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"I sny. a. la a man from Poland
called a Pole?"
"Yes. my son."
"Then, pn, why Isn't a man from
Holland called a Holo?"
Big, Painful Swelling. Broke and Did
Not He.il Suffered 3 Yean.
Torture, Yield to Cutlcura.
"Llltle black swellings wet scat
tered over my face and n-ck ami they
would leara little black Bears that
would Itch so I couldn't keop fram
scratching them. Larger swelling;
would appear and my clothes wonld
stick to the sores. I went to a doctor,
but the ironhle only got worse. By
this time It was all over my arms and
tho nppr part of my body In swell In s
as large as a dollar. It was so pain
ful that 1 contd not bear to lie on my
back. The second doctor stopped the
swellings, 'but when they broke the
places wonld not heal. I bought a set
of the Ctttlcura Remedies and m less
than a week some of the places were
nearly -well. I continued until 1 had
used three, sets, and now I am sound
and well. The disease lasted three
years. O U Wilson, Puryear, Tenn.,
Feb. 8, 1908."
lnt(.T Irr.iK A Ch.m. Corp., Bote I'rowa, Botton
Making Himself Solid.
"Step this way, ladles and gentle
men." exclaimed the lecturer In the
dime museum, "and gaze upon one of
the greatest wonders known to modern
science the ossized mun, a human be
ing, perfectly normal In every other re
spect, but who has truned to stone."
"How did he get that way?" came a
TOlce from the awe-Rtrtcken throng.
"Love," replied the lecturer, low
ering his voice, confidentially; "love
did it. He fell In love with a beau
tiful maiden, tried to make himself
solid, and overdid It. We will now
puss on to the "
Certainty Convenience Economy
Never has there been known a case
where Mitchell's Eye Salve has not
given notable relief. A pure harmless
salve for application to the surface
of the eye lids; the simplest of meth
ods with wonderful results. The price
25 cents places It within reach of all.
All druggists sell It.
Inside History.
Indignant Wife What's the use of
my 8aying anything to you, John? It
. goes in at one ear and out at the
a other!
V Provoking Husband Not always,
Maria. When you gay anythiug worth
Blinding 1 stop it on the wuv through.
Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOKIA a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, und see that It
Signature l &tstffflj&U
In t'se For Over JU) Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
How the Trouble Started.
Kstelle I don't suppose you have
heard of It, but (leorge und 1 are go
lug to be married some time next
Maybelle (!lad to know It, dear.
Has George heard of It yet?
Shake Into Your Shoe
Allen's Foot -Kane, a powder for your feet.
It cures painful, tu'iillt-ii, nm.ii'llnK. k.muI
Ing feet. Makes new shoes easy. Sold by
all DniKKlxts mid Shoe Stores. Oon't ac
cept any substitute Sample KltKK. Ad
dress A. 8. Olmsted, LcRoy, N. Y.
The Subject's Nature.
"What kind of rateB do they pay for
balloon stories?"
"I don't know, but they ought to be
pace rates."
Herl. Weak, Weary, Water? I -
Relieved by Murine Kyo Remedy.' Com
pounded by Experienced Physicians. Mu
rine Doesn't timart; Soothes Kyc Pain.
Write Murine Kve Remedy Co., fhlcaK",
for lllUBtrutod Kye Book. At Drugglm.
! Some men exercise aa much Imag
ination on their own excellences that
they have nothing left but judgment
for the good In others.
It's Pettit'e Eye Salve,
that give- instant rear f to evet, irritated
from dust, beat, niiitir wind. 'J.'Sc. All drug
guts oi llowurd Bros., Buffalo, N. .
Age and Experience.
Bacon: As we grow less young, the
aged grow less old.
Uarlield Tea bus brought K'l aaJSlth to
thousands! ITnetiuiilleil for constipation.
liver ami kidney diseases. Composed of
Herbs, Huy from your druggist.
The man who is able to say: "The
Lord Is my strength," will never break
V 1 1 down under his load.
I Bt IJ?J MsST vffi 1 Jr jaaSsrl
The prltp of broad was SdvBACww
by Kly. Nevada, bakers last week,
the staff of life now selling at 15
cents a loaf, or two loaves for a quar
ter of a dollar.
Plans have been filed at Pueblo,
Colo., for an immense Irrigation pro
ject which will cost almost two million
dollars and which will reclaim 200,
000 acres of arid land in southeastern
The Vnion Pacific Is Installing In
the Cheyenne yards a 100-ton car
scale, the largest west of Omaha. The
scale Is fifty feet In length and rests
In a concrete matrix seven feet In
Patrick Donovan, doorkeeper of the
house of representatives at the last
session of the state legislature and a
prominent, figure In IocbI affairs, died
at Missoula. Mont.. April 23. He came
to Montana In 1861.
Three persons were Injured li
Jumping from a second-story window
In the farm residence Of Oeorge
Stahl. two miles southwest of Mis
soula. Mont., to avoid a fire that to
tall) destroyed the building.
The biggest fur seal herd of years
is pasHing Sitka, Alaska, according to
a special dispatch. The natives are
killing hundreds of them. Japanese
poachers are following the herd. No
revenue cutters are In the diBtrlct.
Hitler racial feeling exists nt
Vashon college, Tucoma, over a row
between a student named Adams and
a Japanese engineer. It is said the
Japanese stabbed the student and
the latter drew a gun on the Asiatic.
Harvey W. Scott of the Portland
Oregonlan has declined the ambassa
dorship to Mexico, preferring to re
main with the Oregonlan Henry L.
Wilson, now minister to Belgium, It
Is said, will be promoted to the Mex
ican post.
The highest price paid for sheep
at Kenimerer, Wyo.. this year Is in
vohed Id the deal whereby the
Ouealey & Peterson company takes
over 6.000 bead from Hoyer Broa., for
a consideration of $39,000. or tfi.50
per head.
llobert W. Hrown was found dying
in a lioldlieid lodging house from an
overdose of "dope," death ensuing a
shon time later. It Is not known
whether Hrown intended suicide or
merely took an overdose of the dntg
by accident.
The Incinerated body of John I.lnil
fors has been found In his cabin near
Twin Bridges, Mont. Robbery and
murder are suspected, and" the of
ficials are Investigating. Llndfors
was well known In mining circles of
that section.
Donald Boyd, convicted of kidnap
ing lntrlck McCoy, a wealthy Seattle
lumberman, In the woods near Bow,
Mont, last October, has been sen
tenced to Berve an Indeterminate sen
tence of from five to twenty-one years
In state's prison.
Klckert Asslnna was shot and fa
tally wounded by Ole Nyserom, in a
lonely shack at Bass Creek, near
Sfevensvllle, Mont. Both men are
Finns and have been living together
Nyserom was taken to Hamilton and
lodged In the county Jail.
(ieorge Kccles, district attorney of
Virginia City, Nevada, In the bonanza
days of the lode, and legatee of a
fortune of $150,000 from eastern rel
atives, was found dead last week In
a squalid cabin In Virginia City. He
died In penury and alone.
The smallpox epidemic which was
raging among the Indians on the Coal
ville reservation in Washington prac
tically Is over. It is expected the
quarantine which kot all whlto men
Iroru entering the reserve without per
mils will be raised by May 1.
Within a few weeks, when the bal
lasting pf the tracks shall have been
oouipleted, the Chicago, Milwaukee &
Pugei Sound railroad will Inaugurate
a train service between Butte anil
Mi ill i and this is expected to rap
idly resolve itself Into through ser
vice from Chicago to the Puget sound
Judge M. J. Oordan, former couns. '1
for the Great Northern railway, was
Hrrested at Spokane last week on In-iln-i
in. -iiK. by the county grand Juiy
He is charged with embezzlement of
funds from the railway company
while actio;; aa Its attorney. Ills
bond tin appearance was fixed at
The Montana Stock Growers' asBO
iiu imeiiis by the county grand Jury,
elation, in session at Miles City, Mont.,
adopted resolutions endorsing the
livestock Inspection laws; the work
of the agricultural department, and
for enactment of needed rullway legis
lation. Senators Gamble and Crawford of
South Dakota have Invited President
Tati to attond the Missouri River
Navigation congress at Yank ion.
July 7. 8 and . The president said
he could not attend on the dates men
tioned. A change of date may be
Ed Eaton, an old time cowboy and
former Basin saloon man has 1 n
arrested in the Black mountains tin
der suspicion of having been OOaBSOl
ed with the recent raid in Big limn
county, Wyoming, In which a parts
of fifteen masked men killed three
I'resldent J it. Schrock of the Bacilli-
l.lve Sloek Insurance association
of Spokane has been Indicted by the
pokjuia grnnd Jury for the mlsap
I ii l ' i laiion of funds. He wa anvst
eil anil held for trial under $15,000
bonds, Seven true bills In all have
bee n found
The recent s)yrockttiuj '" wheat.
ami Hour Is believed to have been
I. siionslble for the suicide of an un
known Herman, apparently about 50
Iv. -a is of age. who deliberately throw
himself underneath the wheels of au
Inbound street car ou Fifteen Hi
street, in Denver
" '
Teter F. Collier, founder and pub
Usher of Collier's Weekly died sail
denly of apoplexy In New oik CKjr,
April 23.
Four persons lost their lives and
five other: were seveiely Injured in a
fire Hist destroyed the Central hotel
In Topeka. Kan.
Oeorge Leavens l.lllev. governor of
(5uineciicut. died at the executive
mansion In Hartford, April 21. aftei
an illness of four weeks.
Owing to a long drought in the far
western part of Texas, reports aie
being sent out to the effect that nun
dreds or cattle are dying on the
After burning fourteen days, aweep
ing an area of 200.000 acres and cans
Ing an estimated loss of $50,000, a
prairie fire was extinguished near
PecoB, Texas.
Judge I niiills In the I'nlled States
district court at Chicago. In the tesi
case against the Santa Fe railroad. In
the nine-hour law governing tele
graphers, upheld the law.
Six persona were killed, at least
fifty Injured and a million dollars'
worth of propei i y destroyed In a tor
undo that sweoi through Cleveland
and northern Ohio, April 21.
Last week 10,000 persons were
killed In the antl Christian rioting In !
the Adana and Tarsus districts. En
Hre Tillages were razed and the coun
try Is a tanoklng wilderness.
There were 184 people killed and
2,924 Injured In train accidents dur
ing the three months ending Decem
ber 31 last, according to the Inter
state commerce commission report.
The 'Columbus (Ohio) Biscuit com
pany has announced that It has de
termined to close down Its bread de
partment indefinitely because of the
high price of flour due to the corner
In wheat In Chicago.
Asa, son of Whoa, has been elected
chief of the Apache Indians, to sue
coed Oeronlmo, the noted warrior,
who died last February. The elec
Hon will be submitted to the war de
partment for approval.
The Waters-Pierce Oil company on
April 24 paid probably the largest
fine ever paid by a corporation, nearly
$2,000,000. The payment ends the
litigation of the state of Texas
against the oil company.
A dozen persons were Injured at
Centervllle, Iowa, by tha explosion of
a film In a moving picture ahow. The
auditorium was crowded. Women
threw their children from the win
dows, many being badly brulBed.
In a riot at the state Inebriate asy
lum at Knoxvllle, Iowa, six inmates
and three attendants were injured.
Twenty Inmates were returning from
work In the fields when Beven made
a dash for liberty. A running fight
It develops that Mrs. Boyle, the
supposed wife of James H. Boyle, al
leged abductor of Willie Whltla, If
Helen McDermott of Chicago, and re
ports that she Is a member of a prom
lnent and wealthy family are without
The expenditure of $3,250,000 on
the cannl zone during the month ol
January has brought the total expen
illture on the rone toward1 the con
structlon of the canal, civil admlnia
trillion, sanitation and plant building
I,. ion 'ii r. nun
A severe eruption Of the Col I ma vol
cano. In Mexico, followed by an earth
quake shock, has spread terror and
confusion among Hie inhabitants ol
near-by towns, a number of whom de
sorted their homes and fled to point;
outside the affected zone.
Colonel Gustavo PabBt, while drlv
lug In an autumoblle In Milwaukee
ran down and killed LIHie Winkler,
a 14-year-old girl. The accident oc
curred Just as the girl alighted from
a street car and walked In front of
the rapidly moving automobile.
"If the "country knew the truth re
garding the present condition of the
navy there would be a panic," is the
striking sentence In h letter from Ad
tnlral Lord Chariea BereBford read at
a meeting of the Navy league held at
Bournmouth, England, last .reek.
Heirs of "Cncle" Jonathan Dean,
who in 1870 died and left his 520
acre farm near Petersburg, Ind., to
bo operated for the benefit of nil
widows within a radius of eight miles,
will try to breuk the will, now that
productive oil wells have been bored
on the land.
In full view of dozens of horrified
passengers, who were looking out ol
the car windows, MIbs Mattle Con
way, a young and pretty telephone
girl of Frankfort, Ky., was ground tc
pieces by a lyoulavlllu K Nashville
train from Louisville. The accident
happened on a curve.
A telegram received at Vienna from
Smyrna, Asiatic Turkey, declares
that Andre Kopassls Effendi, Prince
of Sanios, has been mnrdered. Sam
Is a Greek Island on the west coast
of Asia Minor It pays an annual
tribute to Turkey, and Turkey main
tains a garrison theiv.
Secretary F. D. Coburn of the state
board of agriculture of Kansas. In a
statement Issued April 23, says that
there baa been a decrease of 400.000
acres of wheat In Kansas compared
with last year. He placed the acre
age at 6,000,000 and the average con
dition at 88 per cent
Antnne Vina neglected to pay rent
for his furnished room to Mrs. (Mary
l'astrl and when he returned home,
in West lluboki n she shot him. The
bullet penetrated IiIh body, killing him
instantly, passed out of a window
and struck Mis Pastil's little daugh
ter. The child will die.
Major General William P. Duvall
arrived at Munlln, April 23, ou the
irariBpoit Ktlpatrlck, and formally
assumed command of the military
rorces of the Philippines He rellei
ed General W H. Carter. The Kil
Patrick took out n large detachment
ot coast artillery troop.
This Question It Important In Palntln.
a House or Other Building.
A proper color scheme Is extremely
Important in painting a houte. It
makes ail the difference between a
reni'y attractive home and one at
whtcn you wouldn't take a second
g:nnce And It makes a big difference
In the price the property will bring on
the market.
As to the exterior, a good deal de
pends upon the size and architecture
of the house, and upon Its surround
ings. For a good Interior effect you
must consider the size of the rooms,
the light, etc.
You can avoid disappointment by
studying the books of color schemes
tor both exterior and Interior painting,
which can be had free by writing Na
tional Iead Company, 1902 Trinity
Building, New York, and asking for
Houseowner's Painting Outfit No. 49.
The outfit alBo includes specifications,
and a simple Instrument for testing
, the purity of paint materials. Pure
White I,ead which will stand the test
j In this outfit will stand the weather
I test. National Lead Company's fa
I nioir Dutch Boy Painter trademark
1 on the keg Is a guarantee of that kind
of white lead.
The Reverend and the Irreverent.
BiBhop Doane of Albany, N. Y., who
wears a shovel hat and leggings and
Is accused of signing himself "William
of Albany," was a guest at dinner
where the Irreverent Dr. Hosmer was
also dining.
They sat down. "I suppose," said
the bishop, "that I shall ask grace."
"But why, my dear bishop," inter
posed Hosmer; "why talk shop at the
table?" Saturday Evening Post.
Hcfw's This?
Vt efwr On Hundred Dollar Reward tor
eaar ef i atarrh thai cannot be rural by llaira
I atari, i 'ore
F. 1. CHENEY A CTV, Toledo. O.
w. thr underabrned. have known F. J. iimi'v
fur tlii laat 15 year, and hpllrve aim perfectly lirn--orablr
In all bualneal tranaaclkma and flnanrutlly
l'l to i-arry out any onllralione made ny hla Arm.
u i iiimi, Kinnam 4 Marvin,
Whoirani Iirumnwt. Toledo. O.
Hall'a Catarrh Cure a taken Internally aetlng
dlrertly upon the blood and mueoua eurfarea of the
yatem. 1 eatlmontalti aent tree I'rlre 75 tenia par
bottle Sold by all lmutiMte
Take Hall a Family rnia tor eonettpatkm.
Practical Gain.
Teacher Lennle, If you were to
take your father's razor and leave the
Bteel blade open out in the grass over
night, what would happen?
Learned Lennle It would get as re
sult oxidation of the steel or what ia
commonly called ruBt.
Teacher Quite right. Now, Willie,
if you would put your mother's dia
mond ring In the Ore, what result
would you get?
Wise Willie I'd get a liokln'.
Awake to Danger of Tuberculosis.
The number of stale and local anti
tuberculosis societies In the United
States has shown over 100 per cent. In
crease during the past year; the num
ber of sanltorla and hospitals for tu
berculosis, nearly 30 per cent. In
I crease; and the number of special tu
berculosis dispensaries and clinics.
' over 40 per cent. Increase. The rate
of increase in the number of workers
Is estimated nt over 200 per cent., and
the amounts given for tuberculosis re
lief have been doubled during the year.
Thirty-three legislatures, out of 39
In Bession up to May 1, 1909, have
teen considering laws pertaining to
the prevention or treatment of tuber
culosis. In a large number of states
legislation affecting this subject has
already been enacted, and more laws
will be passed before the close of the
billing session.
"I hope it don't rain; it'll take all
de starch out of my dress."
"Yes, and If maw sees you la your
best dreBs she'll take de Btarch out
of you!"
What an M. D. Learned.
A prominent Georgia physician went
through a food experience which he
makes public:
"It was my own experience that first
led me to advocate Grape-Nuts food
and 1 also know, from having pre
scribed It to convalescents and other
weak patients, that the food is a won
derful builder and restorer of nerve
and brain tissue, au well as muscle. It
improves the digestion and Bick pa
tients always gain Just as I did In
strength and weight very rapidly.
"I was in i uili a low state that I
had to give up my work entirely, and
went to the mountains of this state,
but two mouths there did not Improve
me; In fact 1 was not quite as well as
when I left home.
"My food did not sustain me and
It became plain that I must change.
Then 1 began to use Grape-Nuts food
and in two weeks I could walk a mile
without futigue, and in live weeks
returned to my home and practice,
taking up hard work again. Since that
time I have felt us well and stroug us
1 ever did In my life.
"As a physician who seeks to help
all sufferers. 1 consider 11 a duty to
mill e these fncts public."
Trial 10 days on Grape-Nuts, when
the rog'llnr food docs aoi seem to sus
tain the body, will work miracles.
"There'ii a Beason."
Look In pkgs. for the famous little
book, "The Road to Wellvllle."
li.iT read the ulmve letter f new
too- Hieara Imin time to time. Thrr
are Kruulne, true, ami full of Imiuiu
! tercet.
If You Suffer with Your Kidney and
Back, Write to This Man.
O. W Wlnney, Medina. N. Y.. In
vites kidney sufferers to write to him.
To all who enclose
postage, he will re
ply, telling how
Dean's Kidney PHIb
cured him after he
had doctored and
had been In two dif
ferent hospitals for
eighteen montha,
suffering intense
pain in the back.
lameness, twinges
when stooping or
' lifting, languor, dizzy spells and rheu
I mutism. "Before I used Doan's Kid
1 ney Pills," says Mr. Wlnney, "I
weighed 143. After taking 10 or 12
boxes I weighed 162 and waa com
pletely cured."
Sold by all dealer. SO cents a box.
Foster-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo. N. T.
Snubbed in Town.
"What are you doing now?"
"Striving for recognition."
"Seeking fame, eh?"
"Noi exactly. I'm striving to get on
speaking terms with a girl who prom
ised to be mine at the seashore."
Life in this world could never be ao
sweet or so sad it we had not been
children in It.
Mr. Wlnalnw'a Honthlna; Hyrnp.
For children teething , aoftana tha gumi, reuuree n
n. in in. 1 1, hi . al lay pal ii. ouraa wuul ooiki. use a imllla.
Two is company; three a soulless
Vegetable Compound
Paw Paw, Mich." I auflered tOTrl-
r "ij bly from female ilia,
I H naon ad congcB-
rsseW R j said there wu no
EmI em aV I lu-M 'or me but an
iMjHBr V4, Cgi operation. I began
EL Jfl Pinkham'a Vegetal
H I can now say I am
. i wel1 woman."
L- m. ,?T s 1 Km ma Draper.
Another Operation Avoided.
Chicago, 111. ""I want women to
know what that wonderful medicine,
Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound, has done for me. Two of the
best doctors in 'hit ago said I would
die if I did not have am operation, and
I never thought of seeing a well day
again. I had a small tumor and female
troubles so that I suffered day and
night. A friend recommended Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,
and It made me a well woman." Mrs.
Ai.vi-.na si'iulinu, ll Langdon 8t,
Chicago, 111.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from roots and herbs,
has proved to be the most successful
remedy for curing the worst forms of
female ills, including displacements,
inflammation, fibroid tumors, irregu
larities, periodic pains, backache, bearing-down
feeling, flatulency, indiges
tion, and nervous prostration. It costs
j but a trifle to try it, and the result
has been worth millions to many
Buffering women.
If yon HiilT.-r from Pita, FallirtK rili-knrwi,
Upitsiminrhaverhtlrirrn or frlt-mla thai do ao,
my Nrw Ulacovrry will r.ili-ve tlnni.aiiil all you
are jutked to do la arnii fur a, r Kt.i Bottle of
lr. Mar's Epllaptli ld- Cur.
It hmaournd l nouaanda whrre rverj tiling rlna
fmlleil. Ni-nt free with dli-vclioim. Eapraaa
Prrpald. ' u.u .ml, , .1 by May Mntli-ul lab
oratory, antler tilt Natkinnl Food ami Druga
At-t, June aitll, I9US. l.u.ii inilv No. 1SV71.
Pleaae give At IK ami foil uildrraa.
048 Pearl Street. New York City.
OILED .U'35'
will give you full value Hrmfi
for every dollar spent .VtiW
and keep you dry In lNTjl VI
the wettest weather. VtCii t)
suits 322 3dT J
SLICKERS322 Jify0f
3&2 fTFV IH'
catalog rfc Jg yVesr
Tower Canadian Co. iimitid torohtoiCan
- . I
Used by Mors Than Two Million Men
KNCaVN Trlf'eww' wCtnDOTR
Li"....."",,. '""""" ""wi
".".2 ! Thompson's Eye Wiier
nrniMrr ctarpm i- " work wi and
W. N. U., Salt Lake City. No. 18 1909,
I, a-ieaa eaawan,"ll",,"'v'"y BBBB
waaffj Tin-? alio relieve Up V-S-l
B ITTLI tri-.., fniin I y ape pat,). H
mW irw '' lg' " '"" "'"' T"" ,u' ''
H I VLR Eating A or. fee reap. H
M Bill A "''" f"r T"""' l ' H
KJI rlLhVt i nronain.Hii, Bade H
nMH TatetnlheMotith,Q I H
mk Palo la OH H
T555S5S! Is I ill I.IVBDK. H
They ie ulat tbe Bowwla. Purely Virelapaa. H
lr.n-rcDl Genuine Must Bear H
UAHItnO Fac-Simile Signatnr
Efe &nf I
r FO I
Canton Plows I
The Success Sulky Plow
Vim can make two mlatakee In baying ,' H
Riding Plow. One la to buy an Inferior' H
plow beoauae It la offered, cheap, and the) H
other la to huy n lil.h prlred i tiling plow HH
when the SUCCISS, a medium priced H
plow, will do better work. H
Successful Plowing
Cn ssI yi b riiToniplKliril, under alt rir- H
aumsatAiuTfi, with iln'Bucctit Plow;. H
It U a frr.ni.-l.--ia. plow I lint will JHt . M H
time It -. the b.t hitch, tlte boat Isseisl H
Ing cUvicti, the bt rolling cuttr, ami tltw H
bt bottoms run- put on It Mint Plows. , H
It hais only two leverH, hut they R-We tlfcw paH
Mam) runtre of IJUHtnientH m plows wlUi M
three or four leveri It In lirssvlcr- lUUi M
inure mitieiliil but fewer parta, sMBsl s M
leHH fiun plii-n t .!. thttn otbera. M
Plnlxheit ith whle nliarev for Alfalfa gl
Pin iiitr, when ordered M
ThiitH why It it strong, imph mnd H
durablo. gggl
Tlmt'K why we eall It the ,4Bucott.H 9x9
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67 Yean of "Knowing How" Ham-
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Write for Beautifully iilmtratad Pimpk. gg
let No. 87 of Intereat to every farmer, and VgH
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TUP Balm ITU Paitine uaed at a nwndfa. gfl
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and throat, purine the breath, and kilt the air gfl
which collect in the mouth, cauaina ante throat. gg
bad teeth, bad breath, grtppe, and muck aakaraa. gg
TUs7 sTVsTC wn"n inflamed, tired, arka gg
lit LI I.O ,d bum. may be I ikj gg
relieved and atpstafthened by Paxline. gg
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remedy or uterine catarrh. gfl
Pastine it a harmle yet powerful - B gg
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Ou-d in Lathing it destroyi odot and nffMMfl gg
leave the body anturpucally clean. UHtUgj gM
nt dggav This Trade-mark H
Tt jflS Eliminates A0
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Bt33 protection, see H
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Your Health Worth?
You start sickness by mistreating nattn gg
and it generally shows first in tbe bowels gg
and liver. A loc box (week's treatment) gg
of CASCARBTS will help nature help ggj
you. They will do more using then gH
regularly as you need them than uny H
medicine on Earth Get a box today. ggj
take a CASCAKBT tonight. Better fat gg
the morning, lt'a tbe result that makes gg
millions take them. mi gg
CASCARBTS loc boa for a week's Bfl
tteatlnent, all di -iiKKlua. Blggrat aeller faWJ
in tha world. Million boxce a tnonlb. gg
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