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Vo1- No. S2. Published at Oorlond, Utah. Saturday, Feb. 5, 1910 H
J Blizzard.
4 f February Comes in Like
I a "Lamb" They Call
the Wild Cat Clad In
Porcupine Quills.
March 1st usually comes in
like a lion, but if she comes in
this year like 17 tigers, 9 wild
cats and a grizzly bear, she
can't beat the blizzard we got
February 1st and 2nd.
To cap the climax the Bear
saw his shaddow (Feb. 2nd)
which means six weeks more of !
this long, hard winter, that has '
already been a record-breaker.
Tuesday morning the school
children hurl no recess and at
noon a crowd of men folk took
the "tots" home in covered
The passenger train on the i
". Malad Valley branch got snow-1
bound between here and Malad
Tuesday night and Wednesday
f morning a snow plow came up
jf- and took the train south at about
;,. noon. Drifts of snow are piled
fci up all over the valley in conse
quence of the heavy wind storm.
v The weather was extremely cold,
W,. too, but moderated some Thurs-
.. day (but very cold night.)
i Plenty of coal arrived a few
dp days before the blizzard which
'; was indeed a blessing.
1 Grand
-The grand mask ball given at
the Manausa hall last Friday
' evening was a rousing success
and proved to be a very pleasant
. affair. Over 60 characters were
t i lepresented, clowns, predomin-
ating. Among the characters
represented w e r e monkeys,
devils, clowns, indians, fairies,
milk-maids, school girls, neg
roes, chinamen, sailors, con
victs, Spaniards, newspaper
girls, jockies, day, night, hearts,
diamonds, snow-balls, gypsies,
sunflowers, lillies and many
others. The hall was jammed
with spectators and the Garland
orchestral furnished good music. I
Miss Mary drover, "Indian'
lady," was awarded the first'
prize a handsome jewelry case
and Clyde Lindaey, "Sailor"
was given the second prise, a
tie pin.
It was about 1 a. m. when the
f dance concluded and all in at-
t tendance were well paid for'
M. I. A.
Grand Ball.
Last Saturday night, at the
Garland hall, a very pleasant
and well attended dance was giv
en by the M I Associations. The
affair was a married folks'
dance, but a number of young
people were also present.
Cocoa, chocolate, sandwiches
and cake were served and the
eveuing most pleasantly spent
in dancing.
The party was given to raise
funds for the M. I. Associations
and proved to be a financial as
well as a social success.
Halley's Comet to Wrap
Its Tail Around
This Sphere
New York, Feb. 1. Camilla
Flammarion, the French as
tronomer, in a letter published
here today, says that the vapo
rous tail of Halley's comet will
onvelope the earth on May 19.
"For several hours," he says,
"we will be immersed in the
gaseous caudal appendages
whose chemical constitution is
still little known. The comet
will pass directly between the
sun and the earth at 2 o'clock
in the morning of May 19. At
that hour the Pacific ocean will
be in full daylight, while in
France it will be night.
Little danger may be expect
ed, however, for the tail will
probably be so rarified as to be
inoffensive. Ogden Standard.
Bound for Utah.
St. Louis, Jan. 31 . Two brave
Indian hunters William Lo
bosh and Michael Patrick of
Chcrleroi, Pa., 1( years and 1.1
years old, respectively, were
checkmated at the Union sta
tion to-day. They are being
held at police headquarters un
til the police hear from their
The sombrero hats with yellow
bands aroused the suspicion of
the police. The boys' baggage
included a knock-down rifle, a
a pistol, a hatchet, a dirk, a
ditgger,tunnmnition,a telescope,
a loaf of bread, a roll of stage
money and a prayer book.
The boys flaid the reading of
dime novels caused them to start
for Utah to unearth a buried
treasure; Ths rifle waa to fight
jback Invaders and the telescope
'to detect Indians. O g d o n
1 I
W in time of need is it V AT hunk account. It w.ll stand by yon wlicn mil cllnm fail. The way
to acquire this KAT account is X lictfin ilepoaiiinir and keep at it. 1'mmptnt an. courtesy and
, Sj oarefu) attention to the wants ef its customer are aorac of the featured of the Husinesii
J I'olicy of thin Bunk.
I A Bank Book in Your Name
!j m .! by this Nanking- lloune. entitles you to erery convenience of nmlei n banking;.
I When opening- a bank account, you want a Kafe bank, conveniently located -one whoae
I constant endeavor is to serve you best. On these lines we invite oui account.
Li B Jlosiah Mvans. President. Blias A. Smith. Vlee-PresidaiiL M. I). Evans. Cashier. 1
I --W.,
Entertaining Sooial at
Home off Mrs. Thales
H. Edwards.
At the home of Mrs. Thales
H. Edwards on Faetory street,
a very pleasing and highly en
tertaining soeial was given Wed
nesday night in honor of the
out-going offieers of the Ladies'
Self-Culture Club. Members of
the Club and their husbands
and a few specially invited
guests were present over forty
guests in all. The decorations
were pink and white carnations.
The fore part of the evening
was enjoyable spent in a musi
cal romance contest. Neat cards
bearing questions to be answer
ed by names of popular songs
wers destributed to the guests
and Essie E. Foulger played
strains of the aires on the piano
while the crowd ammused them
selves in filling in the answers.
Mesdames Hazel Chapman,
Larelda Capener and Celia M.
O rover were successful in ans
wering the questions correctly
and drew for the prize, a bound
volume,whieh was awarded Mrs.
Chapman, The consolation
prize, a rattle, went to David
Following are the questions
and answers:
What was the horoine's name?
Annie Laura.
What was the hero's name?
Robin Adair.
Where was she born?
Where was he born!
Suwanee river
Where did they meet?
Coming through the rye.
What time of day was it?
Just as the sun went down.
When did he propose?
After the ball.
What did he say?
Just one girl.
What did she say?
Love, I will love you always.
What did he then bid her?
Good bye, little girl, good bye.
What did the band playl
The girl I left behind me.
Where did he go?
Marching through Georgia.
Where did he spend the night?
Tenting on the old camp ground
What did the band play when
he came home?
When Johnnie comes marching
Where were they married?
In my old Kentucky home.
Who were the bride's maids?
Two little girls in blue.
Who furnished the music?
Whistling Rufus.
Took All His Money.
Often all a man earns goes to
doctors or for medicines, to cure
Stomach, Liver or Kidney
trouble that Dr. King's New
Life Pills would quickly cure at
slight cost. Best for Dyspepsia,
Indigestion, Biliousness, Con
stipation, Jaundice, Malaria and
Debility. 25c at All Druggists.
There are many off you. H
That we appreiate your patranage, your loyalty tM
and steadfastness, fully as much as you appreciate kkf
the help we have at times been able to furnish you, LL
goes without saying. H
HOWEVER, we want to take this public method H
of thankihg you for past patronaga sud with full H
confidence that this patronage will continue, we LL
pledge you our best endeavors in the future as yon H
have had them in the past. H
Wishing you an increasing measure of Happi- H
ness and Prosperity for the year 1910, we are, H
Sincerely Yours, H
, State Bank of Brigham City. M
where did they make their home?
On the banks of the Wabash.
What was their motto?
Home, sweet home.
Where did they always remain?
During the evening vocal solos
were rendered by Essie E. Foul
ger, Marie Wing, R. L. Bush
and D. C. Chapman and piano
solos were given by J. C. Wheel
, on and Mrs. Merlin Steed.
The choosing of partners for j
lunch was an amusing feature.
The ladies stood behind a sheet
with pillow slips drawn over
their heads and the gentlemen
selected their partners from the
"white- topped ' ' aggregation .
Handsome pink and white lunch
baskets were distributed, well
filled with choice eatables. The
lunch hour was spent in social
conversation and in listening to
an impromptu program. The
social was a rousing success.
Sunday Services.
Rp. A. R. Capener presided.
Singing "Arise O Glomus Zion"
Prayer by Lewis O. Johnson.
Singing "Conu. ) Thou Glorious
Day of Promise." Sacrament
administered by Elders Matthew
McMurtrie and George Henrie.
Sacramental hymn, "He died
the Great Redeemer died."
Sister Maud Somsen was releas
ed as Libarian in the V. L.M.I. A.
Sister Myrtle Gleason wai sus
tained to the same office. Rio
thers Harry Passey and J, C.
Gleason were sustained as ward
teachers. Sister Celia M. G rover
was sustained as Decorative
committee of the Garland wan!,
with the authority to call on any
body she saw fit to help In;.
The following were accepted as
members of the ward: John Q,
Leavitt ami Mildred A. G rover
Gleason. The speakers were
A. M. Steed of Farmington,
John G. Watt of Thatcher and
John H. Wat kins of Beaver
Dam. Meeting closed by Sister
Hazel Chapman singing, assist
ed by the Garland choir, "I
Have Read of a Beautiful City."
Benediction by Henry Manning.
Attendance 106.
L. W. Preston, ward clerk.
Before Justioe Smith.
Tuesday Howard Sheens and
ftus Henry appeared before
Justice Burdett Smith on a
charge of disturbing the peace.
They plead guilty and were
each fined $6.00 and costs.
A Good I
The Walters Stock Co. gave H
the theatre going public full H
value for their money in the H
presentation of "The Diamond H
Robbery" at the Garland opera H
house Monday night of this H
week. The company visited H
this city last season under the H
name of the "Battle of Life Co." M
and gave splendid shows. H
It is one of the best companies H
on the road. They will visit this H
city again February 14th. H
They receive crowded houses H
wherever they go and give good 'H
satisfaction. Lw
Attention. M
The Garland Mutual Dramatic H
Co. will present the popular H
drama entitied "Forgiven" or H
"Jack O' Diamonds." at the VLm
Garlaud hall about the middle 'H
of February. The cast for the M
performance consists of "old H
hands at the biz" who now have H
their parts and are working M
hard on them. See announce- H
ments later. LW
Reason Enthroned. H
Became meats are so tasty 'H
they are consumed in great ex- H
cess. This leads to stomach H
trouble, biliousness and eon-
stipation. Revise your diet, let km
reason and not a potnpered H
appetite control, then take a H
few doses of Chamberlain's km
Stomach and Liver Tablets and H
you will soon be well again, km
Try it. For sale by All L alers. M
Samples free. H
r, inassM i ii-
9 ?
Attention Readkhh! aH
If the square contains a H
blue X it is only our signal LW
that your subscription to HPJ
the Gloue is due. We do ,1
this lest you forget it too UN
long and we, to save our- M
selves from Uncle Sam's WM
ruling, are compelled to . M
transfer your name from H
our list to the "Black" H
one; Uncle Sam will make H
both you and us "come HH
through." Why not get M
together and save him and H
us a lot of trouble $1 .50 H
a year is your part, ftii M
papers a year, delivered, M
was ours. M

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