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The Garland Globe
BH J. A. Wlxom, Editor & Manager
H 'Hi. town mi Murray Is tu have a
H ' -in library.
HJ The milk dealers of Sail lake City
H have advanced the price of milk to
H ten cents a quart.
H A can factory with a capacity ot
H 100,000 cans per day may he establish
H 'I In i )',ili'n in the near future.
H The Spanish Fork clt council has
HH granted the franchise for an intci
H urban railroad through Spanish Fork
H One uf the unique exhibits al the
ulate fair this year will be a trout
weighing ten pounds, and thirty
Inches long.
B Beaver county Is to have a four-day
H fair at Heaver City, beginning Sep-
HJ teniber 21. There will be exhibits and
H sports of all kinds.
J An association Is being tormeil. the
H purpose of which Is to better the agrl-
H cultural conditions In the country
H tributary to Salt Lake City.
H The grand stand at the Mucnn Vista
H race track. Salt Lake City, was de-
Hj stroyed by fire Thursday night, (he
HJ loss being estimated at $10,000.
H According to the estimates of the
M state horticultural Inspector, about
H 1400,000 worth or apples will he ship-
H ped to markets outside of the state
H this year.
HJ "Harvest Home" day at Willard, on
H August 31, was attended b hundreds
H from adjoining towns. Feasting, port
H and dancing were the order of Hit
H day, everything being free to visitors.
H The Intermouiitaln (iood Roads as-
H snciatlon, which will hold Its annual
H convention in Ogden during the Four-
H state fair, is making big preparations
H for the entertainment of the dele-
H gates.
H Another new bank has been opened
H at Ogden. The new bank is financed
H by men of wealth and standing in
H the commercial world of Utah, Neva
H da, Idaho. South Dakota and other
H A movement is on foot by the far-
H mers of the Plain City district to
H conserve the flood waters of Weber
M river for irrigation purposes by con-
H structlng reservoirs in that section of
H Weber county.
V Because he tell asleep In the spec-
B tator's division of the police court in
m Salt Lake City, and snored so loudly
H that he interrupted various pleadings,
H John Orsel was sentenced to two days
H In the city jail.
H A carload of pipe for the Annabella
H waterworks has been ordered and the
H system will be installed at once. This
H will give Annabella a supply of the
H purest mountain spring water dellv-
H errtl to the homes of the people.
H William Jeffries, alias "Salt lake
H Speedy," who Is alleged to have mur-
H dered William Coslett tn the Heldel-
H berg saloon in Salt i.ak. City, on the
H morning of August 5, is under arrest
Hi at Seattle, and will be brought back
HI for
H E. J. Mack, an habitual "dope
B fiend," died in Jail in Sail I.ak.- City
H from an overdose ot cocaine. He was
H brought to the station in a helpless
H condition by a policeman and died an
M hour later.
H Utah has two representatives at
H the International Tax association con-
H ventiou which opened at Milwaukee
H ou Tuesday, the two being both sched-
H tiled i'ii short talks during the ses-
H slon. They are Haruin Hennlon and
m J. J. Thomas.
HI Changes iu the state school course
WM of study Uave been made by the com-
HI mtttec of county superintendents. In
H all grades below the seventh, simple
H health and hygiene will be substttut
H 'il tor physiology and a number of
H additional minor changes will be made
H The estimate of the honey crop of
H Emery county this year is $25,000,
B and is considered a good showing, as
1 the bees are valued at about $6,000
H in the enttre county. The strained
H honey crop will foot up trom ten to
H twelve carloads.
B What Is claimed to he a sample of
H the richest and best yield in the couu-
Hflj try in the way of Elberta peaches is
H being exhibited by L, Stokes, a proml-
nent grower ot Hoy, Utah. He has
H peaches that average three to the
M pound and 203 bushels to the acre,
H For the first time in the history ot
LH the bee Industry In Mt. Pleasant, a
H carload of honey has been sold out
M of the town. Contracts were signed
BH by the respective lire men during the
HH past week which bind them to ship
HI the car September 15. The car will
H be 30,000-pound capacity.
HI Farmers In Utah county who are
H suffering from ravages of the airalfa
H weevil, which Is gradually working
H south from Salt Lake county, are cut-
H ting and burning tbelr lucern, discing
H and harrowing their fields and dig-
H glng up the ditch banks and rence
H corner where the Insect breeds.
Refused to Obey Orders When Cov
ered by Revolver in Hands of
Robber and Began 8hootlng,
Which Put His Comrades
to Flight.
r.eadvllle, Colo. As the result or
An attempted train robbery on the
Colorado Midland railway between
Divide and Florcssant, one robber Is
dead, Engineer Stewart shot In the
leg, and an unknown hobo dangerous
ly Injured. The other two robbers
made their escape, but a posse organ
Izcd by Sheriff Von Puhl has taken
the trail.
When the Midland westbound No.
3, in charge of Conductor Wesley
Steele, reached Divide, one or the
robbers climbed on the tender; and
when the train reached mile-post 32,
a short distance beyond, covered En
gineer Stewart with a revolver. The
train had stopped at this point to
meet train No. 4, eastbound. Stew
art, however, d'ew his revolver, when
the robber opened tire, the bullet
striking Stewart In the leg. Stewart
promptly opened fire, killing the man.
At this moment the other bandits
sent a fusillade of bullets Into the
door of the express car, hut the ex
press messenger refused to open the
door. Hy this time the train crew
opened tire on the robbers and they
Immediately Med In the darkness. An
unknown tramp, who was stealing a
ride on No. I, was accidentally shot
by the train porter and seriously injured.
Movement is Headed by Former Gov
ernor of Nueva Vkcaya.
Manila. An uprising gainst the
government Is reported In the prov
Ince of Nueva Vlzcaya. A constabu
lary force is hurrying to the scene and
a battle is expected hourly.
The rebel movement is headed by
Simeon Mandac. former governor of
the province of Uocos Norte, who has
been a fugitive from justice.
Mandac occupies Solano, a iow of
about 6,000 inhabitants, northwest of
the center of Nueva Vlzcaya and
about five miles north of Bayonong
The telegraph wires north or Bayo
nong have been cut and it is impossi
hie to learn the number of Mandac's
followers. It Is doubted, however,
that the rising is serious.
President of Panama Makes No Ref
erence to This Country in
His Message.
Panama. The political situation In
the republic Is unchanged On Thurs
da afternoon the national assembly
held its first session and President '
Mendozu's message was read. The
document reviewed the events of the I
last two years and then touched upon ;
foreign relations. In thlB regard, It i
said that the relations between Pana
ma and foreign nations were most cor- !
dial, the republic having received dem
onstrations of good will from all.
The message made no reference to
the United States, Ignoring that coun
try's recent pronouncement that Senor
Mendoza's re election to the presi
dency would be unconstitutional.
Money Needed for Fire Fighters.
Missoula. Mont. According to a
message received at the forestry head
quarters from Secretary Wilson of
the agricultural department, no appro
priation has been made to defray the
hospital expenses incurred in the care
of those injured In the forest fires. 8o
lar this expense amounts to over
12,000 in this district and the assess
ment of "' cents per man is not suf
ficient to cover. Plans are being
made for a special tax, including all
of the forestry employees, to defray
this expense.
Second Largest City in World.
Washington. Greater New York
has a population of 4,766,883 under
the thirteenth decennial census, ac
'ording to figures Issued Thursday
night by the director of the census.
This makes New York the second larg
est city In the world, and as large as
any two foreign cities, excepting Lon
don. Since 1900 the population of the
metropolis has increased by 1,329,681
or 38.7 per cent, as compared with
3,437,202 under the last census.
Fire In California.
Auburn, Cal. After a fierce fight
with the fire which threatened the de
struction of Forest Hill, a force of 150
soldiers, aided by hundreds of citizens,
succeeded on Thursday In subduing
the games. A large area of timber
land was burned over
I - "
'Copyright 110.)
Prominent Utahn Chooses Horrible
Death as Result of Financial
Salt Ike City. David S. Murray,
formerly general manager or the
Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone com
pany In 1'tah, Idaho, Wyoming and
Montana, leaped rrom the roor or the
Deseret National bank building, cor
ner First South and Main streets,
Wednesday morning at 6 o'clock, and
was instantly killed. Despondency
resulting rrom financial difficulties
and the excessive use or alcoholic
stimulants was the cause or the sui
cide. The skull was crushed by the
Impact and the lert leg was broken
and the bones jammed into the body.
The corpse was otherwise mutilated.
Mr. Murray was born In Kentucky,
and was about 48 years or age. At the
age of 19 years he came to Utah for
a visit with his uncle, Gover.ior Ell
Murray, who was apitolntcd to the ter
ritorial governorship of I'tah in 1SS0,
and reappointed In 1K84. Mr. Murray
remained In Utah and had
gained a high position in business
and social circles in Vtah and all the
west. He is survived by a wife and
a daughter.
Mr. Murray was recognized
throughout the United States as an
expert In all that which relates to
telephone service. He was the in
ventor of numerous devices now In
use by the Bell, and under his super
vision many valuable improvements
were Installed.
In 1907 Mr. Murray was married to
Miss Olga Marlx, a sister or Mrs. Wil
bur W. Flagg and niece or Comman
der Marlx, who served on the board
or inquiry In connection with the
Maine disaster in Hi. ana harbor. 'One
daughter, U-enevleve, was born of the
Hoax Results In Tragedy.
New York. Ten Brooklyn firemen
and policemen .are under the care of
surgeons, alter having nearly lost
their lives as the result of being
hoaxed by children. The firemen were
told by the children that one of their
number, a little girl, had fallen
through a manhole into a great ten
foot truck sewer The men organized
a rescue expedition and went into the
big pipe in search of the supposed
missing child. They were overcome
by the deadly sewer gases and were
brought to the surface unconscious.
Berveriy to Remain Summer Capital.
Beverly, Mass. In laying the cor
nerstone ot the new Y. M. C A. build
ing here on Wednesday, President
Tart announced that Beverly would
continue to be the summer capital of
the country, at any rate for two years
more. Melville Woodbury, who pre
sided at the ceremonies, referred to
the president as "Beverly's most dis
tinguished summer boarder."
Wyoming Coal Miners Return to Work
Denver, Colo. Under an agreement
entered into on Thursday between
representatives of the coal operators
and the miners of southern Wyoming,
several thousand men who have been
on strike for a number of months will
return to work at once, pending ratifi
cation of the agreement by a Joint
convention to be held in Cheyenne on
September 9.
Farmer Killed by Mad Hog.
Hartford, Conn. John H. Bartlett,
a farmer, Is dead at bis home In Dai
ton as the result of a hog bite. He
was attacked three days ago by the
hog, a white Chester boar weighing
400 pounds, and received a slight
wound Id his leg before he could escape.
Colonel Roosevelt Announces His Po
litical Creed and Lines Up
With the Insurgents.
Osawatomie, Kan. In clear and em
phatlc fashion Theodore Roosevelt an
nounced his political creed here on
Wednesday. It was a crowd of Insur
gent Republicanism. It aligned him
definitely with the Insurgent move
ment within the party as a whole. It
placed him on record as an advocate
of some policies which find favor with
the insurgents and as an opponent of
every "special Interest" which he be
ljeves exercises a sinister influence on
the affairs of the people.
Colonel Roosevelt declared himself
In favor or wide increase in the power
or the national government so that
It might assume greater activity in
control or the corporations, and in
working out the policies which he be
lieves should be adopted. He de
clared for the "new nationalism." as
he termed such an increase In govern
mental power.
Colonel Roosevelt characterized the
issue of the day as "the struggle of
free men to gain and hold the right of
self-government as against the special
interests, who twist the methods of
free government Into machinery for
debating the popular will."
"The Issue Is joined and we must
fight or fail," said he.
Homestead Law Broadly Construed.
Washington. Frank Pierce, acting
secretary of the Interior, has written
a letter to Senator Reed Smoot con
struing the large homestead act in sc
far as it provides, "That after entry
and until final proof the entry
man shall reside within such distance
of the land as will enable him sue
cessfully to farm the same." If the
homesteader "personally farms the
land entered or personally supervises
the cultivation and improvement of
the same," the department win not In
quire into bis place of residence.
Tried to Save Lincoln.
Hanover. Major Herny Reed Rath
bone, who was an aide to President
Lincoln and received a stab wound In
trying to save the life of his chief
on the night of the assassination, is
near death in the criminial ward ot
the asvium at Hlldersheln, of which
he has long been an inmate. Many
years ago while occupying the post
or American consul here, Major Rath
bone murdered his wire. He was con
victed, but declared to be Insane, and
was committed to the Institution
where he has since lived in luxury.
Wealthy Sick Man Suicides.
New York Solomon J. Hlrsch, a
wealthy clothing manufacturer or Chi
cago, committed suicide In the Hotel
Knickerbocker on Tuesday by cutting
his throat with a raozr while sitting
at a desk where he had written sev
eral letters. Then he walked Into the
bathroom, where he dropped dead
Continued Illness was the cause or hit
Helen Gould Now Doctor of Laws.
New York Tbe degree or doctoi
or laws has been conrerred on Mlsf
Helen M. Oould by the American col
lege loi girls at Constantinople. This
Institution, which Is under the control
or the American board or commission
ers for foreign missions, has for year
been befriended by Miss Gould.
Holy Roller Dies of Starvation.
Los Angeles. Mrs. Nellie Boyle
one of the four Holy Rollers who en
tered upon a fast which lasted thirty
eight days before being interrupted
recently by the police, died at the
county hospital Wednesday of star a
Loss in Wages Alone Has Exceeded
Ten Million Dollars During Nine
Months Struggle Between
70,000 Workers and Em
ployers. New York. The cloak makers' '
strike, one of the greatest Indus- wJ
trial disturbances in the history or 1 -
American labor, was settled Friday
night. Seventy thousand garment
workers who have been Idle for nine
months, will return to work Ten
thousand, and those dependent upon
them fifty thousand souls In all
were on the point of eviction, and
hundreds had already been forced on
to the streets.
The industrial loss to employers
and employees has run high into the
millions. In loss of wages alone tho
total has been estimated at more
than $10,000,000, while the loss to
manufacturers. Jobbers and retailers
the coutnry over has been computed
at ten times that amount.
In spite of the stupendous read
justment Involved, thp strike has
been In the main notable for peace
fulness. There were numerous cases
of petty disorder, and a petition of
the manufacturers brought forth from
Justice Goff of the state supreme
court an Injunction In which he ruled
that any strike called to demand the
closed shop was In restraint of trade.
Governor Brady Renominated by Re
publicans and Hawley Chosen
by Democrats.
Boise, Ida. Returns from Idaho's
primary election show that Governor
Brady, Republican, is renominated
by a handsome majority over all, es
timated at 2,000. This is large, con
sidering the light vote and the num
ber of candidates. Conrressman Ha
mer, si and pat 'er, was defeated decis
ively by former Congressman
French, Insurgent. French's majority
may reach 5,000. James H. Hawley,
ant'i-state-wide prohibitionist. wus
nominated for governor on the Dem
ocratic ticket, and A. M. Bowen for
congress. The other candidates
known to have been nominated are:
Republican: Supreme court Jus
tlce, I. N. Sullivan, renominated;
lieutenant governor, L. H. Sweetser;
treasurer, O. V. Allen, defeating the
incumbent, Hastings; mine Inspector,
R. N. Bell; auditor, S. D. Taylor, re- '
nominated; attorney general, in doubt
between Morrison and McDougal, In
cumbent; secretary of state, between
B. E. Hyatt and E. L. Whitney, aud
school superintendent, between Cham
berlain, Incumbent, and Grace Shep
perd. Democratic: Supreme court, J. L.
McClear; lieutenant governor, E. J.
Hunter; auditor, E. W. Jones; treas
urer, Joseph T. Carruth; secretary of
Btate, O. V. Badley; attorney general,
Frank L. Moore; school superintend
ent, Gertrude Noble; mine Inspector,
J. A. Czizek.
It is reported that not over 30 per
cent of the total vote went to Ihe
polls. On account of the supreme
court having held that the second
choice vote was compulsory, and, un
less indicated, the first choice would
not lie counted, thousands of voters
wrote in names indiscriminately for
second choice in order to protect their
first choice. This greatly delayed and
terribly complicated the count
Ruling Allows Banks to Add Five Hun
dred Million Circulation.
Washington. Secretary MacVeagh's
ruling on the term "commercial pa
per," in the interpretation ot tho
emergency currency la, became
known in its lull import here Thurs
day. The way now is clear for the
banks of the United States to put Into
circulation $a00,000 000 in emergency
money at the first sign or a stringency.
The law provides that commercial
paper upon which emergency currency
may be issued shall Include only notes
representing actual commercial trans
actions, wnlch shall bear the names r
or at least two responsible persons
and have not more than four months
to run.
General Wood Confers With Taft.
Beverly, Mass. General Leonard
Wood, chief of staff. United States
army, was in conference with Presi
dent Taft for several hours on Friday
on the estimates for the next fiscal
year. It is the announced intention of
the general and the president to keep
the army expenses to as low a figure
as is compatible with the efficiency of
the service.

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