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The Coalville times. (Coalville, Utah) 1894-1923, December 07, 1894, Image 3

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some fi In lull Mini Alnl olllo
lion or II be loll mid MII Tlirrraf
Mnrllrnllorr MllriMutr unit 1 llorl
ratture I
The Torn Crom
Corn Is I the great drop of
our entire country and 1 as such
merit great wnslderatlon A
the lack III HIP abundance of
any commodity tends to Impre upon
the people thus value of the same so
I the partial failure of the corn crop
IhI 31st III section of the country
I stimulate tin appreciation of the
worth of thl great cereal end tapir
nod encourage farmer and feeder of
stock to reonomUo In the use of tlir
entire plant mid to keep 1 n sharp out
look thai nothing he 1 wnstcd 11 vile
not bo refuted that the I eons crop h
en shamefully wasted owing to the
failure to cnniprelicnil tin Intrinsic
value of the fodder Tin writer him
self coiiiinriuHil his agricultural career
with the Idea the cornslulk were 14
coarse uiTKilatable fodder little
estecmcil by stmk nnil hence of small
Importance but every year has avers
him become more and more n ilium
plan or whlll nun formerly desplMd
null now lie U rally to emphatically
Indorse IN use for horse in nrll ne
cattle iniil to claim value us eln el
approximating Ihlll nf gash I timothy
hay lie > more curios wo keep tho
I more corn wit should grow 1 here I
nothing cl e that can Ira I produced so
largely and cheaply I upon n given area
I of lain Anl U U fitrthcrmnro the Mm I I
I cow fodder I It lit Important however
that the stalk bo properly cured to be
I wholcMiinniind I I nutrition Obviously I
lamp inouMy stalk would hu very
f Irnil food 1 for line horse yet II U I
well understood that when some
pain urn tuken to basso them
touted 1 ami ilrr the must
Tiiluablu horse may bo foil ubxun them
and both relish them anil thrive
them NYver allow the fodder tore
7r E
1 niiiln out tit iliMtrM his I Hit fti > ld Miik
lifter week i the n ruin nil the while I
washing and leaching the nutrient
nil away Let the same care nod pro I
thence I be cxcrelcd In curing corn foil
tier as obtain In the ilr > lnrof gras
for hay The principle ls I Just the
Mime since the corn plant In I qullc I
Mintlcal In It nature wlththo grasses
It In only of larger growth than lire
L the majority nf grussc Hint U I nil the
difference Hut no the butt lire wi
thick and sappy It take more time to
cure properly than U the CUM with
timothy blue grass nil 1 top etc limo
writer lorn not udvocalo I tying the
stalkc In bumllei nml piling the
bumlltiilii largo stool which art 10
lay many week In tire Reid miry
There nre better nml more economical
ajv Flue warm ninny iluysofim
tmmi must Im Improedlo limn fullest
i possible extent1 iV sprratl oust hay
t IpU > o inornlnir to dry during the day
time unit rock U 1 at night to prevent cx
poturn to dauipnrM so the stalks
rthould bo expoxsl mall liunillrn to
the warm nun and ulr of midday but
bi put In large tooU for the night
und thin procciii I repeuttsl 1 until thin
fodder U I dry and right to Ion then
store as salt an powlble kir winter
of feeding fodder M cured 1 will comiTt
the mcnt oUtlnnte and prejudler l man
to the knowledge of the great use und
valve of gall com alder for heck
feeding William I lcrldn ln Iarm
vn Iterlew I
Iollo In < > nlr l Illlnoli
Those who wMi to ruler n
good crop of potutocH next I
year had better get their ground I
ready to plant thin fall The
past two ftton und In l fuel mont
every nenuiii teaches thai the sooner
the need U put Into the ground tlur bet
I ter w 111 bo the crop There loll four
huts nf potutooi planted on thin farm
loot uprlug One lot urns planted early
In March node which thegroitnd frogs
no that no work WIIH done until April
when thin other Iota u ere put In the re
Mtltbclng that tiro 01 planting wu u
tine crop of gvod al led ushers thin
gthcrloUweru boar l and ilccrcnml In
inullty with the IntencM of planting p
A forcible Illiiktratlou of the necessity
of early planting wan found In u vil
lage garden the owner planting hU
hit curly In March the ITthjlatcrfrar
JilC41uil JiU wed 1 HUH frozen by thou
Kiil > sc < iucnteold weather In I replanted
thus lot dropping thus new seed In the
old news digging up I a part of the flrot
wed and 1 leasing them undlkturlicd I
Ofcoutve Inland lust planting were
equally ctilthated for they grew tide
by Mile In tin row At digging time
J he found line large tuber In those I
hili thAt were planted July while In I
the late planted IdlU the tubers were I
small and mostly ifurthlew Such ax
Il < irlriic H have lean MI fri juent that It
may safely lie I laid that potatoet fAil
not bo planted too early In the kpriiig
They will stood a great amount nl
i freezing If planleil 1 deep linn the
ground plowed thin fall leaving It
rough juxt us the plow hone It then
t just UH Dam an tit ground can be
worked furrow out und plant deep mid
i yea will get u crop If any one do < KanJ
may bu have u crop If every one else
tails Itulph Aullen In Farmer1 lti >
clew I
VntN roiihtdcrlng the Improvement
of roads the keeping roniMdeneleur
of weld und the planting of tree
along them should have wimo conklder
Illinois exchange Miynthnt wheat
continues to grow In favor at a pork
producing article and llllnoln fanner
sro converting their wheat Into pork
I ui taut BI pollute
Inflitrnr nl sots I
The domain of experimentation
In but begun We have not
yet found out what sails are
Imt adapted to certain trolls and
vrgetnhlA 1Ve have ben rnUlng
street Kitatoe + for n food many year
but hate till many problem to solve
The writer wan CHI South Water street
Chicago lout l week and casually got
Intermted In sweet potatoes fen y
sweet had been wiling at 1 per bar
eel but had later declined price all
other growths keeping uteadlly below
them A ery line barrel of nweet
was iinnoiinced 1 as on sale at It
ThU sold the wileman is I a line
barrel of Illinois grown potato On
being iiuestloneil he Mild that lervy
poatala I e ahuy score Innt In lIIIt
then tame Illinoisnml then Marland
The other Imalltle mnked loner
henry iotatoe sell hI l In uplte of
thy fact that they have to be leans
ported further and sro con c < uciitly
more exposed to deteriorating condi
tion and 1 would l be we fuppose more
likely to rot A trial of tIe qunlhy of
them luliorii will slow that there Is I na
locality In tits emntry that will grow
sweet potato line as Nets Jersey
soil will grow It flits Is I generally
tpruklng for there may be locallttcH III
other Mate that nre Idenllenl Im
position the New Jersey soil and I
that If known would produce Mil
Mvcct ixitatoe It wuild tx < InhI
Ing to know tin exact t eomxnltloii and
texture of the New Jersey soil nMl for
this product It would be Interesting
also to knon the different soil In each
state The state of Maryland hai al
ready iHgiin thl good work A map
uns been made showing by color mid 1
diagram the soil In every county und
township A man can sit dimn and
with the map tell cpittc uceilmlcly
what kind of crops should bn raised III
each place livery one knows the
great dllTercnce there U I III the same
apple when grown In different lutes
This ls I more thus rvsultof soil illtlVr
core than anything else The moral
to be draw from these few remarks Is
that we have got to get acquaint d
with the soil with which wn are work
ing In other word every Intelligent
farmer should know the exact analyse
of lilt soil for the first twelve Inches In
n i II I I
depth When this knowledge become
general IUbceasytoinaliecomparl
sons In the experience of man and
man As it lent present like exjierl
menta give contrary results on differ
eat nllr 1 II In Kanners lln
IMUI > < > I TrrrlrM Illu
Irof H H TIman says between this
highlands the Appnlachlana on the
east of limo Kooky mountain on thus
west AII < south of slue 1I1100r tho hike
lies the great Ion land liusln of thn
United State A largo portion of this
area Is I devoid of trie The treeless
region Includes both thus prairies and
plains the former lying mainly east of I
the Missouri and the latter west of this
stream The former nre usually very
fertile tin latter generally morn or
tern arid The absence of tree 1 > ono
of the most striking Impressive and
strangest feature of these land In
the pralrln region there ure mraslonul
forest area of considerable cMuit but
on this grout plums there lino I growing
timber save thnstraggllngcottoimooilH
that closely border the strrum Va
rious theories Innu been proposed tu
explain thus ubsencu of fnrcsU from
such large areas Irof LpMiimviuE
suggested thut It might be oulng to
thu unlit ihemlcnl iniallty of Ilia
toll dnu to thin luuistrlnn nature of
sediment from vhlch It came 1ruf
Whitney attributed thus lack of forest
egetutlon to the phystial texture
fineness of thin Mill und uucrtcd that
such tcgcluthm In the United States
exu pt the coast belt U I nearly coinci
dent with thn glacial gravel rime
most commonly advanced and thn mont
popularly ucieptcd vlev IK I that thus
great firm which Ht Internals sweep
over the regions hnui destroyed 1 ami
kept down blue tree growth The fact
that trees grow and flourish bath on
Uieiilalnsnml prairie when planted
apd protected renders thin first two
theories iniKitlsfuctory und It would
seem that If forest or other Hie div
Irojcil and then preented forest
grow th that they would ulkoohllterato
bits gins Then too It U knoit n troll
such timer do not kill time root of tree
but only thus growth ulmtngniund
Mr J W lEeihnly hUM recently In
the I U > mloii Ueogni > hlcal Journul
offered u new explanation 1 for thus I
absencoof tree llu think that the
carrying and distributing of IlIf1
seeds Iwo been mainly ilnmt tlirougji
the agency of staler und blunt this
sprtndof forest gronthkwithout till
natural or soma orllllIAI old wool bo
very WOW lluthlnk that our trrelms
areas hula neter been 1 inerllortivl
running stream since they tee < ry
land and conHHiiieiilly I try
never Wen sawn with a fr oJ
Vherevcrthu wnteiiif runn1 i
hug spread M rls 1 I > > tid
forests hu > e nppeimu Av nlii to
thin view these region have always
been treelew and the author holds
that the natnreof the soil and fire have
lean seeondary I and nut the principal
agent In eiustng the condition The
explanatliht prO > osel se ms to have
a anbstantlnl bast l and 1s deserving a
pined I among llmre which have pre
ceded II
sweet add trio lalslra
Sweet potntoe mid Irish potatoes
should bn dug as soon as ripe says
Southern Planter Ito not let the
ensues remain In the ground until the
lop are all killed by the frost The
nxits are very opt to deteriorate after
the tops are frosted unit nre more
dinicult to harvest clean and dry as I
they should he to keep well 1 After
nest the weather ID I apt to 1u broken
and showery sod the work 01 digging
and housing or plelng to bn delayed
Do not store them In too great quanti
ties In one pic or lmu e ns they ore
certain to bent and poll Hfty or
sixty bushel are quite sunielenl to put
In one lot IVrefully them before
storing and take out bit damaged or
sllihtly decnjcd I I roots These
It left In will soon nit and In
feet the whole heap Store them
on high dry ground It not put Into a
root house and cover with slmw nnd
allow them to sweat Infore covering
with Mill After the sweating over
cover with dry straw to the depth of
six Inclines and l > lftt the soil solid
This will keep the pie at nn immblo
temperature and preserve 1 the roots If
stored In a bouse It should well ven
tilated to allow the moisture which
will nrle from the sweating of the
stored nxit to pas I off and then after
this ls I over the houses should be cloud
and kept at an even temperature dur
ing thin winter This temperature
should not l > o oerW degrees nor be
low 41 Imler Ihcsu conditions the
roots will remain firm and sound und
will not sprout
The liiillli Ilse
The Illustration In connection with
thl article shoos the old IJngllsh hog
after ho I had been Improved by genera
tlniiHof selection and breeding He is I
hardly In be compared to the hog of
the present day but Is I n very great lin
t pnnement the wild boar Illus
trated two week ngu and also when
compared to the Irish pig shown last
week Thl better type was brought
about by crossing tha wild hoar l on a
Chinese sow It will be nottcul that
the leg are much shorter and the
tueat iNirtlon well developed An
early writer says tilt will weigh more
III proportion to site than u w lid l boar
und is I withal n better animal In all the
pig points Thus descendants of this
old breed arc now seen principally In
the western counties of England
hero hng nof Immciisa slie 1 are ttlll
raised but greatly Improved when
compared with their ancestry all of
tho polntmif the < hlllron1 Kngllsh hog
being much liner thus carcass thicker
ann the propensity to fallen greatly
i oerO r
Increased Tho I breed Is exceedingly
prolific limo sows which are excellent
nurse often having I I from twelve to
eighteen pig In I one litter It I sup
M > sed that time llerkshlra und Iliap
skim canoe originally from this stuck
but by koine early crow obtained their
present characteristic
failur HOIK mi Irrlcalril I limit
I n u query to I rrlgutlon Ageiitisn eml
by W C ritulmmonit are glvru wme
1al iota on the profitable culture of the
castor bean between nlulttl rot Thu
result shonn hut the bran hasnot
liccn MI profitable where grown eaters
steely UK might seem It ould have bci n
During u course of years the average
grow recelpta In southeastern KanMi
w ere only 8U to J15 per acre And as
a crop to be grown while trees arc
maturing fur hiring It doe nut com
puma with root crops especially pota
1IIUIT Ilioni lrmv Much more food
can Ira grown on an acre iletotrd to
fruit than can be produdd within
kind of grain Imltgronlug also prs
vlde a greater mount of work and re
qulrea a larger number of helpers To
tilt extent that fruit growing Is substi
tuted for grain gr tut Inc there will
imtiirally b an Increaveof country mid
funning population This Is I shut
he t moot needed to mako land
uluuble Thogrowlngofgrahi makes
the land poorer especially w lure the
grain Is I sold Where fruit K I grown
the chief low to the soil ls I In the min
eral elcmenU and the sale of the fruit
bring money to purchase these Sell
Ing grain never return enough to re
store II the fertility expended In growing I
Clilna man oIkimili > as rum
I their be I < 1 WJ w st1u I I
lilies w stint water
a wli end beer VC > iJltlel 1 < blh
no Ir I tug I ij lends Tin H genius
< u uy n i Hu ssanuerMxllnns
I pi owinii r thou ors rope It i car
I It Ll 1 i selsa J to try sums of throe
auler vegetable In this oountry as
they will inrnlsh a grroter sandy of
foul tlmn already cUts here
lntoroln alllsen
The llrltlsh olumblan government a
new terms to settlers are briefly as fol
Not less tins thirty famlliea shirft 1
form a tetllement and each famlll
mail posses least JM0 cash of arri
sal here The goiernment leases n
uh family III acres or mrirea liiftj 1 I
free for the term of Ue years anUik
the expiranou of that period 11m
provrmentsjinve been mule to the ra4 I
u tech s an acre lashes a crown grant
Ike irovrrnirt > iit also engage to cons 1
street A wasrtinoad to each settlement
ud piovW mfll and marketing trans
port facilities The I settlers on the
other hind mutt become naturalUed 1
Ilirtn and do their share toward de
cloplng the resources of the province
eer a erI Ileerlh
Pon t expect to have clean teeth or a
sweet breath while there is I a lingo of
ushile Oil the tongue Ills I an unmls
Isltable evidence of Indigestion Drink
sour lemonade eat ripe frull and green
JCtnblfs for purgatives exerelsn 1
frteh use plenty of water Internally
and externally and keep up blue treat
raenl until the mouth Is I clean healthy
and red Various thlnga suggested
counteract on unpleasant breath re
sulting from n bad tooth seine or gar
He scented dishes Cinnamon mint
cream orris root clove mastic rosin
and spruce gum will dls ulso some
odors Ten drop of tincture of myrrh
I ID a glass nf water will sweeten and
refresh the mouth A teaspoonful of
spirits of camphor or cprmlnt In
tbr same gargle I Is among thus best an
llsrntlcih nnd a few drops ot myrrh and
imphor In the water Arc recommend
In ease of cold throat trouble or any
I alight Indisposition which may affect
the lrealh1hlladclphla I
When Judge llnxton of North Corn
lens as II young lawjer made hit Drat
ippearance at this bar the solicitor aa
Is customary that stale asked him
to take charge nf A case for him The
voting Inwcr did his best and the jury
found the defendant who wnauccuscil
with some petty misdemeanor guilty
Soon after oliO of the jurors coming
round the bar tapped him on the
shoulder llnxton1 sold he to the
jury did not think that man guilty but
ne did not lllio to discourage a young
ma > reen ling
I or Miiiltrii Cixihtuc
As a matter of useful Information It
I nay lie stated that whenever n cook
ing receipt calls for a baking ponder
the Koral should bo used Iho re
ceipt will Im found to work bettor and
surer and tho bread biscuit roll
cake dumplings crusts puddlnga
IjrlI d wlWt
crullers or whatever made will bo pro
Iwed sweeter lighter finer tlavorcd
more dainty palatableami I wholesomo
IVslde I I the KovaP 1 w lif go further I or
Its greater leavening Potter and IB
brfrte more economical than any
ether powder
Many receipts as published still call
for i rcambltartar and soda the oil
fashioned way of raising Modern
rooking and expert cooks do not sine
lion this old way In all such receipts 1
the lloynl Ilsklng 1owdcr should bo
sulitltuted without fall
The greatest adepts In the culinary
art are particular to lisa the Itoj al only
and elm authors of tho most mpula
rook books and slue teachers ot this snc
retsful cooking school with whom the
lest results aro Imperative sea careful
to Impress their veadsrs and nunll
wills the Importance ol Its cxcluilv
employment The Ilotal Hiking Ilowdcr U I blue
greatest help of modern times to per
feel cooking and every receipt requir
ing a qiilcKralsIng Ingredient should
imbody It
7 her II a lrlteeace
The difference between dining sod
feeding Is the difference between man
and brute The grandest old man on
IOroJIII tolll
earth is I credited with the statement
that one secret of the vigor of age la I
due to the habit of never allowing my
sell less I than an hour for the pleasant
business ot dining To sit down to II
well cooked dinner daintily served lu I
a bright clean room with a few con
genial spirits and the loved ones Lout
the table la I ono of tho real pleasure
of life
Race TI
n offer On Hundred Dollars reward
for any eaaa of Catarrh that can not Is
cured by Halls Cutarrb Cur
K J CHUNKV ft CO Tolelo O
We > lit nmlmliriipJ I hers known K J
Cheney tar the tut I 15 years and believe
him perfKtly liimorabl In all business
llsnisctlon and financially sbls 1 to carry
nut any cUlffatloni mails by tliolr Or
Writ I TSUJI Wholnala UraggMi To
IMo U Wiunin KIXHIX A lltaviK
Wliolnal DruijIiU Toledo O
Halls I Catarrh oTI Is l taken Intsnislly
aetlne directly aln tin Uowl and mucous
iurfaee of tbs lyitcm Testimonials seat
UrucslU tin 1rlco Tx pine bolll Mold by aU
llalls I nllr Ill 2 Ke
asuiioii Sitar Excuse me
cnld Meandering Mike as ho pauied At
the kitchen door but hey ye golan
work ya want done In exchange for
cold vlttles flea was the prompt
reply I right u tho reply us
ho turned away Oood day Uliu
made you ask the I question I Well
somstlwes 1 meet men that want lee
work for cold vlttlnm an Im so Ibo h
hearted that I like ter be abla Ice te
em where they kin be aoiomiiie
Cbeialaasa Irearals tree
With the Ural cold snap come
thoughts of the hold season and
how to get this money to buy presents
for friends and relatives I I Christina
presents may bo obtained entirely fees
of cost by drinking llon cofTee anal
then mall the large lion heads mit
frcm Lion coffee wrappers to the
Woolson Hplce company Toledo Oln
heir list of present com prim a tire
assortment fr pictures book a knits I
mo eteesieclaliy K line plctur
Meditation mailed In exchaniro for
eighteen largo lion heads llesldo
getting these present you also get
the finest coxes In the world by using
Lion coffee sold only In one pound
eiIuOdlol obnur
packages If your dealer hasnt an
I illustrated 1remluin Ilst send your
address on a postal card to the flrm
above nameil
I n Ihilti that do the muat 10 mh us
bst Py do rot rust lon
Vlllghest of5 ULeavent > g Power Latest U S Govt Report
k Bakins
1l J
1 h
lelrol I srUt sA mAn duly
sober all lrolrneralY cons
hlrryll 1t ung lso Ycot shortly after
mWnik 1t t tieATuo ucl n policeman I
Goal c arc Inert Sir Officers he gals I
ll I
iitcil b onV polllulyi Us I n pleasant night to
him Qulletn usplclously replied tho other eyeing
1 preeumo you are out every night
l reht you
lvcry night I and the ofllctr got tip
II little closer to him
1 night asked the passenger
All night
Thats the difference between us
xplslned the suspect Ul should be
out hall tho night Id get hllrk Irol
ny wife and I suppose If I stayed nut
all night IM bo churched nt thus next
icetlng You ought to be thankful
liatjou aro a policeman Hood night
ndt the Intruder hurried al leasing
the policeman In a state of great uncer
7l Ilo 01 Tmnl
Of bilious sx > pl li chkny In IM resin ot lha
Oebobwlmlheestretoe dlieomfurt beamed
Ihen are susothlnl sour iliniurh j < lk > BM <
nllb skin sn < t riebsll Morulatfnswra 1 snun
plraMnt breasts forms lonfue tick I IrtsiOacbc
sod lirYul rlty of tie huwela for each amt
allot thru uorlatn l iM > < llixlnlrr s mom
sets Ilium u a ilft and simnlilt mnnlr I
is I trrsllr prrtersMe to sny vetMillt Irho
o r draitle miners eslhsrtle suet ranke etc I
inr usually do more Inn Than coral laws
la1 tomrlilou Iho tltrr Is slmiK ImolirO
Fbr stub dlsunler A well si for rhmniailesna
kidney IrouVH MTimitiM and delillltr llu >
tatters ItOb lo is a teaks remedy
Ibpaielasnalrongty rommeod II lo Its prom
diode sal slid
Ille tborouthn profesulon sp
IYRa1 u fully jMilnisl ly public ei rlciirs
nrln mora roan s shied of a eenlury
Welsh trills Their Eyes
Tho dealer In Iho MooU who buy
nail sell the thousands of cattle lungs
and sheen which I I are dally handled at
ho bourbon 1 stockyards mutt bo expert
In guessing the weight of n live animal
Dt n glance In IlfarlolI Ilh a I
well known sttsulsmnn n few days ago I
ho explained why this Is I necessary 10 j
I olhll Impossible to neigh time
cattle In many case becania of lime
mmenso labor Involved nnd the length
of time It would take while I thus marl I
let II price which Is subject to constant
luetiiallon might easily vary from lls
lightest to IIa lowest limit while no i
were weighing the animal In ona of
our big I sales Tor Instance today I I
a inleli ims been the biggest day ot thus
yeAr thus far there havo Wen received
at the llourbon yards over 0 head
of cattle and about 0 < > CO hogs lup I
pos we had to drive nil of those upon I
the scales to ascertain their welgnl
rhera are a dozen of old stock men who I
can Inspect a hen of animals and form
an estimate of their average weight
which will ba readily accepted by pur
ihaseri aa the basis of a trade I
In a let coo which was made Imo
Hint slues a mast who hiss liv1 A liras
long experience In buying and sailing a I
I herd of cattle after Impeding n herd
pftOO animals guesKd their average
r lm J
weight within onethird of a pound of
the actual figure ascertained by welch
hog the A Fr Individually I U lie feat
a accomplilird by Hen IX Mffntt ot
this county nlil U not so extraordinary
as I appear liecause similar Instances
of expert guessing occur here
1loA Oell ht every I
day loulsrllle CourierJournal
I IyeiIaLlskenarlile l Ijiocrly Tbsy I
Dr tool wi vU brnuu
Irest honor Is dos thugs women bo
hays the le old maws rather
Ibo litartbroleu ixiuraje to wives lb rlh r
It Is ales Iuanl llrus allh lhs also Mho
drinks up lilt waaas
total 55 lenusylranla loses Ialu I
wlh 111ur 111 IIr tlelle
I tj i
Bring comfort Improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used The many who lire bet
ter than others and enjoy life more with
lest expenditure by more promptly
adapting the worlds Lest products to
tho needs of phyiicil being will attest
the value to hcallh of tho pure liquid
Isxatlve principle embraced In the
remedy Iofl Figs
Its excellence Is duo to IU prtwntlng
In the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the task the rethlng rod truly
beneficial properties of n perfect lax
I alive efTcctimlly draining the system
I liielllng cold headache and fevers
J Ar Iyh MX PeII
and jwruianently curing constipation t
It hal jhell tbracllon to millions ami
I met with the approval of the medical
profession becau It acts on the Kid
I nevr Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and It is perfectly free from
I every objectionable substance
I rirrup of rlt fur sale by all dews
cliU In We and 1 bottles ll It Is I matt
ufactureil by rise California Fig Syrup
only bolO nnmo Is printed ou every
tutelage also the name Syrup of FJgs
and being well informed you will not
J il
accept any lubitUuto If oQcrcil
lltuow uiI women
that there is one rheumatic neuralgic sciatic and all rain
remedy as harmless as water and sure as taxes It is
St Jacobs Oil used ty everybody sold everywhere
rolI lb
e yi sN + bu I A fie slmlla of the
hAdt 1 ckQI Illble
Ilble complied by
lJiiiViXlVJjjilin I > In lull and used by
1311 tle
rim uyd linundhrails of which only
IwuVople ono In the llrltlth Museum
and ona lu the fnlle Jiatrs are known
to i r has Just been published by
inilol Stock In Ixmdun It was long
uipected that thin edition used by the
army rl the Commonwealth I was a very
f lllhlo printed by John Field but
esthat Sent first sued l In 1MJ after a
the civil war was over I cannot have
eel the book The credit for the dis
covery belong to icorgo llvermor of
Cambridge Mats
oa 5550 llalnsse
Ibntl 005 055 II wnlbeaa iptOttlnuih
eraaaaataltNM 111 > > Jwu > r Juu fills
IN hn1ueutly curses a rt nan
nelhlrt and a CtsspJohu heart
11 ssolaa als5ls lanes sate
N Ara r
arsaaMt W It 11 a Hel
Iaw wean Iron shoe s sad dont tare
where It SIC
lash Haby as ColIIc Tb
5 aa4 sae lttal nd 11 trial e lt Yu
H U1a SUMIIIM male tr ctlUit TMtaln <
lmi > lli IA trace Is l n t v > r promote l IT
oatrhlng fur suits In others
millirl lliii tKotut hsnd For tais
tlioix rtoor address ILG AIM
tit H IVth lit Omaha SU
Jllton UlnJ I taw war then others with
lull eye ii n
Iloi Cure for onsnm dean cured a ease ct
rntuimmu skierhe nr tautly doctortare up ill 9ft
loiS M 1 H Ilriluees 1 Coiiolns Ill I
Wersunot eta sue man treats rodlr
Ih II s 1 U Igallm
N Society
women often feel
I y the cfTccl of too
A much gayety
trt balli theatres i nd
W t I tea suceessloa to rep In4 14
them worn out s or
I inn down br
I the end of lima tea
oon They suffer
from ncrvouincM
I derpleunns rrd
+ IrmiuUttllft I t Till
I smile and Good
spirits talc filch It Is time to swept
the help offered 1 In Doctor Iltrcct 1e
votlte rrcKilbtlun lisa medicine shut
I was discovered and used bv a prominent
pbvilelan fur many year bYn al Irl rates of
I leiaite cotnl > ltlnt slid the nervens dis
order which ail 1 fmiu IL The Itf
fIJ > lIon li a powerful uterine tonic and
nervine especially adapted to womias
delicate wtntfur It regulates and promotes
all tbt natural functions builds up lovlf I
orates and tuiti
Obey women suffer from nervous pfo4J
ration or cihauttlon awing to congeiilod
or to illsotder of the r1ra lt1u The
wall products should be quickly got lid
of the local source of Irritation relieved
and the system luvlforated with tie Pro
1 IWtd
IJIlt not lake the octllrd
celery compound and nervines which
owltpa t155 Mtnt MQ steeps wit tu a
Ifenlr I sure with Dr I N Favorite I
KiflilJiJ Co Ohio
writes I had been
a ireat sufferer from
female weslneis
I tried three doc
tors ther did me
r 1 IIn1
uo good I thought
I wai an Invalid for
ever Ilut I heard
of Dr Tierces 1a
vorlte rrescilptlon
sod then I wrote to
him and he told me
lag how to take It
l j
I look eight bottles I 0 5
I now feel rntlrely + t1 i
ilw I could stand Maa Iloavoa
on my feet only a suoit time and now I do
all mjf work for mjr family of eve
r Tit Lament Manufacturers of
0enlCnUatbees a ra
Duel lbs guest
Industrial u and Food
L h dAmirica
tn111et 1 el 1 Ica r At 14
ar N 11rlaaw
w r lam r u
w rrl Yla W t1 t t lr i6
OLD IV ooctna YlaYWHUc
Worms in Horses
Tie only sure curt for pin worm la hnriM
I hose n Hitkiieos lloz Cholera vurt Nocr
islls to Outran earellent In 1 burHs b aius bp
d s or eats sn cimliilt remedy for lick rUII ts
htnd slur crass la 1 UollM buiaitotlscasbtli
alit Mud fay matt cut bbl ouiuns it ii > urug
fUt and pay Silo Dfiy rents Ttirflt psikskrr
toe w w espy siold 1J o TthnKE
eland llapldi U n
i Menltou nsmt of paiitr i
iPatents i I Traderf arks
eYa U lrawliulle 1 bl ot
i sYsiHlt ° JlnlSoriiViaJ TAi2l = loc
I 0
we N all eland ears r
ban CCaPO trans yaw ap n s y a
n rrltre mi st < r > tiro ru bor Mn 1 r
I aru u etra UUI WwYI M an
1 utalum st s MUH NllttK
i 1UIU CU Lussaa Clyar sNs
Tnoar woo lour
I F taaalnW umrmen CLAIMS
i VuLlu r oDli Vtlyw uiwrlA pJudyi y i
PATENTS r1J eallfN Neale almlon furlrnturauW Ynla ralYO
tparay neat At tint llu
Ike west errv0 9e tw L1e0
le lima WJd barueala
tV N II iiiiilui4H 1HOI
N wuaerw Auernruntaauty
Ihl 1 + We

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