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The Coalville times. [volume] (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, November 30, 1894, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library

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T rEullfjiiy IN BHIIW
Whit Wo Hid in Our Ntwtj El
C chisjw
Minim SinK tM In ml Pdrtiatfi to
seat it Our Scud Stem Kie > I
1 W Ike TrrtlUrf
aandv I Infected with a pg of burr
lir I
W 0 llrlti MMoail 1 In I the tlrMlof
oMI l KrliUy nfletnuon
M lloUnran In Joll nI Rnrtr for
aiiualtwlth Inf ml 10 do 1000IIy l lurm
comniltlnl eitkltle l VeUn td > y mornlnic
by taking UnJ mim
Irwl 1 NrlWnmll H into In rampany I
a II Mxtrfnth htantf Wit < h1 seal 1
fatally ounII1 l Mr 1 Illnkltyt houra
lu till Ijk Ut Frldny Jin llinklcr
kfciin lipllnl I
Thoio llurnhain a imlvo of flat I
Ilium eltoi W poor 111 l vrrv niddrnlir
of coniiiiiipllon ni ilio rontiiiani of Mr I
Him 01 W 0 lnaUy burning hut at i
lout B oYlock Itrnter Utonlnn
A rotn > l < > tn nlHry IOSlbhhlt WII
temleif 1 Hon Jwcpli U IlKxIln boon
0 thy night at Hull Ik on tho era of loin
departure ta Unililiiitoii Cnrm acre
laid for lIlr goethe l al Ilio Knuufflnl
and It 1 namiiirralnlTalr
Frrl l XtngfT 0 laborer pinplujul HI
the Conklln Mmpllng wok uI4IIII1
n full In a Una inyilcrloiii I nay ftul al
tIr close of iork Thiiridjy evrnlnirand
dlfil fitni the cIrcle cf It Jwlirihiy
inornlnit Trlbunr 2lih
Charlce W nton nllm Clitrly 1orl
0 wanted at dgiia Cat for tue murder
of a China mAil on tho nflcrnoon of
Octolxr OMIt loch use arrntnl hy I the
police lct night and ll I hold nt Ihr rity
jalUvalllnn bile I anll1 l of an ollirer
from tho wont Tribune
0 On Crldny llklrr J C lyoimnd HMer i
HT Winter returned from lh IndUu
territory mlIon They wero ooniwlltd
to return on account uf nn allarli ol
mnlirlu air r and worn aoiunipmiltil Ity
UMcr Iycm Within the licit frr I < IA > e
KMer Iyon and lleailpy will rilurnto
Ihelr leliloflabori lltraM
The onyx louIs juU norlli uf I Uhl
Junitlonnrv hoouiliif up Ihero being
qullu a force of men working orithem
III ll I retried thxl Mr 1 Orln Ilwk rll
old hi land out there In an > nyx ruin
pan i 7 for MOW 1111 other dsyI M
lltnry Fellow and Will VIIIUmi pro
cured two doukeye Ion ry Intending
to lIke part In ho I tmule 1 Aflerrldlng
through our ditch an1 caulng no end of
e Hmm i I inu for ilio oIly
When a lori nay out ol town HIP
anlmali balked and no amount of pet >
condos coot got Ihrin lo promd TIe
boji hallo roluru lo Murray nnd tnlio
Iho oar to Halt Uik Murniy Aniirkwn
Ai an HliHtMllon of the iiilliil I
fall f hloecllon of Ilah hal enje l
nUlihli rlllint Ii atilt Ilijojluz It
It I only necemry to cay lhaltli quaken >
Aap lnoea 0111 oilier ihrubion lilllt
around IVrk lily urn liaditK a ireoml
growth Many of them limn > elllnK
built anl ore on tlm P1tlmt leaving out
It liarro I ilglitlark 1 Iteonrd
Jlciri lloitcn and Ire Ie l and
uperaloribf the JIb Itny out ul the
valuable proiiertlet at the head of Cant
Fork recenllr cold a lot ol oreIh pro
e illicit of ttc weeks labor which nelleil
horn tho nu < limIt iiiiu of t161 Tho
I llol 1101 li I now looking my line mid
iU n PAID nnil lIuon tnhll rmh work
itcaillly on that property tIlls n Inter
lllngham llullotln
Tisentyllvo men one iiowaitlvvly cia
plettilln linirovliiK lit Pry crook fa
sal Lorltoqoaluiillra 01 rook urubvlnj
hauled saul lIe Lei ol the canal whero
I Hit land led D41 uoiinl ar Win
1 rptereil with tool In order lo pretrn
eros he great icepatEe nlilch is I now julnjj oil i
0anL ° 1 kt that point Tho men will ronlluti
their work at IOUK at the e herwll
permit Bandy liulc > fiil iit
I1UUSaturday lou t ul Jumet Sjiroiiw
olilldrmi tier In lUll on thu floor III I
the i kitchen liy Ilio ituie onn ol tliii i
kicked ley Itbin unJer the iloo am
1itIII lltlppetl oerllirowliiK Otto leille 01
hot uater ito Ilte lope and our the itoily
ol the youniicil chIli Mally ncaldln II I
The oIlier hlll wulclil ha I about or II
ydIrre Ololl wni pretlv ludly icalded hili
fen ecpected lo rvcottr Vernal Ux
An old lady IIho nUI tier nanit nn
Itt riCUrkialii the hair ol the al
I idioe ninl titroniullltoiuniilyclerk r
elllco ycitcrday by her rurilnx IIml
a iReirlnaat the olllcUli Utaiuo there
was no way of getting tho tasti on her
properly aseeod1or 10000 and clear
01 olcjlIDIIonc rmlltcd Th roolll
lalo1I1 1I111lItll Ihal willI all Irr I
yaluable poOlllonl plo hod ito onO
dapondilli an 10 lor atippori pat elm
J iorll woluoclu Iht Ilmecouiiio cltarliy
filII amid lAI ongr IlQaluo lto gould 1
pt cr1 iiIlrralul
While operallni under adonbleilreln
duo In 1111 endeavor brim iua < le liy the
inan gcnienl lo rnwil nil order one ol 1
the Llg boiler al the Dwerel WooUin
mill yiitirclar ruirnlnz ripped Ilioll
1 from head to item but wilhoul doing
oulilde ilninnje Al o r Mil 11 ot the
break the mill otIs now ottatlllil wt l I
lLout ollhllil l ujwelly iiiKBulialiiiu
tin rcitnctlne of Ihe ftrklm lone Tle
carder ami iilmwr are nnl bi
very fortunately IliO ejock 01 pnn ma I
enable the loomi
rlali woe lulllclint
lo rtintlntin an bflurv tn onler for
another Uillvr kae alireuly been placed
but II will of roan be sometIme before
the wortlilem steam fnwntor h rt >
plared a nd Dm BOW boiler reedy lot lull
of rilon lleraM
The Manimnlh mill U I nol workIng
Ililrlr tlampt nll It puttn ten mor In
pixlilon The onmtallnn la I laM tor
l nly innn but they Kill pnbably not
be put It Mart iprim The pipe line
1 raw CtwityerMk tTromplelr1 nit a
mon a he new pump arrive then will 11
be no lack of jaler al ellhet t mine at
mill A men aa Ih pump It I In I the
MamBoih eoippanyrmpotntoitoaiiar
with ioelag al Ike mine and will pal i
16 men lo work at dtye nar Tlnile
o1o4a tnarer Culler pad out HO
110O toe belli the farmer ol LUli
the major part nl wbeh me to Utah
Uounly and a worn luiye I p met ol thai lo I
Uhl arniM On 8nlunl Ihi lOili he
P oaIl wit fr loiter 16000 ii llnii 4f111
000 Ihl l mil by tliU Iniliilry In I the l < io
iasYmI I Th amount alnuv lienon
to mail UiiliMM 1 lIons up In Ilium
fill Up loilat hlltlnl ul euear
made tin nueon li I two nt l a hall mill
ion pound The Inotory ht r olve < l
X > nW tent ol bwle wurkid up 1BOOO
ton on hand ISOUU lone SoIl tIde
look 3IXJUeackaoltu rUlil Banner
ToCII Hlecil MHheuand la1 boo
Ions > he creilltof runnlni down and
cupluilmt whet ItiakltolM I I the sot of
Hie Soon Urira iet of 1 barnee thletw
Hhurll > alter loot iiikUliht lbs o40eew
i I nirMled threw ol Diem oiimlt mile I toot
I ollhlerlty ilsIle alley wit on Ihelr
I aay ludrantarlll nhenal iianh l inne
of 01mw ntiinlitr llve TICKJ Hum ere
JoHi hunter ieee Itelten I I inl II I
M < nth Tlioy t er lrarrllti In n wagon
and hail ecicra l aete of hllllln Ilielr
luiieMlnn tint w ore Identlllnl In Hull I
Itko today 10111 I onlwk till
iiiornlniiT II I Walter aiHilher allegnl I
member uf tie iiiit ion arrrl d In I
tllrllY tIt toll luitIc tier Krraltinl
In lito pollen uwrt Ihli ulif rnnun on a
elmre of iirnnl Urctny and In default
0100 boinl oweho an icm alll1 to
Jail IVwret Noun
A tnulllUll of 1100 < ople holly
rljlitfii la hasp l thrown fioinii ehlele
tutroitlr iMUHpliu drath and n t 00
hurt Mrelrli dead 1 on lime KIOUIK In I
Iho 151011 of it filo Ore alarm rung
KntimUy orviilnit ihuliij an outdoor
political nieelliii When the hoecjtt
rccioe up the tlreet It frliihtrneil the tenin
a JriiMn wll of I J M 1 Jenien n
It I mi Tliu hnnei wioriot I around
iruko the eorrlen IOIIBIII and doheil j
hen luau aIred Ihrnwlng llin lad out
ear Pamucl 8inltlii pUre Tho block
1101110 ol UK rourlho < i < > llieteam critthed
iltn a Ire I Inilanily klllln Olt i ol the
linrera Mr 1 Jensen had recvntly refuted
MO lor the Imrw I It wm it heel and lit
elh eauKl great errroa In the homily
Three praclliil luker wont think It I Ia I
0 MiiiirlifunlflUvarii i j mini III out and i
Into lo pay dtnueillrlghim Milkier
The keynote lo the bett eoeifly li I owl I
urallon uheieby > nil the attune load
tliirement are eipdhl lo all men look
aro our honiHioM 1 gol 1 They make In
lilblelhln rlilble The great of time
tttli ltO l ir ihiMii to the cenlti uf Ultra
Attention I 1 n habit ami 1 mibjwt to
leanuie lao I whIrl leunUlo all oilier
habit Kterv act we perkurmn todny
ecuiuei alii the milrrto > erfuriii lo
lorroit ilmgilr Ian tie hav Ie i
ormei It loby And eVery lilly ni 0
e JI lcrt tu ietform loiliy becomee I
lanler 10 perhur morrowand birder I
till the rroi Icy Hver farully aol
Hiwer OIl ItO > em li I daily herominit
liber monger or lIke we rannut
land Hill and our ehnraelere are be
ruining liardenwl and itereatyiml every
In whether we wlih or not I lurdinul
Old recolhcl not acmnlliiK In what nv
hlnk or nhut 10 nlal 19 be lntnc
oorilliKtonhal todo Therefom vvury
lino II 0 hliro htnguldly lon addrei
0 r rrnd n Inok caHnly the tinblt of In
ttcntlon Iwroinri ttringthenol nnd It
ircoinri lets itnd lea jMinlble for ni In
wrome clear Ihlnkir ur meaoy reaeon
on On the other hand mpiwie we
rtf niilne lo inukx 0 greAt rirort itil
eiolully bind brett our holeIlioughti
10 n ubJclllho neon time wo whIm to
II III l Ilun raino tlilnn Ilio ilForl nIloirell
will bo leii I palnlnl mid nt lenilh tbe
uililt of attiiithn Hill grow on ui am
lorame om ami plenmnt
What N I the nnclloul Infercnro lo ho 1
Iran n from thrie trulluT Why tha
In nil o e doln irboole the habit of itrlr
atlvntlon to I rnlee thould be culllvatetl
If n buy li i allotrrd toglto n half hearts
Mlonllon to limo mlmir rule ol lid
clioot be will ghe n lialMiearlcil alien
lion lo the IwulilliK It would a wpn
merIuti If lie Ill 1101 IX I not therefore
thlrk Ilitlitly of Iliv minor ocli by wbkl
tlivillenra nnd cloie watcbfulnex can be
cultivated riee that the minor Oct AO
w el l done omit opt nlll Hud Ihnt In I Hi
way the Imliit of Ililenlng allenthely 10 t
IOu I IMCb will bo conllrineil II
0 lnato > onie of the iMclmrt loammig
llWoy 10 imelul l TliunlnUliig < < lalho
The InHlluto lion adjonmwl I nut 11I
prlJavmnlns December Till flory
Iud l Intltod tile Iolio Inl It I lhvpru
Kram for that wnliigi I
Icsla VII
r t1
I eitdtie hianlns I tF sam
011 I Tb 1
OarI4na r I
ono Nnl
8hIIII ie l UMd In attempting lu uiiro
Ihal try illwurmwbl illmniw mlanli
A alah uililnalio In lniiurhiei in
hnblonl local uppll tlont I landoiio
I > i rmniii nt iiuoil The lommoii eniHi
loll wI ol tUMlineiit lilo liurll Hit
I nnd I ur Ill piirpmia I tliire In no I
nniiaiiiin uia thirlu lluoils jr i
I i itltln
llunlii tIll atrrctitn 1115 lull I by re
i orlng peililalilt action to lIlt Innuu
ary canal
t > ild Moor wat down iw hit roach
Snday and Monitoy
Mr Ralph Manwell come > how I rum
IM on bntlMM WcdneeiUy
Mr John Hiombraker ol Hoylnllle
wMdowuanbutlneecih llrtl ol Iliv
sIeorgs4eerecf Keho sCtnIiI
vIsitor Hhd y a 050 alro Offlcvt
sl laW 1
William II Smith Jr dad wmlly
earoe lutist frau their nn < li W ilii day
on f4 thurt ylsIl l
MeMr William tllrltndAaa WIlMn
ma < le I a Irlulo Salt fAil un Imuortait
builtm TttNdiiy boot l
Mr dan Veal of Ilewanl Vtin
moler of Mr William Parley 1 It In
tIe thy oa a vili to bee dau htor
Vllr old 1n1 N It IInaJtp gel loLl y
woofs 1iHiKlilc Monday lur a In > I u > re
Ur IIIIIH I II ii us lomakii Till lieu a
Mm Agne < Uineonnli ir > U 1 I e lul
Mr I HIT I I Ili I InmWM I onmowI 1 In I lie
rll > Inun I lur I hnme at KMIII > toll lull 1
frldai Hheiani < ln4Bwcr I loa COIl
nionn tr ili tlik 1 bed ol her tleler 1
Sir 1 Jowph Mtrburiuu relumed lium
Xinrklnn hteitsoeley where In I nia
umm lead li > the Icslliuwl tub tilillli r
II iirrhr1 too lute I oeenr 01 l HI tto
tow hi lilt f her site a Ill lallrr ei
phenol 1 a fw hours bvlur he uatluil I loIs
A WannlrlJ peeri Imttlin tfnl
ol Hi mlvrn Nevi > per Union wa
In C < aslnlbi l Wednmlty in Ike interest
ol bli bniiw Mr WaniifrM U I an old
and niperiencfd 1 traveling nun but Ihle
I hit Oral rlll In Utah He It I fry
niwh luipmwd with IhU xrllonofllie
country andwpeelally wllli Ilieellmitli
lbs left Omalt a week a5u and Infornit
tIne wrtl r that at Dial tin th wMtker
OtIs estremely coll A time
rut unr trniMin II n
tllorl l l Inlr nirulUnt mill Mill II
Oslo Tuinirr
The Til Iti ii i of Monday layt Hit
llnanelal llllicullle that haw for 101110
inontht InHiblnl lime llrmt Salt Ute A
Hot Hprlngt Killwa COIIIInl hate
iiinlteJ In th > teltuie by bherlir Me
ito il I the rolling tloek and other
pertonal proptrlr ol the oeiu > any cisul 1
ol as > much ol the ro 1I1 and oIlier
real 1 ruble at 111 l III tfall Uke CIUIII
The 1l1ollIh ahoalerlol Oil Ihcom
pmiyi rinclilr
Thnlntln Mete unvle inidrr owen
lion ltued upon three Judgment rIo
d lrrod boy I conftMkvt ooltt the r rn
ia ny III lIe dlIIteou1 01 Augtlit Jl
me In lavor I ot tool Itolbenberir fur
621111 I 1 1 ooe Oil n elaliu ol Lmaniirl
blanks Our 1687179 coil the third un a
debt ol liOII18 due the National
IIAhk of Ills Kepuhllf nuking a total uf I
Tho Juilfinenli ami Ilio levlet I made
hinter 1111I rank In pilurllyln the or
ler csoineI l Tilt ebucrn ol Ih plop
cIty woo md on Salunlay afternoon I
oiol etMllHK
Oentral lingr Haiuberger eahul lad l
OVlIIIrtC Ib1 thin oompuny hopl 0 lobe
able ID role filiKll ullh nhleli to p > y
sir tie juilLIllelhi Ulorn nest fdilurdty
Ih d lode ullor lb nit of the per I
potosi l prOi rly telml oral lean I to bo
alamo lo reach luch an adjitttment ai
nuld lMtall I hl f clory to bile credllurt
Tb i company he nld had es > ended
WJOUOIneunitrnellnic col I ivulpplng
lie road ami In muring rlghti I ol way I
oomt lemilnil ground but had mil lieen I
elate to float Ha bond Negiitlulionii
111 promltnl lu tO aceennielul weto In
tinos rn Utt rear hon iS l51i1t elm
011 an I ninlo ll Isol00elil ti pUct tlm
wiirlll ai wtpeoled
The primotvri of Ih enterprlie ran
niil Mr IlamUrjec bnd Ibm yrnr
enened their ulTiirli lo ali bond bat
mi not t bean itill luofeiilul Ac
mllng to lila umlentan Ihe lila
ore of tin n ad IIA clooc lo came Iht
company toellliei pty or tecnre the
dbl by a morlgiKB o III properly
lIe I lliouiht It pimlble that the latlir
rourie inlghl bo taken
A later report It I to the effect that u
ettlemvnt will probably be I nude IIllb
hi li criklllori of the Until ktlt lake A
lot I Vprlngt roitd and the Una cilendei
to rorinlngton
I Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder I
AwiJ Ml Model UUidaln Plr Set Fcrobro
TlilUuirNunil > rV Tleeobluodeal
oot 0 AIao5
Iterent nrrUalt from the Ilradiha
inountalng Arizona rrport the lle
cover uf n clInMitellrr village I In onti
of the inoit i qac iillle canyoili of III II that I
range which lui neter beforo bet
i < stn liy while men Tho dl
corny wa intdo by two proipeclor
named Whit wild Wllllaiui who tlll
IHit Kllenipl n tboraugh oxplarutlon but
Iron tliflrdtrlptloa hills li I the litrgeit
nilln of tho uonderful l > boil Hint hut
ner IH dllOOvo1
Ihvtlllagt lilocalnl along the high
bankt on either elde of Hit Willow can I
> on and the honiet ate cillicated to
ho MO In i number It U I nary dlfllcnlt
Is rueli tIll ounyon even With pack
anlmuli which aerountt fur Its having
to long remained undiscovered There
are three natural IOIHW along HID
canyon wall ami tho dwelling pen
hank lron thute Xarrow Hep In the
turk now aluiutl worn away ivtm lo
indlfitie thai ihli wat iliu mtihod em I
ployvil ftr a > cnt ur duiMnl
iMveralef the huu > e ntwrv explored
and Urge quaniillmi ut tulUry miluiut
lntrumntoiil < nily Opal far clIllIl
InK 1110 01011 ncr luund I I In one the
iMuion I a man nm ovr Itt eel
UIUM mil lure l livluhl I nid uu rod
lIlt onn Ill Ililt pln u IIIIf R
I lull to lIe l unil lioni r vl ltiK1 having
i l iitiiltiti > iml II Ilmis i h0ry pmut
I in be nun it will iluuw new llihl un
I the ha tit i of the little known t oplt
Ill ar at knwn no other etldrnce hit I
acer bn dimmed of 1 thtchffditellert
I barIng eIiIouhrtl bile toll A IOnIC u
nowl lnitorHlll edto Ibnrouihly ef
millie I tile niftMna lllij and Iho
remit ol theIr rcif rtliei wIll lot IInted
I with inlerilt
I IIIK 500 jltfle Ui > r < l < lli 00 lih
litilebIlI No ell lilt trtah Kiperl
I in i Mullen IIIIh of tbe vtlne rut oleaw
10 i il 1IIBIr fit liny I then iprlni
I > ri I uf grain fruJlnir fltlre odor
hrsmiluig e1WtDi dittli chew II tonill
soueut t tidaof4ltfflritm trim In polIce
Tl ivllowlnn tarti 011 Uuuitlil out In
II hibulletin i
TMely M n joIned hey tlon for Ill
mOle ained J08 MXimll lertisy exh
H < u r < fd chOw ami hay will In
K > IM 17 I p6onlt pr day each Incas
I Hiert M on boors and 1 > lrw
IM 1 liny ialsl pnoetlrnliy nothing
u ii I an udeleter and ttraw lu2J
0 i 0 t ilmM 1 td poll lid Cr Ion t each
I I II i M on fret alol I 11 aw for 113
i U > wilne lJ pOdJ iWrdOi let Her
I All lit liner 1 alter luting been fed
u rpMllMIn intratriipht 12 And 31
nlne < t but Jl 1outirde I par I lay each for
M diyt oil inUeil Lay grain and root
Thf < m llnes ot the groIn li I thouiiht lo
bed I U Hxtliingo of food
MIn honidl at night l In yard dur
ing ho dr whm font on hay and grain
ami 1 cither rcvli straw ur enilUji
alued I 11I1 > andi I wrdy encbforSt
I 0
Tit npellinenlt Indlealo Ihttany
altmm lo crowd a itter late In Ike I
eprlng after be bat huron inodttttcly
well led 1 will rtreult lt a lou
Ilooit nuida mere giln Ihan either
clean or cmllage
At HID amount ol grain led 1 IncretiH
II 1Olh Inerrntcd I snob 11 Hie reel 01
the pouts slnreapwIm l
Hirer bntntht 2 cenhs situl ted In the
manner llxllcalnl duilnf the wlaler
ranimt be told at a pruflt In the airIng
01 Ine I than gents
The bullellnt ef 1 tbe Agricultural Col
Irk ii rlineiit Station ire milled Ire I
on appllrallon
Only a Scar Remains
Scrofula Cured Rieod Purified by
Hood Saruparllla
at Hood ft Co LowHMiii1 I
III wlthpbusurs lhaU1I4 a UittawtJU
eooefrnlof whet hood Itftipvin tudoat
toe tnr dbl V let oodrlol nudlttu
uxl Icunot rvncat U LIght luik
who li fourtiin peso 41 baa two
Afflicted With Ocroful
erslooslwu OM jia etiL I For Or t ytari
btlu lunlarunnlntKre I en on ildcllir 1 I
r neuliiemiror lrrMomn d l but
tore IV tried rrrytnrd rnroiucnrotd
OoiIIn R dli her any rod urilll Os eomm D d l
Dint lloodi Duurwlla ii lr nurrlM iluhur
JH = cJlD e lo UK Jlwtfi Bii > > uUI beuuie
Hoods Cures I
It bad eured htrcttfjiHpiU 6b bad bla
troubled llh Ihol MUlnl line 1 childhood
mil site ti r rure lU ul nivr beers I with l ft
xilllt1 lintel tlrllt Loose oUt
eomnirmixl item Its tiara about one TIW
ago aol It Los COWIIM the runblof lore
Only n Scar Remaining I
U altar 01 tho ttdll dlsoaa 7arjua toM
htng Oh ntdkIn M rillbt was affaro4
liut n M ili un KilKi li r In eounMUoa
Uli I Hood iMmnaruuw In iiiMi Hood i
rjf tll 1111 aul ttt tlitn tli 1 > L Uu
lUiiuilmmx XrA lUaola
Hood POle CUTIMUII lick ha4a
IotdlgoUou LWoueneL bold hycU trouble
W t MiOINXMI I i A I wopsa
1 VnlII
noon m IJ ssd L Win tooa rail
CooepcT blldID
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1 bee I r n Aliiurl oiiili atiiitir pi I
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Home Comfort Range
Best On Earth
Comiu1 NOV 241894 Wrought Ntrni Utin ript 10 1894W I >
Iron KingeCo Dun BIIThe i range Vallindlnghim Eq Dun SIITh
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hi renmitue million rlilmed lot It and for It llefor purchailnt pour Itsn I
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It Itavet luII Ia neal cnI l clean be kind 01 rongr aOtl am convinced that
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wok required 01101 In a mnnor thit li 01 range You Iruly
Mill gratifying tlt tillifactory I Ul T McOixni
icirfully recommend lIla oil ir whede
sIre a prlceltt pier of houtiheld lurnl
lii rt Keipectfully ItoaoiXUrillNov 1601Wrollllll
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MtMiThcllinit Ipurchiied I from II
ComitLc Nor W 1894 Wrotiihl W Nelon certainly I iiirpaitei anything l
Iron I Il nso Co HI Iouillaoing i ollbt kind nr onO il In or family ll
bought from your iiltimin Mr 1 tI 51 lao quick and iren haLo and furnliliri
ltagdcle one ol your llorat Comfort a bountiful 1 supply of hot wattr for II I
flange I aik for space In rut lull hoimhold purpoli Ill cleinllneit
onlilllit tony Itt It 1 perfect In open alon duI tr gratltul of all goo < l
tins tconomtilrg fuel ndln tact houttkeepiri and to own a Hproi Com
Ito o finest cooking eppiritni on earth firt meant la own a treasure
tote who boy Hum will mm loan I II ii DIIIII Piirta
iue to regret II Ileiptctfully
A A Iun All U P lly
Mo o HUrAn Non 19 HOt > Wrnugbt
Comiui U TWrought Iron Ira Hinge Co HI Ix > uli Mo Imuf
Ungt Ce 81 LooiAiiow me epic aiW with limply SII add our
In our testimonial Hit to tiy lint wordotrtcemmenilitlon lo tIa tniny
bought from isO llurnelt your sole other you hive already received for
man onuof lout Ifcme Comfort RintuI tour Item Comfort Itiae Wt flint
anti r alter t Iherouth Irlil Ond U to DC a the on purchased your laleiman I Mr
Yery Ito Inker und In fid nil II not J H ilellui I a ihort lIons aloe glvet
moo than claimed for It 1 ito rang li tictlltnt tillifictlon In 1 every reipect
ill I right anti Ihoin who buy Hum will Think particularly U It I tiny teonomlcal
not I regret It lleirwcltully In Iht fuel lint
Mat W W Ctvrr I Ma AXD Mae W C Kiuouax
Direct From Tho Tea Gardens
Fragrant I Rich I Delicious I
Genuine only when supplied In Original Patent Air
tight Canister bearing grower name I
Thcte delicious Teat are uacd in almost every homo
n the Old I Country LIpton No i U unanImously de
lured to be The Plneit Tea The World I 1c Produce
Wholesale and Retail Agents PARK CITY UTAH
Tho Only Pure Lard in tho Market
E3 > Tlils Ic not cotton iced oil imported from the east but
PUKE LAUD made from hogs railed in Summit County
DUI lUUll DlfilllD CHBAPEST My Meats arc the heat
IU the market because T flhlV PUPM A1 1AQU
Jd will take none but the I VU I LIIIJLII I VAt UtiIUII I
very best My competitors buy for merchandise and are com
veiled to take anything they can get for store pay MY PRICES
ARE TilE LOWEST because I SQLl IOR CASH or Cash in
thirty days and do not have to charge an extreme price to make i
up for the man who does not pay hit bill My space is too small
to quote you priees but to convince yourselves give me a trial
for one month A full stock of all kinds of fresh meats always
on hand
Always On Hand at the
wnmrH 1 MINF
UQ1p 200
Stove = lSO
i i i II 1 HI fli i
Wasatch Dept O S M CoI
Josv Hartley
lanauai Oranges Lemons and
nil Senaonable Goods arriving
ally The best I 5 ccntcigaHn
the city
Fountain SaIooq
We have In Stock
Good Old Untidy for Family
Use Good Old Pott Good
Old Holland Gin Good Old
Sherry and Angelica Pabtt
Export Beer Good Old Black
berry Brandy Temple Club
Heliind tic Bar
Homemade Tinware Stove
1ipc Hath Tubs Garden
Sprinklers Galvanized Iron
Zinc Copper and Sheet
Iron Work etc made and
Repaired by
Joseph Jones
Shop one block east of Stake
House Coalville Utah
rhyilcUu unit Surgeon
City > ud qairnnlliie lliilclan
to olHre at alt hour exe < pt when away
on hiiilnri OIL on Main itratt
Park City
WIWUI nnrfiEn
XeUry InUlt llWr
OollMllonl lOad rrlMI IttxmlU
Iloytsville Summit Co Utah
rilmieP Pm ICt IrrmuvAntlALtd
jliuui vunuaJ nuvvwwwiniivu
Rites In Keeping With ih Tints
Mrs Lydia B Walker Pioprlelrtii
Summit County Utah
Globo Daffier SQOD
Shop on Lower Main Street
Hot and Cold Baths
Everything First Class
Shaving Tickets Jiio for Jloo
Im LL n Lfl
Iostuflicc addre55 1 Iloytiville
Summit County Utah
n UrC ttviitiii Ilnlr duumtlCoViah
mi id lion in ll rmllu Summit Co Ouli
leOl NbIt4IJI4II
to h Mo n
Ou 00 oon 110 n 0
J or i U 1boD IMM
3 u o It d
lli 01 i tte mIH II pumliM er notIn OJ
10 cuir > Ouif IUII llllrilinlliicunl
A rmmirr how to Obtkla litau vml
COM 1 uno la Ilii U3mJlujcjaoc BUt
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