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lje Ootlotib CSHobe I
Vol. 4. No 30. Published ot liarland, Utah. Saturday, Aug. 28, 1909 H
m- i , , bbH
Layton Deals
Champions j
A Shut-Out
Win the Beautiful Silver
Amateur Champion
ship Cup and Return
Home Rejoicing with
the Coveted Trophy.
The Layton (liongstrikers,)
ai name that fits them to a finish,
won from the Champions last
Saturday, the silver state ama
teur championship cup and gave
the Garland hoys a contest that
they won't soon forget in fact
a complete shut-out. The visit
ors were a sturdy hunch of hall
tossers who put up a gimio you
read ahout. The man in the
hox for Layton, coached hy the
xpert catcher behind the hat,
pitched hall of the guilt edge
kind and the support given the
hattery hy the field was a hig
feature in the contest. Morten
sen, the umpire, hy no means
gave the visitors the hest end
of the rope, hut (larland was
simply outclassed by the Long-
strikers to the tune of 7 to
goose eggs.
The home hoys played hall
for all there was in it. Some
costly errors gave the visitors a
hunch of runs in the 7th, hut
larland was only fortunate
enough to get two men to second
s base all through the game.
Jensen for Garland gave the
visitors 7 hits and Sandall for
Layton allowed the home team
hut .". E r r o r b Garland 7,
Layton 1.
We are happy in the thought
that Layton took the cup in
stead of the Brigham hunch,
who would have Broken their
windpipes in crowing over the
Following is the line-Up and
score by innings:
Layton (larland
Scott c Fowler
Sandall p Jensen
Phillips 1 Wallis
Wiggall 1 Gleason
I (limn :S Miller
Maun ss Vilc( X
Flint of Vim Leu van
Major II' Gre n
Nalder rf Evans
Scon- i i :: " ( 7'S !)
Layton 1? 0 0 0 0 0 " 7
(larland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Scorer ('. .1. Campbell.
An Excellent
A force of linemen, under the
direction of H. Fowler, electrie
ian of the Hear River Light &
Power Co., are making some
excellent improvements in the
pole line of the system in this
city. The poles that heretofore
have monopolized the center of
our thoroughfares are being
taken out and tlje lines erected i
in the center of the hlocks from I
poles set on the fence lines.
This makes our streets free
from pole lines with the ex
petion of the lines of the i. M.
R. Tel. Co. and the Farmer's
line. We are informed that the
telephone companies Intend to
inagurate a change in their pole
lines and follow the example of
I the Bear River Light & Power
Co. by moving them to the
center of the hlocks.
This is a worthy movement
and if carried out will he a
great benefit to the town for a
number of reasons.
Often huildings are moved
from one part of the town to
another and the lines being in
the center Of the street have
hampered their passage as well
ns interfering with the lines.
Our streets are none to wide
and the poles in the center of
the streets have to a certain de
gree been B nuisance. Wires
dangling overhead, which some
times become slack and dioop
(town, interfere with loads of
hay, etc., and are more or less
dangerous. The change will
give the general public clear
sailing, to say nothing of the
marked improvement it makes
in the looks in our thorough
I fares',
We sincerely hope the tele
phone companies will take some
! action in this matter and act
' right away.
Parties wishing to bid for
running school van from Gar-
! land North to Garland during
the school year of 1909 and
1 1910, will submit bids to the
i Rox Elder County Board of
Education, Brigham City, or to
T. F. Coombs of Fielding,
Utah, on or before September
8th, 1000. For further inforraa-
jtion inquire of T, F. Coombs
Fielding, Utah. a28-s4
I Your Best Friend
in lime f need is a l'A'l bunk uoooUftt Ii i.itl lUnd by 5'"" vvli.n all UM toll Tbe waj
toacwiiv tM rATMCOUnl la Ubaln i!-i itinjranil keep at It PlWnptntBI, rnurtesy and
MNfnl attention to th want of its nisi mners are Homo of the (MtOTN of the BttllMH
Policy of this Hank.
A Bank Book in Your Name
iasued by this Banking House, entilles you to every convenience of modern blinking-.
When opening a bank account, you want a safe bank, conveniently lucuied-one whose'
constant endeavor is to serve you Iwst. On these lines we invite your account.
I Mosiah Evans. President Eliai A. Smith. Vice-President VKViSSJSUr " 1
Motor Car
Via Malad Valley branch
to Go Into Effect Next
Monday So We Are
(teneral Snpt. J. M. Davis,
Asst. Bupt. A. 1). Stevenson,
Master .Mechanics .1. 1). Malone
and .Mr. Dunn of the () S L Hy.
Co., made nn experimental trip
over the Mnlad Valley branch
Wednesday with a new gasoline
motor car. The xperiment was
made as a test prior to taking off
regular passenger and replac
ing it with the motor car. If
the change is made a change in
train time will follow and the
motor car will go through this
city north at ahout 11 a. m., re
turning at ahout ' p. m.
The present service, which gives
us an evening and a morning
train, is good enough, but if the
new service is instituted, our
citizens cannot make the trip to
the county seat and return the
Same day, and we fear there
will he a hig kick coming.
Deweyville. j
Two threshing machines are
being kept busy here turning
out the grain.
Bp. Geo. C. Dewey, while re
pairing a threshing machine
' last Friday, had his foot quite
badly injured in the cylinder of
the machine.
Charles, the .i-ycarold son of
Mr. and Mrs. J.I. Dewey run a
nail in his foot last week. At
first it was thought the injury
was not of a serious nature, hut
later the member became badly
swolen and caused the lad eon-
siderahie pain.
Last Saturday Bert Dewey
sustained a badly bruised Pool
i hy having ii caught between the
front wheel and the wagon hox.
lie is improving.
II r s. M a ii d ( hitlester, who
has been quite sick, has re
covered sulliciently to take a
trip to Boneyville where she
will Spend il lew weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. James Sinout
were made to rejoice last Satur
day hy the safe arrival of a line
Mrs. Lucy Rose pf Fanning
ton i visiting with her -on Guy
li'i sc and wife.
Mrs. Sarah Burbank, who has
been on an extended visit to
Brigham, has returned to make
her home with us for a season.
The Dear River Stake Prim
ary officers met with the ward
officers here Sunday and Mrs.
Fjstella Dewey was released as
1st counselor of the Primary
Wednesday the Primary as
sociation gave Kstella Dewey a
pleasant surprise. Sim was
presented a handsome tea set.
(leo. C. Dewey and family
left Wednesday for their ranch
in the Curlew Valley.
Orlando Jones of Idaho Is
visiting relatives here.
Aug. 24. D.
A Checking Account
With this reliable bank will prove help- M
ful to everyone. 11
It encourages economy. M
It establishes your credit. H
It makes paying bills easy. M
It safeguards your cash. IH
It is business to have one.
Why not start your checking account H
here today? 11
State Bank of Brigham City.
Bundle Shower
Miss Hazel Evans was the
reciprent of a very pleasant
bundle shower at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mosiah Evans, Wednesday
evening. Ahout forty guests
were present and a jolly good
time was the outcome.
Messrs Leslie (trover and
Enevold BnevoMsen and Miss
Mary Orover furnished excell
ent music during the evening
and Mrs. Essie E. Foulger sang
a beautiful solo. A flower
guessing contsst, "The Wed
ding of the Flowers," was a
pleasant feature of the evening's
entertainment. Miss Alice
Munns carried off the prize, a
handsome picture.
Miss Evans was presented
1 numerous useful and ornimen-
tal gifts and dainty refresh
'incuts were partaken of.
Lb da Wa C
The members .of the Ladies'
i Self-Culture Club wee enter
tained Thursday afternoon hy
mis. ( 'lara Ifowry at her home n
Evans Avenue. I'rest. Celia M.
( J rover in the chair. Ii' members
i were present and Mesdames E. ( '.
Koeraer. Howard Evans, Edwin
Evans and Nettie Wilde were
guests of the hostess. The con
tinuation of the pleasing story
"The Man on the Box" was read
hy irs. Berths ( 'ampbell. Del
icious refreshments were nerved
and the ( Hub adjodmed lor two
weeks to meet at I lie home of
irs. icaud Hdraneu.
i'i. mud V . Hrltflmni i' i '. id!
yearReduced ratal ill be mini h
Oregon Shorl Mo, I'm n 1 1 - l 1 1 l
ratoa will be aunonncv I aiur -'' ii
Boosting For
Four-State Fair.
I. frank IJowring of Brigham
was here Thursday distributing
circulars and cards advertising
the Big 4-State Fair at Ogden
Sept. Ii to IHh. He gave the
Globe office a pleasant call just
to see our hig cylender press.
itc mre Mini take h bottle of dumber
lalu'a Oollo, Obolara and Diarrhoea He
niedy with you when liartlog " your
trip this summer. It cannot he obtained
'tni-brnirtHhe-trntMh or-fckwmuir.--Changes
of witter and climate ofleu ciiusc sudden
attacks of diarrhoea, and it is best to ho
prepared. Hold hy All Dealers.
i ,
Card of Thanks. M
For the manifestations of M
kindness, expressions of sym-
pathy and for the aid and assist- 1
anee rendered during the illness, M
death and burial of our loving M
daughter Vera, we desire to ex-
press thanks ami gratitude to H
all those who in any way gave M
a helping hand in the hour of M
Mrs. Geo. K. (trover and H
Relatives. H
FOB SALE-Case steam M
threshing outfit 30 h. p. Plow H
engine guaranteed to pull 10 H
plows. Apply to C. W. &M. M
Notice. M
All stake and ward officers HJ
of the Y. L.M. I. and Y. M.M.I. Q
associations are urgently re- H
quested to he in attendance at H
itheM. I. A. Convention to he H
held in this city Sept. 5th. H
F. D. Welling. H
Rose Vanfleet.
Farms for Sale jl
I ', ich i f hind "ii mile from 'I'lcmoii M
I nil I be main street of I he town. M
'Kin" iirclfiiil i.f 'jo mien iif i lie north H
Hide. 'I'liK traek could alao be ael itb M
id n'l tree and nl'drVlded Into I It roe or M
linn,' loiv mid s,ild hi n nod protlt In- M
ipiivn of W Tremonuin, M
1 60 rtrron mil"- from Tremonuni and H
!ii, in h I'i'i'i it at Ion, so Meres bus M
lull water rlglil am' will prodnot all M
n,,p- frown in ilic valley. The other H
hall bus no Hiilei rlglil bill "ill lie suit- H
Ids for pail ore and lull wbeal without
irrigation 'l plowed and dltoiied for H
I needing should product more tbnn ft
I 000 btuhi ! of win hi in IttlO, Price M
: the rhole niiHi i i fiO n acre one- M
i' 'if usii Mini the i inaludei i an be i aid H
from ib pa, Inquire of Civile H
llo Mil, (iii rcaldence, Tremonton H
California ii rcu'siina M
Via Orcpon Shcrt I i i M
DhIij for ttekett one way via Portland, H
h rcquem datei for other roulei Bci O, H
s l niteiitH for Mrlber detail MW-08 M
Washington's Plaeuc Spots H
lie in the low inai by bottoms of the ft
Poiomfc, the breeding ground of mt sH
laila ncinis. These fernia eimse (bills, H
fever ami agllO. bllloiianeM, ji ii nil ire , jB
laaaltitde, wealtoH ami general debility k
ami bring Differing or death to thou- vH
stimls yearlj . Bui Blctrle Blttera never H
1 fai I to destroy them and rure malaria H
troubles. "Tbiy are the beJI iill-round H
toide and eure for malaria evei used," &H
writes It. M . .lames, of Louullcu, S. C iifl
J'4usyJiujre8Jiuiuu;h, JiliCJV EMuey. and H
Blood Troubles and will prevent Ty- flH
phold. Try thorn, BOB, Guaranteed by H
' All li Hi' i-N. M

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