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The Garland Globe
Published Evtry Saturday at
Tcrma of Subscription:
One year (Id advance) )1.60
Six months 75
Three months 60
Advertising ratea fnrnlahed on appll
ntion. J. A. Wlxom Editor and Manager
The Woods Cross Stato bank has
been organized, with a capital of
126,000, to do a general hanking bust
Joe Bellovltch. an Austrian, aged
27 years, wan fatally Injured In a
cave In In the stope of the Daly-Judge
mine at Park City.
Rufus Franzdon, a 17-year-old hoy
( Mount Pleasant, was thrown from
a horse last week, his leg being brok
en In three places.
The eight-year-old son of Niillan
Wells of VVIIlHrd. who was seriously
Injured, being run over by a buggy.
la reeoverlng from his Injuries.
It Ik probably that n rate of 1 eenl
a mile will be In force on all roads
between Chicago and Salt Latin dur
ing the O. A. R. encampment.
At the sixtieth semi annual old
folks' banquet held In American Fork
last week, there were present 20(1
people bet wein I lie ages of H and TO.
Job C. Rolley, a constable at Help
er, " found unconscious on the
streets of SaM Lake, having been
struck by a runaway team. He will j
Arrangements are already being
made for the Dig Four county full- to
be held In Ogdcn next fall, the coun
ties of Weber, llox Kldcr, Morgan and
Davis participating.
Two children deserted by their par
ents, being placed upon the doorsteps
of the homes of two Salt Lakora,
were last week placed In homes by
the Juvenile court.
It Is probable that Utah will decide
to establish and mnlululu a slate
building at the Alaska Yukon-Puelllc
exposition at Seattle, Wush., June 1
to October 16 this year
Ralph (iardner and John Gardner,
the boys who escaped from the State
Industrial school at Ogdeii, while at
work In a green house, were appro
1. ended at I'ocatello, Idaho.
David Hanson of Mount Pleasant
v.'as painfully injured in tho head
when u large tree fell on him. For
several hours after the accident he
remained in an unconscious state.
i Minis are to have an opport unity
to see the historic Liberty bell next
June, when It will be taken on a tour
v ct the west on Uie wuy to the Alaska-
Yukon Pacific expoHtloii at Seattle.
fi One of the most elaborate, entertain
ments planned in many months wus
the old folks' celebration, held at
Kphratm last week, all over Ga years
ol age being guests of the entertain
ment committee
In view of the fact that a move
ment 1h on foot to abandon the agri
cultural experiment station at l.ehl.
the Ogdcn chamber of commerce Is
endeavoring to secure Ihe location of
the station near that city.
Alex Carlson, the paranoic who
murdered Miss Martha Koklund at
' Sandy, shooting the woman as she
sat reading her bible, bus been ad-
Judged IhMiiic and Is now confined in
tho state mental hospital.
1 Life Imprisonment at hard labor
1 was the sentence Imposed by Judge
Chldester at Richfield upon Alvln
lieaimi. Jr., for ihe murder of Mary '
Stevens. The crime occurred near
j Ordervllle, Kane county, last April.
Alfred bookett, a man about 10
years of age, who reported that he
lad killed a man In Chicago seeral
t years ago and wanted to be locked up,
, has been adjudged Insane and Is now
1 ,.n occupant of Ihe Stale Mental Iiob-
M ' V"al-
l ' As the result of a stiowsllde at the
J ' Alia lb i l.i mine, near Alia, L. 8. Tur-
7 ner, a miner. Is dead. The cabin In
which Turner was staying was coin
pletely burled In the snow, and It Is
supposed that deuth was due to suf- I
George Borensen and Henry Hardin
became engaged In a saloon brawl In
(-alt lake City, during which Hardin
Is charged with having slabbed his
antagonist, Inflicting a wound In the
abdomen which lb not regarded as
bi rlous.
It Is rumored that ex-Senator W.
A Clark of Montuna may Join hands
with David 11 Moflat for the build
lng of the Moffat road from the Utah
line to Salt I,ake City, where It will
v connect with the San Pedro, Lob An
geles & Salt 1-iKe road.
George Addle, aged 22 years, suf
fered serious Injuries at the Utile
Dell mine at Park City, by striking
his pick Into a "missed hole." As
I. is pick struck the powder an ex
plosion took place and blow fragments
.f rock Into his face, thus blinding
Karl llrowu, aged 14 years, son of
Mr. and Mrs. 1. N. Drown of Pleasant
Green, wus shot and instantly killed
with his own gun, while returning
from a rabbit hunt. The boj was in
il.e act of crawling under barbed
wire fence when Ihe lad aceidelll oc-
1 urred.
I Al Parowan John Ayers has been
I soiiieiiced to five years In the stato
I prison upon a plea of guilty of for-
1 eery. The offense consisted ol draw
E jng an order for money OS Mr Lund
I of Modeua and signing J. Noll's name
1 to It, and by which he obtained f-10
I in money
I ft
Government Files Suit Against Rail
roads and Entry men to Recover
Vast Tracts of Land.
Alleged That All of Lands Sold to De
fendants Named In Suit Were Sold
In Violation of Terms of the
Land Grant.
Portland, Ore Another step In the
fight of the federal government to re
cover possession of the land Included
In the Immense grant to the Oregon
A California Railroad company waa
taken Saturday, when II. D. Townsend,
BpeciBl assistant to the attorney gen
oral, filed In the federal court In Port
land thirty-five buIIb In equity against
the Oregon & California railroad and
Southern Pacific companies, and more
than a hundred other defendants.
These soltB were supplementary to
those previously filed against the Har
riman oompanles, and are for tho pur
pose of recovering laud Included in
the grant and already sold by the rail
roads, or, where title to the land can
nol be regained, of securing the gm
eminent all moneys paid for Ihe land
In excess of $2. fill an acre, tho price
at which It was stipulated In the origi
nal grant the land would be sold. He
sides the railroads. Ihe defendants In
Ihe suits are those who have pur
chased land from these companies.
The suits Involve more than $l.r.
000,0(10, and also more than ;if.:t,2SN
acres of land. All of the land is lo
cated In Oregon.
It is alleged In the complaints In the
suits tiled Dial all of the lands sold to
the defendants named in the suits
wire sold In violation of the terms of
the laud grant, and for this reason the
government hopes to make null and
void the deeds and contracts made by
the Oregon & California company to
the purchasers.
Sunken Battleship a Serious Menace to
Shipping of Havana Harbor.
Wushlngton. Governor Magoon, of
I the provisional government of Cuba
In hlB annual reMirt to the secretary
of war, made public Sunday, brings to
his attention the wreck of the I'nitcd
! States battleship Maine in Havana
harbor, and recommends that the gov
I eminent take Immediate steps to ac
complish Its removal wiihout furthel
delay. He Bays:
"The wreck of the Maine continues
I to lie In the mud and waters of Ha
I vana harbor. The sunken battleship
' Is a serious menace to the shipping or
the harbor, as it occupies a portion of
the best anchorage. The obstruction
j has Increased annually during tin- past
ten years by causing a shoal. The
i moderate tides prevailing In the har
bor are hardly sufficient to prevent a
gradual filling up, and ibis shoal se
riously interferes with the action ol
the tides, and. therefore, the eiittrn
1 harbor is rapidly tilling. It will be
necessary. In a short time, to begin
i dredging In order to provide proper
anchorage for the large amount of
shipping now entering the harbor, tin.
less the wreck is removed. The an
chorage Is also restricted by the wreck
and the shoal, for ships are obliged to
anchor at sufficient distance to pre
vent grounding In case they strain on
their cables."
Son of British Earl Must Face Forgery
Mexico. Mo. A prisoner in the
country Jail here, charged with for
gery Sunday night gave a statement
to tho press, In which he claimed to
be a son of John Campbell Gordon,
seventh earl of Aberdeen, and blamed
dissipation for his downfall. He was
arrested January 2 under the name of
L. H. i .eland He said:
' "I have lived a number of years In
Cheyenne, Wyo., as Ij'lo H. I.eland,
and wrote several books under thut
name. My father. John P. Campbell j
Gordon, seventh earl of Aberdeen, is
64 years old. I am Hit. 1 left homo
eighteen years ago and came to this
country on account of trouble I got
Into In Kngland. I have figured In
wild west shows, where I did fancy
pistol shooting and ruping."
Working for Prohibition in Utah.
Salt Lake City Throughout the
state Sunday meetings were held de
claring In favor of absolute state-wide
prohibition. The leaders of the tem
perance movement made an especially
strong effort to arouse the people to
protest against the open saloon. Thou
sands of names were added to the pro
hibition petitions and sent to the mem
bers of the senate and house of repre
sentatlves. it Is estimated that he
fore action Is taken on the prohibition
measure by the legislature that more
than half of the voters of the state
1 will luuo gone on record as favoring
i Tragedy Result of Domestic Troubles.
Kansas City, Mo. After being
struck In the face during a quurrel,
belloVOd to have rvMiIti d from domes
lie trouble, Stephen T. Hood wus shot
tine.- times and Instantly killed hero
early Saturday evening by .lames Wai
ter Hlaiitoii. who Immediately ran to
the pollc Station and surrendered
himself The tragedy occurred in the
'bees of ihe Kldolllv ,: Casually eon
pany Hoth men had boon employed
as soli, urns for the company uuiil a
few mouths ago, when lllanlon resigned.
Maas of Snow Sweeps Down Mountain
side and Entombs Unfortunate
Men in Icy Grave.
Grand Junction, Colo. Four men
were killed and more than a Bcore had
a narrow escape from death when an
avalanche of biiow swept over the
Camp Hlrd mine at Ouray late Satur
day. The dead: S. O. Douhltt, a veteri
nary; Peter By not, a teamster; George
Knerr, a teamster, and John Wlttwer,
camp cook. ,
The four men were talking In the
cook house, when, almost without
wnrnlng, thousands of tonB of snow,
rocks and dirt swept down the moun
tainside. The shanty was directly In
the path of the avalanche, and the
men were hurled Into the canyon and
their bodies covered with snow. It
will be midsummer before the bodies
can be recovered.
Ono of the heroes of the disaster Is
a large dog owned by Emll Johnson, a
teaniBter. Johnson saw the slide com
ing and made a desperate effort to
drive out of the way. He was caught
nnd hurled deep beneath tho snow.
The dog had seen hlB master caught
In the avalanche, and, rushing at the
MOW, began to dig furiously. He kept
at II until ho reached the burled man,
and Johnson crawled out, none ihe
worse for his experience.
Two Italians Attempt to Steal Pay
roll With Disastrous Results.
London Five persons are dead
nnd more than twenty others are In
hospitals at Walihamstown, a suburb,
as the result of a sensational at
tempt made Saturday by two Italians
ut highway robbery. The Italians
were run down and sorruunded by a
posse and finally committed suicide.
Three other victims, Including a po
liceman and a young boy, lie dead.
Two policemen and three boys aro
among the wounded.
The Italians hud been employed In
a rubber factory, but having been dis
charged, they planned to revenge
ihoinselves on their employers. They
lay In wait near the factory and
I seized a bag of money containing tho
I week's pay of all the hands. They
then started on a mad dash down the
street. The police were summoned
and started In pursuit In a motor car.
1 Ab they approached the Italians the
1 lubbers opened fire with automatic,
I pistols on thetr pursuers. A number
j of men und hoys on the street were
I shot down before the men were cap
I tured.
Passengers and Crew Are Rescued
from Sinking Vessel.
Nantucket, Muss. In groping het
way through the dense fog off Nan
tucket llghtahlp at dawn Saturday, the
steamer Florida, of the l.loyd Itallono
i line, hound to New York from Naples,
dealt u deathblow to the outwurd
I oiind steamer Republic, of the
White Star line, laden with pleasure
seeking passengers for southern Uu
rope, and with supplies for the United
States battleship fleet.
The steamer Florida, proving to be
less seriously Injured than the other
steamer, took aboard the Republic's
passengers almost Immediately, and
twelve boms later all the officers and
crew of the Republic, with the excep
tion of Captain Sea I by, left that ves
tel. Cuptnin Seal by, in his gig, re
fused to leave the sight of his be
loved shift until she had disappeared
torevor beneath the waves.
Engineer at Fault,
leadvllle, Colo.. Knglneer Gusta
Olson is alone responsible for the
frightful wreck on the Denver ft Rio
c raiido railroad at Dotsero, according
to the verdict of the coroner's Jury,
which held an inquest at Redcllff. The
witnesses Included the trainmen on
the Ill-fated passenger train, the crew
of the freight train and others who
were on the train at the time of the
collision. After listening tu the stale
inents of the witnesses, the Jury
brought In ft verdict holding Olsen
(rimlnally negligent for failure to
obey his orders and stop at Dotsero
Poverty Caused Crime.
Denver, Colo. Clulmlng she was
dying of consumption and was forced
to steal to obtain food and medicine,
a woman thief, signing herself Mrs.
M. L. Crane, Saturday night left ft
note In the room of one of her vic
tims, explaining her plight and beg
ging pardon for the Thefts. Numer
ous robberies have been committed
in an apartment house on Eighteenth
avenue of late, all evidently by the
same poison Baturduy night the
thief reappeared, stole several ar
ticles from a room occupied by sleep
ing women, left the note aud disappeared.
Family Feud in Louisiana.
Amite City, Ij Ambushed by fam
ily foes. Benjamin Hreland, his wife
and Mrs Joseph Kverltt, the latter
carrying an Infant In her arms, were
BOI and Instantly killed. Avery
Blows) and Garfield Klnchen are ac
i used of the crime ltlount waa cup
iii red after an all night search. He
declares Klnchen killed Hreland, and
would not say who killed ihe women.
I Mrs. Bverllt's husband wus killed by
Benjamin Klnchen, a brother of Gar
tield, several days previous.
Several Small Villages Are Wiped
Out and Many of Residents
Killed or Injured.
Terrific Tempeat, Accompanied by
Torrential Rains, Rages for Hours
in Northern Morocco, Follow
ing Earthquake Shocks.
Ceuta, Morocco. Ai terrific tem
pest, accompanied by a torrential
downpour of rain, raged for five
hours Thursday night over northern
Morocco, following several earth
quake shocks. There were no casual
ties In Ceuta, but reports brought In
by native runners from the Phmara
territory declare that several small
villages have been overwhelmed nnu
many persons killed or Injured.
Several American colliers and
supply ships are anchored In Negro
bay, between Ceuta and Tetuan.
awaiting the arrival of tho American
hnttleshlps. No damage to theBe ves
sels has been reported. It Is Impos
sible to ascertain whether the land
slides to the south are due to earth
quakes or to Inundation. The lower
portion of the town of Ceuta was In
undated. Ceuta and Tetuan are v on the Mn
i ocean const directly Boilth of Gib
raltar. They are about twenty miles
apart, one to the north and the other
south of Negro bay, where the Ameri
can hattleslps now In the Mediter
ranean are to rendezvous prior to
sailing to Hampton Roads on the
Ir.st lap of their round-the-world
House Adopts Measure Exactly as
Reported by the Committee.
Washington. Kxactly as reported
I y the committee, the naval program
for the fiscal year 1910 was on Fri
day adopted by the house and the
cava appropriation bill was passed
'Ihe opponents of the navy Increase
toature of the bill found themselves
In a hopeless minority. The only
vital alteration made In the measure
was the striking out of provisions re
storing marines to naval vessels. The
nggrogate amount appropriated by
(he bill Is 11:15,000,000.
The Increase In the naval estimates
gave rise to extended debate, in
which members wore afforded an op
I.ortunlty to air their views on the
Japanese question. The peace advo
cntes were much In evidence In oppo
sition to the Increase, while the ml
herents of the hill were alive at all
times to every move made to cut
down the number of vessels author
Second Section of Train Crashes Into
Firat on Pennsylvania Road.
Johnstown, Pa. Running at a
speed of nearly fifty miles an hour,
the second section of the St. Louis
express on tho Pennsylvania railroad,
westbound, crashed Into the first
(ectlon, which had met with an ac
cident at a point between South Fork
and Summer Hill, known as "running
ground," with terrific force early
Friday morning, killing and Injuring
many persons.
Five bodies have been recovered
from the wreck, while ftt least a
score were Injured.
fays Woman Suffrage Does More
Harm Than Good.
New York, "Woman suffrage has
done more harm than good In tho
four states In which It has been tried.
Idaho, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming,"
declared Frederick Wood, In an ad
dress before the National League for
the Civic Kducatlon of Women here
Friday night. Mr. Wood real a let
tr from General W. J. Palmer of
Colorado, In which the latter de
clared that woman suffrage haa been
u failure In that state. "Based upon
my personal observation of the work
lugs of equal suffrage In the four
states where It exists, Its results In
dlcate the anility of 'he corrupt po
lltlcal machine to Influence the fe
male vote rather than any ability on
the part of women to purify politics."
Puts Blame on Hearst.
Muskogee, Oklft. Governor Chas.
N. Haskell Issued a statement on
Friday explaining his connection with
the Indian Territory town lot contro
versy, which Is to be made the sub
ject of a federal grand Jury Invest!
gatlon next week, and which Is ex
pected to result in many indictments
being found. The governor atlrlb
utes the controversy to the reports
made by the agents of William R.
Hearst, the Now York editor, who,
l.e says, has been trying to have him
Explains Reasons for Suicide.
Chicago A remarkable letter wa.
left by Miss Alice Law, an editor em
I Irryed by a local publishing firm
who commit led suicide on Friday. It
snys: "To all whom It does not con
corn I am ending my life because I
hiii seli '. with an acute dlslucllna
1 'on to live, .iii1 I believe I have an
absolute right lo end my life If I
wish Tho struggle is too hard. Then
i; too much work, too much monot
nny. too much weariness and not
enough art, music, recreation and
test. I am In my right mind "
' ' .- tajli mm . LraeaiMSsaVaUa'ft,iali an
War Department Denies That Recom
mendations for Fortifications Were
Made Because of Possibilities
of Trouble With Japan.
Washington The fart that there
was recently sent to rongress by Pres
ident RooBevelt a report by the gen
eral staff of the army, which became
public Thursday, recommending forti
fications for San Pedro harbor, Cali
fornia, was mifde ihe basis for sug
gestion that the decisions had Just
been reported because of a possibility
of trouble with Japan.
At the war department this Infer
ence Is given a most explicit denial.
There It Is said the general subject of
Improving San Pedro harbor has been
under consideration more than two
years, beginning before there was
any thought of any dispute between
the United States and Japan.
It was taken up ns a natural mili
tary problem involving: the necessary
protection of the southern California
coast, and without reference to any
particular enemy.
Ab a purely naval base, the general
Etaff thinks, San Pedro hartur offers
to an enemy considerable advantages.
Its use for this purpose being wt'h a
view to operations against othci
points on the Panama canal.
Governor of Nevada Criticises Mode
of Railroad Taxation.
CarBon, Nov. The message ol
Governor DlckerBOO was read In both
houses of the legislature on January
19. The message makes numerous
recommondaiions which the governor
thinks should he carried Into affect,
Ihe state treasury, he says, shows a
balance of S800.000, while the tax
able properly of the state has In
creased more than 10 per cent Dur
ing the last nine months, 110,000,000
worth of bullion was extracted from
the mines and $8-1,000 was collected
as bullion tax. The governor criti
cises the present mode of railroad
taxation, nnd advocates abolition of
state board of state assessors. The
letentlon of the state police Is ad
vised. The office of stato nudltor also
should be abolished. Bays ihe gov
ernor. The work of the railroad com
mission Is praised and greater powers
for It are asked. The United States
circuit court Is censured for Its delay
in deciding on the constitutionality
of certain laws. The passage of a
law levying a tax of 4 per cent on the
rross receipts of express companies
doing business In the state is fa
vored. A number of recommenda
tions regarding the regulation of
banking are made. Including an In
dorsement of the Oklahoma guaranty
Statement Made by Gompers, Mitch
ell and Morrison.
Washington. --"We have not asked
end will not ask for clemency, and
we hopo our friends will not urge us
to pursue such a course. To ask par
don would render useless all the trials
which you men and our friends in all
walks of life have endured that the
rights and liberties of our people
might be restored. Such a pardon
would leave the whole case In con
fusion, and it would have to be fought
over again from the beginning."
This is the language used in a state
ment signed by Mohsts. Gompers,
Mitchell and Morrison, In the current
iMimber of the American Federation
1st, In formal protest against the ac
tion of Justice Wright in sentencing
them to Imprisonment for contempt
of court In the Buck Stovo and Range
case, December 2:t.
Steamer Sent to Rescue Residents
and Animals From Drowning.
Sacramento, Cal. Venice Island, on
the San Joaquin side, went under
water Friday afternoon. The Island
contains about. .1,800 acres, and many
owners of the land live In this city.
More than 200 horses and other ani
mals were marooned on the levees,
but the steamboat Sonoma was sent
to the scene, and the stock and many
of the people who were still on tho
levees were rescued.
An Important Decision.
San Francisco. An Important de
rision In favor of the contentions of
a labor union has been rendered by
Superior Judge Seawell, who sus
tained the demurrer of Bakers' union
No. 24 against the application for en
injunction sought by the Fousek Bak
ing company. The decision lays down
the rule that in order to obtain an In
junction against a boycott the defend
ant unionists must be named specifi
cally in the complaint. The court fur
ther says that the term "unfair," as
applied to non-union firms Is not an
injury In Itself.
8tockmen Under Serious Charges.
Bellfourche, 8. D. From confes
sions said to have been secured from
tho loaders following the arrest of
nine prominent stockmen of Crook
county, Wyoming, sensational row la
tloiiB aro expected. The men under
arrest are Chariot-, Isaac, Andrew
and Samuel afoKorg, H. W Mosbar
gor, George Martin, Stanley Baugli,
J. 0. Mulhollnnd, Tony .lininersebeid
end A. O. Squires. They are charged
with being members of a Boorel band
of stockmen organized lo drive out
u sheep ooinpam.,'.
i s
Dynamite Used in Construction of
Tunnel Under Lake Explodes,
Causing Fifty Deaths.
Building in the Lake a Mile and e J
Half From Shore is Burned, the
Occupants Being Forced to
Plunge Into Icy Waters.
Chicago. Fifty-three workmen are
dead as the result of a fire on Wed
nesday that had Its origin In a pow
der vault attached to the Interme
diate crib In Lain Michigan, used In
the construction of a new water tun
nel connecting with the south side of
the city at Seventy third street.
Ninety-five workmen were employed
In the crib and In the connecting
tunnel at the time of the fire.
The tunnel was being built by the
George W. Jackson company. The
first section of the tunnel starts from
the shore The crib, a mile and &
half out, marked the beginning of tho
second section being built still further
Into the lake. The two sections had
not Joined each other as yet.
Tho superstructure of the crib was
a barn-like building of two stories. It
f as surrounded by a narrow piuiform
cr pier. Under li a shaft of steel and
concrete, about twenty feet In dlam- 4jgV
tor ran down one hundred foot where
the tunnel proper began, Normally
there were from seventy-five to ninety
men employed, working In three
thlfts of eight hours each.
A tramway, consisting of strong
steel cables from wlib'h hung hucketB,
pave physical connection with the
shore. There was also a telephone. In
Summer the men wore taken to and
Irom their work by the tug Morford,
but in winter this was Impossible. Tim
men wore housed in the crib and look
their meals there. Supplies were sent
out by the suspended trolley.
So far as known, the explosion had
Its origin in n small powder hotiso
about 100 yards from the crib struc
ture built on foiimlalionH resting on
the bottom of the lake.
Tho detonation, muffled as it was
by tho crashing of Moating ire against
the crib, simply aroused the attention
of workmen, and it was not until tho
heat of the Dames and the stilling
smoke ionei rated the so-called "liv
ing room" of the irih and the tunnel
beneath the waters of the lake that
the full Import of the disaster dawned
upon the little colony of workmen cut
off almost completely from assistance. eafc.
The Ice in. id. It Impos Ihle for big A Sae
vessels to reach tho burning building. 'fW'
lilt a small boat was placed In ser
vice to carry the Injured to the tug A
and rescue those who had plunged j
Into the lake.
After several hours of work, thirty
nine workmen wore rescnod. When
the fire tug Conwny had succeeded in
quenching Ihe flames, flftv three bod
ies had been carried to the shore and
placed in morgue In south Chicago
awaiting Id mtlfloatlon.
Interest Now Centers In Three Meas
ures Before Lawmakers.
Cheyenne. Wyo. fnterest In tho
Wyoming legislature, which on Wed
nesday completed the first week of
Its forty-day session, centers in three
measures. The county local option
Mil, Introduced In both houses simul
taneously. Is attracting much Interest,
although It has n.it boon reported
back by the committee of eltliet
The Wlnkeman 6,000 (loath damagt
limitation repeal has been recom
mended by the committee of ths
whole of the house for passage, hut It
meeting Btrenuous opposition from -efT
the railroad lobby. f"
A bill for the division of Big Horn
county and the creation of Park coun
ts from the western half was Intro
duced In the house on Wednesday by
llayden. and Is al tract lng wide atten
tion. It will bo fought hard by rep
resentatives of the faction favoring
the Integrity of Big Horn county.
Secret 8ervice Men.
Washington. The special agents ol
tho department of justice, whose or
i-niil it ion corresponds Ul the secret
service of the treasury department
were fhe subject of communication to
the house oonimlttoo on Judiciary by
Ihe attorney general. This communi
cation was offered by the committee
on Wednesday In lieu of a report ol
the house on the resolution of repre
lentatlon by Mr. Clark of Missouri.
The attorney general's letter states
that thirty-four special agents are
now employed by Hie department, and
that they aro paid out of the appro
priation made under the head of
"miscellaneous expenses for United
States courts."
Threats of Standard OH. y
Kl 1'aso. To Nearly fifty long of V
Bllver. In the form ol dollars, will ba '
turned over to thg Stgtfl of Texas by
the Waters Pierce (HI cm, many, ac-
eording to a special from Austin. Tho
attorneys for 'ho Waters Plena oil
company, which has been ousted from
ha slate and II I 1 SSSiOOO for vio
lation of antitrust laws, announced
at Austin thai tho big fliio. with tho
attendant costs, will he paid to tho
Mate In sliver dollars The into will
have to employ an in my of clerks to
iount It.

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