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El The Garland Globe
JLafe Published Evsry Saturday at
S$8 OAHI and UTAH.
JM?.. Tarma of Subscription!
7y Os yar (to advance) 11.10
Sfl Bis itimlH 71
3?TjR Tbrsaj month t 60
SjfcM AdTartlnlrif rataa furnished on
Vg fttioaUon.
' . ! HJatarad aa second rlaaa matter
ejV Vabruarr 17. UOfl, at tho postoffice at
.vb!i Oarlaad. Utah, under the Act of Ooa-
itfjfo grass of March t. 117
JlC I. A. Wlxom .... Editor and Manatee
H rwin Na. tl liiunur No. 81
M gr afalad 7:30 is I.y Ilrtg-ham 110pm
1 sVr Osrlsad 1:42 am I.v Corlnne 6 -'JO p m
H eVv Tramont 1:47 an Lv Trasiont 6:46 p m
H 4 Csrinna 617 am Lt Garland 6:60 p m
U Ar Brtfham 6 40am Ar Malad 6:10 pm
H Connacta with Cacha Connaete with Carha
H Jallw train No II f.,r Vallar train Noll from
H Oaxion and Salt Laka. Oedan and Ball Laha.
M North Hound.
H Leaves Ogdeo 8:20 a.m.
M Brigham.. . ;T3 m.
M Corinne. ... 10:10 a. m.
M Tremoat. . .10:5a a. m.
H Garland .. n:ao a. m.
1 Arrives at Malad . . . . 1 :oo p . m,
M South Bound.
B Lei vse Malad 1:20p.m.
H Garland 3:25 p.m.
H Tremont .. ..3:40p.m.
H Corinne 4:30 p.m.
M Brfgham .. ..4:55p.m.
H Arrives at Ogden .... 6:25p. m.
M K. F. Gross,
m Local Agent,
H G-rland Utah.
M From South
m 7:00 p.m.
H Going South j 8l5.m.
H Mails arrive from Penrose and
H way at 11 :00 a. in.
H Mails leave for Penrose and
M way at 1 :00 p. m.
H Mails arrive from Stone and
H way at 6:30 p. in.
9 Mails leave for Stone and way
H at 6:30 a.
H Office hours from 8 a. in to 6 p. m
H Eva C. Wilcox,
H Postmaster.
H We would be pleased to have our read-
B era, and the public generally, semi Id
tin li Items of n. hi. as may come under
B their observation, s.ich as births, deaths,
H marriages, goings and comings, etc
Many things transpire that we may over-
lok, hence we ask you to assist us In
B this matter that we may be able to pub-
B llsh am. the
ammamm Ran asSr of a" I aV I lam
BBKml promptly obtain! In All oonntrl.a. or MO ess.
I '. aoi U. i ..r.i. i i oPlrii,i, raaav
pBRIIIj Uid. Sao MclrJi. UuJol or ri.ui. f r rrea
iif" on i. i.m.i, utj an. ruii.iu
SThlCIlV CONriCtNTIAL P. I. Ill tiu
M aicjuMT.ly KurpaMiiitf rf.r.iinaa.
pBsanvS Mr.wako ln eni.n iliuul J i,.t. onr hand.
H book on How tooMaliiaiiJ Rfll at.nlt,wal la-
H v.ntionawll)p.7.Hwto v.lnpmitr.an(lit..r
H vtluabl. inorm.uon. hrm I ra to mi j aduraia,
tm UI Seventh St , Wsshlnylon, D. C.
r'15. We firi,lt Utter Wrappers
'fMii. w,t!l ipecitlly prepared ink at the
J , followinf,' pncei :
L, ' ' For 100 $75
f. ..' For 200 1.2
tejfe For 500 1.75
v, . Fc,r 1.000 2.50
$;V Garland Globe Office.
I Ml
bbbBbB 7BB F Tsii Mirih
asWamS nNk IR Di-Signs
K rriii CopvnniHTa Ac.
IBBBap Anrona pandlnf a ikotoh and doioriptlon may
r lulcklr 'i:o anr oimiiIoii ruo wlivlher aa
iifoniKWI ( ProhaLIf MiojiiiiMn t miji niloa.
t imirii.jC"iiidiitiiJ. HANDBOOK u Paiauia
H mi. l In Jl.taal aai.ucr fi.r euurinf nain.n.
MR l'foula tnaan llir'.ukh klaiiii A Co. racalrs
B Scientific Hmzrton.
H A likrdsomalr lllattraind wrakijr. I.r...:-ir
Di eulBlli.ii of lliie"MII.! 1. uriiKl. '!m.. C3a
H .,i I .ur moaiLa, 6L Uolit byall iodaalara,
H fiUNN j Co w ."-..,. New York
B aVabab Omas tlVIt, Waatametoa. a- 0
The Waetora pbcIiv raJlroesl wbh
nprni (I for DVatBflM m Mondny IKiin
8al'. Iiko to the Nevada Klate lln
The Vtiliinti'orH of Ainrrlcn are pp.
dravtirltiK to ralso sufllrl nt fundu to
pstnhltBh a hospital In Salt Latka
Halt Lakfl City Ib to havo another
elcrtlon. on llocctnlxr 2. When flvi'
nanrberi of ths school board iii ba
select td,
Two hundred and li;lily one prls
oners ara now ooBflned In tha Utah
state prison, the hii;ii wattr mark in
the htatorj "f tha institution.
with a vi'ty aood atti ndanos and
lots of anthaslasm, ths annual confer
uea of the Woman's MlaalonarT onion
was held In Salt l.aki- City last wei k
Thara will be no coal famine In
Utah this wlntiT. In the opinion of
Stat., coal Mine Inspector ' Pol
til. and there will bS DO MriOttS short
age of cara.
Covernor CUtlor lasl woik ajipolnt
eii ten deelgatas to the eleranth an
nual session of the Anierlean Mining
eonnress. to be held at I'lllsliurK. l'a
December 2. .'!, 4 and h.
One of the freak election hols In
Salt I akn City was satisfied the day
after election by one man pulling a
cart through the streets on which wa.i
seated his successful opponent.
A general walkout of 15" englnept
Ing students ut the I'nlvprslty of
I'tah was barely averted last week
when one of the sliidenls was tem
porarily suspended for giving a fellow
student a gratuitous hair cut.
While suffering from a spell of mel
aneholla. to which she was frequently
subject, Mrs llertha Wall, 21 years
of age. made an unsuccessful at
tempt to commit suicide at Ogdcn by
swallowing six large antiseptic tab
lets. The use of drinking cups has been
abolished In all of the Ogdcn schools,
lnslend upturned spigots have been
Installed hy which pupils may slake
Ihelr thirst, thereby preventing the
danger of spu-ndlng lnfitlous dis
eases George M. Peck, who had been su
perintending the tin roofing of a build
Ing In Salt Lake City, attempted to
reach the street by sliding down a
rope, when the rope broke and he
fell a distance of 4f. feet, being
fatally Injured.
That the people of Davis county are
thoroughly alive to the advantages of
good roads is apparent from the man
ner In which they are carrying out
the work of Improvement on the high
way through that county between Og
den and Salt Lake City
Fire of unknown origin destroyed
the Immense mill and warehouse of
the Inland Crystal Salt company at
Salt air beach on October I, result Inn
In a loss of 1U,00Q to buildings, ma
Ichinerj and contents, The oaapan)
carried $T.,600 Insurance.
(ireat preparations are being made
by the Utah state I'oui'ry association
for the poultry show to be held In
Salt Lake City, January LTi to ,10 The
owners of fancy pigeons will unite
with the DOUltrj men to make an eB
peclally line showing In January.
James Uorpole, who died recently
at Castleton. Crand county, was bom
In Ohio. November 1. 1MM. and lacked
but one day of reaching the age of 107
years lie was one of the pioneers,
am) was widely known and lielon d
bv ranchers, farmers anil miners
Two tires, which broke out in the
business section of Ogden In the early
hours of Friday DOtlllng, November
6, kept the tiie laddies from both Bta
ttona busy for several hours and en
tailed an nggregate loss of Jl.IiOO,
most of which Is covered by Insur
ance. The descendants of the late John
Taylor, president f ths Mormon
Church, held a family reunion ai the
Oranlte stake tabernacle last w.,u
tha occasion being tha centenar) of
Mr. Taylors birth John Taylor eras
the thhd president of the Mormon
Mrs Fmily Warlord, whose husband
s i ngaged in ih ecemenl business in
Palt Lake and Ogden, was run down
by a passenger train at l'hllipsliutg.
N J . and killed Her S year old son
escaped Injury, having run ahead of
lis mother when tha crossing was
n ; vhed
final organisation of tha Utah
branch of the American Mining con
gress was perfected al a meeting
held in Salt Uike Clt last week
wlrt-n officers for the I'tah luatieh.
including president, three vlcc-prael
dents, secretary and lieasni. were
S ill ted
The supreme eoun has held valid
the so called stamp tax which the
ttate. through legislative act of last
year, imposed on ail corporations
ether than charitable, religioua, in-
luranoa or irrigation companies,
a here the Incorporators are the sole
Lu : -fcluics
John Moulton Hawkins, well known
In Salt Lake Cliv, which had heen his
home tor many rears, committed aul-
k'lili al Mill Crash b) placing the inu
Bit- of a shoigun in his mouth ami
pushing ihe trigger with a crutch
lie unfortunati man's lower jaw was
blown , nlliely off.
when the veterans of the civil war
from all oei the countrj aaaemhla
In Salt Lake City nasi year In their
annual em ampin, ill the) will be pre
sented b.v the sohool children of the
city with .i magnificent token of rti
erenci the largeal hand-made Ajner
lean Hag in the world.
Vvneelbarroi rides through tha prin
cipal HtrectB Btreots of the city h, the
latest diversion in Ogdafl Isveral
bats "a t in- raoanl It etlon i- i
paid in this manner sad true fur-
nlsbed some amuseinent ,e ile 1, si r
trundles his burden through thu
streets, dodging i hides.
The next Montana legislature will
be Democratic by a fair working ma
B. c. EsgfBjejr, be roung Butte mil
llonalre was sleeted to tha Montana
legislature at the recent election
The Socialist vote In Montana was
small, outside of Hutte. where some
thing over 2.0(1(1 voles were cast.
General Solicitor w. It, Hoggs of the
(ire.ii Northern has confirmed tho
shortage of 150,000 In the socounts of
A. J Oordon of Spokane. Wash . for-
merl) general counsel of the Qreal
Nod hern at Sjiokane.
The monthl) reports of the Union
Pacific railroad and Southern Pacific
railroad for September, leaned recent
ly, showed thai these Harrlman lines
had the largeal nel earnings of any
mouth lii i heir history.
The directors of the Northwestern
Improvement company, the stock of
which Is owned hy the Northern l'a- l
Ciflc road, last week declined an ex '
tra dividend of II jr. a share on the
si in k of the Northern Pacific Rail
wa company.
S W A. Conant, 92 ears old, cast
his Plghleenih vole for a Republican
candidate for president of the United
States at Colorado Springs on Novom
her 6th. He attended the convention
in 1852 which gave birth to tho Re
publican patty
A Lander, W .. dispatch says Mrs. I
Henry Hudspeth, who became Insane
while traveling to Colorado City, Colo.,
where her mother resides, Is not to bo .
committed to the state asylum, but
has been adjudged menially Incompe
t6JBt and her estate Is to be settled.
At Denver, Colo , when a tipsy man
Is brought Into the police station he Is
propped up against the wall and at
i. nre photographed. Next morning,
wlnn he Is sober, he Is shown the pic
mie and they say It Is quite surpris
ing bow man) absolute cures have
been effected by this simple proceed,
Justice Stafford of ihe supreme
court of the district of Columbia has
overruled the motions for new trial
made b) Frederick A. Hyde and Jo
seph Schneider, convicted last spring
of conspiracy to defraud the Culled
States In connection with securing of
land grants, In Oregon and Washing
ton. As the result of a double shooting
affray at the residence of Mra. II.
Camele. at Hamilton. Ont., Cheater A.
Johnson is dead and Itosle Oulmet la
in the hospital and may not live.
Johnson did Hie shooting. He had
heen keeping company with the young
woman against the wishes of her
Kleven year old Robert Slawson of
Jonesville. Wis . was awakened at
night and found the house Piled with
moke He helped his mother, father
mid baby sister out of the house, aa
I hey were all III a dazed condition.
ml then retained presence of mind to
turn In an alarm, thus preventing a
i ion., tire
The initial capacity of the Hig Horn
Company's plant on the Hig Horn
river, near lltnseii. Wo. Is to be
5.000 ek'cl ileal horsepower, although
the compauj will have in its disposal
water power sufficient to generate io.-
Olio electrical horsepower Additional
electrical power will be converted at
Boon as there Is a demand for it.
A head on collision between a pas
scnger and freight train on the (liand
Trunk railway occurred near Danvj.
Cunada. Oliver Trenih of Wheat
lands. Canada, an old man. was killed
C. 11. Tohin. member of parliament
from Bromptonvllle. and his two I
daughters were seriously Injured, and
Severs! others were slightly injured.
The body of a mall, believed to be
Volly Mann, who had been shot
through the head was found on the
prairie about twelve miles from North
Platte, Nob, by Sheriff Kugene Ileal.
The officer had heen guided to tho
sjsit where the body la) by Mrs. Jen
nie Miner Smith, who charges that
her husband. John Henrv Dale Smith,
killed Maun
Raaidenta or Seattle are oonfidenl
that the coming I nhon Alaska Pnelfle
exposition win equal ihe greal worlds
fair held some time ago at Chicago
and anticipate that it win boom Seal
tie tO such an iMenl i ha! ihe oil) will
become Ihe leader of tin- entire I'aci-
tic coast.
James J. Hill, chairman of ihe ex
ecutive committee of the ("ireat North-1
ara Rallwaj company, arrived in.
Portland last Fihlav to attend the ex
ercises in connection with (he formal'
opening of the Spokane, Portland &
Seattle railroad, known as the North
Hank road."
Sunk in t weni lUe feet of water
and ten feel of drill wood and sand at
the bottom of river rapids, a dlumond
drill, steam engine, hoist and Other
machinery belonging to the reclama
tion system has been salvaged in l,n
dore panyOBi 110 miles south of Rock
Springs. Win
As a result of an election quarrel,
Rene Pendergasl. a gambler, is in Jail'
at lteno, Nevada, charged with ut-,
tempting to kill his brother In law,
William l.unsfoid president of the
Typographical union Peadergaal re
sented LunsfOrd's election Tuesday
to the stale aesembl)
Robert Anderson of the official stair
of the United stales geological surve)
of Washington, vim has been devoting
several months in the stinlv of oil con
ditions in various parti of California,
arrived in lteno last week to in:..
lu a t i'ii days Investigation of oil pros
pects near ih u low n
Thomas Smith, a bridge contractor,
w is accident I) killed at Taft Mom .
while exhibiting to some 'friends his
p. w automatic revolve) The weapon
slipped from lib hands, struck the
He. H and was discharged, Ihe bullet
striking Mr Smith In Ihe lett side and
punetrutln:; the heait
Water Destroys Flavor of Roast Lamb
For Stewed Chicken.
Never pour water Into the pan In
which vmi roast lamb ltub the meat
with salt and pppper and scatter flour
lightly over the top. Then cover with
the "leaf of fat which conies with the
roast. Cover with a second pan of
same size and baste with the Juices
of the meat Water destroys the fla
When ordering Hamburger steak.
select the meat. Do not permit the
butcher to put In tailings and ills
colored scraps Fresh lump or round
is best Have It first, ground, then
laid on the meat block and the onion
Chopped Into It with a cleaver.
To get best results in stewlnu chick
en according to the good old fashioned
methods, dlslolnt the fowl, wipe each
place (lean and drop Into water Just
coming to a boll. Cover tightly and
set back on the stove to simmer very
gently. When about half done add
salt. When the meat Is Just ready to
drop from ihe bone you will find your
stock greatly reduced Add an equal
Quantity of milk, thicken with flour
and then add pepper and parsley
chopped fine. Serve on crisp toast.
If vou Intend to Berve cold ham
whole parboil and then bake It.
Scrub Ihe ham thoroughly and soak
ovei night In cold water. Next morn
Ing Wipe off clean, lay In cold water
In a granite Iron pot and bring Just
to a boll. Pour off this water, add
more cold and hi ing to a boll the sec
ond time, add a handful of hay leaves
and some whole cloves Simmer for
two hours, remove from the pot, peel
off the skin, lay in a dripping pan
in which you have poured a cup of
water and one of sherry. Cover with
bread crumbs and pepper, bake until
golden brown.
eA- IlCQe3CWireJ
A little flour sprinkled In the pan
when eggs arc frying will prevent the
sputtering hot fat that Is so disagree
Mud Mams may be removed from
'an leather shoes by rubbing Ihem
with slices of raw potato. When dry
polish In usual way
Finger inaiks on paint can be eas
ily removed by rubbing with a clean
white cloth dipped in kerosene The
wood should afterward be wiped with
a dry cloth.
If muslin curtains are needed In a
hurry for a hitches or bathroom,
they can be washed, slightly starched,
shaken hard, pulled Into shape and
hung Up without Ironing
Sheets. pillowcases, towels, table
Clothe all folded linens should be
laid upon the shelves with the open
and hemmed ends toward the wall, the
j round folds outward. The effect Is
neuter to the eve, and arllcles are
more easily taken out.
Small punctures In hot-wa.er bags
or rubber gloves may he replaced bv
applying a small pad h of tailors'
mending tissue, moisten with common
chloroform, la on a second patch
and moisten again, until four or live
patches have been applied The ehlo
inform dissolves the (issue and when
It evaporates leaves a firm patch.
Fish Roe Custard.
Paiboll half a pound of llsh roe for
ten minutes, druin and drop into ice
water for a few moments; drain agai.i.
div lightly In a cloth, ai range in a
baking dish, dot with small lumps ..i
butler, sprinkle wiih salt and pepper.
and cover with a cupful of boiling
water to which a leaspoonful of beef
extract has been added, cook foi 0
minutes In a modeiate oven Remove
the me to a hot platter and break
with u fork. Add a cupful of cream
io the stock left in the baking dish
stir In three beaten egg volks. and
cook until slightly thickened. pom ovi i
the roe and seive with cereal (lisps
Mixed Pickles.
One-half bushel ol gioen lomaioes,
two heads of cabbage 01 cuulltlowei a
few cuciimbeis chopped fine, two
dozen small onions cooked white mm
lard seed, iwo ounces of Celery seed,
one-half ounce of tumeric, two
bunches of celery chopped, two and
one half pounds of sugar, ten ceni can
of prepared miisiaul Sprinkle salt
on cabbage, pickles and tomatoes and
let stand over night Drain well, then
scald In vinegar until tender, drain,
pin all together and can
To Keep Meat Warm.
Place the dish containing tho meat
on a pan of boiling water covei ovei
with a metal dish COVer, and over thai
place a cloth The latler will pie
vent the gravy from diving up and
keep the meal moist and juicy Home
Don't Brown the Roast.
When Ihe meal is being roasted, and
there is danger of lis becoming loo
blown place a basin ol water in the
oven The steam will proven) scorch
Ing, and the meal will cook bettor.
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Kindly Mention This Paper.
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