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Vol. 5. No. 52 Published at Ciorlond, Utah. Saturday, Feb. 4, 1911 M
I. Kid Hopkins
Defeats Mocner
Brawny Blacksmith of Tremonton the Best
Man of the Two. The Strongest But Not
the Swiftest A Good Wrestling Match.
There was more fun uul ex
citement at the old Pearl saloon
building, Thursday night than
is usually found at a Fourth of
July eelehratiou. The event
was a splendid wrestling mateh
between I). Mower of Lewiston
and Kid Hopkins of Tremon
ton. Tns house was paeked
with rooters and spectators both
from this city and Tremonton
and much enthusiasm was man
ifested. Prior to the big bout a oon
test between Master Jones of
Wellsville and Young Frisby of
Tremonton greatly amused the
OrOWd. Kid Jones was a daisy,
but Young Frisby floored him
twice out of the three bouts. It
was s close contest.
Then came the big match be
tween Hopkins and Mower.
Both men looked well, clad in
i tights and fit for the fray. The
Brtt bout lasted twelve minutes.
Hopkins demonstrated his
strength ami Mower his agility.
Hooters rooted and money was
plentiful. The sturdy black
smith of Tremonton won the
'irst fall amid a burst of cheers.
In the second bout Mower
certainly did some swift work
and avoided going down on his
back three different times by a
Hidden twist-over. This time
Mower got the cheers by put
ting Hopkins down for three
counts. Time 10 minutes.
Twice in the third bout Mow
er had a full Nelson hold on
Hopkins and it looked bad for
the Tremontor, but he broke
holds and after a hard struggle
Mower went down for three
ounts and it was all over.
Time 13 minutes. Our opinion
of the wrestle is that Hopkins
7.ras the strongest man and had
the best endurance, Mower
lacked strength and wind.
After the big wrestle came an
hour and a half of real fan con
sisting of various w r e s 1 1 i n g
matches. First was a match
between McCarty and Frisby.
Met 'arty got two falls out of
three. Second, Wood vs. Jones.
H Our New
B City Marsha!
.l. A. Mi.rtet.seu, recent ly ap
pointed town marshal, is around
on his beat daily and sometimes
nightly, lookihg after the affairs
of the city under his jurisdic
tion and wielding his big "billy
club." Everybody seems to
think Mortensen will make a
good marshal. He is tall enough
and big enough, and we believe
he is a whole-souled, big heart
ed sort of a chap that will make
good in said position.
Wood won out. Third, Tom
Nogema vs. Frisby. Nogima
downed Frisby twice. The last
match was a Jap wrestle be
tween Tom Nogima and Mc
Carty, but some misunderstand
ing arose in regard to holds and
points and the match was called
W. M. Wolsey acted as re
feree and gave splendid satis
faction in his decisions.
We were informed that Hop
kins and Mower will be matched
again soon.
We'll tell you about Friday
night's wrestle in our next issue.
Death Visits
Marriott Home
A sad death occurred in the
home of Mr. and Mis. Brigham
Marriott Friday night of last
week when the angel of death
entered and robbed them of
their 13-year old daughter, Miss
Delia LaBoe. She, with a num
ber of the other children was
taken down with scartat fever,
but in her case it developed into
dropsy and finally resulted in
her demise.
Impressive funeral services
were held at the Garland hall
Monday afternoon of this week.
Peautiful wreaths of Mowers
were contributed and the casket
was a handsome one. Pp. A.
R. Capenor presided and the
ward choir furnished appropri
ate music. Singing, "Sister
Thou Was't Mild and Lovely,"
Prayer by Win. King. Duet,
"U n a n s w e r e d Yet." Mrs.
D. 0. Chapman and Miss Alice
(J rover The speakers were
Peter Boss, ('has. Win. Wood,
F. 1). Welling, Joseph Jensen
and Pp. A. R, Capener. Dur
ing the services a quartette was
rendered by Mrs. .1. A. Wixom,
Miss Alice Grover. John J.
Shumway and Fred L. Rogers.
Singing, "O, My Father."
I Benediction by Fred P. Rogers.
The pall bearers were M. M .
Leavitt, Thos. Wise, Willard
L. Wood, H. A. Hall, (has.
Wm. Wood and Archie Hall.
The remains, accompanied by
I the family and friends, were
taken to Ogdeu for burial Mon
day afternoon and Delia Paliue
I was laid to rest by the side of
I her 7-month old brother in the
Ogden cemetery.
SVf nl'
I VI I w O
A grand ball will be given at
tin' Garland hall next Wednes
day evening, Feb. 8th, under
the auspices of the Ladies'
Self-Culture Club. Everybody
invited. Tickets ."0c. It
Recent Rains
Cause Floods
Malad River and Deep,
Creek Overflow Banks
Bridgas Washed
Past week's down pour of
rain did considerable damage I
in Malad City t the school!
building and grain elevators.
Deep Creek overflowed its
banks and bridges were washed
out. A company of theatrical
people narrowly escaped being i
drowned near Malad Wednes
day of last week. The driver,
supposing the bridge was in
place, attempted to cross Deep
Creek and the horses went in
out of sight. One of the ani
mals was drowned and the oc
cupants had to break open the
door of the bus which had tip
ped over.
This week's heavy rains
drenched the whole valley and
caused the Malad River to be
come a young Mississippi. Most
all of the bridges on the Malad
River have been washed out
and it is estimated that the re
pairs will cost the county about
$25,000. A number of our citi
zens went down to the Malad
crossing east of the sugar fac
tory Tuesday to witness the
damage the swelled stream had
done. It was quite a sight. The
steel bridge had gone d o w n
stream and the raging waters
were dashing over the high
grade on both sides of the
bridge enbankment.
The Brigham City electric
light plant was damaged by the
Mood waters of Pox Elder
For three days all trains via
the Malad Pranch came as far
as this city and returned agaiu
without going to Malad. Wed
nesday repairs were made and
the trains have since been mak
ing the usual round trip.
Notice is hereby given that
the Carland Harness Company,
formerly under the manage
ment of J. Y. Jensen and C. O.
Anderson, has changed hands
and that all claims against said
company will be assumed by
C. (). Anderson of Brigham
Signed J '; Jf" .
( ( . o. Anderson!
Dat.d .lan. 1, 1911. f-l-lS
California Excursion
February Ph.
From Salt Lake city, under
auspices Salt Lake Elks Lodge,
but public cordially invited.
Bates apply l Los Angeles
and from Suit Pake City only,
as follows:
Both ways via Salt Lake
route, $35, 00.
Going Salt Lake, returning
S. P. and Ogden, 41.20.
Going via Salt Lake, return
ing via Portland, $t50.7").
Tickets limited to March 7th.
For sleeper reservations ap
ply B. G. Raybould, Secretary
P. P. 0. E. Lodge, Salt Lake
City. Utah. jJl-f4
Basket Ball Plaver
Dies From Injuries!
Eli Hansen, a popular young
man of Mantua, aged 25 years,
was injured in a friendly game
of basketball at that place
T u esd a y evening, Jan. !!lst ,
and died at 0 o'clock from in
juries to the brain. During the
game Lafayette Nelsen threw
the ball to one of the players,
but the back of his hand struck
Hansen on the temple causing
great pain. He finished the
game, however, but after going
home lost consciousness. Medi
eal aid was summoned and
Hansen regained consciousness,
but soon lapsed into insensibil
ity and passed away as stated
above. He was the sou of Mr.
and Mrs. Mads Hansen of Man-j
tua and a cousin of the Jensen
boys of this eity.
James Jensen went to Man
tua Thursday and yesterday
Joseph Jensen and Peter Jen
sen aud wife of this city and
Mrs. Alvin Keller of Tremon
ton went lown to attend the
services which were keld in
Mantua yesterday afternoon.
Tortured For 1 5 Years
by a cure-defying stomaeh
trouble that harried doctors, and
resisted all remedies he tried,
John W. Modders, of Modders
ville, Mich., seemed doomed.
He had to sell his farm and give
up work. His neighbors said,
"he can't live much longer."
"Whatever I ate distressed
me," he wrote, "till I tried El
ectrie Bitters, which worked
such wonders for me that I can
now eat things I could not take
for years. Ps surely a grand
remedy for stomach trouble."
J list as good for the liver and
kidneys. Every bottle guaran
teed. Only BOc at all druggists.
4-:i4tfb !
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior.
UniKvl States Land Office,
at Salt Lalte City, Utah.
Jan, 18th. 1911.
Notice in hereby given that John Holtmau. of
Parli Valley, Utah. who. on June 17. 1P07. made
HomcHteud Kntry No lfltwW. Serial No. 02602. for
El-2 NW1-4, Nl-2 .SW1-4. Section 14. Town
Bhip 13 Norlh. Kange 11 Went, Salt Lake Merid
lan, has HleJ notic of inl -ntion t make Am
fie-year prin.f. to entul.l'.-li claim to the lan'
all.., .!. .-nl.i-.l. baton tfca CI. 1 1, of IK- U.v.i.
Court, at BrUrhma City, Utah, en thalattkri
March. 1911.
Claimant m.me-.i wlinaiaMi
Adam Larson, of Hrijcliar.i :lv. Utah; N
Janaaa, of Ilrifrh.tm City, lltnh; Vick Johnson,
l'ark Valley, Utah; K.lwanl H.ltman. of Kelt-m
a I). K. TIIOMl'SON.
HWM Sajiatar.
'w fe -g IB? I
Tl I ' 1 '! bHHbI
.,bV'"' -vsy ''I B
i'.vV.YV ia 'ill Bl
Kr bBbB
IMPOfl !-. ft rir , HH
rft rrn ii s ;iii mM
Ml I IIMI . I Jill III H
tlXIt To ST. mi ih.it III HH
Hi hi Hill BBbbI
im.si i ih-i i : kiiy Hill mmM
17 .III. till llllll ;!l M
tri'iiii ni '.) .Jill H
OS'SIHI llllll.f.h .111 H
.."., .'i ii mi s mil III mm3
' ! II V Kit' II T ((ill bSSSi
IrOM LOANl MS 1 1 T t bSbBbI
i h mil H
).(' XI hlsisiss ESS bBbI
i hi
i 'I I ti ..' ii i rii KM ..
I U.1M-. .H'-I.M PW HH
v --?
Ciuyro iiO.000. S,VvVsl2o.0 0C II 8H
.- -T-ari--T i ..JN H
U General Black- M
smithing, B
Horseshoeing M
a Specialty M
All Work Guaranteed. M
Main street, ojiposite Jensen
Hros. Garland, Utah. H
Boll 'phone 70 black.
' -aaBaaMBaaaBaBaaBaaBaBaaaBaaBaiaBaaawaBaBaBaiaaaaaii H
Boyd cind Prantis I
Fine Candies, Ice i'reani, H
Soda Water, etc. H
Oranges, Bananas and
Fresh Fruit in Season. M
(arland, Utah. M
Shumway 6c Evans H
Insurance H
John J. Shumway. Bell phone, B
35 Black.
M. 1). Evans, Bell phone, 03-1 H
Black, or 17 at I tank M
of Garland.
LADIES! Save money H
' keep in style by read- H
ing McCall's Magazine H
inci using McCall's pat- H
erns. H
The MoOall Oo 289-949 West H
37th St., New York, N. Y. I
Can you deposit money with satety and profit mUKJtmtmm 14 II
Can you get oourteoua treatment when you iA &
wish to withdraw it (iill i B
'an you put your valuables and know they W Jl
Can you tind accountants who ate rapid and j I I
Canyon have money transmitted with cer- I I
taint aud celerity mm I B
Can you do all kinds of banking with eeon- mbmbb I I
omy and security I
AceounU and Loam Subject to Examination hy SUte Bank Examiner. ". jfc I I

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