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') Sunday Services.
Bp. A. R. Capener presided.
Sinking by the ehoir "The
Happy Day Has Rolled On."
Prayer by Ludvig Larsen. Sing
ing "How Great the Joy," ete.
Sacrament administerd by
Elders J. F. Devey and Voluey
King. The speakers were Bp.
A. R. Capener, A. H. Archibald,
Chas. Wood, N. A. Peterson
and Hanfo r d Bingham, Jr.
A Singing "Judges, Who Rule
the World." Benediction by
Peter Jensen.
7 Eks Annual Excursion.
The Elk's Fifth Annual Ex
cursion to California and Hono
lulu, will depart from Oregon
Short Line Union Depot, Salt
Lake City, Saturday morning,
February 5th at 11 o'clock. The
journey this year will be in one
or more ipecia trains via the
Southern Pacific to Los Angeles,
returning by way of San Fran
cisco over the Coast or Valley
The railroad fare to San Fran
cisco and return is 035.00; to
Los Angeles via Sacramento,
San Joee and Santa Barbara,
returning via San Francisco,
141.20. Stop-over privelages it
any point in California will be
granted within the limit of the
ticket, which is .'!() days.
In addition to the California
tour, a side trip has been ar
ranged to Honolula, the steam
ship "Alameda" having been
charted by the Elks for them
selves and friends. The boat
will leave San Francisco at
noon, Saturday, February 12th,
1910. The fare to Honolulu and
return from San Francisco, in
eluding meals and berth going
and coming, will be $110.00.
A deposit of $20.00 to secure
berth on the steamer is requir
ed at once as there is only a
limited number to be disposed
f a For further pa'ticulars, ad
dress D. E. Burley, General
Pass. Agent,Oregon Short Line
Railroad Company, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
Making Life Safer.
Everywhere life is being made
more safe through the work of
Dr. King's New Life Pills in
Constipation, Biliousness, Dy
spepsia, Indigestion, Liver trou
bles, Kidney Diseases and Bo
wel Disorders. They're easy,
but sure, and perfectly build up
the health. 26e at All Drugsists.
Money to Loan
a" at " W
Will build or buy you a home
give you B years to pay for it.
$1.25 per month on each $100
borrowed will pay back any
loan in 0 years including in
terest. Can you afford to be without
a home?
Geo. W Miller,
Tf Agent for Jackson Loan Ac
Trust Co.
Garland, Utah. Phone 168 Blk
O. K.
Alfred Granger, Prop
Garland, tahl
4a Shaving, Hair ( 'utting, Sham-
" pooning and Massaging.
Ladies' hair dressing and
massaging a specially.
Next door to Gar. Harness Co.
Agents for Brigham Steam
All persons having any inter
est or claiming liens on the
within described locations, will
take notiee that 1, Alexander
Caldwell, have taken possess
ion of these claims and am
about to assert my rights for
non-payment of assessments as
a lieu according to law.
The "Georgia" Lode or Vein
Mining Claims, more particu
larly described as follows: Com
mencing at a point 50 feet south
from the Discovery Monument,
and at the south center end
stake on said lode vein, (which
is on the north line of the An
nex Claim) running thence
north H8 degrees l'. minutes
Last (Along the north line of
said Annex Claim) 800 feet to
the south East Corner Stake
Monument No. 1 (which corner
is identical with the north East
corner of said Annex Claim No.
2 and the west line of the
Gretchen Mining Claim) thence
North 1 degree 17 minutes West
1 f(X) feet along the west side
lino of said Gretchen Claim and
the west end line of the Rip
Y;in Winkle Claim, to the north
K;ist Corner Monument No. 2,
thence south 88 degrees 4.'5 min
utes West, .'500 feet to the North
end center stakes on said lode,
thence South 88 degrees 415 min
utes west JIOO feet to the North
West Corner Monument No 3-
(this corner is identical with the
North East Corner of the Nevada
Claim) thence south 1 degree 17
minutes East 1500 ft to the South
West corner Monument No 4,
this corner is identical with the
South East corner of the Nevada
Mining Claim, thence north 88
degrees 43 minutes east 300 ft to
the place of beginning, the south
end of this claim joins the Annex
Claim and the east line joins the
Gretchen and the Rip Van
Winkle Claims, being the same
lode claim located January 1,
1905, by Wm F. Brown and C. II.
Brady and recorded January 21,
1905, in Book J page 192 Mining
Records of the County Recorder
of Box Elder County.
The "Nevada" Lode or Vein
Mining Claim, more particular
ly described as follows: Com
mencing at a point 50 feet south
of the Discovery Monument and
at the south center end post
monument on south lode vein,
running thence North 88 degrees
43 minutes East along the north
line of the Annex Mining Claim
300 feet to the south past cor
ner post monument No. 1, (this
coiner is identical with the
South West corner of the Geor
gia Mining Claim) thence north
1 degree 17 minutes west 1500
feet along the west line of the
Georgia Mining Claim to the
North East Corner post monu
ment No 2 (this corner is iden
tical with the North West cor
ner of the Georgia Mining
Claims) thence south 88 degrees
4il minutes west 300 feet to tin
north end center monument on
said lode vein, thence south 88
degrees 41! minutes west 300 feet
to the North West corner Monu
ment No. 3, (this corner is iden
tical with the North East corner
of the Nevada Fraction Mining
Claim) thence south 1 degree 17
minutes East 1500 feet to the
South Weft Corner Monument
No. 4 (this oomer is identical
with the South East comer of
the Nevada Fraction claim)
thence North 88 degrees 43 min
utes 300 feet to the beginning.
The East line of this claim joins
the Georgia (Maim, the west line
joins the Nevada Fraction.
This lode claim is the same lode
claim located on January 1, 1905,
i sss SMJJM
by Wm. F. Brown and C. H.
Brday and recorded January
21st, 1905,in book "J" Page 188,
Mining Records of the County
Recorder of Box Elder County,
State of Utah.
Date of first publication Jan.
8, 1910. j8-a9
Additional Local.
Mayor J. C. Wheelon and
Trustee A. R. Capener went to
Logan Monday afternoon to be
present at the Fourth Annual
Convention of the State Muni
cipal League held in that city
Monday and Tuesday. From
Logan they went to Salt Lake
to attend the Good Roads Con
vention held there Jan. 96th,
27th and 28th.
Miss Lula Francis, the 2-year
old daughter of Mr. and Mis.
R. H. Francis, fell out of the
upper story window of the
Henry House onto the board
walk below Monday afternoon.
Fortunately she was not serious
ly injured, and it is a mystry
that she was not instantly kill
ed. The child was quite sick
during the night, but was around
playing as usual the next day.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
is a very valuable medieine for
throat and lung troubles, quick
;ly relieves and cures painful
breathing and a dangerously
sounding cough which indicates
congested lungs. Sold by All
A Little Learning.
Here are a few history answers
collected in New York State
Education Department in the
past year:
Modern conveniences. In
cubators and tireless telegraphy.
The Republican Party was
formerly known as the Free
The President takes the yoke
of office.
The salaries of teachers are
paid from the dog-tax.
Benjamin Franklin produced
electricity by rubbing cats back
wards. Lincoln had a woman make
a suit of homespun from rails
wh ch ho had split. They were
hickory rails, hence hickory
The cause of the Revolution
was that the colonists wanted
room to pasture their cattle.
The Spoils system : The place
where spoiled things and waste
are kept. The board of health
have largely taken the place of
The difference between Jack
son and Roosevelt is that Jack
son has been dead a long time
and Roosevelt is in Africa shoot
ing lions. Woman's II o m e
Companion for January.
Reduced Rates.
Via 0, S. L. R. R.
Excursion rates to Salt Lake
Jan. 28th, 29tfa and :50th; good
for return Feb. 1st. Account of
Ariel Exhibition at State Fair
take pleasure in announcing
that any of our readers can se
cure a pocket dairy for 1910 by
sending 4 one-cent stamps toD.
Swift & Co., Patent Lawyers,
Washington D. C. The dairy is
bound in a beautiful stiff red
cover, contains 90 pages, gives
the amount of corn, wheat, oats,
tobacco and cotton produced in
each state, 20 pages of other
valuable information, such as
business laws, patent laws, busi
ness forms and population of
all states and cities; worth 25
cents. For .'1 one-cent stamps,
we will also send a fine wall
calendar 10x11 inches. Send 7
one-cent stamps for the dairy
and calendar, worth fully 40
Basket Ball.
Garland Defeats Tre
monton by a score
off 30 to 16.
A very interesting game of
Basket Ball was played in the
II. W. of A. hall Thursday
night between the Tremonton
and Garland teams. The upper
room of the Manausa hall has
been nicely iitted up for basket
ball games and quite a crowd
turned out to witness the con
test. In the first half of the
game the score stood 11 to 11,
but the second half resulted in
favor of Garland to the tune of
89 to 1(5.
The game was of the rough-and-tumble
sort, but continued
practice will result in some
good basket ball soon.
Frank Woolley acted as re
feree, B. Swinyard and Eli
Winzeler as time keepers and
- 1
The line-up. Hj
Garland Tremonton fl
S Porter RG AWinzeler M
L Gleason LG V Smith M
OOlsen C L O Talbert M
R Evans RF BWinzeler M
E Swinyard LF N Shaw M
In all probabality the next H
game will be played at Tremon- H
Keep it up. H
i i-n In I't-il lor t v Ic, perfect fit, simplicity and
reliability marly 40 yens. Sold in marly
every city anil tow.) in the Uniteil State and
C'anaili, or by mail direct. Mora Mild tlim
any otlvr make. Send for flee catalogue.
More subscriber', llian any oilier fashion
mainline million a month. Invaluable. l..:t- B
cut styles, patterm, dressmaking, millinery, B
plain sevritijt, fancy ncedlcwoik, hairdrcKsing,
etiquette, vood stories, etc. Only 60 cents ft BBBJ
vi If (worth double), including a free pattern.
Subsuibe t id iv, or nil for sample copy. BBH
to Aucnts. I" '-tl lviis pr"iiium catalogue BBBJ
iiml in'iv r:i i i Address BBV
IBS MrC.o, T7!!i St.. NEW Y031K H
Tilt TreiTlOnt jfwholesnle and Retail I H
II Dealers IIA BTal
Liquor House II wines, liquors U V
cl a xt i i t II and CIGARS.
. A. Woodward, Prop. 21 I
1 barrel of bottled Beer $10.50 On return of bottles $,'1.00 rebute H
1 case of Beer $.'.50 On return of case $1 .00 rebute M
And Everything Else in Proportion. H
This includes Becker's Best and Fisher's Salt Lake Beer. tH
We also handle PABST and BLUE RIBBON Beer. )
L ? See our excellent line of Henderson (Fash- H
BBftHffl "'" Form) Coisets. H
wirWk!?-'' ew ''"H,,'ust '"
IMflif Special reductions n Ladies' night gowns, H
fulfil s''k dresses :u"' underwear. M
ililMwk '"""' '''"' ot chhMren'8 hats, ;i()S, coats, M
jjWjrrC etc., going at from 10 to 25 off. M
Wf T With every $1.00 cash purchase we give M
HENDERSON uway a handsome piece of chinaware. A
Fashion Form , . aTtTZk 1 i j BBl
Corsets better piece for $2.00 in cash trade. M
Henrie Millinery Co., ."oW. I
Special Sole! I
On all classes and styles of I
Ladies9 Suits, Coats and Scarfs I
In fact all kinds of Winter Goods.
If we don't Save Our Customers 20 per cent H
in this line of Goods we will Forfeit our reputa- H
tion of being the best Bargain House in the H
west. fl
Remember our Bargains for the next 30 H
days. H
Tremonton, Utah. H
Petersen's Mcul Market m
Factory Street, A Garland, Utah. R
Fresh and Cured Meats and Green Groceries B
Fish and Game in Season. iH
A Complete Line of Staple Groceries Constantly On Hand. , H

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