and battery and7 disturbing tho penco Hi
of tho city of Bolso, two of tho noted ill
"gun fighters" from Colorndo, who II
aro here acting as special deputies I
and as guards for Harry Orchard HJ
whllo ho is in nttcndnuco ns n witness IIP
in the Haywood caso, woro on Tuos- H
day tried beforo a magistrate's court. mt
The prisoners wcro Claudo Bartcl kj
and "Rob" Meldrum. ltnrtcl plcndod SM
guilty and wns fined $50, Mnldrum 4 HJ
declined to admit his guilt, nnd his H
caso nttractcd a number ot spec- HJ
tatnrs. Ho was also lined. HJ
Whllo Orchard was In tho office of HJ
J. H. Hnwloy, leading counsel for tho HJ
state, waiting to ho called to tho iHJ
court hottso, ono of tho witnesses for HJ
tho state, John Froy, a miner from
Sllvor City, attempted to pass Bnrtel, HJ
who was stnndlng ns guard at tho U
foot or tho stairs. Rartol told tho
man ho rnuld not go up, hut tho
miner Insisted that he had business
nnd tho right. Bnrtol used language,
and blows followed words. At this
tlmo Meldrum interfered, nnd tho
minor was in danger ot netng iindly m
used up when a Justice ut tho poacn
nppeared and put tho two detectives
tinder arrest. H
Girl Catches Baby Sister Who Fell I
From Fourth Floor. I
Chicago. Falling from a fourth- I
floor porch 2-year-old Vera Mooso es- I
caped uninjured on Tuesday becnuso I
ber 8-year-old sister, Gladys, at tho J
risk of her own llfo, rushed bonoath I
the falling child and caught her In I
her arms. "I caught her Just llko u I
basketball," Gladys explained after I
sho had picked hcrsolf up unhurt
from tho g'touud, on which sho nnd I
ttye rescued baby had rolled. T I
Five Men Blown to Fragments by Ex- H
' plosion of Gelatine, I
Wllllnmsport, Pa. Flvo men weio
killed In an explosion of tho golntino
department of the Sliinnmnhonlng
Powdor Mnnufnctuifng company on
Tucsdny. Tho dead: Hlllmlro Sum.
mors, Edward Colo, J. II. Nolson,
Hnrry Cole, Samuel sWlmnn. Only
fragments of tho bodlcH wcro found.
As nil tho men In (he building wero
killed, it is Imposalblo td ascertain
tho cause of thu explosion Two men
tt work neat by woro liijuicd.
i v - j

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