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B Co to soma on who has tham.
H Wa hava tha graataat stock of
H Diamonds and Proclous Stones
H sVar shown In Utah.
H Bought bafora tha
BbBbBbBBBBBb! ' S .mi n. . i i i hi ii
H Good seeds arr the true foundation of lsrir
H crop. Ou' big Cntalofnr tells nil about the
B aest seeds that grow. Send for Free Copy.
H Pennywlse Peter.
Dr. llrl'ton I). Kvium, the brilliant
H alienist, said at a recent dinner m
H New
H "Then then is ttie sunning lunatic,
H Of vvumn there used to exlHt a. gOOd
H example at BrtdgatOWB.
H "There was a half-wit led youth In
H Bridgetown to whom the BStShboriflg
H farmers liked to offer a penny and
H a
B "Gathered about him In a circle on
H market day, the farmers, t n after an-
H other, Hay:
H "'Now, wlncn II ye have, Peter?
H Here's a cent here's a nickel take
H yer choice."
H "And foolish Peter Invariably would
H choose the cent miller Ih.iti the nickel,
B and the farmers before such incredl-
H fole foolishness would roar with launh-
H ter, double In two, and slap their legs
H noisily with their brown hands.
H "'Peter,' I sold one day to the luna-
H tic, 'why Is It that you always take the
B cent Instead of the nickel?' "
B "Peter grinned a very cunning grin.
H " 'Suppose I took the nickel,' said
H he, 'would ! ever get a chance to take
H another one?'" Washington Post.
Keeping Up Appearances.
"Mrs. Finletter and her husband
B had just moved into a $l,r seven room
H house. Tltc first Sunday morning
H there, as Mr. Finletter sat on his lit-
H tie porch and all the neigh bors ou
B both sides of the street sat on their
H little porches, Mr.H !" n 1 i ( r sudden-
B ly came to the front door and shouted
B at her .husband in a loud, vexed
B voice :
1 "Hilary Finletter, will you or will
you not come in to luncheon? ' The
B champagne Is nearly Mat, and you
1 Vm.w how soon a dish of terrapin gets
H Finletter tossed down the comic
H section and hurried Indoors with u
HH d.!ed
H "What are you kidding me for?" he
H asked, as he looked at the rump steak
H and potatoes on the dining table.
H it's not you, Hilary, I'm kidding,"
H said ills wife. "It's the neighbors."
H St. Louis ( lobe-Democrat.
H Parisian Politeness.
B "That the French are the politest
H people on earth," says a New Yorker,
H who spends a bit of his time in Parla,
H "1 have alw vs been convinced, and
H a recent Incident In a Parisian den-
H tist's office accorded me additional
H confirmation of that belief.
H "1 i Dterad the dentist's anteroom
H just as a piHtnt gfl exceedingly woe-
H I- expression ou his eountenanco
H was approached ly an attendant.
H "'Whom, m'sieu.' iu(ulred the at-
H lant. with the most sympathetic of,
H inflections lu his voice --'whom shall I
B have the misery of announcing to M.
BftVJ le Doeteur?' "--I.ippincolt's.
BBl Opinion Reserved.
M "The Woman's ButtragS Study club"
BftwJ has recently been organized In New
BBl York. One of Its objects is to "In-
BBl duce men to go to church on Sundays
BBl Instead of staying in bed." We do not
BBs feel inclined to say that it is "starling
BB out tinder favorable auspices."
fl Too Fast for Him.
H At the University of Missouri is the
R first working school of journalism in
B the world. As praetfaa laboratory
M work, a daily paper with telegraph re-
M ports is Issm d, Walter Williams, its
H iaao, teHs of the vicissitudes he en-
M count .is lu turning laymeu Into jour-
m naOsts, a student was sent in b
1 to cuvt r a railroad wreck at a town
BBT ft few miles
BBJ It was almost time for the dally to
H go to pp.sk. and still no word had
H been received from the young man on
WM the assignnv Hi In desperation t in
H Williams' tetegraphed. asking why the
H story was not forthcoming. The reply
H ''Too much excitement. Wait till
K things qulot down." Upplncott's.
H A Phrenologist.
H "Pa, what do they oall a person
H tliul nails heads?"
H "A phrenologist, my boy."
H ';' : Then ma must be one of
B those things. She felt my head this
B afternoon and said right away:
H 'You've bean tiwimmlug.' "Detroit
H Free Pre -an.
Quaker Oats
is the world's food
Eaten in every
country; eaten by
infants, athletes,
young and old.
Recognized as the
great strength
Delicious and economical.
All in the Name.
Phyllis (up from the country) Hut,
Dick this Is Just like the last pieco you
brought me to sgg here.
Dick My dear Phyllis, don't be ab
siini. This Is "The Naughty Girl of
Nice," and the Other was "The C.rasse
Widow." Surely you know that Nlco
:inil fJraiM are two entirely different
places flinch.
will cure Tin i ,,).! v i t ' ii ooul, but one ol thoiw Ktllt
burn cougha that' nnislty luinu on fnr months, i.iva
It ii trkiil a til SfOVS Us nurlh. Sjf, MK' anil It.UO.
A friend Is merely a person we can
tell our troubles to.
pii.KsriKrn in n to 14 dat.
PA7.o UINTMKNTUi;iiiimiili-ril In ttri aiir rrew
ml Inling Itllncl. in,'., lu, k ,,r I'rntrudlng l'tlo. la
u u ,1 m "f iii i.-i uniii ,1 bUu.
Ho loves his country best who
strives to make it best. Ingersoll.
wira. Winalowa Rootlilna; Wjrrnp.
For rtitlilrmi tPi'tlittiK, pnfti'nii this (nirrn, rennran In
fluiumatlon, allay pain, curua wind rullu 'iit a twttla.
A man can always flatter his wife
by being Jealous.
w Sj aBnrU5 1 fc BKTsT?JirnLarTfl rllBF
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Can quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable RfcJ? '" Zjfcj
Rrnlly on the Mvftjm, CHAPTERS
fiver. Care ggKl'jP BITTLE
Bii iouneM.fl mr 1 1 V E R
ache, IT SnaBBSaal
Duzi. 4 g5i
aeu, and Indigestion. They do their duty.
Small Pill. Small Doaa. Small Pric.
GENUINE must bear tignature:
Bbonchial Troches
A convenient and effective remedy for Cough and
Hoaruneu. Invaluable in Bronchialand LimnTrout lea
and to Sl"ier and Spcakcra lor c!. irini? the voice.
Entirely free Iroin opial.a or any ham Jul Ingredient.
.Price, 25 cents, SO ccnta and $1.00 per box.
Sample mailed on request.
1QHN I. BROWN ft SON. Ronton, Hsi
Do it Now
Tomorrow A. M. too late. Take
a CASCARET at bed time- get
up in the morning feeling line and
dandy. No need for sickness
from over-eating and drink'
ing. They surely work while you
sleep and help nature help you.
Millions take them and keep well.
CASCAKHTs ioc a bos for a week's
treatment, alldruggiau. Biggest writer
In the world. Million boxen a mouth.
D1TCHT fOPnAJSi Thojr mar bring mm
rnir.ni .ii.ii. iti-pugi. iin.ik tr,., km few.
,agi-nlil V (i I'al Attva. llui K Wusliington.IKC.
"."uL!;; Thompson's Ey Walor
Children's Coughs c".th
Onaa Much Uanacasaary Suffering
ICive. inatant lelief-tootbea and heals the little I j
thiuala and prevents mote serious iOaees. Childieo I
like it too so pleasant to take aad does not upset I j
the stomach, I
AU Dntggiate, 25 caeaU. II
i t u " ... ,
A Rmallpox plflemlc Is feared at
Fallon, Nevada, where several cases
have been quarantined.
FalllnR from a raise, Joe Fergus
sustained a tracture of the skull In
Mizpali mine at Tonopah, Nevada.
A sheepherder named Oamlerno,
was found frozen to death In a cabin
In southern Humboldt county, Ne
vada. Hay in the Fallon country in Ne
vada, hns advanced from $7 to $9 per
ton in the stack, due to increased
feeding requiri'd bsOMSS of the cold.
Fred Skinner, granted a new trial
for the murder of Mona Hell two years
ago at Hhyollte, Nevada, when he
was convicted, will be analKiiert Feb
ruary 7.
Surveyor fjeneral Hearty of Nevada
reports gppliOAtJOBI for more thnn
200,000 acres of Carey act land In
I'arumph Valley, where he has been
making survey.
Accidental discharge of a rarol
Wf he was handling sent a luillet
through the face of R. D. Cuslmian
at St. Clair, Nevada, but he was not
fatally Injured.
A Viute Indinn found dead In a
tool box In the Southern Pacific yards
at Sparks, Nevada, is supposed to
have crawled there for shelter and
frozen to death.
Two trainmen were killed nnd
three others badly injured when a
freight train locomotive on the Den
ver & Rio Grande railroad blew up
near La Veta, Colo.
Mrs. F. B. Kern and child disap
peared from Carson, Nevada, where
she was making her home pending
application for divorre. when her
husband appeared from San Pedro,
Cal., to claim the child.
Chnrge for keep of federal prisoners
at the Virginia City, Nevada, jail has
been raised from (0 cent a to K3 1-3
cents on a compromise made by a
United Slates Inspector with the com
missioners, who asksd $1.00.
Five young people of 'EVerett,
Wash., who sailed from F.verett on
Wednesday In a sixteen-foot boat on
what was to have been a short pleas
ure trip, have not returned. It Is
feared they were caught in a violent
gale and drowned.
The central Wyoming snow block
ade was broken on the evening of
January 25 when Casper citizens dug
but a train, which was the first to
reach Lander in eleven days. Three
snowplows were disabled anu drifts
were higher than the cars.
A terrific wind damaged thousand?
of dollars' worth of property through
out Colorado Tuesday night. All over
the state telephone and telegraph
poles and wires were blown down,
frame houses lorn from their founda
tions and hundreds of chlninejs and
smoke stacks demolished
Union Pacific detectives claim tc
have unearthed a long series of rob
beries of baggage, sgpraas and United
States mall at Cheyenne. C. F. Olsen
a baggageman, and L. H. Sample, an
expressman, are under arrest and
other employees are held pending an
investigation by pMtOtSoa Inspectors
Superintendent N. K. Franklin ol
Nevada Thanksgiving mine, at Man
hattan, Nevada, has a broken rib and
bad bruises as the result of being
shaken from a bucket at 150 feet in
an incline shaft just as it turned
to a vertical drop. He managed tc
grasp the cable and held until the
engineer stopped.
Celeste Marie Lemolne, the young
daughter of Charles O. Tucker, who
was murdered in a hotel at Seattle
by Elvira lliiuklenian, may become
sole heir of the furniture dealer's es
tate of more than $50,000. The girl's
mother ran away from her home in
'St. Louis years ago with Tucker, and
the couple had never been married.
The Montana state railroad com
mission has directed the Montana,
Wyoming and Southern railway to
equip Itself with siillicient locomotive
power and cars to supply more coal to
the markets of the state.
Settlers are coming into the Great
Falls, Montana, district bo fast that
the board of coiiiinerce has made an
appeal to Secretary Halllnger for ad
ditional help In the land ollice In or
der to keep up with the rush.
Miss Jennie Rosen, a young woman
of Denver, whose leg wns broken and
who received other Injuries when she
was struck by a Denver & Rio Grande
railroad train on August 21, 1907, has
been awarded a Terdict for $13,422 by
a Jury In her suit for damages against
the railroad
Traffic on the Great Northern has
bean at a standstill on the eastern
district of the Kallspell division, on
account of heavy snowblldes at Paola,
Sky land and ilighgate. The biggest
slide, at Hlghgate, is 300 feet long and
fifteen feet deep. It is reported two
men weie killed.
Denver was a "dry" town on S,un
day. It not 'being possible to obtain
liquor either with or without meals
The approaching campaign for a
"dry" Denver Is thought to Influence
the movement toward a parched Sun
For Remarkably Quick Action on Colds
and Coughs.
This prescription will frequently cure
the worst cold In a day's time and It is
a sure cure for any cough that can be
cured. "Two ounces Glycerine; half
ounce Concentrater Pine; Put these
Into half a pint of good whiskey and
use In doses of teaspoonful to a table
spoonful every four hours. Shake bot
tle well each time." Any druggist has
these ingredients In Btock or will quick
ly get them from his wholesale house.
The Concentrated Pine Is a special
pine product and comes only In half
ounce vials each e-closed In an air
tight case; Hut be sure it is labeled
"Concentrated" This formula cured
hundreds here last winter.
Probably a Female Doctor."
'My wile looks very poorly, yon
think, doctor?"
Yes, 1 do."
"What do you think ahe needs?"
"A new hat and a new dress!"
Yonkers Statesman.
When Coloring Rags for Carpets
or rugs, always use Dyola Dyes be
cause the one package will color any
material. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Once try Dyola and you will never go
back to the old fashioned dyes. 10c
per package at your dealer's. Write
Dyola, Rurlington, Vt., for free book of
directions and color card.
Impolite Papa.
"Mamma, what makes papa make
that funny noise?"
"He's snoring, dear."
"Hut you always tell me It ain't po
lite to blow my noise out loud."
Children Who Are Sickly.
Mothers hIiouM never In without a hox of
Mother Oray'a Sweet Pmvilrr.s for Chllilreii.
'liny lirenk up rohlN In M hours, euro KeverlHh
noHf, OonsttpaUon, Beaclache?, Teething DIh
OTdara and Stomach Troubles. Over 10,100
testimonial-.. At all Driit'irislM, 25c. Ak 10
,;iv. Snmiila matin! I UKK. AddreHH,
Allen S. Olmste.l, Lo Koy, N. Y.
There is no conversation so agree
able as that of a man of Integrity, Who
hears without any Intention to be
trny, and speaks without any intention
to deceive. Plato.
WHY" suffer with eye troubles, quick re
lief by using PETTIT'S EYE SALVE. 86c,
All druggisUor 1 low a nil !i OS., Buffalo N. Y.
Time cannot remove kindly acts
from a grateful heart. Royston.
when you feel a cold coining on hy t it King n few doses
of Parry Duvii' r-imfci . it ishetier thtinoinnlne
un.l vit.r The large 60c bottles uro the cheuH-st.
Health may tie wealth, but that isn't
what makes the doctors rich.
That is I.AXATIVK llltoMl) Ol ININK. Look for
the signature or K. W. (.IttiVK. Ised tho World
over to Cure a (.'old in One I'tiy. 'c.
It might improve the pound cake to
hit It with an ax.
For Benefit of Women who
Suffer from Female Ills
Minneapolis, Minn.-" I w?9 a PaK
sufferer from female, troubles wliicti
caused a weakness"
rttjiy... and broken down
jflyftkflt condition of tho
alrlrtS..'4 system. 1 re.nl so k
'Br iiiueliofwliatLydla )
mTW K. Pinkhain's Veff- V
, jf stable Compound
J goffering women I
kr5! felt sure it would
ewSMgvsSPw help me, and I must
m" m say it did h.lp ma
? wonderfully. My
' ' ' -. J ' pains all left me, I
,-rt'w stronger, and within three mouths
I was a perfectly well woman.
"I want this letter made public to
how the benefit women may derivu
from Lydia e. Flnkbam's Vegetable
Compound." Mrs. .John (1. Moi.dan,
I 2115 .Second St., North, Minneapolis,
J Minn.
Thousands of unsolicited and genu- !
I lne testimonial! liko the abore prove j
I the efficiency of Lydia E. I'inkham's
' Vegetable Compound, which is made
exclusively from roots and herbs. I
Women who suffer from those dis- I
tressinff ills peculiar to their sex should
not lose sijjht of these facts or doubt
the ability of Lydia E. I'inkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore their
i health.
If you want special advice writo i
to Mrs. Piiikiium, nt Lynn, Mass. I
She will treat j our IHternsstrlctly j
confidential. For "O years she
lias been helping siek women In
this way, free of charge Don't I
hesitate writo at oucc,
A Lifetime of Good Service
KSaSMrjHri .! and braitifict the hair.
yBJIF -IH l'rutintct luitinaut r'1
If' H' '" aaHlover Falls to Hratore Cray
BaJtA. -WM I Hair to ttH Youthful Color.
KyVaeAi .gggBaW CuJ' srali tliMoaiaAt litiir l;i.,.i.g.
BaRaWjlJT-? 2J a I l lnlk-.-U
pulil. Ak for Kouvnnlr.
M.i.Tlu Ac Mtik4. Ill H. llmidwaj, I A !, Cal.
W. N. U., Salt Lake City, No. 6-1910.
- The Blood is The Life" ft ( '
Science has never gone beyond the above simple yAJb
statement of scripture. Hut it has illuminated that WW V
statement and given it a meanine; ever broadening y B 9
with the increasing breadth of knowledge. When afcBHaY"i
the blood is "bad" or impure it is not alone the fi&'vHira
body which sutlers through disease. The brain is S'5
also clouded, the mind and judgement are effected, BaW
ami many an evil deed or impure thought may be 22SHpRlSlX
directly traced to the impurity of the blood. Blxv
Foul, impure blood can be made pure by the R) I I
use of Dr. Plercc'a Ooldett Medical Discovery. JBJ
It enriches and purifies the blood thereby
curing, pimples, blotches, eruptions and other cutaneous affec
tions, as eczema, tetter, or salt-rheum, hives and other manifes
tations of Impure blood.
In the cure of scrofulous swellings, enlarged glands, open eating
ulcers, or old sores, the " Golden Medical Discovery " has per
formed the most marvelous cures. In cases of old sores, or open
eating ulcers, it is well to apply to the open sores Dr. Pierce's All
Healing Salve, which possesses wonderful healing potency when
used as an application to the sores in conjunction with the use of
"Golden Medical Discovery" as a blood cleansing constitutional
treatment. If your druggist don't happen to have the "All-Healing
Salve" in stock, you can easily procure it by inclosing fifty
cents in postage stamps to Dr. R.V. Pierce, GG3 Main St., Kuffalo,
N. Y., and it will come to you by return post. Most druggists
keep it as well as the " Golden Medical Discovery."
YtiU ? f "! jo accept any medicine of unknown composition as a aub
titute tor Oolden Medical Discovery," which is a medii itu- 01 known com
position, having a complete list of ingredients in plain English on its bottle
wrapper, the same being attested as correct under oath.
Dr. Pierce'. Pleasant Pellets regulate and invigorate stomach, liver and bowels.
igy Ja TP'y "''5b' BBaic
7 -5otW T!0 RAYO LAMP is a hiKh-pade' lamp, sold at a Inw price.
' Mt Jgwk "cro '""U mat co' nu"e-,,ul thc,: is n" better lamp dt any
" HbbbbbbbBs Pf'- The Burner, the Wick, the Ciiimn. y-l l,,l,l, ,--all.ro , 4
K - . V.tal Ihiiius in a lrtn1(); thr- pari, ol the H'AYO LAMP are ' , v
ItJWy rfdectlyeonstructedandtheratsnothinglnown in the artol I a
lamp-making that could add to the value ol ihe RAYO a
THF- .aaflW a light-giving device. Suitable (or any room in anv houaa.
STEADY .gaT 7m. '",v ''"!' ' "T''lv;v' v ,f ""' rotu". ?"ou,a
ujSZ daVBaW inlvo circular to tho u.arual Ak, ,,,,,,',
vmssm coNi,NENTALoa company

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