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I '
H acre and many hundred tons sold
H and hnuled away from the farms to
HH fatten cattle and sheep In distant
Q parts of the state. According to Prof
H (J. L. McK:iy of l ivn State college .
H Denmark. Germany nnd Holland in
H many Instances are securing ri'iiiun
H eratlve returns rrom tlie dairy lierd
H l properly aUltltng land valued at
K from 00 to ll.iinti per acre.
JB wii.it glorious opportunities we
M have here In the varloiiH farming
BB pur: mis where the climate and soil
are almost Ideal mid hind can he
H purchased reaHotiiihly cheap, What
M Hear Klver valley needs at the pre
M ent time Is an Influx of industrious.
H Intelligent farmers with a little I tap
B Hal. as the opportunities are as good
m here as can he found In any place for
H the building of a home.
J P. c. MBTTBMON on the rabjaol
mm of cattle feeding said that as prcsl
M (hilt of the Tetterson livestock com
H pany nnd after living in the Hear
M Hlver valley for several years his
H dally study of the subject if likely to
H he of Interest he would he mora than
M pleased to contribute his opinion on
M the matter, and in part, is ;uoted:
H "I have found, without cxnggera-
M tiou, there is no spot in the inter
M mountain region that will produce
M more and a greater variety of pro-
M ducts to the acre than tins valley.
H Hay is very plentiful and cheap In
H this section. Cattle can he fed hen
B at greater advantage than any place
B I have found yet. The location of
M the valley Is ideal for our business
H and we are continually obtaining In
M (lulrles from Kan Francisco. I'ort-
H land, Seattle, Tacoma and the Kast
jH nnd owing to the shipping facilities
H here we are able to compete with
M any other dlstrht. That the buyers
H are highly pleased with the beeves
H sent from this valley is evident as
H we often have i. -iters of commendn-
H lion from them praising the quality
H of our stock. One Tacoma Arm re-
H cently Informed us that the cattle
fed here and Bhlppad to them was
H the best class of cattle they hud re-
H cetved in ninny years. Last year
H over $100,000.00 worth of cattle were
j sold from here to Tacoma aione and
we had an average of fsn.nii per
head Toi them. There Is approxi
mately 7,001) tons of hay fed to beef
cattle annually In this valley. There
are on the average, 18,000 tons of
pulp used and about 5,000 bushels of
grain for feeding purposes. Our
firm fed about 3,000 head of cattle
here and there are In the neighbor
hood of 7,000 bad of cattle fed In
this valley each year besides about
20000 head Of sheep. One or the
great features In cattle raising here
Is our opportunity to turn cattle ofr
BuuuuuuuuuuuuuuVMiHt -
LbuuYI . O
m V Lbt
BaaaaanLv BBaaaVLaaaaaaaaakH
Secretary of State.
when ready on account of close com
petition as we receive bids from
California, Washington and Orego
nian points as well as from several
markets in the Kast.
"During the eight years I have re
sided here there have been vast im
provements and In the last Ave years
I would estimate a general improve
: meat of about 50 per cent.
'There are excellent opportunities
1 here for hog raising and dairying.
There is always a demand for dairy
products from the local markets at
Salt Lake and Ogden, more thnn we
could ever hope to supply owing to
'the great diversification practiced
by the gricultural classes of this
section. And with an evergrowing
demand It naturally follows that op
portunity exists. A person who
comes here to settle, If industrious
nnd ambitious, will never make a
mistake and I am basing the state
ment on knowledge and past and
present experience.
"We have made rapid strides In
this valley and have had the support
of Its citizens In every way. There
are no class differences here and
manhood cuts more figure in the
Hear Hlver valley than blood or cash,
i It is the ideal place for young men
and women seeking a bright future
In a community where everyone 1b
given fair play. The natural advan
tages nre many but the results ot
toil already at hand nre so numerous
that a person locating here will
readily appreciate that they are not
called upon to endure the hardships
common in settlements where the
great pioneer work has not been
JOHN' C. WIIKKLOX, consulting
engineer of the Price Irrigation com
pany and chief engineer of the Utah
Idaho Sugar company, who has also
been advisory engineer of the Utah
Power and Light company has fur
nished us with some data and his op
inion of the Hear River valley and
we quote him because his work of
research and Btudy has enabled him
to accomplish some of the greatest
engineering achievements known In
this section of the country.
'The near Hlver valley situated as
it Is on the cross roads of the con- i
tinent offers excellent facilities for
shippers to reach the markets of the
North and South, Kast and West. 1
have visited many sections of the j
western and inter-mountain districts,
some of which are older and many
younger, measured by years of devel-,
opment than exists here, and there
are many things that commend this
valley to the homeseeker.
The soil in the Bear River valley
comprises some twelve classlfica.
tioiiB with all of them falling within
a general mixture of clay, sand, fine1
sand and loam most admirably asso
ciated together, thus forming a soil
without hard pan or coana gravel
subsoil, which one or both, 1b con
sidered the base of nn soil no ma
ter how rich and productive may be
the surface soil.
"The soils here have developed the
most gratifying habit of constant 1m
provement under Irrigation and gen
eral farming. During the seventeen
years of farming In this valley the
vieids have eteadlly increased until
the dry farms of twent live years
cropping are now yielding frotn
thirty to forty live bushels of wheat
per acre while lands under irrigation
are giving even better results, the
yield of 140 bushels of oats on a
measured field during this season
reaches the high water mark since
this valley was first settled.
Some of the sugar beet raisers
have been paid over $100.00 per acre
for beet crops during the year I (Ml!,
one case having reached the high
mark of $Hi8.2r per acre. This
Held contained forty-three ncres and
Is situated near Hrlgham City. This
Ib not a special cose due to a fav
ored locality as another field of
twenty-six acres in another section
of the valley and twenty milcB dls
tant from Uarland yielded $117. oo
per acre. These yields were made
on lands that have not been rested
for the purpose of breaking records
but have been cropped every year.
"Intelligent expenditures on the
highways have Improved our roads
and with the co-operation of the
farmers and the use of the modern
broad tired wagons It has been
shown that earth roads can be made
Into good roudB and this valley now
has more good earth ronds ttMUi my
rural county In the state ot Utah.
There has been more construc
tion of farm tile drains by the farm
ers here than nil the balance of M
Utah ISO miles of tile drain have
ir creased the value of 7,000 acres of '
land to the extent of $2.")0,00O.00.
"Two lines of railroads pass
through the valley with tranches
to the remote districts, offering a
freight and passenger service that
meets with the requirements of the
"Thriving towns are growing and
we find modern business and social
centers here. Klcjttrlc light and
power lines are reaching not only
the cities and towns hut it Is not
uncommon to find farm houses and
even barns equipped with electrical
appliances and labor saving devices.
"In the Hear Hlver valley we now
find men who left the garden states
of the Mississippi valley, leaving be
hind them the industrial, social and
family associations of years. These
men have made their homes on this
responsive soil and are now enjoy
ing a climate In which the moisture
conditions tire absolutely under the
control of the farmer.
"The possibilities of the Rear Riv
er valley when the manufacturing
world shall have been apprized ot
the economical power that can be
obtained here is surpassing and
should ho a special inducement to
locate factories In this section."
Social Life in the Bear River Valley
Much has been said of the variety
of conditions that exist here regard
ing the working conditions nnd we
have secured some expressions from
Hon. J. D. Call, district judge of the
lirst judicial district, having jurisdic
tlon over this valley, also from Dr.
W. M. Cragun, a practicing physician
of Garland. Utah.
Judge Call has given his views
from a judicial standpoint and it will
be seen that in his opinion
conditions here from a social stand
point are exceptionally high and
moral. No one has yet been encoun
tered in this valley who can offer
any details of a murder in the ter
ritory embraced in this edition.
"A homeseeker mny well Inquire
Into the social conditions of a com-
H fAKl A MH RT1 M ADTi Evan w-Howe11, Wm-L Howell
M VJ IN. 1 I L LJ D 1 JL L 1 A JX LJ Pieiidenl Vice Prei.dent and Treasurer
I A Resort for COMPANY, Inc.
H Capital Stock $10,000.00
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H PjJaCK j $est Grades Lowest "Prices
H The Best Equipped and Up-to Date Billiard Parlor in the State IB fm I
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