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The Coalville times. (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, August 10, 1894, Image 1

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i 10 i
NO 26
= = = =
The Usual Bright and Newsy Holes
fathered In
Luunr r All 110 mwa J lftI I
Imll uJ Ilorlu lonnll 11111
Ih rl 1 Wk
Your rorrllOndnllouk a 1rIIIhwZ
ihetirroundlng village and fan HIP
Out ot tae week and woo pleated lo note
the nile croptol hay and 1 grain InOnkley
Ilould rand Icuii Manylinpruvrnitiil 1
see long l mad by our latmcii and from
time general app aranc < i the hunt limn
aam been fell but verr little by them
With the present protpecti ol a tauHtl
Iul hart of gialn and potato the
good people racy well eel happv hJ
contented with their lot In life
The pleaiure ambers from Salt Luke
city are fllllni up very plcaiaiit nook In
the canyon unit along the river and
from what can t i learned hey ire lim
ing delightful Situ
Boni oour muilclaiii hate been out
rerenadlng during the stun few evening
mil time musk wai delightful Colin
again boyi
Mr 1 and llrt II I M I SIrrr ol fork
City were vltlllng relative and 1 friend
InPeoalat week
Jin 1 Mllll Itou lelt Ivan or Idaho
Sunday sun Tin lady hai gone lo I Join
her hull and who Intends to I mike Idaho
till ataro home
Ml Ann Maxnttl bit gone up I to
Marchanle uncli at the head 01 Weber
canyon and will tend there with her
altter Mri Merchant or two sr three
Mr t Halpli Maxwell went to Cwilvllle
attend the onion ol the County I
Court the flttt ol the nook
Mr Occur Wllklnt hue I gone into the I
peddling ol form l production hliownec
count and mikes weekly IrlpKlo Park
City I
Tis fete oatuT a UIWIIK up aim i
money order ofllcoon August 1 fool
1 Thil will bolo the advantage nllhe pa I
tots of thoolllce
Very few ut our clllnne attended the
quarterly conference held at Coalvlllii
on the Etli end Dili owing to the bitty I
time at every day count anil a day Suit I
may mon toni ol hey boom
Small rulti It rife and much 01 It It I I
going to wait owing to time act hot
tugarcan not be bad to prcten 1 It I
Mr Stephen Walker aunt loCoalvlll I
on Sunday sup to t attend the I Slake I
qoarterly conference i I
The raluttoinii the lust ol tb Ian
lew da i baa Joe tome good 1 to growing
cropland EIH or Itti Injury ti the Lay
bIb VM duct
Spooki were around onTutnlay nlglit
On young ellow with a false fr l on
< rlbtootd i lltll girl to badly that tin
lnio 1 i bad a tit Dont do It again
Charley or something may d
Ir II 1L Steven was on Auguit 7tli
ppclntud Suprrlnttndunt ol tli > teoa
Coop non Mr hleytni began kit
doors on August Slim
Ole Walt of tail Lake city li vlll
lex her brothers M 1 IL and O JI lllta
I Mid 1 II 11 C Vux
nle rains tutu JirurgeJ IOmo lay u
It liai been raining nrarlr every tiny for
some time punt
e Mr Smith 01 Salt Ukeli I at W II
Stevens on II pteature trip
Amiley Allgcod ol CoaMllo woea tffa
wielding the fly liookand picking up the
trout In the river on Monday
Kicuralon cutups lire on every tide
and the Dili are ao shy Iliat It takes a
man all day tu catch one
The lecture she by Udward Steven I
on ot Salt Lake nai well alltmlrd and
the aptaker did well on the tutjecto
the Infancy ol tho Church and 1 its
lOitory toth MurJcrol the Prophet
Qg Jotepli Hinllh
r mire Uwlt and Mr Corrfll and eon
j m 01 Salt Lake City MrLW Smith 01
Vittifltld Maine and Mri and Mil
Ktadyol t < au Francisco are vlilllng Mr I I
and Mri W IIBlevenaolOakley Ml
Ktaily baa jars graduated from the Con
tenatory ol Mullein New York City
i ir AN iiiIP
Elder Ed it aril Sleteuton ol Salt Lake
gtealctare In the ward house on
Monday yeulni Auguit 6th Ilia iul >
jtct wai the llrlnxlng Fob ol the
look ol Mornon lie had 0Ule very
nice paintings Illutlratlng Hit Hill
Cumorali Cartbrage Jail and Moroni
delivering the plates to Joucpli Smith
Timer walavery good turnout fur tuck
a abort notice
The UolMar Pak siege was down on
I tbe Sib and look op a load passengers
Groin li ripening In this vicinity very
asst Same bai been cmii already and
i i haying l jail altljconntimd HMHO
baa itrn net r Mill hay apotM yet by
the rain ilwmt 1
A rhlMrnia tamlay Pehad 1 paity w >
Klwn In Yoim Social IUII on Frtttoy
evening Aueatt lOtli pommnwlHg at
7 ofkxk p I m mid rloaing at n
Th people have knee t enable l 19 eel
uxwli tlfrpln 1 tldnllyulltr Thor
tem to hp a kind of rlrcnt going on by
the Percents emit 1 unwrlhly yells that
peoHnte the rrinolnt Nlnfro ot the
oarlh Tlie par onVr Iwller be l
alteixllne lo l6lr doors
sierra ILhn
lire James MHU and tioughgr l 01 f
ly1oI1 i are btio rlilllnK their many
nllinale Irlrixlti alp Mr lloWilM
Queen and wife
Mr renege 11klel and wife hate art
Seth time WI I bf I Wetter on a Idling
Our hay crept tbwt lur nre heavier
ban UfMl or I all l Mhrr rroft are unite
AI lavoMbl
nlorrr 5 cvnta aqnntt IDquaiti
for it tit C II Vfa while lby last
urns kit
Tine Wtel1Ou1tu brie on hon
lay an IMVWIIH ol the Conference
Tliell n erb wl ploysnl l 10 a Ull
at Crotikii Friday night
Mr I lIollfrl M fell LaVe l Ml
ngaln on a Undmtn trip
Julie nuiilT altewleml ContemiM
front here on Rumlay and Monday I
It woe the I fault aisle mall asap not of I
time I eorerpntalent llmt no lIen wen
In the lutteeny I Iron Heavier
Mr I tlmham I talker of this lulu
nblte coming Iou tlie cual 1 amlmonlhe
Ub bad a lion taken sick and al I
bough h It was well dwtureil It died In
Ucorge Trlitbam Jr wkobat leen l
tlrndlng the Unlterilly awl 1 time llml
irM College In Salt Ijiki Oily reliiruwl
have i on the Slli
llaivpitlnghn roinmencrd herr and
the prorprrla are guuil for nn abundant
11101 01 Ile IIIka 55u h Csalma
Aiiiuil ash > nj illli
Meeting ripened by choir tinging
tatily Ile mt th < i Sacred Dawning
fryer 1 wan offered by Thunit Hall
Continued by time rhulr tinging
In Idpe rCJ + lw
Plfe e
dl use n tux aix e u w m n wvpw
were bletKil wltlgoof hfaltb and In
Icatlona are that the erupt w III bo Utter
lian ever lure CJpnerally tpraklng
all nere groping along well tplrltiully
atol 1 lrm > orallr and that nare and
union prevallwl throughout tbeatiike
AK tlu Ilrlghani Young next ad
rettrd the conlerenre 111I11111 of him
trinity of the nook ol Mormon and
octrlno and Coenanta and ol lint
iropheclei that bad boon made and 1111
lllod In regard lothlt country and ail
vUfd this Salntt to beep their word to
the very letter
II was recommrded by I tbe Uptmi
Ward that L1 1 < lUndall bo ordalnrd a
high print Carried
The choir then tanic an anthem
Knter Into lilt Gatf
Mulling teas adjourned until p I n
and benediction offered by Andrew
Ieterton i
tnttyoo aciuox
Meeting was opened with the usual
Elders WII llrnncli and W O
Jolmtton aduilnlilcml ten aacrament
during n lilcli the holr tang a hymn
Pretldent Cult then repented the
iillowlni name aa Imvlnj been reeoni
cituJlxl 1 tube ordained high pilrtli
John 1rflncli JAIIICI IVHF < M f lmrli1
S Icloreoii 1 I Qwrge Judd JuhnTnylor
amt David Krliby It wni the aunte ol
the lucollng that they be ordained
1retldent Wed 1 Pack then ad
dieiivd the intetlng ipeaklng ol the
grout work that deiohedon lime I Saints
promulgating he gospel
Iratldent Cluir adtlted the people
korp thtlr reconl and genealogy
ihowlng Ilia benefllt derived tlierrfroiu
Apostle Young won the rent t > caker
lilt Inilruolloni were varied I Here
lAird a lilon Im I bad bad 01 the spirit
arid and ipoko of the Importune of
the uconl being taken worthily
It was announced that high prl et l
leellnu would be I hold In CoAltllleon I
the inn Sunday In Ihlt month till
oclock a m
Tim choir then gong and I nnlhein
Meeting was then adjourned unti
Monday at 10 II mand benediction wee
pronounced by J A Fisher
Marlon Frailer Will ordalnud a high
prlut and Hibopof 1 the Hkli > y Ward
ly I Apoitle Ilrlghaiu Young
llaiinut Johnt nag nt l apait II
second counntllur liltliop 1rniierby
President W W Clot
MOKHAV WOal < lao
Meeting opened by the choir tingle
from y < ge M Author of Faith
Prayer woe offered by Elthop Vilktr
and continued by the choir and congre
gation ringing How Firm a Fouuda
Olibop S F Atwood gun a very U I
vorakle roriort ol the Kumar Ward
Illthop Job Patkett gave a very good
report ol the lender Ward He dated
that Hit people were taking greater In
I t epst in ipUltaal affiln Illd tll asp
I blet t Imp tell with an abtiHtlanr
of Boot etoew
Alma RMrelge Ion dltet ed the
netting Kmliailinv litO oiimlllknot
time fwople htiertlih inlur rountrlx
honing what m bliwt people we an
lie I aim > leI kf > on Ue O1dttt Hale ol
doing net ntbn at rim wonVI I lure
hem ln 1 to too
Th llovUrlll Ward win lint lep
Mtnled br BUhiip Parnnt oboe cue
let g nd report He Mid the Jevpl
h lite taken irraliir lnteip1 tlwg
pal slues lbw dtlllcation llhe Suit L U
IlWwp John Clark rt oriel l lie Upton
Ward ai fceJuK In a prmptiraoi eondl
Aimlh Young then addreiMil the
M cr < gall H UP mid hp fell irfraMil
olwarlb vimlippoiti lint lial r
ma Uliylha IIrlono Mfhhr a II alto
polo ol the turmoil that oriels
ironglMxil the pnilre world owl that
time ephftuf I Ood I at Mug tube true
Ih lewlekrd He rok01 f the rwlllk1
titatinr In this country snub Iliat UI
wal rnllue ll Ililnie and that IlictSilnl t
lOuKI IAMt In comenilone amlwlerl
ood matt to fans our nttltiilhm anti 1
gel Into llu lln km at seen 0r paelkk
I i a Stal
Tim injilug ta t binitibt InaeloM
by the choir elnglngan anihera Haw
txintltul Ulan the Monntalne
ooAllelloll wat oUVrol TlioniM
llenl and nutting lJonriHd until
p m
Meeting Hat epenel J by theelmlr tlnu
nr from pat I HO street to AtlcMl
Vhllo tlon Singe
Pram I wai lIIfrtllll t T I Alfcn
Choir and ewHtn trallon Hiig We
Thank Times O UI for a iruidelt l
Blthiji Walker reK rtnl time leu
Varilatall feeling well avid that Itr
goal eioK cue MIIR rated In that ive
tlon ol the flAke
lllikup Ilwlion reprewntpil the Coal
Mlle NsUstud I
Waul utallng that Ilipy were
ulul an a ward and vndeatoied lo do 1 I
A t neatly right at they could i hunt they
hail lull 11 In nil nil the I rlI mall I
ul lull Iliein
Prnldrnl Chit tinted tlmt a high I
otindl inciting wa < heed Nlturday lo
elect a bltbop lor the roneolldalvd
Ltialtllla North sod Houlh Wards an1
That they hail selected n man and hit
lama would IK I tubiulllti to the Font
reildtnry for their approtal and that
they had Mlrcled the following alur
mute to IllghCouncll W1 I Einllh
Jalsea ruIruJV lUUilHi
end they h Jt md slant ISO uieiXi
ollho rhiircb In Paik City and bad ap
Initial l T L Allen to pretlde over the
lUurli for the prritnt wltli John Jam
Bon and Fred Hatband ai countellori
lie aim annonncc < l that Hundiy School
onfcrenco will IM I held In Coalvllle on
mplcmber 2OIl h and SOlli He asked Ibe
bishop to hare the pvopU donate of
their hay grain etc with the new ol
laying off Indebtedntit on tbe Hake
1I0ulr The general slake aulboritlet
can prrtetitwl and tutlalned I
larder James llIlbiiad was called from
time uIllr and addretteU time utetlng
III an able manner ipeaklng ut the min
dose that each elder hat on earth
Apoille Young wai the nest tpeaker
who spoke ollho reielatloni In regard
10 the cord ol nltdoiu tithing etc and
lore his tetllmony tbat the taints would
lare umtrd a great deal ol lufitrlug
bad 1 they obeyed tlitni
It wee decided by a vote of IM to 78
10 bold tbe quarterly confereiicii on
niiinlity and Sunday Initcad ol Sunday
ntul 1 Monday
The diotr then tong an anthem
Show Me Thy Wart
IWneillelloii was offered gauuel
addlee and 1 confer adjourned for
three months
From area part ol the country cornel
eporli ol a very largo I acreage 01 hole
tore and the jrojjwl for the crop li I
icelliriit So doubt there will b a
very large crop awl the prlcee will rule
oiv Those who are gro lng them
argely should lake every care of time
crop that the tuber may be 11 Urge ai
Kittlble at tint li what makes the de
uaud Ijirge potaltwi will alwnye 1 lOll
lu tea market at a renumeratlte price
Imallonea maybe cookn and M to
hogs at a profit when I time price ap 1
proacbei 25 cintt Putatoei do not an
alyzu high In nulrltlvu elemtnte but
when woked and fed wllb corn they
are 01 much nor value than aiuljili
would Indicate Tlili libecautool their
lienellclal efTect on the lytlrm on Ike
anlmali they are led to Farm New
Iron County Ilerord Joe llerrle a
Mezlean was shut I at J O liarnhunla
iblngl mill on ittaya creek Uardeld
county on July 21th protuioaUy Bob
liondi A hearing woe held before
Jutllce II P I Cloves but Bonds waived
lamination and wai bound over to
await the action ol tbe grand Jury and
wai relented on a bond ol 1000 The
tragedy oocured at about 8 oclock In the
evening and no ont taw who fired the
atal hot but suspicion teals onUondi
who according to all leporli should
have killed the Mexican le eral month
ago at Ills alleged tbat lit lut been al 1
together Intimate will Mrs Bond
The Urge warehouse ol Ibo Utah It I
I Colorado Canning Company was con
luued by 1 flre at Ogden lait Friday The
Iou ices 16009
the Doily List ol rlits cuulllts
icdOtbu Km
All the Imapse1n1 user tae Irrek
raeu lL talal telreupkl lf
5Ytdsy A a 11 1
Him beyealt lU
Itlthanlt la I 1 momhs Goveeaut
by WymtiluK llem e
The 1l1fhfft Nil Milk tin an
unml hirg propor
Japin ami Cliltui leoneenuulrg
llieir blest for a crea l lame
Hevvral 1 Ri 1911 a el lu tire al
Clileago Detroit am Alptda
tCellrsne hlp a Itegaarald
Jarl It crutfct1 In t eklee tie Is
llevel l lo li alive
Private COllaill cham was hum
prtenned fur relating syagIs target
I ra tle on enmity a bee el lure
aeriy AVjil elk
Howard City MIcliAoKThe loci
MHiMrtftf lake VI Irnlhl t
itomlng The Seal fat tym
Jackwn MlchAiJ i > Oovrnor
Autlln nialrliprOBo NMln lilt phyil
clmit tonlfhl tol I > jj dying oamlltlon
luc tochionh In ltailfftlkM I oltln U J
derUrow ilon
Omaha Aug JJt JrllbllII01
the Sixth Conirrat yJ illtrlet today
niiiulnUM Matthew Hnihtriy tor f Con
Kress In the lhlrlyal It l l lll
ChUMX Aug o l tje orce > In the I
= J
Pullman 1 almnp i was li 1 treaml today At
semi tot men if ere i Grerk The com
pany expert to tohatfKU moil on Mon
day I Hut few are niioiftriol ih Amer
ican Hallway Union a
New York AtJ Dr11ma UIIII1 I
Slate Cordage Comp oythul down part
ol lit work Immj lirjtek p teday I throw
Ing 0050Ol yimin rls nut ol wok
U la thought IWlSf it will t pie ad to
iriul 1
lllooinlnglnn Aug ITho bull
sea portion of amen City a aniall
town near her I U burning Aid hat
been tent iron her and turruuiidlng
town The lire doled IIi evening
and had l done 30000 dainigcup to the
Ilin aid was scat for
CIeielan10 Aug 3lnysclurJ
W Mgbllngalo 01 the dtHirtuicnlb of
Jutflco Waihlngton airlviil IUMO to
lake i charge of the luvetllgatloR ellhe
acoounti ol United Siatrt Judge lllcka
agalutt whom charge burs been I mad
by Ibo Central Labor Union ol Ibli city
Spencer Port N V tug 3AI
midnight hire was dltcoverwl In Ibo
homo occupied by I Corncllua Place and
family The toys slept up Italia They
wets arouted but bewildered by the
iiuok and erg they were overcome end
burned to a crltp They were Corntllui
William mud Chultr aged 13 11 and 8
Waihlnglon Aug 3 Il prtntallc
llaker ol Kaotiihai Introduced l a bill t lo
aulhorlre secretary of agriculture to
ftlabllth retertolrt fur tlm storage ul
ltlwat rorthv tillable landi weitol
the Mill mtrldlan Channel for dll
trlbullngthe water are alto coulein
plated 1 In I the plan and an appropriation
ol f 600000 It propowd
Omaha tog aTh Ptpartmenl ol
lime Platle announced liMlay that all the
FederaltroopeIn Mniilaiiaaixl Hie Werl
guarding railroad properly would not be
withdrawn talon September eteu if
there li no more violence The plan at
announud li i to gradually wllbdrii the
troop at the iltuailon narranli Sev
eral oumpanlei wee withdrawn to
dayfcprtcgMd III tag 3Tbe Auditor
of Public Aeeounti today ordered the
I Attorney l neral to bring lull agalnt
tballllcola UulMIng and Loan Attocla
I tlon at Illoomlugton Inyettlgatlon
bowed II to be 82000 thorl The
ollkUli blame the Chicago agent wllb
Ih ihorlage The agile arn 73I1K
Ililllllltt 1810116 Suit will be mm
mend at once
Fvantvllle htdtog3s 1 1 freak 1 hue
been Jltcourwi hue In limn pcrionofa l
colored man sgellbwho li gradually
turning white Time change Ordlwgan l i
twenty yean ago hut Aller alluieceain I
uii11 about eighteen luonlbi ago wLu 1
the wblteareabegantoenlarg It Lep
growing rapidly until now llcotcri mat I
ol bit body and li ap ailng on bla bar
and arm The skin on hit body li as
alraiacblldi and he think that In
the com in ol a year be will is entirely
luiday AUII alb
Sihor oeM rnltl Iud 5510
Kaiser William Ut I returned toller
Cbtnai Beet It laid to be without
cool l
StPaul Aug 4Ec1d DDarni I
ti this cltywan to < aynoiala ted for
I Japanese warthlp w A < rook by a
Jbliw e lrt iliil
PMe slab a man brae be wwiM 1
not Join Iht aUIke In Iunnsylunl
fevera pgel > ii were injured In an ae
ridt on Eewohlltl btlolp
An urfealitpm lc I Ailing ont lo rupee
WeHman I he Antli < iporrr
Jackton libel I Aug 4 toretaor
lUIr Ihlt afletnoon hiesoseauueloos evil
neatly pulelc
Jongmi by Ihe Food district IXmu
t role
Chlnga Aug1Oeorge I H Pose wat
lomlnaled for Congren lo day by the
fkrentb dlttrte nepuUlcani
IIrranlOll Pa Aug TIII410nlre
In thli rilr wai rolbevl last night el
Montit Holly N J Aug 4Oeneral
John II Irltk the BlIllloMlre raltroail
ant bank jmtldent 1 died la Vlnevnlown
101011 l Ihettrd annlvHtary ol hit
Milan MA tag 4tlr the ctplotlon
of I a Sew mill Mhr ten mllei weit of this
ally pal nlgbtJohn Wptllhfl engineer
eau killed and three eHhera probably
fateny Injured
IVtrolt Aug 4TlirwUHlle waliMl
tboni at point ural lllilao IOW l this
5117 today were leoIW I at lhote of
be new eI l lime whofmer Glad Tldlngt
whlrh see tank by the whah > li k
Ipwaer 1 Pallidndtr
Ornaba Aog1Ilelonie Indlrate time
preeenve ol fret In yo1 Nbratka
intlM lids looming Time loeallllce
wore mainly those In wbleh the drouth
was at see and little vegetation waa
til to b damaged IKxIfi county enf
feint chiefly
Washington Aug dTime ilraln on
halrmnn VIUnn la I again ilmwlnglli
ffpde and It It I rarnl there will be a
Hpprlhleitrenxthduilnf the Ural tariff
eonference Ills face Is I lIln swill
owl he reluetanly Kdmltalbat be It well
nl Igli I phjilcally haulcl
Trlndad Cob lug 1lad night
timers was a rloudburtt In Sims huh above
terwlnd and tin t waler rame down thin
anyon leaillng to that placeln smelt lot
ume tbat a Jtrly ol live pertone who
errs IlIhllll the real were WIt
away and drowned
Toledo O Aug 4The town 01 Elk
harbor a aniall town filly mllei poiilli
art ol limbs city It humors At thli
Lour IJSO a 11111 It laid on corner
as uurll rJntd M
file Wettcrn Union tglegrapb attire It I
now tbnatriieil and 1 prep ratloni hay
been maje to acate I Two lire tngln
antcrows from f Ihlaclly ape now mi lime
way to time KVII
Conntlltvllle Aug dA sung
woman who bad violated l th moral cole I
tuppoied lo govern IheBlavt was eeirl l
I ait night by filavi wen ttrlpptd off her
ilolhlug pinioned her lands and del
Aibedbtrto aslake and wblppedber
latagtlylvroveranhour Sims was re
vlletl tornieuled and ei at upon Sbe
was left at limo stake on hours A young
man who offered lo rleate aomeolber
curd was beaten off When Ibe girl
was released ha Could tearcely move
tlonay AIIIIII Oll
The A II U shrike has been tUclared
off at Chlcage
Frauds are claimed In the making ol
Ibe Carpenter shells
A bbClalltl eluiilelas parly bai I been
organlivdlu fit tools
New Uileani AugODr A DMIlt
house urgwin of the Charily hoiplul
died Ihlt morning aged 43 of malarial I
Jackton Jllfh dug Ucliovernor
Illalr dial at lilt bonwat 120 till morn
log Illtdlwate wai Inflammallon ol
lime bladder awl 1 kidney For three
dan be hail lingered 1 In an almot un
COIIKIOUI state and passel 8M ar In lint
New forktog MmeUtbornelh
one famous nlwrall0 linger wife ol
Ueorge fool It dead She l and her but
lund keparaled entrap veara ago flu
centlyMme Otborn had lo tog tar
fool Unleii It It I claimed the body
will bo taken to the morgue
llotton AugOPattllloiu the well
known eoubretle died today Sims was
Ibewlfooljnhn W Dunnewho will
leave tomorrow moinlng with the re
malm for Chicago where tbe funeral
take place on Thurtday next Ialll
toss bad Intended to learn hr Newport
lost l week In mend eot eel week before
nttrlng on an ftxtenilve tour which bad
bren mapped out order NV Smog III
goo > l health boweter the decided to
undergo a modlral 1 examination and on
llondaylast 11 was found that the wai
mlfWIng from a mere lurui 01 nppon
dlcltli time was operated upon al St
raneli Hotpllal I TueKlay from f Ibo I of
10 f Hi l of H hldi the died today
Taeuhn A D I aas ilk
IIlh er oljf c niilelrJ10
Itaui li I taking siege target dal 1 I ol her
Tho ° Vigilant galitd another victory
ghlnlchlro Kurlno U nanitd at lime
new Japtuti Mlnliter to mime Unite
The grind gaud at tbe Philadelphia
baietall grounda liburnlcg Tbt entire
ilrutliire li threatened wlthdeitrnctkm
ArltOM awl New Mpxl o Statehood l
l bill will probably gi over
Tti ee ywrold ptctog tword wai rat
down la 1 t It vt > ttntay
Senator fear 1 eta says all tariff differ
enema might to to wally overcome
An appeal let AIl bat lope tent eat
from drtmtliitrtcUn NekrtfNr
A brUit feeling mong the lurid con
I f reel wai apparent loiUy and an agree I
mont maybe In tight
Crulieti tee DM Jajianere Oorerninenl
are fitting tut ami t ulllng from Knglaud
under lh > panlth dog I
tnrlrby ytpnlay denoaneeil the
probated new tarllT at a humbug and
taM CtereUnil I Is a lipoerlt awl arlito
The CblnH 11 lm 1M mtane for
M nteta ot Ute lilac plsgo l and
xmletbl aniMy li ell for thewfely
nl AnMrkaM Ctilni
A man nanwU IUruh1 at Newark N
J dind hit tie clilUren ami left
them to itarto They wet reined
Iwwertr ami 111I1 ho eut hub lo their
borne IB Se Ileolend l I
AI Unwood Ark eon 1t1111ome and
wile ltd thlr children loekftl In I Ilin
Imamewhll 1 > tidy attended ehurtli and
upon heir morn onml Iha hoar A
heap ol atbee with the charred letsalni
I of IlM ehlMrtn therein
Uulllnston la Aug 600 Camp
loll awl wife were drowned pal night In
bite river at lbs b1 nl Stash Island
They WH e In a tall boat wlikb captltptl
CainiiWlaiil 1 lilt wife tank In eons
other irun and inner era
Arkanwt dty Ka Aag 1 6111t
I clKHigall a prominent huilniit man
and lilt wll were ImprlionMl In their
folding liexl lust night by I accidentally I
doting up They were extrlealpd with
dlfUeullyalter I sing In their perlUiua
oondlllon far aeveral beura McDongall
111411 liwlay Irom the Injurlee recital l
iiid hit tulle wai eerloutly hurt
New Utleaui Jog 6A new political
noteoxnt known ai the Thlle 8upre
uacy league I hailers uannural d In
p1oiiMi > St Ijnlry parlth The bur
11011 of the league li I to recurti the tupre
ouey of whlq votes In all negro coinmu
illlet the negro role U being cbargei
laving corrupting Influence In elections
and being a menacing danger
Waablnglon D C Au < OfHerald
q eldTime I nmlayh iitlkdly ro
n llontf lnllo malcilalice and the
conferenc coinuilttue today reporte
n lavor ol allowing such nude to be
colored undor the mining laws Instead
ol ilnnamllng I SO per acre and the
llotiM agreed to thli pronoilllon A
tnonnK > lyotheii land n defeated by
the provltlon that no iierton shill la I il I
owed to enter more than two clalmt
ol Un acre eaeb and the bill therefore
does not meet approvalolrepreientatlvca
ol American Atpbaltun Company
which wantt aeieral hundred acre
There la now DO further flgbl on opening
of the reiervallont and Ike measure
will ga thimigb peaotfully at a rider U
tbe Indian appropriation bill The Net
Perrea Ireatr u III probably b ratified to
morrow ai a majerllv prrtent In limo
hour today though not forming n
i quorum voted far the measure
tyndasta tag nil
i Orrenfleld l Mo Aug 7ltobert K
Lewis wunorululold by time publlcani
otbe Sixth Oongrviilonal dliulct this
Spring Valley III Auz 7A man
netting hit al rnoon atlende l by over
000 inlnrri rtiullol a unnIUlou rote
lu > aoeept Hie Columbui eel 1
Peru III Aug 7Tho real ilrlka li
virtually ndd In thli da another
nlrte began work this morning under
guard and no aerloui ifouoixtrallun o
Milllelphla Aug 7An explodon
oeearrwl bolt 1 ocloek on board the
inacblne need In drnlglng the Dela
ware river oppotltv tbe city Pour per
tau urn relsrted killed
1 lluffalo tog Flahcrman wire tired
upon by Canadian ofllclalion tbe cruder
Dolphlu on Sunday whllo flthlng inside
el Hot Hue Tho captain aearihttd tho
loot but finding nothing inedaway
Waiblngton Aug 7Dr Quiman
Mliililer rora Nicaragua baa receheil
a telegram from Managua officially an
nouncing that Illuefleldi off the Hot I
qultaroatt t bad been learn by time
Mraraguan array
Sioux City In tog 7111 Ibo Uli
trkt Court today John McClelland 01
Ihliolty wai appointed receiver ol time
Underwriter Klrolnturanccom
Iln l The appointment woe iutd 01
endorkuient of the Atlomeyaeneral 01
10Ia Clly Aug L1udgs Woolord
today handed down tbe court Initruc
lions in lime 11 trial and the argu
m uti btgan I o tide was limited to
lis boor Tbe Inilruollont are coo
ildtred favorable to the Sloe use 1
li probable that a verdict will bu ren
dered toiuorton
San Frandioo Aug 7Vurlol Tea
Ponte a prominent citizen 01 Now Or
leans n olio time managing editor 01
lb New Orisons Ilceyunemdleduuddsuly I I
In Alameda tOo Deceased was a
native ol New York and n grandien of
Lonneei0Poole Venetlandramattit I
who wrete iet nit llbretloi Ir Mozart
Thirt < Aaa iilk I
On took a fall leilertay
811tr 81 K rentit lead f 123
In a bailie yeilerday Cblore were
Ooverner Weil 11 li en route from Wa Jv
A bloek ol lulldlnm woe boraed at
TIt itrllt tltuatlon it Omaha li very
serf aeme
Fran It watching tht neutrality ol
Kngland and nnttla
Idaho llepubllraa Stal Convention
met and organ lted
Theelicrgra agilnit Judge hicks will
be lnrillj lpd Immediately
feerelary ol Stale Oreiham has given
ueUI roe jnllbii to lime Hawaiian He
About lhty inamUra ol Fryt army
were seethotne from Wathleiton lee
lerdayby the Dlilrlct Commltlonert
Mantl Utah Aug Special to Trib
une John Alder a elovenyearold
ion of Alfred Mrs City Watermaiur
met wllbatfrypjlnfut accident jet
Unlay While rnagl In hewing a
rallrotd le with klbarp log ax bo male
tide eat and completely ecrerrd the
gnat 10 of till right fool
VI Irale dog 8 Fred Kane former
living inn outride of the wit limits
Slut Caroml li > t III wai bordered last
night nbnnt 10 oclock by bli wife Annie
and her iamonr George Centre who
worked lor lire murdered man
A Kayevlll tpcclal to the News IIe
an er lllt eta dialler ot accldeuti In
that rlclnlty The ton oljoteph Clark
airrtitlng Hit Union Pacific track
whim n bay wagon when a aonth bound
train cam along tuck lb bind wbeela
ol time Ion and throw the led cement
Vault Into a fence lie luitalnej no
terlonilolurlei Oeorg < ItoblnMng < xl
14 was thrown from H bone ap
11 iwrltl The twoytarold ton ol D A
rlilo two of hl nngtrt by taking
Wld of a hay fork p
The Senate today confirmed lbe following
owing Utah appolntmentei To b
Judges of Probate Ulah Territory
William 8 Wlllen oL Warrant Jr
Achlllet Iertln John 0 Umar J 0
UIL and Jiinvt L Hunting
Den wrwwtgwavwwasw II Maiilr ways In the rtltlrkt rwewaMn rw
Tenllorlal ihiblt that It I to w mad
permanent In New YOlk City 1 I
proposed lo lacks aa xhlbll of the
manifold resources Territory that
will b HID meant of attracting lime
attention ol limos seeking new hold
fir Invcttuieut and Indue them to b
com InUreiinl In the Territory Tbe
Rtntlemau reporti having met with ex
cellent euccett In bit work Tlutle
Jotlah ltck It modest and I not maim
tog any great blow but boll dead onto
a ture thing Jut tea amt Bourns
for simples ol ore containing ran
mineral were received by him today
from New York and they canted hit
fee to beam with a trail of latlifao
lon Aalilpmeutol 100 poundioflh
ore I lo le mao tMi vonlng and
while Ih1 merely a lample It adds
qulle binJioraely lo hit bank account
Mr Reeks mining dome am located la
Ibu tuuthern part ot the ttrrlMiy +
rv Dirpatcb
I SI Thompson ol slits city m1 with
a terrlable aorldent Thuraday afternoon
ifs woiklugonathrethlnginachloa
I wee lokllllr 01 albrebllit lhlue
nearCorlune When the threiher wai
till In motion Mr Thompton stepped
down from ceding togreaio Sims cylln
der Borne way or other hit left band
k < naught In th cogs below tb cylin
der 1 All the ftngcn nun chewed com
pletely oil Only the ituuip of the
I Iliumli wai left He waibrougbt home
on a rock rAck luffcrlng fearfully from
tlm mangled hand time accident proved
a nero shock to the lamlly Dr
CarrliiKtou made the tutferer at com
lorlable ai poitlble Drhiham Ilugler
A gold excllemint bai broken out In
loet creek canyon about II 1 mllei Iron
Bullna Nome prospector from Cattla
valley have been working up there tbla
lummer and they claim to have struck
ore tbat ana i all th war from It t
loo per ton In gold The eettleri In th
canyon have aught the fever and a
number ol them have loft their farms
and are now ilaklng vut clalmi Thtre
maybe aomethlng In I1 Samples ol
the ore have been left at ems olBe
Sallna Preti
Powdtred itarcb will k atalniout
el I linen If applied Immediately Toa
dams may bt removed from a table
cloth by Immersing It In a strong tola
lion ol sugar for a few f mlnuttt and then
riming It In soft wtttr Home and
Ooho n asked p ruaoe Lae lyaleks
rolh4 ey lul4 Obese
I ire Iconlod UOcUO
1Cetum Sitenltr owl 13D8t0
Sheep Wolen horaw6321100i20
I UOII r owl 176 UO
Cow r cwt f0c3
Iull Vr clt U8O

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