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The Garland Globe
,J V. Wixom. Krtltor nd Mnitr.
Telephone No 52
TF.KMN OF mjwhcriition:
Ooo y'tr (in advance) 1150
Blx nifiitlis . 7S
Three months 50
AuveriiNtnf; rates furni-lied n Hp
KriUrnl an wcond-da.H matter li.brunry 17,
1909, at the post office, at Garland. Utah, under
the Act of Const"., of March I. IMS
HhIivtIIuth fcn fail t" r'-eelM tlielr
paprr ret'iiUrh , jilen-i notify tlii nfllre
Saturday, Jan. 7, 1911.
Englishman and American Uauaily
com. Pocketbook, Which la
Used In France and Germany.
"U la Interesting to note," says an
observant New Yorker, "the varlo;
methods In which men of different na
llona itles entry their world); win h.
"The Em: man carries go'd ll
ror and cop r all loose In hl trotu
em pocket, i k out a handful of th
mixture In Hn opulent way and selects
the co'n he r ds.
"The Ameii.-an carries his 'wad' or
, 'roll' In pretty much the same wav.
the average man here looking with
ontrr-pt upon the pocketbook as In
dicative of a 'tight disposition.
"The Frenchman makes use of a
leather purse with no dlstlngulphing
cnaractr ristlcs The German uses
one giyly embroidered in silks by tho
fa'r h-nda of MMM Ixttchen.
"Tne half-clvl 'zed capitalist from
Bonn torrid South American city car
ries his dohars In a belt with cunning
ly dev'sed pockets to baffle the gentle
men I'h light fingers. Some of those
belt. are quite expensive.
"The Itullnn of the poorer classes
tlos up his little fortune In a grr ly-
N colored handkerchief secured with
. many knots, which be secretes In some
V mysterious manner about his olothes.
"A similar course has charms for
V Uic Spaniard, whllo the lower class
Russian exhibits a preference for hh
I boots or the l'nlng of his clothes aa a
I hiding place for bis savings."
I Saves Two Lives.
''Neither my litter nor ray
M'lf might be living today, if it
had not been for Dr. Kiner's
I 1 Nw Discovery" write A. I).
McDonald of Fayetteville, N.
C. U. F. D. No. 8, "for we
both had frightful coughs that
no other remedy could help.
I Wo were told my sister had
i '"Onsnmption. She was very
wreak ami had night sweats but
your wonderful medicine com
pletely cured us both. It's the
ix-st 1 ever used or heard of."
For sore lungs, coughs, colds,
hemorrhage, lagrippe, asthma,
hay fever, eroup, whooping
cough, all bronchial troubles,
its supreme. Trial bottle free.
r0c and $1.00, Guaranteed by
all druggists.
Subscribe for
The Globe
Married People's Ball.
The married people's grand
ball given at the hall last Sat
urday night was well attended
and pioved to be a grand suc
cess. flood music, good floor and a
jolly good crowd made the af
fair the social event of the sea
son. Two prizes were given during
the evening. One to the best
walting couple over 155 years
and one to the oldest couple
dancing. Thales II. Edwards
and Mrs. Fred Wandleji won
the 1st prize and the 2nd prize
rant In Mr. and Mrs. Thales
II. Edwards, owing to the fact
R. M. Leishman was not ac
companied by his wife.
The judges were Mesdames
Estella Davis and flrace Haws
and Mr.C. K. Wing.
January 1, 1911.
Hp. A. H. Capener p;esiding.
Singing, "Come Let Us Anew."
Fiayer by Peter Jensen. Sing
itig, "Airai We Meet Around
the Hoard." Sacrament ad
ministered by Elders Oluf
Johnson and Lars ('. Petersen.
Sacramental hymn, "Heboid
the lit eat Redeemer Died."
Hp. Capener announced that
hereafter a roll would be called
every Sunday of the ward
teachers and officers E. Whit
aker and wife and Emerson
eph coombs, Proper Choice Wines, Liquor
frWLnd, otah and Cigars
! Billiard and Pool Room In Connection.
mamt0tttn0tr9tm0Km0mmmf9tmKt0KmtH0KKt0HKt jasaaBsaMBSBi
Don't Let Whiskey (Jet the Kest of You,
flet the Best of Whiskey at the Club.
" " """ """ "" "
( I C. J. CAMPBELL notary public 5
f9A I ftrj g experience
Trade-Marks, Designs, Copy
rights, etc.
i Munn & Co.,
361 Broadway, New York.
Kenma were accepted as mem
bers of the ward ami one baby
was blessed. Hp. Capener gave
a report of the ward for liUO.
The following bore testimony:!
I). H. Koulger, Wm. King, Niels
Nielson, Joseph Jensen, Wm.
, ,
Garland Harness
J. Y. Jensen, Prest.
C. 0. Anderson, Manager.
Dealers In
Harness Saddle and Saddlery
Repairing a Specialty.
West Garland,
Factory St. Utah.
George lieldrum
Painting and Paper Hanging.
All Work Guaranteed.
Natural Wood Finishing a
Tremonton, Utah.
Lillywhite, Sr., and Eva C.
Wilcox. Singing, "0 o m e ,
Come Ye Saints." Benediction
by Thomas Hampton. Attend
ance 119.
L. W. Preston,
Ward Clerk.
Superior Court Clerk's Rebuke of the
Famous but Uncleanly Orator of
Tom Marshall, tho great Kentucky
rator, was .ilso n great masticator of
tobacco, and or" of the most, unclean
ly (if men In the disposition of the
tallvary "Juice," an abundant deposit
of which usually decorated his ample
hlrt-bosom. The contrary of Mar
hall in this particular was Return J.
Meigs, clerk of tht national supreme
court, whoso person and office were
always modi l.i of nfat.iC34 and clean
liness. One day Marjhr.'.l entered the
clerk's office, as usual naatlcaUng a
treat quid of "dogleg," and before he
bad finished his business found It nee
sal to unload. "Whero do you keep
your spittoon, Mr. Meigs?" asked the
advocate, after a fruitless search
the desired utensil. "I do not keep
one," said the clerk. "Where do you
plt?" "I do not spit." "I mean,
where do I spit? I chaw, Mr. Meigs.
'Generally, you spit on your shirt
bosom, Mr. Marshall." The great ad
' rocate left the offlco discharged his
cargo of tobacco, and returning, re
lumed his examination of tho records
with complete serenity.
Old Soldier Tortured.
"For years I suffered un
gpeakablc torture from indiges
tion, constipation and liver
trouble," wrote A. K. Smith, a
war veteran at Erie, Pa., "but
Dr. King's New Life Pills fixed
me all right. They're simply
great." Try them for any stom
ach, liver or kidney trouble.
Only 25c at all druggists.
0C Barber
H. F. MILLER, Prop.
Maunusa ) ( Garland,
Block....) I Utah.
Shaving, Hair Cutting,
Shampooing, and Massaging.
Sanitary rules strictly observ
Agents for Brigham Steam
LADIES! Save money
"nd keep in style by read
ing McCall's Magazine
and using McCall's pat
terns. The McCall Co., 2:-249 West
37th St., New York, N. Y.
Dr. r. m. minter,
jt Dentist -
17 years Experience
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tremonton, Utah.
Carriage Trimmer
Manufacturer of
Light and Heavy
Repairing Promptly and
Neatly Done.
Tremonton, Utah.
The Mackrave Company, who will be re
membered as presenting "Salomy Jane,"
The Village Blacksmith," "The Devil," etc.
here last October, will return to Garland for
a 3-night engagement, commencing
Monday. January 9th.
The press agent for this attraction showed the Globe
force some newspaper comments from Provo, where the
company just fmisned a weeks engagement, and from these
comments we gather the information that the company
must be even stronger than when last seen in this city.
The plays selected will be from the following: "Tho
Call of His Mate," "The Power of the Order," "Alaska," J i
"The Squawman," In the Bishop's Carriage," etc., and
should be sufficient inducement to secure the patronage of
the entire community.
Seats on sale at the Garland Mercantile Co.
'J JHlssk Is.
f&&. , 'V.J
sty -t.Y" iffi Hlittb&3$t
jt 1S .SMTJSaVi k jfV
$fmwzm w- -.','.' 'J
PmJi, isiiassssW
I i i
wmfisBmt am m
.' imES 4
' J &. . - I
With the Mackrave Company at the Garland Opera House
commencing Monday, January 9th.
fHalf tones, Etchings m
Color Plates, Designs (gP
Jm We Write Advertisements. Prepare
nE Booklets, etc, Make Drawings and
Cuts for all Purposes
SB. Write for our free "Boob Engraving" II.
Giles-McAllister Advertising AgencyH
I TP Floor Boyd Park Bldg. Sail Lake City HI
' m,,"wmmmmammammamamatmma' , I

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