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H r
MHg .1. A Wivi.m, . . Kcllfor and Mnpr.
Ks Telephone No 52 Red
BKf (."ormerlrWystt's Butcher Shop.)
BE' Enured u aeeend-ctaiia matter February 17.
!mJK fM, at tha pest ofllee at Oarland. Utah, under
SfcSa lha Aat of Consrres of March :i, 187.
rtJK? Huliscrlhe r ho fall to receive their
FyS" "' papers ri'Kiiliirl) , plciuie notify this office
HI Saturday, Aug. 15, 198
HHS Stipl. Tu.lrs II. Kclwards left last
hH Saturday for Malm to visit I lie Hng.r
B factories of 1 lint itate and call on old
B hi 'iiiKtniKii.es of the HiiKr Moiling In-
H Oeo. Henrle ami wife and Hoy ('In? -
H ton and wife rcturui'il last week from a
H vImH with relatives In I'unitulh h, Oar-
H Held County.
H lien Clayton, who lias been absent
H from town for the past two years, re
H turned home last week. He la so pleased
H with the growth nnd advancement our
H city ha. made during his ahaence, Hint
H he Iihh decided to remain here awhile.
H Mis M.ttle Moody of .Salt Lake City,
H returned home last Miimlsy after a les-
ant visit with Mr. and Mra. .1. V. Jen
H leu, who reside just south nf town.
B Mrs. A. I, Harris of Pocatello, Idaho,
H who has lie.a vUltlng relatives and
friends in Salt Lake, Is the guest of Mrs.
H Mrs. John (larrelt, accompanied by
B Miss Fersllla Cooper of Wcllsvllle, re
H turned last Saturday evening from a two
H weeks' visit In that city.
H LOST, stolen or Borrowed H sea-
H lion of a double harrow from Sugar Go's
H lot east of factory. Keturn to E. V.
H Schneider and be rewarded. It
Mr. and Mrs M. A. Uoothe spent lat
H rlunday with relatives In ColllusUm.
H Mr. and Mrs. II Hoyd drov. over to
H Deweyvlllo last Sunday to visit Mrs.
B Boyd's mother, Mrs. Janu Kckley.
H James Jensen, of Jensen Bros. I.umbcr,
H Purnlttirs ami Hardware (,'0. of this city,
H has Accepted a missionary call to preach
H the gospel in Scandinavia. He will leave
B Halt Lake Kept. 18, for his uew field of
H We carry a complete line of burial
H caskets. Tremoiit Furniture Co. tf
H According to the Box Klder News,
H Huowviile Is soon to seruru telephone
H connections with Malad via llolbrook.
H We regret that Oarl.ud did not pull the
H line this way "Every little bit helps."
fl Koley 's Kidney Remedy will cure any
B case of kidney or bladder trouble that Is
B not beyuud the reach of medicine. No
HHB medlclue can do more. Idler llros. (lai -
B land and Tremouton Hrtig Store.
HB Hon. V s I'm will repeat the lecture
B he gave In this city some time ago, next
BBM Friday evening at the social hall. A
BBBJ number of new pictures have been added
BBBj to bis collections nnd the lecture pi. mm
BBV ed to lit very iuWreatiug.
M Eicursion to Salt Lake aod Ogden
1 & August U'Jnd. via Oregon Short Line.
fl lUle from Oarland will be $3. 13 lo Salt
H Lake. Tickets limited to ten days. St
BBhS Curse Hair fever and Summer Cold.
BBBJ A 8 Nuabaum, Batestille, ludiana,
BBV writes: "Last year I suffered for three
BBV mouths with a summer cold ho distress.
BBV Ing that It interfered with tuy busluess.
BBV I had many of the symplotis of hay
BBB fever, and a doctor's prescription did not
BBB , reach my cane, and I look several tiled
BBB Iciues which seemed only to aggravate
BBB it. Fortunately 1 Insisted upon uavtug
HH Foley's Honey and Tar. It quickly
BBB cured me. My wife lias since used Fo-
BBB ley's llouey and Tsr with the same
HBj success." Kill 1 linn., tiarlaiid and Tre-
BBJ inoiiton Drug Store.
63 4
r$&jg that we sell are the kind that
jfeS make you say "Weil I'm glad I
Hg went to RITER BROS. Drug
SMJtr Store and let them pick out t his
1jT$ brush for me."
H i Whether it is a Tooth Brush,
mjA Hair Brush, Bath Brush, Clothes
? Brush, Paint Brush, or any
other sort of the many brushes
ff& we can supply you with, and
MB we have them at all prices, but
JK whatever the prices may be
BB you will always feel that it was
H the bet-t possible value for the
H price.
I Rlter 5ros. Dniu Go.
H Logan and Garland. Utah,
B Franklin, Preston and Montpelier,
jH I.L.ho.
feJM -mMmmmmimmmmmMmmm
Big Closing Out Sale!
tv o rrr OO stock DrV Goods, Cloth
aPOO,000. ing and Shoes to be
Closed Out At Once
Two Third, of This Stock Must be CLOSED OUT in THREE WEEKS
Every article in our store will be put on SALE. This is a large stock to
CLOSE OUT in so short a time, but we will put a price on the goods that
will MAKE THEM GO. This is the biggest opportunity the people of Box
Elder County will ever get to buy their supplies at WHOLESALE and less
and no father or mother in the county, who has a large family to dress,
can afford to miss this sale.
consider the expense of coming to the sale, as we will more than make up
for it. We are now prepared to clothe you from head to foot so make out
list and come prepared to buy what you will need for the next six months
The following are only a few of the GOOD THINGS we will have in store
for you. X X, X X X X. x.
Domestics. Lodles' s,,k ond Cloak DepL
Good Factory going at 4Hc Kid (llOVCS LfldlCS' Suits
(iood L I- Sheeting going at Be We hav been and are still the Every Ladles' Tailor Made Suit In
8 4 Bleached Pepperrell Sheeting 84c exclusive Agents for the celebrated the Store will go out at Just
0-4 Unbleached I'cpperrell Sheeting Towns' Gloves. These gloves have J4 0FF.
f ; Mc no c1"' for wearlug qualities and Everything In the LADIES RIADT
0 4 Hleachcd Pepporell Sheeting 36c flt. Our entire line will bo marked TO WEAK DEFT including Walking
2,00 yards Lonsdale Bleached Mus- down at a price that no one can at- Skirts, Spring Jackets. Silk Coats, Itnln-
lin worth 15c at Mo ford to be without gloves. Proof ('t, " '"l'. '
, , B 1 resses, Klmonas, Dressing Sarqui'H nnd
This Is a snap and will not last The Best $160 Long Silk Glove Chlldn-n's Dresses will all be closed out
IoB- in the market will be closed out t a sacrifice.
Good 12Wc val. straw ticking at tc AT ,110
Good 18Mc val. straw ticking, lOHc The $2.50 quullty, going at $189 HoSO
Good 18W val. Feathor ticking, 12Hc $1.25 Kid Gloves going at 05c
Good 22c Feather ticking at ItlH, ......, 1 lot Children's 15c Blink Cotton
Good 26c val. Feather ticking, 18Wc I (""nrf ain Ribbed Hose going at 0c
idCC VUIldlllS Hot 20c values going at 12Hc
' y $800.00 Stock of Lace Curtains will '"t Ladles Black Cotton Hose 20c
VxHiCO. be closed out at about K the regular values going at 12Hc
Sl U l a P'lce- PRICES RANGE FROM 88c 1 lt 25c values going at 10c
The best Calico made will be cloMd gj - ,n ,dditlon w ,nl, evcry ,lock,Dg , lne
" not again get an opportunity to buy store will be sacrificed.
The best Amoskeag staple Olug- , , . , ... .1 ,, ,
0 K good lace curtains for the price thut " "" " mm -" "-
ham In .11 color, at flMc these will be closed out at. l pi .1 '
. Men s Clothing
Wash Goods Ribbons wHerf, '" w!!rre V 2T yo ,mo?ev
lviuuutio We will at this sale sell you the best
Every pleca of Washt Goods must 11,000 00 STOCK OF RIBBONS clothing for less than the cheep goods
be closed oul. WILL BE 8ACRIFICEE AT ABOUT W'i' C0,t J'0"- , , , ,
15c Lawn going at 8Hc HALF THE USUAL PRICE Evarjr M ln lhe ,t0re mu"' be c "ei1
15c Fancv Lawn going at 10c out lu tue atxt three week-
All 25c goods going at 10c We Br wllllnK uke ,OM on REMEMBER We have no cloth-
All 85c goods aolug at 211c tl,e R'UD0M our Stock Is too large Ing in the Mat mure thau five moulhs
All 60c goods going at 20c " cloM 8Ut ,n ll0rt llnle "nle" ''d- Yo cn nt afford to miss this
All 60c goods going at SO- we close them out at a loaa. opportunity.
mm m mmm mm m It will pay you to buy enough Rib- mm
r. - 1 lon to last you for the uext six Dv, ( 1 U !
Dress Goods -n. ooy s Clothing
- We have only good ones left and they
Although our dress goods stock is . w,, be cloted 0llt for the prlco of ,,,,.
exceptionally large we expect to be LCCS choap ones.
able lo sell out lha whole slock lu a
short tl.ne at the price, at which we ,ot of Ornamental Laces, value.
expect to put them. up 10 40c, going at He UndefWear
1 lot, values up to 86c, going at 9c
""" " "" " " " mm "" 1 lot Color Lace, values ap to OOo, MKN'Q. LADIES AND
Shirting going at 83c CHILDREN S UNDERWEAR
" 1 lot, value, up to $1.50 per y.rd, both summer and winter weights will all
15c Heavy Cheviot Shirting at lie going at 67c go on this. This is your opportunity to
15c Bl.ck and Blue Shirting at Uttc Big Una of V.lencionne. L.ce., lay in your winter supply. This depart.
Heavy Pembertou Shirting, regular Faacy Imported Laces, Etc., All m.nt will prove to you that we mean
price 90c. going at 15c going out at COST and LESS. business.
$6,000 s h o E S $6,000
We have shoes for everybody and carry only the BEST brands to be had. Every shoe we
sell we can recommend. Mothers and fathers, this is your opportunity to lay in your supply
of shoes for the family. Our stock of Children's Shoes is EXCEPTIONALLY LARGE
Sole begins Monday, Aug. 1 7th, and will
last util Sat Sept. Mh, -
If you cannot come the first week, then come the second, but by NO MEANS miss this the
Biggest of all Sales, and come prepared to buy for every member of the family, as this oppor
tunity will not come agaim.
Thanking our customers for their past patronage, we arcfc
Hanson Mercantile Co.
The STORE That Hos Always Made GOOD
Brigham City, $ Utah.
v' We are offering some SPLENDID BARGAINS fjP
8 THIS WfcEK in the line of
g GROCERIES lr wcrles are alw.y. the choicest Fj
.VflQ "i lh cheapest tlisi can I" lm.1 KU
g Rock Springs and Kemmerer Coal always on hand.
Economy Fruit Jars We havf flitfra. " m
B S - A 'ew lts of cltblnR left which wo arc closing out t COST afel
3 Just In A line line of Ladles' Bummer Waists. Just the thlnp for f3tjj
QRj this present hot weather. Igraj
S tWHrnil is your orders. - .. .. Phone No. 14.JR1 WS.
HjBEflfl Sewing Machines
TlV5n LEFT -- '
Ml fl AH kinds of Sewing Machine
A j& Supplies constantly on hand.
j . fy, sL "ye"
rcep(ool wiNiejL
BY BUYING A frffitfciSSi!
D I K It . I K A TO U "Jy-V
Simple, durable, automatte.
..,,, It threads any needle Itself eren In the ffc,
Undcrtdkine rroperlv Attended To Most famaHa of afl attachments.
r ' Me twisting, biting or outtlag thresd.
i . .. . .
Box Elder County PAID
The Big Four County Fair name to lhe bijr Four County
will be held in 0den, Utah, this F-ir "d admitted Box Elder,
c r u Morgan and Duvis Couniie", who,
year on September 30th, Octobei ' '
j j j -. c Wi VV'eber Count, make the
ist, and and 3-d 1 ln Fair in . .
big four counttep. Mext jear,
the official f-ir of Box Elder i(J prep08ed , huId tn Fair in
County, so recognized by resolu BrjKham cily. Tht5 Counly
lions by lhe County Commia. CQ-$Slwfa$l, fS, Fruu Tree ln
tonera of Box Elder County. ppector. and MdJO of each
The I nle 1 --iMt.iirit.tni K.ui As county form the county board of
hoc -i.it ion of Ogden owns the Control The Board of Control
Ogden Fair Grounds and started for this county consist ot the
the fair, but later on changed the following
A W Valentine, Brigham City, Any of the foregoing gentle
commissioner. men W1j be pleased to give any
M B Hart, Dewey ville R F D information desired.
No 1, commissioner.
rw . a j -M 1 l 1'e President and Director
D E Adams, Thatcher, com- 1
mistioner. neral o! -the ? William
-i it m 1 l a l Glasmann, will make a visit lo
Thos H Blackburn, Brigham ,,-,.,
. " uox Elaer County about August
" ' aoth, in an automobile and will
W F House, Corinne City, vi(jjt he j , the County
mayr- and will be accompanied by some
S B Watland, Tremonton, members of the local board,
1 - .u 1 - 1 Every Box Elder County
JG Whetlon, Garland, mayor. .. ... , ......
J ' citizen should make this fair his
Frede F Peterson, Bear R.ver m aif and make eyery effort
City, mayor. ,u cxhihl M(i aUefd thj fajj.
James M White, Willard Guy, For further information call at
mayor this office for premium list or ad-
. Carl Isaacson, Brigham City, dress William Glurmann, Director
tree inspector. General, Ogden, Uuh.
The Tremont o. a. woodward L
Liquor House Prop -r
1 Case of Beer S3.50 On Return of Case $1.00 Rebate
1 Barrel Bottled Beer S10.50 On Return of Bot les S3.00 Rebate.
And Everything Else in Proportion.
Tbla iucluiles liecker'h Hest and Fisher's Hall Lake II. 1 r 1
We alas b.udle t'ABHT and BLUE KIHUON B.r.

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